October 1946

Tue. Oct.1.1946./12 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I set bread & mended one pr. pants for him & cleaned the birds cages & took care the hens & I set that bread at 11-a-m & 2- I mixed it into loaves, 3 loaves & 7 bread biscuits  on a pie tin & it was so light & nice & I sent Miss. Clark 3 of the bread biscuits & 6 eggs  she paid 35 cents for the eggs 7 Wests got 2 1/2 doz. 1.75, Elbert went there to Vermilion be-fore he got the milk, I didn’t go to church tonight  I was so tired   We went out & picked all the tomatoes, ripe & green & what melons there were before we ate supper  my back & all through my chest & stomach have been paining me all day & tired me most to death.  I dreamed of a baby boy some one left to me a nice good natured little fellow with big brown eyes & curly hair & we both loved him so much & of a clear deep stream of water with a sand bottom & lots of big fish in it & we cought a lot of them & we were traveling in the car with an old woman who had been a cook & house Keeper for two old maids, who died before we left them in a big house with really antick furniture & they had the caskets all made & in the attic & there dresses & bonets were in them, the bonets were white trimed in pink & one in blue & dresses were old fashion  full skirts & tight fitting waists. black walnut caskets hand polished, Elbert

Tue. Oct. 1. 1946./ 12 eggs today/ 972/  & I staid with them for 2. mo. & then it seem we had to go on to Meet nellie & her folks & Wheeler & Gertie, Audrey, Martha, Merlin & there 3 children & Ethel & her man & Laura Ann & Frank & his familys & he said Virginia & her folk were coming behind him, there tires were bad & they must have stopped, he said, but they would catch up before long he thought.  We stopped & camped over night by a river & Francis Wheeler had a pig all dressed out & he’d found a big iron griddle 35 or 40 ins. wide & a little longer & it had legs you could put on or take off, we cleaned it & fried pork & biscuits & untill everyone was full  he said I could have the griddle & we took it, we had a cow that gave more than a bucket of milk & we took good care of her & looked out to see that no one bothered her at night   We were just ready to move on again When I woke up & got up, it was a wonderful dream there were lots of soldiers a mile or so from those old maids home & there Dr & Minister came & helped Elbert dig the double graves, they put both caskets in one big rough box & buried them in there back yard, they left everything they had left to Elbert & I, the old cook had her’s in money & we sold the place to the Goverament & then took the cook & what bedding & things we could use with us in a big covered truck they got us at the army camp, it had bunks in it, so we could sleep in it, I don’t know where we were going but they said if we could make it in 2 weeks we’d be quite safe for a while & it was queer how theyd got all the relatives together & we were under orders to stay together.

It’s been very cool, N.W. breeze & quite fresh. I’ve had a fire all day, “wood fire”. it’s been partly cloudy all day & radio says, frost tonight. 

Wed. Oct.2. 1946./12 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & worked all day he work all day yesterday & 1/2 hr. over time & when he got here tonight, he semented the fire pot in front & the top ends & he had to take the out side partly off to do that & the doors & the lip. I held the flash light, such a dirty mess, Well, thats done & he fixed the big door the screws had come out the nuts, well, I cleaned up the mess & got the supper cooking. I peeled all most a pk. of apples I picked up in the park & made 2. qts. apple sauce, I was out to the grapes & picked a good big pk. they are full of blackberrys high as my head or better, big canes as big as my thumb  I had to cut my way in, to get the grapes on the way back I stopped & got some sweet corn  it’s good sized blisters, but sweet & nice.  I had it in the Kettle & the potatoes & I fixed beans & gravey & Elbert got a piece of lunch meat, we had a slice apiece & now I have dishes done & he has shaved & it’s most bed time, he’s gone out for kindling wood, we don’t have a fire tonight & its quite cool radio said it was  going down to 35 degrees & we would get frost to night   but I still hope we, don’t for at least 7 days yet. We had a beautiful Fall day, nice warm sun & not much breeze  I sure Praise God for all our many blessings, Elbert’s terrible tired & stiff  I pray God will take it from him tonight, in Jesus Name & I give Him all the praise & Glory, Amen. 

Thurs. Oct. 3. 1946./ Well  no frost yet & its warmer today. Elbert had cramps & didn’t go to work, at noon he

Thurs. Oct.3. 1946./973./13. eggs today/  went to Huron & got 25 nice sized pike  I dressed 4 & fried them while he warmed the potatoes  I got his coffee ready & he had a cup or two before dinner  I had taken care of hens & birds & washed cans to put tomatoe pickles in some cans  I got back that Rev. Singleton had & they were rotten dirty, I’ll never understand how they could have got so dirty inside & out & she said she had washed them & had them all ready to bring back to me, now these Ministers have my cans & haven’t given any back so far & I’m not giving them any more untill I get them back.  I know if Jesus said He’d give my cans back He’d sure Keep His word & Ministers are expected to live like Jesus & keep a promise, but they just make excuses & go on, it’s sure a poor example for the young folk & I pray the older folks won’t follow it.  Well, I cut up a 6 gallon crock of green tomatoes  got the salt & boiling water on them & a plate & stone on the top to weight them down, I picked up a pail of apples  might get 2 more qts of apple sauce out of them. Elbert got 2. cakes of lava 2. of life boy 2. of ivory & Yellow soap & 1. box Oxydol soap powder, so, I ought to wash in the morning, I’ve been feeling punk my back & hips ach so bad seems as if I can’t endure it.  I done my daily work & wished I could be out side it’s so nice out door  hot sun but wind have gone N.E. & fog horn is blowing tonight. No mail, only, my check. Fri. Oct. 5. 1946./  Elbert went to Vermilion at 4-p-m. after he had dressed & cleaned the fish & he said we didn’t need so many so, I sent 4. to Miss. Clark & 10. to the Preachers. Miss. Clark sent me the greese, she had fixed for me last week & Elbert wouldn’t wait for me to get it, then. so, I told him to ask & he did so we fried all our fish tonight to be sure they wouldn’t spoil. I have washed up the dishes & cleaned the stove & washed up another bunch of cans. I took up the rest of the plants today. Poor old Pete he can hardly make the roost any more, I don’t know whats the trouble with him. Elbert said preachers were not home so he left fish on the table.  I got my check today, so, he got it cashed & he paid the feed bill $8.90 & he paid milk bill 9.00 & I forgot to have him pay the Dentist 5.00  that will only leave me 2.25 for Church & I’ll have to use some egg money to round it out to 2.50  Oh, well, I gave Elbert the egg money to get a window glass for south hen house door, he broke 2. out of that door this summer. & last night there was some one in the park picking up apples  they sure clean up even the culls & I want that glass put in before they get in & borrow the hens   that would be terrible  just terrible. 

Fri. Oct. 4. 1946./4 eggs today/  Well, I wanted to wash it was such a nice day but instead I caned 7. qts. tomatoe pickles & then was such a nice day.

Fri. Oct. 4. 1946. / 974./4 eggs today/I washed & cut enough to fill the 6 ga. crock again & put the hot brine on them & weighted them down, so I’ll have to can them tomorrow & try to do a little washing,  I aired the bedding today also & I don’t know what happened to the eggs today  the cackled as much as usual  the coop wasn’t locked this a-m & some one may have helped themselves while I was busy in the house,  I really don’t know,  I put a few carrots, beets, green onions, tomatoes & 2 heads of cabbage in a bag for Miss. Clark & a few tomatoe pickles in a small can & a cup of sugar in a bag & gave them to her after church tonight, Elbert & I both took a bath & dressed clean for Church.  I had to rasle around some to get supper, fed hens  got the garden stuff   read.  Elbert had to cut 2 in. off the glass for the coop door  then he put it in & fastened it with the molding then he went for the milk & I had that to strain & put to cool before going church   but we got everything done & off on time & then they didn’t start untill 8-p-m.  We took Miss.  Clark home after church, she said Mr. Miller had an-other bad spell   he threw up & then it went the other way & his poor old mother   Who is 86. yrs old fell & hurt her hip & her hands so it made it harder for her to take care of him, she tripped over a rug, it seems the woman that cleans for her had put it in the wrong place & left a loop or a place where she stepped her foot under the rug, she broke a dish she had in her hands but thank God he spared her bones.  Harry Miller is her son & she has taken care of him for ____ yrs.  Elbert worked all day & is terrible tired again tonight.  I gave Tom Eppler a red rock cabbage tonight & the preachers wife said she bought pork chops today & Miss Clark got greese spry [?] and she gave me a roll of toilet paper, I need that also. 

Sat, Oct. 5. 1946./12 eggs today. / Elbert went to work, he’s been having cramps in the flesh on his ribs & in his hands & legs, they only worked 4-10, I caned 8. qts. more of tomatoe pickles & then got at the washing & got it out & dried, Praise God, then I got supper & rested a while & washed done the dishes & now I’m going to bed hoping to rise & shine for God in the morning, I’m dead tired tonight  I’ve done my usual house work & took care of hens & birds & carried water & all I’ve. had to keep me today, & work on untill supper time was a pt. of milk & an egg yolk. tonight we had string beans potatoes, gravy & liver, bread & a glass of milk  Elbert had coffee.  after supper I ironed my house dress skirt & table cloth. It’s been a wonderful day & how I long to get out & walk around & enjoy the nice warm weather. it was 87 degrees at around noon today. N.E. breeze & 12 eggs today  We kept the coop locked-

Sun. Oct.6. 1946./975./10 eggs today’  Well, I wanted to go to Church this morn-ing, but I didn’t  I have to depend on Elbert & he was so tired he didn’t wake in time, I didn’t sleep all night I was so tired but I wanted to go this morning so Elbert could rest tonight, but here we went tonight instead.  Nellie, Johny, Bonita & her 3. children came in, just after we had, had dinner  I made a cup of tea all round & we tried to visit but, the children were full of mischeif & we couldn’t talk much, We gave them some cabbage & I gave Nellie the black dress I bought & tried to fix over but never got it done, she took it & said, maybe she could pay me by & by, she & Bonney Bell are going Oct. 16. “she said” to New Mexico. & she wanted to come before she left, but she couldn’t visit because of the children, so, said she might get back next Sun.  I don’t know what she wanted to tell me.  We had such a good Service   Mr. & Mrs. Reese sang an old fashion song & the Minister sang a part & then they all finished it together   Jane played the piano  Janes husband was with her at Church   Mrs. Eppler sang a solo on her ______ & Mrs. Eppler & Mrs Gerny played on the horn & ______ I can’t remember what kind of horn Mrs. Eppler plays. & the children’s choir sang a hym & then every one sang, several hyms. & they had prayers several times, then Rev. Mr. Gerny preached on the old time religion, one little Smith girl went to the Altar & a goodly number of children & grown ups.  We took a red rock cabbage to the Ministers & eggs to Wests & Miss Clark  for got to get hers, we went to her house but she wasn’t there & Mrs Reese said she thought she went over to Millers, so we delivered the 4. Smith children to there door, & we came on home  We had a cheese sanwitch & cup of milk cocoa & now Elbert’s in bed & I wish I was.  It’s been a beautiful Fall day warm & sun clear & Moonlight nights. & somehow I wish we could go where it would be warmer for the winter   Ella Jane got rooms for Nellie & Bonney Bell.

Mon. Oct.7. 1946./11 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got in line & got some boiling meat  a little hamberg & piece of suet & then he went to the fish house & got a big mess of fish  he cleaned & I cooked them for dinner then he went to kraut Plant & worked all after noon & they told him they’d have to ask him to wait the bal. of the week they were out of material, so he’s out of work again  but a breathing [?] wont hurt him, only he wanted to get enough money to pay bills. 

Mon. Oct.7. 1946./976. 11 eggs today. /  Well when he got home tonight he cleaned a few fish for us & 4. for Miss. Clark. I peeled 3 pks. tomatoes & cook them down for ketchup &: got them through the strainer & done my daily round of house work & looked after the hens. I mixed condition powder in there mash today, had to give baby chicks there growing mash & then go back in 2 or 3 hours & let them into the park & then feed them at 5-30-p-m. Elbert decided to take the fish he had not dressed over to Nellie  & I had to husle some to get everything done   I got the milk bottles ready  washed my tomatoe Kettle &, I caned a qt of apple sauce, “baldwin apples.” & I had enough for another qt. but we wanted some to eat & I took a big cupful in a little can to Miss. Clark, with 4. fish & her eggs.” 1/2 doz.  Elbert took them up stairs and said she was sick & laying down she’s tired out [ ?]and hungry half the time. Well I feel a little better since I had a little more to eat, & I been taking an egg yolk in a glass of milk every day. Well we went & got the milk & then we went to Nellie’s  she seemed so pleased to get the fish said they’d been living on chicken & we so tired of them she wanted us to take a dollar, but we didn’t I don’t know just how bad a fix they really are in. She did say the vegetables were a big lift to them. We can’t visit  the children make such a noise Bonita put the twins to bed then we did get to talk a little, Nellie was trying to make pickles out of the green tomatoes  we gave them  she had them ready for the cans but had to fix the vinegar & then can them yet tonight. Bonney Bell was home & doing her hair up in curls & Poor Bonita tired most to death from her many duties with house work & children & she had done such a big washing partly of bed covers for comforters & she was going to iron them & they hope to get them put back on so Nellie can take part of them with her, they say it gets cold in New Mexico at night.  Nellie is so nervous  she said she didn’t know if she’d get every thing done by the time they were to leave on Oct. the 14th.  Well if it will help them to go, I pray God will take care of them & give them that help they need.  Nellie said Howard & Francis house burned up last night & everything the owned, but that they got out safe with there 2 children & she said Gertie was having to pay Armond rent to live on the place & that the lawyer told her if she wanted what was in the shop she’d have to store it in her bedroom. Gertie told us Pa had everything fixed so she wouldn’t have to worry, so, I don’t know. I’d like to go see if she O.K. 

Tue. Oct. 8. 1946./7 eggs today./  I finished my ketchup & baked 3 white loaves of bread & a big tin of bread biscuits & did my daily round & taking care of hens & birds & I’m so tired & so is Elbert  he has been sawing off the big stumps of the old trees & then he

Tue. Oct. 8. 1946./977./7 eggs today/ split up some wood to burn, the wind is N.E. & colder today & I’ve had a little fire so my bread would raise & it did & is so light & nice, we get white flower now, but only in small sacks 5 & 10 lb. sack  Elbert had to get Pillsberry four this time, as it was all they had.  Well the bread is sure good & I thank God in Jesus Name & for all our many blessing.  Elbert is getting so thin in his body.  It’s been a nice day mostly Cloudy & quite a bit cooler. I received a letter from Miss Baumgart with a stamp & 2 U.S. cards in it, they are as well as usual & she wanted to know how we all were. 

Wed/ Oct. 9. 1946./14. eggs today./ Well, I thought I wouldn’t work so hard today, but when I got up Elbert had the tomatoes all peeled & he was pealing the onions so, I got me washed & chopped the pk. to-matoes & green peppers & got them in the big Kettle to cook, then I chopped the 6 onions & put them in with a qtj. of vinegar 4/5 cup salt, 2 1/2 cups sugar & a cup of mixed spices  tied in a clean cheese cloth & then I had to str it every few minutes to keep it from sticing on the bottom, I let it cook 5. hrs. slow, then bottled it. & while it cooked I went to hen house & looked after hens & had Elbert put pail of water in the park for them for he cleaned the floor & roost late this after noon & I did my house work cleaned up bedroom & aired the beds & made them up for night.  I made 1. qt. apple sauce & caned it.  I cleaned bottom of cupboard & wiped up kitchen floor & then tonight while Elbert went for milk, I went out to feed hens & they afraid of the heaps of straw & just wouldn’t come in the coop, I went in the park & tried to drive them in, but no only 2 or 3 came in & then Elbert came & he helped me drive them in, so they went to bed with out there supper poor things. I had Elbert give them a dose of salts this morning & they sure will be hungry in the morning. I left there grain in a feeder  It has been a fine day & I have wished every day for a little more time to be out doors in the sun & air, but there’s so much to keep me in, was cloudy untill after noon, wind has gone from N.E. to S. East partly cloudy tonight.

Thurs. Oct. 10. 1946./6 eggs today/  We haven’t had a killing frost yet & I picked supper last night. I really didn’t do quite so much work today I picked up a bu. of poor apples hoping to get out a few qts of apple sauce  I washed up dishes & cooked & done my usual daily rounds looking after hens & birds & I dug up my big India lilly bulb & the young ones I had out side in the dirt, couldn’t find all of them  cut back the rose bushes on the end of the house, & Elbert did the most & he tied them up  we have the two on the sides to finish yet.  & 4 on the fence & rack & N. end of the house. Elbert picked all the rest of the lima beans, green & dry that were worth picking. I packed away the chilli sauce & put bread in the crock, I aired & suned the crock today. it’s

Thurs. Oct. 10. 1946./ 978./ 6. eggs today. /  been a nice day partly cloudy S.E. breeze & cooler tonight.  last night we saw hundreds of bright lights, like Roman candles shooting thorough the sky toward the S. West, or maybe I should say like a star shooting through the sky with long white tails one was a beautiful blue, even the tail  it was a queer sight.  

Fri. Oct. 11. 1946./13 eggs today./  I washed today   Elbert went to Lorain & I did carry the water, I wasn’t done when Elbert came & he washed out his 2 under suits & his work shirts 2,) & 1. pr. pants & then I took a bath & dressed for prayer meeeting while Elbert went for the milk then I got supper & we ate & went to church  it rainedhard several times & it rained in the night to & the close were most dry I had washed, so I finished them over the stove & Elbert’s clothes also. it’s colder tonight & looks like we would be getting a frost soon  Wind Strong from the South.  We had a wonderful prayer meeting & I got wonderfully blessed & so did several of the others, there were only a few there. 

Sat. Oct. 12.1946./ 11. eggs today./  I washed out a few more pieces & it was showery all morning, Elbert went to Huron but came back with out meat or fish, so, we had a hen an old maid hen that was all done shedding & feathered out good  she was fond of eating & looking nice, so we killed her for Sunday dinner, we had the breast for supper she was fat & tender. it froze ice 3/4 in thick last night. Weather cleared & sun came out after dinner & I dried clothes out side & it’s getting shivery cold tonight, heavy frost. heat feels good 

Sun. Oct. 13. 1946./9 eggs today./  We went to Sunday School & Church this a-m after Elbert had got the milk we got ready & went back to evening service to Church.  I’m not going to get milk at Hauff’s any more, he raised the milk to 15 cents per. qt. & now he wants 18 cents & I can’t pay it for I don’t have enough money, he thinks because the milk in the stores sell for 20 cents he ought to have as much but that milk costs more because they pasturize it & bottle it & we get just fresh milk, furnish our bottles & have to drive over & back making a 4 mile trip, using car, gas & oil.  so I told him to tell Hauff  we wouldn’t get the milk any longer. & the milk hasn’t been very good of late , guess his milking some of the cows that’s going to have calves, to long, milks stringy We went to Church & had a good service, preaching song K& prayer. I praise the Lord, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah, I Praise the Lord. 

Mon. Oct. 14, 1946./ 8. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain but couldn’t get on to either of the jobs he’d been promised, but he landed another 7 its way out to the Steel Plant on Vine Ave. buidling  what they call baracks, big sheds done off in compartments for a number of families to live in, so men can work for Plant & live near by. I mended on my corset, but didn’t get it done so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.  Elbert got here about 5-30 or quarter to six & had fish, he had called

Mon. Oct. 14. 1946./979. 8. eggs today/ got tank of gas today/  at the gas office & told them our gas was gone  we have only had it a little over 2 months & since we haven’t been boiling meat & using the gas as often or as long for we haven’t had the food to cook, we were puzzled to know what had become of the gas, so, he told them & they said no one could take the gas out from the out side.  Well, When he came with the gas, I told him & he got rather angry, but at last he said, well, I can’t see how they could take gas out of the tank, but if it runs short this time, let me know & we’ll do something about it.  Well, it sure is queer. Well I took care of hens & birds & done my daily chores & odds & ends & I didn’t have much to eat & I can’t seem to do a lot some days, it’s been a fine day here but Elbert said it rained a light rain for an hour in Lorain this morning.  Elbert only worked this after noon & he was tired to, tonight.  We had a wood fire enough to keep chill out the house. 

Tue. Oct. 15. 1946./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & so did I, went to the hen house & took hens there green feed & let them out in the park  sun was bright & warm & they like to roll in the dirt then I went to mail box, but no mail, then I set my bread, after putting the birds in the sunshine, then I took all the curtains down & washed & suds & wrinsed & starched them & hung them out to dry   by the time I had the last ones up I started taking the first ones down, they all dried so fast wish it didn’t take any longer to clean them, than it took to dry them, I hung my blankets out when I first got up & shook up the beds & opened the windows & shut the doors to keep my bread rising, I had 4 nice loaves.  Elbert came at 5-30-p-m., I had shut the hens in & fed them, but my bread wasn’t done, so I couldn’t go to Huron with him, he had a saw up there being sharpened  he got it & was back before the potatoes were done  he got a piece of meat to boil & a piece of pork steak as tuff as Whang [?] leather   I had sweet corn that was tender  we ate & I did dishes & now, he’s gone to bed 7 I’m so tired I’m going also.  I sent a letter to Miss Baumgart yesterday.  Well I didn’t get my corset done today & I hope to wash windows  its sure been a fine day.  I thank God & Praise him for all things.  

Wed. Oct.16. 1946./7 eggs today/  Well, Elbert worked today & I only got the front door storm door glass & one window & the wood work done & I ironed 3. shirts & 7. prs. of curtains & 2 short curtains  took care of hens & birds & got 4. cabbages & some carrots   I cooked veg-tables in with the boiling beef for supper & cooked a few baby limas so Elbert can have some for his breakfast.  I cut a few roses & honey suckle tamaric & glrdias to took take to Hamblys for Ellen’s & Raymond’s wedding shower (Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Toms.) Well I took a bottle 

Wed. Oct 16. 1946./980./ 7 eggs today/  of chilli sauce  We washed & dressed after supper & pput the things in the car & went  2 cabbages for Hamblys & 2 for her mother & father & the glass fruit dish & little glass dishes for jam or whatever they might want to use them for & the chilli sauce every one wanted that, they say, you can’t buy it in the stores.  Well, the Toms sure got some nice presents   a very pretty water glass set with frosted leaves on them & a set of 8 tumblers in a carrier with baby pink roses around the tops   some  a set of bowls & a salt & peper set in a carrier for the akitchen another set for flour & spices  a big cassarol pyrex & one of earthen wear with flowers on & 2 pyrex pie plates  an electric toaster  2 nice pillows & a pretty tea towel with gay colors & a table clothe in fancy bricks all colors in a brick each brick alike. & one other some thing like it & some kitchen tools seives & forks & spoons & an ironing board & pad & cover & a pyrex coffee maker guess that was all, they served cheese & whole wheat bread sandwitches & hambergers sweet pickles in big slices, cucumber & doughnuts with apple cider & a 3 kinds of bottled drink pepse colla root beer & I don’t know what the other was, it was green & I think they said it was lime.  after the lunch they began leaving for home, I wanted to see Mrs Hamblys mother, but they went to bed early, she has been real sick & in bed   Oh yes, Miss Clark sent a box of scented tissues.  Well, Elbert had a cramp in his leg while we were there & in his ribbs after we got home, he’s so dog tired & so was I, we are not fit for going out at night after working all day & I’ll have to get up in the morning, for Martha said she’d be out & I don’t know if she will or not, but just in case, I’ll have to get up & wash my dress & iron it   I got so dirty today. I was in hopes I’d get the windows all done & curtains up, but, I can’t work so fast any more. & it’s after 11-p-m right now.  I wrote a letter to Nellie & Elbert mailed it today  It’s been a beautiful day real warm sun & south breeze.

Thurs. Oct.17. 1946. 3 eggs today/  Cloudy this morning, Elbert went to work and in & hour it was raining a fine misty rain & has kept at it most of the day   I went out between showers  looked after hens & got corn for supper & then let out hens & later fed them before bed time, it got dark early tonight   I opened car shed for Elbert, he came tired, & hungry  I had cocoa hot, he drank it & cleaned fish, “perch”  I done my usual house work & washed one North window, plugged it or corked it & the east one for winter & put clean curtains up to front door E. & N. window.  I baked 12 cup cakes, 1. loaf cake & I 

Thurs. Oct. 17. 1946./981./3 eggs today/  fried the fish cooked the corn & boiled potaotes  made coffee & had bread for supper & Elbert’s been in bed for an hour & a sleep & I’ve got dishes done & everything ready for morning & it’s raining in heavy showers & fog horn is blowing. Elbert brought a bag of coal  tonight isn’t cold, just damp, but wind gone N.West, so it might get cold.   Well, Nellie said they’d be going Fri. but we got a card today saying Wed. 

Fri. Oct. 18. 1946./9. eggs today./ Elbert went to work I slept a while then in a rush got dressed combed & washed & went to the hen house & gave the hens a pan of sour milk.  I let the young roosters out but it was rather cool  a strong S.W. Wind & a little night chilly & a little rain now & again, after noon sun came out at intervals.  I washed two more windows & wood work & corked them & put the clean curtians up & I still have 4 more to wash & cork & curtians  to put up, I’m so heavy on my feet, it tires me most to death   I picked sweet corn for supper & took 1/2 doz. to Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk   I got supper, Elbert brought short steaks, I boiled potatoes & corn & made coffee & chopped cabbage & mixed it with chillie sauce for relish. & we had home made bread. Young chickens didn’t stay out long  I shut them in at 4-p-m. & fed them all, then went out & husk the corn for supper & picked up a few apples. We got dressed for church & went, only Mrs. Sprunk & Miss Clark, little Garry Black & the preacher was there  Mrs. Gerny was sick & laying down all after noon  the Minister said & there are several others sick   I thank God, He got me off to Church & I pray Mrs. Gerny will be O.K. tomorrow, Oh God, in Jesus Name Please bring in thy people to Church & pray meeting fill them with a craving for Thee, Oh, Dear Heavenly Father forgive us our sins and reveal unto us the things we ought to do & say to help others.  I pray for those who are sick & those who are sorely afflicted & for every soul that belongs to Thee, I pray, Lord God of Hosts Thy Will be done, Glory to God. All the Praise & Glory truly belongs to Thee.  I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sat. Oct. 19. 1946./8 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & he gets time & a half for today.  I slept untill 8-30-a-m.then got up & dressed, combed & washed & put the birds in the front door in the sun light then shook up the bieds opened the windows & fixed the fire a little enough to keep it & went to hen house with pan of sour milk & gave them a cabbage head & some grit & let the roosters out, then carried the water & did out the washing & got it dried.

Sat. Oct. 19. 1946./982./ 8 eggs today/  I washed my corset, I had it partly mended & I can finish it clean, now, I washed both my house dresses & did the ironing & & swept & dusted both bedroom & kitchen washed up dishes, fed & locked coop & got a pail of cystern & well water & made up beds & got supper & done up dishes again, yes, I picked up peck of apples.  It’s been a beautiful day.  Praise God in Jesus Name. 

Sun. Oct. 20. 1946./ 6 eggs today/  I didn’t get to Sunday school  & Church this morning but we went to night  I haven’t felt so good  guess I may have taken a little cold  I was so stiff & lame all over, I didn’t sleep untill morning, then I slept to long to get ready for Church, there wasn-n’t many to church tonight  we took Mrs sprunk & Miss. Clark Home & then the Smith children  they live just west of Epplers. about a mile out of Vermilion.  Today is Pa & ma’s wedding annaversy.  67. yrs. ago today. Pa would be 86 yrs old this Jan 28 1947 and ma 90 yrs old this Nov 29. 1946.  Elbert got a pt. of cream & it sure was good  I haven’t eat much today & was so empty, my bowels have been sort of running off & leaves me empty.   Tonight before supper we saw such a big flock of wild geese they came from the North east & were going south west.  It’s been a fine Fall day partly cloudy. We had a good meeting & prayer Service  Praise the Lord. 

Mon. Oct. 21. 1946./ 7 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, and I slept awhile. then tumbled out & dressed, comb my hair &  got washed  took care of birds  shook up the beds & opened the windows put the water on to heat & went to hen house & mail box  gave the hens some cabbage let young one out & then fixed me a bite to eat & then pealed apples, they are terrible, I only got 2 1/2 qts. from a big peck at 4-p-m. I fed hens & chicks & gave them mash & shut them in & locked the coope & opened car shed doors & then went out & piked what sweet corn there was left   Georgie Snyder came over & I gave her a doz ear or more & she talked so long I was late with my supper, Elbert was late to & I had to hurry to get supper before seven oclock, I fried some steak he brought home  cooked the last of the green lima beans & a potatoe & sliced the beets  I had cooked to made his coffee & got the bread & we had sweet corn to & then after supper I did the dishes & got the meat boiled & now all is done for today. It’s been 

Mon. Oct. 21. 1946./983./7. eggs today./  a perfect day quite, warm sun & no breeze.  I wished I could go out & stay in the open all day, so warm you don’t need a jacket on. Elbert said, tonight as he came along the highway & looked at the lake, he wished he could go fishing once more. 

Tue. Oct.22. 1946./7. eggs today./  Nellie said she & Bonney Bell would be in New Mexico today, Mon  Elbert went to work and so did I   did my morning chores & pealed apples & canned 2. almost 3. qts. & then I went out & trimed the rose rambler on the S.east corner of the house & the sun was so hot I thought it would cook me, but I got it done & cought in place so Elbert only will have to tighten the wires & fix it up in the middle where I couldn’t reach it.  Seems Elbert ans. another insurance add. & a man came to see a-bout it today, I couldn’t tell him so he said he’d come back tonight & he did & Elbert signed up for it  76.00 for the first year & 60.00 each year after & then if he gets hurt or sick even if he isn’t in the hospital  if he can’t work he gets 50.00 a month & if he has to go to hospital they pay all his expenses  ambulance & operating room expense, Elbert thinks that’s a lot to pay a yr. but he’s getting to the place where he’s apt to need it & it’s lots cheaper this way, than the way it was when he was in the hospital last time, he had to borrow money from the bank & mmorgage his car & all the extra trouble he had to get the morgage back.  Well I do hope he will be able to keep this insurance for I don’t have enough to keep us with out the help of the hens.  I got the supper & took care of hens & got the dishes done & pealed a stew pan of apples & got them cooked & now I’ll read a bit & can the apples & go to bed.  I Praise God for a wonder day & for a letter from Flora Glover today.  I pray God will talk to her & help her to understand & live for Him.  Glory, Glory, Hallalujah  Glory to God I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. Oct.23.1946./1. egg. today/  Elbert went to work & the boss sent him over on the east side on the lake front to fit & hang some storm windows way down by the Over Look apartments way down, almost to the end of East Erie Ave & he’s been on a ladder all day, he’s to tired tonight, he sweat untill all his clothes was wet through & he was still soaked when he got home, he ate & took his bath & went to bed, had to fix a garter before he went, I tried to get him to stay home tomorrow but he says the work isn’t going to last long, but we neither can see why he should do such a job  it’s nothing to do with the construction Co. job. I only hope he don’t get any more ladder jobs. I pealed a stew pan full of baldwin apples & picked over & washed 4 qts cheery tomatoes for green pickles. & I picked a pk of green tomatoes off the big tomatoe vines & there are lots of them out there yet, a bu. or 2. but I run out of salt & sugar, so have to wait.  I did my daily rounds  of duties & wiped up the floor & so I’m some what tired, myself   Elbert brought fresh fish for supper.  It’s been a beautiful day & I fasted and fasted & prayed today, the rest were going to do the same for Mr. Horning. 

Thurs. Oct.24.1946./984./5. egg today./  Elbert started for work, but he got as far as the garage, one tire blew out & he got that fixed, then it started missing, he had to have $18.00 worth of work done, he got home little after 4. p.m.  he didn’t get my sugar, so I sent him to Huron & he got 15. lbs.  $1.05  it cost. & he got some nice fresh bones to cook in with the little piece of boiling meat he had brought & a piece of lunch meat & I sent Mrs. Gunenhauser & her brother, the 2 yellow rose bushes they wanted. Well, he went & come before I got finished with my work, I had just got the hens in & fed & locked up when he drove in, I ask what had happened, he had come so early & he told me he’d been at the garage & then done the shopping & come home.  We had a lunch before he went to Huron, I hadn’t had only 1/2 slice of bread cup of hot water & little later cup of cocoa, & I had done all the washing except my rags & his 2 work shirts   I washed his blankets & dired his bedding  had a good sized wash, & have 3 blankets yet to do.  Elbert mailed a card to Bonita, for me today. if I can, I do them & the few other things in the morning. The wind was so strong, it sure dried the cloth fast. I was all ready to get supper when, Elbert come, I made his bed & mine while he was gone to Huron then shaved the corn off the ears & cooked it for supper.  I set bread this morning & baked bread biscuits for supper  had 2 loaves of bread, big ones, It’s been a wonderfully nice day, warm sun.  Oh! how I Praise the Good Lord God of Hosts for everything. 

Fri. Oct. 25. 1946./ 5. eggs today./  Well the wind did blow last night & some time after midnight it rained in heavy showers & I heard some one rattling around the gas tank, heard the cover go up & a rattle & clatter & the same rattle & a different noise when the cover went down,. I don’t know what to do about it.  Elbert went to work & he did so many earns on the way home, I couldn’t go to church for prayer meeting tonight & I just feel sick when I can’t go prayer meeting, I haven’t done so much today, was to tired & it rained most of the day, I picked a bunch of roses & a few carrots & beets & green tomatoes to take to Preachers, Mrs. Clark &K Mrs. Sprunk then had to put vegetables in grainery.  Hens are sure molting off fast  floor is white with feathers.  I got a letter from Nellie today   she said Bonita sent my letter right on to Mexico & she was glad to get it, she said Ella Jane met them at the station & that she was so tired before she started she could stand up straight, but now she was better again & that it was just beautiful there.  I pray God will heal her soul & body in Jesus Name. They got into New Mexico last Sat.

Fri. Oct. 25. 1946./985./ 5. eggs today./  she said they went to Sun. school & church in the morning & to Church in the evening & she & Bonney walked over to the house where Ella Jane rooms with a teacher & several other girls, that it was a large house with large pretty rooms & the girls are learning to keep house.  sounds rather foolish to me, but it might be O.K. Well it said over the radio that it would clear off tonight & be cooler tomorrow & I think it will, also said partly cloudy tomorrow. I do pray God blessed the meeting & that there were lots more there than last Fri. night  I thank Thee Jesus. Sat  I canned 2. qts. cherry tomatoe pickles & did my usual daily chores, and made vegetable soup.  I put barley, carrots, onions & macaroni in the beef broth & tomatoe & lima beans  it was good. 

Sat. Oct. 26. 1946./ 4 eggs today/ Elbert went to work & I slept till 9-a-m & then looked after hens & birds & then I washed what dirty clothes there were & 3 cotton blankets. 2. light & 1. heavy, & carried the water & did my usual round of house work.  Elbert was sore & lame from laying floor yesterday & he’s still tired & lame tonight, I had supper ready & clothes dried & put away & hens fed & locked in, & picked up a pail of apples & now the dishes are done & we have to go to bed, Elbert has gone.  It’s been another fine day   only a strong S. wind. 

Sun. Oct. 27. 1946./ 3. eggs today/  I got up took a bath & dressed   went to Sun school & Church & to Church this evening, we had a good prayer service both this morning & tonight & Mrs. Sprunk’s son & his wife & there son went to the alter tonight she & the Church folks have been praying for them for a long time.  I pray they will come again & again & be holy converted.  We had prayer for healing this morning & a lot of us were anointeed & prayed for, even Sister Gerny.  some for one thing and some for another, Oh how I thank God in Jesus Name that we can go to Him as often as we will & He’s hear and ans. prayer.  Praise His Holy Name, Glory, Glory, Glory, Now, Thurs. night they are having a part (shower) for Mary Krole & Mr. Petters, they are going to be married Sat. Nov. 2nd  1946. in the little 4. Square Church in Vermilion Ohio. & we all are invited, it will be at 7-p-m.  the shower is going to be at Mr & Mrs. Tom Eppler’s.  Tom is Marry’s Uncle.  Well, we had quite a crowd out to Church tonight.  I took Mrs. Sprunk this morn. & tonight I gave preachs 2. cabbages & a bunch of green onions & Miss Clark some beets carrots can apple sauce & little can of Cheerys. & little can of sugar. & we take the 3. or 4. Smith children home for they live on the Main Highway west

Sun. Oct. 27. 1946./ 986./ 3. eggs today./  and we pass there home. & it’s about a mile from Church.  Elbert got a pt. of cream & it was so good for lunch tonigh & its been a fine day.

Mon. Oct.28. 1946./ 6 eggs today/  I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen & I scrubbed the toilet & give her a good one & wrinsed it down with 3 buckets of water, the coal came & the young Eppler boy brought it, We had quite a visit on christianity  he’s young & there are a lot of things he don’t understand  Why, Oh Why don’t the young christians try to help & Why don’t they let those Who want to know things, ask questions, they seem to want to do all the talking   I like a few class where every one can ask the about the things they want to Know, they need help & don’t Know how to get it   Elbert went to work  I have done all my daily chores.  We’re both tired tonight it’s been a fine day  strong, S. wind & we didn’t pull cabbages. 

Tue. Oct. 29. 1946./ 3. eggs today.  Elbert went to work & I got up at 8-30-a-m & I wiped up Kitchen floor & stairway scrubbed the slop pail & wash bench & put clean papers on the shelf & 2. board I set the cystern & well pail on, took care of birds & hens & got some adds from the mail box, then ground a small piece of beef cut off the boiling meat & made meat balls  Mrs. Sprunk said she’d be here today & since it was 11-30 & she hadn’t come, I got the meat balls cooking & when they were most done I went to the well for water & see her coming up the hill I came in with water   put some on to boil for tea & went to meet her, she gave me her purse & went on to see Miss. Jones & I came in & fixed some corn & opened a can of cheeries  got the table set & dinner on & she thanked God for our dinner & then we ate & talked & about 3 we began to pray & were both drunk with the Spirit, at 5-p-m  when we began to come back to earth we went out to feed the hens & I still couldn’t walk straight, Glory Hallilujah, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory. & then after I’d took care of hens, I put the boiling meat on to cook & we went out & got 1/2 doz. beets 1. savary cabbage 1. green cabbage head & a big piece off a red rock cabbage & a few flowers. then Elbert came, he pulled a few good heads & put them in the middle pen, we got to pull them for they are cracking open so bad then he washed & took Mrs. Sprunk up to highway to catch the buss. It was cloudy untill 10-a-m then sun came out & it was fine  looks like rain tonight & I haven’t done the washing yet. 

Wed. Oct.30.1946./3 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, I was feeling so punk but my cold had broke yesterday, but I felt so tired  I slept untill 9-a-m, before I got up & started   I got the beds & rooms taken care of & then put the water on for the bread & I went to hen house & mail box, got an invitation to Miss. Marry Krolls wedding shower  they are going to have it at Mr. & Mrs. Tom Eppler. 

Wed. Oct.30.1946/ 987./ 3 eggs today./  home(Tom is Marys Uncle)  Well each one was to give a 25 cents for dough-nuts & sider & bring a gift of some sort, I had the bread in a loaf to raise & put water on to start the washing, it was lat but there were only a few clothes to wash & I had them all done at 4-p-m. K& bread biscuits & small loaf of bread done for preachers & Mrs. Sprunk. I made 3 loaves of bread this time for us, When Elbert he looked at the biscuits & smiled & said, boy they look swell & I said I’m going to send them to the preachers this time & he laughed & said he’s going to tell that preacher something. but it was me he told something   we ate supper & listened to the news & then a little play come on & he seemed to be so inter-ested   I didn’t shut if off, it was about a young man, his sister-in-law & himself, man  like he never dreamed his sister-in-law would be jelous of his wife, but she was & started making all the most horrible messes of trouble for the young wife, Who was feeling like she’d like to be alone with her man untill they understood one another better, but “Linda” kept right after things  200.00 dollars came up missing from the wifes purce & Linda saw the purce & opened it & looked through it & she was so bossy & mean & even lied to the man & tried to make him believe all the tricks she was doing herself  was the things the wife did, so of course after her man got sick & into a raving fever over it & Linda wouldn’t let his wife go near her man & she “Linda” fell over from over tired & the wife took care of them both untill they were O.K. then she pack her things & hoofed it to the station a couple of miles away & learned she had to wait untill midnight for a train, so she took out a writing tablet & wrote & explained all to the man she loved so much, it made her cry to write it & she was so deeply interested she didn’t hear her man walk in, then they fixed things up & he took her in the carrage & drove back home with her, & Linda left for good.  Elbert got up & started to go out side with out his jacket & he had sweat untill he was wet through, he wears his overall all day & takes them off at night, & he has a little cold, so I said put your jacket on, please, for it’s getting cooler out side & he flew at me like a cagged animal that had got loose & said, you’re as bossy as Linda & then, he added yes  another old Linda, you’r just like her, Well, I new, but, wasn’t prepared for it just then

Wed. Oct. 30. 1946./988./3 eggs today.  I had baked all that bread & done the washing  carried water and done all my other house hold duties & chores in side & out & got supper & had felt to tired to do a thing all day but just drove myself to it & I was sort of stund & I began to cry & pray & just couldn’t seem to stop & then I had on vision after another untill I was so weak I could hardly get me off to bed & when I once lay down I didn’t know anything untill I came to myself coughing & then I prayed most all night untill I heard him getting out to get off to work, then to eace his own conscience, he said he was sorry it just slipped out & he didn’t mean it & any way it was my own fault   I didn’t need to have taken it to heart, but when I ask him how he would fee, if I had said the same to him, with a cold   vicious look as he had & he said well I wouldn’t like it but I’m 64 yrs old & Know enough to put a jacket on when I need one, but do you I ask & he said well, no, but I don’t need someone to tell me but when, he’s sick he likes to be waited on hand & foot  He said he’d go to church & give his soul to the Lord. (Let’s see if he really means that.  I told him I prayed the Lord wouldn’t give him any peace untill did & I mean it to, I’d hate to see him in Hell, to. with All those feinds & murders.  Oh God, have mercy & help him before it’s forever to late.  It’s been quite a nice day strong S. wind, getting & cloudy tonight.

Thurs. Oct. 31. 1946./ 6. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to work, but he didn’t take the bread. & I have felt so weak and all in, seemed as if I couldn’t go on, but I done my usual round of house work & out side chores & had to mix up mash & carry water to hens today  they are shedding there feathers fast for 5 or 6 almost bare except for wing feathers but they all, except one, seem to feel good & are active.  I darned socks all after noon & put a patch on my pants but didn’t get pants done & then I got supper & am not doing dishes tonight.  It started to raian shortly after we went to bed & has been at it most of the day. in light misty showers, not cold out, just damp & misty. 

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