[April 24-July 09 1919 Gap that seems to be summarized here]

Nellie took cold in her left breast & I brought her home on the 10th day  I worked hard day & night for a week with her, but she had to have her left breast lanced & I had the incubator to take care of, & oh such a time, after three weeks I was so tiered out I took cold, it settled on my lungs, I stayed in bed one day & thought I’d stay in bed the next, but the roof caught fire & I got up & helped put out the fire.  Gertie tried to climb up the roof on the dry shingle & roll off & hurt her back & yelled like a lunatic & then  She had to have the Dr. & laterr I took her to Dr Easton & she got able to work, the took cold & had guinsey & couldn’t do any thing for three weeks,  Audrey’s heart is feeling bad again but she has been working steady, I have been working hard to picking peas & beans & canning  washing up double blankets & comfor lovers.  I caned 1 qut of pea’s & picked 3 pks. & picked 1 1/2 by string beans & canned 10 quts. & 1 pt.  Nellie & John & Ella Jane or in ther own home doing well.  Fred has been sick for a mo with rehumatism.  I haven’t heard from Dan since May 25, 1919.  Mr Babcock came in for a visit one evening while Nellie was home & later he sent me a card.  Cousin Aubrey Breckenridge sent me a Card.  Cousin Francis Wheeler came home from France June 27. 1919.  Pa & the boys shingled the south side of roof July 5. 1919

Thurs. July 10 [1919] Dan lent John & Nellie $400.  Four hundred dollars  4cents interest.  Dan came shortly after dinner & I gave him a lunch, he took a nap until supper time, for he came from Port Huron and was tired and the weather has been some worm.  We spent the evening with Nellie & John, & then Dan & I visited a little while after we came home.  

Fri. 11.  Audrey hasn’t been feeling very well for the passed few days  she & she felt so bad all night  everything goin bothways & still feeliing the same this morn.  but she has gone to work, came home at noon & went to bed & she sure is sick.  I called the Dr.  her fever 103 3/5.  Dan went home this morn. 

Sat.July.12. El feeling worse had to call Frederick at midnight  couldnt get McGarver  he was out on a C, case worked hard to fast soaked her feet in strong mustard water  gave hot Duck & Dr said that’s all that saved her but her  (??) was softened & she is in bad shape, her heart is weak & she hasn’t any strength.  poor child. 

Sun.13.  El resting a little more easy but hd to give her medicine every hr. 

Mon.14.  I can’t  see as she’s any better only that her eyes look brighter & her fever is gone. 

Tue.15.  she seems about the same.  I got a letter from Dan & one from B.

Wed.16. A has some fever again today

Thurs.17.  Dr. came & said we must take A. to hospital so I took her after dinner.  I came back at 5-30  ate my supper & canned a 24 qt crate of red rasberrys & 1/2 bu. beans.  took a bath & got to bed at 12 pm.

July Fri.18.  Got up early did a few odds & ends & went to hospital at 9 a.a.  Dr Wheatly operated on Audrey 11-30 & Dr McGarvey gave either.  I stood by her & at 2.pm.  I went out & ate a bite & had a cup of tea  went back & stayed untill 5-30.  got home at 6pm.  Did some washing & a lot of little things, I cought by heel in the fairie stepts at top of hill and threw me & wrenched me all over, cracked my head two.  

Sat.19.  Had to get up & face the bottom of my silk skirt and ironed & sweed some before going to El.  I took Martha with me, had to give her a bath & comb & dress her, then I took my sewing & worked all the time I was their.  M. got so tired, I went to Miss Baumgartens to supper & then to the Dr’s & we came home in a car.  I found a new pocket knife. little

Sun.20.  Oh, but I feel ited & old this morn.  got to bed at 12 pm.  but did not sleep untill day was breaking.  got up at noon, did’nt go to El. today.  but, Pa & Nellie & John went, and they said she was all right.  Mr Polk & Hylma were here after dinner & stayed until. 7.pm. then Frank & the kids & Ruby came, then Helen & Mable Bosswick.  Now it was about 10 pm.  when Pa & Elbert came & I have to write some letters yet.

Mon.21.  Wel I have lost a few weeks but I went to A each dayh only missed three or four days while sshe was there I brought her home after she had been week & we took her back & Oh it was terrible the operation she had to go through with.  Dr Wheatly took out on overy & both tuves & the apendicts, he said he did not have the least hopes for her, but he for my sake he would do all he could & there was a bit puss bag in her & that was terrible & for 8 weeks I only misssed the few day’s I have spoke of and I didn’t miss those until I knew she was much better, but the Dr. said it was my coming & looking after her regular that ever saved her , the nurses are good but oh so neglectful & I help care for her all day & the last thing at night before I* came home at 8-30 or 9 pm.  then I cam home so tired & ate a cold supper & canned fruit & sewed & washed & ironed & done the thing I had to do to make the rest as comfortable as possible, in the way of planning out the meals & so forth and at length when I brought Audrey home, I momeadatly took ill myself & could only do just what had to be done for several days, but soon took heart and got back to my job,  I had to go each night for severl nights and take care of Nellie just when Audrey was the worst, she had a bag case of grimzy but now things are looking better again,  I have turned in my war stamp book & received 77.64  & Pa gave 30.00 & Elbert 25.00 & with the 185.00 I had in the bank I have paid all the hospital bill & part of the Dr’s. bills  Elbert paid $50.00 on Dr. Wheatly bill & there is still 75.00 to pay & Dr. Ward we owe $6.15 & McGarvey___ & I only have a very little in the bank  Well God has helped me so far  He will see me through  I have heard from Dan & all so from Babcock quite regular, the boats were laid up for a few weeks then made a few more trips.  Pa left the last of Sept for Mich.  he wrote for a while but it is more than three weeks since we heard from him now.  

[Note: This is a map of the Steamer Merchant ships that Frank and Dan worked on, sometimes passing the Bonney/Black River site on Georgia Ave]

[Gap in entries from July 21, 1919-Nov 19, 1919]

Nov. 19.1919.  On. Nov 15 Frank & Elbert & F’s contractor & foreman went to Carriers at Rochester Ohio hunting rabbit  Frank shot eight & Elbert one & the other two men shot 3 each  Elbert shot one after he got home & they went from hear at 5 am & got home before 1.p.m.  Frank gave us 3 of his rabbit & I made a pie of 3 for (Sun, Nov 16.)  dinner  Nellie & John & the baby were here to dinner  I have been attending Church & prayer meetings quite regular of late.  Rev. Lucas is our Pastor & he is just fine.  

Nov.17.  I went to town with Nellie & baby. fine day most to warm for winter coat & we met Aunt Edie & stoped to Miss Bammgarto a min.  Warm & Sunshiny. 

Nov.The.18.  I washed 4 big dowuble blankets today  turned cold last night & the wind blew hard from N.W. after dinner  it snowed little balls.  Nellie came home to diner & Martha & Audrey were to Nellie’s for super & came home 10-30 p.m.  cold all night and wind blowing hard  I received letter from Babcock today from Ellowey.Superior Wis. & ans. it tonight.  

Nov.Wed.19.  Warmer today  I did the washing.  Warmer tonight.  I baked two big cakes one in big milk pan & 1 in small milk pan  bread dough cakes.  Received letter from Dan today from Fort William Ont Canada  ans tonight I started giving the hens more eggs pills Tue. 

Thurs.20.  Been about sick only did what I had to do felt to ill to go to prayer meeting  Audrey went with John & Nellie.  40 persons there.

Fri.21  Don’t feel any better, tried to finish Nellies waist took care of brine pickels.

Sat.22.  Gertie did the scrubbing Thurs.  Fred& Ethel were here to diner & down to John & Nellies for Supper & they went to prayer meeting with N.J. & A today  I washed everything that was direty & did some ironing & sewing & cooking  Nellie came for diner & she (we had/crossed out) brought beef steak & lettuce  We roasted steak over fire. 

Sun.23.  The weather is & has been, ever so warm, ground is not froze a bit. I didn’t feel able to walk to church, so Elbert & I stayed at home & we had a visit. 

Mon.24.  Sewed today and did what had to be done. 

Tue.25.  Pa came home today from Mich.  I have Nellie collar most done.  rained this morn. 

Wed.26.  Rained & sleet most all day  sewed Nellie’s collar to her waist, now when I get the edging sewed on it will be done.  Gertie baked 5 loaves of bread & I baked 4 apple and 2 pumpkin and 1 custard, pies, dress a chicken & cooked it and did several odds & ends . read my bible.

(added in –  I made Ella Jane a little jacket today  she is 7 mo. old and weigh 16 lbs. )

Thurs.27.  Today is Thanksgiving or the day to give Thanks and I do thank God the Father, Jesus my Savour & the Holy Gost for the many many blessings he has bestowed upon me, in as many  ways as there has been blessing.  I pray I will always be true to God, then he will keep me true to myself & to those all about me, and I trust he will call those I pray for, if it be His will & make them soul workers for Him.  I went to Nellies this morn & cooked Thanksgiving  John helped me do all the odds & ends & when we had finished he looked at me, as if in deep thought & I ask, What is it John and he smilled, and said it’s a lot of work to get dinner for 9 I wonder now how you have done it so often for so many and often more, alalone.  I have cooked for 20 many time before  I were 20 yrs old.  Well for dinner We had 3 baked chickens (not hens) with dressing creamed potatoes biscuits in gravey, hot biscuits & butter & jelly & lettuce & celery & pickles & pies apple, custard & pumpkin tea & coffee & and frozen nut salad with whipped cream &  english walnuts on top prettily decorated.  Mr Pa & Elbert, Miss Gertie Bonney, Mrs. Audrey & Miss Martha  hn                                  nCarlisle, Mrs Nellie & John Harnish & Mr Jimi Harnish & Little Miss Ella Jane Harnish were present for dinner. & supper & Mr Aubrey Breckenridge our cousin came un-expected to supper.  we had diner warmed over for supper then we had cake & sauce & cherry pie (for/crossed out) tea & coffee.  I finished Nellies collar & waist tonight.  

Fri.28.  Worked to hard, can’t do much to day  (added in- got letter from Babcock) sewed a little & thats about al.

Sat.29.  I finished Martha’s coat it looks nice brown out side & light blue inside (added in –  We had the worst wind storm tonight  we have had in yrs.  & I (crossed out -cut out two) did some stitching for Audrey swept & dusted  colder tonight  (added in- I went to N before super & came home 11.p.m.)

Sun.30. To punk to do any thing or go any where

Mon.Dec.1.[1919]  Sewed to day got letter from B (added in -=still cold)  Fred came to dinner & went before supper. (added in – I cut out two gingham under skirts for my self.)

Tue.2.  Pa & Gertie went early to Fred’s & Ethels.  I did two weeks wash to day & got it all dried & put away before they got home & feel tired out, all though I have had a day of rest on my nerves  Audrey help cook & do dishes.  Pa & Gertie came home 11-p.m. & ate a lunch & went to bed at 12.  F. shot 2 rabbit & they ate them for supper.  I took a bath & got in 11-30

Wed.3.  I sewed & crocheted today, got my skirts all done but hems & buttons & button holes  am making lace for my collar, Audrey went to Nellies today  N went to town  Martha was with A except when she was in school this after noon they came home before 9.p.m.  Cloudy indoors today but sunshiny out door cold with snow flurrys.  cramps in my shoulders.  

[Gap in entries from Dec 3, 1919-Dec 31 1919]

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