May 1952

Thurs. May 1. 1952./ 11. eggs today./ Been a beautiful day N.E. breeze going S. east   We went out & dug a good mess & dandelion & then I stitched the bands on my underskirts.   hope I can get the corset done tomorrow;   I ought to wash out Elbert’s sleepers & small pieces,   but, maybe I’ll wait untill Sat.   I ought to bake tomorrow also.   Well, the floor needs to be wiped up again, before it gets to bad,   everything seemed to make me tired today.   We received a nice card from Audrey   she says she’s found a young couple that wants to get out in the country for a little while for his health,   I have been praying God would help us to find some one. who would fix up the cottage for free rent & help us when we needed help,   we need some one to keep the place cleaned of weed & brush & help in the garden, & if we get sick & need some one.   Well tonight a heavy shower went past us to the N. east  we didn’t get any rain here although it thundered & lightened here.   I haven’t washed supper dishes yet. & Ive folded about 4 doz. rags, done my daily round.   I had to wash the greens & clean them & cook them   It’s getting fogg now,   & I must read & go to bed & got a letter from Rice today,   he said he was going to read the scriptures I told him about.   I’ll send him one of Dehaans book now   maybe it will help   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things.   Help me to do Thy Will Amen.

Fri. May. 2. 1952./ 10. eggs today/  It’s been a beautiful day N. east breeze & chilly   it made my ear ach for an hour of so    it left as sudden as it came.   Elbert had a bad spell   he was leaning with one hand on grainery & leaning backward & I though he was look at something in the sky,   I ask him what he was looking at   When he did answer me I hurried out to him   he was purple   said he tried to get to the house but had to stop,   I soaked a towel in

Fri. May 2. 1952./ page 2905./ 10 eggs this day./ water & I wiped his head & neck & got him to the house & in & he sat down & I rubed him with alcohol   after a time he began to feel better,   he’s had quite a few such spells of late,   I pray God will convert & heal him.   I thank God He hears & answers prayer.   I Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever:   John Snyder said he’d try to plow a little strip for us,   for potatoes.  next week   I do hope we can plant the potatoes   We have so many things to get cought up it’s discusting,   I gave him all the coal money & still he’s behind.    Well we have to pay & so I’ll have to be firm about it.   I did get my corset ripped & now, to get it stitched,   I’m  in need of it   this one’s so sweaty.   No mail today.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

Sat. May. 3. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Another beautiful day,   I had a bad dizy spell this morning   Elbert made me a cup of tea & I threw up part of my dinner.  N. east breeze, hot sun.   I swept & wiped up the floors & felt to sick to work but ELbert don’t feel able to do anything,   I know he feels bad for he’s usually doing something,   he cut up my honey suckle vine,   it was partly winter killed & I hope he hasn’t kill the rest.    I went out in the park & looked around (with him) at vines, trees & flowers & baby robbins, birds are hatching there young & we have a great variety of birds, black bird has her nest in top of evergreen to the north out in front yare    mourning dove in the middle tree & robbin in one of the little evergreens   it’s a-bout 5 foot tall.   ground sparrow in roses & rens in the little boxes here & there & cardnals & brown thrush & blue birds & killdears & orchard orioles & one had a nes hung on the limb of Elm last year.   Then we have the goldfinch & several more   I don’t know what they are,   there’s some that are lite in color & the dark female canarys about the size of a robbin   the chick- a-dees & snow birds & some the look almost like blue birds only smaller than 2 kinds of wood peckers & 2 kinds sapsuckers, blue Jays, high holders, meadow larks & boba-links & whipper wills, there were a pr of raven here last year, but I haven’t seen them or the cat birds  yet the cotton birds are here,    we haven’t seen the squirrels for a few days & I haven’t seen the red birds, they have black head wing & tail.   I think it was a tailor bird that se[?} some leaf & made a nest   it was a neat job,  she had 2 babys, out back of the hen park & we see pheasents most every day,  but no quail anymore.   We are getting a heavy fog tonight    last night water froze in birds bath out side & due was frosty,   hope it don’t freeze the fruit trees are mostly all in bloom.   grass & weeds are a good foot high & need cutting I haven’t been able to 

Sat. May. 3. 1952./ page. 2906./ 8 eggs this today. / get out to trim & things are in a bad mess.   I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, for all our many blessings & wish & wish I could go to Church & go to see Mr. Miller.   We think we have our troubles,    but, Harry has laid there for 40 yrs. or more on his back & cant use his hands & arms or move himself,   his mother stoop on the rail road track & fast train hit her   God showed me & I wept & prayed for her & Harry,   she was in her 80 ies & felt as if she couldn’t go on, she told me her two daughters didn’t want to help & when they come they never brought anything for a meal & her money was running low fast & that she had to go out & buy food after they got there & then cook it & she felt to worn out to do it.   now he has to hire a woman to take care of him & do the house work.   Wish I was able to take care of him, We’d rent this & take care of him,    I pray God Will heal him in Jesus Name, I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sun. May. 4. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ A wonderful beautiful day.   We been home all day.  Mr. Winkel the milk man was here with the milk & he went out to the big apple tree to see the bulbs,  he wanted some of the yellow ones & glad bulbs.   We listened to sermons & prayed & I’m trusting Jesus will heal & free me again.   Praise His Holy Name Glory to God in the highest Hallelujah, Hallelujah  All Praise & Glory & Honor belongest to Thee for ever & ever.   I’m so glad for the words of God & Jesus our Saviour  that Thou doest help me to know & understand,    but I need more power & strength in soul & body,    I thank Thee for all things great or small.   Been quite warm with S. West breeze, going N. east tonight.   We still have little fire mornings and evenings   it froz ice in the birds bath last night and night before,   but it didn’t seem to freeze the flowers & the air is full of sweet blossoms. 

Mon. May. 5. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Been another fine day but to hot for this time of year. 92 degrees in Toledo Ohio today & Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & he came home & went right out & dressed them & I had potates & spinnage done & coffee, made & I went out & got a few fish & scraped them out & salted & fried them, after dinner   I salted the others & packed them & then Elberts check came & Postman left it at Sarrs & Rue & his little boy brought it up & my book from Dehaan.   then Elbert went to Vermilion & got 1.00 worth of gas for car & paid 1.00 on his watch & 1.04 for bacon he got last week & 75 cents for butter (so called) & he got qt. milk 23 cents & 65 cents for some ice cream 49 cents for nut 68 cents for choclotte, 74 cents for rice 3.30 for 6 cans Baking Powder & 15.36 for groceries

Mon. May. 5. 1952./ Page. 2907./ 9. eggs this day./ he spent 25.24 in all & he’s got to get a shirt, socks, tooth paste, iron beef & wine tonic & his liver pills & olive oil & a few more things.    I hope to wash tomorrow.  & Elbert’s talking of going to Lorain.   I wanted to go but here am I & only God knows when or how I’ll get loose.   I took the little rake & took the old dry grass & vines off the sweet peas out by the toilet late this after noon & I shook so bad, only a space 4. by 8. feet.   I need to get out to Church & into the sunshine more,   sun is white as ice, but, it’s hot days & cold nights.   I thank Thee Jesus for all my many blessings, I do Praise Thee & that Thou art, for Thy word & that Thou doth help me to understand & try to live Thy ways & do Thy will, Jesus Thou art Wonderful. 

Tue. May. 6. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ Well, I thought I never could wash,   but, I just got at it after I got dinner & I got most of it done,    I have Elberts sleepers & 3 suits of part wool underwear,   he has a pr work pants & 2 sweaters & there are the two wool, blankets on the big chair   later I’ll have 4 single wool blankets & 1. double wool blanket off Elbert’s bed.   I’m so tired & full of achs & pains, feet & legs so badly swollen.   I do hope & pray to get to prayer meeting Thurs.   It’s been hot today with to cool breeze white sun & icy breeze.   I thank Thee Jesus for the strength of today & pray you will help me,   there’s no one else that can help    Elbert went to Lorain got 2 qt’s olive oil & several other small things   he got a bag of mash $4.94,   & was so tired when he got home,   he is so worried,   but, Oh God help him Thurs to call on Thee & be converted & healed,   Oh Jesus,   I pray & thank Thee    Elbert called Audrey’s place, but no answers.  He saw she that use to be Bessie Pratte & talked some with her   she says all are well & also the Wheelers & every one’s working.   Help us Jesus.

Wed. May. 7. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ I didn’t have any strength today to wash.   I made two tins of biscuits swept & dusted & did my daily round   Elbert went to Huron & back   he got a card from Dr. saying he was to come to the Amherst hospital Fri. & they we’ll sew up his rupture Sat.   May. 10. if all goes well I pray  Dear Heavenly Father in my Jesus Holy Name, all will be well with his soul & body & I’ll trust & beleive for I know Thou art able to do all things We pray for our forgiveness & that Thou will keep us close to Thee. We Praise Thee & pray God be blessed for ever & ever. I pray for an even better understanding & to do Thy will.  & ways, help me Jesus, don’t let me drown I love only Thee.   It’s been a nice day mostly cloudy.  & such a chilly N.east breeze. I pray we go to prayer meeting tomorrow night, Amen.

Thurs. May. 8. 1952./ 11. eggs today./ Been a mostly cloudy day such & icy breeze N. east   I cut Elbert’s hair and it looks good I thank that was Mon   He went & sold the 

Thurs. May. 8. 1952./ page. 2908./ 11. eggs this day./ this morning & he bought 2.02 worth of coal & a bag of mash some pork chops for dinner & piece of shank for soup.   We had rice soup for supper.   he also got a piece of bacon & a cabbage head,   he is so nervous,   I pray God will quite him & fix up so he will be O.K. & that I wont have to stay alone for very long.   But trust all will be well with both of us.   He hates to go & I dread to se him go, but when we get old we have to be left alone & take care of oursleves as best we can, together or apart.   I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & pray Thou will help us to cling closer to Thee from here out,  Oh Jesus, blessed Jesus, May God be blessed for ever & ever. Amen. Elbert went up & ask 
Ellise if he could go to Lorain with him, he’ll get the buss to Amherst in Lorain. 

Fri. May. 9. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Well, seems terribly lonesome with out Elbert here & Jacky misses him to   I got everything done outside & was just about to eat my supper (rice soup) when. Mr. & Mrs. West Sr. came in & stayed untill 9-30.   We had a nice visit & prayer & then they left,   Rony & another boy ran away from home   been gone couple of weeks or so & just got back again   & things are not as they should be at Church so now it wont be long untill we change ministers again & I do hope it will be for the better,   I’m so sorry things are not steadfast   We do pray for strength for each Christian & for a stronger faith, & Now I pray Thou will help Elbert & let him Know I’m thinking & praying for him & trusting in Thee for his healing & I thank Thee & Praise Thee for it in Jesus Name.   I did the ironing today & kept feeling as if I might pass out, all the while Wests were here I went to basement & got them 3 of a half bu. of potatoes & then forgot the coal bin light & had to go back & what with all else I’ve done  am all in.   Received card from Audrey   she said she’d be out some evening or Sunday with the girl that wants to come to live out here.   It started to rain & it’s been at it since 5-30-p-m.  a big toad tried to come in when West’s went out,   he came to the light.   its after 11-p-m & still raining,   N. east breeze, cold rain.   I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost forever & ever. Amen.

Sat. May. 10. 1952./ 8. eggs today/  Been such a long lonesome day & each day will be more long & lonesome untill the day Elbert gets back home,   but if he’s O.K & will get well & strong, I’ll be so glad & so happy when he turns to God & give him all the Praise & Glory   may God be blessed forever & ever,   Oh, only those to whom He had blessed know how wonderful it is to talk to Jesus & hear His voice in answer.   Oh God of Love & Mercy I pray you will take care of Elbert now   I know You hear me & I am trusting and believiing as a child of God.   I thank & Praise Thee

Sat. May. 10. 1952./ page. 2909./ 8. eggs this day./ for all things & I pray you will help some one to go see Elbert & come & tell me how he is, or perhaps take me to him   Mrs. West said they would come get me & take me to Sun-day school & Church & then over to Amherst,   but they don’t know how weak & miserable My health is.   I sup-pose some of the family may go and see him tomorrow.   We received an anouncement of Jean Ann’s graduation the 27. of this month, May, & no other mail, but, how glad I am that God is with me.  Glory to His Holy Name.   The chicken miss Elbert & So does little Jackie.  God Bless It’s been mostly cloud, N. east breeze    it rained hard in showers last night & this a-m & grass was so wet & my feet.   It partly dried up this afternoon & I let hens out little while    John Snyder plowed part of the strip S. of Bessies ground.  When he started for home he backed into our drive & drove off in the ditch.

Sun. May. 11. 1952./ 9. eggs today/ Well I got up at 9 a.m & took my bath, cleaned my feet & Audrey & Martha came in  brought me lots of meat the lunch meat will keep but there is pork beef & boiling meat   they were only hear an hour & went again   Audrey picked a few voilets & I gave her some myrtle & some slips of house plant she wanted,   she said she had chicken all cooked at home & so they would only take a cup of tea & go, for they were going to see Elbert before they went home,   Martha said he seemed to have a lot of pain,   but that he look good & she thought he’d be lots better Mon. & Tue.   I pray he will & I’m trusting God that he will.   I was just locking hens in when Mrs. Day came in with the little girl that wanted to come and stay with me & she came to stay suit case & clothes   she goes to school 5 week days & I hope everything will be O.K.   she seems stray she brought up, the coal tonight.   & studied her lessons & has gone to bed & I’ll have to get up to get her on her way to school in morning so I wont get much rest mornings & I thought I get that,  while Elbert was gone.   Oh Well, I hope it will be O.K.   she say she’s out of school May   Elbert ought to be home by that time.   I thank Thee Jesus for answering prayers & keeping us.   Thou are wonderful & I love Thee more that anything in this world. 

Mon. May 12. 1952./ 10 eggs today  one a double/ It’s was terrible getting that girl off to bed, but she got up 6-30 & left 7-30 & had to wait so long, she decided to sleep untill 15 to 7-am   I got up before 10 a-m & the postman came but no check & I allways get it on the 12th.  & ELbert’s didn’t come either,   I got a card from Miss Clark, so, wonder Why check’s 

Mon. May. 12. 1952./ Page. 2910./ 10 eggs this day./ not here.  Well I hope it comes in the morning,   Wind went N. West & Oh, but it’s cold,   radio says tempture is going down to 38 or 35 & if feels 35   hope it don’t freeze.   Well I took care of hen   let them out at 10 & shot[?] them in at 2-p-m   it was getting cold & they seemed happy inside   I fed them a 5-30-p-m & locked the coop   the wind began to blow harder at 3-p-m.   at 4-30 John Snyder came & plowed strip N. of coop & filled his radiator & went back to work on his ground across the road   he plowed part of it yesterday & finished today & then he has to rake it & then ours.   We got supper and ate at 6-p-m.   I managed to sew for a little while on my corset   didn’t get it done.   but hope to wash tomorrow & so can’t sew untill Wed or Thurs. for I will be to tired.   & the girl made me a little extra, but she wants to stay & she does try to help   she got to bed at 10-p-m   We listened to Rev. Buser & now I’ll have to get to bed,   John ask where Elbert was & he looked stuned when I said he was in hospital.   I told him what his trouble was.   I had the little girl mail Elbert a letter & a card for the coal.   I thank My Heavenly Father for all things in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.  

Tue. May. 13. 1952./ 9. eggs today/  Well I did the wash all except blankets & his work pants & this girl tires me so bad,   she’s good but so slow & she almost whispers instead of talking,   she slept last night & I did think she would be better able to help me tonight but she acts as if she’s walking in her sleep or her mind is far off   had hard time to get her in bed at 11-30-p-m.   Oh I’m so tired   seem as if I just can’t go on.   girls mother seems very bright & full of pep,   she’s 45 yrs. old & has 4. children   this one is the eldest 16. yrs. old & one 14 yrs & 2 boys quite a bit younger,   she was driving a new dodge car & brought the girl home tonight,   the man works at Steel plant.   Well clothes are dry & I’m going to bed,   I mailed Elbert letter yesterday & have one for tomorrow.   I received a letter from Bonita   one from Martha & one from Audrey & our checks came today.   Been another cool day, partly cloudy   Wind blew so hard before morning I thought we might be going places   eased off at day break,   but blew quite hard all day –   I’ll have to rest tomorrow after girl goes to school.   I do thank Thee Jesus for today & sermon tonight & pray for strength & courage in Jesus Name, help me Jesus I sure need Thee for Devil is working over time.  I Praise Thee.

Wed. May. 14. 1952./ Page 2911./ 9. eggs today./ Been a great day   coal man came & brought the 2. tons of coal,   Well I had just finished sorting the apples & had a half bu. to take up to make apple sauce of & I caned 2 1/2 qts.   I was out to hen house twice & carried 2 pails of water 1. for hens & 1. for the house,   I carried the rotten apples & pearings out & put them in the park,   then I took the tops off the glads & got the most of them off.   West’s were to come today for there bulbs & they didn’t come,   I wonder if she’s feeling worse;   Audrey & Martha came,  they visited a while & Elbert told Martha to run the car if it would run so she did   it started right off,   they didn’t stay long.   Said Elbert walks to bath room & back.   Oh the crazy things they do today   I thank Thee Jesus for all things. Great or small   I love Thee most of All.   I for got the mail & left it in the hen house,   its been raining for an hour or so & it’s 11-30-p-m,   & I went out & got it   a letter from Ethel & an add.   I suppose it’s Loura Ann’s graduation card.   Yes, & she sent her picture,   I’m glad.   Audrey & Martha were both so tired  A. works in Cleveland & it’s a long hard drive over so many miles, I’m sorry.

Thurs. May 15. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Well at last I received a card from Elbert   he says he’ll be home Sat, or Sun.   Martha said she was going to bring him.   I haven’t got his Sleeper pants mended yet & I haven’t got his room cleaned    I wish I could do it tomorrow,   but I’m so tired out I can’t hardly use my arm to write.    I haven’t done much today,   been so heavey,  & bumped my head to hard today, it achs enough to split & we had a piece of hard luck today   John Snyder seem to think he can drive his tractor any where & he went through the back yard & through my lillie of the valleys & when he came back I told him to go out the other way but the ornery cuss chopped the little apple tree that blossomed for the first time this year all up,  so bad I don’t know if it can live   I felt so bad I could cry & he would have got my French lilace & rose bush if I hadn’t got there just as I did,   Oh, God why are people so inhuman in so many ways.   Well, its 11-p-m.  & I want to go to bed,   I Praise God for all things & for Jesus & pray    He will keep me close & guide me to the end.   I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever, Amen. 

Fri. May. 16. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Well, I thought I couldn’t wash,   but, I got at it & washed out my night gown rag (nose) & shirts & my two house dresses & Elbert’s double blanket,   now I have to try to sweep all three roooms & wipe up Kitchen floor.   I was all most done with the washing when Miss Clark & Martha came in    they stayed an hour or so & prayed for me,   I had fell yesterday & hurt my head & it ached untill it seemed as if it would split all night & after I got up this morning   I felt I couldn’t work but 

Fri. May. 16. 1952/ page. 2912/7. eggs this day./ after they prayed for me it left Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.   I got another card from Elbert this a-m & my shirts from Huron, Elbert ordered for me.   I washed them today, to,   it’s been a partly cloudy all after noon & it rained a light shower this evening.    Wind’s N. east.   I gave Miss Clark & Myrtle about 3. or 4. lbs potatoes.   I’ll not be able to give any more.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all my blessings,   I do love Thee. 

Sat. May. 17. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Well, some day, I got up at 10 & got a bite to eat & hung bedding out & aired it cleaned Elbert’s room & then mine & the Kitchen & took care of hens.   The little girl “Ilean Mc.Dougle” went with Mrs Hodgson & her son to some school doings    Ilean had to sing with several other girls,    they brought her back here to the house & said she would like to meet me, so I hope we do meet & like each other & that I can help her with her bible studies.   I washed Elbert’s blankets & dried them over stove before Elean got back & this morning I sewed them together across the end & mended his sleeper pants & union suit,   Well, Martha & Merlin came & brought Elbert home,   he’s terrible sore & heavy yet & he’s in bed now   I hope & pray he will be more careful than he was before   he looks quite tired   the inscision looks as good as it did in my vision & I surely & truly thank God in Jesus Name for He’s so good to me & to us   Praise His Holy Name.   We gave Martha & Merlin 1. bu. potatoes & sent 1/2 bu. to Nellie & Bonita & Martha said she & her ma would be back tomorrow after noon,   It’s been raining off & on all day & tonight & now Elbert’s tucked in & I had to empty can for him & now I may have to use it for my bowels haven’t moved yet today to much to do & now the little girl went back home,  Martha & Merlin took her   she seemed happy to go & she wanted to go to Sunday school & Church in the morning anyway.   Now the old girl must read & go to bed. Praising God.

Sun. May. 18. 1952./ 12 eggs today./ Audrey & Martha came & brought our food   & A. looks tired to death & M, looked tired but she was over to Berea Ohio, Jim’s tract meet where Jim was to run.   & Merlin went & he has a bad heart so he felt all in    I didn’t know how bad he was & he carried a bu. & a half of potatoes up from basement & put them in his car   1/2 bu. was for Nellie, Bonita & children,   M. said Nellie was angry because they told Bonita first about Elbert being in the hospital & like wise M. told Evelyn first & Ruby was angry,   they felt they should have been told first (such ignorance) for  

Sun. May. 18. 1952./ Page. 2912./ 12. eggs this day./ people so wonderfully educated,   I do pray God will give them an even better education, in his ways & will;  May God help each & every one of us to live more like Jesus to love one another as He loves us.   Oh, Jesus,   Will we ever learn to do Thy Will & ways?   Martha told me today they are thinking of going to Oaklahoma to live, to make there home for there health sake,   I pray God will take a hand in that before they do make a foolish move.    I thank Thee Jesus, for looking after them now bring them to the Altar before Thee convert & heal them & teach them before it’s forever to late & before any more evil over takes them,   start with them right now I pray & I thank & Praise Thee for Thou art Worthy of Glory, Honor & Power for ever & ever; Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day, cool N. east breeze & warm sun Elbert goes to out side toilet & back,   he was so glad to get home again & I was just as happy to have him back, to.  I still hope we can find some one to plant the potatoes in for us.   I slept untill ELbert got up   then I got up & fix him a bit to eat & drink & then went back & rested un-till noon   got up   took my bath & then got dinner,   then Martha & Audrey came middle of after noon   they only stayed & hour or so & went home so as to rest for tomorrow,   I hope AUdrey will get a job in Lorain soon   it’s to far for her to go to Cleveland & back every day   she will be 60 yrs. old July 24th & then Frank will be 62. July 27th,   Gertie was 64. May. 13.  so time is flying swiftly & sooon we’ll be in the great eterity I hope with Jesus for we’ve all had enough sorrow here,   & I pray all our souls will be saved   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus. 

Mon. May. 19. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ It was nice out this morning with sunshine   then it clouded up,  was cooler,   Postman put Sarr’s mail in my box,   I thought the paper was ours but Elbert said that was there’s also & I took it clear back to the box,   grass was so wet,   I took care of hens   gave them fresh water & feed,   let them out & shut them in when I fed them.   I carried 4 pails cystern water & 2 well water for us.   cooked 2 meals & washed dishes & baked 2 tins bread biscuits & 1. loaf Mrs. Oatus West, Mrs. Lindy West & Mrs. O. West mother Mrs. Sprunk came in (Dorthy  Mrs. Lindy West had her shoes in her hand & ask me if I had any dry shoes & I had her try on a pr.I got of Mr. Bockman   they were to narrow in the ball of foot for me & they just fit Dorthy   I was glad to get rid of them & ask Jesus to help me find some 

Mon. May. 19. 1952./ page 2914./ 9. eggs this day./ that could wear them & she was glad of them said she was going to have to buy a pr. as hers were worn out, & Lindy had been after her to get some,   she said these felt good on her feet to.   Well I thank Thee Jesus & now I don’t know about the other pr.   I paid 2.50 fore souls & heels & can’t wear them be-cause of the nails he nailed souls on & they hurt my feet & my  feet are so bad   I could hardly get around on them today.    Dorthy & Mrs West left Mrs. Sprunk here & they went out & Dorthy was trying to teach her to Drive   We we just ready for supper   Mrs. Sprunk had a cup of tea with us & by the time the girls got back the 1 loaf & 2 tins of biscuits were done,   I gave them 2 biscuits apiece & they went home saying they’d be back to plant potatoes,   they should have been planted last week.   Mrs West said she thought I was to have mailed her a card,   but with all I’ve had to endure, I don’t remember.   I don’t like some of the things Elbert says about me to others,    he told them my head was crazy part time & tried to tell Audrey & Martha he trimed all the roses & shrubery   Well, God knows it isn’t so,   but I can’t understand why he talks so mean about me when I do so much for him.   Well I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all Thou doth do for me & for us & pray Thou will for my sake as well as his convert & heal him.    I Praise Thee & Honor Thee for ever & ever Amen.

Tue. May. 20. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Well it rained & rained some more,   it’s been fogy damp & chilly, no sun today.   I feel so punk   don’t seem as if I can possibly work but I took the syth & mowed the path to toilet & to hen house & grainery & I’m so sore & lame my hands arms body & legs & feet & around my neck all ach   my elbows pain so bad,   but I got supper & did the dishes,    rained in showers off & on all day.   It’s real cold tonight    some of the bushes look as if they had been frosted, we had a white dew next to frost & the lillies show it,   & I feel it.   Elbert is gaining.   I thank Thee Jesus & praise Thee for all things & pray for your help now to get back to Church.

Wed. May 21. 1952./ 10. eggs today/ Well, I finished the mowing out to the cystern took care of hens & did chores, carry one pail of water to hens  4. cystern water for us & 2 well water for us.   got up to pails of coal cook & did the dishes   & we got a letter from Bonita & they sent 2.00 for the potatoes 1/2 bu.  We had promised them a bu. but Elbert was feeling so punk he didn’t take them.  So they hurt

Wed. May. 21. 1952./ page. 2915./ 10. eggs this day./ our feelings by senting us 2.00   they seem to think because we have the car we can get out & go places   We did plan to take them potatoes, eggs & apples last fall   then I got under the weather & was sick all winter & am still feeling to weak & miserable for anything    the girls thing it’s good for Nellie to get out & work so maybe they think the same about me,   Well, I feel sick tonight & Elbert said he wished he had planed some other way & not come back her,   I am sorry & it sure was a mean thing to say,   for I’ve been kind to him & worked beyond my endurance many times, more than I should,   but they all feel about the same way,   When you can’t help or give to them any more you might as well die,  it seems.    I haven’t done the washing yet & I don’t see how I can carry the water     my back is so sore & he has to have a clean union suit for Sat. and,   well, I ought to have it ready    for Martha promised to take him to Dr. Sat. to Lorain.   I have to iron tomorrow if I can, With God’s help.   Well the sun shone this morning & was partly cloudy this after noon.    I felt so bum could hardly get water & coal & feed & water hens tonight,   & I cried hard after supper when Elbert said he wished he had planed to go some where else instead of coming back here,   he’s determined to try to lift or carry & he hasn’t healed up yet & when I tell him no, he get angry, but that’s what he did last time & then said it was my fault & God Knows it wasn’t.   I tried to Keep him from working & he said all kind of mean things to me,   then when he knew he had ruptured him self again,   he said, well you wanted a garden & so I made it,    I tried to keep him from it, but he want to blame it on me,   but I’m glad God Know it wasn’t my fault,    I pray God will convert & keep him healed, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Keep me close to Thee, Amen. 

Thurs. May.22. 1952./8 eggs today./ Well, we didn’t do much today,   I finished the belt I was making for Elbert out of my old corset,   I cut it about 5 or 6 inches wide across the back & so it was like & uplift belt in front,   it hurt him so bad to get up & down,   his belly seems to be so heavy & he feels much better now that it’s & holds him.   I have another almost done & I cleaned out a few of the big weeds among the yellow chinese roses & Elbert took pruning sheres & cut a few branches & twigs that has red rust

Thurs. May. 22. 1952./ page. 2916./ 8. eggs this day./ or brick color powder,   we want to spray them & the ground if we can.   & that toilet sure has to have some thing done to it   it sure does smell up loud.   I’m so tired & back is sore   but not as bad as it would have been if God hadn’t took most of it out during the night.   I do thank Him so much for my feet hurt me so bad & seems as if I can’t stand all the hurts & offences of late.   Well, we had soup for supper & I washed up dishes & we were getting ready for bed when a knock came at back door & there was Armond Bonney,   he went back to car & he & his wife “Clara” carried the little boy & girl over to the house    grass was so wet,   it’s rained light showers off & on most of the day,   sun came through this after noon for a little while,   I let the hens out & shut them in early again, for it started to rain again.   I sorted & took care of a few apple & cooked a bowl of apple sauce.   While Armond & Clara were here I had them just ready when they came in,   they only stayed about an hour.   I thank THee Jesus for all things great or small,   in Jesus Name.

Fri. May. 23. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ Nice this morning,   my feet swelled so bad I couldn’t make up my mind to get up & do the washing, but at 10-a-m I got up & started & got the most of it washed & dried.   I have Elbert’s sleeper his work pants & shirt & union suit to do next week & my night gown  2 petticoats a shirt & socks & stockings, handkercheifs & towels & my dress to do.   it clouded up after dinner & has thundered & lightened & wind blew hard & it poured rain & now coming steady & easy in light showers & wind came from several directions & I thought it would hail,   but it didn’t.   Wind is now N. E. at 10-15-p-m.  We still keep little fire.   I’m tired   I carried water to wash, to hens & for us.   & a pail of coal up & stumbled in with last to pails of cystern water & had to clean up the water.   Well, I have lots to thank God for,   He has helped me through the ordeal & I know He will still take care of me all the way,   Praise God in Jesus dear Name forever & ever.   I Bless & Praise Him, Amen. 

Wat. May. 24. 1952/ 9. eggs today./ Well I carried my 4 pails cystern water & 1. pail well water for hens & 1. for us & cleaned stove pipe & cooked & washed dishes & looked after the beds & swept & I can’t remember what more I’m so tired,     I received a letter from Ilean Eileen MacDougall 815 Adams St Vermilion. (the little girl that came & helped me a week), such a week.   Well I’m really & going to bed.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things. Glory to God in Highest.

Sun. May. 25. 1952./ page. 2917./ 7. eggs today./  Been wet & rainy all morning & most of the day.   I took care of hens & carried 3 pails of water for house 1. for hens & 1. for house of well water.    I carried one pail of coal from landing up, but tomorrow there will be water mash & coal, double load & now Elbert’s on his high horse,   Martha didn’t come take him to the Dr., they didn’t write,    so, he’s going to Lorain on the buss, he can spend his money as he pleases.   The car got damp & it wont start.   Oh, Well,  I’m just the same old goat,   but I thank God He Knows & understands & takes care of me even when the rest pile the load on as high as they can.   Well we missed Buser’s sermon but had several others.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thou will get me back in Church.

Mon. May 26 1952/9. eggs today./ Well, car don’t start yet;   I carried quite a number pails of cystern water & well water,   I washed sudesed & wrinsed 4 blankets 2 cotton 2. wool, besides doing all the other daily things.   It was a fine day,  after all the heavy fog from N. east cold damp & chilly    sun was hot today, wind still N. east, Elbert received quite a number cards & a beautiful big bunch of red roses from Our Cousins “the Wheeler girls & Elsie’s girl, Philis Trout Smith) well he’s answered most of them & today he received a card from Rev. Johny Harnish & his wife Marcie & she signed Marcie Joe Mark & Wesley Jim’s names also,   & said they’d be seeing us soon,   they expect to come to Elyria, starting June 22.  (a very memerable day to me.   although mother has been gone for 37. yrs.   I still miss her so much.  Elbert has been on his feet quite a lot & done a number of things today   he help me bind the wounds on the little apple tree today & we cleaned up some glad bulbs & he took the hay fork & piled up the grass I cut the other day.   I need to cut some more, here & there,   but it’s a big job for me.   I do want to try to plant some bulbs this week.   & I must iroon a dress in case some one comes in I’ll have something clean to put on.   got 4 or 5 more blankets to wash & a pr light weight, cotton one’s to do.  about 7 in all.   When Elbert gets car going I want to go to church.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things   May God be bless forever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. May. 27. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ Well I hung my bedding out & suned it & we had S. west breeze, so it aired out good & finished drying edges of wool blankets   I took care of beds & rooms & help ge3t dinner & in came Miss Clark lookiing rather tired out,  said she’d had dinner    but we ask her to be sociable & eat a bite with us,   I got a piece of beef off the boiling meat & ground it & fried it for her,   for she don’t eat pork. & Elbert had got us some pork for dinner,    he

Tue. May. 27. 1952./ page. 2918./ 10. eggs this day./ got up early & went up to see if he could ride with Elise but he had gone,   so he went to Vermilion on the buss,   he phone Dr’s. office & has to go this Sat.   he walked to Martin’s meat & grocery store & back in time to get the buss & waited out side the house here 3/4 hr.    he said for me to get up;   I don’t know what woke me,   but I got up out of a sound sleep & there he was walking about the yard,   he was terrible  tired,   I dressed, washed & combed & took care of beds & bring out bedding  got some water & took care of hens & then got after the dinner & when we were ready to set done we saw Miss Clark coming & fried her meat & the pork. & had dinner    after dinner Elbert let the hens out & he had got the mail DeHaans book & some adds    & then we went outside & picked a few lillies of the valley & pulled a lot of the weed that has come up in them   some one sure sowed it there & it’s something like nettle & smarts the skin,   but we pulled over half of it & then gave up for today,   she had brought along & old dress & shoes & said she was coming with Mr. & Mrs. West, to plant potatoes (in the light of the moon) but they didn’t come.   Well, she left  Miss C left at 5-30-p-m. & walk up the road to get the buss   I gave her 1/2 doz. eggs & pt. can beef broth & she picked few lillie’s of the valley.   I got supper & feel to all in to do dishes, so I’ll read & go to bed.   I ought to write some cards, but, don’t know if I will.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for our blessings & the strength He gives from day to day Amen. 

Wed. May. 28. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ Well I’m all in & my head feels so bad   I done all the toating & then I ironed 2 dresses 1. shirt & 2 petticoats & mowed a patch of grass knee high by the clothes line & path.  Myrtle Eppler came just as I was ironing & said they were having some ministers from Austraila, to preach tonight & that Mrs. Sprunk just told her today about Mrs. Hodgeson & that she was on her way to Berlyn Hights to take an accordin lesson,   I pray God will give her a longing, a real craving for souls, in Jesus Name I ask.   Been partly cloudy, wind went from N. east to S. west & back again, cool tonight.    I wrote Nellie & Bonita a letter & it’s 12-midnight   I’m so tired I’m sick & had to heat water for Elbert,   he had gas in his stomach untill it pained him.   I thank Thee Jesus for Love & care of me. Amen.

Thurs. May. 28. 1952./ Page. 2919./ 13. eggs today/ Didn’t think I’d be able to get up at all this morning,   but, Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 9. doz. eggs 4.95 & he had 2.00, I gave him & he said he spent 10. or 12.00 for meat & groceries,   he got back before I got up & unlocked the door & come in so quite, it makes me angry.   he only went to 3 places to sell eggs but he went to the bank & got change for my 20.00 bill & to Krogers & A.&P. store & Martin’s meat, & grocery store & to Mill & paid 20.00 & I owe 14.34 & I told him to order the other 4., tons.   & I’d finish paying for it a little each month,  he didn’t tell them.   He’s help around here all day & feels rather tired tonight,   he is determined to carry water,   but I know he ought not & I have a great time to Keep him from doing a lot of things,   after dinner I washed quite a few dirty clothes & 2 cotton blankets,   it was late by clock fast time when I hung out the blankets, 5-p-m.    that would be 3-p-m sun time   they dried good, sun was hot & N. east breeze   hems were damp so I dried them over the stove,   I had his sleepers & change of clothes & my night gown petticoats wash, nose & other rags & towels & sock & pillow slips & covers & carried all the water & he looked after hens partly, to-day.   been partly cloudy all day   wiind dies out at night & it clears off,   new moon & stars are so clear,   it will be to cool again tonight    radio says 40 or 42 degrees, to cold for garden, We’ll have short summer.   I’m sorry I didn’t get to go to church tonight or last night,   I was up with Elbert,   he had distress in his stomach,   ate to much & to fast, I believe.    I wrote letter to Nellie & Bonita & sent the 2.00 back they sent for the potatoes, we sent 1/2 bu. by Martha & Merlin.   I wrote to Audrey also.   I thank Jesus for all our blessings & pray He will open a way for me to do more for His Glory.

Fri. May. 30. 1952./ 5. eggs today/ Declaration Day.   Wonder if Ethel will be down to Fred’s grave & if she’ll call on us.   I owe Laura Ann a note to thank her for her picture    I wanted to send her & her mother & grandmother a crocheted handkercheif & didn’t get it done yet.   We wont get over to graves to pray & so is Elbert.   Been a beautiful day & neighbors gone all day   they left about 2 a-m this morning.  No one came all day.   so we rested to day.   I Praise God for our blessings

Sat. May 31. 1952./ page. 2920./ 8. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Dr. in Lorain   he told him he was doing fine.  and he took the bandage all off & he bought the tea & went & talked to Gertie & Audrey & looked after mailing my letters & cards & Curtis & Eileens card & then he came home all tired out from walking & climbing stairs   it’s been a fine day, icy chill in breeze, but hot sun & it’s white as ice,   grass & weeds grow terrible fast, but gardens are to slow   I haven’t felt very well today.   Elbert carried some water today, not much,  half pail at a time & helocked up hens & buildings tonight,    his one knee is swollen & pains him   I do hope it leaves him tonight.    I managed to cook the dinner & had it ready at 2-p-m   he came little after & we ate.   Oh God, I pray You Will help us to get out of this rut.   I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all Praise & Glory, Amen.

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