[Tue. Jly. 1. 1913] Tue.July.1 did house work & put one comfort together & sweat like rain  Oh dee

[Wed. Jly. 2. 1913] Wed.2.  I fixed ma’s skirt finished her

[Wed. Jly. 2. 1913] Page 81 Wed.2.  pajamas & made her two aprons & half a waist done for myself.   Weather hot 90 degreess. I scrub-ed half the Notsobad’s cabin in side from 12-30 till 4.  Pa gave me 50 cents. cheap.  worked all morning in the house

[Thrs. Jly. 3. 1913] Thurs.3rd of July, Pa, Fred, Mr. Krantz.Jr. & Senior & their wifes & Miss Kenidy & Mr & Mrs Prince, left here this after noon for Put-in-bay  on the Not so bad

[Fri. Jly. 4. 1913]  Fri.4th of July  I made myself two aprons & finnished my waist.  Elbert took Colord Brown & his children & relatives up the river for a picnic & at 3-30 he went to bring them down & saw two boys drwn, he could reach them soon enough to save them so came home & I called the Life Saving Station & they had them out in 30 min, after they went down  Geo. C. & Geo.Thomas & his two sisters Etta & Elysibeth & Elbert & I went

[Fri. Jly. 4. 1913] Page 82 out to the lake for a ride  it was nice & we came in just before a heavy storn, the folk wouldn’t wait & got wet before they got home & we had a bad storm. 

[Sat. Jly. 5. 1913] Sat.5.  Swept scrubed & sewed some. Notsobad came back this after noon all O.K.

[Sun. Jly. 6. 1913] Sun.6. Geo. here most every meal since Audrey left.  She & Nellie & Martha came home this after noon were all here to supper. Oh. ho. 

[Mon. Jly. 7. 1913] Mon.7.  Audrey sewed & I sewed, finish some work I had partly done & & Ma, Elbert & I. went to town, to see Dr. Easton  a         then did some shoping & came home, nervery was I more tired in my life. Oh.dee. 

[Tue. Jly. 8. 1913] Tue.8.  Well I have been feeling rather ill for some time & Gertie had to help finnish the the wash to day.  Oh, dee. dee.dee.

[Wed. Jly. 9. 1913] Wed.9.  Gertie ironed & A Ne. & I sewed. 

[Thrs. Jly. 10. 1913] Thurs.10.  I scrubed & served am all in tonight. took a bath & sewed am all in tonight. took a bath & went to bed.

[Fri. Jly. 11. 1913] Fri.11.  sewed most all day did my general dutys.

[Sat. Jly. 12. 1913] Page 83.Sat.12.  I have been sewing on some heavy canvas curtians, mending, mending , puting on squart patches & heming them for pa. for the Not so bad. most half the day, the rest the day I sewed for N & I. 

[Sun. Jly. 13. 1913] Sun.13  the wind have been blowing a gail for the past three days.  Frank & Elbert have gone to Vermillion, they want  to bring the Bonnita home but surely can’t the way the wind is blowing . the lake must be tossing in great shape & it is get worse.  Geo. C. went to Detroit Thurs. borrowed 5$ of pa, said he would be home next day & has not come yet, his father stoped here on his way home to Ashtabula  he. & Geo. had been to Detroit to Mr. Charlies C. fathers funersl.  Well Geo came home this evening, Audrey has been ill for the past three days with a hard cold she could hardly get home last night with ma’s & Nellie’s help.  She came home this morn & had to go right to bed & hasn’t felt able to set up long at atime. Geo. laughed & talked with the baby for 20 mi. or more then ask ma where Audrey was & ma told him she was sick & hadn’t eat up much all day, he went to her & ask her to go home, she told him she didn’t feel like going to night, so he tore around & scolded & swore

[Sun. Jly. 13. 1913] Page 84. at Francie W. then went some when he came

[Mon. Jly. 14. 1913] Mon.14. Geo. came up told A he had packed his belongings & was going to Port Arthur & would ship his things there. he gave her the keys to the house & told her he had left her things there well she colapsed after he had gone for she had no idea of his doing such a thing it was terrible she look so hurt, crushed & so terrified when he stormed about or came near.  Oh.dee.dee

[Tue. Jly. 15. 1913] Tue.15.  Well we washed to day. Oh.ho. 

[Wed. Jly. 16. 1913] Wed.16.  Sewed done house work & ironed some

[Thrs. Jly. 17. 1913] Thurs.17.  Helped Audrey bring her bed & things home poor child she is so weak heart broke & weary  Life’s Sweet’s Dreams have turned out so much different than she could. ever have thought they could have done. Oh.dee.dee.dee.

[Fri. Jly. 18. 1913] Fri.18.  cleaning & scrubing & digging all day

[Sat. Jly. 19. 1913] Sat.19.  Same job a gain to day  Geo. came here from Ashtabula today to see the baby & try to querrel with A but she wouldn’t,so he left telling her he would [note:this is probably a mistake for wouldn’t] take care of her, but he would care for the baby. [note: probably he said he wouldn’t take care of Audrey but would take care for the babe]

[Sun. Jly. 20. 1913] Sun.20.  Rained to day all is at rest Thank God.  and.  we have no company today. 

[Mon. Jly. 21. 1913] Page 85. Mon.21. Washed to day had a terrible big wash and ever body is so tired tonight. 

[Tue. Jly. 22. 1913] Tue.22.  I sewed over to Millers all day today & Oh she is the a great woman with a family of six little children  the oldest (Douglas is 9 yrs. next Madeleane 8.,yrs  & then Wayne  7., Marian 5,  Verna.2,  & the baby  2 month & a half.  she thinks its just horric but I know many women with more chileren who get on in the world happier than she & all because she makes life a burdon, not only for herself, and family but for all who become well acquainted with her, she’s a great, talker it tired

[Wed. Jly. 23. 1913] Wed. 23.  Ma& Pa, Fred& Nellie, Mr & Mrs Krantz & Mr & Mrs Craig went to Put-in-Bay on the Not So -bad.  Oh. Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee

[Thrs. Jly. 24. 1913] Thurs.24.  Audrey’s. Birthday Ma sent her a card  I helped the girls to day  Gertie’s keeping house this week & she made a batch of bread all her self, it was good to . one can do if they try. 

[Fri. Jly. 25. 1913] Fri.25.  Another day at Millers I never will go to sew again if for time smiles on me

[Sat. Jly. 26. 1913] Sat.26. scrubed & cleaned & ironed my belong ings & help with the house work. Oh. ho. 

[Sun. Jly. 27. 1913] Sun.27.  Sweet day of rest  ha.ha.ha. I cook a big dinner & am so worn & tired

[Mon. Jly. 28. 1913] Page 86. Mon.28. Well we look for the folks home today but hey haven’t come. I have sewed today

[Tue. Jly. 29. 1913] Tue.29.  I did a big wash today did a lot of extras. 

[Wed. Jly. 30. 1913] Wed.30. I cleaned ma’s & pa’s room & the cloths press & up stairs & Geo.C. came & Elbert told him we had orders for him to stay out. he said a lot of mean things-then Elbert & I gave him a good scolding & told him he had brought this all on his self, he went over to Gilmore’s & imparted the new that he had brought the contract for the house back & that he had received the money, he had given Audrey to order to draw.  Well the folks came, just in time for supper all Brown & sick form something they had eat but safe & had a good time  I so tired  I’m stiff tonight took a bath & am going to b ed to rest at last  try to. 

[Thrs. Jly. 31 1913] Thurs.31.  Well I have done out another big wash to day  there is no end to work

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