July  1949

Fri. July.1. 1949./ 7.H.  39. Pullets eggs today./   Elbert cleaned middle pen in hen house & it’s been as hot as yesterday,    a N.E. breeze that kept us from passing out    I’ve only done just what I really had to,    aired bed cloths took care of beds & birds & looked after the meals & made hot drink for Elbert between meals so he’d keep sweating & rest a little    he watered the cabbages & tomatoes & paret of them & part of the potaotes got cooked & a cold rain we had sometime ago & hot sun cooked the quince bush & fruit on it & about half or more of the apples have fell off.    it sure is hot & been quite hot nights.    Elbert’s got his bath & gone to bed,    & I’m going to mine as soon as I read & bath    I thank God for all our many many blessings & pray He will help the others to hear His voice & come to Him before it forever to late.     I Praise God in Jesus Name  all the Glory & Power belongest to Him

Sat. July. 2. 1949./ 9-H- 33. P. eggs today./   Elbert went to Vermilion & spent all the money on the last eggs he sold & brought home $3.83,    he got a little food & a screen for his S. window. & made a new frame & put it on & got it in so he can have a little more air tonight & it is sure hot,    but I thank God for all our many blessings & I trusting Him for this healing I so much in need of,    I love Thee Jesus and I feel sure Thou Will help me & Keep me safe to the end.

Sun. July. 3. 1949./ page. 2369./ 7-H-  23.P. eggs today/ Been a hot day, hot sun, no rain & just a little breeze N.E.     it was S. yesterday morning but went back N.E. & went S.E. for 2. or .3 hrs. & then back N.E. again    Systern most dry & well is getting that way.    We have had black raspberrys twice or 3 times now     some of them  are rather seedy    it so hot & dry.    I didn’t get to church but hope I can before very long.    Elbert’s watered cabbages & tomatoes, but with water getting low it looks discouraging.    Radio said why it was scorching hot here    it was only 41 degrees in Montana    Jesus said, when we see all these things coming to pass to know the end was neigh even at the door,    Oh, Why Wont people try to understand    I feel so sorry, they don’t even seem interested.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name,    He loves & cares for us.

Mon. July.4. 1949./ 7-H- 29.P. eggs. today./  Still scorching hot    we only did what we had to do    I wrote a letter for a re-newal card, for relief & a letter to Mr & Mrs. Hough in Sandusky Ohio & a card to Mrs. Nellie McCarthy    & I got my check Sat. & my tax blank today,    so I had Elbert cash my check & get money order for 6.87 & send it in for my taxes,    I have to put a stamped self addressed envelope the blank into envelope addressed to Erie. C. treasurer’s Office Sandusky Ohio & Elbert put the money order in & sealed & mailed it & others.I wrote Mon.  

Tue. July.5. 1949./ He paid 10.00 out of my check on the coal bill, also & I have to turn in 7.00 to church for last month & this, so there goes 23.87  24.02 & tax on money order 15 cents & I dont know yet how much he used for meat & food.    people were killed one way or another this week end,    they had a wind storm in New York Mon. & said it was much worse than was thought, yesterday.    We have had a cool N.E. breeze so we made out fairly well.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings & for my healings     It’s clouded up tonight & is cooler.    & Elbert looks washed out & don’t feel very good today    it’s a hot drive to Vermilion & then run around doing erands.

Wed. July.6. 1949./ 6-H.  27. Pullet eggs today./  Mon & Tue. are sort of wrote together,    I didn’t do my writing as I usually do.    I wrote Tue. July 5 & set the eggs down halfway between Mon & Today.    It was terribly hot all morning & then clouded up after dinner & 3-p-m thundered & lightened & rained,    Praise God, for we every thing sure needed it & they got lots of it in some places the radio said,    Well it’s still cloudy & radio said more rain tomorrow after noon & evening    that will help crops in all the places that get it,    they say crops are burnt up all over the world & one Island got a hot wave of air 159 degrees & 200 people were stricken

Wed. July. 6. 1949./ page. 2370./ 6.H.  27. P. eggs this day/   Jesus is coming soon if only the people would understand and live for Jesus, the Spirit & not for the flesh & the world    Oh God give me power to do what ever Thou would have me to do.    Jesus, Blessed Jesus, I love Thee.    Elbert has felt bad all day    complained of his head now for 2 or 3 days & today his bowels are hurting him so bad.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for saving my soul & renewing my stregth & I’m trusting & believing for this healing,    Oh God this healing will be a big testimony for Thee, and I am thanking Thee & standing on Thy promises, Glory to God.    It’s cooler since the rain,    I washed all the dishes & stove, & every thing seems more happy & refreshed out doors     Wish it would rain all night a slow rain.

Thurs. July. 7. 1949./ 7. H.   25 Pulletts eggs today/  Well, it been a beautiful day    Elbert went to Lorain with eggs, sold some for 75 cents per. doz. & the rest for 65 cents & he broke several,    box split open & they went places    he took in 12.20 & feed was 12.64 mash for baby chicks 4.25  mash for hens 4.09 & grain was 3.75 for hens & wheat was 55 cents for Pk,[?parakeet]    food was 5.85 & so I gave Elbert 2.84 out of my check.   he, really bought a shirt & some socks & the man that was trying to sell the lots said he’d be going to look at them this week,    & Frank & Armond were here to night & Frank said, he would bring the money out & pay for the lots    Elbert says he’ll sell to the one Who brings the money first,    Oh, such is the world.    Well, I did another washing today my change of clothes & Elbert’s & his sleepers & the table cloth & my dress & that old quilt I had over the lounge, but I didn’t get only one blankt & I’ll have some more & the big chair cover.    then I wipe up some of the corners in Kitchen so I wont have quite so many to clean tomorrow.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my blessings & pray I may be found worthy.    I got my tax receipt back from Sandusky all so.

Fri. July. 8. 1949./ 2 H- 29-P. eggs today/   Well, I ment to have swept & wiped up the floors but I felt so bum I sat & mended & darned socks    I got dinner & supper & done up the dishes.    Elbert had cramps in his legs & at 12 I gave him an anacin & at one & at 2 a-m    I rubbed his legs & feet with alechol & covered them up & they’d get easy     then he’d uncovr & well, I can’t seem to stand that sort of work any more    he don’t look a bit well.    It’s been cool breeze partly cloudy.    It was in Porugal where they

Fri. July. 8. 1949./ page 2371./ 7-H- 29-P- egg this day/  they had the heat wave that was 159 degrees & now they have had had a cold wave with a terrible hail storm.    it was 97 degrees in Kitchen today,    & the sign of the times are drawing in a little closer,    Oh God of Love and Mercy, help us to be worthy, Amen

Sat. July.9. 1949./ 7-H- 31. P. eggs today/  Well I have swept & wiped up the floors & got dinner & supper & done up dishes    & I cleaned up 12 or 15 flower pots & cleaned slop pail & now & have to iron my dress & I’m to tired,    but there is no one to lend a helping hand,    so, guess I’ll have to do it    Frank & Armond came in on the drive,  sit a little & then went south in there car,    it has rained several hard showers & they waited untill this last one eased up & then went.    Elbert ask them to come in,    but they said, no,    Armond said his old waman would through the table out if he didn’t get home soon.    I Praise God for all things great or small in Jesus Name.    It’s lots cooler tonight.    No word from the girls all week.    Frank Bonney & Armond came after Elbert had gone to bed & gave him a wood chuck so he dressed & went down to the basement & is now dressing it.    Elbert’s head has been feeling terrible bad for several days & tonight he said it felt so bad.    I’ve tried to get him to cultivate mornings & evenings,    but, he go out in the heat of the day & come in all faged out    he did just that today.    I’m so sorry.    Well, he’s got the chuck dressed an in salt water & it’s now quarter to 11-p-m.    he’s washed & going back to bed. 

Sun. July 10. 1949./ 6-H- 29. Pullets eggs today./  Well it been a beautiful day & I didn’t get out to Church,    Sister Clark & Sister Sprunk came over after dinnr & had supper with us.    I gave Miss Clark $10.00 I owed for last month & this at Church, to turn in for me.    They prayed for me & said they had been praying at Church for me & I am greatful to them & pray Jesus will give to them as He sees they need,    I thank God for all His many blessings & pray He will reveal my faults to me & then help me to do His will in Jesus Holy Name.   Glory to God I Praise Thee Jesus & Love Thee & I want to be all Thine forever & ever Amen.    I gave the girls doz. eggs each & a jar of strawberry jam.    & they picked up a few apricots, I hope

Sun. July. 10. 1949./ page. 2372./ 6. H.  29. P. . eggs this day/  they got some good ones for they are quite wormy this year.    Elbert took them up to the buss.    they would get back to Vermilion & home in time to go to Church this evening.    I pray God will bring in more & help the Minister to get in more,    for the girls say it’s only the same few that continue to come & that they miss me a lot.    I do wish so much that Rev. Coon would come & that I might talk to Him & have Him pray for me,    He lives so Close to the Lord    He gets What he asks for,   Glory to God from Whom all blessing flow,    Praise Him all creatures here below    Praise Him all yea Heavenly Hosts  Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.   Sun set white tonight & it’s cool N. E. wind & getting quite fresh at 10-p-m.

Mon. July. 11. 1949./ 7. H.  29. P. eggs today./  Well, I did most of the washing & I did most of it as usual on an empty stomach & I felt to dead to do what I usually do each day,    but, I kept at it & got it done with Elbert’s help,    he went to the fish house in Huron,    but, the were unloaded when he got there,     so he bought a bag of onions and a can of Crisco & came home,     I had the washing started     had some of them ready to suds & wrinse,    but no water, so I kept rubbing & thought I’d get most of them done    so when he came he’d get the water & I could finish since he couldn’t get any fish,     he wasn’t gone very long.    We ate a bite & had cup of tea & I finished all except his B.’V.’d’s. & work shirt & he did them,     then I took down the dry pieces & hung up the wet ones & then he went to Vermilion,   he paid his bill at Sandard Oil station & got boiling meat, 3. pieces pork shoulder & a loaf cracked wheat bread & came home again,    I had cabbage most done & water hot for tea & I fried pork & warmed the potatoes & we had supper    I straightened up bedrooms made beds shut the windows “for tempture has gone down to 56” & then washed dishes & took care of the birds,    now I’ll read & then go to bed, Elbert to.   I’m to tired, but thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Name,    He gave me strength to get it all done & I Praise Him    He is & always will be, that He chose me & saved my soul & has taught me to love Him that He takes care of me & Keeps me & reveals things unto me,    I thank My Heavenly Father, the Son & Holy Ghost for all things Amen.

Tue. July. 12. 1949./ page. 2373./ 7. H.  24. P. eggs today/  Well, I put the parafin on the straw-berry jam    cleaned half the bottom of the cupboard & then put things back & put the Jam away.    I cooked the goose-berries & got them put through the sieve & did dishes & swept the floor & made beds & I’m as tired as if I’d have done a washing,    Elbert don’t feel very well today either.    It’s lots cooler & it was so cold before morning, I had to put another blanket on to get my feet warm    & we had a very heavy White dew & it looks as if we’d have the same tonight for its real cool & not dark yet.    Seemed as if I couldn’t work today    I’m so tired & weary,    but, I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name,    I Praise Thee Jesus & Love Thee & I’m trusting in Thee & believing and standing on your promises,   I pray Thou will forgive what ever I’ve done wrong & teach me Thy Will & Thy Ways. Amen.

Wed. July 13. 1949./ 7. H.  29. Pullets eggs today./   Well, today I made the goose berry Jam & cook the current & what few apricots we could get off the tree & I got a pk of apples & made some apple sauce,    I put the parafin on the Jam, so it’s ready to be put away,    then I did my daily round    Jacky hurt his leg or foot & can hardly get about    I greesed it & pray it will be bwetter tomorrow    he did it several days a-go & it got better, but this morning it was bad again.    No word from the girls today,    I wonder what can be wrong.    Well. I have the dished done & Elbert Killed & dressed two hens “or pullets” rather & he’s got them all ready to cook    We are going to grind part of it & made meat balls for a change.   I’m so tired of chicken,    We have to have it so often,    & by & by we may be wishing we could have some.     I use to said I stated to see bacon & pork coming, but there has been a lot of times I wished for a piece of good bacon & once in a while for a piece of fresh or salt pork & now it seems ages since we had bacon    I believe it’s been at least 2. yrs.    but, we have had a little fresh pork & once or twice had salt pork.    I thank & Praise My Father in Heaven for all my many blessings for saving my soul & revealing things to me & helping me to do things,    I’ve had a lot of sick spells but He takes me by the hand & lifts me up & helps me get started again, Praise HIs Name & sall the Glory, Power & Honor Truly belongest to Him    I love Him because He is truth & pure in every respect more to be desired than anything in this world    He is such a Marvelous & Wonderful Saviour & Physican  Glory Glory to God in the Highest    I love & Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to live Thy ways, not mine.    It’s been quite warm today 90 some in the kitchen & the breeze North east & tomorrow Elbert goes with the eggs & Sister Sprunk said she’d be coming back with him.

Thurs. July. 14. 1949./ page. 2374./ 8. H.  26. P. eggs today./   Well, Elbert went & sold the eggs & spent all of the 13.65 but $1.94 for food,    I hope the mash & hold out untill next Thurs.    I got up & dressed & mended my old corset & put my under skirt on & did the ironing    then patched my dress & put the clothes in to soak While & shook up the beds & opened the windows, then washed out the few clothes I had & starched my dress & hung them out    & then I had put the chicken to cook soon as I got up,    so I then made the biscuits just as Elbert Sister Clark & Sprunk came in     & put them the oven.    They said they had there dinner but Elbert put the dishes on & they ate biscuits chicken & gravy & we had hot tea,    then they washed the dishes & pealed apples & sliced them & made apple pie, raspbrery pie, & current pie    Mrs. Sprunk made the pies & they were sure good.    We had chicken balls fried & stewed like I always fix them with chicken gravey biscuits & pie for supper.    they brought sugar & Crisco & even flour to make pie,    well, Elbert got came in with a big smile & he had 4 nice cucumbers so we chopped some for supper,    they wre just swell, so sweet & tender.    The girls had a good time & enjoyed thre supper,    I gave them apples to take home & pie, apple & raspberry.    Well, I’m tired & so is Elbert & he’s gone to bed & I must go,    he cought one rat in the trap, but there are more.    Well guess the girls are angry with me for some unknown reason,    I haven’t heard a word from any of them.    I do thank & praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Dear & Blessed Holy Name & for each of HIs Children & all He does for each of us,    He is truly wonderful to me, Amen. 

Fri. July 15. 1949./ 7-H- 28- P-eggs today./  Oh, Well, I was so tired I only did my daily round & I slept & laid & rested untill noon.    then it seemed as if I couldn’t get started.    I wonder how Mrs. Sprunk & MIss Clark are today.    they neither one looked as if they felt very well    Elbert took them clear home last night.    We didn’t get any word from the girls since they were here last,    I’m hoping they are well as usual & that they will find time to at least write me a card.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name, He loves & cares for us & pray He will strengthen each of us, soul & body & help us to know what it means to live like Jesus & to be like Him, to live for for the Spirit & not for the flesh    We read Gods word     Oh Why dont we think & try to understand when He has told us so very, very plain.

Sat. July. 16. 1949./ page. 2375./ 7-H -28. P. eggs today./ And July is half gone.    I got up at 10-a-m & did out the dirty clothes    looked after the daily grind and felt to bum to iron so I didn’t,    it’s been partly cloudy with N.E. breeze all day,     F. & Armond came out hunting,    it’s 9-30-p-m, now by the clock & the boys have just come back & it isn’t dark yet.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for the strength He has given me today.    I would like to do more for Him, He’s so good to me.    Glory to God, I Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost Amen.    they gave Elbert a wood chuck.

Sun. July 17. 1949./ 7-H- 30 P. eggs today./  Not a soul came in today,    I hope we get a card or some word to kknow they are all right    it’s one [?] weeks since they were here,    I hope no one is sick and that they are all O.K.    maybe they have been to busy to bother with us.    The Preacher says he’s to busy to come out here,     but, they could fly off to Canada to a young folks meeting    that’s going wome where,    Well, it’s O.K. by me as they say.    I hope they get settled by & by so they can work for the Lord.    I thank & praise Him,  that He cares for us & keeps us and pray He will take care of each one as He sees they need & that He will teach us His ways Amen.

Mon. July. 18. 1949./ 7-H- 34.P. eggs today/  Elbert went to fish house, but no fish    I did my ironing & started the dinner just as he pulled in.    It’s been quite warm today, just a little breeze was S.E. then S. then S.W., &, N.|E, & SW, tonight.    Sun set golden yellow tonight but last night & night before it was white    white as ice.    I thank Thee Jesus for answering my prayer,    I heard from Nellie today    it wasn’t much,    but I feel better.    she said,    Dear folks  received your letter, ment to write sooner, E.J. left Wed. July 13th. with Mr. & Mrs Gannet,   She will go with them aways & then by bus,    They were going to Arkansas.    Bonney Bell had a new baby girl yesterday morning “July. 15”   Hope you folks are O.K.    The cooler weather is surely good, will try to write sooner,   Love. Nellie.    Well, I guess she’s been terribly worried about Bonney Bell, as she isn’t very strong any way,    & some how they have lots of confusion there at Nellie’s & she needs rest & pleasentry about her.    I’m so sorry,    but hope I’m in no way to blame for any thing,     I tried to teach & help her,    but, when they marry & go, it’s hard to help them sometimes,    they go there own way just as I did 3. times,    Well Praise God in Jesus Name He picked

Mon. July. 18. 1949./ page. 2376./ -7-H – 34 P. eggs this day./  up & started me over on the right path & now I’m trying to stay on it and do His will to the best of my ability,    Oh Praise the Lord Glory, Glory Glory Hallelejah. Amen.    I haven’t done much to day    just mended a little & did my usual round,    I baked a two layer cake    put apricot filling between the layers & little frosting on the top,    it was good & we have eat half of it.    & we are out of money & not much to eat & 2 weeks before pay day     & they haven’t sent my renewal card.    I pray God will help me to the 35.00 & to get the old age pension, so I wont have to go with out like we did once before.    May God help us, for that was terrible. 

Tue. July. 19. 1949./ 7-H- 28 Pullets eggs today/ 1 broken/  Well, I did the washi8ng & 2 blankets & Elbert did the cooking & Wyn & Virgina & her daughter Joyce came in for a few minutes,    they told me Bonita got a divorce.    So maybe that was why Nellie has felt so worried  of late,     for she didn’t want her to get it.    She said when she was here last with Ella Jane & Audrey that she thought I ought to sell the place & go the old peoples home “she ment the Methodist home”  but why should she want me to go there?    I’d like to Know,    Wonder what she has in her mind anyway    I’ve never been anything but good to her & her family and I wouldn’t do a trick like that by Elbert either.    Well, I wrote a card to Audrey    one to Nellie & letter to Nora & I’ll have to finish tomorrow, God willing,     it tried to rain but thus far hasnt made out,    it’s been so warm    90 degrees here in the Kitchen,    but a good N.E. breeze untill sun down & it dried all out & left it quite warm.    I thank Gkod in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for the strength he has given me today.

WEd. July. 20. 1949./ 8-H -26- P. eggs today/ 1 broken one./  Well, I ought to have wrote cards today but it’s been so hot & I didn’t feel so good    done to much washing & my stomach gets so tired    it’s so weak.    it just wont relax untill [?]ing & then I’m tired & bum all day,    Elbert’s felt bum & he’s been in the house a lot, today    & I can’t write anymore.   there’s any one to bother me,    so the writing didn’t gt done,    I’ll try to write a note to Mrs. Gall & to Mrs. Sprunk & Miss. Clark    but that will be all I’ll gte done tonight.    I thank & Praise God for the strength He gives

Wed. July. 20. 1949./ page. 2377./ 7-H- 24-Pullets eggs/ one broken./  me daily,    I thank & praise Him for all things great and small in Jesus Name Glory to God,   I love & Praise Thee Jesus. It’s been partly cloudy, little breeze from all quarters at different times & is S.West mostly S. tonight & cool    the sun set white.    Elbert climbed up & tied some vines  cliped some old flower stalks so if the wind does blow 25 per. hr tonight they wont whip the windows.    Radio said, Typhone was headed for the Formosa Islands & that is Where Chung Kycheck ” the once Ruler of China,”  is now living with some of his men.    his wife was here,    I donknow if she is yet or not.

Thurs. July. 21. 1949./ 8-H- 26-Pullets eggs today/  I am giving Elbert the 10.00 I saved once more for my shoes, to get a five dollor money order for a box of cards,    I have 2. orders.    I do hope I can get a few orders    it really pays, if only I could work.    I’ve been so upset because I just can’t sit in peace & write,    it’s first one thing and then another all day & so far this evening & its 10-45-p-m. 

Fri. July 22 21. 1949./ 8-H- 28. P. eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain sold 5. doz for 75 cents per doz eggs & 16. doz. in Vermilion on the Lake for 70 cents per. doz.,     he took in $14.95    then he paid 4.55 for chick mash, 1.00 for wheat “1/2 bu.” & 45 cents for rolled oats.    then he paid $4.09 for hens mash & $3.75 for hens grain a total of 13.84 for hens & chicks.    he had $1.11 left & paid 50 cents for gas    & that left him 61 cents he brought home,    I gave him a 10.00 bill & a 25 cent piece & he got a postal order for $5.05 & put it in my letter & brought back the change $5.10,    so that was O.K.,    he run in debt for a piece of ham, a piece of shank meat & some pork steak, 5.__    so that’s another bill for next time & we are out of potatoes,    we will have our own pretty soon.    He took the clock to get it repaired, H left it in Vermilion     He had a visit with Harry Day, Sr.     Mrs. Day doesn’t come to Church any more, or the children,    he has a bad heart & Otto is living with them & he is in same condition,    he drive a car & take Mrs. Day here & there & paid for tickets for Harry to go to Finley his old home town     & he went to his mothers grave & then he said he went to Toledo & felt to tired to go on & came back home,    it was after 1-p-m,    it must be 2 or later when Elbert got home    I fixed dinner & then I patched 2, shirts for Elbert & got supper & did the dishes      & then tonight we watched a light circuling the sky from the ground, it shot a streak of light & broadened

Fri. July. 21. 1949./ page. 2378./ 8-H- 28-P-eggs today./  out making it look like a cat tail flag of light.    We dont know what it’s for.    I’m as tired as if I’d worked hard today,    my stomach is to tired,    but Praise God He will rest it & strengthen it, Glory to God in Jesus Name,    I know He’s able, Amen.    It’s been partly cloudy with a hot sun today.

Sat. July. 23. 1949./ 7-H- 29- P. eggs today/  Well, I’m tired most to death to-night     I only looked after bed & birds & cooking & dishes & patched a pr. of work pants & darned 2 prs. socks & pack a 6 gal crock of cucumbers     & walked out to the back park fence.    I thank & praise God for all our Many blessin in Jesus Name.    It’s been cooler today,  but plenty hot at that.

Sun. July. 24. 1949./ 7-H- 26 P. eggs today./Audrey’s birthday she is 57 yrs. old   and no word from her yet.    I can’t help wondering.    Nellie sent another post card said Nelson has been having measles & it just over them & it’s quite a releif to them all,    said Ella Jane got back to Albuequerque on July 17th.    she said a young girl from her ‘Nellie’s” neighbor hood went with Ella Jane & then the girl went on to Arizona    her parents or Missionarys on an Indian reservation,    her grandma was glad to send her with Ella Jane so she could go visit her parents & not travel alone,    she only had 7 hr ride from Albuquerque.    she finished With Love Nellie & all.    Well I did not write as I usually do each night    I didn’t do anything only read the Word “God’s Word” an wonder and ponder & pray & I’m still praying He will help in to worship Him in Spirit & in truth Amen. 

Mon. July. 25. 1949./ 9-H-29. P. eggs today./  I received Nellie’s card but wrote content on Sunday’s writing,     getting forgetful at 64.    Martha says it a great world if you don’t weaken and I know there’s lots more in those few words than she has ever figured out.    Well I did the wash & 2 blankets  112 degrees heat today    sun is really scorching hot    clothes just bake dry.    Elbert don’t feel very well,  head feels bum,  to hot;    he has carried the water    cut some weed & brush for a sign is in the heat today[?] & tomorrow,    he dug a few of our po-tatoes & they are small, not enough water to give them size    he fixed part the dinner & he cooked the supper & it’s just terribly hot.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healing & the strength He gives me. 

Tue. July. 26. 1949./ 7-H-28-P. eggs today/  I haven’t done only the daily grind & aired the bedding & riped off the end  ends off two blankets    trimed them & restitched them & mended my old wash dress & it’s been to hot today.    It rained a nice shower this after noon & so cooled the breeze some    S. West breeze & nice

Tue. July. 26. 1949/ page. 2379./ 7-H- 28-P. eggs this day./  I received U.S. Postal from Mrs. Goll today & she called me dear sister & said Epplers were back from California & Mrs Eppler was going to do the preaching Sun.    she said she wouldnt get any plants or trees, for they wre selling next June,    She also said there were only 5 or 6 that came to Church & the Smith Children   Oh God help more to want to come to Church     I pray I’ll soon be able to go back & I thank Thee for our many blessing Amen. 

Wed. July. 27. 1949./ 7-H-24 Pullets eggs today/  Frank Bonney’s birthday  he’s 59 yrs. old today./ Oh I tried to fix my slip so I can wear it    got it basted     God Willing I finish tomorrow.     It’s been hot but thanks to God in Jesus Blessed Name we’ve had a good south W breeze and I haven’t done much of anything    I Praise God for all our many many blessing in Jesus Holy Name, Amen,    It’s been partly Cloudy    Well, No word what so ever from Audrey.

Thurs. July 28. 1949. /8-H-25- Pullets egg’s today./   Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 15 1/2 doz of eggs for 70 cents per. doz. & he bought two sack of grit     one for the hens & one for baby chicks    100 lbs each  1.10 each,  he got 25. lbs. house salt 60 cents & box of epsom salts for hens 45 cents & one box oats for chicks 45 cents    he paid light bill 75 cents & for the clock repair 1.50,    he got 2 boxes tea 56 cents & 25 cents for rat biscuits & 1.22 for meat & 3.38 for food for us    it all added up to $10.91 & he took in 10.85,    he owes 5 cents to one woman    that gave him 10.90,    it came with in 1. cents of what he spent.    he didn’t seem quit as tired out as he did last week,    & it was a hot day, little over 100 degrees in house at noon.    I had dinner as near ready as I could when he came.    I received a nice letter from Audrey today    she told me about her work    how hot it was sewing & she ordered an aluminum pan with a cover 8. qt. size & said Nellie went to the show with her one night  & that Geo. Eddy (Bonita’s husband) was runing around with a Jap girl in Elyria & that Bonita got around some, also,    she said she put my watch in Jewerly shop & that she was having another vacation next mo. & would be out to see us if she had to use shanks horses to get here,    she sent us 10.00 & she gives to

Thurs. July. 28. 1949./ page. 2380./ 8-H. 25-Pullets eggs this day./  Nellie also & to Martha’s family & finds herself broke quite often.    I know how that is, for I’ve been through that,     she has an insurance to take care of her, if, & when she needs it,    Wish I had done that to,    I was told often enough about it but it took so much to help this one & that one, that, I let it slip & now it’s me that slips.    She said she thought I’d be better off in the old peoples home where I’d have my washing, sewing & meals & I wouldn’t have anything to do,    thats in the Methodist home in Elyria Ohio.    But, I can’t do that.    We work as long as we can & take care of ourselves.    I’d rather take care of some one else, or help some one.    I thank My God in Jesus Name for my healing & the strength He gives me from day to day & Praise His Holy Name. 

Fri. July. 29. 1949./ 8-H-24. Pullets eggs today./   Elbert dug 40. ft. row of potatoes & only got a pk    it’s been to dry for potatoes or anything else, but we did get a shower today about 4.-30.-p.-m.    he’s took care of chicken & hens & carried water & this evening we had to patch or bind up the little apricot tree “in front of the hen house”    the wind blew so hard it broke one of the best limbs & it hung down with top on the ground,     so I held it in place & Elbert put pitch over out side of crack    then he held it while I bandaged it & tied it,    then he pitched it all over the bandage,    it’s a nice shaped tree & was just growing fine,    I pray God will heal it & make it more stronger than before & I thank Him in Jesus Name.    Well, I’m to tired    I washed all my dirty clothes & all of Elbert’s & took care of beds & rooms & cooked & washed dishes.    Elbert killed 2 small hens & cut up the breasts & thighs & ground them & I made meat balls for supper,    I made biscuits & 1. apple pie & a big pint of apple sauce     & now I’m so tired and my bowels didn’t move today,    makes me feel sick.    I have to write to Audrey & read & take a bath & go to bed    Elbert has taken his bath & is in bed,    it’s a little cooler tonight,    rain came from the N.W. in big drops,    I thought it was hail at first, glad it wasn’t.     I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Blessed, Holy, Jesus. Amen.

Sat. July. 30. 1949./ 7.-H.-25.Pullet eggs. /   I only did my daily round, except I ironed what few pieces there were to be ironed.    Elbert went to Vermilion at 9-a-m. for greens for the hens & chicks    & I sent Mrs. Sprunk & Miss Clark a few apples & cucumbers.    I got the ironing done & dinner ready to cook by the time he came back    it started to rain a fine misty rain soon after he left & was pouring when he got back,    I had him drive up close to the door so he could get in without getting wet. aftr it eased up he put the

Sat. July 30. 1949./ page. 2381./ 7. H.  25. Pullet eggs this day/  car away, & took care of hens & chicks.    Frank & Armond came 4-30 p-m. to go hunting,    it sprinkled & then rained hard before they got back,    wasn’t raining when they came back & they didn’t get a chuck,     Frank brought us a lb or so of onions & we gave him a bag of cucumpers 8 or so.    It’s real cloudy tonight & lots cooler    we even had a little fire to take chill & dampness out of the house.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.   I love Jesus & All Praise belongeth to Him.   

Sun. July. 31. 1949./ 4-H-20. Pullets eggs today./  Well, it’s been a fine day, but I didn’t feel equal to going to Church, so listened to the sermons on the Radio & Prayed & I do Hope I can get back soon, in Jesus Name I pray I can, Amen.     Partly cloud cool all day   N.W. & N.E. breeze all day & it’s quite cool tonight     I had to cover birds    little warmer last night & I think it will be just as cool tonight or before Morning.    No one here all day & it’s a long day when I can’t get out to Church. 

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