April  1949

Fri. April. 1. 1949./ 9. Hens. & 51. Pulletts. eggs today/ Elbert went to Lorain & sold 5 doz hens eggs 70 cents.  7 doz. pullet eggs 45 cents per. doz. total of $6.65.   he bought a bag of grain & it cost 3.79 he finished paying for one bag of potatoes 1.59 & paid 1.00 on the other 2. bags,  he bought 3. very poor lemons for 18 cents & 1. can salmon 71 cents,  he got a money order for 5.00 for Miss Willitt’s & 2.00 for Dav. crippled soldiers contest, I have wanted to send it for a long time but seems as if I can’t live or even hardly exsist & give all to this one & that, but Praise the Lord I’m getting to send it because of the puzzle,   I don’t expect any thing from the puzzle.   I had Elbert pay the gas bill $12.06 & he got me 50 cents worth of writing paper & brought back 2.00 & some odd cents   I gave him a little & hope we can pay up his small bills this pay,   he has 4 or 5 to pay & he has to have a pr. of shoes,    I’m needing a pr. very much, had mine for 3 or 4 yrs. & he’s had 2. prs but he’ll have to have them for he does all the out side work.   Hope we can manage our eats for the month for I’m half dead now & with less I can’t see how I can make it.   WEll I swept & then scrubbed the floors   they wre terrible dirty & so hard to wipe up, but I got it done by sitting down a goodly numbr of times.   The tract Co sent me a pack of tracts & I received them today,   they are good ones to   I Praise God & pray each one will win a sould to Jesus.   Elbert’s so tired tonight   his hip & kne is paining him bad,   I pray God of Love & Mercy Thou will rebuke the devil & set us both free, in Jesus Name,  I love Thee Jesus Blessed Holy Jesus Amen.   It’s been a nice day   cold N.E. wind that eased up toinight,   I washed some windows & just wiped some   so I’m tired tonight & I have to get those letters wrote & sent off yet,   I pray God will help me to get it done   I thank Him & praise Him for all ur many blessing & pray & trust He will save our souls in Jesus Name, Glory to God.

Sat. April. 2. 1949./ page. 2311./ 5. hens. 48. Pullets eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish,   I washed & was done only long enough to get potatoes & water on to cook & he cleaned 6 pike & I cooked them while he did a chore about the hens & then he washed & we ate dinner    & I finished sudsing & wrinsing the 6 or 8 pieces & hung them up    I had most of them dried be-fore he got here,   so, after I rested a little I cleaned the bird cages,   then made up beds & then got supper & figured up the eggs for Mar:   In Jan. the old Hens 13 laid 1.77 eggs   in Feb. they laid 133 & we ate one hen,   in Mar they (12) laid 253 eggs.   Pullets started to lay in Feb. 167 & in Mar. 1359 eggs from ____ Pullets,   they were 5 mo. old in Feb.   they sure have turned out the eggs.   Elbert scaled the rest the fish & cleaned them ready to fry    & he spaded some & took care of hens,    he’s terrible tired & so am I.   Rue Sarr & his little son Earnest came in for 2. doz. eggs 90 cents & I gave the little boy 8. small eggs for Easter eggs, he was so excited over them,   Rue said he’d made a box for the Easter Rabbit to put the eggs in & he was going to leave it where the rabbit could find it so he could hide it when he put the eggs in it & then Easter Morning he & Earnine have to hunt for it to see if he put the eggs in it,   how much better it would be to teach them the story about the Risen Saviors & the seriousness of life.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for saving my sjoul & revealing Thy ways unto me   Help me Lord to live Thy ways forever & ever, Glory to God, Glory Glory Hallelujah Amen.

Sun. April. 3. 1949./ 10. Hen. 46 Pullets eggs/  Well, we went to church this morning & again this evening & Elbert went into the evening service, Dorthy came tonight,   she told Elbert Barbara had named one of her dolls after him,   she calls the doll, Bonney    Elbert got up early     clened & dressed a pullet & had it cooked at 10-a-m. & so I took a can of broth & the brest, gizzard & one drumstick to Miss. clark   she seemed real pleased & said her birthday was last week & today she had a donation of the chicken & broth & a nice piece of somebody’s birthday cake & a pint of pickled pears, so she had her birthday dinner today.   so Praise God, she had a good meal, & she looks as if she needs it.   I fixed dinner & washed up the dishes & went outside into the sunshine,  N.E. wind was to cold so we didn’t stay out long,   we had a heavy frost & it froze ice in bird bath      everythings trying to grow,   but I don’t see how it can.   well the golden bells & Apricot will soon be in bloom.  I’d like

Sun. April. 3. 1949./ page. 2312./ 10. Hens. & 46. Pullet eggs/  to get out & rake the & clean up around the house a little    it’s so cold I don’t know if anything besides weeds will grow or not.   I thank God for all our many blessings, in Jesus Name.   I thank Him for His great love for me & I often wonder why He endures with us when we are so careless & thoughtless.   Oh God of Love & Mercy teach me Thy way & help me to do them in Jesus Name, Amen.   I thank Thee for my healings & strength, for Elbert & home & warmth, for clothes & food & all we have & most of all for saving my soul in Jesus Name, Glory to God.

Mon. April 4. 1949./ 8. hens 52. pullets eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Huron & got 16 nice fish but he waited from 10-20-a-m untill 2-p-m to get them    & I did all the washing & had part of it dried when he got here,    I had evry thing ready to cook he dressed 3 fish after he drank some hot tea & ate a bit or so    & then we fried the fish & had dinner,   I hung part the clothes up out door,   he finished dressing fish I salted & pack-ed them & then I rested a while & then washed dishes & got supper & then fixed a letter to go with puzzle & a letter to Miss Willitt’s & one to tract Co. & now I must read & go to bed    I have to make out grocery order so we can go to town tomorrow for food.   I got my check Sat.  & Elbert got his today.   I thank God in Jesus Name & Praise Him for all things Amen.   I received a letter from Nora today from California,    she had a stroke & hasn’t been able to write effected her right side,    said she’s getting better & feeling better. 

Tue. April.5. 1949./ 9. hens 51 Pullets eggs./  Well. I haven’t done much today   It’s been thick & fogy & raining part time & fog horn blowing all day.   Elbert’s kknee is so bad today,   he went & sold 13 doz of pullets eggs 45 cents per. doz. & got a bag of mash 4.15 & lb of butter 66 cents & 1.00, on the potatoes & he paid the blance & got both bags.   he paid his meat bill & garage bill & he has to get his shoes next.   I need mine just as bad.   Well I’ll have to get the groceries & pay for hens powder 6.00 & I don’t know what the food bill will be.  Well I wrote to tract Co. Ethel Willits  Dav Crippled Soldiers Mrs. Gree & a Card to Nellie & I’ll have to wrote to Nora & Cora next.   I thank & praise God for all ur many blessing in Jesus Holy Blessed Name, Glory to God.   I love Father Son & Holy Ghost & Give them all the glory Amen.

Wed. April.6. 1949./ page. 2313./ 10. hens 52 Pullets eggs./  I did my ironing & only the most necessary things and I’m so tired.   Elberts knee is paining him so bad but he’s done chores & even spaded a little.   I receive a letter & only a note, with a 10.00 bill in it, Audrey sent it   she had such a cold when she wrote the last time & she said today that it was better & she would write later.   so I will have to ans. her note & she sent 10 crochet book, patterns are pretty but I can’t see very well   & I can’t buy thread or yarn.   I didn’t get Nora’s letter wrote either.   We had thunder showers today  most all day, heavy fog this morning   cleared off this evening, I thank and Praise my Lord for all His blessing in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest Glory, Glory, Amen.

Thurs. April. 7. 1949./ 6. hen. 45. Pulletts eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron but got no fish   we had lunch & went to Vermilion & our groceries, a bag of lime & 10. lbs. Vigro fertilizer  some seeds, cabbage & sweet peas.   Elbert had 14.00 with the dollar I gave him & from his check & he was going to get his shoes, ” he said”  with it    & he let me know several time I shouldn’t plan on his money to help out with the groceries,   I didn’t like the way he talked about it,    he said he had to have his shoes,   Well, he said “When I was buying or picking up the food stuffs”     I’d you wont have anything left if you keep buying    & he begin to feel out of sorts “& said,”|  I told you I lost $10.00 & only got 6.00 left,   I wont be able to get my shoes   Well, I had ten Audrey had sent & was going to pay for his shoes & tell him to use his to get the car fixed up, but he was so worried, he just lost his so I could pay for his shoes,   Well, I paid for his shoes & for the souls to be put on his old ones $11.95 & a dollar for gas & I paid 10.00 on coal bill, 80 cents for bag of lime & 90 cents for fertilizer $18.36 cents in Krogers for grociers & 1.36 at A.P. & 46cents for green tea & 40 cents for seeds.   I believe it all come to 45.23, so I feel hurt

Thurs. April. 7. 1949./ page. 2314./ 6. Hens 45. Pullets eggs to day./  again to think things are bad.   & I try so hard to help him.   I thank God & praise Him for His Love, strength & Power Glory to God in Jesus Holy Name   I thank & Praise Thee for teaching me & keeping me.   Glory Hallelujah   I Praise & love Thee more than all else, Amen.

Fri. April 8. 1949./ 8. Hens. 51.Pullet eggs today/  Well, Elbert went to Lorain & sold the eggs 5 doz hens & 11. dozen Pullet egg & he sold H. eggs 70 cents per. doz  Pullet eggs 45 cents per. doz. making a total of $8.45 cents & he bought 1. bag of mash, 4.15, wintergreen & peppermints 50 cents & steak 90 cents seeds 70 cents & I gave him the 70 cents for the seeds out of the egg money & I have 3.00 saved toward Hens powder,  we owe 6.00 & have to get another carton   that will be $8.00;  Well, I sent them a card so I wont have to worry & they wont either.  I’d like to get our baby chicks now, but I don’t Know yet How I can manage.   I washed this morning & had it most dry when Elbert got back & had dinner started,     so, by the time he was ready to eat it was ready,   I talked to Mrs. Georgia Snyder for 20 or 30 minutes this morning,  she came to order 4. doz. eggs. and was in a sociable mood.   I swept & shook up the beds & made them up & did the dishes & this after noon I was out side for about 30. minutes. with Elbert   he’s fixing a seed bed & is going to put seeds in it, in the morning.  dirt is still, so cold & wet at south end of coop.   he’s got a big place spaded over south of cottage & west of it & north of it & some east of it.   We have a frost most every night   I can see how things are going to grow at all but apricot is all in bloom, pears are most ready to bloom out  every things trying to come, peonies are up.   I have trimed part the roses, but hate to think of finishing for it breaks the sprouts off so bad, I have to finish tieing the one in frount of the coop & then get them on the park fence 6 or 8 of them & the bushes North of the house yet.   I’ll have to cut potatoes to plant soon as moon turns again, also, and pry we will be able to get them all in.   & the beets & carrot seeds   guess I’ll have to try to help if I can,  my feet are so bad   I can’t be on them long.   But, I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Holy Blessed Name. 

Sat. April 9. 1949. 9. Hens 52. Pulletts eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to the fish house & he got a heaping pk. of pike & perch,   he cleaned 6 pike & we ate part of them for dinner & some more for supper   they sure are good,   I went out & trimed part the rose bushes on the fence, while he scaled the fish & was so tired could hardly get the supper, I got 

Sat. April. 9. 1949./ page. 2315./ 9. hens & 52 pullets eggs this day./ a card from the little Japanese woman today   she’s in N.Y. & put her address on for me to write to her.    I have several letters to write   hope I can get some done tomorrow if all goes well.   Elbert went to Vermilion about 4-30-p-m & got his shoes he left to have half soles on & he got two boxes of little cookies & took fish to Rev. Scharein & his wife, to Mrs. Sprunk & Miss Clark & he put the tickets in the theater box,   they are giving away a roaster.   Tonie the shoe repair man gave us the tickets.   It’s been a beautiful day,  N.E. breeze, hot sun,   Elbert planted cabbage seeds, & he put in 4 kinds & didn’t mark them,   I hope he marks the tomatoes.   I planted a few morning glory seeds & sweet peas   I’d like to put in some zinnias & a few other things but my feet torture me most to death.   Well I praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing,   Glory Hallelujah I praise Jesus Blessed Jesus.   I took care of house & birds & I am so tired tonight.

Sun. April. 10. 1949./ 8. hens. 47. Pullets eggs today./  We went to Church this morning & again this evening & there are so few that come   I pray God will help them to wake up before it’s to late   They were talking over the radio today of di-viding the world for gains,   I don’t know how long it will be,   but I know the time is fast drawing to a close of this world,   Jesus said  when we see all this things coming to pass, that Daniel the prophet has spoken of    stand in the Holy place;   Whosoever readeth let him understand. Read the 15th verse of the 24th chapter of Matthew & the 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39th & 42nd verses & study carefully the meaning of those verses, they are the things Jesus told His Deciples, read the 3rd verse 7 & 8th verses, 20 through the 26 and remembert the 27 verse   think it over for it is Jesus speaking these words;   then read the 28 & 29 then the 30, & the 31, then the 32, then carefully the 33rd   read it over and over   it’s Jesus own words and they are the truth,   start with the first verse & read that whole chapter,   I think if we read the book of Matthew & study it & continue reading the remainder thoughtfully remembering it’s Jesus speaking, the 28th chapter is so good & enlightening.   Well I get such a lot of good Knoledge out of all the Bible & I believe it all & Praise God in Jesus Name that He gives me understanding, that He talks with me & reasons with me.   I’m so sorry I’m so slow at heart but Praise Him & give Him all the Glory forever & ever Amen.   I thank Him for saving my soul & having patience with such as I.   It’s been a beautiful day, but it froze 2. inches of ice in bird bath, out side, last night.

Mon. April. 11. 1949./ page. 2316./ 10. hens. 52 Pullets eggs today/  Well, it’s really terrible the things we do.   Elbert went to Huron for fish   he works to help pay for them & it’s such strenious work, he’s hadn’t got over being lame from last Fri & today he help them again for 66 pike & perch, about half of each,   I did the washing while he was gone,   he got home about 1.-p.-m.  he ate cold fish from yesterday & drank hot coffee, then he went out to clean what fresh ones he had & I was to tired to eat but I went out & scaled all them fish except 4 or 5 & he gutted them & washed half of them & I washed & scraped the half & then I took the clothes down I had out on the line & hung them up in here to air them while I fried 10 small perch   I took care of the clothes   we ate supper & got dressed & went to Audrey’s & gave her nine, she said she could use & I gave her a slip of cof___  the one with beautiful pink  yellow & green in the leaves,     she was pleased with it & them   We stopped at Martha’s   her children are at the age, thre’s always something doing   Joan plays piano some where on television & Jean plays accordian    & Jim is there escort & it keeps Martha up & doing.   she took 9. fish   said it was plenty,   we then went to Nellie’s & visited a few minutes   the children had just climbed the stairs all clean in there pajamas for bed but came back to say hellow & talk a few minutes   then they said good night & went to bed.   Nellie looked tired,   she teaches 2. hrs. mornings & then helps at home, when she gets back.   & she has just made herself a new dress & was sewing buttons on it when we got there    then she was going to press it.   The childrens father came & Bonita went out & sit in his car & talked to him   he’s thin & full of wrinkles & has a bad cough & he smokes continualy.   I do hope & pray Bonita will use good common scense.   God help her to do the right things in Jesus Name I ask & I thank Thee   I thank & praise thee for all our many blessing & for saving my soul & pray Thou will save the others somehow,   I’m trusting & believinbg for there soul in Jesus Holy Name.   I thank so much for taking & bringing us safely   for my healing & the beautifuyl day & night Glory to God    I praise Thee for all things great & small.   We are both to tired, but I know God is able & I believe He will take the tired out & rest our bodys in Jesus Blessed Name Amen.

Tue. April. 12. 1949 / page. 2317./ 8. hens. 51. pullets eggs today/  Well, I swept & took care of beds & cooked & am lots to tired.   Elbert cleaned half the coop, that is just the roost & floor & he’s to tired & his back pains him so bad,   he must have take cold & maybe has a vertebra out,   He’s gone to bed & sleeping already,   Well I’m going to for it take all night to relax & then I can’t sleep much after he gets up but I did drop off into a sound sleep this a-m & he startled me by pounding  on the door,   he went to Vermilion on the lake & sold eggs 13. doz. for 5.85,  he got a bag of scratch grain 3.79 & a sack of flour 1.95 &K 5 cents for yeast cake, 50 cents for gas & he declares he only had 7 cents in his pocket & his stuff cost $6.29 & that was 44 cents more than he had & he says he owes 29 on the grain, flour & yeast,    I don’t know how he gets the extra money,   we were short on the eggs 3 or 4 days, they dropped to 45 & right up next day & down next & up next and then back to normal 51 & 52.    Well, I can’t look after them & he needs something to do & I know he don’t feel able most of the time,   but, he get it done & it isn’t half as hard as carpenter work    When he can’t do it he’ll have to give it up.   I thank God in Jesus Name,   that he try’s & that we can live in peace together & I pray he will turn to the Lord before it’s to late.   I thank & Praise Him for saving my soul & pray He will save all my brothers, sisters, nephews, neices, cousins & there familys,   I thank Tee Jesus   Thou art worthy & I wish we were more worthy than we are,   but we are learning every day, in Jesus Holy Name.   It’s been a beautiful day  N.E. breeze was rather cool but sun was nice & warm.   Apricot tree is big White ball & Golden bells are pretty & my tame White Voilets & Mertle are in bloom,   the widl blue ones will soon be in bloom.   Oh, Glory to God,   I love Thee Jesus, Blessed, Holy, Jesus.

Wed. April 13. 1949./ 10. Hens. & 52. Pullets eggs. today./Well, I baked 3 loaves of bread & doz. cup cakes today & I haven’t felt able to be on my ft. today,   but, I got the dinner and washed the dishes & bread things all upo & Elbert waremed the potatoes & opened a can of salmon for supper   I took care of beds & rooms & birds & hope to fix up the old chair covr tomorrow & with Elberts help maybe I can cover the chair again,   it’s wore clear to the padding.   I don’t 

Wed. April 13. 1949./ page. 2318./ 10. Hens. 52. Pullets eggs this day/ Know what I can get to cover it with.   & it’s such a job.   Well it’s been a fine day,   fog so thick we can’t see only the cook & things close by part of the time. [confirmed lunar eclipse on April 13. 1949]  We had an eclips of the moon last night     covered the moon untill there was-n’t any moonlight in sight    only the stars visible for about 2. or 3. hrs. & it rained early this am-m & again during the morning   fog was like mist & like rain at times.   so I wasn’t out only to mail box & back today.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all my many Blssing

Thurs. April 14. 1949../ 10. hens. 48. Pullets eggs. / Elbert went to Huron   got a nice mess of fish    I got dinner & fried fish,   they taste so good right now.   It’s been a beautiful day & Elbert’s worked the dirt for potatoes & burnt brush & took care of hens while I did my ironing & put some patches on the big arm Chair    it was a hard job for I wasn’t feeling phyically fit.   now I hope to put a patch on the seat cover tomorrow & wipe up the kitchen floor.   We had supper & then went to prayer meeting    the Woman preacher from Elyria came over & did the preaching tonight & she is good.   It’s rained in heavy sheets of rain all the way home & as we turned in on the drive a big stake driver bird hopped out from under the evergreen tree & rise up & flew off toward the park    it look the color of a rabbit, long legs & neck    I felt the power from my head to my toes when the preacher anointed & prayed for me,   she did the same for Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk,   Glory to God in the Highest    I thank & Give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever   Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.   I do Praise & thank Thee Jesus.   Well, it’s raining & thundering & lightening.  Spring Showers.

Fri. April 15. 1949./ 7. Hens & 53 Pullets eggs today/  Good Fri.   I want to go to Church tonight but it’s rainy & snowing & Elbert didn’t want to drive, and it’s lots to for to walk.   So here am I praying they will be wonderfully blessed in Jesus Name.    Mr. Hauffman came & brought a female canary today,   I hoped he wouldn’t come again,   he brought the cage, back some time ago,   he kept Jerry the male he brought here first & now he’s brought this one,   I don’t feel able to bother with it.   before he got out Rue Sarr came in for eggs   he got 4. doz. $1.80   Elbert was short 1.34 on the eggs money again today.   he sold 11.1/2. doz. pullets eggs & 4. doz $2.80 hens eggs.   & he spent 6.09.   he got a bag of mash 4.15 – & 50 cents for gas  59 cents for grapefruit & cabbage & 29 cents he owed from last week,   I can’t go with him every time,    so, there’s that much he says he can’t account for.   I haven’t earned my salt today   just read & prayed & thanked God in Jesus Holy Name for saving my soul.

Fri. April 15. 1949. / page. 2319./ 7. hens & 53. Pullets eggs this day./ for all the many healings He has given me and for supplying my every need   O, how I love Him my best my dearest Friend and I pray I may be found worthy in His sight & that His coming wont be in the winter or on a Sabath day.   I know He will be coming before very long for I had a vision of the red horse & his rider & I tremble with fear and pray I’ll be ready, Glory, Glory to God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, Amen.   It’s been a nice showery Spring day, with rain in sheets & in showers & even a snow shower that melted as it fell.   Last night we had moon shine & showers.   I received letter from Miss Willitts yesterday & one from Miss Mc.Govern today with an Easter paper marker & a book celloid marker. & only a piece of paper with Easter greeting & a review on the books of the bible.   Well I had ment to send her a carton of fresh eggs & I’ll still try to get them off tomorrow if I can manage it.  

Sat. April 16. 1949./ 9. hens & 53 Pulletts eggs today./   Well it snowed & covered everything about 3 or 4 inches & today it most all thawed & melted away.   there are patches here & there,   it froze the birds bath up solid & I felt so sorry for the flowers & everything out side & the summer birds & it looks as if it would freeze again tonight   clear & cold out side,   We both rested most of the morning,   then I got up & started to get my usual lmorning jobs done    then I got dinner,    then after dinner darned Elbert’s socks & changed table cloth & a little woman from Virgina can in for 3. doz. eggs 50 cents per. doz. $1.50 & then we had supper & I washed up dishes & stove & read a bit & did this writing & am going to bed.   Jackie has been happy with the female bird, so he hasn’t worried so much today.  I thank & praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,  Glory  to God in the Highest. 

Sun. April 17. 1949./ 7 hens & 46 pullets eggs today/  We went to Church this a-m- & I took a cold,    it’s was so cold in the church so it’s raining, snowing & was a heavy fog for a while tonight & it’s still raining half snow & wind has freshened up, & it’s cold, much to cold.    We have a good fire & it feels good.   Radio said France was injoying the nicest weather they had, had, in ten yrs.   & Chicago waqws having a real snow storm.   & other places were likewise, either warm or rain or snow.   Well, I thank my God, my Heavenly Father for His Love & Care Glory Hallelujah   I love my Jesus, He’s my best my dearest Friend.

Mon. April. 18. 1949./ 8. hens & 46 Pullet eggs today/  Elbert went to Huron & got almost 1/2 bu. fish & he cleaned some for dinner.   I had the cabbage on cooking & potatoes ready to put on     the cabbage was half done when he came & I put potatoes on & he brought the fish & I fried them & we

Mon. April. 18. 1949./ page. 2320./ 8. hens.  46. Pullets this day/  ate & he cleaned the rest,    I did the washing today & got it all done & dried in the house    been quite cold & some rain,   I was out in the yard for just a few minutes & looked at the poor flowers,   I feel so sorry for things    it’s turned so shivery cold.   I took a cold in Church & it went in my upper gums   they are so terribly sore & swollen,   Well I was dog tired,   but I got supper,    I’m not doing the dishes     if all goes well I do ’em in the a-m.   Now I must read & go to bed.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our Blessings Amen.  

Tue. April 19. 1949./ 10. hens  46. Pullets eggs today./ Well, It’s been a beautiful day little cloudy & cool untill middle of fore noon & then sun came out nice & warm & there was only a light breeze.   I got dinner,   Elbert felt so bad he slept in the big chair untill noon after taking care of hen & mash & came back ate & went out & worked the dirt untill supper time.   I went out & got one rambler rose partly trimed,    I wasn’t able to take care of them last year,   so they were a mess to trim this year,    I’ve got 2 more to do & wish I could get them all done tomorrow    it’s a hard job for me now,    my feet are so bad I can’t get around on them & it tires my whole body so terribly bad,    Well, I still thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for my many many blessings,    I don’t understand about my feet,    but, I know it must be my fault in some way.   Elbert’s in bed & I wish I were,   I so tired tonight.

Wed. April 20 1949./ 11. hens  55 Pullets eggs today./  Elbert took the canary back to Hauffman   he said H. was angry, & said he’d get in his car & take it back to Sandusky right away.   I pray God of Love & Mercy, in Jesus Holy Name, Thou, will away keep that fellow away from here,   I don’t want anything to do with him,   he’s a crook, a polite devil.   Elbert came right back & planted 3. long rows ___ ft. long,   he’s so tired so & lame he can hardly move tonight    & he’s took care of hens & carried water   opened basement windows & shut them a-gain tonight.   & then he carried away the rose trimings, all I had ready & he had two big boxes packed full & there’s as many more,    it’s been a hard job, I didn’t trim them at all last yr.  & there was lots of dead vines & runners on the old vines & they went clear up into the pear tree & tamarix & tamarix has gone places also   & the weaflea bush is a mess also & Golden bells rambled all over, also    I have got to do more on them both,   Well it looks lots better than

Wed. April. 20. 1949./ page. 2321./ 11. hens. & 55. Pullets. eggs this day/  I feel tonight,    have a severe gas pain round my heart & I had Elbert make me a little winter green sling,   but pain still hangs on,   maybe reaching & bending to much & my feet paining so bad I could hardly limp to the house,    then, Elbert put some water on to heat & we had a cup of tea,   I put the potatoes on to cook & he cut a slice of ham & I fried it & opened a can of lima bean & one of tomaores    we ate them right as they came out the can but heat the beans,   I didn’t wash dishes,   am to tired,   I cut the potatoes for Elbert to plant & he’s going to put in at least one more row tomorrow, if he can.    It’s been a beautiful day in Ohio, or here at least & I do like to get out in the fresh air & sunshine.   I thank God for his tender mercys & Praise Jesus for my blessings. 

Thurs. April 21. 1949./ 8. hens. & 46. Pullets eggs today./  Well, Praise the Lord, I had such a terrible pain in my side & over my heart    I couldn’t get a full breath    but aftr praying for an hour or 2.  God heard & ans. prayer & took it all away in Jesus Holy Name Glory to God, He’s a wonderful Saveur & Physian   He saves our souls & heals our ills when we trust & believe, Glory Glory, Hallelujah where Jesus is tis’Heaven to me. Amen.    Elbert planted 1 1/2 rows potatoes today & he has had to do it all by hand,   the sun was hot today   a real summer day.   I cut the potatoes & looked after work in the house.   & I’m so tired.   We took a bath & went to prayer meeting tonight    Rev. Scharien had to go some whre & his wife lead the meeting,   there were only Mrs. West Sr & Jr. & Mrs. Sprunk  two Smith Children  Rev. Wife & I there tonight but we had a very good meeting & they sang Hyms after the meeting was over.   We bring the Smith children to end of there road.   I thank my God in Jesus Name for all the many blessings He gives me, Amen.

Fri. April 22. 1949./ 7. hens. 48. Pullets today./  Elbert went & sold the eggs 3. doz. hens eggs $10.60   he spent 50 cents for gas & got $4.89 worth of food   I gave him 50 for gas last night & 50 again today out of my card money    We went to Amherst & paid bal. on hens powder & got another box $14.00   this will last untill most Fall for we have some of the other left yet.   We stopped & got a lb. of fresh butter & 1. lb. of

Fri. April. 22. 1949./ page. 2322./ 7. hen. 48. P’s. this day./ pork saucage on the river road & they were sure good & butter 5 cents less than that in the store.   It’s been a nice Spring day, rainy all morning & nice sun this afternoon.    I swept this morning & dusted & aired the house & then got things ready for dinner,    then mended & old pair of pants for Elbert & fixed up the button holes.   I thank my Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all my blessings   He is a wonderful Jesus,   He heals, saves, & takes care of our needs.   Glory to God in the Highest   I love my Jesus. Amen.   Ella Jane’s birthday (She’s) anold maid of 30 yrs. old.

Sat. April.23. 1949./ 5 hens  48 Pullets eggs today./  Miss Baumgart was 91. yrs. old last mo.   Well We are both tired tonight,   Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish    he cleaned 4. for dinner & I salted them & he looked after frying them & warming the potatoes & making the tea.   I set bread after he left then took care of bedrooms & then started washing    I washed what dirty clothes there wre,    I had them all done except his work shirt & couple of towels  his sleepers & a kercheif so I let them soak and ate dinner, then mixed the bread into loaves    I made 2 loaves brown & 2 white & while it was raising I finished the clothes & Elbert brought waater,   he hung out half before dinner & they wre dry when he started to dress the rest of the fish,   so he handed them to me & hung up the rest I had ready,   then he dressed fish a while & it got so dark & begin to lightening,   I got in the bal. of the clothes & he shut car shed doors & then ran for the house for it rained & hail with it the size of a five cent5 piece came down with the rain     after a few minutes it cleared off,    he finished the fish   I baked the bread & then I wiped up the kitchen floor & staiars & grade landing & then I cleaned me self up a bit & salted the fish & he looked after cooking them while I washed my bread dishes & put them away,   he planted some strawberry plants & the fish dressings & gathered the eggs, gave them fresh water & mash & then there supper of grain,   he gave them greens before he went to Huron this morning,   so you see we had a full day    it rained again tonight & radio says more to night & tomorrow.   Cheery trees in full bloom & pair trees & prun trees will be, in a day or so & plumbs & peaches also,   everthing looks like Spring   frogs are croaking full tillt except nights & it gets colder at night, to cold.   Well the are setting the clocks ahead one hr, so the foolish will get up one hr. earlier but God has said in His Word that they would even think to change the time & so it is.  I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name,  He love me & takes care of lme & gives me strength each day. Amen.

Sun. April. 24. 1949./ page. 2323./ 7 hens 47 Pullets eggs/  I felt so bad I didn’t get out to Church alday.    Frank & Ruby came just church time this even-ing so we didn’t go but I didn’t feel able anyway    so I have worshiped here at home    I would have went if they hadn’t come in     Frank brought a little fertelizer & Ruby gjot a few more plants Golden bells rose cuttings Per. Poppies plants (2) & some seeds of Bell poppies mixed honey suckle,   a pink rambler & some irise,   they both have bad colds & F’s, seems real bad.   Ruby said Elsie & Henry & daughter had moved in with Pearl Lillie & Tessie.   It’s damp & chilly tonight & fire feels good.   I thank God in Jesus Name we can have the fire & for all we have & I’m sorry I stayed home even though I didn’t feel able to ride tonight.

Mon. April 25. 1949./ 9. hens 45 Pullets eggs to-day/  Well, we sure had a heavy frost last night on every thing.   Elbert’s cabbages & tomatoe seeds have sprouted & are up but he didn’t look to see what the frost did to them,   the apricot blossoms look as if they are spoilt & the wind blew so hard toward Sun. morning it blew the twigs with full clusters of blossoms right off,    I got up & prayed God would spare us & the buildings as long as we will need them.   Ruby said she was so afraid, she couldn’t sleep.   Well, I pray God Keeps our souls & gives us strength in Jesus Blessed Holy Name to live for Him for ever and ever, Amen.   Glory to His Name.    I patched the big chair seat cover & thats a real job,   I got it done & on the chair once more,    the chair needs to be ovrhauled & refinished again,   seats wearing out.   I have always hated that chair     most every one likes to get on it & twist one way & then the other & put there legs over the arms or curl up on the seat,    it’s always reminded me of a dogs nest   & its a real job to even try to keep it looking anywhere near respectable.   Elbert killed, dressed & cooked a pullet & I finished getting dinner.    & I got supper & did dishes & now I’m reading & going to bed    I thank and Praise God in Jesus Name for our blessings.

Mon. April. 25. 1949./ page. 2324./ 9. hens  45. P. eggs this day./  I received a letter from the Veterans contest today & they are wanting me to send more money,    I sent 2.00   they sent a receipt,   wish I could help those who are worthy.    but I don’t have enough to do all the good things I’d like to do & exist myself.   May God Help us.

Tue. April, 26. 1949/ 9. hens. 44. Pullets eggs to-day/  I haven’t done much today,   sort of feel bum yet from my little trip to Elyria & over to Audrey’s & Martha’s,    Elbert say we don’t need to go there again    We’re not wanted.   I like to see them all once in a while.   Received a card from Nellie, “she calls us dear folks.”    Oh, Well; it doesn’t matter   style never got a soul into Heaven & never will   Jesus loved the poor and He said to take care of our soul first and to be like Him   to be true, holy & spotless from the world, to live for the spirit & not for the flesh or lust of the eye or flesh.   I hate the short dresses & I believe the bible & what my mother use to teach me   to wear our skirts ong enough to cover the ankles & sleeves to cover fore arms & fasten our dress around the neck   I didn’t understand then,    but I do now,    the bible teaches us to dress in plain clothes & not to attrack the eyes by much dressing & not to be men teasers, by wearing gold trimings, it sems we must vex God to the limit,   living our way & He says “His ways are not our ways,   but man hath a way that seemeth right, that are not my ways.    Oh, May God forgive us for going our own way & I pray He will teach us before it’s forever to late to do His ways, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.    I went out side & dug a few dandelions,   it started to rain & has been coming in heavy showrs every since 7-p-m,   strong wind blowed clusters of cheery blossoms off, & they are so sweet   the air is fill with there fragrance.    everything is growing fast but it’s to wet & cold for gardens.    I thank my Jesus for HIs love & wonderful care & pray I may be worthy.   Well, Nellie has been having a cold & in bed a day    I know she isn’t able to work, takes to much strength right now in her condition,   she said the rest were all well. 

Wed. April. 27. 1949./ 8. hens  45 Pullets eggs today./  Again today I haven’t done much out side my daily round of house work    I did go out side for a little while in the sun-shine    it was warm & not much breeze, but breeze shifted and went N. East & got a little cooler this evening.   It rained in showers most of the night & toward morning a heavy

Wed. April. 27. 1949./ page. 2325./ 8 hens  45 Pullets eggs this day./  fog untill late morning.   So, Elbert staid in out of it & I’m glad he did,    he spaded most the after noon & is lame & sore & tired,    I wish I could work.   I thank God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for my blessings Amen.

Thurs. April. 28. 1949./ 7. hens. 48. Pullets today./  I have only done my daily dozen & then we went to prayer meeting to night,   only Minister his wife, two Smith children, Mrs. Sprunk,   Mrs. West & myself there.  but we had a good prayer meeting,   Praise the Lord.   & after the meeting Rev. said they had heard from Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith & they had been in a tornado & prayed & God left them & the house all in tact,   Praise the Lord.   He hear the cry of His Children & takes care of them, Glory to God in Jesus Holy Name, Amen    We have had a fine day,    sun warm wind N.E. & cold.    cooler tonight clear sky.    Elbert’s turned over more sod today    he’s spaded a big space _____ wide & _____ long both west & toward of cottage & south of it & a strip ____wide & ____long north of cottage.  he’s plant 4 long rows potatoes & 3 short rows, & some beets & carrots.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & pray He will keep us ever covred & close to Him.  Thurs April 28th Frank Babcock would be 67 yrs. old today. 

Fri. April 29. 1949./ 8. hens. 43. Pullets eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain & sold a few doz. eggs & the rest he sold at Vermilion on the Lake    he sold a box of cards & wrapping paper for me, for 2.00,   I gave him $1.08 cents from Tue. eggs & he only sold 2. doz. hens eggs, 1.40, & 10. doz. Pullets eggs $5.00, he bought sack of grain $3.95    he paid $1.40 a fish bill, he owed since last winter,   & he paid the light bill 1.60, 50 cents for gas, 94 cents for shank meat, 29 cents for parkay, 27 cents for fruit, $8.95,    he took in  $6.40 & the card gave him 2.00 & 1.08 cents I gave him making $9.48 cents    he brought back 53 cents.   I was washing,    I gave him a cup of tea & he went to Huron & got a pk. of fresh fish,    he cleaned a few & I cooked potatoes & warmed cabbage & fried the fish & we had dinner, then I finished hanging out the bal of clothes & then salted the bal. of the fish & packed them    then did a few odds & end & got supper & I haven’t done the dishes, just to tired.   It’s been a beautiful day, N.E. breeze   warm sun & fogy.    I thank God in Jesus Name for all my many blessings & for keeping my soul & caring for me,    how I wish I know what I could do & how to be of more use to Him.   I thank Him more than I can say.   Glory to God.

Sat. April. 30. 1949./ 8. H.  44. P. eggs today/  Well, it’s been a beautiful day & quite warm,    Elbert spaded for a while & then cultivated    he’s tired, lame & sore.  I did the 

Sat. April, 30, 1949./ page. 2326./ 8. hens. 44. Pullets eggs this day. /  ironing    got most of it before dinner    then, got the dinner & did dishes & finished the ironing, my two house dresses.    I felt so punk I didn’t wipe up the floor or do the bit of sewing I’d planed to do    I went out in the yard & walked around just a little     came in feeling as if I weighed a ton on my feet, but thank God I can still walk,  in Jesus Name.   He is a wonder-ful Jesus to me,   I love Him more than all else in the world.    I’m hoping to get to church in the morning and I’m wondering what they are going to do about church,   pretty soon, Preacher is talking of going for a vacation, “he & his wife” this week,    I would think they would want to put that time in for the Lord but, they are young & there are not enough young well dressed folks in church to keep up there interest and they think us old worn out girls ought to get out & canvase the county & get folks into church,    I have tried but can’t seem to hold up under the strain,   the spirit is willing but the body is to tired out   & I’m sorry, and I pray God will help me, to help Him by fixing me up in all the ways I need in Jesus Name.hens laid 247 eggs & Pullets 1455 eggs this mo

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