February 1952

Fri. Feb. 1. 1952./ 2. eggs today/ Sun came out bright this forenoon,   it rained in light showers last night & all of today & sun was bright when we got the heavest shower & came through at intervales,   been a beautiful Spring day & quite warm and is still quite warm outside at 10-p-m. but cloudy.   Didn’t do much today,   didn’t get up untill noon   got some ach out of me.   Received letter from Nellie   she wrote 4 pages but didn’t say much,   she said Bonita got a better job & would get more pay & that she taught 3 weeks but was home again & that Audrey had gone back to Cleveland to work & that she hoped you folks are O.K. She didn’t mention the Bonita’s children or Ethel & Walter or her own Children or any one else  only she guessed it was Wyn’s birthday.    I had 20.00 dollars,   I have to pay 9.50 for gas tank & I have to save for my taxes 10.00 or 12.00 & I sent him to Huron to get a little meat   he promised me faithfully he’d bring back 15.00    I just knew if I let him have that bill I’d never get 15. back  but I took him once more at his word & it always turns out just like that, then he tells Audrey & Mrs. K. & I don’t know Who else what a crank & big boss I am & I don’t know what else, but even then,   I have to look out for the necessary things,   he says he’s discouraged.    I pray hard every day for endurance,  if I could only get out & go to town or some church & get my spirit refreshed couple times a week but no,   I haven’t been any where since last Fall,   Well, tomorrow’s groundhog day    I ought to get out when the sun shines but if it don’t shine I ought to be able to go out every day.    I thank God for all our many blessings & I pray & trust for the best in Jesus Name   I didn’t sew   my eye hurt me all day.   Elbert don’t feel good   he can’t exersize like he’d like to .  drive way is getting soft   he puts the ashes in the wetest places but it needs ground

Sat. Feb. 2. 1951./ Page. 2869./ 4. eggs today./ Groundhog day.  and he sure could have seen his shadow for the sun shone through a few times this morning & most of the after noon it was bright, it’s quite warm, I killed a fly on my window this a-m.   Well instead of scrubbing the floor & steps today  I got at my dress and praise God,  I got it done.   Now I hope to get out to church  Sun. once again;  I only need strength now to get out so perhaps We’ll go to Huron.  It’s been quite warm today although wind was N. east.   I pray God will help my kidneys so I can go for one service at least   Its been a beautiful day, like early Spring. I’m going to trust Jesus to help me in that way, also.   I thank Thee Jesus & I Glory in Thy power,   I think Thou are Wonderful  There’s not a soul that I know on earth I love like Thee & I pray for strength & more faith a stronger faith in Thee    I pray you will use me in what ever way Thou seest best.   Mr. Plato was here today    State has shifted things, have to fill out new papers.  Oh God, help us, with our souls that we maybe all Thine.

Sun. Feb. 3. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ Jim & Jean are 18. yrs old today/ Well, I tried to write & I couldn’t & talk & so I’ve been sitting here so long & wrote a note to Jim Jean 18. yrs old today & Joan & a line to Martha & Merlin and a letter to Audrey & now it’s so late I wish I was in bed.   It’s not been a rainy day   not very cold  N. east breeze.   We listened to the sermon over the radio.   I wanted to go to Church but, sure enough something had to be wrong with the car.   I just wonder about it,   but I’ll know tomorrow for he will be going some where, if he gets his check.   I do thank God in Jesus Name  I can listen to sermons on radio   I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for all things, Amen. 

Mon. Feb. 4. 1952./ 5. eggs today./  Well, Elbert got his check & drove car to ‘Vermilion’ got fuse put in & he paid his bill 5.25, he didn’t need to have spent that, had he used a little judgement, but it’s paid & we suffer loss,   he paid Martin 1.14 & got 2.65 more in meat & paid for it   he got backing powder at Rath-burns & grain & few things at A. & P. & rest at Krogers   he paid a dollar on his watch & paid dollar for gas & when he got back he gave me 2.00 & says he’ll give me three more when he breaks his 10.00 bill. & when we figured up what he spent he was 10.00 short,  Well, God Knows, I pray I don’t have to suffer to much  & that God will take care of me through all the way & every day.   He showes me & under stand.   May God help him in all the ways he needs. Amen.  I couldn’t do much today,   tried to write to Johny & Marcie, but am so, slow, I didn’t get much done,   I went out back & empted can.   it wasn’t cold out & I hope to go every day & get use to being out again.   Elbert ask me to go to town,   but, I have to do the wash-ing yet & I wanted to write that letter, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.   It’s rained a fine misty rain most of the day.  Elbert met & talked to Mrs. Day’s father & saw Mrs. Day but not so as to speak & he saw Mrs.___

Mon. Feb.4. 1952./ page. 2870/ 5. eggs this day./but I didn’t find out what they had to say,  only a Mr & Mrs Roberts went for Grace Day & took her back & that she’ll be home to stay soon.   Seems the Roberts have money & want to buy a place & have a cow, pigs & chickens & they go to 4.Square Church.   I pray if they are all right for neighbors they will buy Bessie’s place or Rue Sarr’s place if they still want to sell it.    I’d sure like to have some good neighbors, & it would be wonderful to be able to buy fresh milk & butter & perhaps some park, close by.   Oh God help me in that way I pray.  Wind or breeze is N. West & still light misty rain, I praise Thee Jesus true & Holy. Amen.

Tue. Feb. 5. 1952./ 5. eggs today./ Well, got up late, but, got washing done with Elbert’s help, he carried the water & washed out his 2 union suits   his sleepers & work shirts & he suds & wrinsed them & I got most of them dried.   We had late supper & had just got done When Armond Bonney & his wife & 2 little children came in little girl Cora is 4. yrs. old in April & boy Bruce was 5 in Feb.  I don’t recall now, but seems as if she Clara said, last Feb. & he can’t go to school un-till this coming Fall.  They were here an hr. or so. came to see Elbert;  I send each one in the Families a card at Christmas time & some of them said once, if Elbert got sick that I  it would be very doutful if I let any of them know Frank Babcock wouldn’t let me write & tell any one how sick he was, he said lets see how many of them will come to see us, for Nellie knows I’m sick, so they said lots of things about me then & I wrote on the cards that Elbert would have to go to the hospital before long to have another rupture sewed up.   I have told them so they wont have a chance to blame me this time & I let them know the last time, Armond thinks he’d like to have Bessie’s for the children to play & raise a garden  It would be for the children, to play & raise a garden   It would be nice, maybe, he wants a garden tractor to.   I wish I could help them    Well, I have got our beds made up & sleepers all dried & the small pieces, except the rags.  & I’m sure glad but it gets me all tired out & the children tired me they have to look into every nook & corner & it keeps one busy looking after them.   They told up Francis Cora is sick she has rheumetism round her heart & has to lay down a lot she’s over weight to, so they say.   Clara says she’s sorry for Ruby, the old home place is so drafty, she can’t keep free from a cold,  the rest of Frank’s family’s are well as usual.   It snowed little snow balls this morning & sun shone 2 or 3 times this after noon.  N West this morning & S. West tonight & not cold showery all the after noon snow, but it melted & no snow on the ground   it made ice last night in bird bath, thawed all up today   Elberts in bed & I wish I was in mine.   I Praise God for all things in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Wed. Feb. 6. 1952./ page. 2871./ 3. eggs today./ Nellie’s birth day.  She’s 55 yrs. old./ King George died Sun. Feb.3. 1952.& the radio has been telling all day about him & about his young daugter Elibeth 25. yrs. old who is now Queen, she & her husband were in Africa & are now on there way home & expect to be there Sun. Feb. 10. they were on a buisness trip, her father had died in his sleep.  it snowed early this morning & has been snowing a little thicker & now about 5 or 6. inches deep & it’s colder   wind went from S. east to N.E. & then N.W. radio says cold in morning, warming some in the middle of the day.   I have only done the daily round & I ought to have wrote letters & baked bread, We received nice letter from Audrey,  she’s having hard time to get back & forth on buss, the grayhound buss are out on a strike.   Jim & Jean were 18. yrs. old. Feb. 3. & Martha had a Dinner party for them & rented a table as I understood it, for 8 but there were only 7 of them to dinner   I don’t know much about it now, she said she gave the twins 9. 2.00 dollar bills each, Jim wants a better ear & Jean is having to pay for pictures   Jim takes his sisters to school & back in the car.   Jean is feeling better again, she has a short leg & is a light eater & she’s taking, ‘one aday, pills.’  I thank God & for all our many blessing & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for ever Amen.

Thurs. Feb. 7. 1952./ ___ eggs today./ And to day John would be 55. yrs. old./ I saw a fox just before we got dinner, he sat down beside the road for a few minutes  then went west toward the back in the hollow   We sat down & ate our dinner & Elbert saw the squirrel on his favorite limb eating a nut, he hurd something & went into the hole at foot of tree then, came out again, I took two pictures  hope I got one, at least, then 4 or 5 men came with rifles & they let out a terrific yell & S. was gone in a flash.   I yelled at them & they came up hill,  said were after foxes & had one pluged in over the other side Bessie’s place & one down in back of my place, they said they were tracking him & never thought of seeing him, but he was resting on some brush with grass & weed alarmed it & he fairly flew off & into a hole, so they think they have him pluged in & said they’d be back tomorrow to get them (I wonder)   I told them I hope they did & they said they were doing a lot of damage to chickens geese & lambs    I only did my chores & Elbert did his & we worked on the puzzle some.   We have 5 or 6 inches of snow & it didn’t do much thawing today, either we had nice letter from Audrey yesterday,  it was rather cold this morning & Georgia Mae had to get out & go, also, & she came just at dark walkiing up the road   winds sharp & cold,  I’m glad Elbert’s inside & I don’t have to be out in the weather much,  he wishes he was working.   I wish he was able   I still trust God will convert &

Thurs. Feb. 7. 1952/ page. 2872./ 4 eggs today./ him & heal him & be another testimony for Jesus, Glory, Glory I Praise Father, Son, & Holy Ghost for ever & ever, Amen.   No new, news.  & I’m going to bed. 

Fri. Feb. 8. 1952./ 4 eggs today./ Well it thawed quite a little & Elbert got stuck up to Kilbrides but got out without tomuch trouble, it was slipy other side of the track, he said he thought he’d turn around but at last he got up & back safe & is talking about going to Vermilion tomorrow   I ought to wipe up the floor   he tracts in so much dirt & wet, but I’ll see how I feel,   I’d like to go to Church Sun. morning just to keep in close touch with Jesus & do my part & to see Harry Miller.   While I’m there.   It’s been partly cloudy to day.   I made 3 tins bread biscuits did my daily round & the sweeping & dusting of all 3 rooms & I crocheted a little to night on a doily.   I have Johnys letter ready to go if Elbert goes in the morning.  Wish I had all the other letters ans. up.  I thank & Praise God for our blessing & pray for all the others Who need Him in many ways as much as we do   I love Thee Jesus & thank Thee.

Sat. Feb. 9. 1952./ 4. eggs today./ It’s been a beautiful day   snow is half gone again.   Elbert went to Vermilion    got greens for hens & for us & a small piece of pork, some grapes and a small piece of pressed ham, one needs a fortune to buy just the barest necessities of life,   I washed out dirty clothes there were & wiped up the floors & did my daily dozen.   Elbert did his chores & he doesn’t feel very well all day   he’s looked sick,  he did get my letter mailed to Johny & Marcie today also,   I wrote it on 3rd & 4.th. & 8th.   I hope they will take it as I ment it,   I pray God will help them to understand it in the right light.   We saw the squirrels today.   The men that were after the fox were in the hollow yesterday,   I heard 3 shots,   I don’t know if they got the foxes or not.    I’d like to go to Church but how to keep dry,   I pray God will take me in hand & deal with me in His way, & help me to be able to go to Church   I’m weak & tired & it makes me sweat & urite[?] I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee & trust Thou will heal me, I give thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.   We need some one amoung us to heal the sick.   I pray for a stronger faith & more power.   I thank Thee Jesus.   I love Thee.   Tomorrow is Sunday; I crave to go to Church.

Sun. Feb. 10. 1952./ 2 eggs today/  Elbert’s felt real bad all day & so have I’m some ways, but I’m standing on God’s promises that He will take care of me in every way, if I trust & obey, now I’ve got to get out to church   I get the sermons on radio, but it isn’t like being in Church with other Christians. so I do hope to  

Sun. Feb. 10. 1952./page. 2873./ 2 eggs this day./ God will help me & fill me & heal me & teach me more of His will & ways, in Jesus Name, Now I don’t Know why, I’m constantly, having first one thing and then another & I earnestly pray for help I want to be free.   I thank & praise Thee for all things & in Jesus Name.

Mon. Feb. 11. 1952./ 6 eggs today./ We have only done the necessities today.   It’s been a nice day & the Squirrels were out & played   A hen died & Elbert threw it on the brush pile & this morning it was gone    maybe there is still another fox.   The snow is most all gone again, had heavy frost last night & it’s colder tonight than last night.   Paper dinen’g come & no mail.   I finished doily I had started & have Kercheif most done &wish letters were answered.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus I pray & thank Thee Jesus for my healing & all things   help me to endure & to help others for Thy Names sake, I Praise God forever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 12. 1952./6. eggs today./ Lincoln’s birthday, one of our early presedentes, he would be 143 yrs. old.  It’s been a beautiful day, not cold, I saw some flies outside of my south window at noon today.   We had a heavy frost last night,  looked like a light covering of snow, it was so white & it warmed up a lot today,  squirrels were out playing & eating nuts & we saw a few more birds today, than we’ve been seeing.   I ironed 2 work shirts & 2 house dresses.   We received a card from Miss Clark & a nice card from Audrey,  She’s thinking of getting back at her old job in Lorain,   she says she hasn’t heard a word from any of the monagons since the birthday party, but heard that Bonita had really bought herself a coat & pr. of shoes & that Marry Sparks wants her to come back she misses her so much,   Audrey says Marry is like a real sister to her, poor girl,    she needs a real sister & I’m not much help to her any more it seems,    I know how she feels & pray God will soon bring her His way & teach her He can be the greatest comfort to her even more than any earthly friend,   I thank Thee Jesus, Amen.

Wed. Feb. 13. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Well, I did the washing & I’m tired   didn’t have much washing either,   It’s been another fine day,   but mostly cold, N. east cold raw wind.   Nothing moving as to birds or mamials,   fire feels good.   Elbert has a little cold, but feels a little better tonight.   No mail today.   I fiinished Sister Donavich Kercheif.  Now for writing some cards to mail tomorrow.   I thank Father, Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever & for my healing & healings, Glory to God in the Highest, all Honor Power and Glory truly belongest to Thee. Amen.    Elbert said Mrs. Kilbride has a bad cold, I pray God in Jesus Holy Name we can keep free from colds.   I thank Thee. 

Thurs. Feb. 14. 1952./ Page. 2874./ 6. eggs today./ It’s been a beautiful day   N. E. wind have been cold & raw,   but a nice suny day.   Elbert went to Huron   cashed my check & got some saucage & a few other necessities,  I swept while he was gone & got the potatoes ready & on to cook just as he got here & then after dinner he went to Vermilion & bought 16.00 worth of food & canned food & came back.   I gave him 20.00 for food & hope we can have a little meat out of what’s left   we have 2 weeks before an-other pay.  & we did fairly well last mo. & hope we can this mo.   I washed dishes  took care of rooms & beds & bird & plants & darned his socks & my wool petticoat   We got supper together & ate it like wise.   he mailed a card to Miss Clark & one to Audrey & I’ve got a letter partly wrote to Mr. Miller & I hope to write a few more soon   I thank God for all things & pray I may do more for Him by helping others   Oh God help me do Thy Will, Amen.   

Fri. Feb. 15. 1952/ 4. egg today/ Well we’ve been having N.E. wind cold and raw & so floor’s been colder than it usually is   I only did what I had to do & my feet get so cold   house cools off so fast   Elbert gets so uneasy    he gets on my nerves at times,   he takes over the cooking   & Well I’ll sure be glad When Spring gets here, but it looks like a dreary Spring & Summer.   We are not having Springs & Summers as usual,   white sun & cold nights & things just don’t grow like they should   but, I’d like most of all to get back to Church & prayer meetings & live for Jesus.   Help me Jesus I pray.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee forever & ever.   Elbert put the nuts out & the squirrels ate them & left the shells.   It was a suny day but cold N. E. wind.   isn’t much tonight   I received thank you letter from Boy’s Town today.   I praise Thee Jesus.

Sat. Feb. 16. 1952./ 4. eggs today./ Avery cloudy day,   I did out the dirty clothes & dried them in the house   I’d like to go to Church in the morning but I still leak so bad   I’m trust-ing Jesus will hear & answer prayer that I may testify for Him.   I feel He will take care of me in all ways & Elbert also & all Glory & Praise & Power & Honor really & truly belongest to Him   I Praise God forever & ever,  Glory to His Name Amen   It’s been snowing & we have an inch or so all over & today there was only a few dots & streak along railroad & fence rows.

Sun. Feb. 17. 1952./ 5. eggs today./ Well, it was cloudy most of the morning, but came out, about noon, but it was hazy with sun all after noon,   but not clear & snow most all gone a-gain & it’s a little colder again tonight.   We been home alday but,  I’ve listened to sermons all day,   I heard Billy Graham,   he’s one of God’s deciples Who isn’t afraid to speak the truth as it 

Sun. Feb. 17. 1952./ Page. 2875./ 5. eggs this day./ is in the Bible & not his word but, God’s words,  he eeven reminds the people as he preaches.   I thank God & pray He will bless HIs people & help us to live the truth for a testimony to Him.   I thank Him & Praise Him Amen.   & pray He will help each of us to understand always Amen.   The squirrels were out this morning while the snow was here & it was most gone when they left.   I praise Thee Jesus & love Thee.

Mon. Feb. 18. 1952./ 4. eggs today./ Well Hauffman called today,   he looks terrible   says his aunt has been in bed   she has artheritis   she’s a little better the last couple of days he says   I was tring to mend my corset   I got it partly done & hope to finish it soon.   The squirrel was out & got his bread & nuts.   Miss Clark sent a card & said she was sorry she bothered me.   One of her spells.   They are a queer bunch in Vermilion.   I pray God will fix her up, she & Mrs. Fredricks had flu. & are up & out to church Sun. Praise God,   I feel sure He will fix me also no matter how the rest feel.   I have a card wrote for Audrey Nellie & preachers at Huron;   I wish I could call on the sick & pray with them,   I know it is often hard for people are queer,   Oh God, have mercy & help us to understand & abid by Thy Will Amen.   I listened to Rev. Buser tonight & then tried to help Elbert with puzzle.

Tue Feb. 19. 1952./ 4. eggs today. / Frank’s been gone 19. yrs today./  Elbert gave one card that was for Huron Minister to the postman & he went to Vermilion & mailed Audreys & Nellie’s cards,   he went to West’s & visited with Mrs. West   he seemed to be sort of excited, as if he’d been to a picnic.   he got some dope in car so it won’t freeze & got a little meat & few groceries   Mrs. West had been to one of the Black’s funderal, one of the boys, Garry flew home for the funeral from California,   he’s studying to be a minister.   Mrs. West said they had a big funeral.  she said that Eddys wife is better & Lindy’s wife was better & 7 or 8 others, they had prayed for in the church including herself & that Dicky over in Corea was O.K. & her mother & brother & sister-in-law & her aunt were O.K.  She had been to funderal   Rev. Buser preached the sermon. I swept, washed dishes & scrubed the stairs & wiped up some wood work & fried chicken balls & Elbert helped what he could.   The squirrels & birds were here,   the blue Jay are so prety.   & Elbert says we still have one rabbit here yet,   it snowed early this morning,   but, it mostly gone tonight & some warmer tonight.   Radio says rain tonight. & tomorrow.   Oh God, guide me, all the way Amen.   Buser is on the radio every night at 10-p-m,   I listen sing & pray, Glory to God

Wed. Feb. 20. 1952./ 4 eggs today./ Praise God./ Well it rained & it was glary ice, then it rained some more & at 11-a-m road was free & Elbert went for milk.   it’s been a dark dreary sort of day   sun came through about 5-p-m, dim & 5-30 quite bright.   We tried to figure out the puzzle   haven’t got it & don’t know if we will.   I washed dishes,  just did the general work   to dark to sew, crochet or read, so we tried to think, but my head has felt bad all day.   Elbert’s stomach & bowels have been bad.   I thank God for His help,   I feel better in some ways & so does Elbert.   I pray all will be well with our souls. 

Thurs. Feb. 21. 1952./ Page. 2876./ 5. eggs today./ Well, I did part of the washing & my arms felt so weak   didn’t seem as if I could rub, but kept praying & God gave me strength to finish   Myrtle came in just as I was about done   she talked for half hour & then they went up to Berlyn Hights to Youngs (Young’s have a restraunt) & they go there to eat now & again.   Rony was in the car & driving it.   I told Myrtle about Mrs. Bacon & she said she’d get Mrs Young to go with her, but she didn’t say when,    shes rather backward.   No mail except a pamplet about some men speaking at the Grainge, at Huron, on boms &.   Well I got the wash done & dried,   I didn’t do all of it but pray I’ll be able to do balance Sat. or Mon.   Mostly cloudy    sun tried to shine several times this after noon & it set a golden yellow   snowed in light & heavy showers all day, not much on the ground,   Wind is S. West today,   was since Mon. or Tue.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blesing & that there are some who do pray earnestly for me in Church.   I Praise Thee for all things & hope to be filled & be of more service to Thee,   All Glory, Power & Honor truly belongest to Thee Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 22. 1952./ 5. eggs today./ Been mostly cloudy all day;  I & we have only done our daily round today.   Well I did darn Elbert’s socks & patched his union suit & tried to think, had a head ach, little cold   I thank Elbert went to bed with-out his supper & he said he ate no breakfast, he’s had head ach all day.  he did eat dinner & supper.   It’s not very cold out,  have seen flys out about noon for last few day,   it got little colder toward night last night & snow & it snowed hard several times today, but did stay, not very cold today or tonight   Elbert got most of the dinner & I cooked wheat meal for supper& we ate it with milk.   & we had soft boiled eggs baking powder biscuits & hot tea   Today is the birthday of George Washington, he would be ___ yrs. old.   I prayse Father, Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever, Keep me Close, I pray Amen. 

Sat. Feb. 23. 1952./ 5. eggs today./  Well, I got my bread set, corset mended, got supper  ate “Elbert cooked supper” & washed up the dishes.   I made a few bread doughnuts,   we ate about half of them for supper,  made about 2 1/2 doz.  Elbert sold 5. doz eggs 50 cents per. doz. total 2.50,    he went to Days & she took 4 doz & one other woman 1. doz.  he visited with Mrs. Day awhile   Mr. Day is better & Grace is lots better & home again & the big boy is over where Grace was   they exrayed his back bone & found one bone broken & in bad condition & Harry Jr. is in Oragon learning to be a typest for Goverment    other children in school & O.K.   her brother is fixing her car up.  Elbert wasn’t gone long.   I had two tins biscuits   I swept & took care of rooms & beds & I went out & emptied my can today.    I hope to get out a little more as soon as I can manage   I haven’t been leaking so bad yesterday & today so hope to be O.K. from now on.   No snow & not very cold   had heavy frost last night

Sun. Feb. 24. 1952./ page. 2877./ 7. eggs today./  It’s been a beautiful day, nice sunshine & we been home all day & not a soul comes in day after day.   I pray God will soon get me off to church again & help me to be in the to worship with others & fill me with the Spirit so I can praise Him in spirit Glory to God I praise praise Father Son & Holy Ghost.

Mon. Feb. 25. 1952./ 6. eggs today./  Well it’s been a great day,   I over slept & didn’t get up untill noon,  sun was shining   I piled out & helped with dinner & put the water on to heat thinking I’d wash, but we were only half finished when Miss Clark came in    I had Elbert help me put the clothes back in my room & shut the door & put wash board away & then Elbert sat down to the table while I got some dishes & knife fork & spoon & sugar, then Elbert got up & fried eggs,   while I gave her hot creamed potatoes.   Well we ate & piled up dishes & then, Add Haufman came in, so I was in for afternoon visit,   they left at 4-10-p-m,   water was still hot so I got at the wash & had it half done when Elbert got back   he took Miss Clark up to end of road to get the buss & had to wait few minutes, so I got done at 5-30    we put some noodles in the meat broth & had that for supper with pickled pears, bread & tea.   now I have the clothes all dried except my wool petticoat & it’s 12-p-m.   It’s been a beautiful day & I had hoped to wash my corset & Elbert’s double blanket, but maybe I’ll get them before long.   I thank God & Jesus that I’m better & hope to get out to church soon.   I believe Jesus will deliver me to help me.   I received card from Rev. & Sister Swarthout.   They are very busy.

Tue. Feb. 26. 1952./ 6. eggs today/ Well I did get much done today out side my daily rjound,   I cleaned cupboard shelf & it had got so bad, so cluttered up but I got far end done & everything off this end & had to sit, so Elbert got up & took old papers all off & tacks all out,   then I got up & washed shelf & wall & put clean papers on & things back where they belonged & I sweat like rain.   We emptied several cans of fruit that had been set back on shelf & not used & we spoilt  there are several more on the floor in the corner,   I have to get at things so dirty when you can’t jump & hop around & keep them clean.   I got the bags out & Elbert took them out   I’d like to clean his room & paint before hot weather   it is begining to look dirty again.   We would like to put plaster board inside all 3. rooms, to make it warmer & to save coal.  but I don’t know whether we can or not.   We just hope, for the older we get the more we feel the cold,   I pray God will Keep us.   I’d like to order our baby chicks,  now but don’t know how we can pay for them.   Well I should have washed the hand-kercheifs   I have done & sent them,   but, didn’t get it done   Mr. Hauffman brought his bird to me said, he don’t sing

Tue. Feb. 26. 1952./ page. 2878./ 6 eggs this day./ I don’t know whats wrong with it.   I hated to take it, for it gives him a chance to come, or excuse rather, & I don’t like him,   if Elbert wasn’t here I would-n’t take it but he said he only wanted to leave it for about 3 weeks.   I can hardly tolerate him.   I pray that God will keep me Close to Jesus & free from evil   I give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen. Amen.

Wed. Feb. 27. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Well we didn’t do much   wrote a letter to Sister Da Vedovich   she’s in Co Home Elyria Ohio   I crocheted a handkercheif for her & I didn’t get it sent at Christmas time, so am sending it now.   I wrote letter to Nellie & Mr. Miller but haven’t got them off yet   maybe I will before Sunday.   Well I did up the dishes, listened to Rev. Buser’s Comfort Hour & now I’ll read & go to bed praising God in Jesus Name for all our blessing & trusting I’ll soon be able to get out to Church.  May God Bless every soul of His & help me to help others in Jesus Holy Name.  Glory to God, Amen.

Thurs. Feb. 27 [should be 28]. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Well I managed to wash Elbert’s double cotton blanket  his sleeper jacket & my rages & my dress & the towels & my corset & have most everything dry.   & I’m so tired   Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 4. doz. eggs 50 cents per. doz,  total 2.00 & he spent it.   he brought me a piece of steak for dinner   it was so good, he got most of the dinner,  I wasn’t fit to wash & I didn’t get me a bite to eat or drink,   I want to be done before he got back, but wasn’t quite done,   I had to have more water.   It’s been a fair day, wind went from S. west to N. East,   Elbert thought it backed up,   well, it sent a heavy fog, but thats gone tonight after wind freshened up,   it snowed very early this morning but that was gone at noon.   Wind is cold raw & penetrating,   I hope Elbert hasn’t taken more cold from it.   I thank God for our many blessings in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.

Fri. Feb. 28. 1952./ 7 eggs today./ Last day of February & this is Leap Year. 4 divides 1952  just even,  4. goes into 1952. 488.  Well I wish I could help people to come to Jesus by leaps & bounds,   but, pray God will reach them through others of His ministers.   Well it’s been a nice day & sun not clear, but hazy & at 4-30-p-m, sun white as ice with yellow glow all around it,   it’s lots colder tonight & I haven’t been able to work today,  to tired & I tried to crochet & it made me sweat,   I should have fasted but just was in a condition of exhaustion so I ate my dinner & light supper & only did what was really necessary.   Elbert mailed my letters to Nellie & Mr. Miller yesterday,   I thank God for our blessings & pray He will help us in all the ways we need.  We received letter from Audrey. Wed.

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