April  1951

Sun. April 1. 1951./ page. 2727./ 18. eggs this day./  follower I would be For by His Hand He leadeth me.    I Praise God from Whom all blessing Flow Glory Glory Hallelujah Amen.   (wonderful Peace, a favorit hym) It was showery from midnight untill almost noon & then just windy & cloudy & when sun came out it was white.

Mon. April 2. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  Well, I just did the daily grind today    Elbert took cold last Fri & his head & eyes have pained him bad, he couldn’t sleep last night     I doped him up & he didn’t want to eat but he felt better after I got him to eat,    he wasn’t going to eat,    Oh, but it’s a great world, no matter how you feel you must coax & pamper & take all the mean hateful things they want to say a-bout me, to me, but Praise God, He Knows & He takes care of me,  Glory to His Name, I pray He will keep me ever & help me or some one of His, to help the others to know & understand & do His will in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    I get things handed me such as “I’m not going to be like old Miss Baumgart  wear a wool shawl & a cap, just because I have a cold “that was because there’s a steady draft from the North window & it hits me on the neck, my neck began to get stiff so I laid a 3 in. piece of Knited wool from & old under skirt across the back of my neck, it kept it warm & neck didn’t trouble me, he took cold Fri;  & his head eyes & neck pained him so bad, it made him sick, but he stuffed himself with anacins, then his bowels pluged up & I got him to take physic & tonight he’s feeling better.    I’m wondering if I’ll get to Church Thurs. night, I do hope he gets to feeling better in every way.     I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name & I Praise Jesus.    Mertle said “& she wanted me to take a hint” ” yes in Jesus Name”    Well, I love my Jesus no matter what any of them say or do,    Glory to God, I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.    It’s been mostly cloudy all morning   sun shone this after noon, but wind was S. west & went N. west tonight.   We saw 9 geese going South late this after noon.    I received card from Miss Clark, said her sister had had 2 operations & not very well    she had come to Vermilion to get her mail & pay some bills & look after her things,    she was partly packed & hoped to move the middle of April.    Well I pray God’s Will be done.     I’m sorry but all I am able to do is pray    I was hoping it would warm up so I could get use to the weather again.    I praise Thee Jesus. 

Tue. April 3. 1951./ 27 eggs today./   And a letter from Nellie & one from Audrey & I’m feeling so punk I don’t feel able to write but I’ll have to try to get at it for I owe everyone a letter.    It snowed hard    you couldn’t see hen house for a while this 

Tue. April 3. 1951./ page. 2728./ 27. eggs this day./ morning & lighter showers untill noon,    then it looked black but went over.    Elbert went to fish house this a-m, but they didn’t go out.    he got me 2 yeast cakes & he bought a lb. of liver & piece boiling meat    we made soup & eat most of the soup for supper,    it was mostly bone & grisle.    I only did what I had to do all day    Elbert’s head & back & hips have pained him all day    he went to Horvats for milk with Mr. Johnston Horvathe’s son-in-law, who lives on part of the old Duglas farm,    Mr. Horvath use to have a meat & grocery store in Lorain a few yrs. ago.    I believe he told Elbert he had lived out here 28 yrs. & I have been here 30 yrs.  this Aug. 16. 1951.    Ella Jane will be 32. yrs. old on the 22nd. of this mo.  

Wed. April 4. 1951./ 24 eggs today./  Well, I got up & did the washing & Elbert had gone to Huron for fish & I was all through at noon except the sudsing & wrinsing,    he came at one thirty & carried the water while I got the dinner    then he dressed fish “33 of them” & I got the clothes on the line & set the bread    I forgot to set it this morning,     then I washed dishes “after I stired up bread dough fruit cake & got it in the tins to raise”    then I had to make the bread biscuits & put them on the tins & was so tired seemed as if I just couldn’t do any more,    then Elbert came in   he’d buired the fish dressings & fed the hens “& found one dead” & had to buiry that,    & when he got washed & cleaned up, he started the fish frying “I had just got them salted & packed” & left out four for supper    he put the rest down to keep cool & then warmed the potatoes & I put the spinage on the heat & poured the water for coffee & then we ate supper at 6-p-m. & I had the bisquits in the oven they were done in 30 mi. but it takes the cake, so long to rise & it isn’t in oven yet.     but by the looks will be soon now    & I’ll sure be so glad.    Elbert would like to have the girls have some of the fish but it does cost a lot to take them clear over to them    we have to go to Lorain then out to Martha’s & then to Nellie’s,    I’m so tired    don’t seem as if I could go, but he wont go unless I go,    So I don’t know what we’re going to do yet.    It’s not very cold, out,    was dark & cloudy all morning & the half of afternoon mostly cloudy, red sunset, not cold tonight.    I thank God for the wonderful strength he has given me this day    I hope to go to prayer meeting tomorrow evening. 

Thurs. April 5. 1951./ 11. eggs today./ Elbert went & sold 14. doz. eggs this a-m 9.10 but he had to pay 4.59 for bag of grain & he bought two or 3 things for us & gas  oil then he came home    I got dinner & we went to Nellie’s    she was teaching & Bonita was to a meeting of some sort, they seemed

Thurs. April 5, 1951./ page 2729./ 11. eggs this day/ pleased to see us when they got there    We took a ride out the highway  the tractors are busy & they “the men” were planting cabbages,   the ground, looked nice & lots of it all ready to be planted    I noticed the cabbages did look as if they had been frost bitten,    It’s been a beautiful day.    I took Nellie & family a bread dough cake,   a tin of bread biscuits & gave her & Bonita each a handkercheif with a crocheted edge & the children some candy & nuts, & pictures    They had a letter from Ella Jane & she sent 7. or 8. pictures & she hadn’t wrote home for she’d had her thumb in splints.    Elbert bought us each an ice cream cone & it seemed to settle my stomach    the nerves have been so bad in my stomach of late.    Elbert took a pan of fish 20 or so all cleaned to the girls,    Nellie was please with them.    & I gave her a bag of green tea,    she made coffee & we had a cookie (oatmeal)    they were some she had made    she’s looking well, but had a bad spell with her heart, a few weeks ago.    Bonita’s Geo’s wife is in sanitorium with T.B. & has 2 children  little one’s    if she dies, I pray Bonita won’t be foolish & take him back    I pray God’s will be done not mine.   I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of us going & coming & for taking us to prayermeeting & bringing us safly home.    You know a funny thing happened,   We took one cake “bread dough fruit cake” to the girls & I bakes 5 in the bread tins & one was missing    we looked every-where    Elbert looked in the oven,    so, I didn’t, but there it was,    so many things have come up missing that we have never found,  well I told Elbert seemed as if it must be here, it was here before we left,    but, I was sorry about my bread pan it was in, but we found both pan & cake    I left the cakes right in the pan last night. 

Fri. April 6. 1951./ 24. eggs today./   Well I did out another washing & got dinner & supper & washed the dishes & got the clothes all dried indoors    it was nice this morning    sun was clear & bright,    but I didn’t have enough water to finish      & Elbert went for more fish & didn’t get back untill after 12 noon   I had the potatoes on cooking & broccoli ready to cook so it didn’t take long,    he cleaned 4 fish for dinner    I had fry pan hot     & salted & floured fish & put them in  & he went back & cleaned out 5 more,     so, he could rest after dinner a little     he brought the water & I finished the clothes so, I wont have quite so many after next week     & I hope to get a little more sewing done next week,    birds were singing & flowers starting to grow & frogs croaking & a N. East breeze, clouded up this after noon     the wind went south tonight   cold white sun & radio said cooler tomorrow.    I went to prayer meeting last night not many there. 

Sat. April. 7. 1951./ page. 2730./ 22. eggs today./ Elbert set another fence post on the S. east corner,  Bill Snyder has tried & tried to wiggle it loose when the ground is wet Spring & Fall & he did it this time, so Elbert have put in a rail road tie that John Snyder gave him,     Bill plows up to the line & if the post was gone he wouldn’t know if he was over to far, of course, he’s a skunk if ever there was one & just like the old folks,    he  made a big pond hole on his lot by draging the dirt out on the brow of the hill, then he went to plow crosswise, his lot & mine so to fill the hole up    he is so thoroughly discusting & so ignorant person,    a year ago he plowed & planted, his sister’s ground to corn & cut & sold it & then Bessie found it out & made him give her half of the money & I thought that was easy on him,    it’s hard to tell what he will be up to next.    Wish I could put up a fence at least half way to the back.    Elbert cut a lot of brush & hopes to get in a few stakes on the line.    Well I swept & dusted & cooked & washed dishes & baked 2 tins of bread biscuits & did my daily dozen    Elbert worked to long & hard & looked it,    but I couldn’t talk him out of doing it.    I hope & pray he wont be sick from it.    it’s been to hot today after being so cool “60 degrees” & Radio said it would be 35 or 40 degrees tonight,    I wanted to go out but so much to get done in here & my legs to tired all the week,    got to take it a little more easy this coming week.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for His Love & Care of us & pray He will reveal & help me to do His Will not mine. 

Sun. April. 8. 1951./ 14. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t get to church this a-m. but we went tonight    had a good sermon & some good testimonies & I pray God will help us to live as he wants us to live,    Mrs. Horning & Janet were to church tonight & Mrs Smith & his to girls & they had a girl friend with them    & Dorthy & Lindy & there two children     Tom & Ronie & Mertle did the preaching    Mertle’s Mother & sister & Mrs. Sprunk & another elderly lady     I don’t know her name    & my-self.     It’s been a wet misty day with light shoers.   sun came out & set white tonight.   Cloudy tonight, broken, so moon & stars apear once in a while.    I thank God in Jesus Name for saving my soul & giving me strength & courage & for my many healings & pray He will help me to keep well in His Name & to give me more of His spirit & help me to live & do His will in all things.     Glory to His Name, I love Thee Jesus    all Honor & Power truly belongest to Thee for ever & ever.    To be like Jesus, all I ask to be like him. 

Mon. April. 9. 1951./ 22. eggs today./  Elbert went to fish house & he helped wheel in 2 ton of fish & they gave him 28 pike & about 2 doz. perch,    he cleaned all but 15 pike    I cleaned 4 for our dinner,    he was so tired & then I scraped them & salted ours & packed them in a pan,    then he wanted to give Tom & Mertle a few & Harry Miller & he took 15 to Lindy West & told him he was to tired to clean them,    Lindy said he’d be glad to clean them,   it would save his 

Mon. April 9. 1951./ page. 2731./ 22. eggs this day./  meat bill & he thanked Elbert for them.    Harry Miller was so glad for his & Tom said fly up stairs Mertle & get them fish frying,    she was just getting ready to make & apple pie & Tom & Ronie were trying to fix up Tom’s car,     running board rusted & fell off,    they had eaten a few waffles,    no wonder they all look so starved & so thin,    We had a bad fog last night & it’s been rainy & cloudy all day    sun peeked out a few times this after noon & it had begun to get fogy before we got home tonight,    it was white as milk over the lake;    It was so bad this morning fishermen didn’t go out to lift nets untill most noon    Elbert didn’t get home untill most 2-p-m. & I hadn’t had a bite to eat,    I had just got the potatoes & stew pan on when he came in,    I made him stay in untill we ate,    he look so terribly tired & he is,    I wish he would only get enough for us & not so many,    it’s to much for him    he looked sick tonight & so yellow & exhausted.    & I’ve been so tired, but only done usual round,    well, I did clean the fish & salt them    Elbert usually scraps them out & washes them but he was to tired today,    so, he did to much work for the fish    & then give most of them away & 14 mi. drive to take them, to those he gave them to.    We are getting to the place where we can’t stand to do so much any more.    It’s been a nice April day.    I thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for all the many many blessings,    Keep us Closer to Thee. Amen.

Tue. April. 10. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  I haven’t done much today    Elbert want to go to the Hill farm for apples & Elbert got on the wrong road & so we see a lot of farms I haven’t seen seen since Frank & I use to go selling extracts & Knife sharpeners, can openers & fruit juicers    thats been a long time now, 18 yrs. Frank’s been gone & it was at least 3. yrs. before he died that we went most every day & we sold right up to the yr. he died,    but only close around home.    Well, we got back to the apple farm & bought 1. bu wine saps 2.00   they are so good, juicy & have a flavor     its been a fine day partly cloudy, whole sun, it rained in the early morning & there’s lots of water everywhere,     we picked up some ears of corn on the road,    enough for one meal for hens.    It was a beautiful day not cold but I didn’t feel like riding around,    some nice looking farms,    we saw a sign sorgum mollasses so Elbert got out to ask & perhaps get some, but no one ans. the door,    so “no lasses,”     well tomorrow’s Wed.    I ought wash but I don’t know what I’ll do.    Georgie & Bill been gone a week & came in late last night.    I was sitting up in bed     tomy felt bad.    well Elbert did quite a lot of spading,    he’s getting ground ready for potatoes.    Wish so much I could help.    I like to work the dirt.    I thank God He does take care of us & I pray I may do more for Him,    I want to    I love & Praise Jesus & I want to be all His for ever & ever for He’s a wonder-ful Friend & there’s no other can take His place in my heart.

Wed. April. 11. 1951./ Page. 2732./ 25. eggs today./    It’s been a beautiful day & I was out to the far end of the grapes,    Elbert has been cutting weeds & brush & spading to put in a few potatoes, he hopes by end of the mo.    Georgie Snyder waved her hand to me, a thing she hasn’t done in a long time & I have waved to her many times before,    then she & the dog & cat came over & talked awhile,    she & Bill had been over to see Bob,    he’s stationed there & they are now being moved to Texas.    she was tired when they rolled in Sun. night,    she said they had drove over 1000 miles that day,    but Young Bill had a fire for them & the house was warm,    he’s looked after the place while they were gone.    I received books & papers from Mrs. Goll today.    Oh Lord God of Hosts help me to do more of Thy work.    Every thing’s starting to grow but N. East wind’s so cold for me.    & today we hear the world is in a termoil because Trueman fired Gen. Mc.Aurther & crongresmen & Senit are angry.    Oh, Jesus, help us to be ever ready to depart with Thee. Amen. 

Thurs. April 12. 1951. /20. eggs today./ my check came today./ Elbert’s back pained him so bad he could hardly rest all night    & he got up same’s usual & went & sold  the eggs 10. doz. 6.50,    he didn’t spend it this time but gave it to me to save,    we thought we’d get a few more chicks for another yr.    but one doesn’t know hardly what to do, for the Goverment is in such a mess & I know Jesus will surly becoming before very long.    I got up & took a bath & dressed at 9-30-a-m & did several odds & ends & then mixed up my pie dough & made 2 apple & 2 peach pies,    My bowels run me yesterday after noon & evening & today haven’t moved all day,    Elbert got home early, 11-a-m & could hardly move his back pained him so    & so we didn’t get off to church tonight,    instead of prayer meeting Mertle’s having bible study meetings,    Well, I wish it was prayer meeting,    for I could get more out of it.    I pray Oh God, of Love & Mercy in Jesus Name and thank Thee for all things,    and pray Thou will Help us in all the ways we need .    Jesus Blessed Pure, True & Holy.    The wind is chilly & it’s tried to rain & been mostly cloudy.    New moon wading in snow & water tonight,    it rained & snowed a shower just before dark

Fri. April. 13. 1951./ 19. eggs today./   Well, I did the wash & I feel tuckered    got it nearly all dry & will have it done before I go to bed,    it’s been a rainy day   cold raw S. west wind & it snowed hard a couple of times & sun came out a few times,  white sun    Well I’m tired & I haven’t done any writing this week & owe every one a card or letter.     I see cabbages took a drop in price.    Elbert’s had to stay in most of the day because of the weather & his back    I’m glad he’s been inside,    he cleaned hen roost this morning & carried it out & put it on the garden & his face looked half froze.    I thank & Praise God for His Love & His care

Sat. April 14. 1951./ Page 2733./  22. eggs today. / Elbert went to Huron but not early enough to get any fish    he got pork shoulder for our dinner & lb. of butter, yeast cake & broccoli while I swept & wiped up floors & then got dinner    & then ironed E’s. shirt & my house dress,    then we had supper & Elbert killed & dressed a hen, she laided every day,    he got her on to cook & ground her breast & I have it mixed up for balls for tomorrow    & I hope to take a bath & get off to church in the morning,    it’s raining tonight 9-30-p-m.    I thank & Praise God & pray He will use me in His Own Way. 

Sun. April 15. 1951./ 12. eggs today./  We went to Sunday school & church & then come home  had our dinner & lunch tonight & then we went back to Church this evening    there were [?]32 to Sun.  & there were 6 young couples & 5 old people & 6. or 8. children in there teens & 4 or more little folks.    We had a very good sermon & those who belonged to the Lord were blessed    I thank & praise the Lord for our blessing which are many.   & I pray I maybe of more service to Him.    Oh God, be with Miss. Clark & her sister    Thou doeth know there needs    I pray Thy will be done,     if I can help her I pray, I may,    I thank Thee.    Well it’s been very chilly, partly cloudy & showers with quite a strong south west wind.    We saw some ducks or geese going S. east the other day & 7 going N. west today.

Mon. April. 16. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  Elbert went to fish house & helped dip fish & they gave him 4 catfish a bulhead a doz. or so perch & about the same number in pike & the S. west wind was cold,    it snowed in shoers, but melted as it fell.    flakes were big as feathers this morning but grew or came lots smaller     and tonight it’s much colder    we have a fire & keep one during  the night,    Birds show it’s to cold out side.   Elbert skined the fish & we cook them for dinner    then he finished cleaning the others & I salted & packed them & put them down to keep cold    We had chicken balls for supper. & hope to have fish for our dinner tomorrow    every time I eat I think of the many people that don’t have anything,     and of the terrible condition the whole world is in & wonder just how things will shape up    I believe it will be the new federation before much longer & then the small country’s will be gathered up that will take some time yet & then the war on the Israel,     I hope & pray God will have mercy & take us out before that time,    I believe He will before very much longer.    I thank Thee Jesus for helping me to under-stand Thy word & pray Thou will use me in Thy own Way Amen. 

Tue. April. 17. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Snowed in showers all day & melted as it fell   cold raw wind    We only did what had to be done today.    Elbert gets his own breakfast & I cook dinner & supper & wash dishes & look after beds & so forth    & Elbert took care of hens & what out side chores & got up the coal,    Radio says it will freeze tonight    I hope not.    Well, I thank God for His Word & that He helps me to understand.

Wed. April. 18. 1951./ Page . 2734./ 18. eggs this day./ Well, I mended Elbert’s jumper yesterday & today I served the pieces on the gores of my skirt    & next I hope to sew skirt together & join waist & try it on,    I sure hope to get it done in another week at least    for my old one’s going to pieces,    I don’t know what’s wrong with me,    but I don’t have the endurance to work,    I have the ambition if only I could stick to the job    today I’m weak & shaky.    We received a card from Bonita that didn’t say much,    enjoyed fish    Bonney didn’t send after any of them & they kept them in ice box 4 or 5 days,    I’m glad I can eat mine fresh,     I wouldn’t want them after they laid around a week,    they taste good out the water & into the frypan,    We had another nice mess since then.    She said they were O.K and ask how we were,     said the weather was cool & that they had a letter from Marcie,    they’re O.K.     I gave her 30 cents to get some sort of heads to plant grass on    she got them, but Audrey had bought Gertie one,    so she had them there.    Love from Bonita.    Wind’s been strong & cold eased off,   but is blowing again    guess I try to wash tomorrow.    I’d like a nice day to hang the blankets out on the line.    It snowed hard in Cleveland radio said     & it truly [?] to hear several times this morning.    I thank & praise God    He is & ever will be & pray He will keep me close to him

Thurs. April. 19. 1951./ page. 2735. / 20. eggs today./ I wrote a card to Miss Clark & one to Audrey.    I washed out part of the clothes today & got them all dried except rags & wool skirt     Elbert went & sold 11. doz. eggs & got 1. bag of mash. 4.76 & I told him to keep the rest,    he has to pay for gas oil & car repares.    I gave him my check to cash & he used 1.50 for food & brought me 38.60    I have to use 20.00 for food & then 9.00 for gas & my taxes will be due before much longer    they were 10.00 & some odd cents last time,    I don’t know what they’ll be this time.    I took my bath & dressed at 4.30 for Church & then got supper     Elbert pared the potatoes,    I the broccoli & hen I looked after them & fried some stakes he bought,    he bought boiling meat & bacon & knockers.    Well, we got off to Church & back again,    Mertle has her new lower teeth & don’t feel or look very well    & Neither does Topp.    Mrs. Albright was there tonight,    but Mr. Whitman & Mrs. Sprunk was not.    I hope there not sick    Mrs. Fredrick was there & said Miss. Clark had been home but went back today.    I know I’d be tired & she’s older than I but able to get around on her feet for she walks a lot every day.    They said over radio 5.000 nurses are needed,    so Miss Clark is working in the hospital & looking after her sister    she’s been there 5 weeks now.    It’s quite cool out tonight    I don’t see how any thing can grow,    it was cloudy all morning  partly so this after noon & tonight moon shines through at in-tervals.    Elbert spaded a lot today so he’s real tired tonight.    Oh God help us to cling to Thee & I pray Thou will Keep us 

Fri. April 20. 1951./ 22. eggs today./   Well, I’ve only done the daily round with the exception of putting my bedding on the line & airing it & sweeping & turning the mattress over & making up the beds again,    but I feel tired,    I went out where Elbert was spading & to out side toilet & cleaned out the bird bath & filled it with clean water,    the tame white voilets are in bloom & the wild blue ones are growing fast now.    Golden bells are in bloom now,   but, it’s so cold nights,    we had a white frost last night,    sun came up late so it turned to water & ground was so wet & the grass.    Watkins man came this after noon    I had called Elbert to have some coffee “to get him to rest”    he’s spading to much at a time & to steady,    tires him so much he can’t rest    We see a female & a male pheasent today.    Walkins man had a cup of coffee & visited a while,    he use to live neighbor to Frank Bonney over on the lake bank near the old Glendening house,    it was the Daniels house where Edith & Her folks lived.    she had two brothers James & George.    Edith taught school when I lived at Wards next door & Wards house was between the other two.     I bought carbolic salve 40 cents for cuts  I got a bottle salt shaker of garlic salt 90 cents, & tin box of nutmeg 70 cents     everything costs so much, but I paid for them 2.08, 3 cents tax on sale.    We had soup for supper & broccoli & it was good,    broccoli was so tender & nice & I made a little relish of cabbage

Fri. April. 20. 1951./ Page. 2736./ 20 eggs this day./ onion & pickles chopped fine with some of the sweet pickle vinegar on it.    Now Elbert is in bed    he got up early & in the morning     he wants to go to Vermilion for greens for hens & to fish house for fish if he can make both places on time or he said he might go to fish house only.    Looks like I’ll have bread to bake & some washing to do out,    so, I thank Jesus for my strength & pray I may do his Will & not mine in all things great or small. Amen. 

Sat. April 21. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well, I did out quite a washing & baked 2 tins of bread biscuits   cooked 2 meals & washed up all the dishes & believe me or not    I’m so tired    Elbert went to fish house    worked for some fish   he dressed 6 & I cooked “or fried” them    I got the potatoes ready & so it didn’t take long to fry them,    had the greese all hot & soup & white frish fried & potatoes cooked    we ate soup & I turned fish & by time soup was down potatoes & fish were ready & we had some tomatoes left over & they were good & hot coffee.    Clothes, all dry & put away & socked darned & bread put in crock,    now I’ve been reading & thinking how very near the end is of this world & wishing I could do more to help people understand,    for My heart achs when I think of the many Who are not ready;    Oh God, I pray in Jesus Name You will help me to help others to turn to Thee, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day,   sunshine but partly hazzy & it’s warmer tonight,    Wind went from N.E. to S. east tonight, no frost.

Sun. April. 22. 1951./ 16. eggs today./  Well, We didn’t get away this morning, but we did tonight,    they had 67 to Sunday school & three persons were converted this morning & a married young couple tonight     Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.    I thank Him for answering prayers for giving Sister Eppler a greater boldness for Jesus & helping her to speak out & declare God’s word, & tonight she said she felt stronger in that way & the church will once more gain in truth & be steady in Jesus Name I thank Thee & we give Thee all the Praise, Amen.    Elbert took some fish to Harry Miller,    I gave Tom & Mertle some & Mrs. Sprunk    she didn’t go to the car & get them so I left them with Mertle & Tom.    Wind’s S. West & quite strong   showers during night & morning, clouds are broken tonight & moon shines through.    It’s been a beautiful day & Apricot in full bloom in a big white ball beautiful. 

Mon. April 23. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well I cleaned the stand with the plants on it in the east window & the window & the high stool with some plants on it & the floor beneith them,    the stool is one from the old tug “Welcome,” the captian gave it & the big ice box to Elbert,    that’s been a number of yrs. ago    about 50 years.   I have it in my old diary, that is quite along time now,    I’m 66 yrs. old    Elbert gave the stool to me,    we used it at home for a long time to sit on while talking on the telephone,    it’s give my feet a rest many a time. 

Mon. April. 23. 1951./ Page 2737./ 20. eggs this day./   but they are in such bad condition now    I have to sit more & so often.    I swept & washed dishes & cooked,    We had 2 meals or I did,    Elbert gets up & eats about 7-a-m. after he has taken care of chickens, he killed a hen, picked & cleaned it & put it on to cook & he has spaded a big wide long piece of ground ___ ft. wide & ___ ft. long for potatoes & a little garden stuff & he gathered a good big mess of dandelines,  for greens,    he fixed the posts with the boards on to hold the yellow roses back from the path to toilet & he’s done a lot of odds & ends & is terrible tired tonight.,     We had a heavy frost last night not quite as bad as night before last    it made heavy ice & didn’t get melted by noon, but didn’t freeze so bad last night     & Apricots are all in bloom.     I received a letter from Annabel & card from Miss. Clark today,    I sure have to take time out to write letters & cards, soon;    Elbert wants to go to Lorain tomorrow.    So I’ll have to go to bed now & try to rest,    I do thank God for saving my soul and, teaching me His ways & healing me so many, many times,    I give Him the Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    I pray He will keep us, the car & all we have safe & I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee & pray I may do more to help in Thy work,   Use me Jesus.    It’s been a beautiful day but raw wind from S. West.    Clear sky tonight.    We saw a silver color plane come from N. & go to the South with a long stream of white behind it, high up.   

Tue. April 24. 1951./ 19. eggs today./  Had a card from Audrey, she hoped my ride to Nellie’s didn’t make me sick     & said Bonita was down & had been over to her aunt Hazels & done out a big wash.    H. has been in bed for 5. weeks & Bonita told her about the fish we had taken to them     & Audrey wanted to know how the fish were biting     We would like to take her some     but she’s only home for quick lunch at noon & then to supper     & its so late by the time we get back    Elbert hates to drive after dark    said she & Martha were coming out,    then Jean phoned & said they were going to a stork show,    We had chicken to & maybe it wont be when they do come.    I washed today & Elbert went to Vermilion & got greens for hens & a few things for us.    I didn’t have much washing since I washed Sat. so had it most done when he got back.    I got a little book from Aunt Ellen,  a needle work book put out by her.   The sun shone a while this morning, then clouded up & stayed that way the rest of the day,     & is trying to rain tonight, cold N. east wind but no frost last night although it did get cold before morning.        I’ve fixed up my old stockings & maybe they’ll do a few times more    I do Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name, Amen.

Wed. April 25. 1951./ page. 2738./ 21 eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to fish house & got a very large mess of fish some nice little catfish 2 perch & the rest were pike    he cleaned them all,    We ate catfish for supper had chicken balls for dinner.    The wind went S. west after mid night & blew strong untill tonight it eased off & we had a good shower, wind got hot, was lots to hot.    thundered & lightened & light showers tonight     it’s still thundering,     I see a little snake this after noon laying in sun by the well.    the pheasent comes to bird bath to drink    We saw the little hen the other day    guess she has a nest out by the grapes    Well I haven’t done much today, wrote Miss. Clark a letter & cleaned a big 12 qt. pail of greens for Audrey & Gertie & salted the fish & packed them in pans & cooked two meals & did dishes & now I’m going to bed for Elbert goes about 8-30-a-m & I’ll have to get up at 7-a-m & I don’t feel able to go, but no peace untill I do.    I Pray God will take care of us & help us to get most every thing done while we are there in Lorain, that we’d planed to do.   Now I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thy Will be done, Amen.

Thurs. April 26. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Well, we went to Lorain,    I bought a black coat & hat & small sprayer & 5. gal of white paint for the house    Oh, yes, I bought 6. yds. house dress good & 3 dish rags, 3 spools 40. O.N.T. crochet thread & 1 1/2 doz. balls tating thread or crochet thread for handkercheifs.   & 1. dress for 5. dollars for a church dress 5.00.   it’s a sort of dark red,    got to fix the bottom.    it’s to short in the back,    hope I can fix it with what I take of the front & maybe I’ll get one made by & by that will be longer.  35.00 for coat 3.07 for hat 6.__ for dress goods dish rags crochet thread & darning cotton.    We stopped to see Mrs. Cranage & I had a little visit,    that house all-ways looks as if she had just moved in    & things are laid here & there & every where, big rug rolled up & laying on stair way.    she took one doz. eggs. & Elbert took 2. doz. for Audrey & Martha & then forgot to leave them,  but we took her fish & Rhubarab & a bag with fish & rhubard for Martha & one for Nellie.    Audrey gave me 10 linen kercheifs & 3 balls thread    she’s going to get me 3 or 4 shirts & I will pay her for them.    We bought a few things in Vermilion & came home,    I’m dead tired    I got supper but it was to late for us to go to church & I pray God will for give me,    it took a bout one hr. to sell the eggs, it was 11-30-a-m when we left Penys Store.    & by the time we got to Audrey’s we only had to wait 5 minutes for her,    she gave us a slice of bread  a piece & cup of hot coffee,    we talked while she ate & then we went to Sears  got the paint & a hand qt. sprayer & hit for home.     I got aquainted with a young woman in Klines that lived with Ella Jane in New Mexico & she was there when Ruby & Nellie were there,    she seemed like a very nice person & as if she would like to know us better.     I met Bessie Pratte in Sears    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of us today.    I gave Audrey one of Dehaans books    I hope she will read it. 

Fri. April 27. 1951/ page. 2739./ 22. eggs today./ Oh, I’m so lame & sore from the trip yesterday,    seemed as if I couldn’t move all day,    I got dinner & washed the dishes then went out & trimed the roses on each corner of the house as far as I could reach     & Elbert took the step ladder & did the little on top, that part he unfastened & we tied in a few stalks,     they didn’t make as many new ones as usual.    I trimed the middle rose up as far as I could reach     & to-morrow we hope to finish that & then the one in front of hen house then on the back fence the the row north of the house & one by hen house window & by the drive & in front of the house & then the vines     & we have to plant potatoes & beets & carrots & then some corn & beans & cabbages & tomatoes & my flower seeds,    & I hope they grow, but it’s so cold nights & don’t warm up in the morning like it should.    Well, my hands are scratched & a few thorns in them & my feet have troubled me all day,    but I thank God for all our many blessings & I do pray He will soon fix my feet & ankles so I can work again,    I use to wish I didn’t have to work,    but I only ment untill I could get my strength back &     but I believe God will fix them yet,     I’ll give Him Glory & Praise always, Amen.    Elbert is so tired, sore & lame, from spading & doing odds & ends.    I feel so sorry for him     it always has made me so each Spring.

Sat. April. 28. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish small perch mostly 3 or 4 pike & 2 white base,    We had some for supper & I fried all of them for it’s been a very hot day    I trimed both trumpet vines & got about half of the roses in corner of park fence & then Elbert helped me,    they had come up in the pear tree & through the big Weigela bush, golden bell & Tamarix.     We had a time pulling the long shoots out & then getting them where they belong,    we still have several more & the middle one on the house in front of coop.    & then grass & weed to rake out.     I don’t know what to do about the vines on car shed,    they look as if they had winter killed, bad,    Well, I salted & packed fish & washed dishes & Elbert took down back storm door & put up screen    & Elbert is so tired     also he can hardly exist,    he got a piece of pork shoulder & I had to cook that for it’s been so hot all day “in the 80.ties.”    & today the wind blew quite strong from the S.W. & made up a storm,    it started in easy to shower after supper    then came, down in sheets & then eased off, but at 10-30-p-m    it thundered & lightened & wind blew untill it sung poured rain & some sleet & is still at it.    Received card from Miss. Clark saying they’re better.    Elbert shot a woodchuck today    the first one we have seen & he said he stunk,    he buried him.    Pheasent still out in back.    I thank My God in Jesus Name for all things. 

Sun. April. 29. 1951./ Page. 2740/ 16 eggs today./ Elbert forgot to set the clock a-head last night so I barely got to church on time    We had a terrible wind storm last night    a car was in the ditch    a telegraph pole broke over & two big trucks standing by when we went to church,    When we came back the car was being towed away & the line man were fixing up another pole,     a little ways farther a small building was toppled over & a big barn blown down,     I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name    He spares our little house.    Elbert slept & just remembered I said something to Him about it.    There wasn’t many to Church this morning, but tonight, there were 7 young couples, 8 with Tom & his wife,    then Mr. & Mrs. Horning Mr & Mrs. West Sr.  Mrs. Sprunk & I,     Mr Whitman wasn’t there & he seldom misses a meeting.    We were out around the yard some, today,    the mertle & blue voilets & white violets are in bloom    ground is full of mole holes.    Several storms went over us today    & once it showered.    It must have rained hard while we were at church, out here.    Elbert’s in bed & I wish I were,    I receivd a blessing from Jesus tonight, Praise God.  

Mon. April 30. 1951./ 19 eggs today./ Elbert got up & washed his 4 union suits,    he put his B.V.D’s. on this morning    wind was N. East & cold    he washed his baath towel & wash rag & 5 or 6 nose rags, sudsed & wrinsed them & hung them on the line    then came in & had a cup of tea with me & I got dinner while he rested & then ate    hens laid 48 doz. & 10 eggs this mo.    & went back & washed out both prs. of his wool pants,    he handed me his light union suits    I hung them over the stove & got one suit dry    & told him to get into them as soon as he hung up the pants & so he did tonight    his joints are aching,  such a world.    he’s been feeling bum for sometime & does such careless things,    I washed dishes & swept     then got supper & press his wool pants & ironed his work shirts,    I pray God will put the devil on the run soon for I am standing on His Promise4s & trusting in Jesus Name,    Glory to God   I praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Thou are truly wonderful.    Today has been sunshiny all day but cool N. East wind. 

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