April 1952

Tue April. 1. 1952./ page. 2891./ 8 eggs today/ Been beautiful day, cloudy this morning but sunshiny this after noon,  we had fish for dinner & we watched the squirrels 2 prs. of them red & gray & a pr. of pheasents for a while & then the blue jays were looking over the nesting provision in the evergreen trees,   then the black birds came & looked things over & tried to drive the jays out & when they yelled & snarled the squirrels set up & folded there fore feet acrossed there chest looked alaround & then grab a nut,   take the outside shuck off & run down the hill & dig a hole & put the nut in & pull the dirt over it.   if they all grow we’ll have a nut grove.   Audrey sent a card & we got it today.   Elbert’s head still feels bad & I have something queer,   When I lay down & some-times just turn my head side wise, I feel as if my head go around so fast & then the bed goes & the room & I can’t keep up,   I have to set up & then its minutes before I can get things straight.   Elbert’s going to b ed feeling punk tonight.   We’ll listen to Rev. Buser & then I’ll go to bed trusting tomorrow will be a better day,   I pray God will Keep us & help us in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. 

Wed. April 2. 1952./10 eggs today../Elbert went to Huron & they gave him enough for 2 meals   we had fish for dinner & made chicken vegetable soup for supper,   he went for the milk on his way back home,   I had biscuits ready to mold out & potatoes ready to boil & did out 2 third of my washing before he got back,   I put potatoes & biscuits to cook & bake & washed untill he had fish cleaned,   he made coffee & I salted & floured fish & he looked after frying while I washed,   I had few pieces to finish after dinner & then we watched the squirrels & birds awhile  & had supper & I have clothes dried   listened to Rev. Buser & marked off some cross stitch patterns from one of Audrey’s work basket books,   she said she to let Nellie take them.   thought maybe I’d do a child’s bed spre4ad in crochet,  they are animales & birds.   I tried to get a picture of the squirrels.   I thank God for the extra strength He gave me today in Jesus Name.   & hope to go to prayermeeting soon.   Elbert is planning on going with eggs tomorrow & to Lorain to see about his tooth,   he don’t know who to go to, to have it taken care of.   Wish I could go,   but, he likes to go alone.   It’s been a fine day cloudy all morning & sun all after noon S.W. wind. 

Thurs. April 3. 1951 [she means 1952]/ 8. eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Vermilion & sold the eggs- 55 per. doz. 4 doz. & he got some steak & I got up late,   I swept my room & Elbert’s room & he was getting dinner cooked & Miss Clark knocked at the door   I didn’t have time to do more so got the table ready for her & helped Elbert some & Miss Clark had brought hamberg so I fried it & Elbert had cooked broccolie & we had creamed potatoes & hot tea & cold baking Powder biscuits.   When she left I gave her a pk of potatoes & Aplples & the pink hand-

Thurs. April 3. 1952./ page 2892./ 8 eggs this day/ -kercheif “linen” with green & white Irish crochet on the edge   she seemed extra pleased with it.   I haven’t had one given to me like that in yrs. untill Mrs. Goll gave me that one for Christmas.   We saw nothing of the squirrels or birds today   was Cloudy all morning with little more sun than Clouds this after noon.   We had nice letter from Nellie & card from Audrey,   A, said she might be out next week   she’s out of work untill 15th of April.   I thank God & Jesus I’m better.   Oh, God, help us to live closer to Thee,   I thank Thee Jesus.   Miss Clark said   Brother & Sister Gurney daughter have gone as missionary’s to ______ & Harry Day Jr. to Alaska, poor boys.   God help them. 

Fri. April. 4. 1952./ 8. eggs today/  I haven’t done much today,   only the necessary things.   Elbert went to Vermilion after dinner & asked his check & got 11.00 & some odd cents worth of food & 11.27 for mash grain & butter   butter is 75 cents per lb.   Elbert ask another man to bring the ice box out.   he has taken a little more cold,   the saw & talked with Mr. Brockman   he sent word to me that he prays for me,   I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help him & help me to get back to church & testify.   John Snyder was over to his shed & trying his tractor today.   We have had a rainy day & fogy this afternoon.   Elbert got some small steaks for supper & he’s planing on going to Huron in morning.   We been listening to Rev. Buser hr. of Comfort   I Praise Thee Jesus forever and ever Amen.

Sat. April 5. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ I received a DeHaan’s book yesterday.  We’ve been home all day   rather dark all day   raining at times & tonight its raining & snowing   we do Praise God for a 3 room cottage  good beds & bedding & food,  oh God I do thank Thee more than I can tell & pray Holy Spirit,   we ask in Jesus Name & pray we may be worthy   Jesus Blessed Pure, True & Holy. 

Sun. April 6. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Snowed all night in light showers & all morning in heavy showers untill 4-30-p-m.   I seem to be stuck in a rut & don’t know how to get out,   God has promised a way of escape & I’m trusting & believing He will get me up & out,   I’m trying to endure with patience,   I’ll admit it’s hard.  Well it’s snowing again  11-30-p-m   I been writing cards to Audrey, Nellie, Miss Clark & Aathur Ray Co about a doughnut maker, electyric, at 3605 South 5th Ave. Minneapolis Minn.   & I made out money orders for D.A.V’s.   Well we saw rabbit this morning in N. east corner of park hunting a bite to eat & then fox squirrel came & wallowed through the snow 6 in. deep & hunted walnuts by burrowing through the snow,   then he’d climb up on a limb with his back to body of tree & eat them   he was down to the other tree by Elm also sitting high up eating    that’s where I saw him first,   it was one of the fox squirrels, birds come but Elbert didn’t have place ready

Sun. April.6. 1952./ page. 2892./ 9. eggs this today./ so the poor things have to wait un-till tomorrow & it’s snowing now at 11-30-p-m.   I’m sorry for them,   they’ll have to sit in the cold all night.   I do hope Elbert can put some feed out in the morning for them   I thank & praise God for all our many blessings & hope for the best in Jesus Name.  

Mon. April 7. 1952./ 12. eggs today./ I did the washing all but Elbert’s heavy un-ion suit & work shirt, his sleepers & pillow slip   I couldn’t do any more,   I had such a lot of rags this time & last time, have them dried folded & put away now.   Elbert went to fish house & got one of those muskelunge fish, one 2 1/2 ft. long & one pike   he came home & scaled them & eat them up & I had everything ready,   the potatoes on cooking  the water heating & frey pan warming & I salted & fried enough for dinner,   after dinner he went to Vermilion & got a few things he had forgot on other order & we had a late lunch when he got here,   he got steak for supper & I fixed broccoli & he looked after the cooking,  he fried the meat & warmed sliced carrots & 2 potatoe balls & made tea for supper,   he has a little more cold & I do hope he can get it out before he goes to get sewed up.   he’s having his troubles & I can’t help him,   The squirrel came & was here for some time eating nuts & playing around, down hill to Walnut by Elm in hollow & back up here to this W.nut up on the limbs eating nut here & one there, wonder which ones are the best.   Snow is about all gone tonight melted fast,   trees & shrubs & vines & bushes were beautiful.   Well I crocheted a little, started a square for child’s bed spread   there’s a rabbit, a squirrel, Cock bird, duck, sheep, dog, pig, goose & eat & a floweral piece to go between other squirres.   I marked them off in cross stitch except flower, pig & cat.   hope I can do it all,   it would be nice to give each of the great grand neices & nephews one, but we don’t know how much they would like them.   No mail today   I wrote 4 card last night to Audrey, Nellie, Miss Clark & ans. to add.   I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & pray I may do His will in all things for ever & ever Amen, Amen.   The sun was bright & warm most all day.

Tue. April 8. 1952./ 13. eggs today; / Elbert went to Lorain & got the tooth out   his jaw is swollen & neck & achs tonight   he’s taking anacins,   I rubed his head & neck with alcohal & he put on turpo & wool rag round his neck   he go home about 2-30-p-m.    While he was gone I baked 4 pies -2-apple-1 cheery & 1 berry,   now he feels to bad to eat    he thought that maybe he wouldn’t be able to get it done today.   but the Guy hulled it & said $4.00 please.   done today.   I fried the fish tonight,   it was good,   it’s a thick meated fish solid & sweet.   It’s been a beautiful Spring day.   Mr. Wikel left a bottle of milk, & we talked a few minutes   he wants dahlia bulbs.  he said he’d pay for them,   but I don’t want all the bulbs.   Well

Tue. April. 8. 1952./ Page. 2894./ 13. eggs this day/ thank God & in Jesus Name for answering prayers,   I ask that Elbert would get the tooth out with out any trouble & he did    now the healing & to keep him from catching cold in it.   & I’m trusting for that & his converion   God Thou art merciful,   I love Thee & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost God be Blessed forever. Amen.  receive not & 3 U.S. cards from Miss Clark   she wants to know when Elbert goes to the hospital.   He don’t know & neither do I. 

Wed. April. 9. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ I pray God will in Jesus Name spare me___ Well, It’s been to warm but a beautiful Spring day,   Elbert is O.K.so far   his head is sore, face, jaw, neck are swollen but not as bad as I expected.   He feels better to than I thought, Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.   We received nice letter from Audrey today.   I felt so bum   I slept late, got the dinner  done the necessary things & took my can out to the toilet today.   Wind was N. east went on around to S.E. & S. tonight   Been having beautiful moonlight nights,   had very heavy frost last night & it’s clouding up at 11-30-p-m.   Radio had earth quakes in -7- states & say some are due for twisters tomorrow.   Oh God, help us all to live closer to Thee.

Thurs. April 10. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Been a nice showery Spring day   the sun would almost come through then cloud up & sprinkl a little,   We see the rabbit several times, but not the squirrel, there were lots of birds all kinds & the black birds are making a nest in the front evergreens again this Spring.   Elbert’s head is still paining him,   he’s getting ready for bed   he can hardly endure being in pain,   I’m sorry   but, so glad it wasn’t worse.   I’ve felt rather punk myself today   hope to feel better tomor-row.   wasn’t cold out   just wet & damp.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou Will reveal & guide, Amen.

Fri. April 11. 1952./ 12. eggs today./ Well Elbert’s head is sore   he’s run out of anacin & has to go after some in the morning.   I got up at 10-a-m & Audrey, Jean & Joan drove in as I was leaving the bedroom   I washed my face & hand & went back & combed my hair up & came back in time to let them in,   here they had brought us Easter rabbits & beet to boil & a box of candy & bag of coconut cookies & 2 packs chewing gum 2 pt’s pickles a nice box of green tea “48 bags” & can of cheeries  2 sticks, each of licorice “old fashion kind” & Audrey received 2 books from Aunt Ellen that were just alike so she brought me one.   I gave them each a piece of Apple pie & cup of tea & they look at my handkercheifs I had croched,   I gave Joan one    I had given Jean one but now they each would like one like the other 2,   so, I’ll try to do them.   We had a nice visit but they don’t stay long enough to find out all the exchange of news.   It’s been a beautiful sunshiny    but wind Cold, raw & N. east.   I Praise God & Hope He Keeps me ever close to Him. Amen. 

Sat. April 12. 1952./ Page. 2895./ 8. eggs today./ Well I’ve felt so bad but I washed what few dirty clothes there were & Elberts 2. work shirts Oh it’s him that’s sick   he looks at me as if I were a rattle snake,   I pray God will turn him before it to late,   he knows but why he’s putting it off Only he Knows,  God help us I pray, help us now I pray.   Well, I feel as if I need some one to tuck me in, but instead I have the big boy tucked in hot wool blanket over his pillow & one on his face.   I just wonder how I’m going to hold out, if he goes to the hospital   that will be another round.   Oh God I pray in Jesus Name for faith strengh & courage & I Know you are able to do all things, help me understand & then do Thy Will.   It’s been a misty, rainy, fogy day, a nice Spring day.   the kind my mother use to enjoy.   I remembert one Spring day right after dinner, she picked up her fishing equipment and said,   guess I go down on the dock & see if I can catch a fish,    I looked at her & said, it’s going to rain,   she replied that when they bite the best,   I laughed & said O.K. ma   Well, she hadn’t been there long before it started to sprinkle & she began pulling in the bullheads,  she had in 3 lines & it was keeping her busy,   I sent one of the girls down with a jacket & told them  them to ask her to come up,   she laughed & said, well, in a few minutes   they came back & sooon the rain was coming right down   I sent a rain coat & hat & said come up now,   so she did,  she had a big pk. of bulheads & pa called by phone & said he was bringing fish for supper & I told him I was waiting for them,   he came right away,   I had the ones ma had cought most all dressed in a pail of water so I called to my cousin Pearl Wheeler across the street & she came with a pan & got bulheads.   We didn’t care for them when we could have pick, perch of catfish or white base, & pa had 1/2 bu.   I cleaned & ma washed & fried,   I had everything else ready,   I worked fast & got done by the time the boys (3) came   Elbert, Fred & Frank.   Uncle Will was happy when he smelt the fish frying,   & after supper he came over & talked to ma awhile   he use to come over ever night or ever other night & he did after ma was gone,   I use to cut the mens hair & his & his beard,   he was as kind & gentle as mother   always was.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many many blessing,   Elbert went to Huron   got my check cashed & spent 6.09 for dope & it cost 4.00 to get his tooth pulled out & he kept the change & I gave him 4.00 more   I have to take out 5.00 for church, 10.00 for gas & coal & I had him get a money order for Audrey 10.00   I’ll try to get it ready to go when he goes to town again.   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy, Amen.

Sun. April 13. 1952./ page: 2890./ 8. eggs today./ Easter the Day Jesus rose from the grave that we could also rise up if we are His.  Praise His Holy Name,  He’s proved to me many times, what a truly wonderful, Miraculous Saviour He is & Here I’am just sitting around & we both should go to Church & do the Lord’s will,   it rained last night & some today & this after noon sun came out for a while about 5-30- or 6-p,m,   clouded up & at 9-p-m raining again & still raining at 10-30-p-m,   nice showery Spring rains.   Well Elbert’s face pains him bad, yet.   it will be some time before it is O.K. but when it gets settled & healed I do hope he can feel better & get his lower teeth fixed so he can use them.   We listened to the Sermons on Radio & I always feel the Power,    I feel so alone when I can’t go to Church.   I pray for every soul that belongs to God, that He will give according to there faith in Him,   I thank Thee Jesus and give all Glory & Praise & Honor to Thee for ever & ever Amen.   We have been home alone all day.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small.   Elbert’s jaw howls every night at bed time, he’s so tired,   but some how we have to bear it.   I heat the wool blanket & put on his pillow & gave him another anacin,   he’s got quite for about 15 minutes,   but now I hear him moaning again.   I had a cup of hot ovaltine ready so he’s drank it & laid down again   in 30 minutes another anacin.  such a life.   I do pray it will ease up so he can sleep,   I thought I’d get to write a few letters & cards tonight, but I’m to tired. 

Mon. April 14. 1952./ 11. eggs today./ Rainy day & Elbert’s been in pain all day   he hasn’t run the car since Sat & he didn’t get milk bottle out in time & he said car wouldn’t start & he’s planing on going to Lorain tomorrow,   I bet it will run.   I slept late,   I was up trying to Dr his face untill 2-a-m. & tonight Mrs. Day came in with her 3 girls & another woman & 2 girls & one girl’s little brother    Mrs. Day siad Miss Clark said I wanted some one to come while Elbert was in Hospital so the girl with little brother wanted to come   Well I told Miss Clark I was going to get My Cousin’s but maybe I might take the girl & try her out,   I told them we don’t know how soon we will need some one,   but I let her know as soon as I found out.   Miss Clark sure sticks her nose in before she’s ask.   I thank thee Jesus for all my many blessing. & pray all will turn out for Thy good & Glory Amen.

Tue. April. 15. 1952./ page 2897./ 11. eggs today./ We neither feel very well,   Elbert walked part way to Huron & he went to garage & ask them to come here in the morning   that will 5.00 or more & he drive me nuts   I don’t have the money to hand out to him & if he pays it I have to be punished by going with out food I need so bad,   I’m terribly weak & miserable, nearly fell twice today,   shook me up & I can’t a-ford to be shook up,   I have enough to endure.   He walked in that cool damp air &   he did go to Dr. L. & he gave him a shot of dope in his arm & some gargule & tablets to take & I pray they will help him a lot tonigh   it take the life about out of any one & he looks sick.   But all the talking I can do wont Keep him When he makes up his mind to do some foolish thing.   I just wonder how I’m going to live through it all.   Only God Knows.   I haven’t done much today   tired me all out washing up dishes & the stove & I went out & emptied the can,   it’s nice out side,  mother rabbit running around out in the back yard & a big father rabbit in the park,   I had Elbert throw a few cabbage leaves & a carrot out there for them,   haven’t seen the squirrels for several days,   black birds have nest in one evergreen tree in front yard & I believe the mourning dove in one & robbins in another,   it damp & rainy last night & tonight,   the sun came out for a while before dark   the radio says warmer tomorrow & more showers,   the states are having the worst floods, they have ever had  70 thousand people had to leave there homes & still people don’t read the bible & know it’s history is coming true & Jesus will come before long.   all things are shiaping up for the last act & thousands not ready. God help us.   I thank Thee for answering pray today & all the Praise & Glory be Thine forever & ever, God be blessed, forever.

Wed. April. 16. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Well, I am terribly weak, but I ironed 4 pieces & darned & mended & have my two under skirts ready to stitch the belts on & hope I may do it tomorrow   I ought to wash & I ought to go to prayer meeting, but, Elbert’s face & jaw pains so bad I can’t ask him to go,   if only a good christian would come in once a week, at least & talk & pray, but the christians of today are so weak & unsettled;   Oh God; help me & Keep close & Thy Will be done  not mine  Keep my tongue & help me to Praise THee even though I am lashed in many ways,   God be blessed for ever & ever,   I thank Thee Jesus.   It’s been a beautiful day, nice sunshiny & warm  clothes dried good.   I saw some ducks, big malords   they have beautifule wings.   

Thurs. April 17. 1952/ 8. eggs today./ Well, I did my washing & the towels & the piese Elbert uses on his pillow,   I had quite a few pieces  2 shirts 1. skirt & one wool skirt 1 pr. stockings 6 wash rags 6 handkercheifs 3. doz. or more rags, my night gown & 2 dresses & got them all dried & put away,   I have Elberts sleepers pillow slip to do & wipe up floors tomorrow & fix my skirts   didn’t get belts on them

Thurs. April 17. 1952/ Page 2898./ 8. eggs this day./ Its been a perfectly beautiful day,   what some call a weather breeder.   Everything is starting to grow.   Elberts head & jaw seem to pain him so bad at night,   he’s still takiing pills & gargles throat, and it nice I can help him some by taking him his pills & gargle.   He went to Lorain this morning after he sold the eggs 2.20,   he went to Audrey’s & talked with her & Gertie,   Audrey was painting bath room,   he got the car fixed with a new voltage distribiture cost $14.00 & he didn’t have enough to pay for it so that’s another bill.   I’ll have to keep it on my mind & hope he pays it soon.   he was all in when he got here & me still washing, but I had water hot for tea & we drank & he fix potatoes & I cooked half the ground meat & warmed the spinage & creamed the potatoes  made hot coffee & we ate it.  was 1-p-m.  & I was much in need of food,  hadn’t eat or drank.  Well, I got supper & did dishes & am so tired,   I hung a few bigest pieces out side & they dried good.   He got some boiling meat & paid 2.00 & some for ground & boiliing meet.   I’m tired of soup.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things great & small   & Praise Thee for all things & pray for the souls who have not come to Thee yet.   Oh God, help me to do Thy Will, Amen.

Fri. April 18. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Huron to fish house, got good mess of pike, went to drug store & got 2 bottles of mi [?]for 80 cents & 2. bottles of alcohol, for 80 cents 2 bottles ink for 16 cents & 2 bottles beef, iron & vine [?] 1.41 cents & 3 turkish bath towels for 93 cents 6 wash rags 57 cents   I gave him 5.00 & he gave me the change.   Well, I had the washing most done when he got back,   he went to see Dr. all so before he came back,   We had rice soup & tea& he cleaned fish while I finished wash.   I washed his sleepers & pillow slip, wash rag, 3 nose rags, bath towel, 2 prs. socks & wool rag he uses around his neck,   I washed 3 blankets 1. cotton 1. old wool & the towels & wash rags he brought home & I put his bedding on the line & it smell fresh & clean when I brought it in,   & I made his bed & mine.   I salted the fish & packed them & he fried them for supper & then warmed the rice.   And I’m sure tired   my arms  legs ach & I wont sleep tonight,   but, I hope to sweep & wipe up floors tomorrow,   it’s been another wonderful day here,   but in several other states are having floods & several hundred thousands are homeless & hungry.    I thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & healing me so many many times,   Oh God if only I could do more for His Glory, for ever may He be blessed.   I Praise Thee for ever, Glory to God Amen.   Elbert’s taken more cold,   I try to keep him reminded of it,   he’s gone to bed, his head & jaw paining him & tonight his nose, clean on one side & full on the other  God help us.

Sat. April. 19. 1952./ page. 2899./ 9. eggs today./ (9.79 Gas. tank today)/Well, I only got the sweeping done   I’m to tired to do any more,   I wanted to wipe up Kitchen floor at least   but, didn’t get it done,   I aired my bedding & made both beds & cooked & just sort of give up,   I’d like so much to go to church,   but, I know I will before much longer,   I received or “We” received a letter from Audrey,    she has done a lot for us but, she wont take a small gift from us, just balls us out (or me) for sending it for she just sends it back again   So I’m wishing she wouldn’t send me any,   she’s always giving & resents it because, they forget to return it & so I don’t want it pushed on me or throwed in my face either.   She says Gertie says she isn’t going back to work & is home all day.   She says Martha & Merlin have bought a 1951 car.   & that she don’t know if she’s going back to work,  the 21.st of this month & she anxious about getting back to work, she said she wouldn’t get out here for some time   she didn’t know when & she didn’t say why,   Oh Well, there isn’t many yrs. left & the fight will be over, here.   I received a letter from the Do-nut. maker & electric dough nut baker   I don’t think I can use it.  cost 25.00 & only make 7 doughnuts at one time, in 5 minutes.   It’s been another beautiful day.   I fell against the door & hit side of my head   it’s terrible sore & achs,   one reason I didn’t feel like cleaning the floor.   I thank God & give all Praise & Glory for all things. 

Sun. April. 20. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ It’s been a most wonderful day & everything out side seem to enjoy it,   We let the hens out for one hour & they surely did have a good time scratching & digging.   It was so hot in the sun   I don’t believe it would hurt them.    Elbert was out a very few minutes,   so, I cone back in,   he’s stuck rather close to the house   I don’t quite understand,   he usually goes out in the sun & tell me I’d ought to get out,   his jaw pains him yet, but it’s better & he says no need to go back to Dr. he ought to so as to Know if there is anything wrong outside the natural things,   Well, maybe he’ll go   I been talking to him about it.    I hope we are both better this week so we can go to church, but.   Well, we heard 3 good sermons today,   I rather be in church if possibl, thank God we both get the servmon over radio,  when we can’t go to church.   I hope to get out side a little more this week if the weather stays good   I praise Thee Jesus for keeping me, saving my soul, healing me & directing my course,   I thank Thee & praise thee for all things & help me to be better able to call on the sick & pray with them, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mon. April 21. 1952./ page. 2900/10. eggs today./ Well, another really beautiful day   Elbert went to Dr. after dinner & to fish house & got some fish & a piece of boiling meat & lb. of butter, he dressed the fish after we had dinner   I washed dishes, I hung our night clothes on the line this am   While he was gone I went out side & walked about & then I went out & got the mail, just adds.   & after dinner his head began to pain & then he said he thought it was a bone out in his neck,   I rubbed it,   but, he moaned & groaned & said he guessed he’d go back to the Dr.   Well instead of going he set around groaning, at times he seemed to forget it, then he said he’d eat supper, then he’d go    I couldn’t help wondering how he could eat as if he hadn’t any pain at all & then with out a moan or groan.   wait untill seven O’clock & then he went & it’s now 10 mi. to 10-p-m. & he has just drove in, he said Dr. said he hadn’t had only one hr’s sleep since Sat night;  he fixed Elbert’s back bone & when he got here I gave him a cup of hot tea   he took his pills & now he’s in bed,   I pray God will help him to turn to him   I know when he does he’ll wonder why he hadn’t done it long ago.   Oh I praise Thee Jesus for all things, Holy & Pure.   The apricots are in bloom   the plums prunes pears & cheeries are about ready to bloom, the daffidils & narcissis, golden bells & spice bush are in bloom, it’s been extra hot 78 & 79 & 85 in the Kitchen   I didn’t work much,   felt sick to my stomach every once in a while all day,   & water runs to freely,   I’d be so glad if only I could be free,   God of Love & Mercy help me I pray.   I’ll be more than glad to do Thy will. May God be blessed forever.

Tue. April. 22. 1952./ 9. eggs today. /Ella Jones Birthday 34 yrs./ Been a beautiful day partly cloudy & to-night we’ve been having showers   I was out 2. or 3 times today.  Elbert feels some better but I’m so weak & my right sides been paining me for a couple of days & nights,   Well, No mail today & I haven’t done much today.   I basted band on top of my under skirt ready to stitch,   I’ve felt bad all day:   I thank God for all I have for it’s Jesus who takes care of me every day & night   He’s beside me day & night & I feel His Holy Presents,  What ever’s wrong with me, is my fault in one way or another,   sometimes I understand & many times I’m dumb & as He say not one is perfect, or let him that is without sin cast the first stone,   but I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost & Praise Thee forever & ever.

Wed. April 23. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Been a cool rainy day,  flowers & trees coming fast & the weeds   wish we had a garden tractor so we could have a few potoatoes & perhaps a little garden & keep the weeds down,   I don’t know what to do   We really need some young persons to help us   I wish I could land a good

Wed. April. 23. 1952./ Page. 2901./ 8. eggs today./ couple in there late 30 ties or early 40 ties.   I have just done my daily dozen & that’s about all,   I crocheted a little late this afternoon & this evening, was out back & to cold to walk around,   it was 84 degrees Mon. & today it’s 40. & we still Keep a little fire.   I thank & Praise God for all things in Jesus Name.   Looks as if the Church people have deserted me, but Jesus is with me still.   I love Thee & Praise Thee & wished to be in prayer meeting today.

Thurs. April. 24. 1952./ 10. eggs today. /  Well, I managed to wash out all but Elbert’s union suits, he will have to find a way to get them done   they are so heavy when wett,   I’m stronger in some ways & yet I shiver & shake like & old woman,   I’m hoping my soul & body will be made stronger & better able to do His Will & help me to help ourselves,   to take care of the necessary things of life.   Elbert went & sold the Eggs ___ per. doz.   he bought boiling meat  some pork chops & a piece of ham & some broccoli.   I only have a few pieces to finish “4 or 5” so he fixed the potatoes & fried the chops & I made the tea,   he opened & made gravy with beans.   he ground a little beef  I had cut from boiling meat & I put a little butter salt & peper & broth in it, & he warmed potatoes & I made tea & we had tomatoes & supper,   I croched a little & washed dishes & listened to Rev. Buser & took care of the clothes   they are all dried & I thank God for every thing great or small & give Him the Praise, We are so small & unworthy,   When I can go to Church, I do feel much happier,   but He is with me & I love Him & hope & pray & trust for the best truly all Glory & Honor belongest to Him for He’s Deviine, Holy, Pure & True.   I saw one squirrel leaping across the back yard today.   It’s been dark & chilly   N. east breeze most all day.

Fri. April. 25. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ It’s been a fine day,   N. East breeze & a very white sun,   I’m still to tired   arms & legs ach so bad,   I baked two tins of biscuits today & Praise God, for the strength it takes, He gave.   I have prayed at intervals as I always do all day.   I’d like to have some one come in to tell me what they are doing at Church,   but each time I think of it I even see the verses of scripture,   I was sick & in prison & ye visited me not.   I don’t get out & visit the sick as I’d like to do,   but, hope I can in the near future.   Elbert don’t feel very good & sits here all day   he looked after the hens,   we have 13.   he brought the water & coal,   we still have a fire   N. east breeze is chilly yet.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus, Blessed, Devine, Holy & True for all things & trust all things work out for Thy Good & Glory. 

Sat. April. 26. 1952./ Page. 2902./ 10. eggs today./  Well it’s been another nice Day  N. east breeze & cool but to hot to work   I swept & wiped up floors & I feel to ill to work   Elbert dont look sick but he still complains of his head & jaw & he reals & staggers as if having a heart a-tact & since he don’t look that way, I don’t know just what to think,   I’ve been think of going for what they call a check up & when I ask him if he didn’t think it would be a good plan he got red in the face, had a foolish grin & didn’t seem to Know wheather I ought to be taken care of or not.   maybe he’s trying to worry me to death,   he does like to be very mysterious.   I wish I had some real cows milk   I need it so bad.   Well I thank & Praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name & Pray He help me soon.

Sun. April. 27. 1952./ 11. eggs today./ Beautiful day, N. east breeze.   Elbert has a cold in his bowels,   Well, I pray God will remove & heal him soul & body & I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus.   We been home all day & not a soul come near   not any of the church people.   I pray God will bless each one acording to there faith & Jesus please strengthen our faith, help us to over come all obstickles through Thee,   I thank Jesus for ever & ever, Amen.   It’s a beautiful evening with a new cresent moon & star light   it’s quite cool nights & 70 degrees days   a thick fog close to earth after 12.p.m.

Mon. April. 28. 1951 [she means 1952]/ 10 eggs today./ Another day like yesterday,  nice bright day.   Elbert went to Huron gave a doz. eggs to Bert & got a nice mess of pike   We had two meals & there’s 2 pieces left for Elbert’s breakfast.   I cooked 2 meals, besides I went down in the basement opened the windows & cleaned out after dinner   Elbert helped me,   I had sorted the apples but we had to get bad one’s out & glad & dahlias out & boxes & boxes or crates & cartons,   Well we sure made that place look sick & we cleaned up all the mess. & sprinkled it with clorox,   it’s rather wet down there.   I did my usual work up here & I’m so tired   N. east breeze is rather cool,   sort of chilly,   hens enjoy being out side.   We received a letter from Audrey & card from Miss Clark,   she said Elinor had been sick, but was better & that she was buited[?] or something of the sort.   Well, Audrey is thinking of working in a resturant,   she’s so sick of her job iin Cleveland.   she says she can walk to work,   but wont be earning quite so much & she thinks she wont be so tired.   I hope God will help her & that she will be O.K.   I ought to wash tomorrow   haven’t got much.   & then sewing & ironing

Mon. April 28. 1952/ page. 2903./ 10. eggs this day./ will be next.  & breads half gone & I’m craving for a good piece of home made cake & Elbert hadn’t ought to eat much sweet, his liver is so bad.   but he would anyway if he could get it.   Well I must read & go to bed.   They have set clock one hour ahead, so they can make themselves be lieve it’s the same as before   They haven’t, or don’t use good common sence,  if they want to get up at 5-a-m Why not say I have to get up at 5-,   they are so childish  they have to make themselves be-lieve it’s not any earlier by setting clock ahead, such a mess.   I like God’s time, good old sun time, standard time is one hour ahead of suntime & daylight-saving-time is 2. hours ahead of suntime   We use to get up & go to Church in time for sun rise prayer meeting & we didn’t turn the clock ahead to do it either.   Oh God have mercy & teach us to be steadfast & steady& help us to be real men & women   strengthen our faith & help us to live for Thee in Jesus Name & I thank Thee & give Thee the praise & Glory & Honor, for ever & ever, Amen.   Frank Babcock would be 70. yrs. old today.   he’s been gone 19. yrs. now. 

Tue. April 29. 1952/ 10. eggs today./ Well, thought I’d get some work done to-day,   but I haven’t been sleeping & felt as if I could & I did after daylight.   only did my daily round & helped Elbert very little   he took the storm door down & put the door screen on,   he brought it up yesterday & put storm door down today,   I had him lean it against basement wall   it’s setting on a 2X8 up from the floor 8 or 10 ins.   he painted it last Fall.   We are both tired out today from what we did Mon.   Elbert’s rupture is troubling him & his back,   he’s planing on going with Eggs tomorrow instead of Thurs so as to pay light bill,   he should have paid it last Thurs.   I received card from Miss. Clark & letter from Audrey yesterday.  Elbert saw woodchuck by cottage & today see pheasents male & hens most every day.   Elbert cleaned hen roost today   Oh God of Love & Mercy, I do really thank Thee in Jesus Name

Wed. April. 30. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Been a beautiful day & we received a card from Bonita,   she fell of step ladder & hurt her ankle & foot & has to use crutches,   she said Hazel “thats Jimy Harnish’s wife” took her to the clinic & there are no broken bones & she hopes to get back to work Fri.   We had N. east breeze hot sun & white,  cool evenings & nights.   I did out half the washing & got it dried out side.   I’m dog tired,  my feet arms & legs & one toe yowling blue murder.   Well Elbert went & sold the eggs 2.20   he had a dollar & I gave him 1.75 or so,   he paid light bill, got 1.00 worth of gas & he bought 1. other meat & box crackers & 1. lb butter.   he got trimings for hens & he’s been taking anacins again.   he’s full of aches & Pains.   I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things & for taking care of me & us.

Wed. April. 30. 1952./ Page. 2904./ 7 eggs this day./ I do thank Thee God of Love & Mercy that I can get around & do the most necessary things.   Today 2 young men stopped to se if we wanted to buy Kentucky coal   they had a big truck 21 hundred thousand lbs of coal nice clean lumps but we didn’t have the cash & he said he’d be back with another load in 2 weeks,   if they don’t have a gasoline strike,  I hope, we can borrow the money & pay it back 10.00 or 20.00 at a time for the coal is only 13.00 per ton.   God help us to be able to get it in 2. weeks,   Maybe Audrey can help us to be able to get it in 2 weeks,   Maybe Audrey can loan it to us & we can pay it back.   Well, they hadn’t been gone long when a paint sprayer came along & said they’d paint the coop free of charge if we’d pay for the paint   they wanted to use it for & add.   but we didn’t think the paint was what we would like   it was a rubber-[?]aged first coat & aluminum second coat.   Steel mills are on a strike, coal miners talking strike & gas talking strike   everythings going to be tied up & cause a gas, fuel & food shortage, all in a lump.   Bible history working out was no better.

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