[Sun. Je. 1. 1913]  Sun.June.1.Oh dear it stays so cold it mostly cloudy & rainy & we  nearly freeze then comes so warm we allmost bake & the flowers look as though it were March instead of June

[Mon. Je. 2. 1913] Mon.2.  I did the wash today

[Tue. Je. 3. 1913] Tue.3.  Martha’s birth day  she is 1 one year old I gave her & Evelyn each a little gold blue enameled bluebird pin to pin there bibs with.  I ironed some & sewed some & did house work

Martha Carlisle about 3 yrs Aunt Nellie Bonney”

[Wed. Je. 4. 1913] Wed.4.  New Moon today  I am making

[Wed. Je. 4. 1913] Page 78. a white emboierdery dress for Beisie hadn’t any pattern so it took some time to cut it out & when I fit it, it was to farge & so that took more time

[Thurs. Je. 5. 1913] Thurs.5.  Ma & Pa went to Cleveland today to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Walker at Uclid Beach Park & they went to call on Mrs. Haught but codn’t find them they had moved.  I have done more house work then I have sewing today.  Pa & Ma back at 8.  

[Fri. Je. 6. 1913] Fri.6.  Sewed all day am tired

[Sat. Je. 7. 1913] Sat.7. Been out among my flowers most all day put in some seed

[Sun. Je. 8. 1913] Jun.8.  Geo. Mother & brother came to day I heard Martha calling so I went down their a little while  Mr Merbaugh & his mother & father & Mr. Jones & Mr. Hurd came over in there car this morn.  I Baked a cake for Audrey & am going to give Gertie the apron I made for her

[Mon. Je. 9. 1913] Page 79. Mon.9.  Well I washed today but it was so warm I couldn’t make any headway & A’s mother in-law here half the time

[Tue. Je. 10. 1913] Tue.10.  Oh, I’m so tired  I’ve been on the jump all day doing every thing for most every body  Oh. dee.dee. dee.

[Wed. Je. 11. 1913] Wed.11.  I scrubed yesterday & ironed & baked today & sewed some. 

[Thurs. Je. 12. 1913] Thurs.12.  Sewed all day  feel like flying

[Fri. Je. 13. 1913] Fri. 13.  Well I fiinished my sewing to day & Mrs. C. & Son E. are going home Sun & A & G. are more than glad. 

[Sat. Je. 14. 1913]  Sat.14.  Ma gave Billy to Mrs. C & he will go to Ashtabula in the morn. [note Billy is probably a pet bird]

[Sun. Je. 15. 1913] Sun.15.  A’s company gone & A & R. & baby here for dinner & then Lenord & Aunt Cornelia came just as we had finished so we fixed dinner for them, they drove over in Len’s 60 horse power Car, he took me out for a nice drive  they went home before supper  drove her from Wellington

[Sun. Je. 15. 1913] Page 80. in two hrs.  F. R. & E went home in the evening. beautiful moon light

[Mon. Je. 15-27. 1913] Mon.16. Tue.17. Wed 18. Thurs.19. Fri.20. Sat. Sun. 22. Mon.23. Tue.24. Wed 25. Thurs. 26. Fri 27.

[Sat. Je. 28. 1913] Sat. 28. Well I did the wash & washed my [??]  hair pet. ironed, scrubed, sewed, have been sick all the week  had a fit some time in the night  Mon.night so its been rather hard to work & its so hot one has to wipe sweat most of the time  ma has been feeling so bad,  I have had to work other wise I beieve I should have taken a rest this week.  Audrey, Nellie & Martha have gone to Oberlin & Wellington for a weeks visit, George went to Ashtabula

[Sun. Je. 29. 1913] Sun 29. his father came here to dinner, for he didn’t know the children were goine

[Mon. Je. 30. 1913] Mon.30.  I washed 5 double blankets, two comfort covers & done all the wash today

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