November 1951

Nov. 1.1951. Thurs. / Page. 2829./ 5. eggs today./ Been colder than usual, but a beautiful day & it didn’t freeze last night    the yellow dahlias are still noding in the breeze today,  a rather chilly North east breeze & partly cloudy all day & cloudy tonight.   Cold chilly out,   sun looked like ice, but turned to a bright gold as it set;   Radio says 34 or 38 degrees tonight,   Elbert picked a good mess of beans & picked up apples & dug a trench & buried tomatoes vines & bean bushes,   he dug part of the glads, has a row & a half of glads to dig & some of dahlias, then dig trench & bury tops.  & them & carrots & what ever else there is to tuck under.    I finished yoke in dress so it’s all done now.   Prayer meeting night,   I pray God will bless each one there and help those they pray for & strengthen each of us as He sees we need.    I Praise Him & love Him & hope to be able to be with Him forever.    Received card from Nellie;   “She said” Dear Folks   Thought we had written you a card.   We received yours, saying you hadn’t heard from us.    J & Marcie & 3 babys were here after Jim Harnish died.    Hazel sent for them to come by air & they flew back too.   all of them are just fine.    Beatrice & Vivian were here too.   Two funerals a few days apart, less than a week.   Will tell you when I see you.   We appreciated the the apples, pears & vegetables so much.    I pickled all the pears.   Bonney Bell only took a few apples.    There were 20 folks here on Sat. evening counting babies too. (9 grand children)   I had a book report, to prepare during those 2 hard weeks, and gang last Thurs evening.   Saw Wyn at P. T. A. at Hollowien party at school & visited all evening with her.    Hope you folks are O.K.  Loads of Love  Nellie. “on edge of card & address. end she wrote ” that Audrey was here once last week. ” & that” Had to have new furnace  smoke pipe this week,   men just finished it.   Please Write again. (Well, you’d think we were a well, just old folks, they didn’t have time to be bothered with,   but, the old saying is,  every dog has his day. “I’m sorry, but neith of us are endepted to them,   We’d like to do by them as we would like to be done by,   but that’s out,   we’re just poor ignorant folks & I’m sort of glad in a lot of ways.   I hope they do know & live for Jesus as they say they do.   Oh God keep us closer to Thee. 

Fri Nov. 2. 1951./ 3. eggs today./ Oh, but, it did turn colder & Elbert went to Huron for fish & got a good big mess, he came back & cleaned enough for dinner, & I had onions, beets & potatoes ready to cook, so while I cooked the dinner & fried the fish, he went for the milk,    I gave him a cup of hot coffee & in a very few minutes he was back & food & drink was all ready & we ate & then he cleaned the rest of the fish & brought them inside to finish scraping them out & washing them.   it started to rail before he got home & after dinner the ground & trees were covered with wet snow,   he buried the dressings & stayed in for a while untill chore time,   then he carried the water & feed to hens “another hen died so there’s only 22 hens left” & then he got water from systern & well for us & waters low in the well.   then he cleaned out galvenized tub & put it & wash bench & a box in basement. & got coal up & then he fried a fry pan of fish & warmed the potatoes & made fresh coffee, after he drove up & got a loaf of bread.   he forgot to get bread & yeast cake while in Huron,    it’s cold & windy -night.  I Pray Oh God Thou will reveal my sin or sins & fill me with Thy Spirit

Fri. Nov. 2. 1951./ Page. 2830./ 3. this today./ please reveal my sins & help me    I don’t want to do anything wrong   I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure, True & Holy. Amen. 

Sat. Nov. 3. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ It. sure enuf got cold,  it started yesterday, to rain & snow & Kept at it all night untill a-bout 2-a-m.    it cleared off & stars were clear and bright & air crisp & cold.   & it’s been cold all day.   Elbert dug the glads & the dahlias & put them below & he’s done a lot of odd & ends & he is so tired tonight & his back & hip are hurting him,   he has taken a little more cold & it’s to bad,    for it gets after his back & hip each time.    I’ve been so glad I could be in where it is warm.   I cleaned the bottom of the cupboard & stowed the jelly & jams down there & cleared the top shelf & cleaned it a little  but it will need a more thour cleaning & then I’ll have to try to get the middle shelf & if I can the top part.    I’m about all in from moving out & moving in & cleaning.    I had potted a pepper plant & a tomatoe plant & I trimed them & had the mess to clean up,   I swept & trimed some rose cuttings & took care of them & had Elbert put some grape juice bottles out in a bag with several others & I had him put the old flour crock down below & there are 40 jobs more or less still waiting to be done.    I pray God will forgive me my sins & save my soul, Amen.    We received a card from Audrey,   she said she’d been painting there rooms.   It is snowing fine cold snow tonight & the wind S.E. & quite strong. 

Sun. Nov. 4. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Wasn’t able to go to Church today,    but, am trusting to go again soon   its’s been very cold 27 degrees radio said.   ground is still all covered with snow & birds were hunting for feed    Elbert put some out but I don’t know if they got it.   he put the back storm door on today, for it’s so cold & house was cold,    but it’s warmer now.   cuts out cold air, he’s took more cold  cold & had cramps over his ribs,   I know how that hurts,    Well, it’s time I was in bed  20 minutes to one oclock,   I wrote sister Nellie a letter,    hope she takes it as I mean it, only in a good way, with all good wishes for her & hers.   I thank God for His Love, Grace, Power & that He cares for His own. Amen. 

Mon. 5. Nov. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ I did half the washing & got it most all dried in the house,  am just finishing rags  wash rags & towels    I didn’t have any thing to eat untill supper except 3 sunshine crackers & 1. cup tea    Elbert went to Lorain   he got the olive oil 1.69 & the dope for radiator 3.75   he went to Audrey’s and talked awhile & the only thing I could find out was that he see her & talked to her,   he did say Nellie & Bonita were in to Audrey’s a few minutes the other day while they waited for a buss,   but not a bit of news   he had to pay 1.75 for getting battery charged.   Well it’s cold out side & Georgie hung her wash out side & it froze before she could hang & pin them on the line,   Well I was to sweaty to hang mine out & since I did-n’t have to make & extra fire I dried them inside.    Elbert had to get push-ed into garage mile & ahalf or so down the high way,   had to get the

Mon. Nov. 5. 1951./ page. 2831./ 5. eggs this day/ battery charged so he waisted 2. hrs. getting car fixed.   he left eggs, but the woman was there when he went or came back so thats an extra trip,  he got bag of grain 4.60 & then he bought quite a few cans of food.  14.53 & fresh meat 2.37 & you could hold it in one hand & it wasn’t heavy,  that was olive oil & boiling steak & he got a short steak & sausage at Martins in Vermilion 1.28 & so thats the way the money goes    he got tea 87 cents & butter at A. & P. 78 cents so he spent 24.42. out of 46.90 “his check;”  mine wont be he for an-other week & I pay half & usually more than half,   I have to send 2.00 to vets for cards & car licence numbers. & 5.00 for Church & there’s something else I can’t just remember.   I wrote a letter to Nellie & Bonita & families & it was 1-a-m or after before I got to bed,   my blood presure is very, very low once more & we can’t get the milk again, for a while   calf has to have it but I believe the bad son is the one that’s to blame,   he likes lots of milk.   Mrs. K. told Elbert he was probly angry because she was selling us a qt every other day.    Now I have dishes washed & every thing ready for the morning.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray You will help us to get the milk at all Brod’s   they have good clean milk.   I Praise & thank Thee Jesus for things. 

Tue. Nov. 6. 1951./ 3. eggs today./  It’s been as miserable a day as we’ve had in a long time, sleet & cold rain tonight N. east & it’s lots worse in many other places, southern states are getting cold weather  Carolinas, Georgia, 30 degrees, Florida & California,  I can’t remember the temture of each one but it was much lower than it should have been,   Elbert went up here to a little store on south side of road across from Ruggles, and got a loaf of bread & a pig ham & bottle of coffee cream & he said sleet on wind sheald was so bad that he was glad to come right back   he couldn’t get any yeast in Vermilion & didn’t think of it in Lorain so here we are with out home made bread   guess I’ll have to made baking Powder biscuits & he didn’t get the sugar & I have 4 qts of apple sauce to can in the morning & some jelly,    Well, I don’t know what tomorrow will be,   the wind is strong tonight & the sleet & rain make it seem rather dreary, & my thoughts turn to the boys who are fighting in worse weather & conditions    Oh God, help them to call on Thy Name & to talk to Thee for Thou hast promised to hear & answer prayer in Jesus Name.    I do thank THee & Praise Thee for all things now & for ever more Amen.    I made 3. pies, 1. peach 2. apple    we haven’t had any in such a long time.    I’m not feeling very strong but am trusting Jesus will take care of my every need, Amen    Yesterday yards we filled with sparlings everywhere one looked, poor things. 

Wed. Nov. 7. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ Well, I haven’t done much today   been so dark yesterday & today   caned 4. qts. apples & cooked    We had 2 meals    Elbert helped get dinner, then I got supper.    It rained in heavy showers most of the night & part of the early morning.   so the snow all gone & not quite so cold all though air is chilly & nippy,   Elbert’s neck’s still bad    I’ve rubed it hard, but haven’t the strength to rub    makes him sick & he’s been willing to keep the woolen rag around his neck.   I believe it’s just a cold & joints are swollen, but he doesn’t 

Wed. Nov. 7. 1951./ Page. 2832./ 5. eggs this day./ I sent Nellie a letter but I owe Audrey & Gertie one,   Gertie never writes, but I love her any way as I do all the others.    I owe Martha a letter   she has written me sev eral letters now.   & I hear Mrs. Clyde Green is in the hospital,   So I should write her a few lines,    I haven’t answered Ethel or Loura Ann’s letters & Anabel’s & several more & I wont have Christmas cards enough to go the rounds this year & I don’t think I will send any,   I don’t see how I can, but still they are a token of Love & rememberance if they are taken that way.   Well, I thank God for my healings & Praise His Holy Name for ever & ever,   I pray for health both spiritual & phyicial and to be able to do more for Jesus in helping others come to Him    I thank Thee Jesus,   I thank Thee for all things Jesus, Precious, Pure & Holy, Amen. 

Thurs. Nov. 8. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today   took care of beds & rooms cooked dinner & supper & washed dishes & peeled & quartered enough apples for 4 or 5 qts    will have to cook & can them in the morning, God Willing & I ought to finish the wash,   I didn’t get Elbert’s clothes done; Don’t seem to gather strength like I use to but perhaps by morning, God Will give me the needed strength,   He has done it several times or I should say many times before, tonight’s prayermeeting night & there no other place in the world I’d rather be, than in the house of the Lord     When I can’t go I feel so lost,    but. I feel His Power as they pray for those who are not there & for the sick    I thank Him for those who pray earnestly   those who trust & believe & I pray for each of them & their’s & thank Him,   He hears & answers prayer, Jesus never fails, it all way our fault in some way & when the way is cleared the anser comes through,  forgive us our sins which are many & reveal our mistakes to us & give us spiritual as well as phyicial strength & courage to do Thy Will in Jesus Holy Name, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, Amen.   It wasn’t quite so cold today   Radio says warmer tomorrow.   We had a foot of snow not as bad as 18. in. 

Fri. Nov. 9. 1951./ 3. eggs today./ One winter while Frank was still on the Lake the snow was 18. ins. deep,  Pa was here, he took a notion to go home   I put the chains on the car & went for the milk & mail    we got the milk at Duglas’s & mail at end of our road & highway, then when I got back I took him to Vermilion    the snow was drifted in the hollows & we went through up to the middle of the windows,   I got through into the tracks of the trucks & with care got pa to waiting room    there wasn’t any street cars running up my way but the expected a car from Lorain & said it would go back to Lorain,    I don’t know how he got home but he made it, and I did a little shopping & I came back safe & in a day or so, went to Sandusky train station & got 

Fri. Nov. 9. 1951./ Page. 2831./ 3. eggs this day./  Frank & his luggage & brought him back safe, the snow was deep & drifts were high    but, it had been packed on the highway by the trucks,  now we’ve had a food of snow & they are making a terrible fuss over it;   I’m wondering about Nellie, Bonita & 3 children, Martha & Audrey & Gertie,   hope they are all well, warm & have enough to eat.    Elbert’s neck is really bad   I feel sure it’s a cold in his vertebra’s a-gain     God help him to turn to Thee & Give Thee the Honor & Glory for all things, I thank Thee.    Well I did the balance of the washing while Elbert went to Huron   Dr. wasn’t there,    so he got fish, by helping fisherman wash a net or so & he came home & clean-ed enough for dinner & hung up the clothes out side for me While I looked after the dinner & sudsed & wrinsed clothes     & he carried 4 pails of water     I had them all washed & he only hung out the big pieces,   there’s been a good wind in S. & a nice sun all day,   they soon dried   I was all down at 1-p-m. I thank God for the strength He gave me today,   I caned 4. qts. of apples & did my usual house work.   Elbert went back to Huron & Dr. told him the same as I,    that it was his cold settled in his neck or vertebras,   he fix a bone between his shoulders & gave him an electric treatment,    I gave him 10.00 to pay for the exray he had taken this Spring of the bones in his hand & wrist & he paid 3.00 for todays treatment.    & I told him to bring the receipt so I could see that he paid it, so he did.    I think he ought to have his navel exrayed,    it looks as if its split below where it was sewed,    I will have to look after it, for he wont.    I pray God will take care of him,   turn his heart to Him convert & heal him & give him strength & courage to do God Will in Jesus Name, Amen.    I thank Thee Jesus & Give Thee all the Praise & Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.    Clear moon & 3/4  full    gas tank went dry tonight    Radio said it would be 35 degrees tomorrow. 

Sat. Nov. 10. 1951./ gas tank went dry tonight. / 3. eggs today./  Well I got up late   was to tired to rest,   took cat naps,   Elbert’s neck is still sore & pains him,   he hasn’t felt like doing much   it’s been a beautiful day   Wind mostly south, little west,   Elbert let hens out for 1/2 or 3/4 hour,  they were happy   ran around flapping there wings & playing scratching & digging   & then he put them in again so they wouldn’t catch a cold.   I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits & cook apple peeling for jelly & got it strained & ready to cook   Mrs. Hart “I believe she said her name was” & Mr & Mrs Hill & son came in & wanted some ever green trees so they took 5 or more.   Mr. Hart wanted to pay me 5.00 for them,    but I told her she was welcome, she said they were for her place but the boy “her son Mr Hill” wanted them,  I believe he cut the tap root off to short, but hope they will grow.   They wanted walnuts so we told them to pick all the wanted or could find under the walnut tree down by the Elm where the evergreens were,   people seem so greedy for the trees.   Well, Mrs. Hart said

Sat. Nov. 10. 1951./ Page. 2834./ 3. eggs this day. / We started new tank gas./ she makes candy & sell it 1.50 per. lb. & she’s going to bring us some, I hope she wont feel as if she ought to pay for the trees for I gave them to them with out such a thought;   I haven’t any use for them & if they can make some one else happy, they might as well have them.    Martha wanted just 2 & she hasn’t got them yet,   &, they don’t own that place either.    Been a fine day and quite warm.    I Praise God & Thank Thee Jesus.   I pray many will go to church & be converted & healed, Amen,   Wind went N. east before dark.

Sun. Nov. 11. 1951./ 2. egg this day./ We had several sermons today & tonight   & Elbert’s neck is still very sore   hurts him to move,   but he’s done his chores & eat his meals    I do hope it will leave him entirely & pray God will con-vert & heal him.   Oh Jesus have mercy I pray put Satan out of us & far from us & keep our home free through Thee. Amen. I pray Thy blessing upon all Thy people in Jesus Name Amen.   It’s been another beautiful day & warm enough so the flies & spiders are spining webs & flies flying around.   We saw a beautiful pheasant,    but, by the time I got my camera he was to far away for me to snap it.    he was a ring neck and surely a beauty,   he was right here under & between the evergreen trees,   they are so very pretty   seems a pity to kill them,  but the meat is wonderful flavor & right now I like some,    I’m much iin need of something for strength.    Well, I have Elbert’s neck & back rubed & feel as if I need some one to wait on me,    but, no such good luck for me.    I do thank & praise God   He takes care of His own, Glory to God.   Elbert cooked the ham “what was left of it” & he peeled & cooked carrots, onions, potatoes & cabbage with it & I made gravy & we had dinner 2-p-m.   Elbert had let hens out before & he put them in 3-30-p-m. & wind was still N. east, was quite fogy gone at 9-p-m. and it’s a beautiful clear moon again tonight. 

Mon. Nov. 12. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ A rainy day.   Elbert’s neck still bad, he’s done his out side chores & he went to Broad & got one more qt. of milk & Oh, but I need it   my pulse in my wrists pain me & I have a queer buzz from my toes to my knees telling me once more my blood pressure is very low & still I’m doing the most necessary parts of the house work.    I made 6 glasses of apple jelly today   cooked & washed dishes & I feel as is I’d worked hard all day,    been to dark to sew & I didn’t feel able to wash or write letters so I just didn’t try.   No mail today, armistis day. & they are still fighting & bible history is still working out.   Russia is slowly but surely gathering up the small countries & laughing because this country is so well educated that it is ignorant & this is called a christian country but still they don’t depend on God but are ignorant of the truth that’s taking place right before there eyes for the bible has told us Russia would do these things & why don’t the Rulers wake up,   I don’t know only what God has said,  He’d put in wicked Rulers in time

Mon. Nov. 12. 1951./ Page. 2835./ 1. egg this day./ in the last days, and they are in & our govement  they say is a terrible mess.   Oh God, have mercy & save my brothers & sisters & sister-in-laws my nephews & neices & there families  my cousins & there families & strengthen all Thy people in these last days and help us each to do THy Will & Way  I ask in Jesus Name and I Praise Thee & thank Thee Amen.   Be withe the deaf, dumb & blind  with crippled & bed riden maned, the oprhans widows & those bearing children & those who mourn, the sorely afflicted, tempted, & tried, the poor & humble meak & lowly, poor in spirit, the hungry, naked, sick miserable wreched & wicked, be in all the homes, prisons, hospitals  with all those who take care of them, be with the Missionarys & all those they look after & strengthen there faith, be with the Ministers, help them to be deeply interested in souls, even more than ever before, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, be with the Preists & Preachers, teachers & scolars & all the saints & give them each strength faith & courage, be with Thy Holy Mountian, Jeruselam & all her peoples & the slaves & all who are fighting and dying, help them to call on Thy Name for Thou hast said Thou would hear & answer prayer and Jesus We Know YOu never fail to Keep a promise   it is us that fail so utterly,  I know for Thou hast showed me many many times,  I thank Thee for all things great and small & give Thee all the Praise & Glory, for ever and ever & I pray THou will forgive us & keep us covered with Thy Presious blood, that Thy coming wont be on a Sabath or in the Winter, Glory to God in the Highest, I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen & Amen.    It’s been wasrm enough for flies & bugs outside & is not cold tonight    there is a fresh wind & puffy S. east, its sprinkled off & on this moring & rained in showers tonight several times & moon shines through once in a while full & clear.   Who gets full once a month but never, never gets drunk. “The moon”  

Tue. Nov. 13. 1951./ 3. eggs today./Well no mail yesterday & no check today,   I ought to have had it today.   Elbert got Sat. news paper & I, a bunch of papers from Mrs. Goll & card from Miss Clark, needing sympathy,  she been over to Cleveland with her sister for a week & came home feeling sick all day Sun but she said she feeling better on Mon.   We read in paper that Martha is in the Hospital,   they haven’t wrote a word to us about it.   I hope & Pray she will get well & learn to Know Jesus.   Been a rainy day.  mostly cloudy all day  S. E. turning S. W. wind.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy help Amen. 

Wed. [She corrects this to be Thurs below] Nov. 15. 1951./ Page 2836./ 3. eggs today./ Well, I washed & dried clothes few at atime in house, I got them all done   it’s been a beautiful day  sunshine all morning & untill late afternoon.  sunset cold & gloomy gray.  3 men came to hunt,   they ask if they could,   I told Elbert they could hunt in the North & West hollows  not on top of hill    they gave us a small rabbit.   I thank God for answering prayer,  I have been wishing for some wild meat.   We’ll cook it tomorrow.   My Check come Tues Nov. 13. I thank God for it  We ought to go to town but Elberts neck is so bad   guess we’ll wait a few days more.   I wrote a letter to Martha  a card to Audrey, Bonita, Johny, Miss Clark & & Mrs. Goll & letter to Mrs West   hope to get them mailed at least by Sat.   I hope to iron tomorrow.   & then I have a Kettle of apples to cook & can.   I rubed Elbert’s back & he’s sleeping,   Hope we get another card from Audrey in the morning.   Well I can’t buy christmas cards this yr.   I like to send them to let them know I & we still love them all.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Glory, Hallelujah.   I love Thee Jesus.

Wed. Nov. 14. 1951./ 0 eggs today./ I forgot to write in Wed’s. space. & wrote for Thurs.  -so for Wed. I only did the daily round & have been feeling to bad to do much of any thing  blood presure so low  feet & legs buzing clean above my knees & fingers & continuous pains where puls should be in wrists   We’ve had a few qt’s of milk now & I feel some better.   Praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. Nov. 16. 1951./ No eggs today/ Rawleigh man came & brought the winter green ointment 83 cents  he’s been sick in bed, heart, liver & stomach trouble   I test-ified to him & tried to head him back to the Lord & I hope he will go back to CHurch   he’s 70 yrs. old first of Jan.   he looked terribly sick.  Myrtle came in & visited a few minutes today,  they are doing quite well at Church.   She said Harry Miller can’t see out of his eye & has become so discouraged, but still she don’t go to him often & the rest don’t go either, I mean the Church folks.   I ironed 3 dresses & 3 work shirts & my skirt today & I’m very low tonight    I wrote Mrs. West a letter during the week & finished it tonight & now I’m going to bed, Praising Jesus for all things.

Sat. Nov. 17. 1951./ 2 eggs today./ Well, I moved the table & chairs & couch & swept & cleaned & sprayed & moved back again & I’m all tired out    I washed up all the dishes & cleaned the stove & baked baking powder biscuits for supper & fried two short steaks & they were sure good   Elbert went to town & he went & got egg money

Sat. Nov. 16. 1951 [should be 17th]./Page. 2837./ 2. eggs this day./money over to Vermilion on the lake 2.40 & he cashed my check & spent 6.38 out of it for food & he left at 3-p m. & got back after 5.-p-m   I had just finished my cleaning job & wiped up Kitchen floor  made up bed & shut the windows,  I washed & made biscuits & set down   hens didn’t get there supper.   Elbert met Mrs. Day  she said Harry had pneumonia,  his company had gone on & left him & they wrote he was a little better & Grace is in sanaatorum & about the same & _____ boy next to Grace is in hospital,   Mr Day is home & sick & she only has the two little girls with her & she fainted in the store while buying some food, the other day,  I know it’s been hard on her,  she isn’t very big or strong,   I pray all things turn out for the best in Jesus Name & that He will keep them & strengthen each one in all the ways they need.   I pray for Harry Miller, that the Christians will go in every day & be with him for a little while,   he’s laid there for 43 yrs. & how would we feel in his condition or how would Jesus feel if we didn’t visit Him in like condition,  Oh God, I pray we may put forth an effort to do our part in Thy work,   Jesus help him & strengthen him in all the ways he needs   I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the praise & Glory, Amen.   It’s been quite cloudy   sun  came out for a few minutes  3 or 4  times today,   it snowed early this morning round 2-a-m & then in heavy showers, untill noon & after that was when sun came out the few times   been cold & is colder tonight.   wind’s N. West & freshened up some tonight.    Elbert seems quite a lot better, he used some ointment we bought of Rawleigh man  winter green mustard & I can’t remember what else, he thinks it is better than the vicks he was using, but he washed & put vick & the flanel back on his throat tonight,   I thank God in Jesus Dear Name   he’s better,   we don’t have as much meat & milk & fresh greens & fruit as we should have, but then, there are hundreds that have much less than we do.   The net is a big one & drawing in day by day & soon Jesus will come.   No word from Audrey & because I didn’t tell Elbert to call her, he didn’t.  Elbert mailed cards & letters.  I’m so tired  I ought to be in bed   it’s 11-p-m.   I thank Thee Jesus for all my many blessings, help me to be worthy, Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 17. 1951./ No eggs today./ We were home all day & listened to sermons over the radio.   It’s been quite cold, sun shone through several times & then snow flurrys & some heavy showers so thick we couldn’t see the neighbors house.   I hope we hear from Martha tomorrow.   It’s been a nice winter day.   Elbert’s talking of going to fish house in the morning, his necks lots better. Praise God

Mon. Nov. 18. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Well I sure riped up the good dress & pressed the skirt & had to cut a new waist,   I’d really be ashamed to take another dress and make it look like a spoiled old rag. stitch over & over, puckered & gathered, oh you can’t begin

Mon. Nov. 19. 1951./ page. 2838./ 2. eggs this day./ to emagine what a terrible looking thing the dress I had started and was to ill to finish,   I couldn’t help weeping, I had to rip it most all apart  then press it & pin it so I can bast it & then stitch again, this time I pray God will help me get it done so it will look good & neat and I wont need to feel ashame to wear it, it’s going to take time & patientce to do it right,    but, God Willing I’ll get it done,    it’s quite cold  sun did shine a few times, Winds been N. West, lots jof black clouds & some of verious colors, blue gray, pink gray, Yellowish gray & greenish gray, smoky gray & blue & white & pure beautiful white & bits of deep blue sky between them.    I caned 5. qts. of apple sauce.   It tires me to sew and on dark good & it’s so hard to rip out the dark threads,   I Praise Thee Jesus that the riping is all done,    but, sleeves,   I’ll try to get them out next & will I be glad when I have it done.  I’ll give Thee the Glory & Praise for ever & ever for all things Amen.  Elbert went to Huron hoping to get some fish, they have quite a few nets out, but to ruff to lift or pull any today.   Elbert went to Dr. L. & he told him he’d have to go to the health board in Sandusky & get a permit to get fresh milk, now isn’t that the limit, they go through the country & register the cows,    but, you can’t buy a qt with out a permit.   they said if he wanted to buy it for a cat they could sell it,   God help us & teach us what to eat & drink to keep our health.   He went to Killbrides & got a qt. tonight.    I sure do need it.   He’s going to Sandusky as soon as he can.   Perhaps I’ll write first   Well, I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus & trust Thou will see I get the milk.

Tue. Nov. 20. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron helped men wash the nets   while they pulled them on the truck & they gave him a big pail of fish & he is going to try to take some to Harry Miller,   I do pray God will bless him with a healing such as Vermilion & the surrounding country has never seen before & We will Praise Him & give him to Honor & Glory forever & ever, Amen.   nice day thawed some (nice sun most of the day  I Praise Thee Jesus.   I riped rest of good dress & now I hope to get it sewed together again.   I scraped out the fish after Elbert cleaned them.  then I salted them & packed them .   & he has a few he hasn’t dressed out yet. but it’s so cold they will keep, & he hopes to take some to Mrs. Kilbride when he goes for the milk.  before noon.   Wind’s N. West   I feel to weak to get out & help.   We received a card from Audrey. A is working in Cleveland she said.  says they don’t know what’s wrong with Martha & they have taken several ex-ray pictures,  she’s beging to go home,  Dr. said they would see what exrays showed up Sat. & if they don’t find anything, she can go home Sat. but there wont be any one home to take care of her,   So now I’m wondering 

Wed. Nov. 21. 1951./Page 2839./ 3. eggs today./ Well, I did the washing.  Elbert washed his heavy union suit & his work shirt    I did the suds & wrinsing so arms are to tired tonight,    I washed 1. cotton blanket  also & dried them in the house & they are all dry but the union suit.   It’s been a bright suny day with a raw cold wind that goes in deep “to the marrow as they say”   Elbert went to Vermilion    he took Harry Miller some fish & apples & visited some with him,    he can see out of his eye again.  Praise God from whom all blessing flow,   & he’s feeling better & seemed quite cheery & bright, Elbert said.   Elbert talks to him  about the lake & the fisher-men & things going on & that’s one thing he’s in need of & then he needs some one to read to him & to talk over the things they read about & to read his bible to him & pray with him    43. yrs. laying there on his back is a long time    much to long,   I pray from the depth of my heart & soul Jesus will set him free & help him to be a living testi-mony to Him, Glory Hallelujah, Hallelujah, all Power & Honor & Glory truly belongest to Thee for ever & ever,  Amen, Amen.    Elbert did a little shopping for food   I gave him 10.00 & told him I wanted a couple dollars out of it, but he spent it all but 2.00 & he kept that    I told him to save 1.00 for the light bill or he’d be out of luck.    I want to make a custard Pie that will take 2. eggs & some rusk biscuits 2 more eggs. & I’d like one to eat once in a while again.   Elbert went over & looked at the place when the fish house burned down & yatchs the gas boats that were burned. 3. or 4 more spoilt & 7 or 8 were badly damaged,    he got some greens for hens & came home & ate a snack & drank a cup of tea & went to Mrs. Kilbrides for the milk & took her 2 doz. fish & a few apples & a small can of relish,   I made the relish last night, been wanting it,   used 2 onions a big bunch of celery a red tomatoe hot peper & 2 big green peppers & 8 sweet pickles    I put it through the course grinder & add little salt & black pepper & sweet pickle vinegar.    she sent us a dish of cottage cheese,   it had been over cook, but, since she filled it with cream we ate it    Elbert said she seemed so glad to get the fish apples & relish.    Well, she’s good to let us have the milk, it isn’t as good milk as I’d like.   Brode has wonderfully good milk & I seemed to pick up a little just on 2. qts. we had.   Well, I’ve rubed Elbert’s back & neck & he’s in bed & sleeping,   I do thank Thee Jesus for all things Truly Thou art merciful to me & to us & I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Thurs. Nov. 22. 1951./ page. 2840./ 2. eggs today/ God said the rulers would think to change times & seasons & so, today the rulers say, is thanksgiving day, but it’s really Nov. 29th. on ma’s birthday.    We didn’t even get an invitation,   Martha is sick & in the Hospital & we didn’t hear from Nellie & Bonita What they will be doing,   We can hardly eat & enjoy our meals thinking of the lives being lost in battle every day & night & to-day hundreds of people will gorge themselves with out a thought of those in battle & far from home   I pray God will hear their cries & help us to do His will & ways.   I baked 2. tins of bread biscuits, “1. tin of rusk biscuits & 1 loaf beside the other work I do each day, blood pressure low today    felt as if I’d land on my nose any minute, but haven’t as yet.   been mostly cloudy & got dark early & rained in both light then heavy showers.   I saw the Pheasent today    the hunters were across the ditch on Sarr’s corner near the Elem tree & they shot toward the South & male Pheasent rose up behind them & flew half way across the corn patch & lit & they never saw him,   I hope no one gets him,   he’s a beauty.    We didn’t have a caller today,   we had about a cup of oysters for our dinner & fried fresh fish for supper.   I can hardly eat thinking of the many who are homeless, cold & hungry.   I pray for them that God will hear them as they pray & trust in His care.   Elbert has done the chores & a few odds & ends & I have rubed his back & he’s in bed & I will go in a little while,   I want to read my bible & study it some.   We are getting letters from Red Cross, Boys home, & people that I get the tracts from, have put in a new press & want money to pay for it & I pray God will lay it on some one’s heart who have it to spare, to give at least part of it & that others will give untill it’s paid & they have enough & some to spare for ink & paper & other things they need,   We’ll give Jesus all the praise for He is worthy, Amen.

Fri. Nov. 23. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Well it’s been quite a dark day, fogy part of time & a sort of heavy mist & light rain that kept everything wet out side to dark to sew & I only done the things that seemed most necessary.   Elbert clean the hen roost & he went to Huron but no fish.  he went & got the milk   Mrs. K. said the fish were wonderful but nary a word about the reslish, maybe they didn’t like it.  Not a word from Martha, either, or Nellie or Bonita.   Well I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen.

Sat. Nov. 24. 1951./ page. 2841./ 3. eggs today/ Tried to sew, couldn’t see very well the sun was so bright from about noon,  the men that were here from Cleveland a few days ago came back today   they got 2 pheasents & gave us one   said they saw one rabbit but didn’t get any,  they saw a big fox we saw one a few day ago, he came from toward railroad crossing & cut across the field like a whirlwind.   Well we see the big pheasent go across the road toward Bessies place & in 15 or 20 minutes he came back & we didn’t see him after he got into the high weeds & grass.  Mr. Leslie Rug was here,  he saw the pheasent to, he had called looking for people to come to Church,  they have built a new church toward the lake from where Mrs. Moore use to be & the church was split for a long while now  they are all joined together again  Mrs. Bro2wn & Leslie Ruggs wife don’t go any more,   he & his wife are parted, he most lost his mind untill one Dr. told him, “that what ever it was he had on his mind was the cause of all his troubles so his grandfather took him to Church & went to the alter with him & told him to leave his troubles there with Jesus & when ever they began to trouble him get on his knees & talk to Jesus & trust Him and by & by all things would be O.K.   L. says he’s been doing it & he’s feeling well again & he believes his wife will come back & his mother-in-law all so.   & I pray God will take care of each of them in His own way, Amen.    L visited so long, I didn’t get anything done toward supper untill he left, he left some cards about the meetings they are having, every night except Mon. for 2. or 3. weeks, at Huron Ohio.   & I don’t know what, Yes, it’s the Assembly of God, Church  a branch of 31st st. Church,  it surely ought to be good, for they believe in the 4. gospels.  they belienve in healing for the body & soul salvation.   Praise God & Glory to Him to Jesus & the Holy Ghost for ever & ever, Amen, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Glory to Thee.   No mail, only the papers,   Elbert goes to Kilbrides for milk tomorrow.

Sun. Nov. 25. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ Been  a very dark cloudy day & tonight it was trying to rain,   We heard Rev. Buser preach tonight & he said the rain was freezing on the wind shelds making it hard to drive,    but, that a good number were out to Church,   he had a good sermon “Jesus the Wonderful Counselor,   I ate two meals today,   I feel so weak in my legs I do pray God will “in Jesus Name” fill & heal me,   I will give Him the praise & all the Glory.   I pray for each one of those who are so much in need.   I have been saved & healed, marvelously many times Oh Praise the Lord.

Mon. Nov. 26. 1951./ page. 2842./ 2. eggs today./ Been another gray day  sun did come through a few times.   I mended my 2 shirts   had to put big patches under arms, so dark it was hard to see.   We heard the launching of the big ore carrier at the shipyard in Lorain & heard Joe Coucher’s voice over the radio,   he said, he’d been working in the Ship yard in Lorain for 50 yrs. & had worked 9 yrs “I believe in a Shipyard in canada, & he’s he’s 79. yrs. old he said & his voice sounded like it.   I just can’t remember how long the ship yard has been there,    but, I think it’s been 56 yrs. 1895 I believe   I was 10 yrs. & Fern Opdyke was 12. yrs. old a big strong German girl, we were friends for several yrs. even after she moved with her parents & her two brothers Ted & Frank. to the Steele plant district at South Lorain,   now I don’t know where she is,  she married a George Smith & had children, then he was killed “so I heard” during the tornado in Lorain in 1924.   Our home on Elyria Ave. burned up in Feb. on the 9th, 1896. & pa bought a lot & built a little one story building,   the 3. boys slept in the attic & Gertie Nellie & I slept in a bedroom on the N. West corner on ground floor & pa & ma had the S. West corner & one lard room for Kitchen & dining room,   Audrey lived with Aunt Edith Breckenridge for several yrs.  it was Aunts house that burned down,  later, pa built on another room 28 ft. long & Nellie Audrey & I had a big bedroom off the end & had two beds & Audrey came & lived with us again   Gertie had the old room all to herself.   I lived there “When I didn’t work away” 21. yrs.  Was married in 1920 & moved here in 1921 on Aug. 16th so have been here 30. yrs.   It’s a long time   Frank died Feb. 19th 1933  this is 1951.  so he has been gone 19 yrs. come Feb. time is swifly passing.   I thank Thee Jesus for Keeping me all the years & pray I may be found worthy, in Thy Holy Name,   I will give Thee all the Praise. 

Tue. Nov. 27. 1951/ 2. eggs today./ Well it was mostly cloudy  sun was white & cold when it did come through clear & the wind has been quite strong, Sat. & Sun. easing off today,   it tried to snow today but melted as it fell,   I did out half the washing had two or three spells every thing went black, but I got it done & dried   Elbert’s head has felt bad for a few days again,   he tried to mend his shoe & laid the all down & couldn’t find it,  said he was sure he dropped it in the lower drawer, I’ve felt so bad I didn’t feel like hunting for it, but did look some & when he said he was ready to have his neck & back rubed, I got up & stood for a minute   then looked at the big chair & there on the floor inside

Nov. Tue. 27. 1951./ page. 2843./ 2 eggs this day/ the castor lay the all   I called him to come & look & he did & said, there he had set over it all day & didn’t see it   it must have slid of the chair,   Well, I’m glad he found it.   I often forget where I leave things & then find them but I don’t know yet what became of the 4 towels, 2 had been used & 2 were brand new,   I laid them on the chair in the bed room & thought I’d wash them before we used them & the 2 we had used a little I just lay there  after I had washed them, untill we need them and as far as I know, no one has been in my room except Miss. Clark & my self, so I don’t know where they are.   Seems like a still cold & Elbert said grass was froze when he was out at 9-p-m.  No mail today.   I mended my old dress tonight   I do Praise God & thank Him more than I can tell, for His many, many blessings,  all Praise & Power surely belongest to him.    The boat launched Sat. was 647 ft. long Named Philip R Clark & Mrs. Clark broke the bottle of champagne over the bow as it slid into the water,  this is the 288th built & launched at Lorain shipyards, the picture was in the Lorain Journal newspaper.

Wed. Nov. 28. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Well, I finished the washing & Elbert washed out his wool work pants, he took them to the laundry in Vermilion, they washed the worse pair & I don’t believed they washed this pair, for the dirt squashed out of them terrible & waistband was terrible, but they look different now,  they look clean & smell clean & all the clothes are dry except them & again tonight my feet are buzing.   We have a letter from Inez Hunt & a card from Bonita Harnish,  they are O.K. both families,  We’re glad they are & thank thee Jesus for all things & give Thee all the Glory forever Amen.   It’s been a nice day,   I gave Elbert a dollar & he got a little piece of rib meat to boil   we tried to eat a little piece fried, but it was tuff so we made soup for supper,  that was more filling & easier to make,   Elbert didn’t get any fish.   We hope for them tomorrow or Fri. been mostly cloudy, wind went South West.

Thurs. Nov. 29. 1951./ 1. eggs today./   I tried to sew,   it’s been a bright suny day & not cold,   Georgia had a wash on the line,   & John Snyder & his wife & the men he hired with corn picker machine & two 4. wheel trailer & they hauled it to the corn crib. in about 10 bu. lots on each trailer, Elbert says 20.   John was all dressed up & he had to take off his top coat his suit coat & vest whele he over see the men putting the corn in crib with a corn loader & unloader,   the corn picker & trailers & workmen went south & John & Ethel “John’s wife” rode a way in a new car, in style.   Elbert’s back has been feeling real bad down between his hips.   I’m O.K. didn’t feel like getting up but ELbert brought me hot cup of tea & so, in a few minutes I decided to get up & try again, so, God blessed me & I got the meals & washed dishes.

Thurs. Nov. 29. 1951./ page. 2844./ 1. eggs this day./ Today is Ma’s birthday 95. yrs. old, Oh, God help me to be all Thine in Jesus Name I ask, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus blessed & Holy.   I hope I can do a little more tomorrow on my dress, if sunshines so as to make it light.    We haven’t seen pheasent for day or so,   Winds been South west.

Fri. Nov. 30. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Well, I did out what dirty cloths there was & then Elbert agreed to wash part of the grain sacks,    so, I washed 3. & he 4 & I wrinsed them in four waters,  they look real clean & clear,   I have to try to iron “God Willing” tomorrow & press Elbert’s pants   I have a dress & a few small pieces.   Wind S. West blew clothes almost straight out on line   sun all day.   I only got a very little done on my dress today,    but, hope to do more tomorrow,   I want to get it done so as to be able to go to church soon   I feel stronger today & thank God, for my healing, Glory Hallelujah, I Praise Thee Jesus.   I got Elbert’s back rubed & he’s in bed.   I’ve been reading DeHaan’s book, God’s Miracle Nation   its good to,  a reveiw & spirit freshner.   Wish we could go to Huron to Church  God help me to get my dress done I ask, in Jesus Name, & I thank Thee Oh Jesus all Honor Praise & Glory be-longest to Thee for ever & ever, Amen.  Glory, Glory, Glory, Amen.

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