June 1950

Thurs. June. 1. 1950./ 43y.p.-4-H-eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain & didn’t sell very many eggs, only 3. doz. in Lorain & he took Audrey a bundle of Rhubarb & told me he wasn’t going to Audrey’s today    & so he went & didn’t take the plates reciept or buttons that she wanted,     so, now I’ll have to write her a card & tell her Elbert forgot to bring the rest,     & he said he wanted take it up till I went, then for got.    Well I’m sorry, but seems as if I can’t help what the other one does.    He received a letter from Carl Betz this morning a nice friendly letter telling us all the news out there way
Thurs. June. 1. 1950./ page. 2601./ 43.y.p.-4-H-eggs this day./ I got up & washed 3 wool peticoats my night gown a pr. of pants & few rags     & then I washed Elbert’s sleepers, pillow slip, towel wash rag & his nose rags, union suit & socks, & soaked some grain & mash bags out,    rubed them some but will have to rub them some more   didn’t get the color all out.    & then I have the big Chair seat cover & the double blanket on Elberts bed & 2 light wool one’s on my bed, to wash,    Oh. me.    It’s been a fine day,  with a wind & rain storm this after noon that only lasted long enough for me to get the house all shut up,    then sun came out & breeze dried the socks, that was all I had left on cloths line.    I thought it was going to break the trees off it twisted them so bad & the back yard was full of pretty green leaves of from the trees & then wind picked them up & took them all away.    It gets to hot day times & nights so cold you need a warm blanket,    last night we had a thick white fog so thick you couldn’t see the grainery, henhouse or Snyder’s house & the moon was shining;    long toward morning I got up to see what made the house creek so & the wind was blowing & the fog was all gone & moon clear & bright,    a heavy white due,    but thank God, no frost & it’s cold tonight.    I’m going to read & go to bed.   I thank God in Jesus Name, He is.   

Fri. June. 2. 1950./ 43-y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ gas tank today I paid for it/  Well, I had a dish pan full of bags I had tore in some small pieces & some for nose rags & dish towels & I hung them out & dried them,    Wind’s been firce today nearly blow you apart.     so by the time I had them all hung up, I could take them down again,    you could the mist fly each crack & so fast.    I cleaned a few gladiolus bulbs & got as many more to clean,    I cut 4 or 5 dahlia bulbs for the minister’s wife & put in a few glad bulbs & sent the little girls “where we get the milk” a few glad bulbs, all so.    & I fixed the letter for the glad bulbs for ministers with & 8 pkts flower seeds & 12 glad’s for myself & ask about the little dwarf cheery trees    I have 16 pkts of flower seeds & do hope I’ll get to plant them.    Elbert’s been working up garden ground    I don’t know where he’s going to plant the potatoes, but he just said out by the cottage     we haven’t got many to put in.    I hope to bake bread & sweet biscuits & put the hem in my dress tomorrow & perhaps pay for my blankets at Huron in the forenoon.    I thank & praise God for all things in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    got tank of gas & paid for it today so don’t owe him

Sat. June. 3. 1950./ page. 2602./ 39.y.p.-3-H-eggs today/ Martha’s birthday    she’s 38 yrs. old.   I remember so well when my father was 38 yrs. old & mother 42. yrs, old,    she had her last baby in Aug, after she was 42 in Nov. or she had the baby in Aug & would be 43 in the folowing Nov. & after pa was 38 on Jan 28. the house burned up on Feb. 9th      that was a great change for all of us.    Audrey stayed with Aunt Edith Breckenridge for a while & I went to live with Professer Wards family on the east side of Black river & then pa bought a lot on the bank of the river & built a house “such as it was” & he built a house across the street on the corner for Uncle Will Wheeler “ma’s youngest brother”  he was 3. yrs. older than ma.    Ma & Pa & 5 of the children lived with Uncle Will & his family for two or 3 months untill they bought the lots & built the houses,    then I went home after school was out so to help ma as much as I could for the baby would be coming in Aug. & we got into the new house in July.    I helped pa lay the shingle on one side the roof & he said I did it as good as he did    I put on every other row but didn’t like that kind of job,    I ask to do it, I wanted to see how it was done.    The next yr. I had to go over town to school,    I had Mr. Kelser for a teacher,    he was good, “Nellie had him also laater on” and now I heard last week, he is has been laid to rest.    It has rained all day & Chicago downtown district is flooded first time in 65. yrs. they said in news broad cast over radio tonight     & it’s raining yet in showers & in[?] Wham Islands the big volcano is belching worse than usual    it was to cold last night & tonight,     we had a little fire all day & tonight.    The rain came down in heavy down pours 38 yrs. ago, at 2 oclock in the morning     almost drownded a robbin that it held against the window & I told some one to raise the window grab the bird shut it the window & take the bird into bathroom untill it was dry a few hrs. later    I let it out the window, the Simpsons said it was bad luck but God took good care of us,    Audrey was almost over the border,    but, with Gods help I got her back & she got well again for a while untill Martha was 4 or 5 yrs old,    then had to take Audrey

Sat June. 3. 1950/ page. 2603./ 39.y.p.-3-H-eggs this day/ hospital    Dr. let insturments slip & hit her in back & later a big puss sack formed & the matter looked like chicken lights, only green,    I took & had to bring her home again    she was so home sick but next time they took her & operated    & 8 long week she lay there,    I went at 8-a-m & got back to F. Street to Nellie’s at 10-p-m & had to walk from town to home a good mile & stop & put Martha across my shoulders & toat her her & give her a bath & tuck her in bed then do up the can- ning & wash out Audreys cloths for the next day & iron them,    I paid a nurse to look after her while I was home & Mrs. Shoults “a nurse, who was there acrossed the hall taking care of Mr. Fisher the jewler”   she help me a lot by looking in & doing what ever she could for Audrey, nights.    Well, I put the hem in the house dress & darned 1. pr. socks for Elbert    cook & washed dishes,    Elbert’s terrible lame & sore, he couldn’t work    it was so wet,    I was glad, for he over does it, working so hard.    I didn’t bake,    he bought sour rye   I can’t eat it so he has half loaf yet to eat     I thank God in Jesus Blessed & Holy Name for the blessing He gives us.      

Sun. June 4. 1950./ 38.y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ We went to Vermilion to Sunday school & Church    Mrs. Eppler is doing fine    she has 26 & last Sun. 27. children & she & Tom & Mr. Whitman & I , & the children stayed for church    we had bread & winie in rememberance of Jesus.    We came home & I took a few flowers & bunch of yellow roses & we went to 31st. Street to Lorain Gospel Church    We had a good service, we went to the altar & I prayed untill I had a vision a long table all white & set & chairs on each side & end & Jesus walked to the far end    he looked so short like a tiny child & then He came back & the Deciples & some others & some wimen were setting about midway,    they had crowns with bright jewels in them on there heads, but as Jesus came they disapeared & He walked around me & stood by my right side & said the time was short    we should work hard    it was such a long table & he looked at me with such big brown sympathic eyes,    eyes that seemed to look right into my soul,    but, I didn’t receive the Holy Ghost & I want

Sun. June.4. 1950./ page. 2604./ 38-y.p.-3-H-eggs this day./ so much to praise God in spirit    Oh God, I pray Thou will have mercy on me, forgive me my sins, fill me to over flowing & heal me,    that I may be whole in Thee,    I thank  I will thank & praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory forever & ever Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    Well, I was so drunk with the Spirit when the sisters helped me up I had to be helped to the car, it was round 1-a-m when we got home & I went to bed after having cup of hot drink, praising God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost, untill most morning before I slept.    Glory to God I wonder Why I wasn’t filled.    I am trusting & believing, for God promised if we wanted to be filled we could be.    Glory Hallelujah I Praise Thee Jesus.     I scarsly knew how long it took to get home,  Glory, Glory to God in the Highest.

Mon. June. 5. 1950./ 40.y.p. 2-H-eggs today/ Well I didn’t do much this morning     I got up at 11-a-m & Elbert was sick & groaning in pain,     I gave him some pep- per mint for he thought it was gas, then when it did- n’t ease up I started giving him anacin & hot drink & a big tablespoon of olive oil    he feels a little better tonight,     the pain left but his stomach & bowels are so tired,    he’s pushed the cultivator to steady.    I did out the washing & carried one pail of water    I can’t do much heavy work it tires me so bad through my stomach & bowels.    Tonight the roast I was searing over spattered & burned my left fore finger so bad,    it’s all white, a place an inch long.    Well we ate supper,    Elbert took the papers & he went & got some milk & gone to bed early.    It’s been a fine day,    clothes dried good.   S. breeze hot sun 85 heat degrees.

Tue. June. 6. 1950./ 44. y.p. -3-H-eggs today/ Well Elbert was sick this morning    I got up heard him groaning & hastened out to him     his stomach & bowels were distressing him so bad    I gave him pepper mint & winter green & hot coffee but it didn’t touch it     then I gave him an anacin & some more hot water & after he had the second one down, he begin to feel better & he took still another before he felt like moving around much, but it still hurts him.    he took his papers    He dug a trench to plant potatoes this morn- ing & he’s tired    his stomach & bowels    pushing the hand cultavator & then he dug that long trench with the hoe,    he isn’t as young as he use to be,    I do so wish he wouldn’t pitch in as if he had to get done in 15 minutes but he dig right in.    I washed out my house dress & ironed it & I ironed my slip peticoat & 2 of 

Tue. June. 6. 1950./ page. 2605./ 44.y.p.-3-H-eggs this day./ Elbert’s work shirts & then got supper,    I warmed the potatoes & fried some bacon the woman gave him, where we get the milk.    it is so good    not so saltry as that we get in the stores.    We went to prayer – meeting at 4 Square in Vermilion, Miss. Clark, Mr. Whitman & Mrs. Eppler “who is the minister” & I were the only ones there but we had a good prayer meeting & Jesus was there. Praise His Holy Name I thank Him & Praise Him for all things & for saving my sole soul, Glory to God, Amen.   It’s been so hot today but breeze is cool, a fine day.    Elbert my letter Mon. for bulbs & seeds.

Wed. June. 7. 1950./ 44. y.p.-2-H-eggs today./ Well, we neither did much today    it been terrible hot but a nice cool breeze     couldn’t sit under the apple tree for all the bugs fought desperatly for surprimicy,    so, I did what I could in the house.   85-degrees in the Kitchen,    but wasn’t bad, if, you didn’t work tomuch    Elbert has felt so bad all day & the other man that brings the papers said he just wished he was home without the effor of driving his car,    it’s so hot on the highway     concrete holds the heat so long.    I thank & praise God for all our blessing for saving my soul & His promise of the Holy Ghost in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.    I hope & pray, Elbert won’t get to hot selling eggs tomorrow,   Lord (I thank Thee) take care of him for me.

Thurs. June. 8. 1950./ 46 y.p. 2.H-eggs today./ Elbert took the eggs 32 doz. & sold 29. doz. 26 doz. 50 cents per. doz.  3. doz. Harry Miller’s sister Mrs. Barr. Elyria Ohio, takes 3 doz. to Elyria with her.   his other sister lives in Cleveland.    Well, Elbert bought a bag of mash & a bag of grain ($8.48 cents) & a few things to eat & brought home 5.66 & I gave him a dollar for gas & oil & what he spent for food,   we have to buy some plank to lay on the roof to fix the chimney & so when he went with the papers, he went to see what they will cost & the man said he thought about 25.00    Elbert’s going to use them for front door steps, when he’s done on the roof.   for they are so rotten, they are hardly safe to get up or down on them.  I cut out a dress & sewe up the skirt on the bag dress today.    Elbert got rather warm selling eggs or when he got into Vermilion he fell the heat bad,    he came home as soon as he could,    the pavement was like an oven.    Well, he didn’t do much untill evening,    then hoed the corn, broccolie, cabbages, tomatoes, & covered his potatoes, he had them half covered,    now he has about 3 or 4 more rows of potatoes, 3 rows of dahlias & 1 or 2 of glads to put in.

Thurs. June. 8. 1950./ page. 2606./ 46.y.p. 2. H-eggs this day./ then he want to put in some beet & carrots & then it will be time to put in pea, beans & so forth again.    then if it don’t get scorched by day & chilled at night perhaps & maybe we may get a little to eat.    I do thank God for all we have & Praise Him,     for all we have He gives to us, and we are so unworthy. Glory, Glory Hallelujah I Praise Thee Jesus, Pure & Holy.

Fri. June 9. 1950./ 41.y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ WEll, I didn’t do hardly anything today but Elbert put in 2 1/2 rows potatoes & took the papers & he killed & dressed a hen    & I washed it & drained & wrapped it for afriend of Miss. Clark & he had to find Miss. Clark to get the money for it & she had to go take it to the woman,    so he took her,    he was to have taken it Thurs. butforgot it, & she said it was O.K. for she was to the 4 square to aparty yesterday & forgot all about it, herself.    she wants to be present when it’s cooked,     or else Elbert could have taken it directly to Mrs. Warner.    Well, he got $2.23 for it.    it was all cleaned ready to cook. 59 cents per. lb. 3 3/4 lbs. so he gave it to me when he got back    that will help pay for the planks we have to get to use to get chimney down & up & then make front door steps of them.    I thank & praise God for all our blessing & pray He will convert heal & fill us in Jesus Name.    Glory to His Name. 

Sat. June. 10. 1950./ 38.y.p.-3-H-eggs today./ Well I washed out most all the things that were dirty & I washed some of the bag rags over so now they are use-able.    & I didn’t do much else out of the ordanary & I should have swept & wiped up the floor.    Elbert took the papers & forgot Millers eggs,    he don’t feel so good,    he took the papers,    Elbert put in part of the cuttings he had left & he has a few left yet & in the start he thought he might have 2. rows & Mon. he hopes to put in bal. potatoes, my dahlias & glads & Tue. beets & carrots,    Oh me, I hope we can & my (Lillie bulb “India lillie”     guess I wont get any sewing done next week.    Well, I thank the Lord for what we can do & for all we have in Jesus Name.    Miss. Clark told Elbert they had a nice party at the 4 Square Thurs. afternoon,    I’m getting slighted again, but You Know and understands,  keep me Jesus close to Thee.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory forever & ever.    It rained in showers yesterday afternoon & evening all night & part of this morning & thundered & lightened hard.    Elbert cut the grass around the yard & the paths.

Sun. June. 11. 1950./ page. 2607./ 39.y.p.-3-H-eggs today./ Well, I went to 4 Square to Sunday school & church & Elberts bowels felt so bad he didn’t feel able to drive,    the highway is so rough & shakes the daylights about out of us & the poor old car begins to sound as bad as we feel,    I had hoped so much to be able to go to 31st. Street Church     but, here I am, God Knows,  I’d rather go & learn than to eat or anything else.    Well, I’ll keep praying & trusting & I’m sure the Lord Knows best.    I thank Him & Praise Him for my salvation & healings & blessings in Jesus Name.    I miss going to Church more than I can begin to tell.    So I lay down & slept a while this after noon & Elbert slept in the big chair.    Been a quite day.    Wind all died out & quite cool tonight.

Mon. June. 12. 1950./ 39-y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ Well, Elbert put in 2 rows glads & 2 of the small dahlias now    we have the yellow glads & some seeds, & the weeds are just terrible    I tried to help and am as tired as if I had been working,     my feet torture me so bad & my left side just above the hip in the back always did bother me & now it seems lots worse    & I know Elbert is feeling terrible all over, tonight,    he works as if he had to get it done in 5 minutes.    It has been a fine day S. West cool breeze & a hot sun.    I wont be much good tomorrow.    he went for the milk, he took papers today. Well, I thank & praise my Jesus for all he does for me & us

Tue. June. 12.[should be 13]  1950./ 41y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ Well we put in the yellow dahlias to day & Elbert put in beets & carrots & I didn’t get the flower seeds in but still hope I can,    I haven’t done much today only the usual round.    I haven’t got the washing done yet either,    but wish it was done,    we haven’t had any mail for two weeks not one piece of any kind.    Nellie hasn’t even wrote a card & we took fish & chicken,    we took the fish so we could eat there be- fore coming home, but they said they were having them for supper & they gave us a sandwitch & cup of hot drink    I hadn’t had any hot drink or anything to eat & we both thought it it a queer trick..    It been a nice day rained hard for awhile this after noon,    I put part of the India lillies in the dirt.    Wish I could put in my flower seeds but it about kills me to work.    It’s quite cool tonight    Elbert made a light fire to take chill & dampness out of the house.    I thank my God in Jesus Name for His love & care of us .    All the Glory Honor & Power belongest to Him forever, & ever Amen.

Wed. June. 14. 1950./ page. 2608./ 41.y.p. 4-H-eggs today/ I washed today & had a nose bleed tonight    it bled quite bad & made me feel real bad.    I washed 3. blankets & didn’t feel as if I could.    Elbert has been cleaning up the grass he had cut & his back & hip has pained him bad today    he took the papers & he fix the soup for dinner & the little old man came & he had some soup a biscuit & he couldn’t drink his tea,    he don’t said he didn’t get enough to eat any more & he thought he’d never get here, he eats & rests & then goes on,    I gave him a pt. of the soup    he liked it so much & he seemed to be so glad to have it, poor soul,    Well I can’t understand why he tramps from Cleveland to Toledo & back again & that suit case is so heavy,    Elbert says it must weigh 25 lbs. at least & he don’t believe it could withe the few noveltitys or notions he has in it.    I thank & praise God we don’t have to get out & walk like that,    I thank him for all things in Jesus Name Amen.    I praise God forever & ever Amen.   We received a card from Nellie today.    They are well. 

Thurs. June. 15. / 39.y.p.-3.H-eggs today./ Well I had such a nose bleed last night & my head felt so bad, I didn’t work only what I had to,    but Elbert went to Lorain & back to Vermilion on the Lake & Alberta Beach & only sold 19 1/2 doz. $10.75 & the feed for hens cost 8.48,    he got me a new cloth line 78 cents “aluminuum line”    hope I never have to buy another,    he got a can of spray for poison ivy,    I pray God will help us get rid of the ivy  every bit of it.    Ethel Snyder “John’s wife” came over & visited a little today,    she’s bought a house & lot at Ruggles Beach or Mitawanga,   they own a house & lot in Toledo where they live most the time when they’re not gading about,    they were over to Michigan last & this week here at the Lake,    John’s building a farm toul shed over on his place half way between Bill’s house & ours, on other side of the road,    Well, God willing we’ll go to see how Nellie is tomorrow & take a chicken to her, if she will come home with us we’ll bring her back & cook a hen here,    We received a card from Audrey today saying Bonita & Geo were down & said Nellie couldn’t go anywhere by herself any more    she been real miserable for a long time now,    I’m sure it would do her good to get away for 

Thurs. June. 15. 1950./ 2609/ 39.y.p. 3-H- eggs this day./ from home & not worry about the young folks,    it might do them good to have to depend on themselves.    I do hope she’ll come back with us.    It’s been a fine day partly cloudy cool breeze    Elbert’s back & hips hurt him bad again tonight,    he took the papers & when he came back he rested a few minutes & then cultavated the corn.    I’ve rubed his back, last night & tonight with alcohol & winter green mixed     I hope & pray he will feel better soon.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things,    help me to do what ever I can for Nellie & for each one of the others, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Fri. June. 16. 1950./ 41.y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well we got up early & went to Nellie’s & took a dressed hen all cut up & a bunch of flowers.    She seems as well as usual    I ask her to come home with us & she did,    I do hope she will enjoy it here & rest, but I don’t know.   It’s been terribley warm today & hot on the road driving.    We bought 2 lbs. 90 cents pork chops & 3. qts. strawberries & so we ate pork chops & short cake, hot coffee & salid & then we came back home & bought 2. qts of berries on our way home for 50 cents & we paid 90 cents for the 3 qts. we took to Nellie Bonita & Marcie & Johny & the children.   It rained a good shower before we started this morning, but no more all day,    tried tonight but at 11-p-m no rain just lightening & clouds    Well the Lord took good care of us going & coming & I do thank Him from the depth of my soul for all things great or small in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sat. June. 17. 1950./ 39. y.p. 3.H-eggs today./ Well it’s been a great day,    I couldn’t rest at all last night    Nellie has 5 pillows under her head & shoulders & 2 under her legs & there wasn’t any room for me on the back side so I’m sure tired out with the long ride to Elyria & back Fri.    Well, she wants to go home to church in the morning, but I can’t go    I just feel I can’t go.    Nellie’s been crocheting off samples of lace, all day.    It rained hard in the night but only a good heavy shower or two. & was so cool Elbert made a light fire    it got quite warm after dinner but is real cool again to- night & the heat feels good, tonight.    I only did what I had to do,   I got up at 8-a-m & it’s long past the 8-p-m mark now.    I love my Jesus & wish I could go to church tomorrow.  

Sun. June. 18. 1950./ 42.y.p. 2-H- eggs today./ My nose bled last night & some today & Nellie got up at 9-a-m, past time.   & I lay & dosed untill I’d had one nape & a dream,    I dreamed Ella Jane & I were in a big house waiting for Elbert to come with his car to pick us up & I looked out the window    “we were up on second floor ” & saw Pa pushing a string of small wagons a little larger than a big express wagon the children play

Sun. June.18. 1950./ page. 2610./ 42.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day/ with filled with garden produce    there were 4 or 5 wagons coming like a snake as he pushed & tried to keep them straight & ma was sitting in the first one on a pillow & it was full of fresh cucumbers, as I looked I said to Ella Jane, there’s ma & pa & your grand parents & your own mother & as she looked a man came & picked up her luggage & mine & went down stairs & I said what’s he doing & she laughed & said come on Aunt Elinor    I give you an interduction  I we looked again at ma & pa,   ma picked up an cucumber & shook it at some one & said Oh aunt Elinor, isn’t that cute?  then we hurried to get down stairs & into Elbert’s car & I woke up & went out to give hens more water, & I washed & made biscuit’s,  he peared the potatoes & put them on e to cook & went out & picked 2. qts. strawberries & I picked them over & washed & sweetened them & made us each ashort cake,    we had chicken & potatoes, biscuits and gravy & hot coffee, for dinner, Then Nellie decided she’d go home,    she said to Bonita, Marcie & I that she had put all her pill in her bag & she had 5 pillows her house dress, her night gown, a change of clothes, crochet thread & hook, glasses, Hair curlers, tooth past, brush & hair comb,    well, I don’t know if I missed anything or not    I gave her some old blankets, she thought she could fix over for the children & she didn’t get all of them,    so, I’ll take them when we go again.    & she wants some Broccolli plants, to;    Well, Elbert took her home & she seemed happy to get back home, but the children didn’t seem so glad to see her,    it’s really to bad,    if she could hav e stayed a few days longer, it would have done them all good.     I didn’t feel equal to the drive over & back, so I didn’t go    I swept & washed up the dishes & made up the beds & went to the little house over the hill & since it rained a good share of the morning, the grass was wet & my feet.    I came back & changed shoes.    Elbert got the supper,    he wasn’t gone long over to Elyria,    Nellie had to have hot strong coffee soon as she got home.    Elbert went in with her & drank coffee & came back home.    Hope she will be O.K.    she said she couldn’t think after I told her she’d have to hurry a little, & that she forgot her pillw.    Well, I pray God will, in Jesus Name, bring her to Him & help her in all the ways she needs.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee

Mon. June. 19. 1950./ page. 2611./ 36 y.p. 3. H. eggs today./ Well, I thought I couldn’t wash but Elbert went to Huron for fish so with what water I had I washed out my clothes,    I thought Elbert would be back but I carried some water & then it was so damp I hung the clothes up in the house untill 3-p-m.    then he had cleaned the fish.    Ruby’s birthday, I think she’s 56 yrs. old,    Frank’s 4 or 5 yrs the older    Johny Harnish’s baby boy was born today & Johny was married on Frank’s birthday & also his wedding day.    [Elbert] carried some water & went with the papers & the sun came out  breeze freshened from N. east & I hung the clothes out   they god talmost dry.& was soon done after I hung them up in here.    I fried fish for supper & felt done myself,    he worked in the garden a little & said the potatoes & dahlias are up & the cabbage seed he put in. Well it’s so cold nights that they just stop growing after they come up through,    I wrote a card to Nellie & one to Audrey & wish I had all the rest wrote.    I do Praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.    I love Jesus & Praise God our Father, Jesus our Saviour & Physian & the Holy Ghost for ever & ever Amen.    I brought some garters for my old corset & got them here, to sew them on before going to bed.    It’s real cool again tonight.    But there is a little fire    Elbert feels the damp chill & he keeps it to warm for me.    Nellie left her white Jachet here & a hair boby pin.    May God help us, We sure need Him more & more each day.    Today I got the glad bulbs I sent for & they are discusting.  so small & 2 of them all moldy, wish I hadn’t got them. 

Tue. June. 20. 1950./ 32y.p. 3-H-eggs today./  Haven’t felt able to work & so I only did what was necessary & then sit around     & I was out in the yard twice     I’d like to be able to work at something    I need to clean the house & do a little painting to clean it up,    but again but, it must be the way we eat, for, once again my flesh is so swollen & pains me so bad,    so I beleive I’ll change my diet some how.    We had fish for supper & then we ate good,last night & we had short steaks for dinner today    I can’t seem to eat much salt or drink much tea or coffee    I thank God for His Love & care & pray He will teach me His ways in Jesus Holy Name,    I love Jesus,    I want to be all His.    & I don’t understand but know it must be my fault in some way, for the condition I’m in    if there was only some one who understands that could help me,    but all those who are filled don’t have time for such as me.    I hope to learn before it’s to late, with Jesus help. Amen. 

Tue. June. 20. 1950./ page. 2612./ 33. y.p. 3-H-eggs this day./     It’s been mostly cloudy today   quite cool S. West breeze & hot sun, when it did come through    June’s almost gone & we’ve only had 3. or 4. days of June weather.    I ought to have sewed today,    but, I didn’t so hope for tomorrow. 

Wed. June. 21. 1950./ 41. y.p. 3-H-eggs today./ Johny Harnish is 25. yrs. old today.    he’s married, has a little Marcie Joe, & expects another baby this month & tonight Johny stopped and told us Marcie went to the hospital Sun. night & there boy came Mon. June. 19. 1950.    Johny had been over to Lake-Side to Conference,    he said there were about 2000 there & Sat. he will be taken into the Conference,   I pray, Jesus Thou will fill him with the Holy Ghost & make him a Minister, like unto Thee,    I ask in Jesus Name,    and I thank Thee, trusting & believing Thou Wilt, Amen.    Well it’s been another cool day,    I sewed a little on my dress.    & cooked dinner & supper & washed dishes & done the usual round.    Johny said his mother was in bed all Mon. & had the Dr. over but that she was lots better again Tue, & to day    he left early for Lake side & didn’t know how any of them were,    he said Marcie would be home tomorrow & that she would save a trip to the hospital & Bonita would look after Marcie & the babys, her mother & her own 3. children & Johny look as if Bonita still will have her hands doubly full.    Elbert took the papers & he hope to sell egg tomorrow    The Goverment sent me a receipt of my deed to the place today.  the boys farm or the Place they call Boys Town sent a letter thanking us again for the dollar we sent them last yr.    I do so wish we could send them lots more,    They are doing a wonderful work in that Town   I pray God,  will help them to live His way & do His will.    And may God help each of us like wise, in Jesus Name.

Thurs. June. 22. 1950./ 39. y.p. 2-H-eggs today./   Well I made 3 tins of bread biscuits one I made rusk  2 just bread.    I can’t en- dure short biscuits for very long.    I got my skirt & waist basted onto the belt today & Elbert waited for the papers from aquarter to 4-p-m. to 6-10-p-m,  new press not working good yet.    Well I have tried to get him to stay here untill papers come,    it’s to hot for him to set in the car & wait even half that long, so now he says they can bring them here,    he looked all in,    he sold only 8 doz. eggs this a-m out of 21 doz.    he brought home $5.40    we got all most enough for the pieces we have to have for the roof lumber,    I gave Elbert $20.00 to pay on 

Thurs. June. 22. 1950./ page. 2613./ 39.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day./       on it to day but, papers being late he didn’t get that done.    So he’ll do it tomorrow if he can.    & then may be he will get the chimney down & the new blocks ones up.    We have to pay down on the coal & get a roll of hardware cloth for hen house & a hen fence & some paint & I’m wondering just how it can all be done,    & today & yesterday the Boys Home ask for more money to help & the D.A.W. wants more & the Churches need lots of “it” money,    & I wish I could give to them all,    but, I just can’t     I pray God will take care of there needs through those who have money to waist & those who ought to give more than they do, to there church.    It’s been a nice day    cool breeze S. west hot sun,   & it’s so cold nights the sun turns the cheeries black, lots of them.    garden stuff’s standing still    I wish we had sent for some of the new dope called boostein to force the plants a loong,    looks as if the hard times are right at the door.    Oh, Dear Heavenly Father, help us to be ready, in Jesus Name.    I talked to Leslie Burdue tonight,    he’s working on John Snyders little building across the road,    he’s about Armond Bonney’s age (22) I think.

Fri. June.23. 1950./ 42.y.p. 2. -H-eggs today./ Well, I washed every thing. but the cotton blanket & I felt so hot & tired I let it go for next time.   I hope to wipe up the floor tomorrow,    it was 98 degrees in the kitchen    I couldn’t open the other windows    they haven’t any screens on fhtem,    there has been a strong S. west breeze all day & I sure am thankful for it would have been terrible with out it.    I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus  I love Thee, Praise Thee, thank Thee for all things great or small    I truly thank Thee for the strength of this day,    & Elbert has felt so bum    the heat is almost to much for him,     the paper many came 4-30-p-m. fast time     & that it was hot driving from Sandusky down 14 miles to our place & 14. back.    Some Jew men came here trying to sell us aluminum siding for the house & said it would cost 7. hundred dollars or 400 for a ship lap pressed composition siding color sea green with a black string like pattern.    we can’t buy anything more than necessities for he ordered the 2 X 6’s for the roof to fix the chimney & then make a porch steps

Fri. June. 23. 1950./ page. 2614./ 42. y.p. -2-H-eggs this day/  he was going to order the coal but they were closed, but that will be another bill.    Well, I pray the Lord will in Jesus Holy Name help us to get them paid     I do want to get the paint for the house so bad & get on it before it gets to late this Fall.    the boards are washed almost free of what paint was on them.     Well I thank & praise God for the strength of this day, Amen.

Sat. June.24. 1950./ 39.y.p. 2; H-eggs today./  Well, I washed every think that was dirty    Elbert changed clothes & so I washed them & what few things I had & my cotton blanket    I washed the big chair cover yesterday & today this afternoon I ironed.    Johny went to conference & was taken in & he stopped here on his way home,    I gave him several grain & mash bags, some for Marcie, if she wanted them.    Elbert’s head so bum he sat here & waited for the papers & I spoke to him twice    & he feels sort of on edge, so after the second time,  I didn’t say say any more about it,    so, he went with out the eggs,    I never thought of it untill he was gone,    he ordered the coal & they soaked on an extra dollar,    he paid $4.00 down & the coal will be 91.00 & some odd cents    Elbert has to pay half of all the bills from now on “so the goverment man says.” the lumber came,    I paid 20.00 on that,    now we have to get at the Chimney then front door steps,    then the hardware cloth in coop    & then paint for the buildings & park fence & septic tank.    I don’t know if we will ever get it done or not.    It’s been a very hot day  96 degrees in several places & believe it was 87 here in Erie Co. they said but it did seem as if it were 96.    We had a good breeze from the S. & little west    then it went N. east and at supper time it rained hard     later it was a steady rain & then at bed time moon was shining through again.    Frank & Armond came to hunt wood chucks,    Armond brought a rabbit, a tame one, to Elbert, to eat.    they didn’t get a chance to hunt,    it rained so steady they came in & visited a little & then went    I hope to go to church in the morning    I pray God will help me that I will in my Blessed Saviours Name, Amen.    I thank Him for my blessing. 

Sun. June. 25. 1950./ 38.y.p. 3-H- eggs today./   Well, I didn’t get to go to church this a-m. & a couple of young man that go to 31st church came in just after dinner & bought eggs 2 doz.    I thought it would b

Sun. June. 25. 1950./ page. 2615./ 38 y.p. -3-H-eggs this day/ nice if we could raise a few & have them to eat,    so, it got the axe & cooked for supper [referring to the rabbit I think]    it was given to Elbert, so I got one fore leg & he eat the rest except 2 pieces he saved for breakfast, but it’s O.K. by me.    Frank said he had a snapping turtle & Elbert could have it if he’d come get it Thurs;    but he’s been selling them,    so, I hope he don’t take it unless he pays for it.    for he told us when we were so hard put a few yrs back he could help us,   he had all he could do to help himself “that wasn’t & isn’t true,”    but we don’t want his help,    I love human people,    but when they are your own brothers or sisters & have plenty & can’t help a brother & sister who have given & helped them beyond what they really could afford,    it will pay to be careful.    I pray God’s Will be done but I would be happy to see Him save there souls, in Jesus Name.    Nellie wanted to come for a day or two,    then after she’d been here one day & one night, she said “I hadn’t any buisness coming out here, you haven’t got an extra bedroom, or bath room  no convienencies,    I just had’t ought to have come”    Well she knew & she had slept with me many times be- fore,   this time she ask me to sleep on the back side the bed & she took 2 thirds the bed, so as she didn’t get up at night  I ask her to take the back side,    I could let my knee hang over the edge & not lay like a stick all night,    I didn’t tell her, or say a word about any of it,    but, she felt as if she wanted the whole bed & lay in the middle,    I don’t know how she got to be so selfish,    she wasn’t brought up that way,    You would think “as John said once” that they knew (John Nellie & there family) more than I’d ever knew or forgot,”  but Praise God I don’t want to have so much education    I can’t love my own flesh & blood, or any one else that’s human & belongs to Him,    I like to be kind to every one, for the bible says we don’t know which one’s belong to God,    I’d rather be poor & humble & help others, than to feel supperior, and I love peoplle & always have.    Nellie promised to write & let us Know how she was,    but it’s now a week today since she went home & not a word.    I hope she didn’t boil when she got home,    but, I maybe she did & we really tried to do what we could to make it pleasent while she was here, for her health is truly bad,    she sit & crocheted all one day way into the evening & then Sun. I felt so bad, “my head,” I lay in bed a while after she got up,    I couldn’t sleep but I rested my body some & 

Sun. June. 25. 1950./ page. 2616./ 38.P. 3-H-eggs this day./ she was out in the bedroom a couple of times & she said to Elbert that I really looked sick    Elbert said he told her I was & I was my nose blead hard while Elbert went to take her home,     I prayed hard in my heart & mind, for the blood came out my nose & mouth & seemed as if it would strangle me for a few sconds that seemed much longer,     God heard & checked it right off & it hasn’t bleed since.    Elbert’s bowels & stomach have been so bad & now his head is bad,    he’s fat & looks to be in good order,    but it’s first one thing & then another.    Well, I do thank & Praise the Lord in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    He see He knows & He hears and answers prayers Glory Glory to God in the Highest & to Jesus & Holy Ghost, Amen,    I went to Four Square Church tonight Mrs. Eppler is doing a good job & I pray God will Bless her efforts & Mr Whit- man says, it cheers his heart when I come in,     I pray God will bless Him & give him his hearing back, Amen.   

Mon. June. 26. 1950./ 34.y.p. 2.-H-eggs today./ Well I washed & aired bedding & pillows & cooked two meals & washed dishes & tonight Elbert helped me plant 10 pkts of flower seed.    I hope they all grow.    I have as many more I’d like to put in if only I could work,    it’s to hot to work 99 in the house,    but I do Praise God, for the good fresh breeze we had all day & tonight,    it’s been all way round & looked as if it would rain hard after I hung the clothes out,    but they all dried good, even Elbert’s shirt & my dress that I hung out after he went with the papers at 5-10-p-m.    & I had to wash them after he went & starch my dress but they were dry     he put in more corn & beans today,   he hopes to put in swiss chard yet.    I think the dirt needs ferterlizer & to be worked up more.    no mail today,    I owe every one a letter.    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings, Amen.

Tue. June. 27. 1950./ [no egg count]/ I didn’t get up very early but, in  time to get the dinner then went out & raked up the dirt around the glads dahlias & seeds & potoatoes and my arms are lame all ready & feel sore     & tonight is praymeeting night,    I’m hoping to go & trusting to be filled & healed    Elbert went early with the papers but is not back yet at 5-30-p-m.     I like some cream, but, I don’t know if he’ll get it,    We had to have potatoes, onions, cabbage,    he’ll have to go for milk

Tue. June. 27. 1950./ page. 2617./ 41.y.p. 1-H eggs this day/ No mail todays.  We had supper and dressed & went to Vermilion to prayer meeting    We had such a good prayer service,     they anoited me & prayed for me,    I praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for this healing & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been another sudden change in the weather from 99 to 54 degrees & it’s all most shivery cool   the breeze was real cool all day   the sky & clouds look like Sept. with a clear moon.    I met a little girl 13 yrs. old____ Collins  & I ask her if she’d like to help me clean & do things around the house & she said she would, so I think I’ll let her come & see if we can clean & get the wall & ceiling cleaned again    I’ll have to pay her some not much  perhaps a dress or something like that.    I can’t afford it, but it will give me a little releif. 

Wed. June. 28. 1950./ 35-y.p. 1-H.-egg to day./ Elbert work some in the garden & about the out side & I fixed my corset & put some patches on my old dress    maybe I’ll have to put it on,    I hope not.    ` I’d like to have a new one so much & a hat    I’m so tired of my hat coat & dress, I would like a new one’s so much,    it’s been cooler today went down to 4 46 degrees in some places & I beleive lower here     any way a wool blanket was quit comfortable before morning.    Radio said rain this after noon & tonight we have got it yet & I wish we could for the beans, corn & seeds need the water,    the Paul’s scarlet runner has started to grow that Mrs. Cranage sent to me,    not anything growing as it shoulod, though.    Well, I thank God for my healing & last night I had such a terrifying pain in the lower part of my intestines  seemed as if I couldn’t hardly endure it but,  at last I found it was gas & by morning it was most gone,    it’s felt sore there alday & does yet to – night    I prayed untill it stopped hurting & thanked God in Jesus Name for taking it away,    I give Him all the Glory.  

Thurs. June. 29. 1950./ 39.y.p. -2-H-eggs to day./ Elbert left early for Lorain,    he sold 4. doz eggs there & bought a sprinkling can & 3 machine needles & he called Ruby & told her he wouldn’t be able to come for the turtle    she said O.K. & he said he didn’t talk,” that is” to visit.    he came back to Vermilion on the Lake & sold eggs, then he went to the mill to see about the coal & they told him they had been out with one load & had the other most ready to go    so he took 4 doz. eggs to Harry Millers, “a card came this a-m asking for them” so, he got there with them before he got the card,    Miss. Clark wrote it for Him,   He sold a few

Thurs. June. 29. 1950./ 39.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day./ at Alberta on the Beach    he sold 27. doz. & collected 45 cents from last week so he took in 14.20, he paid 4.39 for mash, 80 cents for light bill, 15 cents for meat & gave me 5.00 for lumber bill,    that’s whwere all the hard work & the money goes,    he didn’t take out the gas & oil money.   he paid all the lumber bill, so now I owe him $31.00 & some odd cents,  I have paid 20.00 of it , by his paying it all, it saved me $1.00 & now we have the balance of the coal bill,   Elbert paid $40.30, on the bill & I have paid $20.00, so if we pay that up in 2 or 3 weeks we get a rebate on that all so,    I hope we can make it.    & Since Russia has started fighting with this country, “or this with that country” I don’t think it will pay to do much more than keep the place liveable.    We have the coal in for winter.    They say they are going to move all the people out of Detroit & City’s close to the waters that have big factorys,     so, maybe we will be having to move also.    We haven’t got much so it ought not take long to move us.    I went out & helped Elbert water the garden tonight    Every things coming fast, that is the tomatoe & cabbages he planted the seeds, they have four leaves now & the glads & dahlias are coming good & his potatoes & corn he put in some squash, cucumbers & swiss chard    it ought to be up in a few days,    we watered it all to – night,    he is so tired,     he got up at six & didn’t get back home untill 2 pm, fast time & I had dinner all ready,    I made biscuits, creamed the potatoes & cook cabbage & he brought fesh saucage & I fried it & made the coffee while he went down & fixed the coal bin a little better,    the coal man came & dumped the coal while we ate,     then he took care of hens & rested a few minutes & the papers came & he went back to Vermilion with them & got a pt. of cream & came back & we ate it & went to the garden & wet it down & then I got supper & Elbert’s sleeping now & I wish I was,     but we, ate pork & string beans & peaches & biscuits & had tea & I can’t sleep on a heavy meal,    so now

Thurs. June 29. 1950./ page. 2619./ 39.y.p.-2-H-eggs this day/ I’ll read & pray & go to bed.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all the many blessings he has given us this day truly all the Honor & Glory belongeth to Him,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise The mostly for saving my soul & for all the many kind things Thou hast done for us.    We received an announcement from Marcie,    her, or their baby boy was born June. 19. 1950. on Ruby’s birthday & he weighed 6. lbs. & 10 ozs.    John Mark Harnish is his name.    The card was to Elbert & I.    So glad she’s O.K. & the baby.    I thank the Lord of Hosts in Jesus Name,    I’ve prayed much for her and baby.

  Fri. June. 30. 1950./ 40. y.p. -3-H-eggs today./   Last day of June.    & the world in an other turmoil.    Oh God, I Praise Thee   I Praise Jesus & the Holy Ghost forever & ever & pray I may be permitted to praise Thee with a new tongue before it’s to late,    I give Thee all the Praise & Glory Amen.   It’s been partly cloudy, a good fresh breeze & qauite cool.   & cool again tonight to cool for the garden & things out side to grow as they should.    I washed today & did 2. cotton blankets, one heavy one.    I didn’t get blankets dry.    Elbert’s done his usual work & he is so tired;  I am, also.    heat went down so fast & it was 45 degrees at night or there about for 3 nights, with tonight, so I don’t see how things can grow,    there are a few small tomatoes on the plants but the rabbits have eat most of the cabbages up, the ones I bought.

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