July  1952

Tue. July. 1. 1952/ 9. egg today./  Received card from Bonita from Lakeside Ohio saying they were all over there & I got my tax blank 11.33,   Oh Received them Mon.   Today We received letter from Audrey, and I still think it’s a queer world   Bonney Bell called Martha & ask if she knew where her mother Bonita & children & Ella Jane were,   said she couldn’t get them over the phone & wished Martha would find out if they were O.K.  Martha had been there & every thing was locked up    she told Bonney Bell & that they had been talking of going to Lake Side,   so maybe they all went with Johny & his family,   she said she had talked to Ella Jane over the phone,   but didn’t know Johny & Marcie were home,  she said,   Joe’s aunt died & he had gone to Penn. for 2. day.   & she thought maybe Ella Jane might come & stay & visit & so she wouldn’t be alone with the 4 babys,   Martha told her mother & she told us in her letter this morning,   Audrey said, she & Gertie received cards from Bonita from Lakeside Ohio, & that’s the way life is.   It’s been a nice day N. east wind then it got quite warm & breeze went S. east & all died out before dark & is still quite warm.   Elbert planted corn this morning 3. rows 70. ft. long,   he rake it   some grass & weeds & carried to the grass pile,   he got to tired yesterday & his stomach & bowels don’t feel good.& still don’t.   We need go to bed.   I tried to help rake up the grass,   it tired me bad.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray Thou will keep me Close to Thee in Jesus Name I pray for all of Thine Amen.       

Wed. July. 2. 1952./ 6 eggs today./ Miss Clark forgot her coat & sent a card & said How a stooped of me & then, she got 3 1/2 pints of currents & I don’t know how many goose berries she took & she sure takes as much as she can of what she wants.   Well, I did the washing & Elbert carried the water,   his head feels bad tonight.   & he hopes to go to Vermilion with Eggs tomorrow & do the shopping.   been hot today.

Wed. July. 2. 1952./ page. 2934./ 6. eggs this day/he forgot today was Wed. & the store & even post office were closed   he went up to the store at the park & got 2 pieces of pork & some tea and 1. pt. of ice cream,   he’s so nervous & he fixes anything for me a cup of tea or cup of water   he puts hisself between that & me & cast an eye as if to be sure I don’t see what he’s doing.   I don’t know how I could get any thing like a mark from a shot in the arm,   but I do seem to have them every once in awhile & I crave pickle so much.   I even have black & blue marks on me, on arms & on chest,  I must have dropped some of the money for I found it was gone out of this bag    thats why he ask what I do if I lost the tax money.  I wish I had some one to help me fine out more for when I die they will find out & trace it all out & I’ll be sorry that I couldn’t have prevent the wrong.   I thank & praise God for all things. “He made a queer remark today about what would do if I’d happen to loose the tax money,   I pray God will convert him so he won’t think evil things,   it’s sure terrible, he even told me after he’d been home from the hospital a week or so that he was sorry he hadn’t made other arrangements & not come back here,   he owned up I’d never been anything but good to him.   maybe to good.  I’m getting so thin & I don’t know why unless I’m getting something in my food or drink,   he got weighed today & said, he was shocked he w. 181 lbs.   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy love & for helping me to throw up what ever it was I had got down to make me sick

Thurs. July. 3. 1952./ __ eggs today./ Elbert’s gone to sell eggs & buy food   I gave him my church money (he has not been honest enough to say he found the tax & coal money.) for taxes.   I gave him 6.__ some odd a 20.00 & a 10. dollar bills for my stockings   6. prs. awhile ago that was later part of June.   Well, when we came back I ask him about it & he said, honest, if I’d have found it I’d give it back, but it wasn’t untill after he ask me that I looked & decovered it was gone,   I ask why he had ask me what I’d do if I lost it & he had no reason to ask it, only that he’d found it.   I pray God’s Will be done.   People do get terrible Ideas & when they talk to some one that don’t know the whole some of things, it make them worse.   If anything like this happens again, I’ll see what really can be done    of course he’s my brother & pa was my father & so on through the family,   I’ll be so glad when my part is finished   it’s revolting the way he turns up his nose at me.   Now he’s been a more nice than usual & he’s so tired but went & & mowed some after the heavy down pour of rain,  it thundered & lightened just terrible   sounded like kindling braking up & the claps of thunder were terrific radio said it killed 19 Holistine cows that were standing under a tree & Daniel Kilbride was just passing on the road toward home & Elbert called to him & he waited & rode home with Elbert,   he was going up for milk anyway,   he said he got drowning wet before they stopped work   he work on railroad.  

Thurs. July. 3. 1952./ page. 2935./ 9. eggs today./ New York Central.   he had a basket & big box   they live about a mile from here.   Well I haven’t earned my salt today & I don’t know how will make out on the gas & coal money now   30. dollars is a big lose & I’m half starved all the time & he has enough so he’s in good condition & weighs 181. lbs.   Well I can have a cup of tea when he gets back   I hope & I pray God will keep me all the way.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus.   Well, it’s very cool out & inside tonight, & cloudy.   Elbert went & got a qt. of milk & Mrs. Kilbride gave him a few tomatoe plants   they ought to have tomatoes big enough to eat on them now 

Fri. July. 4. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ A Holiday, no one’s slowed to shook fireworks but they are doing a lot of it over on the Lake bank just back of us.   I havent felt very well & then I feel sick every time I think of that 30.00, but I wont get it back, so I pray God will help me to be more careful in the future.   I’ve felt so weak all day in my legs    & I baked 2 tins bread biscuits  put night clothes out on the line & brought them in before dark & took care of beds & bird,   Elbert cooked dinner & supper or the most of it,   I cleaned beet leaves & cooked them & he warmed potatoes & we had cold ham,   he cut a lot more grass this morning,   it’s been in the 80ths today and so hot, not much breeze, sort of sultry,   Well, the 4th. is about over & is for some, as far as this world is concerned.   and tomorrows Sat.   then all who have a Job go back to it.   I’d like to get up & wash out what things are dirty & iron my dress for Sun. & pray God will help me get there.   it’s sure queer, they don’t even come out to see me or pray with me. 

Sat. July 5 1952/ 8. eggs today./ We received a letter from Martha & it seems, she’s upset about the way the rest of the families act toward each other & she says they didn’t act as if they cared about coming out,   so, she & her family & her mother would be out some evening for supper or maybe Sun. noon,   that will start another fued & I do hate such things but don’t see how I can help it.   Elbert’s lots to tired to-night   he’s worked most of the day & spaded 2 long strips for cucumbers   he had hoped to plant them today, but it’s to hot & his head don’t feel good & his hips troubling him also.tonight    tomatoe plants I planted are standing up good tonight after the hot day.   I ironed 2 dresses 2 shirts & my under skirt be-fore supper time, while Elbert went for milk & he got some strawberry ice cream on his way home.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & this healing

Sun. July. 6. 1952./ page. 2936./ 8. eggs today./  It’s been another hot day although there is a cool N. east breeze.   Elbert’s head is feeling bad today   I do wish he’d be more care-ful & thoughtful, that in using care, he will not only help himself, but, others also in perserving his health.   Well, We been alone all day so far, sun is so hot.  Moon is big & yellow & full tomorrow.   I just drank some Ovaltine   I call it potatoe chips   tastes like scorched baked potatoe skins   I’m sweating so bad & feel so weak,   I’m hopiing to feel better to-morrow.   I listened to several sermons over radio today & tonight to   Rev. Buser; all good & persuous  persuasive ser-mons,   I pray God will turn many to Jesus & bless those of His who are working so hard to save souls through His word.   I’m so sorry I’m still sitting around here & pray I’ll get out Thurs. night to prayer meeting,   I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus for all things, great or small. 

Mon. July. 7. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Elbert got up & hoed his potatoes & corn   didn’t get it quite done, but he’s going to Vermilion if all goes well & I pray God will take care of him,   I hope to wash,  there isn’t a very big wash,    but, it will seem big before I get it done,   if I could only sleep tonight   I can’t seem to rest untill morning & then it’s cat naps.   Been a terribly hot day with a South breeze,   & some of the time breeze all die out,    it’s begining to cool off at 10-p-m. & I’ve got the dishes done & ready to do the washing in a-m.   there was a big storm went over from N. east early this a-m about 2-30 or 3-a-m   it shut out the moon for a-while,    but, it cleared off again   we only got a little of the breeze.   tonight it’s still hot,   no mail today,   I wrote a letter to Martha  a card to Audrey, Bonita & Ethel,   I do hope Audrey didn’t have to go back to work today  poor girl ride 60 miles & work all day.   I listen to Rev. Buser most every night   he preaches a short sermon & has a few good hyms & prayers,   God does bless me & I pray for them & all who listen & take part,   I wish I was back in Church & I’m going to put forth a special effort Thurs. to go to prayermeeting.   God help in I ask in Jesus Name Amen.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things forever & ever Amen. 

Tue. July 8. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Well, it’s been another hot day,   Elbert went to Vermilion & cashed his check & got a few things to eat   he left at 8-a-m & got home at 11-30-a-m,   I had the washing most done & I got it all excepting blanket & his pants, 2. prs.  he picked a few black rasp-berries,   he got a few yesterday so now we can have a short cake tomorrow.   I ought to wipe up floors but arms & legs are so tired,   We had several heavy showers this evening & it look as if we will get some more.   We had a 

Tue. July. 8. 1952/ page. 2937./ 8. eggs this day./ nice letter from Audrey & she said she sent a card,   we’ll get that (perhaps) in the morning.   Elbert spent most of his check & says, he wont be able to buy anything much the rest of the month (30.00 gas & coal money gonoe) & so I’ll have 20.00 to pay on coal, for I have promised & I don’t know about the gas,   I have 15. for my tenth at Church,   no one has come for it, so it 15.00 this month. 11. for gas & five to Eilean) that’s 61.00 & I don’t see how I can make it & give 20.00 for food,   and if I don’t give it I can starve,   he can eat most any thing but I have a weak stomach & always have had & I can’t thrive on the little I have to eat & why should I have to be so severely punished.   I pray I don’t have to go on this way much longer.   I don’t feel able to do the necessary work & he’s getting fat,   I pray God in Jesus Name will change my part to,   so, I can live a little better.   God knows & Jesus Knows I’m trusting & believing for His help soon.   I listen to Rev. Buser each night & thank God for His Words of truth.   & all things Amen.    Audrey had some 2.00 bills she had been saving for a gift & it just disapeared & she’s still feeling so hurt, to,   I’m sorry,   but Gertie was always like that   Elbert tarted for work one morning (that was when we were runing the place at home) & he came back & gave Gertie 25.00 to give to me to the house expences & he told her to give it to me,   he forgot to he said,   she washed & dressed & went to town & bought a cheap coat,   you could see right through it when you held it up to the light & a few other cheap things,    I ask her where she got the money & she said Elbert gave it to her,   I said that queer,   I keep house & look after everything & he never gives me any money for myself,   so when Elbert came I ask him about it & he said I told her twice it was for the house & to be sure & give it to her.   Well he was furious & he lit in to her, but she said she had burned up the bills & so she couldn’t take them back,   Elbert gave me 25.00 more of his roll & He often said it was the only time he got to save any money,    I talked him into saving some each payday, pa would always try to take all Elbert had,   he’d borrow & never give back

Wed. July 9. 1952./ page 2938./ 11. eggs today./ 13 hens./ Well, it was so cool & damp Elbert built a little fire to take the chill & damp out the house,   it rained after midnight in showers, after supper or just before rather,   sun came through & it began to warm up a little.   I haven’t done much today, darned 2. prs. socks & my arms were to tired to do that.   Elbert hoed after the sun came out & he did some more mowing,   he’s tired & gone to bed   he hopes to go with eggs tomorrow,   he has 5. doz. this time,   he ought to get 60 cents but I don’t know what he will get.   I’d like to go,   but, I hope to go to church tomorrow evening,   so, I’ll try to save my strength for the effort.   We didn’t get Audreys card today, & she said she sent it,   they must have my cards & letter by this time.   Well it’s still cold to-night,   I did most of my daily grind.   I want to cut out a pr. of pajama pants for Elbert   his are getting to bad to wear much longer.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.   The squirrel comes every day & eats nuts in the walnut tree   We have discovered some pretty little birds, don’t know what they are.

Thurs. July. 10.1952./ 8. eggs today./ Martha, Merlin & Jean drove in tonight at 7-p-m.   we were just finishing our supper,   I felt so punk all morning & Miss Clark came in for dinner, about 15 minutes before we sat down.   Elbert had just got here from Vermilion,   he sold 5 doz. eggs (2.90) 58 cents per. doz.  got a little meat & pt of cream   We had eaten the cream & I had potatoes & carrots & hot beets & I fried Elberts pork & the steak he got for me & Miss. C. & I ate the steak,   I had eaten short cake made with raspberries & never thought about the seeds, they get after my bowels & close up my passage,   I took some olive oil, but should have taken a dose before dinner,   but, I forgot.   so, after Martha Merlin & Jean left, I began to feel sick both ways   I took the olive oil, but worked part the night trying to move my bowels & they didn’t give only a lump of seeds at a time   I thought I was going to faint so lay down.   It was a hot day & Elbert got to hot & he looks sick.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray I may soon go soon to church.   The republican election over the radio Dewight  Isanhower got the vote instead of Taft, for presedend,   now the democraates have got to go through the same procedure   then the states or all the people will vote in Nov. to see who will be presidend.   God of Love & Mercy keep me close to Thee in Jesus Name I ask & make me Whol for a  testimony to Thee

Thurs. [should be Fri.] July. 11. 1952./Page. 2939./ 8. eggs today./ Well I’m sick & was all night but at last the plug moved, but, not good & the blood came with it.    I do hope they will be lots better tomorrow for my rectum is so sore tonight I can’t hardly endure it   & my feet & legs cramped at verious times all night & this morning,   so, my legs & feet have been sore all day.    I passed out a couple of times after sitting on the can so long,   I managed to get onto the bed both times   Praise the Lord,   but it is terrible to be alone,   Jesus hears & helps, but it’s comforting to have some one near who really is human enough to care, as if it were there own self.   Been so hot today, S.West breeze & Elbert’s head has felt so bad he did try to work today.

Sat. July. 12. 1952./4. eggs today./ Been a terrible hot day,   our chicks came & Elbert went to Huron & paid for the strips he got for screens & he went to fish house not thinking he’d even get a fish & one of the men gave him ten nice sized catfish  just laid acrossed the fring pan nice   we had 4. of the smallest one’s for dinner & I cooked six tonight.   they sure tasted good,   he brought me a small piece of steak & I cook it & ate it at 6-p-m & ate a taste of fish at 8-p-m   When Elbert ate, his heads been so bad he hasn’t felt able to work,   he picked a qt. of raspberries tonight after the sun had gone behind the trees.   he couldn’t eat it was so hot,   we’re both wet clear through to the outside of our cloths,   the sweat dripping off me chin while I did the dishes Elbert put new screen on my S. window screen frame & he painted frame white,   it looks good & seems wonderful to have the air   we have to do west one in Kitchen  the two N. ones & the east one,   he has to make the frames,   he bought enough for two, & has to get enough for two more. & screen.   hope it wont take him to long to get them done,   weathers so hot.   I wanted to get away to church in the morning, but, I don’t know if I can,   I so weak & head feels so bad,  felt bad all day, but rectum don’t feel near so sore tonight,   it pained me all night.   I have to pay 20.00 on the coal  11.00 & some odd cent on gas & 15.00 for Church & 5.00 for Eilean,   looks as if gas will have to waite another month.   better to have a full tank when one runs out,   well, it’s me that has to suffer the hard ships   Oh God help him to be all Thine, so we can work for Thy good & Glory.   I thank Thee for all things & pray Thy will be done in all things    Heat’s been in the 90ties today,  radio says showers tomorrow.  I thank & Praise Thee Jesus.

Sun. July. 13. 1952./ page. 2940./ 10. eggs today./ Been a terrible hot day & we been home all day & not a soul come near   Elbert’s been getting the milk every night.   been cooler in the house than out side untill tonight & then the cousins try to eat you alive.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things Great or small & pray for health & strength, Amen. 

Tue. July. 15. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Well, it was hot when the sun would come out from behind a cloud   seemed as if it would scorch us, but it’s been a nice day 87 degrees in the shade,   I did most all the washing except my old dress & Elbert’s blankets & got them dry,   they didn’t dry so good after dinner the wind went North & air was damp & cool,   Elbert raked & carried hay, grass & weeds to his hay stack & he’s so tired & his hip joint is out just alittle & pains him bad.    he saw the squirrel today & Sat. he saw a big wood chuck going under the building we call the cottage.   I made 3 button holes & put the buttons on the pajams I made for ELbert yesterday & I put a patch on a shirt for myself, tonight.   & now I’ll read & pray & think a while & got to bed   it’s real cool tonight.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray for health & strength in Thy Name that I may get back to church.   Glory to God in the Highest,  Hallelujah. Amen. for ever & ever.  We received a card from Audrey.

Mon. July 14. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ It was to hot to work & Elbert’s been feeling rather bum   to much heat on his head & then his hip is so bad,   I don’t know how to help him   he’s so de-termined to work,   but we neither of us did much to-day,   98 in the shade.   I wonder about Audrey   Well It stormed & wind blew terrible   took the ends of the twigs right off & took them over the hill & around the door & across the road & took a pile & hay across the road & some in the ditch, rained hard for a while & then eased up & blew again after midnight but only light shower.   Lord Keep us & I praise Thee for ever & ever.  I thank & Praise Thee.

Wed. July. 16. 1952./ 11. eggs today./ Well it’s been partly or mostly cloudy. but quite hot,   it was cool early & cooled off early tonight we had a heavy dew last night & there has been a N. east breeze all day but to damp for clothes to dry.   Elbert washed

Wed. July. 16. 1952./ Page. 2941./ 11.eggs this day./ his pants today & they are not dry.   it rain almost steady all morning in mostly & heavy showers,   he managed to get his wash done out side between showers,   & then he went to Huron & got enough fish for dinner, supper & his breakfast,   & he hopes to go with the eggs in the moring 4. doz. 58 cents per. doz. & he says he has to buy mash next week, so he can’t spend the egg money.   It poured rain while we ate & rained a drizzle while Elbert cleaned the fish,  they had scaled them at the fish house so he only had to dress them out & cut heads off scrape & wash them,   I had my Ironing most done when Elbert came back & I got the potatoes & greens ready & then fried the fish& we ate,  there was no thunder to speak of or lightening, after about 2 or 3-p-m  sun shone at intervals   hung pants out again but they didn’t get dry.   I mended 2, of my old shirts   maybe I can wear them once or twice more.   I’d like to make me another dress for church & an-other set of sleeves for the good rayon dress I made.   My feet & legs sure been bad today & so has Elbert’s hip   I rubed his back & hip last night & tonight he rake & carried to much hay down the hill to hay stack yesterday   heat still gets after his head bad.   We received cards from Audrey telling us she has been home for a few days, to much heat.   she said Bonita & Ella Jane were over & had supper with Gertie & her & that Ella Jane talked as if she wasn’t going back to California,   maybe she is going to stay & come to me.   Audrey said she was going to work Tue.,   I hope she’s O.K.    she said Bonita was going with Johny & Marcie to Seville Ohio, to help Marcie get the house cleaned & ready to live in   that’s where he will preach in 2. churches,   they didn’t come to see us or write us a card or have a picnic as they usually do each summer.   Hope Audrey is O.K.  she will soon be 60 yrs. old, July 24th.   I thank Thee Jesus for Keeping & strengthening me   I love & Praise Thee, Amen.

Thurs. July. 17. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ It’s been hot all day   rained a light shower before noon & cloudy most of the day.   Elbert went to Vermilion  sold the eggs & paid 20.00 dollars on the coal bill & got a little piece of steak & for once it was tender.   I wrote a card to Audrey & he was to mail it, but he brought it back,   he only had those 3 things to do.   I don’t know what he was thinking of,    she will be looking for a card & wont get any all week poor girl   she works hard  goes to Cleveland & back every day & have been sick   it’s been so hot & she was home 

Thurs. July. 17. 1952./ Page. 2942./ 9. eggs this day./ few days but said on her card she was off for work again.   Well, I’ll write another card & per-haps & maybe he will mail them in the morning.   he said he would like to go to fish house in the morning    We didn’t work today, to hot,   Maybe I can do a little sewing or something in the morning    I slept untill Elbert came back this morning.    I do hope to get back to Church soon.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things,  I Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost & pray Thou will use me for Thy Work, Amen.

Fri. July. 18. 1952./ 10 eggs today./ Been to hot to do any thing so we didn’t.   I’m sorry for Audrey,   We received card from her today & letter from Martha   she said they might be out at the end of the week,    Will enjoy there coming when ever they come.   Elbert has his bath & I’ve rubed his his back & hope he can sleep.   I’m going to read a bit & then bathe & go to bed.   Radio says going to be hot tonight 72 degrees & it is hot, but there is a cool N. breeze.   I thank God for all things & pray He will convert & heal Elbert,   I know how bad his hip must hurt him & I don’t mean to hurt his feelings,   but when to many things are said, I do make the mistakes most of us make, saying rude things,    I pray Jesus will forgive me,   I shouldn’t ever feel hurt.   Well we do have lots to thank & Praise Him & pray He will help us.  

Sat. July. 19. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Been terrible hot,    I washed out 2 lines of clothes   air’s so damp they didn’t dry very good   Elbert had a little this a-m.  it did rain several hard showers from 12-pm till daylight & it sprinkled some after that,   I’m getting starved now for loosing (30.00) for I had to keep out enough to make it up out of my check & he expected me to give him most of my check since I kept it he’s so,    he goes where he can get cooked food & I don’t,   so, it’s 3 weeks before we get our checks again.   & I pray God’s will be done.   Frank Bonney & I ____Mc. Ginnis came about 4-30p-m to hunt wood chucks,   F, allways acts ashamed of himself & I’d think he would be.    He says Ruby is still coughing,when I ask how she was     he says rest are O.K.  he had Evelyn’s boy with him, not a very pretty lookiing boy,   his small ears stick out from his head & he has eyes like his fathers.   Elbert got some pork up to Shures store & he’s gone for milk & I had potatoes spinage,  he creamed potatoes & we ate,    While he was gone I ironed my old dress & after supper I ironed his shirt & put a-way a lot of clothes,    I listened to Rev. Buser   Elbert took bath & I rubed

Sat. 19. 1952.July./ page. 2943./ 8. eggs this day./ his back & he’s in bed   he was just groaning   had cramps over his ribs,   he’s O.K. again,   F. gave him a wood chuck & he had to dress that by the light in the basement,   so, he will have meat for his dinner tomorrow,   I don’t care much about wood chuck.   We received nice letter from Audrey today    Elbert hoed in garden this morning.   Radio said showers tonight & wind 15 miles per. hour.    but it’s cleared off   is cooler & a little breeze.    I think I’ll read & go to bed after I wash me down.   I thank God & Jesus & Holy Ghost for keeping & guiding me & pray I can soon go to Church. 

Sun. July. 20. 1952./ 10. eggs today./ Been terribly hot & still is sweat comes so fast it’s hard to keep dry,   guess we both got a cold in heads or maybe slept to hard   we both had a bad feeling in the middle of our forheads,   we boiled woodchuck till tender & then fried it, or browned it quick in hot greese,   it done very well & we ate bread & milk for supper,    Elbert stumbled in the stairway & spilt whole bucket of water but didn’t hurt himself.   Praise the Lord, Id. like to get to church but as long as his head feels so bad, I hate to have him drive.  The radio says 94 in the shade & going to be hot tomorrow, It’s been rather quite today, Audrey said Katy Stang Schmit was dead   I’ve been thinking of her so much of late & of several others,    I thought of Cousin Lillie Wheeler such a lot & Mrs. Cranage & Dr. Mc.Garvey’s wife & Mrs. Baysore, Ethel’s mother & a few others.   Well, we all must go, but the main thing is to be ready to meet, Jesus with a clean conscience   well, it cleared off tonight, partly, been cloudy allday with hot sun   Rev. Buser’s son was married last Sat.  I believe it was & tonight he opened the church service with prayer & Rev. Coon, talked a few minutes & then Rev Buser really let loose,   he told about him & several others getting a place ready for a big tent meeting,   they had to haul dirt to level the ground & haul seats & about a G.I. soldier driving a truck, telling them about his wife   she’d been a nurse in the service & now had to be operated on & they didn’t think even then she could live,   they were God’s soldiers he was talking to so they all got together & prayed & God healed her & converted her & the Drs were dumbfounded & she’s O.K & the G.I. wanted to be the same so he went to prayer with them & ask for them to pray for him & he to was converted & made whole.   He told about Rev. Daihl & went to Amherst, he walk out of his preacher’s school be-cause they want them to preach (no power in the blood) Well

Sun. July. 20. 1952./ page 2944./ 10. eggs this day./ I’m so happy to know he loves Jesus & isn’t afraid to preach  there’s Power in the Blood.   Glory to God in the Highest Hallelujah,  Praise Faather, Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever, Amen.   Elbert took his bath, I rubed his back & he’s in bed. 

Mon. July. 21. 1952./ 6 eggs today./ Been a terribly hot day  & Elbert has felt so bad all day & my bowels haven’t moved & we did not work today & tonight at 5-p-m. began to look as if it would rain & we had quite a severe storm thunder lightened & the wind sure did blow & the rain came down in sheets & it, cooled the air, off, to the North & east the sky was yellow & then turned deep yellow & red for about 3 hours   all the while it stormed Jesus took care of us,   but I’m wondering about the rest of the families.   If Audrey tried to work today she’ll be feeling sick   94 in the shade today   there has been a S.W. breeze, but so hot & the storm came from N. W.   It looked bad off toward Vermilion, Lorain & Elyria   rain came down in sheets.    I do thank & Praise God in my Saviour’s Name for all our blessings Amen. 

Tue. July. 22. 1952/ 8. eggs today./ Well, I washed out the things that were dirty & it was sure a hot day just baked them dry,    I washed my corset to & it didn’t take long to dry,   I could hardly endure it,  to hang them up,   Elbert got the window screen done & in the west kitchen window   he still feels punk, he goes for the milk every night.   & talks with Kilbrides,   she was telling of going to & auction Sale over at Beringham & she said they had yards & yards of goods of all sorts, women & mens   shoes stockings with inlade lace, anteacks & lots of other things   she said she never saw a sale like it before in all her life.   & she’s been to a good number,   she’s older than We are.   Well it was quite a storm we got last evening & tonight we are getting lots of thunder & lightening & a misty shower.    Hope it wont be so hot tomorrow.   I gave Elbert a dollar of Eileans 5.00 & now he’ll want the rest, but we’ll have to suffer it out & next month, I’ll let him pay part on the bills so we can have more to eat.   No word from Nellie or either of the girls. since they wrote & said they

Tue. July. 22. 1952./ page. 2945./ 8. eggs this day./ were all over to Lake Side, they or Bonita said they’d be seeing us soon.   Oh Well so long as they don’t waite   I don’t have to write,   but I wish we could, be as brotherly & sisterly, as we ought.   I dreamed I was at Nellie’s home & visiting,  waiting for Elbert   he had gone on an earand & there were to colored boys, one 13 & one 15 yrs. old, there, dressed in sort of cream & brown woven suits, and they were not so dark in color,   but, there was a fat niger baby also & they all had a very serious look on there faces,   ma use to say nigers in the corner of the fence;   Well, Elbert came & I left,   so I don’t know what,   the nigers were up to,  reckon we’ll find out by & by.   I thank Thee Jesus for the Blessings Thou doeth always give & pray Thee to keep all those children out of trouble & closer to Thee, Amen.  God be blessed forever.

Wed. July. 23. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Well, it’s been hot in the sun, We’ve had a S. & little west breeze & quite strong at times.   Clayton Brode ask Elbert if he’d like to have the weeds cut in the front yard and Elbert told him yes,   so, he really cut them & the row between or along the line on the South    Bill has planted right up to the line & over on us part of the way.    It would be nice if they lived for Jesus for He would take anything that did-n’t belong to Him,  I pray God will have His way in all things,    I pray He will be blessed forever & ever & teach us.His Will & ways, I want to do all His Will & Ways.    I mended my shirt & Elbert’s union suit & socks & out side of that I haven’t done only the necessities,   wind is stronger tonight & cooler,   it’s like an early Fall evening.   Elbert hoed some today & got the sythe ready for morning   I wish he wouldn’t but, I’m only good to wait on him    he took his bath & I rubed his back with alcohol & rubed in vicks, & now I have to read & write some cards & spong me off & get in bed.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus.

Thurs. July. 24. 1952./ 5. eggs today./   Sister Audreys birthday.  today she’s 60 yrs. old, she isn’t as large in body as the other 3 of us & she’s endured such a lot of hardships & still works hard sewing,   she works fast & does a good job   125 pockets she put in & finished in half a day.  I sewed on my one house dress, today, that I didn’t get quite done   have to finish sewing in the sleeves & face bottom of them fel down belt & buttons & holes & snaps & wash & iron it.   I have felt aggravated all after noon & I just can’t put my finger on the cause.   So, I sewed a while & then got supper.   I wanted to go to prayer meeting.    Elbert felt disagreeable about it.   so, we didn’t go,   he went to Vermilion & sold 4. doz. eggs 60 cents

Thurs. July, 24. 1952./ page. 2946./ 5. eggs this day./ doz. 2.40 & I gave him 2.00, he paid 1.50 for light bill  20 for milk 35 cents for cream & he has my 2.00 left, for olive Oil & says he’ll go for it in the morning.   Well its been 87 degrees today wind was N. east then went N. West & Radio said it would go down to 65 or perhpas 55. degrees tonight & I believe it,  we had to shut the doors & windows early tonight & I lit the papers & rubish in the stove & burned it all up & it didn’t heat up the Kitchen,   I’m sorry for the things out side,   my flowers in the row out in front of hen house look as if they had been cooked & froze tops, all turned brown & black, they have just begun to grow again & now it’s so shivery cool again tonight.    Elbert run in debt for meat today 5.00 or so,   he got a piece of ham a piece of beef to boil a piece of blogona & a peice of beef to fry for dinner,   It’s terrible the prices we have to pay, or starve.   We had rice soup for supper with little dumplins in it.   I thank & praise God for all our many blessings in the Name of Jesus.   & Pray I may do his will & His ways.

Fri. July. 25. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Today was hot in sun but not so bad in the shade.   Elbert went to Lorain   got the olive oil & receipt from Moor & Myres,  he sent them a money order & didn’t keep the stub,   they said they received it   that’s better than a lot of folks would do today.   I gave the Postman Frank’s lodge dues once & he did-‘nt have anything to write a receipt on,  so said he’d bring it next morning & next morning,   he said that I didn’t give him the money & once after that he held the money order & letter to the Lorain bank of Commerce, over so long the bank phoned us about the order & I told them I had the stub to the money order & that the trouble there before.   & that’s where it was, they received the letter & money order from Elyria.   Elbert wasn’t gone long   got back at 11-a-m. after dinner I set bread & baked 2. tins bread biscuits & 2 rusk buscuits.   Elbert hoed some in the garden,  I don’t think by the looks it will pay him for the work he’s putting into it   he has cucumbers & small squashes, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, broccoli & corn, my glads & dahlias & all seem to be standing almost still    I’m tired so guess I’ll read & go to bed   the millk taste   bitter   I wonder what’s wrong with it    been that way for 3 or 4 days,   I’d like to have it tested.   I thank Thee Jesus for all my blessings in Thy Holy Name & pray all things work out for Thy Good & Glory, Amen.

Sat. July. 26.1952./page. 2947./ 9. eggs today./ Been feeling bum, bowels didn’t move & things have been aggravating.   I ironed & got the meals   its been so hot & I’m wondering if it will be as cold this Fall & winter. to-night it clouded up & looked as if it was raining S. & E. of us,   there was a very small part of a rainbow also.   it’s cooler now & Elbert has taken his bath & gone to bed   he hasn’t felt very good today either,    he went for milk & back    Mrs. Kilbride bought a few bannana’s cheap, the skins had turned black,   they were firm inside, she gave us 4, I ate one & Elbert ate one, they tasted good but mine has kept coming up.   I pray God will in Jesus Name Keep me & us. Amen.

Sun. July. 27. 1952./Frank Bonney is 62. yrs. old today & he’s more gray than Elbert.   Well, it’s been terribly hot    Radio says 96 or 100 degrees for tomorrow, so we won’t do much   I’m wondering about the girls & Audrey, for she rides to Cleveland  works allday & ride’s home again & to hot to sleep at night   haven’t had any word from Nellie or the girls,    I wrote Nellie, Bonita & Ella Jane a card & Martha Audrey,    Elbert mailed them Thurs I believe it was.   Well, we didn’t do anything today,   Elbert went for the milk & I sent Mrs Kilbride 6 biscuits, 3 white bread & 3 of the rusk biscuits   Elbert said she seemed real pleased with them    I hope they like them.   she gave Elbert 1. cucum-ber few night ago.   our plants are just starting to get runners so I don’t know if we’ll get any cucumbers or squashes or not.    We didn’t even get to church today,    I do hope & pray I can before long,   I so tired of staying home  I think I’ll write & see if Ella Jane would like to come for a few days. 

Mon. July. 28. 1952./ 7. eggs today./ Been hot again today, stayed cloudy most of morning & when sun came all died out with only a few puffs now & again,   then it clouded up at dark & at 10-p-m it was raining hard then light & now hard strong puffs of wind & rain   Elbert hoed some & he cut some grass along the paths from house to pump & toilet to hot to work so I didn’t do any more than I had to.   Elbert knew I’d saved a dollar in dimes,   so, he said he had to see if he could find some one that would trust him for oil for the car,   well, at last I gave him 80 cents then he changed it & said oil was 43 cents a qt.   I loaned him 40 cents   he said he had 9 cents   he wanted the 20 cents I had left.    it would seem I ought to sign my check & hand it over & then I’d more than likly starve to death for sure,   he even used all the egg money to eat & he knows I have the church money   so, I ought to give him that for feed for hens,    but, he

Mon. July. 28. 1952./ page 2948./ 7. eggs this day./ isn’t going to get it, by my giving it to him.   Well, the rain has cooled the air   it raining in showers yet.   he went for milk & she said cow hadn’t been milked   Daniel drew over 100 dollars & had to come home & she was so mad, said he’d go get drunk & loose his money & he was away behind in his board money now.  so I can’t get the milk there I’ll have to see if Clayton will let me have it by now,   he ask if we wanted the weeds cut & Elbert told him yes & he cut them & he visited with him, said his back bothered him a lot, that he has a cracked vertebra,   I believe Elbert can get the milk if he trys.    I know he’d like the 6.00 for the milk to use as he sees fit,    but, I need that milk, he can eat most anything & he’s in good condition, his body is,   I rub his back & so I know & I’ll have to fight to get the milk.   I thank God He hears and answers prayer & thank Him for all things & trust Him for all things.   Hallelujah, Amen.

Tue. July. 29. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Well, it’s been rather cool today,   Oh, sun was hot, when it came out,   I washed & had to bring in some not quite dry & hung them up in the house, they are most dry now   We had supper,   I ask Elbert to spend the 80 cents for meat.   We had some for dinner & supper,   I sent Elbert to ask Clayton if we could get milk but he said he couldn’t only    let us have it only once in awhile so he went to Kilbrides & got a qt of milk.   Daniel had come home & milked the cow.   I hope it will be good.   it’s been so bitter I couldn’t use it for the passed several days now.   DeHaan’s book are all ways good.   We had a card from Audrey today   she said she’d taken cold  it had settled in her muscles, her back & legs & arms were so sore & lame it, made her sick all over,   I’m so sorry.   I pray Dear Father in Heaven in Jesus Name you will help her & each one of the family to learn to know Thee & Praise Thee in truth & in Spirit, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.   Well, it’s real cool   a little heat would really feel good.   Elbert has hoed some & he cut wild carrots today & his head hurts tonight,   he hadn’t ought to work in the sun but he does,   I just rubed his head & neck with alcohol & pray Jesus will help him-   I’m so terribly tired, so I’m going to bed   Praising God for all He has done for me & for us today,   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.

Wed. July. 30. 1952./ 8 eggs today./ Been quite hot today  good breeze part time,   felt so bad didn’t get up un-till 2-p-m.   was just going out the door to hang out my night gown & blanket & met Miss Clark   she came in & talked a little while I got dinner   Elbert hadn’t eat yet & while we ate Miss Clark went out & picked

Wed. [should be Thrs]July. 31. 1952./page. 2949./ 8 eggs this day./ a qt. of gooseberries, a big qt. & she was almost roasted when she came back in,   she cooled off & then went up the road afoot   Elberts out of gas & oil for car,   he had just enough to get the milk & now I don’t know what he’s going to do   says he’s going to run his face for enough to get to Vermilion & back.   Miss Clark said she measured her length on the pavement before she got to church, she went to tell Myrtle she was coming out here   she had got a record with to Church hyms on for me, “a dollar” & said she threw her bag, purse & the record & was afraid it was broke, but it wasn’t, she scrubed her knees & they hurt,   she had made to stops before she got here & got her dinner at the last stop.  soup & water mellon & wouldn’t take a cup of tea with us.   Well, awhile later Mrs. Day, her father & her 3 children came in & visited untill 8-p-m.   she said she’d like the rest of the goose berries but the children would-n’t pick them   Elbert picked almost a qt. but he hid them,   said they were to lazy to pick even When he held the bush back  so they wouldn’t get all pricked up.   I gave her a qt of apple sauce & the girls picked a big bunch of flax & all my red ones,   It’s been a great day.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things & Praise Thee Amen.   She prays for me & I for her & her children   she has a lot to endure & welfare workers as so disagreeable. 

Thurs. [should be Fri]Aug.1.1952/ 10. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion    sold 4 doz. eggs 65 cents per. doz. 2.60 he paid it on the mash & owes 2.12 more.   mash is 5.12 per 100 lbs.   he run in dept for food at Martins 2.41 & he owed 4.47  he owes 40 cents for oil for car 1.10 for milk 4.50 to More & Myers    gas man brought a tank of gas $10.15 cents,   I gave Elbert 20 cents to pay for milk so he had the 20 cents makes me so discusted now   I’ll have to pay 20.00 on the coal & I’ll have to fight to have just a little to eat,   I pray God will teach us His ways & Will & rebuke those who do evil against us.   Lord God of Hosts have mercy on my soul & give me a little more of the things I need to keep my body well & stronger,   I need just a little help to get me back to church,   he don’t want to go & is happy he don’t have to go, but he can go anywhere else & the things he says, God I pray Thou will rebuck the devil in him & help us both to live for Thee.   Oh Jesus Thou Knowest all things & I do trust for his soul.   Bless all of Thine,   give them all they need to keep them, strengthen them & reward there efforts in Thy Name, Amen.   We received letter from Martha   she said they had been over to Harbor Veiw near Port Clinton for a week

[day and date repeated] Thurs. July 31. 1952./ page. 2950./ 10 eggs this day./ 1. gas tank today 10.15./ so they all slip off for a week or so   I wonder what Joe & Bonney Bell will think & Audrey & Gertie.   But if I intended to change my plans I’d be honest & say so not beat around the bush,   after all they have a right to go elsewhere, if they choose & don’t have to make excuses.   We are glad they write & hope they are well & happy.  I hope to write a card to Mrs. Day. tonight   Elbert’s talking fish & Huron. 

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