September 1946

Sun. Sept, 1. 1946./ 13 eggs today/  Elbert’s felt bad all day, he has been quite all day only went for the milk & back & he can’t walk or get up or down his back hurts so bad  I bathed it in ointment last night & tonight & put a flanel on it, hope & pray it will be O.K. by morning, he fell off the lower step, or rather he missed the lower step & shook him & he seem to feel worse, but I pray he will be. O. K. in the morning   he wrenched it out & perhaps an other could put it back in place. he’s so nervous. Strong south wind all day  died out tonight & had a couple of light showers after dark. chilly out. No church for me all day, Oh, God help us, I pray. and I’ll thank Thee & give Thee all the praise, Amen. 

Mon. Sept.2.1946./12 eggs today/  I haven’t done anything much to-day  been partly cloudy, hot sun, He’s going with the eggs in the morning if he’s able & we get 6 more eggs to make 3 doz. & I hope my check comes  Well, it’s been a wonderful fall day  I wanted to go to Lorain but don’t look as if I’ll make it tomorrow.  I ought to bake bread any way tomorrow. Today is Labour day and a big holiday. no mail either. 

Tue. Sept.3.1946./14. eggs today/  I baked 3 loaves of bread, cooked, washed dishes & made me a night gown out of mash bags & I been out & gave hens there green feed & we been gathering the eggs more often for they seem to break one or more in the nest quite often, they are getting tired & don’t eat as much grit as they should. 5. of them are half feathered out now

Fri. Sept. 3. 1946./ 954./It’s been a beautiful Fall day & I hate to stay in on a nice day  warm sun but wind real cool  I pulled beets for supper, they were so good sweet & tender. Elbert went to Vermilion this noon & sold the eggs, he bought a piece of veal neck for 50 cents & two chops “61” cents, two boxes corn starch 24 cents  box tea (1/2) lb. 54 cents bird seed 13 cents gas 39 cents for car & oil 25 cents & he owes 10 cents on it.  the eggs were 2.40 with Miss Clark’s & he had 16 cents making 2.56 & he spent it all & owes 10 cents. I roasted the meat  it was tender & nice.  We went to Church tonight  had a good prayer meeting, I talked a few minutes with Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk. Miss. Clark’s brother is quite ill in California, he wants to come back to Ohio but to ill to come, so Miss Clark’s maiden sister from Cleveland has gone to California to help take care of him, she ask me to pray for him to get able to come back, and Oh God of Love & mercy  I do ask in Jesus Name, you will grant his re-quest, Amen.  Mrs Sprunk says, Young Mr. & Mrs. Sprunk have only written once since they went back to California.  Miss. Brown is still with Sister & Brother Gurney. I wish I had a room so she could come & stay with me awhile.  There were 9 of the children & young folk blessed with the baptism of the Holy Ghost last week. Praise God. 

Wed. Sept.4. 1946./ 11 eggs today./  I did the washing & swept both bedrooms looked after the hens & birds & did the cooking & odds & ends & really I’m tired. I received a nice letter from Nellie   she don’t write much as a rule but she told us all about Ella Jane going with Laura Bell Stoughton, this is what she wrote

“Dear Elinor & Elbert: Have been anxious to hear from you. I haven’t been able to come yet.  I haven’t been so well for a couple of days and just had to rest more yesterday & today. Have had 2 letters from Ella Jane. Her school was finished Wed. Aug. 2. Then the next day she moved to the place where she & I were staying.  She has gotten herself a job ov Clerical work, figuring food costs  & in a hotel; She gets her three meals aday, anything on the menu even steaks and $80.00 a month  of course she can only work a month as the school begins again.  She got A’s. & B’s in her studies, wasn’t that fine?  She had wondered how it would be to get back in school and I think she did fine: She went on with Laurabelle to Los Vegas Nevada to the wedding. George Cox had brought a man with him for best man, so, Ella Jane was maid of Honor.  He had made the Hotel reservations, and arranged for the Minister.  They sent there dresses from Albuquerque. Ella Jane got back on Sunday night at 8. o’clock  The wedding was Sat. Aug. 24. at 11-30-a-m. in the first Baptist Church. They were going to spend sometime sightseeing, I think at Boulder Dam. Then they will go to California, a place called Van Nuss[?]

Wed. Sept.4. 1946. /955./11 eggs today/ near Los Angeles. Hope you folks are all right  Please drop a card & come when you can. Love & Best wishes  Nellie & Family.

& she tuckd in two, one dollar bills, but I can’t keep them for she’s under Dr’s care & in bed part or most of the time & it costs a lot to live & pay Dr. bills.  I sure appreciate her thoughtfull-ness. So, Laaurabell is now Mrs. George Cox. & Ella Jane had a little trip & could go back & work a mo. & then dig in-to her school work once again  Nellie & Bonney Bell were going to Albuquerque this mo. to be with Ella Jane, but Nellie’s health is very poor   I don’t know if she will go.  Elbert’s back is swollen & pains him bad but he gets a-round, he went for the milk tonight & I gave him a ten dollar bill to pay the 7.44 for last months milk & Hauff said, it would be 9.30 & so with any notice, now I’m out of luck for the money wont reach as far as I had planned & we can’t have as much to eat as we did last mo. & worse of it is I wont be able to get the milk any longer & it’s half my living, he don’t want to bother with only a qt. & Elbert has to go 4 miles or better & furnish our own bottles, he wants 15 cents per qt. 30 cents per. day  I drink a qt. & use the rest for cooking. We had a strong N. east wind  clothes dried fast, hope to do blankets in the morning.  I thank God in Jesus Name for all I have & He Keep me. 

Thurs. Sept.5. 1946./13 eggs today/ Well sis, I washed 2. double faced blankets & a pr. of wool blankets & carried part the water  I fed the hens & gave them there greens at 10-30-a-m  I did my house work & pulled & tied carrots for Nellie, beets & tomatoes, cucumbers & cabbages & a big bunch of flowers.  I pulled beets & carrots for Mrs. Sprimp, beets carrots a cucumber, few tomatoes for Miss Clark & a few roses, beets, carrots & cucumber for the preachers.  & we had supper & done dishes & now I’ve sewed a piece of flannel in Elbert’s underwear in the back & sewed a garter on my corset & he took his bath & I’m going to take mine & go to bed for I’m sure a tired old girl tonight & we are going to Nellie’s tomorrow if all goes well & God willing . Wind N. east & to cold & sun is hot. I took a little cold today & I pray God will take it all away tonight, in Jesus Name, Amen. & I will thank Him& praise Him for ever & ever Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 6. 1946. 1946. / 12 eggs today/  Well, I got up & thanked God I & we could & we packed all the things in the car & went to Vermilions t& to the ministers & left them some beets & carrots & tomatoes & then we went to the Mill & paid 9.60 & Elbert left me sitting in the sun & it sure was terrible hot, I thought I’d pass out,  he came by & by & we went on & stopped to Miss. Clark’s then I left flowers carrots & beets & tomatoes, she wasn’t there so I laid them by the door & then we went to Wests& left the eggs & got 1.40. 

Fri. Sept.6. 1946 / 956./12. eggs today./ then he stopped at the filling station & got 1. qt. of oil & no gas, I tried to ask him why he wasn’t getting the gas but he went on & went pasted the river road & I was sure worried for I had a big bunch of cut flowers, it ws so hot seemed as if it would bake us & then he turned around & went back to the gas station got 2. gal & turned back  went out the river road & through to Amherst bought Nellie 4 peaches 35 cents & 4. peppers for 10 cents & we had from our garden 3 cabbages 1. a red rock pk. tomatoes, 2 big cucumbers, carrots & beets. We had coffee & bread & lunch meat, Elbert bought the meat & forgot the bread & had to go back & get some bread.  We had a nice visit, Nellie looks pale says she’s in bed more than she’s out, but she’s been getting some dresses ready so she & Bonney can go to New Mexico, the later part of this Mo. or the first part of Oct. She got a letter today from Ella Jane & E.J. had sent the 3 children books from Albuquerque.  Nellie wanted us to keep the 2. dollars, we had to use half or more for gas & oil & the peaches & peppers took the rest then, she gave us 2 little chickens  white rocks about as big as your 2 fists. to fry. & a few apples.  Martha & Jean Ann had been over to Elyria to the Clinic & saw our car in Nellie’s yard so she’d got passed but so took Jean to school & then came back & visited a hr & had coffee with us, then flew off to her job, said she’d have to work hard to catch up her morning’s work at the office, it’s. right close to there home. Merlin has changed jobs again. he’s gathering up farm produce & selling it to the stores We came back to Lorain went to the garage where Elbert bought his car & they looked it over said it would only cost 4.75 for the fluid & it would cost $66.00 to repair the back end & fender of his car  they gave him the estamate on the insurance, yet. $28.00, I don’t know how he will make out with it. Well, we stopped at Lipp’s tea Store and got seeds for the birds & then went to Cranages to see how every one was, Miss. Baumgart was looking good & came to the door to meet me.  Mrs. Cranage came in & we had a good visit  Mrs. Cranage gave me two jars of bacon greese 10 lbs. white flour 5.  lb buckwheat & 5 of the kind we been using, & gave me last weeks news papers. We came back to Vermilion, got more gas & a little piece of boiling meat & one little piece of saucage some coffee & came on home, I fried saucage & potatoes & we had tea & tomatoes & bread & put the meat to boil while Elbert went back for 

Fri. Sept. 6. 1946./ 957./ 12 eggs today/Mildred’s birthday/  for the milk & then I fed the hens & locked the coop for night, I put the baby chicks on the roost in the first pen, they were lonesome & just like 2 babys, they had been in a bunch of 50 Nellie had & she’s been killing them to eat & going to sell 3 to Martha  one of them for Audrey. Martha said she was going to get the folks together & come out “before Nellie & Bonney goes away” for a picnic dinner.  Well we went to prayer meeting after supper & had such a wonderfull prayer meeting & Jesus came & once stood with the open Bible on His left hand & pointing to a chapter & I couldn’t tell the Name or number of the Chap. Seems, that when I felt I should have gone & knelt between Miss Brown & Mrs. Gurney Tue. night, I should have obeyed the Spirit, I pray God will forgive me & baptize me Sun night with the Holy Ghost. Oh, Glory, I thank Thee Jesus.  

Sat. Sept.7. 1946./13. eggs today/ Oh, I have been to tired to work today & the long ride & heat & Elbert seemed so iritable & my nerves were tired, so, my bowels didn’t move this a-m as usual.  I made soup for dinner & we only minced for supper & drank milk, Frank Bonney came out with his neighbor hunting woodchuck’s  he came in & talked a little, said, Ruby was coughing her head about off & that they were thinking about going to New Mexico in Oct. or Nov. & He was wondering about Nellie going with them & Bonney Bell, he said Armond smashed the fender on his car & it was in the shop getting a new one on it, the neighbor has a new Buick, maroone collor. they didn’t have any luck today  its been terrible hot all morning & partly cloudy & cooler this after noon & thundered & tried to rain, we need rain. 

Sun. Sept. 8. 1946. /12. eggs today. / I went to Church this evening, Elbert took me but he wouldn’t go into church, they had a christian sermon or it was a sermon accted out with some talking it was real good & best of all two more children were converted. I thank God in Jesus Name.  It has tried to rain, partly cloudy, I gave the preacher a pr. of pants that were given to Elbert, that he said I could give away for he didn’t like them, they were summer pants. & I gave them swisschard  a qt. of lima beans & few cucumbers, & I talked with several of the women tonight  Mrs. Black said Mr. Black was home taking care the children & new baby  while she came to church & that he was sober that Garry was going home with her, he’s  been staying with the Ministers.  Miss. Brown has been with Brother & Sister Gurney for 2 weeks & now she was going to New York, & then back to Canada for a while.  Mrs. Sprunk was sick she had to go out & throw up, said she was full of gas K& her stomach pained her bad she sat in the seat with me all evening

Mon. Sept. 9. 1946./ 958./ 17 eggs today./  wash day and no soap & I couldn’t bake with out sugar, I fixed some elderberrys for pie, but didn’t make the pie. it’s been a terrible hot day  muggy. We had a heavy fog last night, we have had such a lot of white dues, that the cheeks of some of the tomatoes are white, a white [she wrote while -uncrossed t] due is almost a frost. We picked half bu tomatoes today, Elbert raked up the dirt to keep weeds down & he cut a wide path from the cottage to the ditch down the hill, he’s going to cut some willows for wood, for light fires to take chill out the house on cool days. I haven’t done much today looked after hens & bird. Elbert picked up 2 small baskets of pears acrossed the road. John Snider was there yesterday with his Wife & another couple & he told Elbert we could have what we picked up off the ground. 

Tue. Sept. 10. 1946./15 eggs today/  I did half the washing & did the ironing  I washed & pressed my good dress & then washed miself & dressed & went to Vermilion & I hadn’t had only a little milk to drink & it was 3-p-m.  when we left home, we sold the eggs $2.40 & bought a little piece of meat to boil 38 cents a piece of pressed meat 45 cents lemons 10 cents clorox 25 cents hand soak 22 cent wash powder  28 cents sugar 36 cents gas 39. cents Elbert had 16 cents & he spent 2.50, it don’t seem to come out just right some how, the boiling meat might have been 48 cents  any way we haven’t any thing left but 6 cents so, well, we gave Miss Clark & Mrs Sprunk pears & the preachers pears & few tomatoes.  I felt so all in we didn’t go back to church tonight & we wont have gas enough to more than get the milk & maybe get back to sell eggs Fri.  rained a little here & lots in Vermilion, it was like a Spring shower, but only dampened the grass here.  moon light tonight partly cloudy all day & strong S. wind. 

Wed. Sept. 11. 1946./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert & I picked tomatoes & a few apples & I made apple sauce & then caned 6 qts. tomatoes. I made 3. pies  2 elderberry K& 1. apple & looked after hens chicks & birds & did my house work  Elbert got the supper while I finished up the odds & ends. While he went for milk I fed the hens & locked up the coop & grainery   I was out side only a little today. gave plants a drink  everythings drying up & even tomatoes not doing good it’s so cold night & hot sun & no water & the strong winds, it’s N. west wind late today & cooler   leaves are falling fast, It’s been a beautiful day, partly cloudy & I’m tired tonight. 

Thurs. Sept. 12. 1946./ 13 eggs today/ I washed the rest of the clothes today & looked after the hens done my house work & cooked & then at 3-p-m the little old man with his case of notions came in tired &

Thurs. Sept.12.1946./959/13 eggs today/  hungry & Elbert warmed over the potatoes & made fresh hot tea & he ate the fried biscuits we had left & some pears & I gave him some pears in a bag, he gave me a clothes sprinkler, a rubber cork with a hole through the center & a sprinkler cap fastened to the big end, he said he wouldn’t be back again untill Spring, but, I wonder. Well it’s been quite cool  N. east wind & damp, partly cloudy & is cooler tonight & partly cloudy   hope it don’t spoil the garden & flowers yet I have to take up my house plants yet. Oh, I thank God in Jesus, Name for all we have & He Loves & cares for us. 

Fri. Sept. 13. 1946./13 eggs today./ I haven’t done much all day only house work & looking after birds & hens &. Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 3. doz. eggs for $1.80 & bought beef a little piece 45 cents. & 20 cents worth of hamberger, 10 cents worth of salts, 3 cents yeast cakes, 11 cents macaroni, 28 cents for gas, $1.17 & brought 63 cents back & I had a check back from those lessons & so now I have $1.50, I want to keep it for the light bill, it’s been cloudy alday & light showers that were to light & don’t even wet the dirt only dampen the dust on the top. I picked a few string beans for supper & had them most ready to cook & a few potatoes when Elbert came  I’ve felt to heavy & sort of sufficated most of today, my right ankle has been & still is paining me bad, But God is able & I’m still trusting Him to heal me of what ever it is that causes it. Oh, I praise God in Jesus Name, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelulajh. Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 14. 1946./11 eggs today/  Today I got up at 8-30-a-m & set my bread, then made 2 tins of biscuits & then went to hen house and gave hens some cabbages, only got 6 eggs, came back & cleaned 3 bird cages & replentished them, swept both bedrooms & the Kitchen, then Elbert came home from Huron, he had been up to see about some work & to see if he could get some fresh fish & he did,  he dressed a few pike & bullheads & one catfish & I fried them & warmed up the potatoes & we ate at 10 minutes passed one o’clock, my first meal today, after we ate he dressed the rest of the fish  I made my bread into 3 loaves & then went for milk & I fed hens & chicks & locked the coop & opened car shed doors &, then I just had to rest a few minutes, then strained that milk & got the macaroni cooking   Elbert helped to look after it, we had supper & listened to the 

Sat. Sept. 14. 1946. /960./ 11. eggs. today/  radio for a while – now I’ll read some & go to bed wishing I could attend each meeting . tomorrow.  I pray for them anyway, it’s all I can do. It’s been a wonderful day, but cooler, & cooler tonight, then it was last night. 

Sun. Sept. 15. 1946./12 eggs today/ We went to church tonight & there were quite a few there . We took a basket 1/2 bu. tomatoes to preacher & some carrots & beets & 2 cabbages & some beets, carrots & tomatoes & small cabbage to Miss Clark & beets & carrots to Mrs. Sprunk  Mr. Hambly & Mrs Hambly’s mother is sick & Ellyn is home & her man. Miss Clark is 67 yrs old this yr & Our milk man “Mr Hauff” is .66 yrs. old.  Mrs Sprunk is 70 yrs. old her son & his wife were to church tonight, I think she said he lived in _______  Well, its been a fine day  N. east wind & quite cool. I potted my plants & brought them in the house to cut a big bunch of flowers, for church & took them tonight. 17 children went to the Altar tonight.  they all belong to Jesus. Praise the Lord.

Mon. Sept. 16. 1946./17 eggs today/  Elbert got up early & went to Elyria & Lorain looking for a job he could do.  he left his car in Vermilion & got a ride to Lorain  a ride back to Vermilion then came on home in his car & he walked 5 or 6 miles from shop to shop & is tired tonight   He got here at 3-p-m  I cook him some dinner & he ate & rested awhile & then we went out & he cut off the flax & I raked it in piles & he took it to the park with the fork  he went for the milk & I fed the hens & then I got supper & now he’s gone to bed & I am going to my bed for I’m tired also. 

Mon. Sept. 16. 1946./961./  Wind light & N. east hot sun cools off fast at night. Mr Merdith died Fri. & I was talking to Elbert about him Fri. & I prayed for him  & his children, they will miss him, he’s been in bed a long time, every since he broke his hip, I believe, Well, he was a Godly man and I know he was glad to go, he miss his wife just terribly, he use to say he wanted her to go first, so he would know she was O.K. & then he’d be glad to go.  They laid him to rest Sat. Sept.14. 1946.   I loved them both. 


Tue. Sept. 17. 1946./ 11 eggs / washed all the clothes & did the ironing & work and then Elbert went to Huron & back & then he in-sisted on pealing tomatoes, I was so tired I had to scold to keep from crying but I cooked & canned 8 qts. of tomatoes, that makes 17 qts. we have got caned.  Oh it’s terrible to be so tired. I had Elbert call Mrs West & tell her he’d bring the egg in the morning.

Wed. Sept. 18. 1946./9 eggs today/  Well, today I patched 3 shirts & mended the table cloth & then we pealed pears & caned qts & I’m so tired with all the other odds & ends  Elbert went to Vermilion & sold the egg & spent the money for lunch meat 33  baking powder 52  onions 35  gas 40. & oil 26, he went to Huron to see if he could get some fish but no luck  it’s been a beautiful day   I aired the blankets & pillows & we picked a few Musk melons & I gave one of the hens a dose of salts & put her in with little chicks & locked coop  Mr. Hauff’s brother  the one from Berlin Hights who was over to Hauffs Sun he’s 69 yrs. old  was helping to move a stone & the fellow on the tractor backed on to him & then was so scart he stopped the truck and the wheel turned over & over on Hauff’s brother before anyone could get the fellow to stop the engine  they sent him to the Hospital & call Mr. Hauff (our milk man) to come & take his sister in law over to the hospital in Sandusky. He was feeling pretty good Sun. & Tue. he’s in bad condition in the hospital, Oh, how much it pays to be ready. 

Thurs. Sept. 19. 1946./14 eggs today. Fred’s [Fred Bonney, b. 1886, d.1957, Elinor’s brother] birthday he would be 50 yrs old today, poor Fred, I loved him so much. Elbert & I pealed pears & caned 17 qts with all we caned last night it’s quite a job  some are so badly brused   then at 4-p-m while the last ones were cooking we went out & picked tomatoes & beets & carrots & Elbert picked up a few more pears & we got washed & dressed & went for the milk & left it to the place where we use to get the milk right near the corner & then went on to martha’s & gave her a big bucket of tomatoes & a big bag full

Thurs. Sept.19. 1946./962./ 14 eggs today/ & a bunch of carrots & a bunch of beets., she warmed up the beef stew & made us a cup of tea & I thanked the Lord for it, for we were terrible hungry, poor Joan [Joan  Mae Monagon, b. 1935, Elinor’s grand neice by her neice Martha Monagon, daughter of Elinor’s sister Audrey Leslie Bonney] is in bed  infection in both feet & they don’t know how she got it, she has a double rupture allso that they haven’t had taken care of yet.  They were real sociable tonight  Jim [James Monagon, Elinor’s grand nephew] was off with a neighbor some where Jean [Jean Mae Monagon, b. 1935, d. 2015,  twin w/ Joan, both Elinor’s grand nieces] and  & one of the Eddy’s boys [Nelson Eddy b. 1945- alive 2021, George Eddy b. 1943, Elinor’s nephews] was running in & out & Ruth Eddy [unsure -may be George Henry Eddy’s relative] was in to see Joan. I didn’t go up to see her she’s up stairs & it’s so hard for me to get up & down. We went over to see Nellie & her family & we gave them a lettuce basket full & we gave them & Martha each 3/4 bu. pears  Elbert picked up .  John Snyder told him he could pick up what fell on the ground & that’s what he’s been doing  We gave them carrots & beets also. Bonita’s Geo came & Johny & Marcia [John Harnish & Marcella Gremore Harnish, Elinor’s nephew & wife to be] came & then Bonney Bell her sienus trouble was after her bad  she said Nellie was sewing  she had made Ella Jane a little white silk blouse & had it all done except making the button holes & sewing on the buttons, Nellie said Virginia & Wyn [Wynn and Virginia Wheeler Breckenridge, Wynn is Elinor’s maternal cousin, child of Edith Wheeler Breckenridge] stopped to see them & that Virginia’s baby is 2. yrs old. & Bonita [Bonita May Bonney, Elinor’s sister] was 25 the 17th. of Sept this year. Virginia is a month older than Aubrey [Aubrey Wheeler Breckenridge, b. 1879, d. unk, Elinor’s nephew]. she only has what the children give her & so still planning on going

Thurs. Sept. 19. 1946./ 963./14 eggs today/  back to Mexico & she wishes Elbert & I were going with her & Bonney Bell.  wish we could but we are in a rut. Nellie said Frank & Ruby [Frank Bonney (Elinor’s brother) & spouse Ruby Gillmore Bonney] were out to see her & said they were going but not untill Dec. & Nellie wants to go before that, & it does seem as if it would be better to go before the weather gets bad here. & Nellie needs some clothes & she don’t feel seem to feel as sure as she did a while ago, she’s talking or renting hers & Johnys rooms while she is gone so she can have the rent money to pay some of her expence, it would be bad for Bonita seems to me. Well we got back home at ten oclock  Martha gave us a small piece of cheese & we roasted some & ate it on a slice of bread & drank milk & its’s been a fine day. I’m dog tired. Praise God for all His Tender Mercies, Oh, how I love Him

Fri. Sept. 20. 1946./12 eggs today. /  Did our usual round & then I put a few pears in a bag for Miss Clark.  We picked tomatoes & put in the grainery  I fed & cared for hens & birds & we washed & dressed & went to church & I took a 1/2 bu. tomatoes for Hambly’s  they are having stomach & intestinal flu. & Mrs. H’s. mother is terrible sick. Elbert dug a lot of flower roots of different kinds & I took them for Mrs. Black & I left them with there son Garry to take home  he said he was going home tonight   we took the eggs to rs. West 2 1/2 doz. & pears up to Miss Clark & I talked with her a few minutes while she got ready to go to church   she paid me for the eggs & gave me a lb. of oleo. “greese,”  When we took her home,  I’m so tired.  We she sure had a good prayer service & mostly all that were there were the children 10 or more & 5 older people. Miss. Clark  Mrs. Day  Mr. & Mrs. Tom Eppler. & the Ministers.  It’s been a beautiful Fall day as anyone could ask for  I thank God & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for our blessings Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 21. 1946./ 964./11 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & he got a q/2 bu. & a pk basket of fish & he had to work for them  he diped fish & helped carry them into the fishhouse & he came home hot & tired & wet through with sweat, he went out & dressed enough for dinner & I got dinner going & went out & got what he had dressed & got them washed & on to cook & gave him some hot coffee for it was 1.-p-m. I washed out what dirty clothes there were & was just done when he came & had the water hot for his coffee, he ate & dressed the rest of what was in the pk. basket & then he went to Vermilion & took part of them to the ministers & some to Miss Clark & two cucumbers & a few string beans.  Migie Sarr was here & wanted eggs, while we were eating dinner & I gave her a fish to eat & then she looked at the tomatoes rather longing & after taking a bit I learned they didn’t have any so I gave her a pk. & in a little bit she came back with not quite a pk of string beans & they are real nice. so I sent Miss Clark a few handfuls. Elbert came right back & got the milk & then came home & I got supper & we ate & rested a bit. I’d been out hunting one of the baby chicks, he got through the fence some where, I didn’t know where to look & he came to me at last  I picked him up & put him in the park & they both ran in the coop & I shut them in & fed them & hens.  I was so tired, but got the supper & then cleared up the table & stacked the dishes in pan, in sink. I know Elbert is dog tired for he got up early & left at 8.-30-a-m for Huron, he phoned Nellie & told her we had enough fish for her & Martha & Audrey. & she said she’d send some one for them but it might be late. I had Elbert get a chunk of ice cost 11 cents to put on the fish to keep them cold, they Geo. & Bonita & there 3 children came at 9. oclock & then we took the flash light & went out & got 1/2 bu. tomatoes & big bunch of carrots & a biger bunch of green onions. Elbert had got 3 cabbages & 2 musk melons & laid by the door for them so with all they had quite a load  A big black cat yowled & yowled while Bonita & I were in the garden, I told it to go away  I didn’t want any cats, he was real friendly, but he went. 

Sat. Sept. 21.1946./965./11 eggs today./  It reminded me of the time we got the telegram that ma was seriously ill & they were in Jacksonvill Florada & Frank & Ruby had just come over home for dinner, they always came every Sun. & I was crying for I Knew, but the rest didn’t , & Elbert & Frank were standing talking about the telegram, when a cat began to yowel & it was so loud & kept at it, that they went out to drive it away but they couldn’t see it, it was just ahead of them where ever they went & it yowled so loud & at last they came back & it stopped & they were both so scart & said it was queer but, they couldn’t find that cat even in the open where there wasn’t any weeds & I said its a four runner of death & looks as if ma isn’t going to live, and it was true, but Jesus had talked with me about it long before that & then I knew it soon would come to pass, Jesus had come to me one night & said I want to take your mother to work for me, you can manage with out her can’t you? and I said oh, not my mother I could do with out my father better, but He said “no,” I need your mother and I cried & said Thy Will be done, not mine, and I’ll do the best I can with Thy help.  I made some mistake, but, He forgave me Oh, How I love Jesus  He’s my all  I couldnt go on with out Him Glory to His Name, I Praise Thee, & Love Only Thee.  It’s been partly cloudy, but hot sun today  a little breeze N.East. 

Sun. Sept. 21. 1946./12 eggs today/  Well, we were home untill evening then we went early & I stopped to see what Mrs. Mc.Cormick wanted, she told Mr & Mrs Eppler’s boy she wanted to see me, I couldn’t figure out who she was, & then it came to me, Mrs. Sharp had told me about her, so I figured she had ask Mrs Mc. to hunt me up for her, for I haven’t ans. her letters, she wants some one to run around after her.  Mrs. Mc. said she wrote & said she was so lonesome & why didn’t I come to see her & write to her that we had a nice car. Well I told her to say I couldn’t buy the gas & even didn’t get to write like I use to.  Mrs Mc. began to pick to find out a lot of things & I said I didn’t know & thats the truth. She use to say she’d be so happy when she could be with her son John again.

Sun. Sept.22.1946./966./12 eggs today/  Now she’s left a lone while he & his wife gad about & they are sick of the big house & want to sell & buy a smaller one & she left (or) turned over the money from her own home to John & now he has it all & she can’t have it, she had lots of chances to rent her rooms up stairs to good Christians so she said I know one of them was but she said John wouldn’t let her, but it was just a gag to live with John   she said she couldn’t live with out him. She says she loves me so, but she didn’t treat me like that. I’m sorry she so ignorant & foolish & pray God will deal with her in His own way. She told me once  said write to me if she only had some post cards so I thought I’d try her out, although I felt she wouldn’t, so I gave her five & I wrote my address on one & she said she wrote them all to John & Ester even the one I had addressed  she pasted a paper over & used, if I took her food she liked she was so nice to me & if it didn’t happen to be just what she wanted she was cool & indifferent, so I’m done.  I didn’t say anything  Mrs. Mc. could tell against me, unless she makes up a yarn of her own and tells her. I hate gossip. We had a good service, there were mostly children there  Tom & his wife, his mother & sister & some of the sisters children  Mrs Day & her children  Mr. & Mrs. Reese Mrs West Sr. & Lindy & Dorthy West & the Minister from Springfield Ohio a young woman. Miss. Clark & a man I didn’t know & myself well, Our Minister, to, were there.  I gave Doris Hambly a bunch of sweet peas for her grand parents & a bag of buckeyes for herself & we took Miss Clark her eggs & little can of jam.  She said the fish were so good they just hit the spot, they were so sweet & good, we enjoyed them to & I hope Nellie & the others liked them to, I also hope they cleaned them & didn’t let Nellie do it, she’s not able.  I hope Audrey got at least a couple.  I wish they would write but they seldom do, to me, they have so many others to write to. Well, I’m tired. Elbert’s been a sleep & I woke him to see what the noise was in the stair way, it was so loud it gave me a shock.  It’s been partly or mostly cloudy all day & it tried to rain when we were on our way home from church  I do wish it would .

Mon. Sept.23.1946./11 eggs today/ I canned more tomatoes 1 qt. can & 7 pt. cans  cloudy all morning & then got quit thick & gray & rained steady most of the after noon & sun came through just before dark  White sun. & radio said cooler & more showers tomorrow. We had S & S.w. breeze today but it’s going N.W. & then it will be cooler. We have had a beautiful Sept. but we have needed

Mon. Sept. 23. 1946. /967./11 eggs today/  rain so bad the sweet corn has ears but they haven’t fill out & beans, lots of pods but few beans & cabbages are just beginning to head up, there are a few nice heads, but lots of very small head. beets & carrots good but small  What potatoes we had we fine, but we only had a very few  I didn’t have money to buy potatoes last fall & so we only had a few cutting  I had saved from a few we bought to eat, so now we are at the bottom of the pit & with out any one to help me, I don’t know how I’ll get out.  Elbert don’t want me to tell him even When he can look back & see it would have been gain[?], if he would have listened, so, I’m at a loss to know what to do or how. When we came home from Church some one had been in the house & it’s some one that knows how to get in & out, some one that who take empty cans as well as full ones & whether they take them to eat or sell or pay bills, is a question.  I’m not able to can  Elbert frets & fumes till I get at it & then, he gets angry & says all sorts of things when I get read to can & ask him to help , he has had to carry the cans up & take them back filled. Oh, it’s terrible, I know he isn’t well, but that don’t hurt him any more than a lot of other things he does & there are a lot of things that need doing a-round here, the fire pot isn’t fixed yet & the seament isn’t put in around under the house & around basement wind-dows & there are the coop windows & door & the sink pipe that leaks & many more jobs. I can’t do them so what? now he wants me to fix his pants tonight & he had all day to think about getting them fixed. I’ll have to do it in the morning, got to cut bottoms off & put hem in. Water has been so dirty it’s a deep redish brown in cystern but what we caught from the house roof is so clear & clean we got some in the tub   cystern ought to been cleaned out before this rain but we only talked about it. I said I’d help, but still it didn’t get done. Oh, well, We picked tomatoes today about a bu. he put them in the grainery  His head has fell bad today   it was to much work to get those fish he had to help dip & that hard back & arm work & then he had to clean ours & he cleaned, Miss. Clark’s & the preachers & had to call Nellie & buy ice & get it home & break it up & get the tub down stairs & carry fish down & put them in the tub & cover with ice papers & bags & then go & get them again when the children came & he was tired, I know.. 

Tues. Sept.24.1946./968./10. eggs today/ Haven’t done much today, been a beautifull day , strong S wind little W. but I haven’t done much today only what I had to do. Elbert went to Vermilion with the eggs he got 1.35 for 2. doz. but owes 5 cents he didn’t have enough change. I gave him 60 cents before he left & he had 6 cents making a total of 2.02 cents & he spent $1.96 cents for food, soap 22 cents, clorox 24 cents & gas 39 cents, food was flakes 10 cents, milk 12 cents, rice 12 cents & flour 77 cents, he left at 3-p-m. got back at 10-p-m. no word from Flora or Shirley or from Nellie or Martha. Not one word.  I cut the bottoms of the legs of Elberts pants & put in hems, & sewed buttons on waist band. 

Wed. Sept.25. 1946./10. eggs today.  Elbert went to Huron & got a nice lot of fish  I didn’t do a lot today but found enough to keep me busy & then He dressed fish & I baked them  we didn’t have any greese to fry them in & we cold packed 3. qts. Elbert was tired to  he got up early & went & came home with out meat or greese & said Scotts boat wouldn’t be in untill noon & I sent him back & we were glad he got the fish. for we we out of most everything & only had enough bread for supper.  We caned a few apples & tomatoes 7. qts. & one pt. of baldwin apples with out sugar. Oh such is life. 7 qts. & 1/2. & so I’m to tired tonight. Elbert could have got sugar yes-terday but didn’t have coupons with him, so, no sugar, it has been a nice day partly cloudy & quite cool breeze hot sun. 

Thurs. Sept. 26. 1946./ 14. eggs today. /  Elbert went to Huron at 7-30-a-m & he went to the market & got a piece of boiling meat 1. lb & 3/4  it cost 75 cents = 50 cents per. lb. he got 4 lbs saucage  4 lb hamberger 5. lb. beef roast & 5 lb veal chops for another man & it cost 7.35 cents & he gave Elbert 50 cents for helping him, he bought lunch meats & told Elbert they were having a lot of people to dinner, that some one of his family was going to be baptized in the lake Sat. Sept. 28th 1946.   Well Elbert bought gas he said with the 50 cents. I got up at 8-30-a-m. & did out the washing & Elbert came with the meat & was done with mine & the towels & house wash, he cost a piece of meat & ground it for our lunch.  then he washed out his change of clothes while I hung up mine & then his & he went out side & washed out 5 prs. old work pants & I hung them up, all the rest of the washing was bone dry, sun hot, & good fresh S. winid everything got dry. K& I took care of hens & birds carried well water & washed dishes & as soon as we had finished lunch Elbert went up to Shures & got me a yeast cake, “he forgot while up town” I had every thing ready to stir up the bread when he got back & I stired & mixed it into hard loaf & that was 1.-[-m. & 2-30  I make it into loaves & got it baked at supper time  3 white loaves & it’s light & white & tender. We ate macaroni for supper. & I felt so lame & stiff all day, could hardly get around, but, thank God He has cared for us & Elbert has a job at Kraut Co. doing carpenter work for $1.00 per. hour. they are building on addition for canning.

Fri. Sept. 27. 1946./ 969/ 9 eggs today/  Elbert went to work at the Kraut factory & worked all day & I washed his sleepers & my dress & what dirty rags there were & then I ironed my dress & ironed Elberts shirt & pillow slip & sleepers & pressed 5 pr. work pants. that have to have patches & stitcher on most of them, 1. pr. is all right, I had to sew the braid on my dress in several places before I washed it, I ironed it & put it back on. breeze was strong & sun hot   I took care of hens & birds & did the odds & ends & only ate 1 slice of bread today diped in milk & drank milk, I cooked string beans for supper & sliced tomatoes & had bread & tea.  I made tea for Elbert   he got here ten minutes after 4-p-m then after he fixed the screen for the coop door, he got a couple pails of water & I picked over a peck of tomatoes & sent to Helen Sarr for a pk. of there string beans & they were as glad for the tomatoes as we were for the beans. he left them on the way for the milk & got bean on way home. We went to Church & he went to Wests with the eggs & then mailed a letter to Flora & Shirley & card to Martha for me & then he called Nellie to see if they wanted to come for tomatoes  & to see how Nellie was, she ans. the phone said Johnny, she never knew where he was going or would be after work & she didn’t know what Geo & Bonita would be doing or whether they’d come, & that she was feeling about the same as usual.  So there’s about 2 bu. tomatoes that some one ought to have to can.  I took a bath & so did Elbert before me dressed for Church, it’s been a real hot day but a beautiful Fall day, makes you feel like living out in the open.  I see a big cock pheasant run down the road then fly over in the bean patch. 

Sat. Sept. 28. 1946./ 13 eggs today/  I slept untill 9. -a-m. then as usual, couldn’t dress fast enough & then washed & combed my hair & went to hen house with pan of sour milk, the hen were walking up & down along the partition singing, talking, & laughing, cheering for there 10-a-m. lunch.  they are good hens, they are so busy scratching & eating & making eggs that some of them drop the eggs on the floor turn & look at it & cackle a little & then hurry on to eat more mash oyster chell or drink milk or eat greens as it may be, the other night as they were flying onto the roost one hen hoped & started to fly & the egg plulped out as she flew, half way in midair & landed on the straw & she on the roost cackling in a half laugh & then discusted cackle, it was really funny & all the hens looking & laughing and then it sounded as if she said, I was going to lay it tomorrow and

Sat. Sept. 28. 1946 / 970/ 13 eggs today/  Pete the cock bird said thats right Sis don’t put off untill tomorrow what you should do today-a, it was like a movie act, I laughed , & picked it up & said that’s fine Sis makes 14 today & catches up on our dozen, they all do well, here, it’s Allmost Oct. & they are molting & laying  a few have laid off that are almost refeathered & that’s no more than fair  they need a little rest & to finish there feather & in a couple of weeks will be back on the job, for they are eating & working & a dose of salts every few days keep them hungry & active & I thank God, for if we didn’t have the eggs  I don’t see how we could keep eating. I went to the mail box to no avail, only couple of odds, then I ate 1 slice of bread & drank cup of milk. I opened the coop doors & windows & walked out to the garden & came back, mended a pr. of sock & listened to the news, then swept & dusted, I had aired the beds when I first got up & opened up the windows & doors after my morning prayer. but now again a terrible burden landed on my heart & I cried & prayed untill it lifted, then I swept both bedroom & & wiped up the floors, empted the water & carried well & systern water. & mash & feed to hens & Elbert came at four oclock he ate a piece of bread & drank  cup of hot tea & went to Vermilion got a bag of growing mash & bag of scratch grain & he went to the bank & borrowed $20.00, he then got 1/2 lb. of butter 1. lb. coffee 1. pkt. of tea, or box, 1/2 lb. I had the string bean on cooking & they were done, he had gone for the milk on way home, so, I strained it & put it to cool & by the time he was washed & ready for supper I had gravey on beans & the bread & hot coffee on the table & we are both terrible tired &  shaky, he had beans & eggs for his breakfast & eggs for his lunch   he couldn’t get meat any where or sugar or greese.  Miss Clark  had fixed some suet with cooking oil, “as she uses it” for us but when we let her out last night he wouldn’t wait for it & he was here with one of his neighbors tonight  they went hunting for woodchucks, but didn’t get any, he said his folks, Gertie & Wheelers were as well as usual.  It’s been another beautiful Fall day. 

Sun. Sept. 29. 1946./ 10 eggs today/ We didn’t get to Church today  Frank & Ruby came out & visited 1. hr. or so & they hadn’t been gone only a few minutes when 

Sun. Sept. 29. 1946./ 971./10 eggs today.  Geo Bonita & there 3. children came out & got a bu. & a half of tomatoes & some cabbages & carrots. & a big bunch of flowers for Nellie, it has rained most all day in heavy showers & so the boys “Elbert & Geo.” picked tomatoes cabbages & Bonita & I carrots & flowers between showers & then they got into the car & sped a way home with the children waving me good bys as long as they could see me, like Nellie’s & John’s children use to do. Time is flying fast.  Frank says he’s going to build a trailer next Month & he & Ruby are going to New Mexico in Nov. or Dec.  Ruby said she went to the clinic & they said her lungs are O.K. but her cough was caused from her bronchial tubes, she says she has coughed 3 yrs. this Christmas, her hair is white & she to act like a lady of great leisure. Well, wind was N. east & went N. & it’s strong & quite cool   we have had a wood fire all day, and it’s felt real comfortable.  I have felt too tired & now the hens are tucked away to bed & the birds & Elbert’s gone & I think I’ll go. I pray God will have saved some souls in the meeting tonight. Oh god, in Jesus Name I pray Thou will. 

Mon. Sept.30. 21946. /11 eggs today/  Elbert worked Fri. & Sat. & today & it’s colder weather wind N. & littly cold west.  I have tried to sew on my new house dress, couldn’t seem to make any headway  I took care of hens & birds & got the supper agoing at 4=15.  I stewed some cabbage & put some potatoes on the top & when Elbert came he brought a can of weiners & so, I opened it & put them in with cabbage & potatoes & we had quite a stew  he got a yeast cake, so it’s bread to make & bake tomorrow. & I hope to get some sewing done to it’s been mostly cloudy, had a couple of showers & one tonight.  the sky looks like winter, radio said they had hail in Cleveland today. 

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