[Sat. Nov. 1. 1913] Sat.Nov.1.   Mrs. Pomeroy died yesterday 3-15 at St. Joseph Hospital, Audrey worked in the ten cent store & I have taken care of Gertie & Martha & washed Martha’s daily wash & Fred & Nellie & Elbert went to town, went part way in the launch & Pa & Aunt Jen & Audrey came home with Elbert Fred & Nellie.  & ma cooked oysters & set out cold lunch & they had supper at midnight & we went to bed Sun. morn. 

[Sun. Nov. 2. 1913] Sun.2.  Well Nellie & Fred went to Sun.school. & church & after I cooked dinner & Ma & Pa had gone, (to Mrs. Pomeroy’s funeral which was held at the chapel)  I made my neglected toilet then then gave the folks a warm over supper & washed up the dishes & Pa & Ma came at 8.oclock.  they went to the cemetery then Stoped to Wyn’s a few minutes, then went over to Frank’s for supper. then had a lunch when they came home.  I wanted to go to Church but had to stay home. Oh.ho. 

[Mon. Nov. 3. 1913] Mon.3.  Martha is 17 months old today, sew some today done house work & cared for Gertie & 

[Mon. Nov. 3. 1913] Page 103.  & Martha & done house work & Ma & Audrey & Aunt Jen went to town after dinner.  Pa went back to Wellington this Morn & Aunt Jen this after noon  Ma & Audrey did a lot more shopping came home just before supper, Nellie met them & came with them.  Fred took them part way & went part way & got them, supper over everything done & I’m going to bed.  my nerves are a fright tonight. 

[Tue. Nov. 4. 1913] Tue.4.  Gertie is ever-so-much better, I did all the wash today & we had a big one began at 7 a.m. & finished at 5 p.m. am tired but have to help with supper & do up the work, for ma don’t feel very well and she is tired  she has worked all day to. 

[Wed. Nov. 5. 1913] Wed.5.  Oh I have swept & cleaned & done house work & helped Gertie & Audrey with their dresses, Audrey is making a black dress for the store & Gertie a white linen for the Pines.  [note: this is referencing their planned trip to Isle of Pines Cuba for the winter where they could get work]

[Thrs. Nov. 6. 1913] Thurs.6.  Well I’ve been busy all morn & then had to cook dinner for Aunt Edith ma’s sister & after dinner Audrey & I went to town, was going to get some coat ?? goods, but it cost 2 1/2 dollars instead of 2 so I couldn’t get it.  Met Miss Tristram she would like to go with the folks south 

[Thrs. Nov. 6. 1913]Page 104. but is so weak she feels all most a fraid to try & she don’t know what to do

[Fri. Nov. 7. 1913] Fri.7.  I helped Audrey & Gertie & done house work all day  am tired, Nellie & I went to prayer meeting last night

[Sat. Nov. 8. 1913] Sat.8.  Audrey finished her dress & wore it to the store to day  I rambed half a white headed pin in the ball of my thumb as far as it would go & it’s pained me so I didn’t get any sleep all night & Nellie & I have done a bu. & starched ironing a bu dampened & packed down. Pa came home with Audrey  Elbert & Fred tonight

[Sun. Nov. 9. 1913]  Sun.9.  The ground is covered with wet snow & snowing & blowing a gale, we had chicken dinner.  Oh, how I pity the poor people tonight

[Mon. Nov. 10. 1913] Mon.10.  We we were nearly snowed in this morn. and it’s still storming telephone & telegraph wires out or most of them & both steam & Electric cars only runing part way, while others were snow bound.  big steel steam boats 500 hundred feet long turned over & some run on the rocks & some sank & Calvin Smith & his son Dan were both drown & hundred more.  Well I have sewed today for I couldn’t wash no wood only to cook with.  To cold to work. 

[Tue. Nov. 11. 1913] Tue.11. Well I did a, dreadful big wash am tired

[Tue. Nov. 11. 1913] Page 105.Tue.11.  but had to help with supper & work

[Wed. Nov. 12. 1913] Wed.12.  Sewed all day & part of evening & finished ma’s silk mull dress.  cut out two calico dresses

[Thrs. Nov. 13. 1913] Thurs.13.  Sewed all day  it rains & Frank was here today & said he would pay me to cut & make Ruby a dress like one I cut for Gertie  I told Frank I’d cut & fit it but did-nt think I would have time to make it but he said he want-ed me to make it  [Insert here a sketch of a shirtwaist with short sleeves and a ruffle all down the front middle, and a waist belt.]  I haven’t much time. 

[Fri. Nov. 14. 1913] Fri.14. Well Ruby came & walk through snow & wather & was all tired out when she got here. Pa & Elbert, Fred, & Frank and two other men have been helping pull out the Ruffit Seminole Bonnita, Ed-ward. J. & Notsobad. & some Fisher men have pull there fish boat out here & I cut & fited & almost finished Ruby’s dress with Gertie’s help at basting & I have been helping Gertie all week with her dresses waists & skirts.  Oh, ho, dee,dee. 

[Sat. Nov. 15. 1913] Sat.15.  I scrubed & sewed the rest of the day & helped care for little Martha, little doll. Mr. Clyde Green was here for dinner  he went hunting with our men they shot 27 rabbits  I dress three for dinner, ma fried them

[Sun. Nov. 16. 1913] Sun.16. Sweet day of rest.  We had a rabbit pie for dinner  Carl Betz came & spent the after noon, ma &

[Sun. Nov. 16. 1913]Page 106. pa went to call on Miss Tristram  Audrey & Nellie went to church. Oh. 

[Mon. Nov. 17. 1913] Mon.17  Well I washed & Ruby & her ma came over & Frank & Ruby were angry because I washed she wanted me to finish her dress & Frank said he didn’t ask me to make her dress & a lot of dirty mean thing I can’t write & ma felt bad, but Frank has the rheutism & is so tired from pulling out boats & hunting he feels cross.  but this has been a trying day for us all

[Tue. Nov. 18. 1913] Tue.18.  Sewed all day, I’m so sorry for ma, she dreads to go south & leave us four children & the baby  so bad. poor dear ma. 

[Wed. Nov. 19. 1913] Wed. 19.  Sewed all day  Cousin Lucy Scott came just after dinner & Ma & Pa & Audrey went to town but, she, Gertie & I had a good visit.  George Carlisle came here to see the baby a few minutes this after noon.  Well when Elbert went & got the folks, Lucy went to the river  bid the folk a pleasent journey & success & Elbert took her to the bridge & I cooked supper & cared for Martha & am tired tonight. 

[Thrs. Nov. 20. 1913] Thurs.20.  Sewed all day.  Elbert. & I

Page 107. went to town to Dr. office, for medicine for my stomach.  Oh, dee.dee.

[Fri. Nov. 21. 1913] Fri.21. I swept the dining room & kitchen and then sewed all the long day.  Mrs. Well came this after noon.  Ma & Pa came from town before she left. 

[Sat. Nov. 22. 1913] Sat.22.  Well I have helped ma bake bread cake 4 layers & doughnuts. today & Pa & Fred have been packing all day & Audrey has worked in ten cent store & I picked 4 chicken & cook 4 lbs veal & packed two half bu. baskets of lunch bread & butter, biscuits & butter, chicken, veal. dried beef, cheese, baked beans, pickles, pies, apple, elder berry, & black berry, cake, 4 layers, lemon filling, Powdered sugar frosting & doughnuts & cookie & spread lunch & went to bed tired heart sore & weary. 

[Sun. Nov. 23. 1913] Sun.23.  Well this has been a long day  the folks left this morn. Pa, Ma, Fred, Gertie, Frank & Ruby & baby & Carl Betz & Elbert & Audrey & Martha took them to the bridge in the Wynak & went to the car to see them off & I have cried my self sick today.  I couldn’t bear to see them go & when Mr. Hurd came a while after they

[Sun. Nov. 23. 1913] Page 108.  had gone I could hardly talk to him. & when Elbert & Audrey & baby came back it seemed as though there had been a funeral.  Pa gave me eight dollars for ma’s & Nellie’s sewing

[Mon. Nov. 24. 1913] Mon.24.  Worked hard  washed until 4 four oclock, lone some day.  oh, dee, dee,

[Tue. Nov. 25. 1913] Tue.25.  Sweep the whole house & then scrubbed the dinning room & kitchen.  

[Wed. Nov. 26. 1913] Wed. 26.  Did another good wash to day & scrubbed the clothes press floor & Mas & Gertie’s bedroom floors & cooked supper  I had Audrey get me 5 calico pieces for waists & one piece white nemsake for under  Audrey went to town & she put 10$ in the bank for me. I earned it yes me. 

[Thrs. Nov. 27. 1913.] Thurs.27.  Today is Thanks giving & We are thankful that all is well as far as we know & for the many blessing God hath given us.  We had rabbit & dressing & gravey & peaches, bread & butter & tea at 4 oclock for dinner & a light lunch for supper.  (I had 5 dollars earned sewing & Pa’s 8 eight makes 13 dollars.  I haven’t done any more than I had to today. 

[Fri. Nov. 28. 1913] Fri.28.  Well I have ironed most all day with exception to getting the meals.  

[Sat. Nov. 29. 1913] Sat.29.  Swept & dusted & took care of Martha all day & put her to sleep at seven after supper but she woke up before her ma came at 10-30 oclock.  Ma’s birthday  she was 56 yrs.We had a lunch  Elbert nearly fainted he hasn’t been as well as useral for a few days. he went

[Sat. Nov. 29. 1913] Page 109. to see Audrey home from the store to night, well we are all in bed at eleven. 

[Sun. Nov. 30. 1913] Sun.30.  Well we are all tired this morn. a foreigner from a foreign land had been dranking & he felt quite happy playing & playing his accordeon which was new & he receited his music & gave directions to others, he tried to sing like a horn & said it was to hard for him, he wasn’t acustomed to the horn so he couldn’t play it, he became angry & said if we didn’t let him in & he could find his gun or a club he’d kill some one  then he changed his mind & said he was a good man & had a wife & children & he had drank to much & was afraid to go back across the track the engines go so fast, there was a big dog, mamath big dog that stayed close to him & when Elbert opened the window and ask what he wanted he told him where he lived & so forth & the dog went & sit down close to the man & growled so savage that I told Elbert he couldn’t go take him home as he had suggested so Elbert went to Uncle Wills & tried to wake them & but they were so afraid they didn’t ans so he went down to the end of the st. to Taxlers & phoned for an officer, or some one had a receiver up on our line & we couldn’t get Central, well Elbert wasn’t gone long & we girls stayed in our room  I had Elbert’s shot gun close at hand & although I should hate to hurt anyone  I can & will shoot in self defence & to protect the girls,  That man & dog stayed untill three oclock, leaving his hat & music box when he & the dog left.  so we have felt rather tired today

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