[Elinor seems to be worried about Audrey getting into trouble from “evil influence” .  She is working at the “coal office”  She is getting visits from someone named Smith. “I gave her a talking to and tried to show her where she was wrong & her duty to her baby girl. ” Elbert is out of work. 

It’s never clear how tall Elinor is but this month she is glad to be weighing in at 180lbs.  She complains almost daily of fatigue, back and side pain, and other illness involving sweating “until my shirt was soaking wet” . ]

[Oct. 1-16. 1914]  Oct.1. first to 16. Well I’ve had my hands more than full with A.  Smith calls her up on some pretence or an other every day and A goes to the office to talk with him & at last he came most to the fairy to meet her & I sent Nellie on an earand  so she could keep track of A & N. was so angrey that, when S & A. stoped on the Nickle Plate Crossing she ask A. if she wasn’t going to town with her & Mr. S. spoke up & ask A if she wasn’t going to see Mrs. S. with him as they had arranged to do and she said she was & N left them & went one 

[Oct. 1-19. 1914, cont.]Page 165. way & they went the other.  Well, A wouldn’t talk, so we didn’t quarrel, but I gave her a talking to and tried to show her where she was wrong & her duty to her baby girl, but she is so head strong & stubborn it’s hard to do any thing with her.  Well I’m lossing some flesh.  I weighed 180 lbs. 

[Tue. Oct. 20. 1914]  Tue. Oct 20  Ma & Pa have been married 35 yrs. today

[Wed. Oct. 21. 1914]  Wed.21.  Sold 2 doz. eggs 75 cents & bought 3 1/2 yds goods for tight fitting under waists  .63 cents & gave A. what was left  7 cents  A. went to town delivered the eggs stoped to Wyns & met Nellie & did some shoping Aunt Edie, Wyn & Virginia were here Sat.17. & Sun.18.  Frank & Ruby & Evelyn were here for dinner & supper.  I finnished my skirt Mon. & washed Tue.  A. didn’t help me much & I was to tired tonight, Got a letter from the folks.   am glad it is getting nice there 

[Thrs. Oct. 22. 1914]  Thurs.22.  Aunt Edie came over after dinner today  I had a bad sick spell  Wed. night & don’t feel very good today, crocheted a little today & done some house work, but feel so limp. Oh dee, 

[Fri. Oct. 23. 1914]  Fri.23.  Aunt Edie went home after dinner & then W. called & wanted her to take her place for a day, but I said no. & A. was as angrey as I.  I wand her to stay away from evil in fluence & try to be what she will want Martha to be, a good woman.  Mrs. Hunter invited me there this after noon but I am glad now I didn’t go as I had intended to do,  Well I am all tired out but have to do more when A gets here.

[Sat. Oct. 24. 1914]  Page 166. Sat.24.  Well I haven’t done any scrubbing to-day, it rained last night & the wind is getting cold & icy  we are going to get a tast of winter. 

[Sun. Oct. 25. 1914]  Sun.25.  Mr. & Mrs. Bob Wheatley & son spent the after noon here, they are friends of Audrys. son was so ill from 2 until 5 a.m. had Dr. Carver. Ice 1/2 in thick in chickens drinking dish this morn. & a cold sharp wind is blowing.  I was so ill I had to have a Dr. 2.a.m. this morn

[Mon. Oct. 26. 1914]  Mon.26  I didn’t wash so I sewed today. 

[Tue. Oct. 27. 1914]Tue.27.  Sewed & did house work don’t feel as though I could wash my back & side hurt so. 

[Wed. Oct. 28. 1914]  Wed.28.  Felt bad all day, but made two aprons & finnished my waist & helped do house work & took sick while wash-ing supper dishes had them most done  was in the worst distress  I were ever in yet & sweet until my shirt was soaking wet, of all things that is a terrible pain under my right short rib. 

[Thrs. Oct. 29. 1914]  Thurs.29.  Well I’m all tired out & no washing done this week so far, Oh. dee! Pendenus White rented boat today.  got a letter from Lillie & Iva today.  

[Fri. Oct. 30. 1914]  Fri.30.  Well I did the wah & am tired. 

[Sat. Oct. 31. 1914]  Sat.31. I scrubbed both floors & part house work & did the house worked & Oh how I ach. 


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