October 1951

Mon. Oct. 1. 1951./ page 2813./ 6. eggs this day./ Mrs. Day had been here & left a note in the door, saying she’d be back Tue. morning    so, tired or not I’ll have to get up  iron dress & clean up a bit.    I baked the bread while we ate supper    I kneeded the biscuits as soon a I got here & changed clothes & washed my hands & set them to raise & then we had supper   oysters & crackers & warmed potatoes & hamberg & hot coffee celery & cabbage.    I washed up all the dishes, listened to the news    & then cut it off & listened to Elbert read the news paper.    I’m really, to tired, but I Praise God for our blessings in, Jesus Sacred, Holy Name Amen

Tue. Oct. 2. 1951./ 6. eggs today./   Well, Mrs. Day & her father Mr. Peters arrived before I got dressed & so I washed me self & dressed & went out side    they got 2. bags “grain bags” & 4. 1/2 bu. baskets & 1. pk. of apples & I hope they were pleased with them.    I came in & made hot coffee & tea & gave them rolled oat cookies to eat,    but, I wont be able to do it in morning so Elberts going down & phone to her to tell her I wont be able to work tomorrow.    She said Mrs. McNeil had a good white enamel steel ice box    she offered to her & she would phone & tell her I could use it,    so Elbert is going over to look at it & perhaps get it.    I hope its a good one    I’d like so much to have a good one, & Jesus  I pray it will be & I can have it,    I know Thou art able to help it to be so, & I thank Thee.    I pray for all those who go to the after noon prayer meetings & trust for Thy promises,    Oh God of Love & Mercy   Keep each of us close to Thee, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.     It’s been a nice day, hot sun & S. west breeze.    They had quite a destructive storm in Florida, Radio said, & it rained in other places.

Wed. Oct. 3. 1951./ 8. eggs today./   Poor old hens most naked    a few laying yet   they like to get out in the park under the apple trees,    they have a big park & enjoy it,    They have laid exceptionaly well,    there has only been 23 hens for 3 or 4 months now,    they have paid all there expeces & given us a few dollars when we needed it most.    I’m sorry we didn’t get the young chicks this Spring,    but, hope I can manage before long.    It’s been a fine day hot sun & strong wind & I washed and dried the clothes after dinner out side,    they dried so fast by the time I’d get another line full, read the first line was dried,   it was 85 degrees in the Kitchen & much more cool than out side even in the shade.    The Fuller Brush salesman came & I bought 1.55 a mop & some fluid for dust mop. .85 cents tax 8 cents.    & I ordered a hand & finger nail brush cost 1.98,    but, they are supposed to last almost a life time.    I will have to pay 2.48 when he comes back & I owe Audrey 1.00 for lace making  3.48 I have to keep out of my check & 5.00 C.    We haven’t heard a word from any of the family,    so maybe they’re O.K.    I want to go to Lorain to prayer meeting Thurs. night God Willing,   I’m to tired tonight,    hope I get my dress, ironed & the other one sewed tomorrow    Elbert cleaned some on the end of the house & dug bu. potatoes & picked up a few potatoes & put them in the basement.    it’s quite warm out side tonight,    I do hope we get the house all painted before bad weather sets in.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for saving my soul & Keeping me all the ways

Thurs. Oct. 4. 1951./ Page. 2814./ 8. eggs today./ Well, I got the ironing & mending done Praise the Lord    my feet have been extra bad for a couple of days now.    I’ve been trying to eat with out salt.    I did several odds & ends & my daily grind, now tomorrow I wont do much if it’s as hot as today 5 degrees in the Kitchen & much cooler than out side, S. West breeze & it’s backed up to S. east tonight & quite warm,    you don’t need hat or jacket it’s so warm.    They are having hurricans along the coast, tonight they said over radio,   one with 100 mile & hr. wind, passed along North Carlinia, but, did no damage.    I canned 6. qts. apple sauce, then I ground 3 stalks of thick meaty cellery, 1 red & one green pepper, 2 onions size of small eggs & 3 fair sized sweet pickles for a relish, adding a little salt & sweet pickle vinegar    it’s real tasty with a little mixed in cream potatoes.    Elbert even like it & he never eats anything like that,    it’s a good change,    baked peppers are good when this mixed is added to creamed potatoes & stuffed in them.    Well I didn’t get any sewing done, hoping I will tomorrow.    Elbert has been sick & he looked bad    to much hot sun,    I’ve had a job to keep him out of sun all after noon,    he went & sold 4. doz. eggs 3.20,    & bought a bag of mash 4.78, he used part of the egg money for us several times & now they have to have a little back,    he saw Miss Clark & talked to her a while & was over to Martin’s store.    Then he went to see Mrs. McNeil about the ice box, & is going to try to get it for us.   it’s a steele, white enameled    Well, tonight Georgia Mae Snyder came home from work & she couldn’t find the door key in it usual place,     she wanted our flash light,    thought the pup might have picked up the keys,    she came back & ask for a skeleton key    Elbert let her take his & she got in & then brought his key & flash light & said her mother & father had gone to Cleveland.    We ask her to supper    but, she said her supper was all ready for her  when she got in to look after it & that sh’d be O.K. untill her folks got home.   Elbert got his check today.   I thought we’d go to prayer meeting but Elbert’s head felt so bad we could go.    I Praise Thee Jesus & Pray I may be of more use to Thee. Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 5. 1951./ 6. eggs today./ It’s been a terribly hot day,   nice S.W. breeze but a very white hot sun.    Elbert hasn’t felt very well but he went up to see the man up the highway, that’s going to fix his car,    he wasn’t there so Elbert went on to Huron & got a little meat & bottle of milk, & he brushed almost a third of the end of the house & then he brushes it with the scrub brush,    he looks & feels bum.   he waited untill it got a good shade from the big Oak, before he done any brushing    I hope he gets it all done & the first real coat on it be-fore winter freeze gets here.    I put the blankets on the line & then I moved out of my room & cleaned & wiped walls, ceiling & floor & got it all done except this end corner this side of dresser & the cloth press & top of dresser    it’s to hot to clean    if I could only get around on my feet better, it wouldn’t tire me so bad.    I wont be able to do much tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus for the strength to get part of my room cleaned & every thing put back into order.   I hope the girls are O.K.    I thank THee Jesus, Blessed & Holy, for all things & give Thee the Praise.

Sat. Oct. 6. 1951./ 8. eggs today./ Well neither of us felt very good today,   it been a dark day with an occasional misty shower    Elbert finished digging his potatoes & he put them & the squashes in the basement.    We didn’t get a card all week from 

Sat. Oct. 6. 1951./ page. 2815./ 8 eggs this day./ Nellie, or, Audrey.    So as things seemed sort of bad in verious ways for both we decided to go & see,    I picked a few flowers & Elbert put a bu. of apples and the flowers in the car & we went to West’s,    he was going to mens prayer meeting & was just getting into the car when we stopped behind his car he came back & talked 1/2 minute    then got in his car & went    we went in the house    she had a few zinias & asters little weak things she was making into bouquets & I gave her all of the one’s I had except 6. or 8. big yellow dahlias & those & 1/2 bu. apples I gave to Mrs. Cranage    she came out on the front porch & lock herself out just as we got there,    she’s sort of historical & after we talked a few minutes, she decided she might get in round the kitchen,    so she said we couldn’t go with her,    she had two bad dogs round there    she went & took a ladder & climbed up & through a window & came & opened the front door all out of breath     her heart’s bad & that wasn’t a very good stunt for her,    Will & Ruth had gone up town & it was most time for them to come back    & she was looking for them,    it’s rather damp & chilly if you stand out side very long.    We didn’t stay very long,    house stunk, as if there hadn’t been any fresh air in it for a good while,    Well, I told her to look after the door when we went out & she did.     she was on the porch, but went in as we left.    We went to Audrey’s & Gertie’s next & took her 1/2 bu apples,    I paid her for some lace she bought to lengthen my underskirt.    she wouldn’t take the 10.00 I owed her so I’ll keep it,    she’ll be wanting it by & by perhaps.    We had ice cream & tea & visited awhile & came back in a misty rain & it’s still at it,    I thank & Praise God for Keeping us safe & all our things here in Jesus Name.    Mrs. Cranage has been keeping a girl 16 yrs. old who expects to have a baby in Dec.  Elvedor Kept her for 2 or 6 weeks & Mrs. Cranage for 6 weeks & today she sent the girl home to her mother to see what she could do about the money the goverment was giving her mother to take care of her & to find a way if she can, Mrs. Cranage reported it to the athorites in Lorain & they have talke to Cleveland office so they will probably take care of the girl.   such a world.    Oh Jesus help her to learn to know Thee,    she don’t know how to do any kind of work.    We have a little fire & have had except those days it was so hot.

Sun. Oct. 7. 1951./ 6. eggs today./   I felt so bad I didn’t get up untill 4-p-m   took some cold in head & all through my body    I’m better tonight since I ate & drank but I am going to bed again    it’s 10-p-m.    & has been a very cloudy & misty day,    it rained a little.    We listened to Rev. Buser to-night    he seems to get the world news on every thing that’s going on    He delivered a good sermon tonight,    it seemed Rails was held up

Sun. Oct. 7. 1951./ page. 2816./ 6. eggs this day./ the sermon came on late after the ball games & the scores were all in;    God comes last & soon the world will come last,    Oh God, I pray Thou will help me to church more often & that Elbert will get the car fixed soon,    I can’t ride in it as it is any more, carbon smell make me sick & I believe that’s why he’s been having head ach so ofte & I noticed it right after he rides in the car.    I saw Miss Clark coming down the road in a black hat & coat.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus.

Mon. Oct. 8. 1951./ 7. eggs today./  Well, another day    I feel a little better today.    but only did the most necessary things,    Elbert’s been banging around,    he’s been up to the garage twice to see if they had the parts for the car & they said they’d have it for sure tomorrow.    I do hope he gets it & that he does a good job    Elbert’s just begining to believe, it the carbon gas that gives him such a head ach.    It’s been partly cloudy today & quite a bit cooler & the radio says frost tonight, but, I pray it will hold of, if possible, for just one week longer  more the bulbs need it to    I was thinking of the beans,    They have just got started to grow good,   we’ve had 2 messes.    Elbert thought we wouldn’t have any corn,    but, we had good corn & it was so sweet & tender,    he had 9 or 10 gray hubard squashes.   he gave Nellie one.    He planted the corn stalks today, so they’ll rot, next is glads & dahlias & tomatoe tops & flower stalks.    I hope Bill don’t have a pond next door,    it makes our ground to wet & we cant plant it as early as we could other wise,   No mail.    I thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & pray You will help me to be able to get to church.

Tue. Oct. 9. 1951./ 6. eggs today./ Well I got up at 10-a-m.    I took care of the beds & opened the windows & washed & got the dinner started    I made soup for supper last night & so I cooked noodles & put in that Soup that was left & we had some baked bread & home grown beets & coffee & were about half done when Miss. Clark came down the hill, a black hat & coat,    she bumed a ride out here,    I got up & met her at the door & then laid a place for her & gave her a dish of hot soup & coffee & she helped her self to what other things she wanted,    she’s starving,    I took her some fish & fruit a few days ago but she was out again    I’m glad she feels free to come to me,    I gave her a pt. of soup  a glass of jam & one of jell & 1. relish.    I forgot what the other was,   I set bread after she came & it was most ready to make into biscuits when she got ready to go home,    so, I gave her a lump, she lets it raise & drops it into boiling water & it swells to full capasity   then she eats apple sauce with it.    I put two pieces of boiled beef in with the soup I gave her,     she was hungry for meat for she was telling Elbert it cost so much she couldn’t buy it.    We gave her a good pk. of pears & was sorry we forgot to put in tomatoes & a few potatoes, but she’ll get along for a few days now & then I’ll have to look after her,    she looks bad.    Well, Elbert took her home & Mrs. Fredrick wasn’t there so Miss Clark would be glad for the old lady is so nosey & snoopy.    Miss Clark says she wouldn’t stay,    only she can’t find another place that cheap & then she don’t have much left to eat on.    I wish I could help not only her but a lot of people that are deserving & in the same fix    Elbert was up to the garage & he says he thinks that garage man

Tue. Oct. 9. 1951./ page. 2817./ 6. eggs this day./ & his wife are dranking & crousing a round, & that’s why he doesn’t fix the car,    I hope & pray they are not drinking but we don’t know them very well.    Well we did get a light frost last night but didn’t kill things    & its warmer tonight.    & rained a light shower.    Elbert saw a flock 175-200 of geese flying in V. formation toward the S. West.    so maybe. there maybe some colder weather coming.    Elbert’s got the S. end of house almost brushed & he painted up under the eve’s & the boards from peek down to eves & a few siding boards in the peek.    Well, I baked 2. tins bread biscuits & cooked supper & did dishes & tried on my dressed & Miss Clark took them home to stitch them for me.    I pray God & thank Him in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for every thing great or small & pray he will help me get the ice box home.   & I pray I may go to Church soon & regular, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 10. 1951./ 6. eggs today./  It’s been a beautiful day,    I washed my clothes & dried them out side    then my feet got to hurting me so bad I didn’t do Elbert’s washing,    so I’ll have that to do at the end of the week,    I can’t go anywhere in the car untill Elbert gets the exaust fixed    it makes me sick.  The blue Jays are so pretty  there’s dozens of them,    they come in the morning & fill the evergreens & again at evening & the apple trees full & they come to the bird bath & wash & drink untill it’s dry & when it’s filled up again there’s other kinds & colors, big & little, a pretty male pheasent was walking the path by the car shed tonight    Elbert frightened him & he frightened Elbert,    he flew out over the hen park to the west    wind’s been in the North east all day,   & cool, sun set golden tonight. & Elbert painted half the south end of house & after dinner, paint sunk in so bad, he painted it over & it dried good,    and it looks better now & he fastened the rose vines up for good,    so he don’t have to go back up the ladder for that again,    but he didn’t paint under the eves again so that should be done.    he’s so tired & his arms ach & his back & legs & 3. sides to go. over once more.    I do thank God for helping us get it done,    the siding was so dry & it will help to preserve it for a while.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to serve Thee more & better.  

Thurs. Oct. 11. 1951./ 8. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Lorain to get car fixed & it cost him 20.37. & for once, he really paid it all,    I gave him 10.00 on it for he’s been using his for meat & other food,    & says he only had 5.00 & some change left out of this month’s check.    My check came today  & I have to go get some caned food with it, so we wont use it in dribs.   & not have enough to last the month out.    I planed to get off to prayer meeting, but Elbert came home all doubled up     his back & his hip most killing him, so I got supper & did the dishes, & got him rubed & I’m tired,    he went over to cousin Lillie’s & gave her 1. bu. apples & Frank a 1/2 bu. & Elbert was going to be sure & bring me some wild hyacinth bulbs & Ruby send some irise roots,    I felt so out of sorts.    An, old lady gave me some seeds & she gave me some Oxyolis seeds all so & I sowed them along the brush row between us & next house north of us & down on the little hill between our house & the river & east of the little hill that was when I was 14. yrs. old, that’s 52 yrs. ago, pa wouldn’t let me plant them by the house or in the yard,[note this would be at the Homestead on Black river, not the Hahn river place]    he said we couldn’t eat 

Thurs, Oct. 11. 1951./ Page. 2818./ 8. eggs this day./ them,    he alway wanted to grow the things to stuff himself with,    so I didn’t tell him that I’d sowed them,    the children enjoyed picking them, the Oxyolis next Spring, but the hyacinths had to grow bulbs & when they did bloom they were so pretty,    they were a light lavender & the others deep schell pink with marone throats & so big, the sice of a dime when they were opened up.    Elbert cut the only one I had left right down through the heart.     I brought 6 or 8 bulbs from home, when I came here to live,    & they were taken untill I only had one left.    I think I have some seed left,    but I haven’t looked, but guess I will before much longer.    I wish I could work for Jesus.    Elbert talked to Martha    he had tried to call her mother & didn’t get an answer,    so Martha called & her mother had just got in & said she had landed a repair job for a cleaning & repairing Co.    he talked to Ruby while he was there & gave her 1/2 bu. apples,    she said that Jimy Harnish died Wed. Oct. 10. 1951.    that was yesterday.    & Mrs. Clyde Green was in bad condition in Hospital & Merlyn’s Mother was in a serious condition, there, also & she “Ruby” had a very bad cold.    but, said the apples looked good & she was going to make some pies.    if some of them would only make me a nice pie,    but, they never think of it.    I Praise Thee Jesus that Thou doeth hear & answer prayer,    Glory to God & Blessed be Jesus. Amen.    I made myself a night gown & got it all done,    I hope to patch my petticoat & fix an other one around the top & do a few odds & ends.    It’s truly been a beautiful day with a cool crisp Fall air.    I aired Elberts blankets & hung out my rags,    he took the blanket he sleeps between &K his old work pants to Vermilion & got them washed & dried for 65 cents, 

Fri. Oct.. 12. 1951./ 7. eggs today./ Well, I finished my dress so I can wash & iron it for Sun.    I didn’t get any more sewing done    I got the dinner & supper & washed the dishes took care of beds & rooms & wiped up dust     & Elbert took wire brush & cleaned S. end of house from windows down,     he painted a small space,      his arms were aching so bad he could hardly work,    so I took the pail & the brush & did the rest, two thirds & the sun was sure blinding on that white paint & hot on the south end of the house,    it’s been a hard job but prim coats on & I hope we get the next one on before winter .   boards are so dry they soak in the oil & paint so fast & it showes its only a prim coat.    It’s been another beautiful day;    Tomorrow they will be putting  Jimy Harnish in the ground,    & we see in the paper that Bert Crosby will be laid to rest tomorrow also.     just a few at a time are going.    I’ve been wondering about Nylo Mc.Carthy & Ramond    she is getting along in yrs.    she was older than Frank & he would be 69 yrs old if he were alive, so Nyle is in her 70 ties & Ramonds nerves are so terrible bad,    a neighbor child threw sand in his eyes & it’s cost a lot to try to get it all out    causes him much pain & his mother worrys such a lot about him.   “It’s a beautiful moonlight night.   moon 1/4 full.”     My sister Nellie hasn’t written since we we there & she hadn’t wrote for something before that,    she was flying around as if nothing was wrong with her & wasn’t as friendly as usual, so let it alone,   guess thats the only way to do.    I thank God   He sees & knows all things    I pray His Will be done not mine but that he will Help me in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

Sat. Oct. 13. 1951./ Page. 2819./ 6. eggs today./ Elbert’s back is still feeling terribly bad.    he went to fish house & got enough for 3. meals of fish,    I washed out all my dirty clothes & one blanket & while he had a hot cup of tea, I rubed out his sleepers,    then he carried 2 pails of water & I rubed out his under wear, bath rag & towel & then sudsed & wrinsed out all of my washing while he cleaned enough fish for dinner,    I also got the potatoes on to cook,   water on for drink & fry pan on to heat & then got clothes on line & then fish on to fry & then finished the white clothes & then we had dinner     I had taken care of beds & rooms when I first got up & after dinner I washed 2 workshirts & 3 prs. socks rubed out & finished & on the line.    Elbert hung out the blanket & it was dry    when I hung the white things out I took it down    he hung out my 2 dresses & his shirts & brought in my night gown under skirt, shirt, two grain bags I had washed & got partly bleached    I used them & washed them today   1. dish towel, my pants, rags & was rags & kercheifs.    & then I rested 20 minutes & we ate muskmellon & drank tea    then, I ironed my dress & his shirts & he finished cleaning fish,    then I salted the fish & then wiped up dust & lint under beds & in Kitchen & made up beds & Elbert looked after warming potatoes & frying the fish    & we are both to tired,    I read DeHaans book half through & learned a few facts I had thought about many times, but hadn’t studied out yet    & I haven’t got them down in my mind, yet,     I will though, God Willing.    I Praise God & thank Him & Jesus    they are and ever will be,    & trust that Jesus will teach me His will & His ways,    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.

Sun. Oct. 14. 1951./ 5. eggs today./  We went to church this morning & again tonight.    the sermons were good & one young lady gave her heart to Jesus,    I pray He will help her to live closer to the Lord & strengthen her,    I thank Thee Jesus & pray all will go well, with each one of Thine, be with Mrs. Day & her family, each one & help them to lean on Thy arms,   trust & believe    It’s been a beautiful Fall Day & just as beautiful full bright moon this evening. 

Mon. Oct 15. 1951./ 3. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today    general house work & picked up apples, pears & a pk, of grapes & I cleaned grapes & they’re ready to cook.    It’s been a wonderful day.    Elbert give north end of house another coat of paint & it will still need another    it surely was terribly dry,    he says East side is next & maybe an enamel coat next,    I hope anyway, so it wont need another for 20 yrs.    by that time we may not need it any more.    I can hardly stand it to walk on my feet but am trusting the Lord will take care of them before long,    I thank Thee Jesus.   flowers are still blooming,    but, we don’t know how much longer.    I hope to bake bread tomorrow or Wed.    I Praise Thee Jesus, 

Tue. Oct. 16. 1951./7. eggs today./ I got up late & we were most finished with dinner when Miss clark came in    she said she had  had her dinner & wouldn’t have a thing.   she had sewed my dresses & brought them back    she sewed the hem in

Tue. Oct. 16. 1951./ Page 2820./ 7. eggs this today./ she sewed the hem in,  here, by hand,    she had turned it up & pined it but I don’t like my skirts short so I told her & she said, well, she thought it would look better,    so she let it down & hemed it by hand & talked,   she gets lonesome for some one to talk to it would seem,    but I know she talks to a lot of folks    she was over to see Mrs. Goll & maybe showed her my dress,    well, I don’t mind that, she put the hem in & sewed the belts & I have to put the button holes & buttons on     she did sewed hems in 2 house dresses & the rayon     she fixed the neck sleeves belt & hem but seems she made the belt to tight     I don know how for I had it just right,    it fastened with out having to pull it together tight but now I have to strain it to get it together.    Well she went home early    said, Mrs. Fredricks didn’t know where she was & she’d be sitting on the front porch waiting for her & ready to scold her when she got back.    Elbert took her home & gave her apples & pears,    I ment to give her afow [?] baking powder biscuits but as usual,  her talking to me & Elbert also    I forgot,  but I’ll make it right though she’s been wanting beef,     so, I’ll see if I can get some for her;    Its been another beautiful day & Elbert give east side of house half a coat,   he’s so tired, sore & lame & he’s got a sore throat,    he got it last night, & started to take care, of it this morning,     then he forgot it after he got started to work,    so, it’s bad tonight,    he’s gargling every few minutes.    Well, we been talking cider,    we have lots of apples that would make good cider & no way to make it.    Elbert took Lindy some apples & because he’s so queer & if you are not acquanted with him you wouldn’t know what to think by the things he says & does,    he took a bu. to Mr & Mrs. Mc. Neil, also     & I hope to get the ice box somehow,    I pray God will help us get it & that He will break Elbert’s cold & I thank Lord God of Hosts, Amen,    Glory to God,  I love Thee Jesus.    Elbert for got the sugar so my grape are setting here yet waiting.   Keep me free Jesus & close to Thee, forgive me & cover me with his pressious blood. Amen.    We have a big cock pheasent round here, we have seen him & heard him. 

Wed. Oct. 17. 1951./ 7. eggs today./ Elbert felt better today, but throat feels bad a-gain tonight,    but I thank God He took care of me .  I Praise His Holy Name.   I’ve tried to work, but the sweat dripps off my chin   feet hurt so bad,    I was out in the yard twice today,     I made a batch of grape jelly & have one more batch to do.    I cooked & washed dishes.    Elbert went to Huron for sugar & meat & butter so went to fish house & they gave him a good mess of perch,    but, I had dinner ready when he got here so we aate fish for supper,    he finished east side of house,    he says he wants to touch up east side a little & then get the west side done for radio says we will soon be having bad weather,    well, the paint will help the house a lot & it looks more cheerful to    it was so weather beaten & brown, but every time I spend any money I think about all those going hungry & I wish I could give them most of mine,    We failed to get the mail yesterday and the [?aeter] 

Wed Oct. 17. 1951./ page 2821./ 7. eggs this day./ Veterans have sent me a box of cards.   christmas cards & want 2.00 for them & they sent the car liecense number on 2 tags for a Key ring & want a dollar,    Well, I’d like to give more    they have been in a terrible battle    some lost parts of there body & they should be taken care of I know but how am I to stretch those dollars,    I’m in a mess right now & by the time I get out I’ll be iin again for it will be taxes again,    but, I’ll try to give them 5.00 soon as I can.     I Pray God will help me to send it & pay Miss Clark 2.00 for what she did to my dresses,    she cut the waist of to short in front on my good dress,    said she didn’t like it so long    as if she was going to wear it.    I told her not to cut it off but “Lord, ” she did so now I’ll have to make it over,   the skirt hikes up in front & it looks terrible,    it don’t pay to let anyone take your things home & cut ’em up to suit there taste,    I’m sorry but I’ll try to do one for myself if it takes me a yr.    I’ll not let anyone do another dress for me,    unless I’m to helpless to help myself.     It’s been a perfectly wonderful day,    I pray the Lord will Bless each one with renewed health & strength.    Oh God help me  forgive me & Keep me covered with the blood in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 18. 1951./ 4. eggs today./ We went & sold 3. doz. eggs 2.40, today & gave the woman 1/2 bu. apples, “Mrs. Robinson” she’s a nice looking & appearing woman,    she has 2. children a boy who goes to Kindergarden school & a little girl.    Elbert gave her a few apples & she caned 4 qts.    Elbert said Dorthy & LIndy has there house for sale,    I haven’t heard anything about it.    Well, we went to Miller as soon as we hit Vermilion & I talked to Harry,    he’s took a cold & it settled in his best eye,    I pray God will help him in every way he needs & as he prays & give himself holy over to the Lord, he’s laid there since he was 23 yrs. old & he’s 66 now, or soon now,    that’s 43. yrs. to Long, poor man.    I told Him how God healed me after the ulser broke in my stomach & how the Spirit had lead me to testify after some of the others had testified about verious severe sickness & that they had the Dr. but God helped the dope to heal them,    but, I told them how I to had always took olive oil when my stomach felt to bad,    but I didn’t have any when the ulser broke & had to rely holy on the Lord & He did the healing.    I’m not perfect, even now  I find how many mistake I make,    but, even though the Spirit proded me to get up,   I felt the rest didn’t believe my testimony & some didn’t speak after church & some stuck there noses in the air as if to show me they didn’t    I’m so sorry but can prove I told the truth,    and Jesus Knows all about it.    Well, we went to Krogers, Mrs Grahm “the manager of the store” was 

Thurs Oct. 18. 1951./ page. 2822./ 4. eggs this day./ looking after the restalking the shelves & Elbert ask her about the apples, if she’d like some & she said she would & so Elbert gave her a big pk.    she came & thanked me also & huged me & said maybe they could sell some,    if we’d bring them in.    but I don’t think Elbert will try to take any.    I bought almost 20.00 worth of caned food & some fresh & some meat & gave Elbert 6.00,    he spent most 2.00 for alcohol & stomach pills & I owed him almost 3.00,   I didn’t really owe it for I gave him some several times, but he’ll need it    he’s got to buy straw with hens egg money & meat for us now & again.    & I want to send 3.00 to D. A. V. & some to Sister Willitts & to Sister Gurney’s little girl    costs heaps to take care of growing children today.    We got done & got back at noon & fried fish & ate soup.    It’s been very hot & so many bugs.    Elbert didn’t paint today    I hope he can paint in the morning before bugs get out,    he has west side to do, & then a finish coat to do, of varnish & paint.    Elbert’s throat stays sore inside.    I pray God will take it away & kill even the roots for him & Harry,    I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus.   Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 19. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ Wel I got up in time to cook dinner & Elbert felt his cold all over his body & was in the big chair just feeling limp & weary,    I got the dinner & shook up bed between acts & picked up the wash & got the water on to heat while we ate dinner & then washed & got it all done & half dry.    it rained this morning early,    then, round noon sun came out     but, wind was North, cool & damp but the things I put out dried all most dry & soon finished over the fire.    & then I hung the rest up & they will be dried by morning,    I feel bum & sweat like rain but now I’m glad it’s over     only wish the floor was wiped up    I have to try & iron my slip & dress & make bread tomorrow & if I can wipe up floors.    I don’t like to do much Sat. so I wont be tired out on Sun.    It turned out to be a nice day.    John Snyder & Ethel was over to there place today,    she was over to Georgie’s home     while John husk corn & carried it here to his crib across the road, with his tractor with a homemade carrier on back of the tractor he reminds me of a child at plan,    when he came with the last 5. bu. she came & he put every thing inside & she took him away in her car.    Haven’t had any word from Audrey or Nellie or Bonita for 2 weeks,    Audrey had a job,    but, I don’t know how she likes it     Martha seldom writes & she thought she would.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessing & I Praise Thee & all Glory belongest to Thee forever & ever Amen.

Sat. Oct 20. 1951./ 7. eggs today./ I cooked dinner,    Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish,   he cleaned them & had to help clean stove top “gratts & pan” while I got the intestines a real dirty job, down among the nuts & bolts tubing pipes    I got done almost as soon as he did,    I had the potatoes ready ready to cook & water ready to heat,    so, I put top in order & food on to cook & fry pan on for fish  soon we had it ready to eat

Sat. Oct. 20. 1951./ page 2823./ 7. eggs this day./ Pa’s & Ma’s wed annaversily 72. yrs. / mixed up a batch of bread & set it to raise then swept & dusted & wiped up the floor    then sprinkled my slip & dress & Elbert’s shirt & ironed them.    I did my usual work also & salted all the fish for us & Elbert took Harry 4. & Mrs. Sprunk  4.  & Miss clark 3 & a lump of dough,    he couldn’t find her brought her’s back instead of giving them to Mrs. Sprunk    & his cold is bad in his throat again tonight & I feel so terribly tired, but thank & Praise the Lord for all things Amen.     It’s been a beautiful day & I have been stuck inside.    Elbert mailed card to Audrey today.   I hope to get to church tomorrow.

Sun. Oct. 21. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ Well, we got off in time for Church & came back & hadn’t quite finished my dinner when Miss Clark came to back door,    she had come with a Mr. & Mrs. Hill & there little boy, “aboy about 5 or 6. yrs. old”   Miss Clark sure has a way of getting around,    well, they seemed to be nice people,   they or Miss. Clark wanted apples,    so Mr. Hill & Elbert went & picked up 1/2 bu.    they looked the place over & visited    Miss. clark saw the fried fish & I gave her 3. or 4.    they were hot yet,     they were going up to Hills at Berlin Hights,     I believe they are relatives;    Well, we went out & picked a few flowers & then they left & we came in & rested & had rice soup & went back to church     there were  quite a few there   Mr. & Mrs. Weikle,  Mrs. Mc. Neil & Mrs. Howel & her daughter, her sister & brother-in-law     & they are Mertles mother, sister, Aunt & Uncle, Mertle, Tom & Ronie, Mrs. Day  her son & two daugter & there neighbor girl,   Mrs. Sprunk, Mr & Mrs West Sr. Mr & Mrs. Lindy West & children & Mr. & Mrs. Eddy West & children  Mr & Mrs. Smith & a couple I didn’t know,    Mr & Mrs. Young & Mr. Whitman & my self.   Mertle getting so she can preach real good plain sermons.    It’s been a beautiful warm Fall day.    I thank Thee & all praise & Glory belongeth to Thee for ever & ever, Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 22. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ Well, I just didn’t work today, “that is” I didn’t do my my daily round.     Elbert felt so bad I didn’t know what to do for him,    his stomach    I’ve been cooking onions & we both have eaten of them,    so, he took a couple tablespoons olive oil last night & this morning,     I had him take a teaspoon epsom salts with a big pinch of soda & small pinch of cooking salt all mixed up together, in 1. third glass warm water untill disolved,   then filled glass with water & he drank it    1/2 hr later he drank hot coffee,    his bowels had his stomach all upset & it was burning & his bowels griping & in short time he unloaded,    he looked sick,    I made more hot drink & he ate light dinner & a light supper & said he felt better  Praise the Lord    Oh Jesus I thank Thee so much for it lightens my load,  Amen & Glory to God    It’s been a beautiful day    but, strong south little west wind,    it did give us a light shower this morning early, then cleared off. & wind died out at sun down.  No word from any of the folks today, hope for tomorrow.

Tue. Oct. 23. 1951./ page. 2824./ 6. eggs today./  A fine day with a N. East breeze,    it rained in showers all during the night & cleared off about 9-a- m. & sun shone all day,    it was partly cloudy & clouds were coming from the S. & little west    it tried to rain after dinner but gave it up     what we got in the night only soaked down 2. inches.    I had Elbert lift my India lilly out the dirt,    it had 4 little ones on it    I trimed it & put dry dirt on the raw spots after I washed it,    now it will lay dorment untill Feb.    it isn’t as large as it has been some times,    but it’s firm & plump.    I trans-planted some of the little plants that come from the seeds I bought.    I think they were to thick in the one pot    I have some more to thin out yet,    floswers are still in bloom in garden & yellow dahlias are just beginning to grow good & we’ll soon have to dig them & the glads.    Elbert wants to put some sement in the crack under the house around top of foundation,    it cracks & falls out,    house shakes so bad at times.    He’s felt so bad he didn’t get all the second coat of paint on yet.    I hope he can get it done, yet.    I haven’t been able to do much today.    Wind’s coming in heavy puffs & light showers of rain.   No word from the Girls today.    I pray all is well with them,    & God of Love & Mercy I pray Thou will help me to Know & What I can do about it    I thank Thee & trust I shall know tomorrow,    Help me to do what ever I can.   I do thank Thee Jesus. 

Wed. Oct. 24. 1951./ 4. eggs today./ Well, I riped out all the sewing that Miss Clark put in my dress & then I did it over so it will look more neat & got it all stitched have to fill the belt down & sew on snaps & buttons & make button holes,  wash it & iron it then I’ll have to do the other one, then I don’t know what to do with the one for church,    she sure made a mess of that.   I’ll have to spend some time on that by the looks of it   I’d really be ashamed to do such a terrible job as that for any one.    I pray God will help me to take it apart & fix it over so it will look neat & nice,    help me Jesus I pray.    & I thank Thee for helping me get the one, done today,    I’ve got to wash it before I can wear it, for it’s so soiled from being handled & I can’t see why it should look that way,    but she showed them to more then one I know,    Oh, Well, God of Love & Mercy,    I pray Thou will pertect me in the future,    I thank Thee Jesus Blessed, Merciful & Holy,    I know you wouldn’t do the things to me that others do & I do love Thee & Praise Thee,    Glory Glory, Hallelujah, Amen, Amen.    I received a letter from Martha today telling me Jean Ann is not well or strong    & she fainted in school & Jim took her home,  where she stayed for a week,    she has low blood pressure    Well, that’s been my trouble, when I haven’t had what I need to eat & often worked to hard.    I often wish I had saved the receipts Doctor Thiman gave me.    Audrey isn’t working,    Martha wanted to go to Jimy Harnish’s funeral, but didn’t have any one to go with her.    she said Beatrice & Vivian “Jimmy’s sisters” came to the funeral & Bonita & Vivian were over to see Audrey,    but, Martha didn’t see her & she didn’t know how Nellie & the others were.    I received a letter from Nellye Mc.Carthy    she’s still in Buffalo, N.Y. , 

Wed. Oct. 24. 1951./ page. 2825./ 4. eggs today./  two boys married & one at home.    Leslie & Don 31 yrs married & Raymond 26. yrs. old   all working & Nellye feel old,    I don’t know just how old she is, but, she’s older than Frank & he would be 70 this coming April 1952. so she’s 71. or 72. yrs. old,    she fell & broke he leg & hasn’t been feeling so strong since    says she still has her 1941 studebaker car & she & Raymond to a little trip this summer.    she hasn’t much money & may have to sell to keep living.    I do wonder how she’s going to sell & have a place to live.    She said Georgie Mc.Larin had married a janitor,    I didn’t know her man was dead,    She said Dan had been dead 4. yrs. now.    Oh how time is flying & yet people are wanting this worlds goods & striving so hard to get it.    Oh God help me to do thy will in Jesus Name, Amen,    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. 

Thurs. Oct. 25. 1951./ 4. eggs today./ Well, I did the washing or over half of it & have Elbert’s change of clothes & his night clothes to do yet.    he went with the eggs & I gave him 5.00 & he used it all & even the egg money 2.40 he spent 8.94   he had the checks for egg money 4.80  making him 9.80 & when we checked up he had 2.00 left. or so,    I can’t figure it out.   Breeze was South for a while, then went N. east & then about 4-p-m went back S. west    it’s been a beautiful day & not cold,    I dried the clothes out side & wore no hat or jacket.    We received a letter from Audrey today & so I’ll have to write letters & cards soon.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things and pray Thou will make me of more service to Thee, Amen. 

Fri. Oct. 26. 1951./ 6. eggs today./ Well,    I sure enough felt punk today.    I swept the stairs down all the way & cleaned out cob webs & looked to see how much can fruit was left, so there is not much left & the cans are disapearing all so;    I got 6 cans & got up stairs again & after resting I canned 4. qts. apples & I wonder who will eat it,    there’s a few cans of peaches left down stairs yet,    Oh this is such a wicked world to live in.    I filed the belt down in my dress, house dress with green braid on it & sewed the buttons on & now I have to make the button holes & sew snaps on & wash & iron it,    then I hope to start on the other one & then the good one,    looks as if it will be a terrible job,    but, maybe it wont,   “I hope.”    We received card from Audrey    said she wasn’t working  yet,    and that she got my card.    Well, perhaps if she can rest it will be good for her to lay idle a little while     she’s worked so steady for a good number of yrs.    she says the one aday vitimines are begining to work & she’s feeling better & that Jean Ann is better & don’t have as many bad spells as usual.    Another hen died today   only 22 left..    It’s been a fine day,    Elbert has painted all of the south end of house today,    yesterday he put cement, between house & foundation & has that job half done,    it hurts his back & hip so bad,    I’ll be glad for his sake when it’s all done.    I managed to get my daily grind done.   & sit between acts.   Now, it’s bed time & Elbert’s in bed & so tired he moans & sighs every few minutes.    Today Mrs Kilbride wrote & said we could get the fresh milk again Thank God,    I need it so bad & Dear Heavenly Father I do thank & Praise Thee for all things, & for answering her promise, but, I thank & Praise Thee,   she did,   & I know it was Thee Who looked after it, & knew how much I needed it Glory to God I Praise Thee.

Sat. Oct. 27. 1951./ Page 2826./ 5. eggs today./ Well, Elbert hasn’t felt like doing anything today, did to much Fri.    Well it’s rained  in misty & light rain all day.,    I worked at my dress & got it all done & pressed it    when I ironed my petticoat it tires me terribly,    I hope to get the others done next week & I do hope to finish cleaning my room,  Elberts room & the kitchen,    its so hard for me to clean cupboards & close closets,    but, I hope to make it.    We have had such nice weather,    It’s to bad to waist any of it.    It’s been so dark,   it’s hard to sew,    but I stuck by & finished the dress.    I did the usual house work.    I thank God for my blessing.    I know it’s only through Him I am blessed   Praise His Holy Name,   I pray I may be found worthy at His Coming,    I want to be with Him so much & I do hope & pray from the very depth of my soul for my brothers & sisters, my nephews & neices, my cousins & all the families & all the slaves, Thy Holy Mountian, Jerusalem & all her peoples & the missionarys & there converts & the ministers, priests, preachers, teachers, scolars & all the saints that belongeth to Him & the deaf, dumb, blind crippled, maimed, bed ridden, convalesents, orphans, widows, those bearing children & those Who mourn & for the sorely afflicted tempted & tired for the poor,  naked, hungry hoomeless miserable, & wretched for the old people in homes & prisons hospitals & camps    for every soul of His & for the rulers governors & directors of the peoples in every country all over the world & I ask my prayer will be one in faith with many, many others in Jesus Name.    Convert us & help us to understand & do Thy Will not ours,    strenghen each of us in all way we need   We Know Thou art able to do all thing    We are trusting & believing We pray Thou will keep us, forgive us, our sins,    Keep us covered with the blood & that Thy Coming wont be on the Sabath nor in the Winter    We thank Thee Jesus & may all the Praise & Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 28. 1951./ 5. eggs today./   Well we were home all day    Wish I could have been in the services, but, haven’t had much strength,    took a little cold & it’s been hard to keep my self dry.    Now we ate fried potatoes & pigs fat, pickled & both our stomachs are re-aring    I pray the Lord will fix them & despose of it with out tortureing us,    We listened to Billy Grahm, Rev. Fuller & Rev. Bueser over the Radio.    Radio said 30 to 32 degrees tempture tonight & the apples are out side & the beets & carrots & big yellow dahlias are just begining to bloom good,    the beans would have one more mess in just a day or so & the honey suckle is all in bloom.    Elbert went out & covered the apples,    I pray they don’t freeze tonight,   he’ll put them below tomorrow & the beets & carrots & put the bags over the openings above coop windows that will take some time, for he has to sort the apples.    It’s been a fine day.   sprinkled a fine mist untill about 9-a-m.  then, sun came out for couple of hrs.   then clouded up again,    wind changed from S. west to W. & N. West & there is a good breeze yet.    it rained in showers & misty showers yesterday & last night.    I laid in bed most of the morning felt to weak & miserable to get up When I did,    but, Elbert said when I got up, he’d have dinner, so he got what we had. Praise God. 

Mon. Oct. 29. 1951./ page. 2827./ 2 eggs today./   Well, it has been a fine day partly cloudy & a little cooler & we didn’t get a freeze last night.    Elbert’s got the apples below & coop taken care of,    but he didn’t get vegetables in,    radio say 38 or 40 degrees tonight.   big yellow dahlias are beautiful,   I haven’t earned my salt today but had lots of it.    everythings so full of salt it’s more terrible than I can tell,   & I don’t need so much salt, & all prepared meats are just Salt,   fresh meat cost so much we can’t buy it, & I need it so bad.   Getting to be as bad on this side for such as us as on the other side.    Oh God, help us & help them another winter on them & not enough food clothes or heat. & I thank Thee Jesus we have,    I pray I may get off to prayer meeting some where Thurs. night.    Elbert’s eyes are not so good anymore & he don’t like to drive after dark.    I baked baking Powder biscuits for dinner & made rice, speggetti, vegable, soup for supper,   my stomach has been feeling sore & so tired    I did my daily turn & got the dishes done up & hope to do more tomorrow.    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for all things, & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed True & Holy, Glory Hallelujah I Praise Thee, Amen.    We have had 2. qt’s. of milk from Kilbrides & this morning Mrs. K. was feeling terribly bad    some one took the little new bull calf & the rope she had it tied with & a new halter she had just had made for the cow & her son does the milking morning & he didn’t bring in any milk this morning,    he’s a bad fellow   he drinks & has done other tricks & I guess she thinks he’s at the bottom of the calf’s disappearing, according to what she told Elbert.    It’s to bad, when you can’t trust your own children or relatives. 

Tue. Oct. 30. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t feel as if I could make a raise of it ,   I did,   Elbert said he was going to Huron to see if he could get some fish,    but, they lifted yesterday & hope to lift tomorrow,    so, he thinks he’ll try again in the morning.    & I got up to see if every thing was O.K., after he went out,   & once again he had opened up the heater & in those few minutes it took me to get up & look out    the kitchen was so hot, Jackie was yelling & sitting crouched on the bottom of his cage,    I have to get up each time & see, some times he puts the soup on & then goes out to the toilet & it boils all over the stove, or the water on for coffee,    I pray the Lord will have mercy & Keep me able to get up & keep us from burning up, unnecessarily.    It’s been a fine day & warm South breeze & cloths dried fast & I got them all washed & dried 2-30-p-m.    We stopped for dinner & Elbert got the water so I could suds & wrinse,    I worked on my other house dress got it ready to stitch again & hope to get the other one riped this week & at least ready to stitch.    then Elbert has to have new pajamas, another job.    I want to clean under the cupboard so I can put what jelly I have on the top shelf, down below & I still have my cloth press & opisite corner to clean out.   & then Elbert’s room & the Kitchen,   the wood work all has to be cleaned & window washed     I got clothes all put away &  E’s night Jacket mended. Praise God, I love Thee Jesus. 

Wed. Oct. 31. 1951./ Page. 2828./ 6. eggs. today./  I see three pheasents yesterday & heard them cackle out in the back.    Elbert painted a little after dinner   then he picked up a lot of nice apples & put them below.   & he’s been doing odds & ends today   he hope to paint when he gets back home,    he went for fish, but, didn’t any & he went for milk, & had to take last night’s milk,    she said it was a strange thing,    but, when she got up the cow was feed in the back yard & she went round the house & there was the calf,   it began to blat & come to her   the cow called it & she & Loftus “one of her sons that also lives at home” got up & helped her get the calf in the barn    L. works in South Lorain at Thew Shovel works, nights     the bad son works in section gang on railroad , “New York Central.”   he works out of Vermilion & ride to work with another man.    Elbert brought me some Coleus Mrs. Kilbride gave him for me.    & he pulled the carrots & a few beets,    I pulled most of beets & we  toped them all & I helped carry them to the basement window & he went down & I handed them to him,   then he put 2 boxes of apples in grainery for it’s getting colder & radio said it was going to freeze & I pick a few yellow dahlias a nice bunch of roses & a few other flowers    & I warmed up the supper & I am all in.    I cut a yoke for inside of the back of my dress,  got it sewed in & have to let part of bottom loose & let it up a little   turned edge under to much 1/4 inch,   well, to bad but wont take long & I’ll do it by hand anyway.    I got a Kettle of apples ready to cook in the morning,    Elbert’s to tired to rest at night & I don’t do half as much & am tired most to death.   But I thank God every day that I can get up & do for the two of us what has to be done.    I wish I was doing more for His cause.   I pray God will help us to be ready & worthy at His coming & the time is sure flying & He will be calling us before much longer.    I thank Him for saving my soul & pray I may receive the Holy Ghost,    I thank Him & Praise Him for all things, Hallelujah, Amen.    Winds North east     been partly cloudy today & just a little Chill in the air    I am glad the frost has help off so long for Elbert thinks there is one more mess of beans to pick & it has given us a chance to take care of apples & he has painted a little & hopes to get it finished    wish I could help him,    his back & hip has been bad,   he has a little cold & it always hits the weak, places first.    I had him mail a card to Ineze Hunt this morning.   We haven’t heard from Nellie since we were out there & no word from Bonita either,    I have to write to Audrey & Martha & I often wonder why the Wheeler girls don’t write just a card, but they don’t   maybe they just put it off like I do.    I wish I could take a load of apples to all that would like them.

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