February 1951

Thurs. Feb. 1. 1951./ 7. eggs to day./  Received note from Miss Moore’s Corset shop telling me she had missed me at Christmas & that she had sent the bra.    Well I don’t like it perhaps it’s because I haven’t worn a corset cover or tight fitting waist for so long.     Elbert gave the postman 3- letter & 2 post cards to mail    hope they are on there way & that the one to sister Hance will reach her O.K.    I put a dollar bill in it.    Well, I haven’t done much today     cooked rice & noodles in chicken broth for supper,     we had biscuits & gravy for dinner.    so we’ll have to eat more rice & noodles for dinner tomorrow    I received a book from DeHaan,    it’s more about Russia & just wehat I’d been trying to pick tout that was,  the countrys in with agreement with Persia, that, providing, “in the event of war” free acess of Russia through the land of Persia to the middle East & to Palestine, that happened 19. yrs. ago in 1932.    In 1935, 3 yrs. after this treaty;   the Name of Persia was changed to Iran     so much talked about in the news papers of today.    It’s been very cold & snowed a lot today,    only very little sun today & it set yellow in a snow bank.  I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for showing me & helping me to see & understand & I pray & hope & trust to help others to be saved in Jesus Name.  Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 2. 1951./ 6. 3ggs today./  Well it’s sure been a cold day    windows been frosted all day & had to keep the fire to keep the house warm & Radio says most everything tied up,    railroad strike, buss strike & [ ?]     mens wages    things look bad    I pray I’ll be found

Fri. Feb. 2. 1951./ page. 2704./ 6. eggs this day./  worthy in Jesus Holy Name.    Well if the mail don’t get though & food,    I wonder what’s going to happen     things are working out according to Gods Word    He spoke 2 thousand yrs. or more, ago  & still the people of to day don’t understand or read & study God’s word to see.    Oh Jesus, forgive us and help the peope of to day don’t understand or read & study God’s word to see.     Oh Jesus, forgive us and help the peple to try to understand.    It’s been terribly cold today & Elberts back & hips have pained him so bad,    he’s been trying to work out some word puzzles, that takes up his time & keeps his mind.    I thank Thee Jesus for our blessings & pray Thou will bless all those who went out to church tonight    I want to go so bad.   send the old time power & fire & give them a real blessing & teach them Thy ways  & Thy Will in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee. 

Sat. Feb. 3. 1951./ 6. eggs today./ Jim & Jean are 17 yrs. old today & Jim will soon be in the Service,    God help him to learn about Thee fast  to learn how to take care his soul first    and Jean Ann his twin sister & Joan to,  Who will be 16. Mar. 12.     Well I got the rag & a few pieces and got them dried & most of them put away,     I washed & old all wool blanket that Elbert had around his shoulders & head while he was having the flu.    that had been over looked  I  believe I had his things all cleaned up now.     I received a letter from Mrs. Gunsenhauser saying she didn’t mean I owed her anything, she was sorry I took that atitude.    she sent my letter back, I had written on her bill,     so now I’ll keep it as a receipt & send her a card & thank her & take the blame, although it wasn’t my fault.    It hasn’t been quite so cold to day, or tonight,    last night seemed as if I’d just get the fire fixxed then I’d have to do it again    windows were froze thick & hard, but to-night they are free of any ice.    Elbert worked since Mon. on the puzzle & yesterday I filled in one that gave me a big score 397 a total of 1358 points.    I hope to send it in Mon. for I only have untill Feb. 6. to send in first one.    I have to write Miss Willetts & Annabel next.   I have the card wrote fo Huron & the D.A.V. letter all ready except putting in money order.   and note to thank them, for card they sent me, to thank me for last yrs. money orders.    Well I have to wash dishes & go to bed.    I thank God for His word & for helping to undersant in my Dear Jesus Name.    I Praise Thee Jesus & love Thee most of all.

Sun. Feb. 4. 1951./3. eggs today./  Not quite so cold today    only down to 20 degrees above zero.    Elbert went up for the milk & back O.K.    It’s been a very nice day, sunshine all day & we see a bit patch in the sky about6 the length of the door & half as wide with all the colors of the rainbow in it.    Elbert  said it was what they call a sun dog    it was north of the sun & little west & the sky N.W. was a pinkish purple & lots of wind strikes also.    We listened last Sun & This to 4 square at 

Sun. Feb. 4. 1951./ page 2705./ 3 eggs this day./   Amherst.    Buser went to California to conference & Rev. Scherion preached for him,    he done farely well.    Rev. Buser came on the air just before they went off the air,    Mrs.Buser had said he would be coming or starting home Wed, maybe he came sooner than he had planed.   DeHaans book came & it explains some of the things I tried to dig out of Ezekiel, Joel, & Daniel & I’m glad for he explains it so plain any one could un-derstand it.    I’m sorry it’s so cold,    I want so much to go to heard that.    Rev. Hardt preach & see the people healed & praise the Lord & be filled & healed myself & hope Elbert will be converted filled & healed also.    Glory to God in the highest   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee. 

Sun. Feb. 5. 1951./6. eggs this day./   Well Elbert sold the went to Lorain today  didn’t get back untill 2.30-p-m. he see Audrey & had lunch with her & she thinks she’s got to give up her work for a while,    her fingers get so poisoned from dye from the goods & she feels so tired out & weary,  Oh God please help her, she’s only 55.yrs old, she’s worked hard since Martha was a baby, 39 yrs. the 3rd of June this 1951.    & she’s had such a hard life in many ways,    I’d like to help her if only I could poor child.    My sisters & brothers, but I took care of them so long they seem very much like my own.    Elbert bought a bag of grain ______ but he hasn”t sold the eggs yet.    I riped up my dress   took belt out & made it longer & sewed it back in a gain    had to make two new button holes & fell the belt down by hand inside    got it all done & fixed the top of my petticoat    it was to long in the front so cut top off & fix it all over.    Praise God He helped me by giving me strength to get it done,    I thank Him and Praise Him in Jesus Holy Name.   With out Him life wouldn’t be worth living & it’s getting terrible    foods so high & world in turmoil on both side.  

Tue. Feb. 6. 1951./ 12. eggs today./ Received a card from Nellie & one from Miss Clark.    Nellie said Bonney Bell was home with her 3 children for a few days    Joe did stay but came back for them in a few days,    Nellie said they were as sweet as could be & were very well behaved, but that there wasn’t a dull moment.    I reckon that would tire Nellie though for she’s not very well.    & Audrey’s not very well & Elbert told me Audrey fell & hurt her hip & then Gertie slipped & fell & bruised her back sides & was lame & sore,    Oh God Please save souls,    We know the time is very near for Thy coming.  

Tue. Feb. 6. 1951. page. 2706./ 12. eggs this day./  I wish I could help each one that need help,     but, somehow I’m so weak of late and I know it wont be much longer for me here, at the rate I’m going.    I haven’t done very much to day,    helped cook dinner & washed dishes & looked after b eds & rooms & every thing is getting so dirty & so terrible dusty,    I washed some wood work yesterday and today my stomach hurts me just terrible & my bowels been runing off again today,    I weak & shaky,    I pray God will have diminion over me soul & body in Jesus Name.    Nellie’s birthday    she is 54. yrs. old. & tomorrow’s John’s birthday.

Wed. Feb. 7. 1951./ 4. eggs today./   We were home all day,    I didn’t do much, some darning & daily round & we tried on more puzzle & got the highest score yet    every letter is 32 points or over,    Well, I wrote a letter to Nellie & put in a pretty birth day card,    I wanted to send it before her birthday,    but, Elbert didn’t go to town,   untill this morning,    he took the eggs & sold 7. doz. 4.90 & he bought a bag of mash $4.57 & a cabbage head cost 56 cents today.    I also sent Jim Jean & Joan a birthday card each, 12 cents postage.    Elbert said roads are clear only slippy in a few places.    It was real cold last night but not quite so bad to day.    I forgot to write about the wild geese we saw    there were more than a 100    I would say close to 150 at least going toward the N. East.   Wind is S. & little West today & went a little N. West & sun shone bright while it snowed a gale.    Oh, yes  I patched two of my shirts & Elbert sewed jpatches of leather on his glove fingers & thumbs, the one’s he uses to pic up coal    I thank & Praise God for all our blessing in Jesus Name.   

Thurs. Feb. 8. 1951./ 11. eggs today./  Elbert went today with the eggs,    I forgot to write last night it took me so long to write Nellie’s letter & so,  I forgot myself & wrote the eggs & cards for yesterday instead of today & the mash & cabbage & two short steaks & boiling meat that cost 2.08;     It was real cold toward morning & raw wind this morning,    Elbert left at 10-15-a-m.    & I got at the washing & got it all that’s mine except my blankets,    Elbert thinks he’ll wash his clothes in the morning.    I got mine all dry.    I thank God for helping me get it done, in Jesus Name.    It’s been a nice day.    it snowed about 12 or 12-30-p-m & then cleared off untill stars were clear & so bright & the sun shone untill late after noon today,  then clouded up again.    Elbert got home a little after 1-p-m.     I was most done washing except my dress,    I finished that after we ate.    I Praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. Feb. 9. 1951./ 11. eggs today./ Well, I baked bread  2. tins white & 2 tins rusk    my arms to tired tonight,    been quite cold wind S & West,    new moon was the 6th. and its so clear you can see the whol circle,    it’s quite cold tonight & was last night    frost was so thick it looked like snow & didn’t leave untill noon.    Elbert has felt very punk today     he took a little more cold selling eggs & his eyes & head are hurting him so bad all day.    I thank God He cares for

Fri. Feb. 9. 1951./ page. 2707. / 11. eggs this today/ me & I pray He will help me to do my part in every way I can & fill me & keep me so in Jesus Name,    I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus.    I sent one puzzle & Elbert hopes to go to town in the morning & so he’ll mail this one 429 points making a total score of 1390 points.    We had to figure out the objects  6 of them & then fill in a 5 letter word between the 7 letter words    I am going to fasten  the puzzle to this page,    each letter has a point e-32-&-33-r-34 & H- 35-points.   The first word object I used up & down was compass & gorilla for second word up & down I had to use 3rd. letter from the top of each word & fill in with 3 letters between to make another word    I used ete making the word meter next 7 letter word up & down    I used bagpiepe & next one I used Sundial,    I used there 3rd letters, green being the cross word & at the bottom of middle two words, I had to use last letter on gorilla & the last letter on bagpipe so I  used the 5 letter word Hater, then from H & from r we had to go down, using object pelican & parasol cross wise & make a 4 letter word, using a in pelican,    I used Hear & Parasol    I used crosswise & had to use first a, filling in between r & a so I used r e a r for the 4 letter word so my letters ete were 32-33-32 & ree were 34-32-32 & H-T-r-35-33-34 & last 32-34.    the very highest points I could get was 429 points, then we have to add it to there 6. object score 961 poings.making a totla score of 13,90 points,  well, its interesting & livens up the brain.    Elbert got his social Security check 93.00 & Elyria Court House sent Frank Bonney’s tax blank to Elbert instead of Frank Bonney.    

Sat. Feb. 10. 1951./ 10 eggs today./   Well, I washed out Elbert’s sleeps, pillow-slip & what few things I had dirty & the towels & dish towels,    Elbert went to Vermilion to get some food canned & other wise’s {?} for us & when he got back I was done with all except his union suit & work shirts & so he washed them out & he took off the shirt he had on & washed that also,    to there wont be many clothes for Mon. & perhaps I can get the blankets next week,    I hope I hope I can.   I planed on going to Church in the morning & now the wind is starting to blow hard & in buffs.    but I still hope to get off for 31st. Church with God’s help,   I pray I can.    I’m terribly tired    I swept all three rooms & dusted,    I wiped the ceiling & walls & thats a big job  & Elbert is feeling so tired out & he don’t know why,    he complains feeling tired like I have & still do feel & I’m so sorry for him     he looks tired, black around his eyes, hollow eyed & his tonic rears over the least thing.    I think his nerves are bad.     he frets because he wants to work & isn’t able,    I’m in the same fix, but why fret?    I thank God He take care of me & I feel so bad & sorry for the folk on the other side, for they are having a famine on the other side & thousands are homeless, old & young alike,   it’s terrible,    but, God said it would be so & food is going up in price,    you can bring home 4 bags of food “paper bags are 15 inches wide & 18 inches high folded”   & what food you get in cost 5.00 per. bag,    it’s bad here but worse over there where they don’t have any & where the watch the garbage cans to get just a bite or two    wish so much I could give part

Sat. Feb.10.1951./ page. 2708./ 10. eggs this day./  of all I have    food clothes & warmth & even a warm bed & covers,    God have mercy I pray & help me to do that which Thou would I should do.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy.    It’s been a nice day    cold wind but nice sun allday S. West wind. 

Sun. Feb. 11. 1951./ 8. eggs today./ Well I didn’t get to go to Church, the wind blew hard but,    it thawed a lot today Elbert felt so bad,    but he’s going to Lorain in the morning,   I pray Oh God that Thou will in Jesus Name turen him to Thee, I pray & trust Thou wilt.    It’s been a long day    I crave to be in church in the services & I pray God in Jesus Holy Name will fill & heal me & use me for His work.   I than Thee & Give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever , amen.    We listen to Rev. Buser Preach tonight,    he’s been to California to the ministers conference & he must have been refilled with the Spirit of God,    for he sure got busy & preached with a vim.    Help us each one to do Thy Holy will Jesus Blessed Pur & Holy Jesus.    Wind is still S.West at 9-p-m & has been so allday, all last night.    Sun shone all day.    Elbert’s took more cold & feels like {bugging?] the store    I saw two big flys crawling aournd on the front door glass at noon today.   

Mon. Feb. 12. 1951./ 10. eggs today./   Presendent Lincoln’s birthday 126 yrs. old today,    so they day,    I received a letter from Revus Mr. & Mrs. Harwell     they are in Iowa & have 2 churches 20 miles apar & it’s been below zero & lots of snow  cold & it’s hard to travel 20 miles in such cold weather once or twice a week.    I received a letter from Sister Kanary saying they were having a packed house every night,     the front & iles filled in with chairs & lots were being saved & healed  Praise God Whom all blesing flow in Jesus Dear Holy Name, Glory, Hallelujah    I Praise the Lord.    I thank Him for answering prayer & filling the church & converting  filling & healing the peoples,     I Praise Thee Jesus & for lifting me some & I pray Thou will fill me & heal me & brother, also.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise thee.    Elbert went to Lorain,    but the office force was out today & so he’s planing on going back tomorrow.    It’s been warmer today    30 degrees nice sun and raw wind   S. West, strong & puffy.  alday & alnight

Tue. Feb. 13. 1951./ 7. eggs today./ Well Elbert went to Vermilion,    but had to leave his car there & go the rest of the way to Lorain by buss.    he found that since he got the social Security check, he couldn’t have the compensaition money,    so he walked out far enough to see the Harbor tug breaking up the ice out the river & piers & she was still going out between breake walls & beyond    was clear blue water    then he had to hurry to get the buss & it had deture way out & around & back into Vermilion.    the river has a bad ice gorge & highway covered with water up to floor of buss when they left the maine highway.    Elbert siad the buss took him out into a part of the country he hadn’t see before,    Well, he got back to his car & back hone at 10. to 1-p-m.    he’s tired    he doesn’t feel very well but does all the chores & said he was glad to get back home before it be-

Tue. Feb. 13. 1951./ page. 2709./ 7 eggs this day./  -gan to storm,    it’s been quite warm & rained in a lot of places & late this after noon it started to mist & then rain & then sleet & now at 9-p-m it’s sleeting hard & the ground is froze again.    I received a nice letter from Sister Kanary yesterday today & a short rather Kirt note from Sister Sprunk from Vermilion,    she said they were having goog meeting but the weather was so bad for people to come out & that they were having good meetings in 4 square Vermilion & that she was feeling fine.    queer world, isn’t it?    Well, the sisters at 31st. make me feel welcome always,  Praise God in Jesus Name.   We had a few lines from Bonita    & thse sent us little Bonita’s picture   George was home that day they took the pictures so he didn’t get one of himself,   but all Three sent a Valentine,    it’s has 4 roses & some voilets & for-get -me-nots, a big bee right in the center of the middle rose which is seperate from the card & has a stem that sticks through a slot in card & form a standard on stem    it says I love You & behind the rose is a very red heart & at top of card a red bow & red ribbon weaves in & out & ties bow at bottom beneath rose & under the top bow    it says Bee mine,   it’s real sweet & I enjoided it so much.     I pray God will bless Bonita & her Children & Nellie & all her children.    Bonita didn’t write as much as usual, as if something was wrong.    Sister Hance or some one sent them a leaflet of the Rev. Hardt thats been at 31st. church for the passed two weeks & they sent it to me    I wish they would go to at least one meeting,    I pray they will & God’s will be done, Amen.    It’s still sleeting at 10-30-p-m & getting colder    Cld N. east strong wind.    I ought to have wroten letters but felt to bum & it’s been cloudy real dark all day.

Wed. Feb. 14. 1951./ 5. eggs today./  Today is Valentine Day,    it’s been cold, but sun is like a Spring sunset,   but it didn’t feel like it & tonight my feet are so cold.    I haven’t done much all day    felt sorto fo bum since 5 oclock oclock    I drank a cup of tea & drank some milk & I had such pain in my stomach,    I took a big does of olive  oil,    but it, or my stomach feels some better,    I ate a little & got the little cramps    I hope it will be O.K. tomorrow,    I have only had one meal in 24 hrs.    I’m afraid to eat & afraid to drink.    They should pray over my handkercheif tonight    I thanking & Trusting all will be well with my soul & body in Jesus Name.   

Thurs. Feb. 15. 1951./ 9. eggs today./ Well, I felt so bum, but I washed out what dirty clothes I had & the two old wool blankets    thought I’d only do one, but glad I got both done.  for I have two more that are so dirty & then I’ll have 2 cotton blankets on Elbert’s bed & they are so big & heavy to handle.   Wind’s been & still is N. East   not so cold   Radio said tempture going down to 20 degrees today,   it froze after the sleet & is still froze & Radio said, it rained South of us & Vermilion river was bad   ice piled up with in 4 ft. of the bridge. 

Fri. Feb. 16. 1951./ page. 2710./ 14. eggs today./  Well, I been not much good today & I was just sitting aft4er dinner when Miss Clark came in,    she isn’t feeling very good yet,    she had the flu & her legs are weak & her body also,    but she get out & gads [?] all over & she comes over to talk,    she’s worried about her sister & one of her brothers,    he’s in the hospital & she isn’t able to go to him    but the woman he had rooms with writes to her & her sister Eleanor has moved in with a queer woman & so she’s in hot water, for Eleanor says she wont write to her any more    they are bothe eldewrly women,   it’s terrible the way they fuss & quarel, two sisters.    Elbert took Miss Clark up to the end of the road to get the buss,   it was sprinkling some & she could waite in the car,    I didn’t know what to give her    I gave her 2. eggs & a bag of fresh apples,    I think she needs food.    We are thinking of killing a rooster tomorrow & sending her a part of it,    she’s real thin & looks as if wshe needs feeding up.   The wind went S. east    sun shone4, not real clear, part the day   raining a little from 3-p-m.  on untill dark,   she was going up to 31st. Church with some one tonight,    I pray God will in Jesus Blessed Name give her more strength again.    She says Sister Eppler is doing well & has about 40 people coming to Church & 22 or so young folks beside the little children.    Praise God I pray he will help them to bring in more & more & make each one a blessing to Him.   I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things & for my healing again, Glory Hallelujah, I thank Thee, Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost Amen.

Sat. Feb. 17. 1951./ 6. eggs today./ I’m so happy Jesus hears & ans. prayer I’m still believing & I thank Jesus & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things great or small & I love those 31st St. church sisters & folks who trust & believe Jesus is able to do all things,   He made us & He can truly mend us & I thank , Praise & give Him all the Honor & Glory forever & ever, Amen.   Glory to God Hallelujah    I love Thee Jesus.    I’m feeling better and trusting for a full recovery,    I do need to be with God’s Children I know. It’s been a nice day but mostly cloudy    not very cold    the wind was west late this afternoon,    I got my tax blank 10.19,   it sure took a big junk,    I use to pay 5 one half & 6. next half yr.    I received a get well card from Sister Eppler & she’s sort of demanding I get well & re-turn to church.     & I got my handkercheif from 31st. church & a letter of cheer from Sister Honary    she’s truly good for what ever as wrong with you    May God truly bless her.    I sent a bag of potatoes onions & carrots & beets a few nuts a piece of cheese 3 biscuits & a qt of broth & several pieces of chicken & a can of corn & one of milk,    she’s so very thin & needs some one to take care of her    she looks after several others.

Sun. Feb. 18. 1951./ 12. eggs today/   Praise God, He healed me & give me enough strength to go to 31st. church & Rev. Hardt prayed for me this morning & strength to go.

Sun. Feb. 18. 1951./ page. 2711./ 12. eggs this day./  back to Vermilion    Sister Eppler preached a good Sermon,    her cousins came in for evening service,    they have a church in Sandusky Ohio    they got some one else to preach tonight,   while they came over here to listen to a sermon    they had a little boy about 10 yrs. old & then there was Dorthy & Lindy & there 2. children   Eddy West & there 2. children  Mr. Smith & his 2 girls  Mrs. Horning  her 2 girls & one boy & Mrs. Sprunk Elbert & I.   Tom, Rony & Mrs. Eppler.    I missed Mr. Bockman & Mr. Whitman & Miss Clark.    We came home & ate chicken rice soup & had a cup of hot drink    It rained a light misty rain while we were in church & part the way home,    moon was trying to shine when we started for church,    Oh, God Thou are so kind to have one such as me to deal with & help me up and going again,    I thank thank Thee & Praise Thee in Jesus Name & pray I’ll be able to go back & be filled & praise Thee in Spirit Amen.   

Mon. Feb. 19. 1951./ 12. eggs today./ Frank went 18 yrs ago today/ Well I made some pie crust  the other day & today after I got the table cleaned up & the dishes washed up I made two apple pies,    I got out of the practice making pie crust,    but, it tasted quite good.    I had a coughing spell at supper time hurt me so bad     guess my blood pressure is to low once again & I’m rather short for breath, when I coughed the blood left my hands & they turned so white & then it went back with such force, it made them ach so bad & it made a place in the left side of my fore head hurt for a long time    Elbert looks sick this after noon & evening & frightened    I’d like to know what’s wrong with him     he’s so nervious & his hands & fingers are on the move continually & his stomach burns so much of the time.   he twists everything all up that you tell him & some times or maybe I should say oft times I wonder about him.    I received receipt from D.V.A. & also a letter from Miss. Clark & I have cause for wonder also.[?thorgh}  I truly thank & Praise God in Jesus Name,    He is & ever will be Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 20. 1951./ 8. eggs today./   Well, I didn’t do much today, just wrote a few letters   fix tax blank to go  & wrote Annabel Rev. DeHaan & Mrs. Goll.  Miss Willitts  D.V.A., & it tired me so bad but happy it’s done.    It’s been a cloudy day & it started to rain before dark & poured down in showers all night & Poor Elbert’s bowels runing him & he having to dress & fly over the hill several times, so he didn’t get much rest & neither did I,    Well, I hadn’t much strength all day.   It rained untill after daylight.

Wed. Feb. 21. 1951./ 13. eggs today./  Well, it’s been a cloudy day,   after the rain all night & snow  wet snow untill 10-a-m then cloudy alday!  I did out part the wash & felt as if I’d faint several times before I got the wrinsing done,    but Elbert fixed me some hot drink & I rested a while & then finished    have most every dried.    Oh, how I wish I had them all done.    We received a card from Audrey,    it seems she shipped a 10.00 bill in Elbert’s over coat pocket the day he was there & he never wrote & thanked her, so

Wed. Feb. 21. 1951./ page 2712./ 13. eggs this day./  she wrote a card wanting to know if he found it & so I ask him & he beat around & around & around & then after denying it & several other excuses, he just as much as admitted it,    that she had spilled the beans.    I can’t see why anyone wants to be wrong when they know what’s right    Well, I just told him he could go & tell her,    he had said I could write & tell her,     Well I’ll just let him do his own telling,   he used all my months allouance & he got 93.00 social security & then he took her 10.00,    I don’t see how a brother could do it,   but he took my pocket book with lots more in it & gave me back the lucky stones.    Well I am giving him $10.29 to send my tax blank in for me,    he’ll have to get the money order & put it in & seal it,    I’d like to do it my self.    I have 6. letters for him to mail.    I hope they go through O.K. & Elbert is figuring on going to sell 6. doz. eggs & go to Lorain to the garage, to see about his head lights & why the car burns so much oil.    I thank God and praise him for His love & for His care of me and of us.    I Praise His & love Him more than all else Glory to God Amen.

Thurs. Feb. 22. 1951./ 10. eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain after he sold sold the eggs 6. doz. 70 cents per. doz. $4.20 & he says he spent it & was to have given it to me to save.    He went to the garage & got the light fixed & now it don’e work & 5.00 shot,    he went up to see Audrey,  he gave her the $10.00 back & I sent her the money 75 cents for the crochet thread & a note,  & now what do you think  she has bought some of that new plastic curtian stuff & sent it out by Elbert,    I don’t know what it cost & she probably wont tell me either.   she said, she & Martha would be out for supper tomorrow night & I am feeling so bum since I did that little washing,    but I’ll have to try to clean up a little tomorrow    Elbert wants to go to Vermilion in the morning,    he got the light bulb for the car in Vermilion & they told him to try it,    Oh, such a world.    Elbert is feeling sick & he looks it,    I pray God will turn him to Him before it’s to late, & heal him so much so, he’ll never turn back,    I thank thank Thee Jesus blessed Jesus,    Elbert didn’t mail my tax blank or D.V.A. or Miss Willit’s letter.    I hope I feel better & stronger in the morning so I can clean a little    I hate to use my arms much, or exert myself when I’m feeling so low,    I don’t think Elbert should either.   but, we both do it.    Wind’s gone N. East, little colder tonight,   sun did shine this morning, but at noon began to cloud up & it was really dark & Cloudy before dark.    Elbert got home round 2-p-m.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His Salvation, Love & Care Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 23. 1951./ 10. eggs today./ And the wind’s N. East & I swept 3. rooms & dusted.    Audrey & Martha came out & Jean & cut & put up new curtins    it’s quite a job    Martha seemed to enjoy it, but they must have been tired, for they worked all day.    Jean was home they they had yesterday home legal holiday & so they didn’t have to go back today    Well, they came for supper & Elbert cooked the last rooster & 

Fri. Feb. 23. 1951./ page. 2713./ 10. eggs this day./  tender & good    we had a good supper  biscuits gravey creamed potatoes, broccolie & Apple pie.   & Audrey wanted to take her piece home for breakfast & Martha wanted a doz. eggs & we let them get away with out them,   I’m so sorry.    They left after 2-p-m.  & Elbert & I did up dishes & put them away    Elbert’s back pains him bad tonight & he worked out side in the cold fixing the back door screen on hen house & his back is so bad tonight.     He helped get the supper & get it on the table,    I had the odds & ends to look after. & setting the table,    we use news papers on the table,    but I put a table cloth on for tonight,   Elbert went to Bakers garage & got the light fixed a-gain    he mailed my tax blank & money order 10.19, & got 2-3 cent stamps & put on Miss Willitts letter & the disabled soldiers letter, so they are on there way.    I have to read & go to bed,    I’m tired.    I thank My Heavenly Father for all our blessings in Jesus Dear Name. Amen.   Received Postcard from Bonita today.

Sat. Feb. 24. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today my feet & legs have been swollen quite bad for 3. days.   & this morning my right lower leg was laying on the blankets where the blanket was sort of in a lump & it left a big hollow place in my leg & hurt so bad,    but I believe God will heal me & I Praise God in Jesus Name,    I hope to be able to get to church Sun (tomorrow) morning.    and I pray God will help Elbert to feel lots better in the morning.    I’d like to go to 31.st. St. but, the pavement it terrible & I have to be satisfied to get to church some where,    it’s been a fine day with sunshine, N. east breeze going South tonight & not cold & snow has been gone for some time now & the grass is beginning to turn green & to -day the starlings & a few red winged black birds were here in big droves    the big elm tree & the big oak were so full of them    I’d liked to have had a picture,    I’ve taken 4 or 5 pictures this mo.    We took one of a dirigable today.   It’s been a wonderful day outside,     I received a card from Audrey today   she ment for yesterday    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost,   I love Thee Jesus.

Sun. Feb. 25. 1951./ 11 eggs tooday./  It’s been a fine day not cold & flys, flying around out side partly cloudy all day, wind was south this a-m then went S. west & tonight it’s S. east. not cold.    I didn’t get to church this morning, but went to night to Vermilion,  3. families of Wests & Mrs Sprunk Otis & wife Lindy & Barbara & Eddy his wife & one child was there  Mr. Smith & his two girls  Mr Whitman  Tom, Rony & Mertle & Dorthy’s brother & myself & little Nancy ___ & her brother.    I forgot there Last Name.    I thank God in Our Saviors Name for all our many many blessings, Amen. 

Mon. Feb. 26. 1951./ 15. eggs to day./  Well, it’s been partly cloudy,  it poured down rain this morning & even at noon   then cleared off, that’s the clouds broke up & sun came through at intervals & it set a deep golden yellow tonight there’s a light circle 

Mon. Feb. 26. 1951./ 15. eggs this day./  a queer circule of light just over the shoreline North of us.   the ends toward the lake & a bluish color looked about 2. yrs. wide.    Elbert has had a severe pain in the cord on inside of his leg close to his body    it’s been hard for him to get around all day & yesterday,    I’ve had the same only at times    it seemed to effect both my legs, but it left me at last,    I’ve had it several times, so I know it hurts him bad.    We haven’t done only what we had to do all day.    I basted the belt on my house dress & one sleeve in hope it’s O.K. for I need another dress   this green check gets dirty so quick.    I washed all the stew pans & roaster & Kettle & pans & dishes & sweat my head most off    & seemed as if I’d faint I felt so weak,    but I thank God & Praise Him for the strength He gives me & hope I can hope off to Lorain Church Sun. Morning & then take enough for dinner & go to Nellie’s to eat & visit a little & come home again.    It’s nice out side not cold   flies are out & lots of birds about.    Oh, God, of Love & Mercy Keep us all Closer to Thee & help us to be stronger in faith & to stand & claim the promises in Jesus Blessed holy Name:  Be with Miss Willitts & help & keep her, Amen.    I received a pretty card from Mrs. Goll today a Spring hat    Well, I’d like a new dress, coat & hat,    but, I’ll have to us what I have untill.

Tue. Feb. 27. 1951./ 16. eggs today./  Turned colder & is quite a lot colder tonight.    We see 5 geese going N.West today & blue birds are here & Spring shoulod be just around the corner, but we are only looking for it,    the big Elm started to bud & now it will have to wait & radio said 30 degrees & snow or rain.    My nerves are bad in my stomach & hurt me in my chest & neck & even in my chin & face & head so I ate light & only two meals today,    Elbert’s pain in that big cord in his leg is gone,    but his hips & legs & neck are still making him groan when he turns or moves,    I’m so sorry for him, but he’s so careless.    He does his chores   I tried to help him, by giving him the pails for water & the ash pan & coal buckets so he didn’t have to go up & down the steps only once for all the things.    He went to Vermilion this forenoon & got a little food & a hamper of lettuce trimings for the hen,    he tore bottom of pants leg by hem & sewed that together when he got up this moring.   I haven’t done any more than was really necessary today,    I looked my dress patterns over & my dress goods & wished I had pep enough to cut it out & sew it up,    but I put it away untill another day.    I do hope I can get at it for I need it so bad.     I haven’t done the washing yet this week & will have to get at it soon.    God will I get them both done.    I Praise God & thank Him more than I’ll ever be able to tell for saving my soul & revealing things to me in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    I do love & Praise the Jesus for all things, great & small and He does take care of me,    He’s taken most of the shaky feeling out of me & I know he’ll fix every part of me.    Mr. Whitman said, he believed the Lord ans. his prayer through my prayers for Him.    I thank God & Pray Jesus will continue to use me as He sees fit in Jesus Name    I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Keep me ever close to Thee I pray & All the Honor & Praise be Thine forever & ever Amen.    Wind’s been south west & has gone North tonight and quite fresh, ice all gone in the lake as far as eye can see. 

Wed. Feb. 28. 1951/page. 2715./ 13. eggs today./ Well I did half the washing & one cotton blanket   My arms are so tired tonight & got most of them dried in the house.    We have a N. west wind  raw, but not real cold.  mostly cloudy & damp chilly air   sun came out a few times,    was brighter after dinner.    I surely thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings & my healing & healings,   Jesus is truly such a wonder, & wonderful Glory to God, Hallelujah Hallelujah,  I Praise Thee Jesus, forever & ever.

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