March 1952

Sat. Mar. 1. 1952./ page. 2879./ 5. eggs today./ Oh God I pray from the depth of my soul, that Thou will help Johny & Marcie to find Thee in Spirit & then they will be a blessing to Thee & so happy in soul, so as they cry to Thee for the life of there son, I pray Thou will heal there son & fill them all with Thy Holy Spirit  Oh I praise Thee my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.   Elbert went to Lorain & see Audrey   she is still working in Cleveland & most every one’s quite well except Francis Cora, Martha, & Gertie was in bed today with cold or flue.   Audrey sent belting & bulbs & gave Elbert 5.00 & he bought Olive oil, paid his car bill & bought boiling meat,  but no milk for me & no Ovaltine & I’m so much in need.   I did iron while he was gone,  he got a money order for the taxes with the 12.00 I gave him & he got 1. lb butter for 91 cents & Martin sent me half a pickled pigs foot, he cleans & pickles them at the market,   they are good tender & he cider vinegar.   Squirrells been gone for a few days but came today & I’ve never seen as many starlings as today   the whole place was alive with them,  perhaps a storm coming & they were getting filled up,   there were lots of black wing black birds with them & several flocks of sparrows & after they were gone the little sap suckers came & some robbins.   We cooked supper 4-30-p-m,   Elbert got some red perch, ocean fish & they were good   we have a few left & the boiling meat for soup & I sure wish I had a cupful before I go to bed.   Mrs. Kilbrige’s been having flu.   Elbert says she looks bad.   Been a nice day,  it snowed last night a very light snow & tonight it cleared off, was mostly cloudy all day & cold   The wind is west little south tonight.   I do Praise God for His Love & tender mercies,   He took Elbert & brought him & gave us a little morel food & news, Audrey said Marcie was crying her heart out over there baby boy   I don’t know what’s wrong   she was crying so hard, Nellie said, she couldn’t get all the details   I have ask God to take charge & win the case in Jesus Name, that they may be a blessing to Him.   I do hope & pray they will trust & stand stead fast,   Oh, God teach them Thy will spare the child & help them to cleve closer from now on,   I thank & praise Thee Jesus.   May all the Glory be Thine.  I hope Doctors be both startled & surprised, when at length they find the baby well. Amen. Amen.

Sun. Mar. 2. 1952./ page. 2880./ 8. eggs today./ Well, we took ‘our baths,   Elbert gets up early & fixed the fire & took care of chickens & birds & took his bath & ate his breakfast & I got up late took my bath & by that time he had the soup made & every thing ready for din-ner,   so, we ate & I washed up dishes & we seemed to just be waiting & then Martha, her mother, “Audrey;” Nellie & Bonita & her son George came in,   They had tried to reach us by phone to tell us Cousin Georgia Breckenridge Rosecrans was dead,   she was stricken on Fri Feb. 28 and died rather sudden,   she thought it was indigestion,  Edd come home found her on the bed, where she had fainted,  he didn’t know, thought she was sleeping so didn’t touch her,   she came to & went to bath room,  he heard her & went in, or she came out & caught her as she fainted a-gain  he laid her on the bed & called Dr.  he came at once & they took her to hospital & she died before midnight,  she told Edd she thought it was indigestion,  she had been well & seemed herself, Edd said.  One of Miss Clark’s friends in Vermilion went in like maner last week, she was determined to get her cup board cleaned, before the woman that rented or had rooms there got back from Cleveland that night & so she did, but died in the night.   Well the girls came all the way out here to tell us,   I can’t go but Elbert thinks he will, God willing. & he’s all ready to night to get started in the morning,  he’s going to Huron if all goes well, to see if he can get his check from the Post offic e,   I gave him 3.00   he’ll have to have gas for car & we have to give Nellie & Bonita 2.00 for flowers,  they had put it in a collection for flowers as we understood it.  Nellie said Johny & Marcie’s first boy was the one they took to hospital & they don’t know what’s wrong with him yet,   they have him back home   he jirks & is in pain,  they are treating him & I’m trusting Jesus to heal him & them, souls & bodys.   Pages have moved out by the root road Audrey said,  they have been there for some time.   Only Nellie & Elbert thinking of going to funeral   I pray All goes well & that Elbert will get there & back safe.   May God help us to live close to Him & do His ways & will   I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & pray I may go to prayer-meeting soon in Jesus Holy Name, I thank & Praise Thee & pray for those who mourn.   The squirels were here & birds this morning, been quite cold & tried to snow & tonight it is snowing. & colder.   There is lots of flu,  little Bonita & Nelson has it & Gertie, but Audrey said Gertie was up today.   Oh God Keep us & help us for we can see the things coming you have told us to look for at the end of time.   Help me to do Thy Holy Will. Amen.

Mon. Mar. 3. 1952./ Page. 2881./ 6. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got the money order that Mrs. Day sent for the eggs,   it was in my name so I had to sign it & I gave him 3.00 making 5.00 in all he had,   I told him to give Nellie & Bonita the 2.00 for the flowers,  they said they paid 1.00 for each of us Elbert & I & today Nellie said Audrey paid for us,   now I’m wondering,  Who the money belongs to & if to Audrey if they will gi ve it back to her,   I pray they will,   I don’t know why ELbert didn’t use his brains but he’s just that way.   & why Audrey didn’t speak up & say she gave it to them for us,   I don’t know,   However I’m hoping & trusting they will give it back,   It’s a queer World & getting more so every day   Well, Elbert got to Nellie’s at noon & she couldn’t go   little Bonita’s & Nelson’s fever was 102 &103 so they talked untill almost 2-p-m.   then he went to the grave yard & waited untill they came with Georgia,   he talked to Irven Wasen & Wyn & the grave diger,   Elbert said Edd looked terrible & it must have been a terrible shock.   Then, Elbert came home,  he stopped in Vermilion & got two slices of pork shoulder,   I had potatoes ready when he came & spinnage & (it) spinage was spoil so we couldn’t use it.   I baked 2 tins bread biscuits & a loaf of rasin bread & fried 12 bread doughnuts,   I’m  buzzing all over I’m so tired.   Martha brought us Jean Ann’s picture  she had taken for graduation,   I wonder if we will get Jims, to.   Martha didn’t talk much & neither did Audrey   Bonita & Nellie did most the talking.   Well it’s been a long day.   Wyn told Elbert they were going over to Edd’s after the funeral,   I suppose there were things that had belonged to there mother that Wyn would want   I think it’s terrible to go in before & after a funeral & gather up things & while Edd is in such a daze.   Georgia & Edd have 2 children, Aubrey & his wife & Dorthy,    I don’t know if she’s married or not,  she’s a teacher.   I pray God will help us all to know Him better   Elbert complaining of his intestines being tired tonight,   I pray Jesus will keep him free.

Tue. Mar. 4. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ mailed tax money today./ Elbert mailed doily to Mrs Gall & a handkercheif to Inez & Sister Vitovitch Elyria Co. home.  & my tax money to Sandusky Ohio   I got up late   Elbert had started the dinner,   I was so miserable yesterday & been praying, trusting & hoping for the best in all things & in all ways,   I did feel better this morning & helped a little about dinner,   then ELbert went to Vermilion & spent 15.00 or 20 dollars for food & bills & said he only had 11. dollars left.   I sent a tin of biscuits to Harvy Miller.  I don’t know where he spent the rest.   Rev & Mrs. Swarthwaite came in & we had a good visit & prayer,   I thank God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name   I felt His Power cross through me & Oh how I thank Him for my healing & give Him the Glory & Praise for ever & ever;   Oh, I’m so glad they came & trust they will come many times in Jesus Name.   Been a stormy day & is still stormy, snowing & wind puffy & quite strong.   I feel better & stronger tonight & got the supper & Praised God Jesus is a wonderful wonderful Saviour & Phyican Glory to His Name.

Wed. Mar. 5. 1952./ Page. 2882./ 7. eggs today./ Well, I mended two old dresses on the sewing machine & did the most necessary things, both squirels were here today & the little sap suckers came & looked over the nut schells, for what crumbs of nuts might be left in them,   sun came out now & again & it’s been mostly cloudy & didn’t thaw very much.   I received two church books from Mrs. Goll & a card thank-ing me for the doily,   I feel so tired tonight & hope to wash out my rags tomorrow.   I thank my Father in Heaven in Jesus Name for my healing & passed healings for His saving my soul & all His many many blessings & pray He will reveal & guide me all the way & keep Satin far from each member of my body & help us both to belong to Him for ever & ever I Praise Thee Jesus.

Thurs. Maar. 6. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Well, Haufman came this morning & brought some milk.   I was in bedroom & didn’t come out untill he was gone   I just cant hardly tolerate him, so was glad I wasn’t out in the kitchen,   he didn’t stay long, said his aunt wasn’t so well he said & that she was drinking alfalfa tea “Dr’s. orders”  I pray Jesus, Thou will speak to her & help her to understand Thy ways & Thy Will,   I thank Thee, all seeing all knowing, all Power & Truth.   I Praise Thee & pray for Thy deliverance & that Thou will put Satin far away from me & all of mine,   Oh God, help us before it’s to late   I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.   I did out half the washing & am still rather weak, but Satan always trys to make us more miserable, but I’m trusting Jesus even though it slay me,  I know you love me even though I’m so unworthy, for Thou has saved my soul & my heart & soul are bowed down for many who haven’t yet come to Thee.   It’s been a cold day mostly cloudy N West wiind & tried to snow several times today,   squirrels & birds were here.   We received a letter from Audrey today   she said Gertie was working but Jean was sick with a cold & she didn’t mention Nellie & Children, so I have to write to each of them   I’m trusting God has helped them each & all today   I’ll have to bake bread soon tomorrow or Sat.  God help us.

Fri. Mar. 7. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & he bought a few things & then he was over to Day’s & got his egg cartons & sold 4. doz. eggs 2.00, & he gave it to me to save for there feed.  he has spent most of his check & he has to buy his car license soon.   I’ll get my check about the 12th.   I have a cold in the mucles & nerves of my neck & head & eyes.   I didn’t get up untill 11-a-m & Elbert got most of the dinner & after dinner I put a binding on the ends of 2. blankets & felt so bad I didn’t sew any more   I helped with the supper & I thank God for Elbert’s help.   It’s been a nice day, partly cloudy white sun untill sunset then was red.   Elbert went for milk also.  No mail.   Elbert mailed card to Audrey, Nellie, Jean & Miss Clark. (I praise Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.)

Sat. Mar. 8. 1952./ Page. 2883./ 7. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got turpo onment & Alcohol & it was been a partly cloudy & at four thirty (4-30)-p-m  sun looked like a big ball of golden suds or foam & it’s so thick & hazy & now at 9-30-p-m.  moon is now shining bright over half full.   Birds seem to be happy & I do believe I am to for my head & neck feel better   they were so sore seemed as if I couldn’t endure it,   I know the devil always tries to make you think Jesus wont heal you,    but, Jesus never fails if you stand steadfast & true on His Promises, Praise His Holy Name.   I couldn’t work today.  Elbert mailed 4 card Fri & I received one from Miss clark giving me her sisters address & telling me it was her birthday & that she would be there over Sun.   Sorry I can’t send her a gift, for haven’t anything I can send right now. 

Sun. Mar. 9. 1952/ 8. eggs today/ Well, we been here alone all day,  my head is quite a lot better the soreness is most all gone but I so weak makes me sweat like rain just to wash dishes or cook,   Elbert helps me cook & off times does the most of it,   it’s been partly cloudy all day with white sun, it set red at last last night & the moon shone most of the night but snowed light snow be-fore daylight, but was gone before noon,  it tried to snow this morn-ing was a light blanket covering.  S. East wind very light all day.   Oh, how glad I’ll be to be able to go back to Church,  I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever and ever,  Glory, Hallelujah; Amen.   I do hope we hear from the children, all around tomorrow & that God has blessed them & that they “as well as we” will live closer to Jesus.

Mon. Mar. 10. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Been a nice day cool rainy Spring weather.   not much sun today & Neither of us done only necessary things.   Elbert’s cold seems a little better & so does nine,  I feel rather weak   have to wash a little “God Willing” tomorrow.   Don’t seem as if I can but can never tell   I received the bulbs Audrey had sent to me  one big bulb half was half spoilt,   well, I planted them & the others she sent out by Elbert,   so, now they are all in pots   I don’t know what they are but, I suppose I’ll find out when they grow & bloom.   I thank Thee God of Love & Mercy for all our many many blessings & pray I may be worthy to receive that,  Thou, would give me in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, Forgive me & us & help us to under-stand I thank Thee

Tue. Mar. 11. 1952./page. 2884./ 6. eggs today/ Rained in torants all night & in light showers, most of the morning,   then began to clear & sun shone most of the after noon & set red.   Elbert went to Vermilion & then he went for milk,  I got up at 11-a-m   didn’t feel able to get up,   but, I washed, combed my hair & dressed & then got ready to wash,   I did half the washing & feel dead tonight.   Elbert got the dinner & supper.   So glad half is done would be happy if the rest & ironing.   No mail, Rail roads out on strike & coal presendent & union.   We heard trains will run tomorrow.   We haven’t heard from Nellie or Audrey since last week & some were sick,   I trust God will take care of each one I ask in Jesus Name & thank & Praise Him.  

Wed. Mar. 12. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Joan Monagan’s birthday.  she is 17 yrs. old./  Well, I have mended & darned socks & my stocking today & arms felt to tired to do that however I feel happy I’m able to do that much.   It’s been a beautiful day,   We had a good inch of frost last night & sun came up quite early & soon melted the frost & the wind has been N. East cold & raw.   The squirrels were here today.   Elbert has more cold in his eyes & his nose running so bad,   I hope & pray & trust God will have mercy on us, in Jesus Name & help us to live His ways & do His Will & reveal to us, our faults that we may repent of it, for I’m truly repenting.   Oh, God, forgive me & us our sins & help me to be & us, to be all Thine I thank Thee & Praise Thee forever & ever Amen.  Well all trains been at a standstill untill tonight when the passenger train went east at 9-15-p-m. & there has been 2. since,   I didn’t get my check today,  but now perhaps I may, to-morrow.   We haven’t had any word from the children & I have had to trust, all is Well.   I dreamed of comforting cousin Lillie Wheeler last night   her hair looked so white with her black hat with a black bow across the back & ends spread on her white hair   she had  cried so hard her nose & eyes were red & it seemed as if it was Edith who was lying so still & white   I hope they will all Know Jesus before they go.   I love them all & we do dread the parting here so much but if we know we’ll meet again & where we wont have to part again & where there is no sins or sorrows, that will be Glory, be Glory to me.   Hallelujah I Praise Thee Jesus.

Thurs. Mar. 13. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Yesterday was a beautiful Spring Day & today is a beautiful winter day, snowed hard during early morn-ing & most of the day in squals,   we saw several flocks of ducks going between showers to the lake.   I haven’t done much today.   I cocheted a little when it lightened up enough to see to do it,  receiv a card from Audrey & a note from Edd & family   I’ll have to try to ans it    Well, I have to read & go to bed again,   Elbert’s planing on going with the eggs in the morning & get a little food   Wish I could go with him, but untill that leak gets better, I wont be able to go.   I know Jesus will help me before much longer & I’ll be able to testify for Him again,   Oh I Praise Thee Jesus & Give Thee, the Glory forever & ever Amen.

Fri. Mar. 14. 1952./ page 2885./ 7. eggs today/ 13 hens./ Well I did the sweeping & cleaned out part the corners & wiped up floor & dust off from cans & stove,   I didn’t get it all done, but God Willing hope to finish tomorrow.   I haven’t got the ironing done yet,  it tires me so bad to get down to clean,  God helped me & I thank Him,   I gave Elbert 17.00 & he went to Vermilion sold 4 doz. eggs for 2.00 & he had a dollar 20.00 in all,  he had he paid 10.25 for car license & 1.40 & some odd cents for oil & prestone.   then he bought a little meat that cost such a lot & some grit for the birds  some broccoli,  a bottle of grape juice  some grape fruit, celery, pigs feet home pickled, a little beef short steak, a pork loin 1. lb. butter & small piece boiling meat.   & he had 1.19 left, I received my check today 49.00  we can hardly get along for everything costs to much & is getting worse. but Elbert ought to get more next month & then, he has to go to hospital later part of next month.   Elbert was gone 4. hrs. to Vermilion, I don’t know what took him so long, but he said it was just waiting here & there to be waited on & he talked to some peopl he had sold eggs to & some men he met he had talked to before, but didn’t do a thing about getting ice box out here.   I hope I can get it here before he goes to hospital, so I could keep a few things to eat & keep the milk.   Well I hope I’m able to get out & do a little more by that time also.   I feel about dead tonight   I did finish the Kercheif  I had started & now I’ll try to do another 1 or 2.   I thank & Praise God for His care, for Jesus Who loves & helps us in Joy or sorrow Who hears our cry for help & watches over us day & night I thank Him, Love Him, & all Glory Honor & Power belongs to Him,   Oh, to be like Jesus, all I ask to be like Him, all through lifes journey from earth to Glory, all I ask to be like Him, Amen.

Sat. Mar. 15. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Fishermen’s day./ Well I been so miserable today from cleaning yesterday I just didn’t do any more than I had to.   I crocheted a little. Wish I could go to Church in the morning.   Dear Heavenly Father I pray Thou will reveal to me the thing or things that’s wrong,   I can’t figure out what I’ve done that’s worng & I’m trusting thou will help me to understand;  I can’t go away anymore un-till I have control of water,   I don’t feel as so as I awhile ago & am trusting Jesus & standing on his promises.   I like to go to church & be prayed for there but bible says when we can’t go to call in the elders of the Church & they will anoint with oil & the prayers of faith will heal the sick & they will be raised up & forgiven if they have sined, they know at church I can’t get there or I’d be there,   not a soul been here since last month, Myrtle (the minister came  I didn’t have my money for my tenth & she hasn’t been back.   I wonder what Jesus would do   Well I’m not perfect either & pray God will help us all to understand.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things for ever & ever & Praise Thee, Glory to God.   The birds & squirrels were here today, Suny day cold wind & raw.

Sun. Mar. 16. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Sunshiny & partly cloud all day  tried to snow several times.   The squirrels were out & sap suckers.  No. one come in all day so we were here alone  isn’t it queer, that after we have worked as long as we are able, then we are left alone to get along as best we can,   I thank God for our blessing

Mon. Mar. 17. 1952./ 2886/10. eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up & had most of his washing done when I got up at 10-a-m.   that is, what he thought ought to be washed,  but I washed his sleeper jacket, pillow slip & the [?] piece of blanket he has over the pillow slip;   then I washed my clothes & I have them all dry except his two union suits & I had all most all my rags in the wash, Praise God, they are done again.   Today was St. Patricks Day.   Not very cold today, thawed a little today, wind’s been N. West up untill about 5-p-m,   went S. east.   Partly cloudy White sun all day & set red tonight.   Squirrel came & got the hickory nuts & we never saw him   I thank & praise God, in Jesus Name I feel better & believe I’ll be all right soon & how happy I’ll be to get back to Church.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever, Glory to God.   No mail today but I hope for some tomorrow;  Amen.   Elbert’s back is so bad he can hardly get up or down,   I have been rubing it with alcohol,   I pray God will take it out of him & turn him holy to Jesus, Amen.

Tue. Mar. 18. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Well I just felt as if I couldn’t work, but Elbert’s back hurt him bad & his stomach & he ate eggs for breakfast & said he didn’t eat but later he said he did, but, he didn’t want any dinner but he had tea with me & crackers & I ate a pickled pigs foot tonight we had can chicken soup, we added noodles & rice & it was quite good.   I made 3 tins bread biscuits & 3. tins baked apples,   my arms are so tired, but, Praise God I got it done.   Haufman came & got the bird, bird didn’t want to go & Jackie didn’t want him to go,   I’m sorry but I’m not able to take care of it,   he’s so lousy, I hope Jackie hasn’t got them on him   I get them on me each time I took care of him & Elbert isn’t able to take care of him either,   so, I told him to take him home, poor little bird,   I hope he takes care of it or gives it to someone that will take care of it,    I pray Oh God you will take care of the bird.   We received card from Audrey today,   she said on St Patrick day a group of young folks had a party for Joan.  she was 17. yrs. old Mar 12.   she received flowers a necklace & few other things & money & sweaters & roller skates   it’s nice they have friends,   but I hope they are Godly friends.   Been mostly cloudy  white sun when it did shine through, but it clouded up after dinner   it began to rain & is still is at 10-p-m.   I Praise God & thank Him for all my blessing & pray I may be worthy,   seems I can’t do much only here, but God Willing I feel sure I could do more,   help me Jesus I pray in thy Holy Name, All Glory belongest to Thee Amen.

Wed. Mar. 19. 1952./ 9 eggs today./ Felt to bum to work   just did the usual work & darned socks & crocheted a little & Elbert says his back is better   he hopes to go to store in the morning & sell eggs. & cash my check & I have to watch my money

Thurs. Mar. 20. [no year]/page 2887./ 8. eggs today./  Nellie gave Audrey the money Elbert gave her “for the flower money for Georgie’s funeral”   It seemed Audrey had given our part to Nellie & Bonita.   I owe Audrey 3.00 for the pictures & some belting,   I wrote a card to her, one to Nellie & one to Mrs. Goll last night & Elbert mailed them this morning & he cashed my check & got a little food & gave me 37.00 back & I gave him 2.00 of that   he forgot his stomach pills   I loaned him 20.00 I had saved for coal & to pay Audrey & for another tank of gas,   so, I put it back, that left 17.00 I have to take out. 10 for coal & 5 for church & I gave Elbert 2.00 so I have nothing left,    Oh, well; it’s I that has to do the saving & get all the hurts because I do.   God help me & us in Jesus Name.   another beautiful day,   I’ve felt so punk  only did most necessary things   ought to have wiped up floor & baked a pie. It’s been a very nice day, wind went N. East & sunset looked stormy.   I croched a little & I created a new edge & it’s very pretty.  he sold 4 doz. eggs 55 cents per doz& used the money.

Fri. Mar. 21. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Well I washed my dirty clothes & Elbert washed his & then I wiped up the floors & Elbert took over supper job,   he only had to fry the meat we had the potatoes he had ready for dinner “We ate soup” & didn’t need them for dinner   We neither of us feel very well, but thankful we can still keep up & going,   my blood pressure is very low but I did the daily round & the wash & floors,   I’m going to read & then go to bed.    I like to listen to the comfort hour before I go.   It’s been another beautiful day & N, east, wind not very cold   Elbert went to Huron, said fishermen set nets Mar. 20th & lifted today “no fish” & set more nets, ice coming back in.   I hope to get out tomorrow,   I have to iron & have 5 starched pieces, 3 dresses, 2 shirts.   Praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost, Amen.

Sat. Mar. 22. 1952/ 7. eggs today./ Well, I felt so bum I didn’t get the ironing done,   my legs was swollen rather bad last night, but not quite so bad tonight & I Praise God & am trusting He will reveal to me What’s keeping me from Church,   I crave to go & be in His Temple, of worship.   I finished the hanky tonight.   The squirrel were here today.   It’s been a dark rainy fogy day & was that way last night also.   We received light bill & card from Mrs. Goll.   I truly thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.  

Sun. Mar. 23. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Wind blew so hard from midnight untill today noon   We been home all day mostly cloudy with white sun now & again   wind eased off before dark & it’s as quite as if everything was dead.   & as to war, it looks as if it wont be long before many will be dead & soon Jesus will be coming.   Help us Jesus to be ready I Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.   We listened to Rev. Buser Preach tonight over Radio,   he did a good job   May God Bless his efforts in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. 

Mon. Mar. 23 [should be 24] 1952./ 9. eggs today./ We, didn’t work today   Elbert took cold it went into his new wisdom tooth & caused it to swell & pain him bad all last night & all day today,   & so I didn’t get much rest either had to fix the fire & warm up house & put, piese of wool blanket over his face

Tue. Mar. 25. 1952./8. eggs today./ Well I got up at 10-30-a-m, after being up 4 times during the night,   I made a cup of ovaltine & Elbert drank it & put hot flannel on his head & face & he went to sleep & got  up early   just getting daylight he fixed up fire & went out side to toilet & hen house & I got up while he was out & made hot drink & he sat down in big chair & got easy & slept some more,   I didn’t sleep all night & seemed as if I could hear some one weeping & wailing all night.    No mail today,   hope all are well, not even a card from Audrey, so hope for some tomorrow,   I wasn’t fit to wash but got it done & dry.   Been partly cloudy, white sun, S. west puffy wind.  Radio tell of freak storms, here & there & snow 20 ft. deep & cattle starving & freezing & they are dropping feet from air plains to them & people.   Rev. Buser said he would be 40 yrs. old Mar. 27.   saw another squirrel a larger one today here by the walnut tree,    he leped off to tree near hollow & I saw him no more.   Ground sparrows sing & rejoice Spring is here & all the birds.   Elbert’s face pained him all day & at it yet tonight   I pray God will take it away,   He has shifted it more to the front in lower jaw & I believe He will remove it,   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for the strength of the day.

Wed. Mar. 26. 1952/ 10. eggs today./ Evelyn’s birthday.  she’s 40 yrs. old.   A dark cloudy day a little colder froze ice last night.   Elbert’s pain has gone into his chin & lower jaw   his cheek is swollen & the cold air seems to make it ach worse. & I know it does,   I darned socks & petticoat.

Wed. Mar. 26. 1952./ page. 2889./ 10. eggs this day./ thank God & Praise Him for all things,   I pray He will help me do His will & I ask in Jesus Name, trusting & believing He will.  I love Thee Jesus.

Thurs. Mar. 27. [1952]/7. eggs today./ Elbert hope to sell the eggs & go to Lorain to see about getting his tooth out. today.   I wish I could go,   he went & sold 4. doz. at 55 cents per doz (2.20) & he bought food & gas, I gave him 5.00 & then he came back without his stomach tablets & I got dinner   we ate & he went clear back to Vermilion & got the tablets   he says his jaw feels better tonight,   I think his stomach is part of his trouble it gets his nerves so upset, when it starts to burn & then   his tooth starts to ach,   he almost had ear ach,   but we got his face warmed up & he took a stomach tablet & I heat the wool blanket & put on his head & jaw & now he is resting & I thank God & pray Jesus will help him to be able to sleep tonight    he gets quite a bit of sleep & I’m glad,   & I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for keeping me;   It was cloudy all morning but while it snowed a gale the sun shone.   We had several showers of snow,   it melted fast so there wasn’t any left on the ground.   We didn’t get any mail today & none all week from the girls   hope for some tomorrow.   & that I can iron   I swept & cooked dinner & help with the supper & did up dishes so I hope to iron tomorrow.   Hope the girls are O.K. & all the rest.

Fri. Mar. 28. 1952./ 10 eggs today./ Elbert’s felt so bad all day & I sent him to Huron to get a mouth wash & see the Dr.   Drugist sent him to a young Dentist   he took & exray of Elbert’s jaw   he said seemed to Him as if he had more than one tooth coming & thats just what I had told him sometime ago,   Well, I’m so sorry for him & am so weak I’m not any good to be up half the night or up & down all night.    I’m glad to do whatever I can, but hope & pray he can find something to help him    seems as if the electric treat-ment would help him,   but Elbert’s queer   he don’t ask questions & find out what he wants to Know.   Well, I pray God will step in & give him the help he needs,   I know He’s able No mail today; or all week so far, & no sqirrels today   We saw an-other one, at least 3 times as big as the little one’s that we have been watching,   he’s gray & such a big bushy tail.   Partly cloudy with N. east breeze all day.   I Praise Thee Jesus    I rubed Elberts face neck & head with alcohol & heat the blanket”it’s wool” & a hot bottle in beside him, he sweat, so bad last night,   I hung his sleepers & beding on the line   they smelt fresh when I brought them in & warmed them before making up the bed.   I ironed 3 dress & 2 work shirts today. 

Sat. Mar. 29. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ It’s been a fine day, wind west S. east & raw.  Cloudy all morning & mostly sunshiny all after-noon,   looked nice out & wasn’t very cold   We had a long letter from Audrey,   Gertie has cold in her head & feels bad & Audrey, don’t know if Gertie is sick or not.

Sat. Mar. 29. 1952./ page. 2890./ 9. eggs this day./  I feel sorry for Gertie   she was al-way spoilt.  got her own way to often   I pray she will turn to God & that they all will & learn of Him before it forever to late   Oh, God,  I pray Thou will help us each, in Jesus Name. 

Sun. Mar. 30. 1952./ 10. eggs today/ How very much I wish I could go to Church  this morning.   this day of wor-ship   Elbert seems to feel better & I give God the praise.   It’s been a long hard week,   I’ve been up nights with him bathing & rubing his face head & neck & keeping fire & hot blankets & water bottle & drink in the mornings   he seemed to feel better & then I try to rest.   I pray God will take care of Gertie & Audrey,   help Audrey to be kind, & do by her as she’d like to be done by,   it’s a terrible thing when we can’t feel we should take care of our own brothers & sisters.   We been here all day.   was a fine day with mostly sunshine & extra warm   the little red squirrels were here & the big gray squirrel was here also   we watched him running around   he went to the hollow & back almost to the railroad track 3 times & once Snyder’s dog got on his trail & he ran as fast as his legs would take him & up the big Elm tree & there he flatened himself on the side of the tree in the warm sun & rested awhile,   then 1/2 hour later we see him go-ing full tilt back up the field, where there are a pile of tree,   then we thought he went S.West across the field toward the R. track   it was so dusk we couldn’t be sure.   Well I’m going to try to get out side this week if I can & walk around & get some of my strength back.   I’ve listened to Rev. Buser preack from Brown-help Church to night.   Elbert’s jaw is lots better, but still pains him some,   I rubed his head jaws & neck & he greesed his jaw & I heat the flanels & put on his pillow & his face & he’s all tucked in.   It’s warmer tonight  & was warmer than it’s been of late last night.   I do thank & praise God in Jesus Name & hope we can get to Church soon   I know Jesus can manage all things & I trusting Him, Amen. 

Mon. Mar. 31. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ A Beautiful day & I haven’t felt very well.   my eyes seem to turn round & round & the bed & room also   I managed to turn over & get up or sit up & it wasn’t so bad & then I dressed,   Elbert said he was going to Huron to Dentist to see what the exray showed about His tooth  the wisdom tooth has & ulser on back of it,   on end of jaw,   we got the swelling out of his face & it don’t ach so much or hard,   as it had done;   he went to fish house & got 7 nice pike & I must see to it he takes eggs or something to pay for them.   they were good   so fresh & nice   Elbert mailed , & cards to Audrey & Nellie.   We have 4 to cook for tomorrow & it’s been so warm today   We’ll sure have to cook them   We had vegetable soup for supper   it was real good.   & we have enough for tomor-row.   Elbert’s been in bed for some & I have the fire fixed & every thing else done so I’ll go now.   I thank Thee Jesus & am Trusting for your help. Amen.

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