March 1951

Thurs. Mar. 1. 1951./ 21. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 7 doz. eggs total $4.90     last week it was 6. doz.  4.20 & he kept it all 9.10    he said he spent it all some of his.    Well, I baked 3 big tins of bread, biscuits & made a lemon filling for the pie shell I baked last week  made the frosting for the top & brought it, for supper when I baked the bread biscuits & I’m tired.    & if all goes well we may wash blankets & Elbert’s washing & my dress tomorrow.   We had broth & crackers & cheese & pie for supper,    I thank God & pray we may get shifted so we can do less on Thurs & go to church to meeting    they have bible study instead of prayer meeting now & I like prayer meeting & wish bible study could have another evening, but Pray God’s Will be done.    It’s been a very nice day.    March came in with thunder & lightening & strong puffy winds,    & it rained in heavy down pours untill most morning was cloudy most of the morning   sun set yellow tonight & wind went S. west last midnight.    I thank & praise my God in Jesus Dear Holy Name for all things & ans. prayers. Amen.

Fri. Mar. 2. 1951./ 10. eggs today./  Well we got the big white fleeced blankets washed & dried them out side, all but the edges K& finished them over the fire & got his bed made made up,   it’s 9-p-m.    I didn’t get my dresses washed,    I did wash my night gown & shirt & what other small pieces I had    & Elbert wrong out the blankets for me,    he washed 2 heavy union suits 2. work shirts & his sleepers & they are all dry except union suits & shirts.    It’s been a beautiful day  N. east breeze just strong enough to blow the blankets out & dry them,   edges began to freeze at 4-20-p-m. so we brought them in & the sun looked like a big white snow ball & Elbert was just out & it’s snowing but I don’t believe it will amount to much,    hope it wont be bad.    Elbert’s back has been hurting him bad today & he looks as miserable as I feel, but I truly thank the Lord for the nice day & most of all, He’s a wonderful Jesus Who Can feel sorry for us when we are so careless & then He reaches down & heals our souls & bodys   gives us strength & blesses us with a fine day    Oh how I love Jesus, because He first love me    I Praise Thee Jesus.   I received a letter from Miss. Willitts & from Dehaan,    I sent for 16. books   he sent me 8. & thanked me for the gift of 3.00, last time he didn’t have all them so he sent some I did want,     I think I’ll give up asking him to send me books & then not get what I ask for, or only half of them.   Help me Jesus in this I thank Thee.

Sat. Mar. 3. 1951./ page 2716./ 9. eggs today/  We only did what had to be done, for me it was to much wash      I’m truly terribly miserable & weak    It’s been a very nice day with sunshine but my arms are so tired & ach so bad & I wanted to go to church so bad tomorrow.    Well, I praise God in Jesus Name for helping me through.   Elbert forgot to have the head lights Thurs. & he never said any thing about it.

Sun. Mar. 4. 1951./ 14 eggs today./    I got the book Mrs. Kandry told me they were sending to me.    I must try to write some cards    I can’t seem to get cought up.    I felt to bad to get out & Elbert tried to fix the head light but couldn’t seem to get it just right.    We Listened to Buser in the Congergational Church to night,    He talked on characters & Jesus the greatest One of them all.    It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine,    I would liked so much to have been able to go to church.    But here I am    Elbert’s worrying about his navel,   they didn’t get the rupture sewed just right somehow & it looks as if its breaking out into the navel,    I hope he don’t have any trouble with it.    If he’d only Turn to Jesus & be converted & healed, how happy I’d be & him also.    It’s colder tonight again    Elbert says he thinks we may get a frost.    Bill Snyder don’t stay home very much any more & I wonder what’s up now    Georgia May goes to Oberlin College & comes home Fri.   & I think Georgie takes her back in Bob’s car,    she’s using his car, since he went into the Service.    she never comes here, unless she wants some thing.    Well I Praise Thee Jesus & hope I’ll be in Church Thurs. night for sure I thank Thee.

Mon. Mar. 5. 1951./ 9. eggs today./ Well, I washed the 2 wool blankets today, my two house dresses 2 petticoats & change of clothes towels and rags & hung blankets outside,    it was such a nice day.    Elbert hung them out & carried the water,    freezes at night a little but not in the day time so woolin dried good today, nice sun.    I’m so tired tonight.    Elbert washed his shirt today & tomorrow hopes to wash 2. prs. pants, & we want to go to the store & garage, Tue or wed.    Elbert feels real bad today & he’s felt bad for a long time every since he picked up corn last Fall.    I thank God in Jesus Name for our blessings

Tue. Mar. 6. 1951/ 9. eggs. today./ Well, today we went & bought 21.10 worth of can food mostly,    Oh, it’s really terrible the prices & they say & were remarking the prices even while we were in there getting our food steak “shoulder” 1.18 a pound & cabbage 17 cents per lb.  57 cents for one cabbage  not to solid either,    we didn’t get any & liver 65 cents per lb.  & they tell us most every day “that” there are lots of stock & no call for high prices,    but, the people are going “as the bible says” from bad to worse.   And bible history is truly working out before our very eyes.    It’s 4-p-m, I was feeling very tired  we had a cup of tea & ice cream  rested a

Tue. Mar. 6. 1951./ Page. 2717./ 11. eggs this day/ little & got supper Elbert helped, he fed the hens after we got home & changed clothes    then we ate cream & drank tea,  his back was paining him so bad, but he help get the supper,    I put away the can stuff stuff    While he fed hens. then after supper we listened to the news & rested     & then I washed dishes    Elbert did a few chores  took out slop pail & brought some cystern water & well water & e washed 2. prs. work pants,  all wool,    he took them to town to get them pressed & brought them back not pressed.    I am as tired as if I’d stayed home & ironed & pressed.    But Praise the Lord He took care of us all the way going doing our earans & bringing us back,    I received DeHaan’s book for Mar.    The atomic bomb in Prophecy,    it is coming to pass, “the bible history is being fulfilled and we hear it every day.   Oh Jesus help me to do my part for Thee in what ever way Thou seest best,    I thank Thee Praise Thee & all Honor & Glory truly belongest to Thee, Amen.    It’s been a fine day    sun all day and a S. west wind & puffy.

Wed. Mar. 7. 1951. / ___ eggs today./ While we were up town yesterday I mailed a card to Audrey, Sister Eppler a Mr. & Mrs Nuthall, who had sent a card to me, hoping I’d get well fast,  & one to Bonita & a birthday card to Bonita’s 3 children  the twins, Geo. Bonita & Nelson,    Today, Bonita’s & Audrey’s card’s came back,    I had forgot to put all the address on A’s but Bonita’s was addressed O.K.    they were bothe post marked,     so, Elbert & I went to see Miss Clark tonight    we received a card & I couldn’t make it out,   she needed something & she wanted me to pray for her    she needs more strength & her nerves are terrible,    so, I took her some soup & a small can of Kraute out of the one I opened for us & a few sweet pickles  2 bread biscuits    I thought it was food she wanted but she is going to move & needs strength to move her few things     she has a bed & chairs & so forth.    She & Mrs. Fredricks were ready for Church,    they go to Gospel prayermeeting in Ministers home on street behind the one the church is on.    Elbert got a pt. of cream & we came back home.    I am tired,    I ironed my two dresses & 3 work shirts & chair back & pressed Elbert’s two prs. wool pants.    It’s been a beautiful day after the storm of last night,    it thundered & lightened untill it cracked & it rained, then came right through the roof & windows,    it was cloudy for a time this morning, then sun came through    & it’s been fine allday    wind’s shifted from N to W to S & S.W.   I thank & Give all Praise to Him     but I didn’t get my dress cut out,    Elbert went out & sold the eggs 4.20 & after dinner he went out & cut our brush    he came in for a while & went out & at it again & a N. east wind    tonight his neck & head is paining him & so is mine     we went to prayer meeting & the pavement is terrible    such big ruts in it & close together & so he feels miserable,  he took one of DeHaan’s books to Mr. Miller

Thurs. Mar. 8. 1951./ page. 2718./ 9 eggs this day./ the book was Russia and the United Nations in prophecy,   the last one is The Atomic bomb in Prophecy.    Well I’m tired & I wish we had had prayer meeting but perhaps it’s just as well this way    perhaps it will help the others more.    Well, Mrs. Fredrick came to church tonight & Miss Clark came in late & Mrs. Winston came in later & talked to Miss Clark     & they both went out & didn’t come back.    there were 10. women & 5. men  they to church tonight,    Tom looked terribly tired tonight & he’s so thin & not to well of late.    I thank God in Jesus Name for answering prayer & bringing in a few more to the meetings.    I love & Praise Thee Jesus Pure, True & Holy.    It snowed as we were coming home tonight.   I took a picture of Elbert getting mail in snow storm.    it’s been a nice day, but cold & a North east breeze all day.

Fri. 9. 1951.Mar./ 10. eggs today./ It’s been a nice day,    but, colder last night & to-night    It snowed & blowed this a-m but melted after the sun came through, round noon,     but it snowed hard & the sun shone bright, then it broke away but was partly cloudy, Wind & snow came from N. West & when it stopped wind went back N. East.     & radio says tempture will drop to 10 degrees tonight.    I haven’t done any more than I had to, today, except clean one dresser drawer,    the thing was coming apart,    Elbert nailed it so now it ought to hold together.   some one had been tampering with it & locked the drawers & I sure have had a time with it every since,    it wouldn’t come out & the bottom was dropped down & rached.    I have to clean the other two & get them fixed up.    I feel angry inside tonight,    some one walks around here “or it sounds that way” every few nights my bed makes so much noise I can’t get up with out it shouts,    I hate these springs,    Well the Lord will reveal what’s wrong before very long.    I praise God for all my many many blessings & I want to live HIs way & do His will, not mine & give Him all the Praise, Honor & Glory for eve3r & ever, Amen.

Sat. Mar. 10. 1951./ 12. eggs today/It was a beautiful day with sunshine & a very cold raw N. East breeze.    Elbert is feeling so bad & has a cold.    I washed out what few dirty clothes there were & 5 grain bags & got them all dry, in the house   it was so cold    my underskirt froze as Elbert hung it on the line,    so I had him bring it in & hang it up in here,    the breeze seemed to go right through him to,    so I figured I’d save him from any more cold, if I could.    I’m tired & feel bloated tonight,     we ate cooked cabbage for dinner.    I did part the sweeping & helped get supper & do dishes & now I’ll read a little & go to bed,     perhaps I’ll take a bath first so to be ready to get up & dress before church time,    & I’m hoping to go to 31st. st. Church in the morning.    I thank God my heavenly Father in Jesus Name for the strength He has given me all week, I love & Praise Him in Jesus

Sun. Mar. 11. 1951./ 10 eggs today/  Oh, Glory, I went to 31st this morning & to Vermilion tonight & was fill with power from head to foot    I praise God  He is the Only One who is Worthy Hallelujah Amen

Sun. Mar. 11. 1951./ page. 2719./ 10. eggs this day./ Beautiful day    Cold N. East Breeze a penetrating raw breeze that goes right into the marrow.    The pavements are terribly bad so many holes & so rough.    But Praise God for all blessings & I’m trusting He will help that man Sister Hance spoke of to be released from the insane home & I pray He will deal with the wife & that His will be done & not mine. Elbert’s knees are paining him all day & his stomach rebelling,   he went into church to-night      I thank God & Pray He will have His way. Amen

Mon. Mar. 12. 1951./ 10. eggs today./ Oh, but the N. East wind is sure cold & Elbert got up 5-30-a-m,    I’d just got to sleeping & he called me & said he was going for the milk,    so it woke me up, then he came back & at 7-30-he called me and said he was going to the garage with the car & he’d go out the front door,  he went, & left the car,    the man had to go to Cleveland so the woman brought him back in her car,    he went back & they hadn’t touched it so he drove it home,    then took it back tonight & the woman brought him back again tonight.     He says he’s going back tomorrow to see what has to be done to the car,    so I didn’t get my rest,    I got up & trimed my toe nails & callouses on the bottoms of my feet,    on my little toe nails & side of left big toe.    then I dressed & washed & started dinner,    Well I haven’t done much today     I did a little cleaning,    moved dresser & the things under it & at the end of it & cleaned up dust     some one came in & moved the boxes at the end & let a lot of things go down under the dresser & they were snooping into some other things.    I’d sure like to catch them, but I pray God will deal with them & soon.    I Praise the Lord for all things Glory to His Name. 

Tue. Mar. 13. 1951./ 10 eggs today./ Well I didn’t do much today,    it was a very dark day & it snowed & blowed from the north east & ground is covered with snow    first it rained, then came sleet  then soft watery snow & then big flakes of snow as big as feathers    they were beautiful.    I took a picture of them.    It’s been so warm compared with Mon & today       people began to think it was Spring, but today it’s winter again     I thank God for a warm place to stay in & coal to keep us warm & food to eat,    I don’t eat much but it’s good to have.     Elbert isn’t feeling very well    his knees & back & stomach hurt him so bad & today he’s had a head ach all day,    he went up to the garage to see about the car & man was just getting ready to work on it & his wife was going to Sandusky so Elbert rode to Huron with her & got some boiling meat & two slices of liver for dinner     & a man picked him up & brought him to the end of our road    I had started to fix me a lunch so made hot tea fried liver & warmed sweet potatoes & fried us each an egg    he’s worried about the car    I’m trusting God will see the man does a good job for him for 

Tue. Mar. 13. 1951./ page. 2720./ 10. eggs this day./  we do need the car out here.    I tried to crochet a chain picking up the stitches I had crocheted on a handkerchaif    got it done but not as good as it should be,    hope I can fix it so as to use it on another Kercheif,    to dark to work at sewing    hoped to get at my dress but haven’t so far.    Received a card from Audrey     she’s been feeling bad for some time & said she’d felt all in for several days this last week & hoped this week to feel better     said she got the rest of the curtian material & hoped we had the hooks up in my room & she thought they’d come one night this week,     said Jim had been sick, but was better now.    We all seem to have our troubles;     I thank God He takes care of me & pray He will help me to understand what to do to be of more service in Jesus Dear Name,   I praise & love Thee    My check came today,    I’m glad we have enough to keep us a day or two

Wed. Mar. 14. 1951./ 12. eggs today./ Well, I did the wash    Elbert went up the high way “about a mile” to see about his car & it still isn’t done & he’s sweating about what it will cost & tomorrow is the day he sells eggs,    he got here in time to wash out his union suit, suds & wrinse it    We had a lunch & he brought water to finishs suding & wrinsing what I had washed & now they are all dry except his Union suit & my wool petticoat    Well, it snowed & blowed all last night today & still at it tonight    Radio says it’s about 32 degrees & more snow & rain.    No mail today    wind went S. East & then S. West.    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for my blessings. 

Thurs. Mar. 15. 1951./ 6. eggs today./  It’s been a wet dark day,    Elbert went up to the garage   got his clothes damp,    he walked back home & st[?] brought “the man’s wife brought the car back to-night after supper,     she came after dinner & said they couldn’t get it untill tonight be cause,  he had to get some part from Sandusky & they sent the wrong part    Elbert says it runs smoother now    it cost $56.60 & there will be a little more for a greese job.  such a world.    She brought the car tonight & Elbert took her back.     She’s 29 yrs. old & has 5 children 2-3-5-7& 9 yrs. of ages.    She’s been brought up rough & tuff & to hear tell of the children, they are the same.   I gave her a few slips off my plants this afternoon & she said she liked to knit but did some crocheting,    she says she has a diploma as engineer & she help her man repair cars & trucks.    I’m tired I baked 3 tins of bread biscuits today.    Elbert’s sore & lame from walking & getting wet.    I do thank & praise God in Jesus Holy Blessed Name for all our many blessings. 

Fri. Mar. 16. 1951./ 23. eggs. today./  Elbert hopes to take the eggs in this morning & he did & sold 6. doz. 3.90 for 65 cents per. doz. & that didn’t pay for the grain 4.57 one bag.     he used the eg money last time for our food so today he had to give back 67 cents of it    I had him cash my check & he used 5.00 for food    he says he has used up the money he had saved for his suit of clothes, so we are going to keep tab from here on to see where the money goes.    I know it takes a lot    I spent all I got except what I took 

Fri. Mar. 16. 1951./ page. 2721./ 23 eggs this day./  out for church.    I managed to get the sweeping done & wiped up the floors & had everything ready for dinner when Elbert came,    so we ate dinner    he was hungry.    & I took care of the beds & rooms & meals & dishes & I’m tired tonight,    he’s gone to bed.    I darned 3. prs. socks after supper.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for our blessings.    Cold raw wind, mostly cloudy white sun today.

Sat. Mar. 17. 1951./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went up & got the milk & then went to Huron to see if the fishermen were going to lift nets, but they said not untill Mon.     they said they had set 8 nets & ought to get some fish then.    I haven’t done much today    cook & wash dishes & took care of rooms & wiped the cupboard doors & the oil clothe back of th4e stove & that seemed to much of a job for me today    been a very nice day, N. East raw wind, partly Cloudy with White sun & the sunset was beautiful all colors of the rain bow.    I do thank & Praise God that He is & ever will be, in Jesus Name Amen.

Sun. Mar. 18. 1951./ 19. egg today./ No church today,    I had a sick stomach   nerves so bae they pained clear up through my chest & throat & lower part of my face & Elbert has a cold in his neck    he thinks the bones are out,    but I couldn’t find any out,    he was out spading in that raw N. East wind the other day,    I tried to keep him from do so but he wont listen,    I sorry but what can I do ,    If only he’d turn to God.    I pray he will & soon, before it’s to late.     Oh God have mercy & help us, I pray in Jesus Name Amen.    I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name for all things.    It’s been damp & cloudy & rained a little & it’s misty tonight.    wind was N. East & has gone S. East & Radio says snow & rain. 

Mon. Mar. 19. 1951./15. eggs. today./ today we got a tank of gas/ I took 2 pictures today/ Well it sure snowed & this morning & all day looked like Christmas    evergreens trees & shrubs were beautiful    Elbert’s neck is O.K. today but his back & hips are bad.    it’s a cold just as I thought.  I haven’t felt so very good & so haven’t done much today,    can’t seem to stand bent over & I washed oil cloth the other day & cupboard doors,    haven’t been good for much since.    Elbert’s talking of going to town in the morning for mash for hens & one or two things for us.    he bought some pork    I cooked it & tasted it    Sat. & today & it made me sick, so I’ll eat no more of it.   Radio says more snow & colder tomorrow.    Sunset was just beautiful, golden yellow pink like a gold ring in color, pea green & sort of a smoke pink, a deep blue, gray & purple & yellow ,”canary” & with the colors on the snow  evergreens     it was a sight to behold    hope we don’t get anything very bad, for sky was filled with wind that just seemed to fly through the sky from N. West.    I don’t know just where the wind is tonight but it isn’t stormin yet.    I do Praise our God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost for all our many blessings Amen.

Tue. Mar. 20. 1951./ 16. eggs today./Elbert went to Vermilion   got the mash $4.57 & lettuce, celery, carrots & butter & meat & he isn’t doing the job as it should be done,    we agreed to keep track of all we bought “the hens pay there own way, we used 

Tue. Mar. 20. 1951./ page. 2722./ 16. eggs this day./  9.10 of the eggs money & now we have paid back $5.24 & still owe 3.86    Elbert don’t like to keep tab on what he spends but he has 46.__dollars a mo. & I have 40.10,    I paid 8.75 for tank of gas & 5. for food & gave him the 25 cents so I have spent 14.00 out of my 40.00 leaving me 26.00 & five goes to Church leaving me 21.00,   he used 50.00 he had saved to pay car repair    he spent 53 cents Mar. 17. for meat.    Yesterday morning he see 2 male pheasents leaving our drive in the snow & a little red squerrel runing around hunting for food    he was even on front door step,    he put some bread out but it snowed hard & steady all day    we put out crumbs today & the birds filled up.    It’s been a very beautiful day with white sun & moonlight tonight.    I  cut out my dress today,    it tires me most to death    I sweat like rain getting dinner & cutting out the dress, but hope I can get it sewed together so I can wear it before much longer.    I had to rub Elbert’s back,    it pains him so bad at 2-p-m & tonight I rubed it again & put hot cloth on & a hot bottle to it    he’s done all the out side chores & helped in side some.    I do Praise God for all our many blessing.   I pray He will fix Elbert’s back so it wont hurt him at all in Jesus Name, Amen.  

Wed. Mar. 21. 1951. / 14. eggs to day./  First day of Spring.   Snow all gone from the trees or about, but about 6. ins. on roofs & ground this a-m but South & West sides are clean tonight and it’s half gone on ground,    how ever it snowed some more after dark    it’s been a clear sunshiny day,    Oh, a few clouds here & there    wind blew last night & night before it was real cold & there were such booms & bangs in the basement I couldn’t sleep,   or even doze.    Elbert’s back has been so bad, he’s been in misery but he did his chores,    he’s wishing for fresh fish but,  Oh, the price will be just terrible,    he plans on going with the eggs in the morning,     I do hope he wont get more cold, but he generally does    & he feels so bad now,    he’s taking anacins,    No word from the girls & Audrey was feeling so bad last week & No word from Nellie or Bonita.    Well, I do hope they are all O.K.     I sewed my dress waist together today,    but it gets after my eyes to see on dark goods,    I’m making it very plain & hope it will fit & O.K.    White sun & White moon.    I thank my Heavenly Father for revealing things to me & pray He will Help me to praise Him in Spirit for ever & ever, Amen.

Thurs. Mar. 22. 1951./ 24. eggs today./ I wrote 5 cards last night.    Audrey, Nellie, Mrs. Goll  Miss Clark & Mr. Hunt. “Inez”    Elbert sold 7. doz. eggs 4.55 & he still has 3.84 for the egg money, so that’s 8.41 he’s got to buy straw & sand.  & he went up to fish house & they were out in lake yet so he went back at 2-30. & bought 4. fish $2.35 & he got meat this am 1.44   no wonder he is broke.    but we agreed to Keep strick accoung so there we are.    I did out the wahing got done rubing at noon & after dinner got clothes suds & 

Thurs. Mar. 22. 1951./ page. 2723./ 24. eggs this day/ wrinsed & started drying them & now have most all of them dried & I’m sure tired Elbert cleaned the fish & I got supper     fried half of the fish    got some for tomorrow.    they sure tasted good once-more.    Sunshine all day    not much wind but it’s freshened up & singing through the wires tonight    beautiful moon light tonight    not very cold out,     Elbert said fish boats were covered with ice where spray flew over them.    I thank & Praise God in the Holy Name of Jesus,    that He love us & reveals His word unto us    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small & Pray Thou will bless the prayer meetings all over the world & strengthen all those of Thine and Keep us & me closer to Thee, Amen.

Fri. Mar. 23. 1951./ 13. eggs today./ Well all I did was the sweeping & what had to be done,    wind’s been strong & puffy,   sun shone through several times   mostly cloudy & tried to rain several times.    Elbert’s uneasy    wants to spade & get out side & be doing something,    not very cold   sort of chilly damp air, snow about all gone    only a dot here & there.    Winds singing tonight, sounds bad.    Todays good Friday & Rev. Buser & all the other Churches in Amherst & Elyria Lorain & Brownhelm took part in the program & we heard it over W.E.O.L” Elyria Radio,”  So we heard it to, since we couldn’t go.    “Easter sermons” & very good.    Now the churches are joining together, as the bible say we must all be as one in the end time,    I thank Thee Jesus for having showed me so long ago, when many of the older folks thought I was so wrong, now they are doing just that and I know the end isn’t very far away    Oh maybe a few yrs. yet may 10 maybe 20. yrs.    Oh God I pray Thy forgiveness for all my sins & our sins & I pray Thou will help me to be found worthy though I’ve done so little & tried & yet seems as if I don’t get much done for Thee.    I Praise Thy Holy Spirit, Thy Holiness Father, Son & Holy Ghost in Jesus Name Amen. Glory to God.

Sat. Mar. 24.1951/ 18. eggs today./  Only did what I had to do today   darned socks & dusted a little  cooked a little   washed dishes  took care of bird, beds & rooms, & crocheted a little to ease my nerves.    We see a big male pheasent tonight    he crept along as if he could hardly go & after he poked around on the other side of the road awhile, he dug in & run like his life depended on it down hill & up hill & into the brush & weeds.    Elbert’s still feeling bum & I’m not much better, but Praise God I can get up & go about the house & do a few things.    I hope to go to church but don’t feel able to exert myself.

Sun. Mar. 25. 1951./ 23 eggs today./ Well Elbert’s been sick all day & said he didn’t feel able to go to church tonight so here I been all day & they the calendar says today is Easter    I felt bad about it,    he plans on going to the fish house in the morning, so no doubt I could have gone to church.    Well we did get 2 or 3 sermons on the Radio   They were good & Buser preached a fine sermon that should have hit the hearts of any Who still are out side the fold

Sun. Mar. 25. 1951./ page. 2724./ 23. eggs this day./ I thank Thee Jesus Thou art & ever will be and I give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever and ever, Amen.    I received a note from Nellie, Sat     but, no word from Audrey    I do hope she isn’t sick,    but, I reckon she has plenty to make her feel that way    she works hard & gives a lot away 40.00 for a coat for Jean    & I don’t know how much for the rest of Martha’s children & Martha.    She bought these curtians & they, Audrey, Martha & Jean came out & cut them & put them up,    I haven’t the least Idea what she paid for them,    I’m great-full for the curtians, but would rather pay for them, and now Nellie said, Bonita was down to Audrey’s & learned they had been out here,    she “Nellie” said, guess it’s to much for them to take me along,    but Merlin had the car & was late getting home so,    they were late getting out here & it was late when they left here 11 or 11-30-p.m,    if they could have come earlier it would have been different perhaps    I’ve learned not to let such things trouble me.    Wind was S.W. & went N. West & Radio said snow    It’s been partly cloudy today.    Elbert saw the pheasent again today

Mon. Mar. 26. 1951./ 21 eggs today/ Evelyn’s 39th birthday today./  Elbert went to fish house & got 18 nice sized pike for helping to dip them up into baskets    I cooked 5 for our dinner    I ate 1 & a 1/2 & Elbert ate 2    I cooked 4 more for supper & there is 2 1/2 left,    he’ll eat them for breakfast.    I thought I’d sew but he brought the yeast cakes & I baked 2 tins bread biscuits & one round loaf & feel so exhausted & so shaky     I gave up trying to sew,    but hope to get at it tomorrow.    & I’ll have to wash one day this week.   It’s been a very nice day,    white sun not freezing today but made ice last night.    Elbert’s back pains him bad,    he gets a little cold & just keeps it sore all the time,    No mail today.    I thank God for all His love & mercy and pray for the Holy Ghost.   

Tue. Mar. 27. 1951./ 18 eggs today./ I sewed my new waist together & sewed the sleeves & basted them in & I stitched a piece on the neck of Elbert’s sleeper jacket inside and out side & put a patch on the top of one sleeve & darned 2 prs. of my stockings & cooked two meals & took care of bird beds & rooms & swept & tonight I’m tired & no word from Audrey or Martha    hope none of them are sick.    I felt so weak Elbert went out to see if he could get me some milk    he went several places & then over to Hauffs where he use to get milk & got a qt. but they wont sell a qt a day, so will have to hunt some other place.    I thank God & Praise His Holy Name for all our blessings, for there are lots who have to go with out food for a long time & I wish I could help them    Jesus Blessed Jesus I love Thee & Praise Thee. for ever & ever, Amen.   we heard male pheasent out in the back today.    The wind is south and it’s been mostly cloudy all after noon & this evening & not freezing tonight    We had extra heavy frost last night.

Wed. Mar. 28. 1951./ page. 2725/ 21. eggs today./  Been a wet day, rained a little from early morning about 2-a-m & showered after that & sun didn’t come out    mist is heavy tonight  not cold   flys & millers are flying about & Oh how the birds do sing,    grass is growing & getting so green,    ground sparrows are the hap-pyest things ever.    I crocheted a little & basted sleaves in my house dress    & done the daily doz.    No mail today.   I thank God He help me to understand & that He takes care of me Jesus Presious Pure True & Holy,    I wish I were as clean & Pure as Thee.

Thurs. Mar 29. 1951./ 20. eggs today./   I did part of the washing & been sick most all day,    I began to feel a little better at four o’clock & we ate a bowl of soup & then got supper going.    Elbert fried some pork he bought this morning. “he sold 10 doz. eggs $6.50 & bought bag of mash $4.75 & the meat & a box of crackers & bunch of broccoli,”    I cooked the broccoli for supper    it was tender & sweet,    I am still feeling weak,    but lots better than before dinner,    I didn’t eat anything at noon    Elbert got himself something to eat but, my stomach felt so bad, no milk & I do need it.    I kept at the wash untill I finished,    I wished I hadn’t started it.    It was cloudy & damp all morning & then broke up & sun came through,  partly cloudy all after noon    wind backed up from S. West to S. east tonight & sky all cloudy & thundering & lightening in S. West,    frogs all out & each one doing his best by the sound of them today    quite warm, to much so for winter clothes.   Radio says rain & colder tonight & tomorrow.    Well, it really looked & sounded like Spring today.    I did want to go to prayer meeting tonight, but felt so bad & got a bone out in my neck so I didn’t go & Elbert got a fish bone stuck in his throat & thats paining him & his hips & back.    No mail.   he called Martha & she said Merlin had been sick & her mother but they might come Sun. or next week.    I Praise Thee Jesus that Thou doest have patience with me & help me & pray Thou will keep me ever closer to Thee, Amen.  

Fri. Mar. 30. 1951./ 22. eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron to fish house & got a nice mess of fish    we had fish all week & now it looks like fish untill middle of next week.    I haven’t done much today    back of neck & head pained me so bad I felt sick    but some one prayed hard for me & earnestly for the Lord heard both our cries for help & head’s lots better tonight.    I got supper or finished [?] filling it,    Elbert put the broth in the stew pan & the onion rice & speggetti & I put the carrot, beans, peas & green limas in  & seasoning & celery leaves for flavorings,    it very good,    Been partly cloudy & showery & misting again tonight.    I haven’t done much    cook wash dishes & usual house work,     I darned my old stockings & crocheted a little to night.    I do

Fri. Mar. 30. 1951./ page. 2726./ 22. eggs this day./ Praise God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name for all things & that He does take care of us,    I thank Him for those of His, who do pray earnestly for those of us Who are hindered in one way or another from attending worship & I pray He will bless them fourfold & strengthen them & help us to be a blessing in His work,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee, Amen.

Sat. Mar. 31. 1951./ 22 eggs today./ Todays last day of Mar.   cold raw S.W. wind & even my feet are cold tonight    but I hope I can get off to church in the morning,    We received a card from Audrey saying Merlin had been sick for 2 week & Jean had a tooth pulled so was feeling as good as usual could be expected & she “Audrey” was still kicking,    rest were O.K.    Well, we all have our trials & I pray we will all trust Our Jesus & live His ways & do His Will,    I thank & Praise Him for all I am & have  Glory & Honor belongeth to Him & I love Him more than anything on earth,    I praise Him for ever & ever Amen.    I did usual work & ironing today.

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