June  1949

Wed. June. 1. 1949./ 8. H.  39. P. eggs today./    I did most of the washing today & I’m so tired.    & fixed two meals & did the house work & took care of the birds.    I dried clothes outside in a good fresh N.E. breeze & hot sun    they dried good & I brought them in & put them away.    Radio said rain tonight, but we are getting a heavy due,    so, no rain.    Well I wanted to go to Lorain with Elbert,    but I don’t think he wants me to go & so I’m not going,    my check might come & I’d rather be here to see I get it before any one else, might.    Well I’m sending $15.00 to the Disabled A. Vet’s, Service Foundation & I’m giving Elbert the 15. to get the money order    so, I hope, he gets it & gets it to me O.K.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healings & the strength He has given me today, for saving my soul & for the many, many blessings he has given me;    He’s a Wonderful Jesus to me. 

Thurs. June. 2. 1949./ 8.H.  40. P. eggs today./    Elbert sold 24. doz. eggs today 60 cents & 70 cents per. doz.    he bought $2.44 cents worth of food & 1.00 worth of gas, & brought home $11.44 cents.    I don’t know how he had 8 cents over, but he did    I picked 3 qts. of berries (strawberries) & such little ones most of them.   We had dinner when Elbert got here about 1-p-m. & then we went out  side,    I took the lower shash out of coop,    it was so hot in there,    so Elbert took care of little chicks & Pullets & then we set in the shade of the apple tree while I hulled the berries    I fried spam & boiled potatoes & made a short cake for supper. 

Thurs. June. 2. 1949./ page. 2356./ 8. H.  40. P. eggs this day./  I did the dishes & washed me & got dressed for Church & so did Elbert    there were only teh Rev. & his Wife, the 3 Smith children & I    & we had a good hr. of worship    I felt the Lord’s touch & Praise his Holy Name.   If we were only as true & faithfull to Him as He is to us    Oh God, We Pray in Jesus Name Thou will help us    We are such weak, careless beings.    Renew our faith & help us to stand firm on the promises of our God,    it’s such a pity after we have received the Holy Ghost & then, because something or some one doesn’t do so & so,    to go back to the old ways again.    I thank & praise God my Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name for all my many blessings great or small, Amen.

Fri. June. 3. 1949./ 10. H.  38. P. eggs today/  Martha’s birthday    she is 37. yrs. old today.    it’s 37. yrs. ago I was in Ashtabula, O.    I went there a week before Martha was born & it was a terrible hot day like yesterday    Cleveland Square most burned my face, it was such a terrific heat,    I broke out with heat rash face, neck & arms    I never can forget & I took care of Maratha & looked after her mother for a long time & Audrey gave us such a lift when we did need it so bad of late,    but, Martha,    she acts as if she’d rather we didn’t even call on them    that’s the only way we ever get to see them.    Well, we all or most all wake up by & by     it’s to bad if wee don’t.   Well, I washed out what few pieces I had & Elberts pajamas & pillow slip & a work shirt & the big chair seat cover & they dried fast    sun was so hot.    Elbert went to Huron & got a pk. of fish    he cleaned enough for dinner & I fried them    After dinner he cleaned rest of fish,    he pick about 4. qts straw berries before he went & I washed & huled them while he scraped the fish,    it’s been a terrible hot day.    & it’s 80 degrees now at 10-20-p-m but I think it’s cooling off now a little.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings,    I thank Him for my healing.    my check came today.

Sat. June. 4. 1949/ 8. H.  37. P. eggs today./  Well, I sure enough felt bum,    got up little after 10-a-m & laid down again    then Elbert was going to Vermilion,    so I pared potatoes & fried the fish,    Elbert ask Bob if he could put the fish in there ice box & told them they could have part of them    & so when he went for them Georgie said that’s swell,    they will come in handy,    so she took out 12 pike fare sized one,     Well, I sent 4 to Mrs. Sprunk & a doz. of eggs & 4 to Miss Clark & a doz of eggs & Elbret dressed & cut up a hen for the Rev. & his Wife & gave them 1. doz. eggs.    I thought perhaps they’d come out & get it,     but, they wriggled out of it at last, so I sent, the Girls there things

Sat. June. 4. 1949./ page. 2357./ 8. H.  37. P. eggs this day./ & so he got us a little food while he was in Vermilion & he got some good trimings for hens, also & he was all out of hens greens, so that turned out well.    I took my colia out & put it in the dirt & planted a few marigold seed.    I haven’t any strength to work,    I swept yesterday & sweat like rain & so I haven’t done so much today    I did make a batch of jam from the strawberries Elbert picked yesterday.    & I made rice soup for supper.    I washed up the dishes & so If I feel able I’ll go to Church in the morning.    I thank & praise God for all my blessing & healings, in Jesus Name & pray I’ll be able to make it in the a-m.    I got my check yesterday & Elbert got his today.   Praise God from Whom all blessings flow    Praise Him all Creatures here below. 

Sun. June. 5. 1949./ 8. H.  40. P. eggs today/  Fine cool day,    I felt so bum I laid in bed most all day    While Elbert was outside I got up & shook up his bed & aired his room    that’s more than I felt able to do.    but I Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing.

Mon. June. 6. 1949./ 8. H.  32. P. eggs today/  Well I took care of birds & Elbert’s room & just before supper Nellie & Johny & Marcie & there baby & Bonita & her 3. children came in,    I had got, & & washed out my night gown & rags (had & accident) & no one to lend a hand when we are sick,    Elbert had supper cooking    he’d cooked a hen & put on potatoes    he didn’t have enough potatoes but Nellie made biscuits & Elbert made gravey & Bonita & Marcie got the table ready & made slaw & they ate & said they had plenty    & the girls washed up the dishes     then they went home    Nellie has bad cough.    Elbert’s cold is in his throat    it’s raspy    he’s gargling with N.R. tablet dissolved in water,    Well, I Praise God in Jesus Blessed Name,    he’s able to keep going    I don’t know what would happen to us right now if he had to give up.    I’m praying & trusting for our healkings, in Jesus Name. 

Tue. June 7. 1949./ 6. H.  32. P. eggs today/    I didn’t even look after Elberts room today,    felt rather low, but Praise God He is able.    Elberts throat’s bad tonight,    but I trust it will be better tomorrow.   Glory to God in the Highest    its been a very cool day all day    Elbert put the light in brooder tonight. 

Wed. June. 8. 1949./ 7. H.  36. P. eggs today/    Ella Jane had planed on hopping off for home today    hope she makes it.    I got up & washed out a big bucket full of rags & the towels & dish towels while Elbert went to Vermilion  got 50 lbs growing mash 1. bag hens mash & 1. bag hens grain & some meat & little food    it cost 13.64 & he spent

Wed. 8. June. 1949./ page. 2358/ 7. H.  36. P. eggs this day./ & I gave him 11.00, he took in on the eggs last week    so, I have to give him 3.64,     growing mash was 2.25   mash for hen 4.35 & grain 3.95,    but he had 45 cents left from 11.00 & he bought the food & 2. gal. gas out of his check moeny    Well I try to give him back what he used of his, if I can.    I took care of his bed & room & my own today & my head is sure bad beside,    I folded & put away all the rags.    Elbert’s cold is bad tonight just like my was when it started & I don’t know what I’d do with out his help    I pray God will in Jesus Name rebuke the cold & help him to be lots better tomorrow.    I will give Him the Praise & Glory, for ever & ever, Amen    The girls said Gertie has been sick to with the same of cold & off work part time,    & Audrey’s back at work a-gain,    Well, it was cold last night & Radio says colder to-night.   Elbert hung clothes out & they dried fairly good   N.E. Wind.

Thurs. June. 9. 1949./ 9. H.  39. P. eggs today./  Well, I’m wondering how many will be out to prayer meeting tonight & pray God will deal with each one in His own Way, in Jesus Name, and help us each to live Thy way & do Thy Will Amen.    I thank Thee & praise Thee for the love & care Thou hast given us Glory, Glory, Glory to God, Jesus, Blessed Holy, Wonderful Jesus,  I love Thee.    It’s been a fine cool day N.E. W. they have had frost in several places & the corn is spoilt in some places & other vegetables.    Our potatoes are still coming & some are in bloom & the flowers have been just beautiful.    I thank God for His love, in althings manifested.    the corn looks yellow    don’t know yet if it’s spoilt.    didn’t get cabbages set & Elberts cold is so bad tonight he can’t keep his nose dry     I’ve rubbed his back & chest in alcohol & he’s in bed,    I stumbled & fell twice today    both arm cought it & are sore tonight,    I’ve tried to ease his burden by doing a little at a time in the kitchen today,    I didn’t get up untill noon, then I dressed & washed & started dinner,    Elbert went to Lorain & Vermilion    & sold 17. doz. P & 5. doz. Hens eggs today & he spent 7.00 & brought home 6. 83, he got 1. bale straw, couldn’t carry two.    & he cashed my check & paid $12.02 cents bal. of coal bill & coal man said he’d put in this winters coal as soon as it came in & he has it ordered,    but, Louise has called & other coal strike so,    we don’t know what will be what.    I’ve got to read some of God word & go to bed    don’t feel able to sit up.    

Fri. June, 10. 1949./ 9.H.  33. P. eggs today/  Well, I washed out nose & rags & helped Elbert what I could with the meals,    he’s sure feeling rather punk but he’s still going.    I feel rather all in me self & got off to bed, as

Fri. June. 10. 1949./ page. 2359./ 9. H.  33. P. eggs this day./  I took care of beds, rooms, birds & washed up all the dishes.    I do Praise God in Jesus Name for all He does for us & today Elbert Praised the Lord for taking the soreness out of his Knee Glory to God,    I Praise & give Thee all the Glory & Honor for ever & ever Amen.    Hot sun   cool breeze but we didn’t keep the fire last night or wont tonight.  

Sat. June. 11. 1949./ 8. H.  32. P. eggs today./   Well, I helped pick straw berries today & Mrs. John Snyder came in & picked some so we gave her 2 big qts.   we picked 12. qts. altogether.    I picked them over & got them ready to cook.    & I made biscuits for supper    Elbert killed dressed & cooked a hen for supper     he made gravy & so we had a good meal.    I fixed us each a little shortcake & it was good.    I swept & took care of beds & birds & houseplants & cough my head nearly off.    Now I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, for He is so Preseious & Wonder-full to me & then I’ll go to bed, after read my bible. 

Sun. June. 12. 1949./ 9.H.  33. P. eggs today./  Well, it’s been a fine day S.W. breeze but at our colds are bad & even though some one prayered earnestly for me “or perhaps us” & I sure got a big lift but I’m still needing several more un-till I get back to health & strength & I pray God will in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, give those Who prayed for me 4 fold what they asked for me & help them to con-tinue to pray for me earnestly untill I’m fully recovered and I thank Him & give Him all the Praise, Honor & Glory forever & evern, Amen.    Rev. & Mrs. Scharien came to call & pray for us after dinner    I went out & picked them flowers.

Mon. June. 13. 1949./ 9-H.  33.P. eggs today./  Today I’m not quite so well & hope & trust Who ever it was who prayed so earnestly Sat. evening will pray again & again untill I’m back to normal again,    I pray God will help them & bless them much.    We had a very, very light rain just before dark, last night didn’t lay the dust.   it’s been partly cloud with nice S.W. breeze. Elbert went to Vermilion    got 1. bag growing mash 4.40, grit 35 cents meat & a ham.    His head & cold is are so bad today I hated to see him have to go, but thank’s to Jesus, he went & come O.K. & got all his earns done.  & I helped get a bite to eat when he got back,    I washed up all the dirty dishes while he was gone & hit the trale 3 times, don’t know what got me going so bad. 

Mon. June. 13. 1949./ page. 2360. / 11. H.  32. P. eggs this day/  lots cooler this evening.   & Elbert says my glads are up,    I wish dahlias were in,    maybe we can get at them soon, now, I do pray for the showers we are to get tonight,    we got to set tomatoes & cabbages.    John Snyder has plowed his ground acrossed the road,    he’s still working it.    Elbert’s took care of hens & chicks & carried water & I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings.     Elbert lined potatoes & other garden stuff, last potatoes he planted are up.    We have been having real heavy dues at night.    There are lots of cherrys & apples on the trees & pears. 

Tue. June. 14. 1949./ 8. H.  31. Pullets eggs./   I washed out rags & Elbert washed his clothes & his work pants 5. prs.     it rained in after noon & in showers all night.    I took care of birds & beds & washed up all the dishes & am so weak & miserable.    Oh, if we only had some in the church to trust & pray for us & with.     He will make me strong in always in HIm.    Glory to God. 

Wed. June. 15. 1949./ 8. H.  31. P. eggs today/    Elbert went to Vermilion got, exaust pipe on the car cost 6.00 & he got my shoes 2.25 & owes 25 cents on them & owes the money on car & he got a very little food    I laid on the bed untill he came back    I had him mail a card Audrey,    I hope she goes & finds out what’s wrong at Nellie’s.    We got a nice letter from Audrey yesterday & a note from Johny asking us to his grad-uation exercises Sun. June. 19. 1949. & he sent his picture     it’s a good picture of his.    So, gifts are in order but I can’t help him now.    I’ll have to try to write them a note in reply.    I crawled around & took care of birds & beds & made a batch of soup for supper & I can’t tell you how terrible  weak I really am.     I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for HIs love and care of us both,    He is a wonderful Jesus to me    Thurs    it rained in heavy showers all after noon,    Elbert planted a row each of beets & carrots & 2 1/2 rows potatoes.    so they will sure be bedded in. cooler tonight. partly cloudy. 

Thurs. June. 16. 1949./ 9. H.  30. P. eggs today/  Well, Elbert sold the eggs 15. doz. pullet doz. & he bought 100. lbs. grain & mash  &.84, & a little food & brought back $5.63,    he got 1. bal straw 65 cents    I washed rags & stockings & 5. towels & helped Elbert plant 2 rows dahlias, I droped them in the rows, I made biscuits, for supper.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for our many, many blessings    it’s been showery & cool today.

Fri. June. 17. 1949./ page. 2361./ 7. H.  28. P. eggs today./  We

ll, it rains in showers, all day, & we both feel bum,    the coal man brought the coal today (6 tons, $90.18) & I paid $20.00 down on it, bal $70.18,  I hope & pray God will help me to finish paying for it,  that is,    I’ll still get my releif money, so I can pay it I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise Honor & Glory, for I know it truly belongest to Thee, Glory, Hallelujah.    I took care of beds, birds & got dinner & supper & Jesus for the strength He give us daily,    Elbert feels so bad but has done his work all day & mowed     it’s sure soaking the ground & radio says, it’s saving millons of dollars worth of food & grain.    I Praise God. 

Sat. June. 18. 1949./ 8. H. 26. P. eggs today/  Elbert to to town so I got us & did out the washing & I did what ironing there was     I had to have a clean dress more this one & sweat it all week, so took them off the line damp & ironed them    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all the strength He’s given me today.    I pray He will keep any one from doing me harm in any way, Amen.    I got a book from DeHaan & a card from Nellie, saying her cough was better,    the 3 children (Bonita’s ) are going to bible school every day,    Ella Jane got into Cleveland June 9th. & was staying a week to convention & the rest were O.K. & she hoped we were.    She has Bonita to do the house work & odds & ends & she could hardly get along with out her,    but she find all maner of fault with her,    while we haven’t a living soul to do a thing for us.    Elbert has managed to keep going while I have only done so little,    but, I get the clothes dry    sun come out & a N.E. breeze,    they dried slow, but dried. 

Sun. June. 19. 1949./ 9.H.  26. P. eggs today./  I laid abed untill noon then took a bath and dressed all clean & I had cooked the mutton Elbert got Sat.,    so he put potatoes in & cabbage & had it done when I got out & then after 2-p-m.    Mrs. Sprunk & Miss. Clark came in     they stayed for supper,    well we had biscuits fried eggs & straw berries & hot tea.   Mrs. Sprunk gave me a dollar     insisited I’d get some brandy to strengthen me up a bit,    I\m terrible weak,    I cut a bunch of flowers for them,    they said brother & Sister Gerney were over in Mansfield Ohio,    We sure need some one with there fighting Spirit in this Church it’s just laying idle,   I pray God will

Sun. June. 19. 1949./ page. 2362. / 9. H.  26. Pullets this day./ in Jesus Name   send us Worker & not some one to sit around waiting for a few old women to get out & do the work,    the Ministers today, think they are so something,     they are only to be waited on & do the preaching,    but I wonder.    Mrs. Sprunk bought a doz. eggs for the woman she lives with,    & I ment to give Miss Clark a few & forgot it,    I was to tired,    We didn’t have much of a lunch, but hope it will keep them untill they can have more,    Mrs. Sprunk prayed for me & Miss. Clark & the Lord sent a golden light to me, Praise His Holy Name,    & I pray & thank Him for all things. Amen. 

Mon. June. 22. 1949./ 8. H.  30. P. eggs today./    Oh, but it’s been a hot day,    I got up at 10-a-m,    I couldn’t sleep all night,  just to tired.    & I helped get a lunch & then Elbert cleaned the grate & top saucer tray on the top of the cook stove,    he took them out under the apple tree, so, I cleaned the burners & the under part that’s most as hard as cleaning the top when it’s burn on & so dirty    but I had it all done except sticking a fine wire into the holes the gas comes through when Elbert came in with his work done & shining,    before we got the wire part done Who should come in, but, Mr. & Mrs. Huntz,  Mrs. Hunt was Inise Robinson,    she’s a christian & so is He    & they seemed to enjoy there visit,    He was born & raised near Berlin Hight’s & they were on there way to Milian Ohio to see His brother Who was & still is quite ill,   Inse told me how Hilda |her sister| came to her with some sort of mental trouble & how they all gathered together & laid hands on her & prayed untill the power of God went through Hilda & all of them & it went through us both    just testifying to each other Glory to God in the Highest    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.    They were here about an hour & said they would sure come back,    her mother is 78. yrs. old & Inise is 57, her eldest girl is 38. yrs. & youngest is 23 or 27 & she has 4 all married & she has 5 grand children & Mr. Hunt had 2. children, his first wife is dead & his son is a Naserine Minister,    Inise says he is filled with the Holy Ghost & he preaches a good sermon.    Mr. Hunts 2 boy & girl are both married & they are all happy.    Inise has 2. girls & 2 boys.    Mr. Hunt works at National Steele Plant & says he expects to get laid off soon,    for, he will be 65 yrs. old in Jan.    & the plant dont want to pay there men a pension,     such is life today.    Well, we enjoyed there visit a lot & I thank & Praise God,    He is & ever will be, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus.

Tue. June. 21. 1949./ page. 2363./9.H.  30. P. today./ Well, I helped pick currents & then I cleaned & made Jam of them & Elbert was so tired he hurreed off to bed & forgot to lock the back door    I went to do it, missed last step & hurt my sore ankle & wrenched my knees    bumped my head & both elbows & he yelled out to know if he should come & help me up.   (it was today we got the gas tank.   I wish God would pick me up & take me away,    there’s no a soul here be-low that would care,    all any of them want is what little there is left    one want this another that & one says, if I die before he does, the rest wont get one thing and he’ll see to that.    I wish they all loved Jesus & Knew Him even better than I,    but, I’ll be so glad when He calls me out,  Praise His Blessed Name forever Amen.    We had a good shower this afternoon.    Elbert cultivated his garden & took care of chicken & did odds & end & helped me with the jam & dishes.    Johny’s birthday today.    I even gave all I had & so have to take my 7.00 out of my check for Church & 10.00 for coal.    I paid coal bill & 20.00 on new batch fro coming winter & 8.87 today for gas & give Elbert bal. for food so I’m all paid out ex-cept 36 cents     he’d want that if he knew I had it.   I can’t get over it, that I gave him 2.00 & he got 2 gal gas & 75 cents for 3 pork chops,    you’d think we were rich.    I’ll see to it myself, that my money don’t go for that again,    I’d go hungry first.   like I do most of the time because I can’t go get what I need.     Mrs. Sprunk left a dollar for brandy, but, that’s gone to.    We expect to have ham & cabbage for dinner tomorrow & Thurs, he will sell the eggs buy mash & grain    there wont be much left for us to eat.   Jam boiled over & we had to take top off stove & clean that, before finishing the jam.   But I thank God His eye is on me as well as the sparrow. 

Wed. June. 22. 1949./ 6. H.  28. P. eggs today./ Well, Elbert has been doing odds & ends all day,    he says he didn’t & he dont feel hard toward me,    Well, I hope he doesn’t    I did most of the washing today,    he washed out part of it  his bvd’s & towel, shirt & socks & he washed 2 dish towels & 2 hand towels,    I hung them all up & the breeze & sun soon had them baked dry    I aired my bedding & my pillow    I ironed my dress & Elberts shirt. & I’m so tired tonight & so is Elbert,    but, I Praise God in Jesus Name he loves & cares for us & gives us strength to keep going.    I give Him all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.   I love & adore Thee Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy,    I love Thee more than all else.   

Thurs. June. 23. /page. 2364./ 6.H.  20. P. eggs today./  Elbert went Lorain & only sold 4 doz. eggs 75 cents per doz & 3 more for 70 cents & he sold some for 65 & he took in 13.10 & he spent it all but 31 cents   e got grain, mash, wheat oats & a bag of line  a bunch of carrots  few onions & a boiling meat.    I had the boiling water for hot drink & the noodles hot so Elbert could eat & drink.    I havent done much today,  baked 1. tin & 2 loaves of bread & washed up dishes    I feel so weak   But Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

Fri. June 24. 1949/ 7.H.  25. P. eggs today/  Well, we both felt punk today but Elbert has done some work & I swept all 3. rooms & mended 2. shirts for Elbert & his BV’d’s & for once his socks were O.K.    I mended my old dress & Elbert cooked a hen    so, I cook speggetti in part the broth.    Elbert said he though he was going to pass out once, today,    but I had made hot tea & he drank & rested & felt better again,    then I had felt that way for an hour or so before, he did, but I kept going,   made the tea & shivered for an hour or two after we drank it.    but, it’s so hot anyway, & I can’t do much,    my feet are so terrible bad,    We received a letter from Audrey with 5.00 in it & she said Nellie was there most all day the 22.nd. & she tried to give her some money but she wouldn’t take it,    so she gave it to Ella Jane    I wonder what she will do about it.   I guess Nellie is worrying because Audrey is going to move down town if she can find rooms.   I don’t know how often she goes to see the girls “Audrey & Gertie”   but, she said she hated to see her move farther away.    Audrey said in her letter that Jean has fainting spells & had another the other day & she tried to get her to come to her but she wouldn’t,    said Jean’s blood pressure was only 45 & should be 120,   well I been in the same fix so I know how bad she feels and I don’t believe anyone realizes untill they go through it, just how terrible miserable, one does feel, milk & eggs, egg nog with good brandy & steak tender & juicy peas, beans, & vegetable soup with plenty of rice & barley are some of the things Dr. Thoman “the Specialist from Columbus gave me orders to eat, with plenty of greens, Oranges grape fruit, pears & grapes,    Wish I could take care of her, or she could come here,    but I just am not fit to hardly help myself & Elbert,    poor Audrey has her hands full

Fri. Jun. 24. 1949./ page. 2365/7. H.  25. Pullet eggs this day./ Looks as if we’ll all be in the same fix before very long.    I pray God will, in Jesus Name take care of each of them & bring them closer to him.    I don’t knopw how to help them & some of them feel they know so much more than I    I wouldn’t know how to help them     but, Jesus knows & & pray He will help me to Know, as He did about Fred [?]   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, Amen.    It was a little over 100 degrees here in the kitchen today.

Sat. June. 25. 1949./ 8. H.  28. P. eggs today./  I washed the rags & helped Elbert set cabbages & tomatoes, wind was so strong  & I feel so bad today 2 days now I didn’t get up untill  almost noon & I’m not able to get out to church yet    my feet tourcher me so bad.    & I have felt to heavy today,    it rained a light shower, but didn ‘t lay the dust,    We are getting a very pecular light something like, before a tornado.    Radio said more rain tonight & tomorrow    hope I can write to the children to-morrow,    I’m to tired to write, but will have to try.    I thank God in Jesus Dear Holy Name for my blessings.    Elbert’s felt just as bad as I, today but he’s done his work & planted cabbages & tomatoes & now he’s carrying water & putting on them just in case it doesn’t rain. 

sun. June. 26. 1949./ 5. H.  23. P. eggs today./   Well, Johny let Ella Jane take his car in exchange for Bonita & so they picked up Audrey & Nellie & B’s three youngsters & came out here today    Ella Jane made 2. cherry pies & potatoe salad & brought out & Audrey gave E.J. money for cream & she got it up here to the store,    so we had icecream on the pie & they had hot coffee,    Audrey wanted Ma’s watch & so I unloaded the chest & unpacked it & the watch and chain is gone,    so I had all that work for nothing,    Elbert’s as nervouse as he can be & talkative,    he didn’t seem normal & I wonder why.    he did say if any thing happened to me, no one else would get a thing out of here & some times I wonder.    quite sometime ago there were bare foot prints on our drive coming toward the house & later the same foot print in the base ment & just last week they were North of the house on the ash pile.   & of all the dirty, dirty low down tricks that go on around here I pray God will deal with those who do them,    I’ll look again for the watch chain & guard, but I’d had noticed the string had been moved on the lock some time ago & know things have been moved in side.   Audrey seemed

Sun. June. 26. 1949./ page. 2366./ 5. H.  23. P. eggs this day./ as sick as I felt but I may find it.    I hope I did.     Well, I felt like crying after they had started    I forgot to give them the hen we had planed to give them.    Audrey said they had chicken home,    that, Gertie bought 2. for today.    Well, I washed up all the dishes & Elbert wiped them & we put them away pie & icecream & coffee dishes.    I like to have them come,    but, the children scare the hens so bad, they had just got started to lay & now they will be off again for 2 or 3 weeks    it vexes Elbert to & makes him feel like taking them over his knee.    Well, we can’ty visit either with the 3 wanting everyone to pay attension to them & I lost part my visit hunting for the watch.    I gave Audrey my watch,    she said she’d get it repaired & give it back to me,    but she’s welcome to it, if she wants to keep it for her self,    she given us such a lot of money, of late, or sometime I couldn’t have existed quite as well as usual.    I pray God will bless her & teach her His ways.    I let her take ma’s apron & handkercheif & I gave her the real cut glass dish I had,    it cost $25.00 & had never been used,    had been Frank Babcock’s mother’s dish    Well, I have been bum for 3 days more so than usual & not fit to move all that junk & then put it all back again.    I thank God in Jesus Name    He helped me to prove I couldn’t find it.    Audrey was terrible disappoint-ed.    It’s rained several showers this afternoon & is much cooler tonight.    My bowels haven’t moved because of today’s confusion. 

Mon. June. 27. 1949./ 7.H.  28. P. eggs today/  I ask Jesus to take care of me & He did     bowels moved good this a-m.    I got up a little earlier to,    Was partly cloudy all day & I hlope it will be so for a few days,    radio says the potatoes are burnt up in some of the potatoe states & the wheat flooded out & tonight they say Californias gardens are soscorched & withered up there wont be much to ship out    Jesus has told us all these things would come about but so few listen & try to read there bibles & understand    I went out & helped Elbert set 5. rows of cabbages 32 in a row & my tomatoe pepers 11. them     then I put in zinias & Asters to fill out the rows,    I’m to tired tonight.    The cabbage & tomatoes we put in Sat. are looking good.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou will help me to do Thy Will forever.  

Tue. June. 28. 1949./ page. 2367./ 7. H.  22. P. eggs today./  Well, I received another letter from D.A.A. Disabled Vets of America.  Vets.  I sent $2.oo the first time & 15.00 the second time,     they sent a receipt for the 2.00 but not for the $15.00     Well, I did the washing all except a few pieces & I had to let them go untill another day;    it was a hot sun & 92 degrees in the kitchen with a nice cool North East breeze    clothes dried fast.    & I put the pillows out and, they sure got the sweat pulled out of them today.    I’m tired.    Elbert made to run ways for chickens trap holes today & took remainder of bags off the ventelator holes above windows & he watered the plants we set out,    they are all standing up.    it’s cooling off out side & in,    but, breeze is about gone    Frank & Armond came out wood-chuck   hunting tonight.  I thank God in Jesus Name for His great Love & care of us. 

Wed. June. 29. 1949./ 7. H.  21. P. eggs today/  Elbert went to beach got sand & he cultivated his garden & watered all the plants & has made 3 new run ways for the chicks & hens. & carried water for me & helped cook the meals    I done all the bal. of the wash except table cloth, chair cover & E’s blankets.  I made half a pocket & sewed on to his pants pocket & washed dishes, looked after birds & beds & so I’m tired tonight,    I’ve wrote a card to the Card Co. & a letter to Nellie & one to Audrey & I got a letter today with another 10.00 bill in it,    she sent 5. last week,    I do hope I can give back all she’s given to us.    She’s working & it’s terrible hot 98 in Kitchen    I thought & her while the sweat dripped of my chin ovr the wash board yesterday & today.    Nellie don’t seem very well & I hope the heat wont get her down.    Bonney’s Kathy’s birthday    she’s 1.yr. old.    Now I got the food order & all the odds & ends wrote down for Elbert,    he’s going with eggs in the morning.    Now I’ll read some of God word to me & go to bed after I talk with Him Glory to God in the highest.

Thurs. June 30. 1949./ 7-H- 30 P. egg today./   Elbert went & sold all but 1. doz of eggs,    he spent all but $3.83, for food & he had to beddle for he didn’t drop the price per 

Thurs. June. 30. 1949./ page. 2368./ 7-H.  30.P. eggs this day./  doz. as he should have.    Well he was all in from the heat    I fixed dinner & we ate at 1-15-p-m.    I hadn’t had anything before & he had taken coop keys, so I couldn’t open up the coop,    he went out & looked after chickens & hung thermonitor on the west side of the house for five minutes & it registered 112 degrees & it’s 90 in the kitchen    If it were not for the cool breeze from N.E. it would sure be a scorcher.    Elbert saw Miss Clark    she said another preacher was to be here to preach Sun. & Rev. Scharien was going to Canada.    I did my ironing today had it most done when Elbert got here.    recieved another book from DeHaan,    it’s good.    Elbert mailed my letters & cards in Vermilion,    I feel some better, but am shaky yet.     I thank my Father in Heaven for my heal-ing & Praise only Him in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. Amen.    I thank Him for all my many, many blessings, Amen. 

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