December 1946

Sun. Dec. 1. 1946./ 1 egg today/  We went to S.School & Church, it started to snow little snow balls, it had turned a colder toward early morning & I felt it when I went to hen house, but they seemed quite happy all scratching & working, even the dopy  one was picking around. they’re all ways glad to see me & glad to see there green lunch.  Elbert had given them there fresh water earlier, I fed them about 15 to 4-p-m. then  locked them up. & I locked the car shed, Elbert’s stomach & bowels are after him again  he has taken another cold & he’s taking some cold capsules that are supposed to be supper, he’s also taking liver pills & phyic tablets.  Well we had good meeting this a-m. but Elbert felt so bad & then it started snowing when we got home & has been snowing & blowing a gal & getting colder & at 7. p.m. front storm door glass we froze all of them, thick so you couldn’t see out wind seems to be going N.E. I put papers behind the plants next to window glass. it still bad, blowing & howling at 11-p-m.  I feel Elbert would be wise to stay home in the morning the way he feels, but, no use my telling him.  It’s sure a terrible sudden change & half the church folks or more are home with flu. today   I pray God will help us use good judgement.  

Mon. Dec. 2. 1946./ 1 egg today/  Elbert went to work & took hen house keys again today so hear after I have to keep them in my pocket, poor hens had to go to bed with out there supper I felt so unhappy to have them go on a cold night to bed empty it’s sure terrible & now he says he’s going to Elyria to-morrow, I’ve been wanting to go, & he thought we’d go Tue. this week, then changed his mind   now tonight he says were going tomorrow, I don’t feel as if I can, but I’ll have to try for I need some shoes & over shoes so bad & a hat & corset   Well I did my other daily rounds & made soup for supper & now Elbert went to hen house & put there feed in so they can eat in the morning

Mon. Dec. 2. 1946./1003./ 1. egg today/  It’s been a fine day, nice sun, but a cold one, looked like a ball of ice & it snowed a good snow shower while sun was shining & it is a cold breeze

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Well we got up & went to Elyria  I bought myself a pr. of shoes & over shoes 11.80  cards & stamps 2.87 paid 4.57. then we bought a doz rolls & some lunch meat & went to see Bonita & the children as I expected Geo. had gone real bad after Nellie & Bonney Bell left, he left her for 5 weeks & she had him arested, she had to ask for releif & they put him in jail, well he decided to go back to her, but he isn’t living right, his mother went & stayed with there children untill Bonita went to a lawyer for advise & to the Red Cross for help, they tell her if he don’t work & give her & the children what they need to eat & wear they will have to send him to the pen, Bonita hates that K& so when he came home she told him what they had told her, so he said he’d come back & do the right thing   he hasn’t so far, but she said she was going to try to hold off as long as she could, they had loved each other & got along so well before  he had to go into the service & now he don’t want to work under some one else  he want a buisness of his own  He & another fellow had a repair garage started & then it was sold for cash & they didn’t have enough money to get started again  now he has got another garage, but hasn’t got enough “so he says,” to pay the rent, I feel if the right man was put on his trail & kept tract of him & what he does & perhaps if he could have some help, he might settle down & do the right thing.  Bonita has worked hard since she was just a little child, she use to stand on a box & wash dishes & as she grew she gradualy took over the bedroom work & sweeping & dusting & then the washing, then when she finished high school she & Geo. had kept company for 2. yrs. or so & that decided they’d like to marry, have a home & some baby’s, they both loved children. So that was what they did, then he went off to service & left her with the twins to tiny babys, her mother need some one to do her house work & so Bonita went home & took over the house work washing, ironing, scrubbing, & keeping the rooms clean & helping to take care of her father & part time her mother & two little baby’s & she went to see Geo. once or twice before he went over seas & she had & other baby when the twins were a yr old so all that time she’d been working hard right up to the time she had 

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946./page 1004./ 1. egg today./  to be taken to the hospital in 4. week she was at the work again, some of the neighbors went in & helped with the work untill Bonita could get at it again & one more baby made a lot more work, mean time, John was getting worse & he was so bad at night & Nellie would get Bonita up to take care of him so the poor girl was broke of her rest & tired out all the time untill at last, we (Elbert & I ) started going over once a week to help them get there grociries & do a few odds & ends   I took care of the baby & stayed with John, while Nellie Elbert & the children went to town, we could have done the shopping but I think she wanted to get away from the house for she insisted on going. I wasn’t very able bodied & when John was laid to rest every one needed a rest & they all got it except Bonita & I, she had to keep going & so did I, but I didn’t do any extra’s but she had to go on taking care of 3 babys & her mother & doing the general house work, then the boys came home her man Geo. & her brother Johny  two more to wash for help feed & do dishes & keep one extra bed, they helped her at first but after a little left it for her then   Ella Jane had to go back to Albuquerque New Mexico to finish her schooling  she had left to go into service, she gets home sick enough to die, so, Nellie thought she’d like to go away for a while so she went with E.J.  she wasn’t there long before she came back & wrote E.J. & coaxed her to stay promising to come back to her as soon as she could, she staid home all summer & went back in Oct & took Bonney Bell with her   E.J. had got room, but, they were hardly settled before they had to move & now they are going to move again & this time in a cottage by them selves.  Bonney Bell is working, but E.J. is sick  they say she has asma   Well, Nellie’s going to get her widows pension, so Bonita told us today & she said her mother said if Bonita had to go out to work she would come back & take care of the children.  Bonita said the holidays would be so much different than in the yrs gone by even the last 2. yrs.  the family was all there & they had holliday meals & she said if George’s mother hadn’t brought in a roast & the trimings they wouldn’t have even had a dinner, Thanksgiving day, but, if the children could only have enough to eat & wear & keep them warm she wouldn’t about herself  she & the 

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946./ 1005/ 1 egg today/  children show they are getting thin from lack of food.  Elbert got her 2 bottles of milk  the children ate & drank as if they were starved, Well. I don’t know how to help & she didn’t seem to want me to try, so I told her to write me if she needs me & she promised she would   We didn’t eat as we had planned but went on to Lorain  We see sister Audrey hurrying along toward her home & ask her to get in & ride & while she got her dinner I talked to her & Elbert went back to talk to Merlin  Audrey’s son-in-law, he’s started a bicycle shop  he & Elbert visited a little  he said Martha (our neice, Audrey’s daughter, & his wife)   who had been sick was working today, he didn’t think she was able, but she had gone anyway & Audrey said Frank (our brother) told her, I had been telling everybody they had bought the old home place & I haven’t told any one & haven’t been away from home since he told Elbert & I he had paid Armond for it   Frank’s youngest son bought it, Frank said he had wanted it & got his son to buy it & after he got married he sort of wished he had the money back & it was Frank who said he’d give him the money  if he wanted to turn it over to him   Well, she said  I didn’t know that but I heard   I didn’t get a copy of the first will & I said no, neither did we, but Elbert, Frank Ayre’s & I heard Resek read the will in his office & she said I see Frank Ayre’s once in a while. So now she will more than likely ask him about it. Well. We went on to Lorain to Penney’s Store & Elbert got two work shirts he left me to Cranages to talk to her & Miss. Baumgart while he went to do a few earns then we went to Keep’s office but he wasn’t there so after 10 mi.  we started on for Vermilion where he got two new tires for the car & got them put on & he paid bal. on his car insurance, he left me at the preachers house but neither were there Marry Petters & Garry Black were there & Ministers baby, I had to wait or walk back to where Elbert was & it’s to cold for me, so I waited & at last we were on our way home & he fed hens & locked up everything while

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946 /1006./ 1. egg today/  I fix the fire, it was almost out & started the supper  my window was wide open, I must have forgot to shut it, but I had shut the door so birds were still warm, I’m sure tired tonight & I’ve washed dishes & everythings ready for morning & it’s a still cold out tonight, the radio said it would go down to 26. degrees tonight.  We ate dinner in at a smelly restruant up near 20th Street. Bonita hope some one would report her phone is out of order & I forgot to tell Audrey.  Well, I got my order from Lane Bryants 2 pair wool skirts  3. prs. bloomers 3. prs. stockings & 1. brasiere & they are O.K. Praise God for my blessings. 

Wed. Dec. 4. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Elbert went to work.  Today is Lenny Bonney’s [Leonard Warden Bonney, Elinor’s grand nephew] birthday, he was Uncle Harvey Bonney’s [Harvey Luther Bonney 1844-1911, Elinor’s great uncle] adopted son.  Well, I done my chores this morning &K got the mail & had a lunch.  Easel always sends Elbert a birthday card, he got it this a.m.  I swept & cleaned up the Kitchen went to basement & got beets & carrots & then to grainery & got feed for hens & then put my new shoes on, to start braking them in, then I mended one pr. Elbert’s work pants & it’s such a job, had to use some patches from a pr of John’s old pants.  Poor Bonita, she said just a yr. ago we were all here and now look how things have gone she looked so terribly broken up,  I know how she feels for I to have been through what she’s going through, only I cried out to God to help me & give me what I needed & the rest of the folks never Knew, they thought Frank was wonderful, he was senceable enough to be polite when they were around and sociable & I never told any of them, & I don’t know if I did right or wrong, but, they really thought it was Frank that provided all the nice times they had here & they told me one day, before John died, Well, some day they will know but I hope Bonita will stick to God & ask him in Jesus Name to help her keep right & think right, I hope the rest of the family will try to help her, but none seem to realize what’s really going on, just now, they are not getting enough to eat & Bonita & the children are getting thin.  & I’m truly sorry & pray God will help them & that all things will work out for His good & glory Amen  it’s been a nice day cool west wind, partly cloudy, Elbert came home with such a cold he could hardly talk tonight   I had all the chores done except getting coal up & supper ready & I been doping him & hope he will feel better in the morning, but, he has a very bad cold all over him & he feels heavy & all in tonight   he had hot soup with all else & he ate good

Wed. Dec. 4. 1946./1007./ 1. egg today/  wind is rising tonight. Elbert has a fever, I put carbolic on a rag to catch the germs. partly moon light tonight. I’m terribly tired

Thurs. Dec.5. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Well Elbert’s cold was so bad he couldn’t go to work, I doped him & greesed him & prayed for him, but, he don’t step over on God’s side & cry unto the Lord, so if he don’t hear him how can He help him, but, I’m still trusting God will open up his heart & turn him to Jesus & made him strong in the spirit strong in heart, soul, mind & body.  I did out half the washing & looked after my daily round of chores I emptied the ashes & went to mail box & got a letter in a birthday card for Elbert.  I want to get him a pr. of slippers, soon as I have a chance. & I’d like to get him some pants, he sure needs them & handkercheifs.   I got supper “hot soup” & now he is greesed & hot flanel on him in bed, I have dishes done & got to fix fire & go to bed.  I’m so sorry, he’s got this cold, but I know, God can heal him.   I wonder how many got out to prayer meeting tonight, I’d liked so much to have been there, they will pray for me & God will keep me, Oh, How I love Jesus.  He’s my best my dearest Friend, I praise Him & thank Him for all things Amen.  It’s been a nice day partly cloudy not so cold as yesterday.

Fri. Dec. 6. 1946./ no. egg today./  Elbert’s birthday  he’s 64. yrs. old today. & he has a bad cold a fever with it, he insisted on going to Huron & taking the things back he had bought & couldn’t wear, so we went & he got his money back, he bought 2. prs. socks & I paid bal. of 10.40 on my blanket & got him a nice pr. of all leather slippers for 5.50 for his birthday & he has said all kinds of things about them, he’s been wishing for a new pr. and now he even hated to try them on & they’re all wrong & he didn’t even say thank you.  Oh well, It’s so seldom I get a thank you any way.  I bought him a deep bath pan 1.59 he’s always complaining about the wash bowl & I got myself 3, 13 cent wash rags & two glass dishes one for Marry Petters & one for Mrs. Hambly. maybe I didn’t get anything for the old folks. & if I can’t  I can’t give one to Hamblys.  Well grociers are so high $4.10 for grain  7.63 for meat, $3.33 for grociers & 35 cents for lard 1. lb. & 75 cents for oil for car & the $1.00 for socks.  I spent 10.40 & 5.50 & 2.10 &39 cents So I haven’t much left.  & I can’t help thinking about Bonita & hoping she will come on top, I can’t see how a man could be so low as to let his babys starve.  It’s been a wonderful day warm sunshine & no breeze so that was noticeable & we forgot boiling meat.

Sat. Dec. 7. 1946./ 1008./ 2. eggs today/  Today I made a tin of biscuits & small loaf of bread. We been home all day & it’s been a beautiful day, to warm for a jacket & to cool with out it.  I did my usual daily round & I ironed my dress & cooked meals & looked after hens. fog horn blew along time last night, it’s cloudy tonight, was bright moon light last night.  Elbert’s cold seems some better only he has a bad cough now. 

Sun. Dec. 8. 1946./ no eggs today/  No church for us to day. Elbert’s cold seems better in some ways, but that terrible cough he has rqack his whole body, his eyes look like burnt holes in a blanket & he feels weak & tired. Well I have looked after birds & hens & beds & cooking & dishes & it’s been so warm out side the flies have been flying about & crawling about on the screens & I have killed 5 or 6 that got inside today.  Hens are all feeling good but one old anconia & the poor old girl don’t look so good. the other one wasn’t in so bad as this one & she’s doing fine now, but this one can hardly move & poor old Pete he tries to get her to eat & he tries to keep the other hens away from her.  Well, I gave them there green lunch at noon & then fed them tonight & locked up all the doors   I haven’t felt so good myself today.  Elbert keeps the house to waarm & stuffy for me, anyway. 

Mon. Dec. 9. 1946./ 2. eggs today. /  Well, I’ve only done what I had to do & I finished fixing my clean corset & I need it bad for this one has got a rip started & don’t feel as comfy as it should, I looked after hens & birds & house work & no mail of any account   Oh, yes, I put my dress on & Elbert took a needle & thread & marked it for the hem   it’s been cloudy & I have felt to punk for anything today, but, got a little done,  he also remarked  my blue dress so, maybe I’ll be able to wear that once in awhile.  I get tired of only one dress when I have to wear it for 5. yrs. & it’s started to get rotten & tore across back of neck, so it’s time to get something ready before I’m classed[?] along with the hens   they are feathering out good & real active & I think it’s one that has molted, that lays one of the eggs I get now.  It’s been mostly cloudy & it rained a light rain just before dark & since dark, it’s lots to warm, flies flying about out side at this time of year.  they did today. 

Tue. Dec. 10. 1946./ 1. egg today./  Elbert’s cold is better but, he has a bronchial cough, I do pray God will heal it for him.  We went to Vermilion, he bought a bottle of picktoral & some groceries & it cost 2.81 for X’Mas, cards & stamps.  Elbert coughed all night so hard I got up early & made him hot coffee & gave him & anacin, it eased it for a while but tonight he’s coughing hard again & I couldn’t sleep because he had to cough

Tue. Dec. 10. 1946./ page 1009/ 1. egg today/  so hard & so steady, I felt to tired to do anything more than my daily round after we went to Vermilion, it was after 4-p-m when we got back & I fed hens & locked up for night, it rained untill after 1-p-m today  sun came through while it was raining & it rained through the night in heavy showers, to – night the moon is shining, Wind S. mostly West & to warm all day   wind has gone N. W. tonight & is cooler.  I Praise God in Jesus Name for our blessing. 

Wed. Dec.11. 1946./ 1 egg today./  Well I didn’t feel able to work, but, dressed combed my hair  shook up beds, opened windows, washed Iron put water on to heat to drink & wash, heat broth, & we ate, I did out my clothes & towels & dish towels & emptied the water   Elbert went to Vermilion to get pectoral & they were out of it, he mailed my letter to Bonita bought a fresh white fish & came home & while he clean & washed the fish & pealed potatoes I washed out his sleepers, pillow slip, towel, wash cloth & union suit, then washed my hands & salted fish, floured the pieces & put them on to cook   He carried me some water & then took care of dinner while I washed 2 work shirts, big chair cover, 2. prs. sock & his handkerchiefs & starched my dress & chair cover   he hung them out & brought in first wash while I got dinner on the table, then I cleaned sink with clorox then we ate & I got the clothes all dry.  S.W. wind not cold sunny all day, clouding up before dark & looks like rain again tonight  got a letter from Nellie, she says she don’t know what to do about Bonita & children & that she misses Her children & Bonita’s children.  She said Bonney Bell was working & didn’t say about Ella Jane & her schooling, said she wished we were all there.. 

Thurs. Dec. 12. 1946./ 2. eggs today/  Elbert didn’t go to the coop as usual & tonight when I went out to feed I found one big white rooster dead   they were both O.K. last night.  I can’t immagan what could have happened to him, his body was in good order.  Well, we’re out all the feed he ate.  they got to be such big fellows, it’s a big loss to us.  It’s rained most all day & even tonight & it thundered & lightened hard tonight, radio said it would be colder again & the wind has blowed a gale & 11-p-m it’s still blowing. 

Thurs. Dec. 12. 1946./1010/ 2 eggs today/  I did my daily round & baked 2. loaves of bread & big tin biscuits.  & did the ironing & cooked & washed dishes   it’s been to warm today, but air is colder tonight   S & S.W. wind strong.  Elbert went to Huron & got yeast & few things to, eat.  Elbert got a Christmas card from Nora with letter on inside of it. she said her brother Harry died last month in Oaklahoma & that Arthur & his wife had been to see him before he died. 

Fri. Dec. 13. 1946./ 3. eggs today/  Well, I washed table cloth & the cloth I use under it  my dress & rags & mended my old dress first so I could put it on while I washed the other one, then I ironed them 7 with my daily round of household work & chor4es, I’m sure tired tonight, I really feel sick.  Elbert’s cold is better & he has to cough & raise but he didn’t cough so much last night, seemed to sleep rather well all night.  he’s been home all day & not out side so much to day.  Wind has not been so strong today & there isn’t so much tonight.  starlight out & nice sunshine all day, but froze the clothes outside.  Well it froze water in birds bath out side  didn’t seem very cold.  No mail. 

Sat. Dec. 14. 1946./ 1 egg today/  Only did the things that had to be done today  for I still feel sick all over & tired, I tried to work, but feel so all in I didn’t get much done, mended 2 prs. socks & my shirt had to look after meals & beds & hens & birds & didn’t seem as if I could  do dishes.  I sure pray God will ease off the weight & this coming week for my nerves are just so bad  I feel like crying at the least thing.  I sent Bonita a dollar, didn’t know if she had milk for the babys & today, she wrote & said she’d pay it back some day & that she got the phone fixed, the wire was rubbing on the limb of a tree she said Geo. gave her 15.00 last Sat. & she hoped he’d keep it up, there are five of them to eat & 40 cents per. day for milk or 2.80 per week then the rent for the house, bill for gas, electric & phone, how would there be anything left for food, coal & clothes.  She said she was glad it rained so she could wash for most all the towels & dish towels & bedding were dirty & now she has them all clean & ironed but not mended   she said she made little Bonita a pretty pleated skirt & was going to make each of the boys a pr of pants out of there fathers navy suit.  She said Johny called her every night, but soon he would be staying over at the School & she would miss him terribly & he couldn’t call her so often then for he would have to pay the phone call. & she said no one come in any more & she’s 

Sat. Dec. 14. 1946 / 1011/ 1. egg today. /  so lonesome with all the family gone, of course  she has lots to keep her busy with the 3 babys & big bad Geo. to worry about.  but she craves for some one to talk to, if shed only talk to Jesus.  Oh God of Hosts in Jesus name, I pray YOu will help her to Know Thee & love Thee more than any earthly thing   open her heart & give her that peace & understanding she ought to have, Amen.  It’s been a nice day a little less cloudy than sunshiny & cold crisp breeze a little N of West. cold tonight. I received a letter from Ethel Bonney Hendrickson.  & they have sold there farm & gone back to Elyria, Ohio to live, at 382. Furnace St.  They are all well & like there new home.  I also received a letter for Miss Ethel R. Willitts “Evangelist” she’s in a tight corner & asking for help.  I pray Oh, God of Love & Mercy Thou will send in the money she needs to pay off her bills  I know Dear Jesus Thou art able & as she is working hard for Thy cause, Thou will hear our prayers & send in the money to clear her bills in Jesus Holy Name, I pray Thou will Bless her every effort in Jesus Name for Thy Good & Glory.  We will give Thee all the Praise  Thou art worthy & we Love Thee.  I thank Thee Jesus   Dear Jesus   I thank Thee & praise Thee for ever & ever Amen. Glory to God, Glory, Glory.

Sun. Dec. 15. 1946./ no egg today./  And no church all day, quite cold & nippy out side.  I felt so ill all over I didn’t get up untill 1-p-m.  then we had dinner & at 4-p-m I fed the hens & locked up the coop, car shed & grainery, Elbert emptied ashes, then at 6-30-p-m. we fried the fish so he can have some for his lunch tomorrow.  hope he don’t catch more cold, it snowed some this a-m, was to cold to snow much  ground is froze hard, hens seem to feel frisky & waiting at the gate for there supper.  Wind is S. west, it’s cold after being to hot, but it may warm up again in a day or so, I don’t like the terrible sudden changes from summer to severe cold wintery, just over night, well, we can’t order the weather & I thank God, He rules the world.

Mon. Dec. 16. 1946. / 1 egg today/  Elbert went to work & staid all day  he’s took a little more cold & he’s angry tonight for some one took his overalls & Jumper & several tools that’s hard

Mon. Dec. 16. 1946./1012/ 1 egg today/  you can’t buy right now & some of them he bought just a short time ago that cost from 4.00 up. to 5. or 6.00  he has reported his loss & I hope he make so much trouble that they will get a dick on the job.  he’s lost more than 2 days wages now in tools.  Well I tried to get the Christmas cards fixed up, but, didn’t get them all done, I made soup for supper & did all the out side chores & inside daily round   haven’t felt as if I could work, to dark to sew.  It snowed & then it did the queerest snow drops  they looked like white tear drops [she drew a tear drop shape] & the air was full of them, I’ve never seen any-thing like it before in all my life, then it rained hard & froze in on & every things sheeted in clear ice, clear ice over the very light snow on the ground, made it hard to unlock the doors to coop, carshed & grainery. Wind is S. & strong tonight  Elbert didn’t get home untill 6-30-p-m. & he’s been in bed since 9-p-m & been coughing & sneezing for most 3. hrs. now   Well, I got to get to bed for it’s 12. mid night  we got 3 X’Ma’s cards today   one from Mrs Sharp Mrs Beesie & Mrs. Page.  I have 44 most ready to be mailed. & a letter to Nellie & Girls. 

Tue. Dec. 17. 1946./1 egg today/  Elbert went to work  it’s been a nice sunshiny day with a cold raw wind & Elbert’s been on the roof most all day putting on roll roofing & he has more cold tonigh & feels so bad he could hardly sit still or Keep his mind level.  I baked 2 loaves of bread a tin of biscuits & stirred up a bread dough fruit cake & have to put it in small pans & bread pans to bake it takes it so long to raise but it’s coming up & so I’ll get it done by & by.  Elbert brought short steaks for supper & we had a dish of soup a piece & the hot biscuits mad a good supper.  Elbert’s so terrible tired & so am I, been on my feet all day   takes me so long to stir up the cake we had just finished the supper when the preacher & Garry Black came in to see how we were & to pray with us there baby is still sick with a cold, I pray God will heal that child & make her well & strong in Jesus Name.  Oh.Glory, Praise the Lord oh my soul, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah; Amen.  Well, God sent His Power & sent it through me  Glory to God that is & ever will be  I thank Him & all the Praise & Glory belongeth to Him.  I told them about the Harp   the Preacher said he would fix it up so they could play on it in Church, they  think it is fine & it is a nice sounding instrument.  Elbert’s gone to bed.

Tue. Dec. 17. 1946./ page. 1013./ 1 egg today/  I rubed him in alcohol & put hot flanel on his throat & chest & he has got quite now.  I do wish the cakes were done I’d sure go to bed my self.  Preacher said they put the name of each on that belongs to Church in a basket & then each one, drew one & Sister Gurney drew one for me & got Mrs. Galls name, so I am to give her a gift that costs (25 cents)no more, no less.  One more thing to do, I pray God will help me some how. S. west wind & it’s quit fresh.

Wed. Dec. 18. 1946./ 2 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & he’s got more cold    I just did my usual round & tried to get a few more cards ready to go. Davids 61 yrs old today.  We got a nice letter from Cora Irish   a card from Francis Page with note in it   we got a card from Audrey one from the Minister of our church one from a Mr & Mrs. Rolland Eppler  one from Annabell one from Mrs Beesie & Miss Clark. it’s been quite cold & it snowed today big feathery flakes. 

Thurs. Dec. 19. 1946./2 eggs today/  Elbert has been home all day, his feet & legs were numb for a couple or hrs. after he got up, so he could hardly stand, so he didn’t get off to work, he’s felt bad all day  We went to Vermilion & got some food & took a fruit to the Ministers & doz eggs & 1/2 doz. to Miss. Clark, she’s feeling better again. All the Church folks have been sick, but most are better again. We got a few more cards & I have got them all ready to go ex-cept Cora’s & I want to write a letter to send in it, so I’ll try to get that done tomorrow night, it’s cold out & it made my face ach.  I went to the Dentist  he drilled the upper plate off a little, on upper teeth. but they sure do hurt me & I can’t see any sence for it  the old ones don’t hurt & they fit good.  We got 7 cards in the mail today & we mailed 20 some. 

Fri. Dec. 20. 1946./3. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & was on the roof most all day  his knees & legs ach tonight  he went to bed at 9-p-m & it 11-p-m now & he has just dropped off  I took the hem out the blue dress & marked it & got it all done by hand once more & I got the hem basted in the house dress braid for trim tacted on & sleeves basted in & pocket tacted on & one button hole worked 6 more to do & it’s got to be stitched yet, then I’ll have one whole clean house dress once more.  Wind was S. East then went S. West& it snowed slow & steady & thick all afternoon   got 3 more cards today with letter in Georgia’s  [Elinor’s maternal Aunt’s (Edith’s) child, so Elinor’s niece] she said her mother “Who was my aunt)) died the 23rd of Dec. on her wedding day annaversory. she’s been gone 2. yrs. & John [John McKinley Harnish 1896-1946, Elinor’s brother-in-law] has been gone a yr. Jan 5th 1947 [she means to write 1946]  I got supper did dishes & have taken care of hens & birds 7 done the chores inside & out.  it’s was hard to sew on dark dress, been dark day. 

Sat. Dec. 21. 1946./page 1014./ 1. egg today/  Elbert didn’t feel able to go to work K& it snowed during the night in fact it snowed from Fri. noon all night & this a-m.   the ever green trees were just beautiful, Well, gas run out again & it’s only been 2 mo’s. & 2 weeks since we got it. & it is supposed to last 3 months & has been up untill these last 2. tanks  looks as if he’s making a few extra dollars   I haven’t used anymore than we have used along   there’s sure something going on that isn’t right  I’m going to yell un-till something’s done about it.  Well, Elbert went to Vermilion to call up for a tank & he hurried me up to write a note to the head office & I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he went out with out the note & 2 cards I had to mail, he bought some cheese & pork shoulder & came back after he called the gas office & they brought the gas about 3-30. p-m. & I hadn’t had a bite to eat all day & I did the washing swept & dusted bedrooms & Kitchen & wiped up Kitchen floor & fed hens & birds & got dishes done; Elbert got what supper we had.  hasn’t been cold, thawed today & froze tonight making it slippery under foot.  S. West breeze & very light. no sun today

Sun. Dec. 22. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Well we didn’t get to go to church this am. but we did go this evening & it was a good service  We had, they just had the children speak & sing & act out the bible scripture of Mary & Jophes & the baby in the manger, it took hrs. to teach the children, but they did it well, then after prayer & a song they gave the Children a box of candy & nuts & an orange apiece  they had some left over & gave some to each of the grown ups. 2 of the children spilt there candy & Elbert gave them ours & then they were all happy again.  I took Miss Clark a cabbage & piece of cake & Miss Sprunk a piece of cake & I took a 25 cent cake to Mrs. Goll & a cabbage to the Preachers, tonight & had a little vieit with each one in the church & Mr. Hambly & Mrs. Hambly & there mother & his mother.  There were quite a few to Church.  I visited with Mrs. Kroll & Mrs. Horning & Mrs. Horning’s daughter came & hugged me, kissed me & said I love you.  Mrs. Sprunk gave me an apron & I got a salt & pepper shaker in a holder. I don’t know who that was from B.D. with greetings was on box.  I found out my gift from church came from Mrs Goll & I love the children and I’m glad they love me  I do thank God & pray He will help me to do more for Him & to be more worthy of His care & Love to me & help me set a good example for His children. Amen.  I thank Him for my healings which have been many & I give Him all the praise & Glory forever & ever, Oh, Glory to God.

Mon. Dec. 23. 1946. 1015./ 1. egg today/ Aunt Edith gone 2 yrs/  Elbert went to work & it’s rained here the most of the day.  We got several cards & letters today   Nellie sent a card to each of us & wrote a letter on Elberts & she wrote a letter & put in mine and I’m going to re-write it word for word right here “She says”

Dear Elinor:  It seems we must think of writing about the same time. Your nice long letter came yesterday. And we got a nice letter from Bonita almost everyday.  I write write to her everyday too.  I don’t know what I would do with out the letters. To-night I have washed my hair & pinned it up.  Bonney is working the after noon shift. Ella Jane is reading right now. it surely has been beautiful moonlight nights  There is an awful lot of traffic here on these streets.  This is a corner home & so we here all the nooise.  Mon. Dec.16. YOu probably wonder how I spend my time.  I try to rest some but haven’t really had enough restful rest or I don’t relax enough. But I don’t do anything much.  I try to walk to the store every day.  It is only 2 blocks from here. Some times we walk on down to Central Ave, and sometimes we ride the bus.  We only get a local or Albuquerque newspapr once in a while as they are rather scarce.  They can’t get enough of paper.  Gannetts send us the Elyria newspaper after they read it.  Yes I  Bonney likes it here very much. And I think she enjoys her work. They are very busy. She gets better pay, her laundry of uniforms free, and she only works 5 1/ days a week.  You see she is working for the goverment. No, there are other people living here. There are several rooms rented out.  We have two bedrooms and we use the Kitchen.  Other people use the Kitchen too and the bath. We wish very much to find another place.You men-tioned that I wrote to Frank.  Well it was a very brief note in which I told them that places here are as hard to find as a needle in a haystack.  I have not written about anything else absolutely.  I have sent them a XMa’s card with nothing in it but our names.  They had ask me to let them Know if there was any rooms to get. Ruby’s ans. to my note was as brief as mine.  So don’t worry foolishly over imaginery things  You ought to know I never talk with them about anything of any consequence.  I might even write to John L. Lewis but I don’t think it would be worth anything interesting either.  I have tried to get Christmas cards ready to mail.  God one from Ethel today  I’m real surprised that they moved back into town.  I sent her a card yesterday to Opberlin but but guess I’ll send one now to her in Elyria.  Hope you are both able to be up and about. You would surely like this Climate.  We are all O.K. Bonney is home now & in bed.  She quit at 11-P-M.  So I must get into bed.  Our days are brillant sunshine days.  The temperature is around 50 degrees in daytime but it drops and is cool after sundown.  I wear a suit days but a warm coat evenings.  We were out looking at some places today. Must get to sleep much love & best wishes  Nellie & the girls. 

Well what do you think of that? She’s 12 yrs. younger than I. & I put her through high school & sent her to Normal school & then I took E.J. at 2 yrs. & kept her untill she was 16 yrs. & that’s the way they talk to me, as if I were a year old or less or dumb & foolish, Well, it’s a wonder I’m not dumb, or crazy, all the dirty, dirty rot.  I have taken & I’m 62. yrs. old Jan. 16. 1947.  I’m glad my education was only part of highschool, for it seems so unjust to have a good education & abuse those who love you most & have done the most for you.  But Jesus took all of that & more & I know now how His heart must have been most broken to. & I’m 

Tue. Dec. 24. 1946./ page 1017/ 1. egg today/   that I had to fix a lunch for Elbert got off work at noon & after doing some shopping around for tools, he came home, so I fixed hot coffee & a little lunch & then he went to Huron & I fed hens & got supper on the go, I did dishes & when Elbert got back had supper most done   We had pork for supper & he got 2 white fish & at Huron he got a duck  small one for tomorrow  been colder today S. west wind & it tried to snow  ground is froze.

Wed. Dec.25. 1946./ 2. eggs today/  Christmas day  We received 22 cards & 5 letters & several letters in cards.  I am feeling bum, but got up and fixed the duck & got it on to cook & got relish chopped & ready & Elbert toasted the bread  it was to fresh to make dressing & then I made the dressing & some rice pudding.  We ate at 2-p-m & Elbert did outside chores & locked up house & I dressed & we went to Hambly’s & to her mothers & I took both of them fruit cake (bread dough cake) they were glad for the cake & Mrs. Hambly seemed extra glad  the old folks gave me and old fashion nut & cinnimon roll & 2. oranges, & then we went to call on Miss Clark & she wasn’t home so we went to the Ministers home & there she & Mr & Mrs. Eppler & son & Garry & the Ministers & baby were & Mrs Buser had left her baby with them while she & Rev Bueser had gone, one, one way & the other the other way on visits & left the children here & there & Rev. Gurney was going to New York to drive the car back for Mrs. Bueser, Tom & his wife & Sister Gurney were going to take him to Elyria to get the train, so we took Miss Clark home so she could fix her fire & then went back with her to Gurney’s, she was staying with the Children then we came home   had a lunch, ice cream & rice pudding & coffee, then I did dishes & now I’m going to bed, While I was with them all they prayed for me that God would in Jesus Name heal me soul & body. then we prayed for brother Gurney   he had something wrong with his eye  then we prayed for Bueser’s baby she has a  cough & I do thank God in Jesus Name for our healings & that we can go to him often. Well today is for Jan looks as if the first half would be quite mild. but the wind began to freshen at 6-p-m & it was & is quite strong at -11-p-m  S. west wind strong but not very cold sun came out this morning & shone nice  tried to snow after noon & got cloudy.

Thurs. Dec. 26. 1946./ page 1018./2 eggs today/  Well Elbert went to work & I finished button holes in my dress & sewed buttons on, now it’s all done & ready to wear  I did the morning chores & did up dishes & washed out part of the clothes & got them dried,I fixed the fish to put in & broil, but when it was 10 to 7-p-m. I put them in the frying pan in pieces & I ate my supper  15 minutes pasted 7-p-m. & began to wonder what could have happened to Elbert, he left his car at the garage this a-m & the head man” They call him Frank” went out to where Elbert was working & told him the car was in very bad condition & he said he’d better put a new engine in it  wouldn’t cost but a little more & it wouldn’t take near so long, so that’s what they decided to do. & he got home 7-30-p-m. & the supper was still hot so he ate  I made the coffee soon as he came in & finished frying fish, he’s so tired, been on the roof all day & now he will have to go a little early to catch the bus at the end of the road in the morning & he’s so nervous  if he could only get a little money a head, but he don’t manage right.  Got a card from Rose Weinstien Braiker from Califonia where they have gone to make there home. Well I pray he will keep able to work  it wont take long if he can keep working, he got a bad rap on his head today & said he thought his neck was broke for a while  he was on the roof & other fellow tripped with the plank they were moving & fell, let loose the plank & the end Elbert had hold of was up longside his head  Well it was a wonder he didn’t fall off the roof, but the Lord saved him from that   his head’s aching & I hope & pray God will help him & that he’ll be O.K. in the moring.  I forgot to write it down Tue. that E. saw 7 geese going South.  Well, he’s gone to bed, I’ve got everything ready for morning. 

Fri. Dec. 27. 1946./1. egg today/  Elbert went to work & I baked a tin of biscuits a tin of rolls & 1. loaf of bread.  I did all the chores out side & in & at 4-30-p-m. Bill Snyder came in & said a nurse called & said Elbert had been sent to hospital for observation that I was not to worry but he got a bad crack on the side of his head & it hurt him all night & he felt sick when he got home last night   I’m praying his skull is not fractured, he sure has the bad luck  hope he gets home tomorrow   I called the Ministers & they said they’d call the hospital & find out how he was & let me know or take me over to Him.  I’ll have to pray for I can’t sleep for wondering if anything more has happened to him.  Wind was N.W. last night & N.E. this morning & went S.E. & then after noon it went S. & rained & then went back S.E. & has rained in light showers several times. high wind tonight.

Sat. Dec. 28. 1946./1019/ 2 eggs today/  I got up at 6-a-m. & fixed the fire & went back to bed & slept untill 9-a-m & some hunters went run ning through the yard out the back way with a dog yelping on track, so I got up  it was dark gray moring & cloudy all day  the wind blew from the S. west all night & it seemed every thing out side that could rattle done a great job at it; I couldn’t sleep, so I prayed & I thank God Elbert got home to-night  his head badly swollen yet  I have bathed his head & rubbed it with alcohol  his neck seems stiff & cords sore, they did exray his head but didn’t find any broken bones so we are both glad about that but he still has a terrible feeling in his head & Dr. told him to come home & if he didn’t feel any better Mon. to come back but to come back & report any way, so he has gone to bed now, he ate a good supper, he said they took a vile of blood from him & ask if he had ever had high blood pressure.  Well, the preacher & Garry came out & told me he had called the hospital & they had taken an exray & thought it was quite a hard rape, that it would bother him for a while & then leave if he kept quite.  he said they gave him liquid food & no water to see whats wrong with him, if he wont turn to God.  God can heal him soul & body. I know.

Sat. Dec. 28. 1946./page 1020./ 2 eggs. /  I got a card with letter from Mrs Kendall & got card & letter from Mrs Stump  I got my tax blank today 5.72   Wind went N.W. this morning & is N. E. tonight, radio said it would blow hard again tonight & snow tomorrow, it’s colder tonight.

Sun. Dec. 29. 1946./ 1 egg today./ We sure been home all day, cars in garage & Elbert not feeling able to get out  I have been bathing & rubbing his head & neck with alcohol  his neck isn’t quite so bad & the concussions, no0t so bad as it was   I hope they find him O.K.  he’s sure terrible nervous.  I haven’t felt so good for some time   I’m so terribly tired, I hate to get up & start in the morning & I don’t seem to have strength enough to work & I’ve felt dead alday & tomorrow is another wash day. Wind has bee S.W & went W. & a little North, late this afternoon & it’s little colder tonight.  I wrote a letter for Elbert to his insurance Co. to mail in morning. 

Mon. Dec. 30. 1946./2. eggs today/Well, Elbert went to Lorain to Dr. at Hospital & he’s about the same, only his head isn’t swollen as bad as it has been, he’s got to stay home untill Thurs. I have only done what house work  I had to do & took care of hens & birds.  Johny Harnish came in just after supper   he said Martha called Bonita & ask if she knew Uncle Elbert had just been released from the hospital & she said no, so Johny came clear over to see all about it.  His only home for a few days, has to go back Thurs Jan.2. 1947.  Elbert gave him the little clock out of the old buick car  he was happy to get it, he’s just a boy yet, it’s a good clock.  I gave him or we gave him a doz. of eggs & several cabbags pk. of carrots & 1/2. pk. of beets.  I made him hot tea & gave him a bowl of hot soup when he came & he took an anacin, said he had a cold.  He said the church gave Bonita a big carton of food & Geo. is having hard time paying for coal lights gas & telephone & food & milk, well, we all have a time keeping up.  He said some group of the church folks, gave him $10.00 for Christmas & he helps with the preaching in a near by Village Church, he had a cold in his stomach & bowels & wasn’t feeling very good.  We thanked him for coming & ask him to let us Know how his cold was in a day or so.  Moon’s wading  through a haze at 10-p-m.  W. little N. Wind.  

Tue. Dec. 31. 1946. 2 eggs today/  I slept late, then Elbert insisted I had to eat so he made two slices of toast for me & him-self & we ate   I washed the dishes & then washed out most of the dirty clothes, have 2 blankets & 2 dresses to wash yet.  Elbert bumed his way to Vermilion & then walked back to Epplers & got a duck he had ordered & he was lucky he got a ride all the way back to end of our road.  I was just done washing when he came   I’d been out & done the evening chores   was just wrinsing balance of clothes   he got some saucage & he washed & made some balls of it & we ate a lunch  I rested a little

Tue. Dec. 31. 1946./page 1021./2. eggs today./  and then dried up balance of clothes.  I had a good sized wash & didn’t feel equal to it but prayed as I washed & God helped me through I love Him & Praise Him, He is all Powerfull.  then I helped Elbert & we got the feathers & down off the duck 9. lbs. & he cut it up & I put salt on it, in water, so it’s redy to cook in the morning.  Think I’ll be lazy tomorrow & rest & work Thurs.  Elbert says he’s going to work Thurs, but I have to wipe up the floor. 

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