The Everyday DIARY [Inscribed for Lois Mae Gremore] 1940 

[Below her diary have been attached pictures from her family that were labeled by John Malcolm Harnish, brother in law to Lois Gremore who wrote the diary.]

January 1, 1940: Dear Diary:  I learned a new song on the piano today. I stayed up to wish the new year in and we had potoes chips, soda crackers and salomy

January 2, 1940: Dear Diary: nothing happend today except Mr. & Mrs Bell were over

January 3, 1940: Dear Diary: I got sick with a bad cold and I have the bronickle trouble  I have to stay home tomorrow

January 4, 1940: Dear Diary:  I’m still in bed with a cold. 

[next page has top portion ripped out]

January 9, 1940: We won the game-Medina  Well Mary got the sad new today she doesn’t have Patchens pin but someone else’s.  I was so disgusted with everything and every body including myself, Ghuela Priest going around and wearing Pf. and Dawson aking [? clorey] of the whole thing & showing me out.  Well Mary will have to decide whether its Dawson or me because Ill be darned if Ill stand for it. 

January 10, 1940: Went to the RedCross [she drew in a cross icon] dance a horrid flob. Dawson & Bricker didn’t even come  I didnt dance with any d___ boy____  Gee Norma certainly got the ruboff from Artie too Gee every Boy Im really going to get busy   Someone from pollict[?] is here Eng gaaa [?}

January 18, 1940: Algebra’s just a killing me. Gee everyone gets E all the time even Joyce Gosh sakes! every one keeps teasing me about Dig Richards just because he keeps looking that way. The Tattler party was – medium goode. We had Sloppy Joe (sandwiches and pop ugh)  I had a cream soda  I had my lesson-medium  I’m getting a new book.(I hope) Darn that Algebra is so confusing  I’ll just have to get some good grades-or else. I Went down to Lois’s and had a lot of fun playing cards and every thing. Oh I’m wearing that cute aqua sweater of Lois  I’ll probably buy it

January 20, 1940: All the kids are piling up dates for the 8th and 9th grade party. Lois and Lane Dig and Norma, Alm an Charles Bricker, etc.  I hope its good)  its to be the 11th  Brought home a hat from Ella Marboroscts  quite cute  I don’t know if Ill get it or not, maybe

[undated entry on a note pad from Lorain Glass Co]  Lois and I didnt sing in the choir (we were too late) so we just went into church and listened to them. A Dr Shaw spoke, he was very interesting  so different   he held your attention so.  The anthem was weak.  I washed my hair and 3 sweaters.  Lois came down and we went to the Prince of Peace contest. Chuckie Thomas got the award and he deserved it. The choir forgot one stanza in that Thanksgiving song and there were a lot of kids missing. Poor Mr. Salvo!

January 28, 1940:  Dear Diary, Nothing much happened today. Lois Dawson came down and bothered me and was I bored? Well she finally left an was I glad    Love

February 7, 1940: Lois D’s night. Wow what a time I had after the party (8th & 9th) got in a rough ?ecking for a week well   that Snot  Patty Chuck  P didn’t walk Lois home he was    Bricker & Harman hunt ??? … Watts is O.K  [most of this entry is scratched out, almost impossible to make out any of the words]

February 18:  Sometimes I think Im nuts no jive- tonite I fell in a six foot sewer ditch it’s a killer  I don’t see how I got out but I did thanks heavens I didnt break any bones or any thing, Dawson and I both, if we had been in a laughing mood would have croaked

February 19, 1940: Darn  got B in Latin Gee, the teachers are so cranky  boy the kids are getting riled up somethings going to pop. And Pam is again showing off  Well Ill wait my turn and when it comes

[next page] This is supposed to be Monday  Went to Ashland with Mary more darn fun.  She got the smoothest pair of casuals um (yellw) I got a cute beanie (8Cents) imagine that, red blue brown socks. a little lesson book  Mary got socks and a lesson book [she just puts an arrow to those words above]  Gee Mr Bricker paid for our lunch then got us something else that was swell went to the show”The man who came to dinner” On my word of honor I never saw such a fast moving nuttier show though best  Wow. Came home & Dawson was here the Puder & Leach came out in front    Ended up We asked them in so they went away

February 24, 1940: Went skating – fun  Boy Dorthy looked so nice, she had on her skating skirt white tights & white sweater then a red cap it was darling  & She wasnt bad on skates. Mary Dorthy & I were the only ones that went then Puder came down …. The ice was rather rough. 

February 26, 1940: I had a really good lesson believe it or not. I’ve been getting up and practicing in the morning, Went skating again. ‘Bout died at Mary … she kept falling all the time I took another spinner on my head & wow did I see stars  everyones skates were so dull but it was -fun.

February 27, 1940: I got 1st in the state test in General Sc. 3rd in Algebra  3rd in Latin  Don’t know how much in English  boy that was a mess. [???] then Miss Upton just couldn’t find anything hard about it-phooey

February 28, 1940: Saturday  boy is my room a mess. Dawson going to the game tonight then will be no choir –good  Mary found out that Dawson[?cut] her back.  Mary stayed all night, puzzle Liberarin 17777

March 1, 1940: We lost the game Wakeman won. Choir was stinking there was a solo –groan  I washed my hair and mary put it up. I hope it looks nice (for a change) Darn   I can’t get this homework  Mary tried mental telepathy last night & it really worked. 

March 2, 1940: Miss Upton’s flying around like a chicken with it’s head cut off  whoo ee   Gee lots of time we don’t have a teacher or anything.

March 4, 1940: um beleive it or not  I got to teach English.

March 6, 1940: um!! got to teach English again

March 7, 1940:  Gee we had more fun at Dorthy’s. It was really swell  we daree I had a midnight lunch & everything  more fun.  The girls there were Dorthy Hanning, Dorthy Hancock, Mary Bricker, Mary Thomasl Lois Dawson & Lois Gremore (me)

March 8, 1940: We had sweet peas for the centerpiece then when we girls went to church we each had a corsage. Boy the anthem is a beautiful song  but we couldn’t make the grade  there weren’t enough boys for one reason

March 9, 1940: Gee I’m really worried about Algebra & Latin  I just can’t get them  Oh, that Irene Mcleery just kills me, today she had the dumbest flap on her heel I bout died   I wore my aqua sweater & brown skirt

March 10, 1940:  Tues.  Today’s my mother’s birthday. Mine is May 10 & Rosemaries is June 10    got to teach English again   I mispronounced Europeans  I was a killer.  Flunked Latin & Algebra again     no fooling  its awful Went down to Dawsons, Pat & Chuck came down-we had more fun

March 11, 1940: Acappela choir, it really is nerve racking   Mr Rosentthal really had us going through today. While I was doing my General Sc workbook  Lois wrote me a couple of notes -amazing   Oh, and Mr Rosenttal said that truthfully, he didn’t think we would get state. The music festival pictures came  I looked terrible

March 12, 1940: Thurs  I thought my lesson was rather good but she didn’t say anything,  They are going to Texas Saturday or Sunday. Roberta will stay over here nights. 

March 13, 1940:  Friday nite the play it was a screem  Chuck Thomas had to be a girl   I thought Sally Bocorn Jean Bradish & Lois Watts were the best. All through the others did a splendid peice of words. I went with Mary. Then Lois D. Chuck P. & Bill M. walked down to Wards with me. Lois stayed and talked awhile They had a pump going to get the water out of the sewer

April 1, 1940: They came back from Texas  I have the prettiest ring   Gee I like it. They brought a whole lot of cactuses & flowers  I planted them -hope they bloom  Then I have som Mexican money & some slippers— all the stuff is nice.

April 2, 1940:  Took care of some kids down on High Street & 60   Gee why every one was out skating and I couldn’t come  boy it was a swell night . This little Ronny I took care of was certainly a well behaved child  Got quite a bit of school work done. 

April 3, 1940: More fun  went to Brighton  Met a nice guy – Edgar– something, he lives in Brighton. I skated the ladies skate with him. Then on the circle waltz a cute blond guy asked me, neither of us could do it very well I ’bout died. Then this Edgar skated with me the next to the last couple skates, then the last one then he took my skates off for me -nice.  Well then we got in a walk oboy  fun  We got home about 2  Oh my crip   that George and Lois.  I about died trying to keep from laughing oboy it was the nuts

April 15, 1940: I walked to school with Ms. Hopkins today  was her birthday  she got a lot of nice things  Darn  I was late for Acappela again. We have different seats now   4 rows instead of three   I rather like the arrangement  I’m in the first row on the end.

April 17 and 18, 1940:   GOT COUNTY

April 23-27 pages ripped out but the bottom of 26 has entry : GOT STATE

April 30, 1940: Russel asked me to go with him to the fair & make a double date with Patchen & Bricker but I didnt   My General Sc Poster is a mess…Ah well. 

[1942 is written sideways in the inner margin]

May 1, 1942: (Fair) Russel wanted me to wear his ribbon but I didn’t  Bricker had one of Patchers  Rosemarie came and she had on her bobby suit it looked swell,  Boy Landis’s idea certainly backfired on him tonight  Boy oh Boy Serves him right —I’m getting disgusted–   

May 2, 1942: Worked at Rosenthals today  she wants me every Saturday but I don’t think I can go. It was fun. It’s queer I thought Larry would be the brat but it is Lenore.  Rose and I went to the show “Ba.i?? Passage” & “Gentleman at Heart”  pretty good. I think Sunday will be good “Andy Hardy’s Court life

May 3, 1942:   Gee More fun   We went on a picnic  everyone really enjoyed themselves. Hope we do it some more. I really got burnt a little for the first time   O boy I had to fall in and I was the nuts!   I caught 5 fish & Chuck caught one large bass. We killed a poisonous snake. There were 8 of us. I bet it was cute. 

May 4, 1942: Today we got out early for sugar rationing. I wore my red dress. I got a new skirt  it’s a honey. Darn couldnt find my Latin paper today. I’m Now 5’3″ (taller than Marcella) Went down to see Mary’s and its cute  I like it. Goodness it’s cold out. I hope it stays this way for a while.   Aunt Chubby got 5 defense bonds today. $58

May 5, 1942:  Mary got kicked out of Algebra  Oh boy poor kid  if I would have left her alone, but did I?  No  So she had to leave.  I about died really   Darn It’s amazing how people can tell my mood and what I’m thinking- it has its drawbacks too   I will have to watch my face because I cant lie.

May 8, 1942: Mary & Norma were over  We tried that intelligence test   wow.  Goodnight

May 9, 1942:  I like Miss Simon   Reception – mess those darn kids that walked out   well it shows what they are  oh   Norma gave Chuck some picture  I thought it was a mess but then don’t I always  I’m so gosh darn tired    it isn’t even funny.  I wish I keep my big mouth shut   They had a goof band -good food & swell decoratins  I’m writing this with a souveneir pencil. 

May 10, 1942:  Dear Diary:  Today is my birthday  1942  Went to the show -a mess  heck? I didn’t cry at Bacalarrette  Thank Heavens

May 11, 1942:  Hello Honey  Ha Ha  Norma came over we went up town & got some candy & fresh gingerbread   I thought I’d die today  Ol  Norma foolins around   Oh every thing’s fun  but boy I’m really shaking in my shoes  about those exams  Chapel was the seniors – pretty good —

May 19, 1942:  [She has written “on May 26” on this entry]  Worked on the front room today. I planted some gourd seed under the pear tree. 

May 22, 1942:  Oh that Vie & Sam on the radio about kill me  ugh   It rained today  just a mist

May 23, 1942:  [there is a state of Ohio Prepaid sales tax 1 cent Consumers receipt stamp tucked in this page]  Sat. had a pretty good lesson  he didn’t hear the terible ones (thank heavens)  Boy   We certainly have a terrific! anthem. Norma got in the choir. I got Mary the sweetest knife for her birthday  I hope she likes it.  I wonder what Lois got me.  Her suit’s smooth  Russell walked me home and ask me for a date tomorrow.  (thought I’d die)

May 24, 1942:  Dam – A [she has drawn in an icon ]  The anthem was terrific & the church was jammed.  I went down to Mary’s and kenneth took us to the show “Hello popin”  it was swell   Then I stayed for supper.  those kids came & we went on a weiner roast. I smoked 1/4 of a cigarette

May 25, 1942:  I took Mary her present  I don’t know if she liked it or not.  I helped Lois plant some corn  They certainly have nice ground.  Rectify phooey!  Mary got #1, a box of candy, hankercheif, knife   Those flowers smelled pretty from a distance.  [She has written in “May 19 supposed to be” 

May 26, 1942:  Oh, after all these years !!  The eight grade graduaation’s O.K  Worked pretty hard today  boy I like Marcella blue  ?[pliae?]   Norma looked nice.  My hair looked a mess   Gee  mis school – but this is alright– P.S  My grade card’s not even bad.  Good night

May 27, 1942:  I took care of Mary Ann -$.20  I’m going to charge 15  now.  Lois came & we had fun. Then we went down to Lois’ the  Chuck came   Then we went home.  They walked me a way –  I learned to tie my shoes in a better way now my mocassin ties wont be so sloppy

May 28, 1942:  I had my lesson it was alright I suppose   Now she wants me to take longer lessons.  I went down to see Mary   Oh Ms. Burseley gave me one of those thing & I sent for some Etudes.    Oh it’s beautiful out – full moon and a beautiful fragrance from those white bushes

May 29, 1942:  Fri.  I had a dream last night that Lois wanted me to go to the show with her, and I had one about a snake (it was longer than I) and it was thick.  Then I dreamed it was Decoration day and you had to have a reserved seat but I didn’t and Mr. Evage was late riding a green tricycle.  P.S.  Hello Honey, how are you this morning  sleepy, just got up.

[I think the notes to “Honey” were written in by one of her friends and sometimes she responds]

May 30, 1942:  I heard a new song “It ain’t No Good”  I think it will go places/  I went fishing  I caught 4 (not bad) when I came home I met Chuck   Then I took a bath & went uptown.  I met Rookie  then he walked me home- he’s more fun. 

[Written diagnally across 2 pages “This in here is all mixed up but dont let it bother you”  I think she is referring to getting the dates and days mixed up]

June 5, 1942:  I bought a dress   rather cute   I dont know if I like it or not [she includes a drawing of a dress with buttons down the front scoop neck and a bow, pockets  and short slightly puffy sleeves]

June 6, 1942:  Weds   more excitement —  We went to see Carol  she is exactly like Jean  it’s amazing  she doesn’t look like her but the actions & the voice are identical.  She’s more fun.  Their house–Woo.  I got in a fight with the neighbor man  Boy!  he certainly told me where to head in.  We went to a show “Name agent & Glamorous Boy)  They were good.  While we were waiting for a street car  we saw a fight right by the safety zone where we were standing   Boy was it was good to darn.    I didn’t even think or I could have gotten in it.  Boy it was a humdinger !!

June 9, 1942:  I came home on “47” Rosy was going to come but then she decided to go to Galion.  Mary met me at the train, that pinafore is simply darling.  We went up town.  My hair looked nice  it was fixed a different way.  We saw Lois & we walked around   Russel wanted to ask me to meet [?] show but I didn’t want to go   Mary was going with Chuck & Lois wasnt planning to go. 

June 10, 1942: Sunday- Mary, Lois, Jimmy and I went to the show  “To be or not etc” & something else  I cant think of it. Chuck came & sat in front of us.  I had on my white checked suit.  My hair was rather a mess.  It was all misty when we came out  [there are little scribbles in the margin of a face with half hair “ho ho”  and what might be a stick figure of her in the suit]

June 11, 1942:  Monday – Lois asked me to come down – Chuck Kenny Maxine & Lois were here then Norma came in   We played cards & stuff   fun  Well I certainly have thought Lois would go through that  again   My  [ ?] went home then I forgot my LaTrane & had to come back for it.

June 12, 1942:  Went down to see Maryanna  I had fun with her.  Then I went down to Dawsons  Mary was there and Janet & Jimmie  Oh it was beautiful out.  My dress is too big I guess, Norma is going to sew it.

June 13, 1942:  Norma came over & we went out & got a sun tan.   Boy! my back really got burned  I got cleaned up & went over to Normas & we played croquet & ate white cherries  I thought I die, I cracked one ball right in two & my mallet kept falling apart & everything, ha ho

June 14, 1942:  Thurs.  Had a rather good lesson I know for sure that “The Hunting Song” will be one of my pieces for the recital  Went to the dance  I had rather a good time.  I met a guy Charles Elliot or rather I introduced my self.  I guess Mary & Lois were mad   maybe Lois just didn’t feel well I don’t know.  Chuck walked me home.  Dig’s getting pretty good  I wish I had gone in and given some money. 

June 15, 1942:  Friday  Mary came then we went down to her house  I got those curlers  She doesn’t know how much they cost yet   Gee Mary really is getting fat.  Heck she hasn’t got anything in her diary. 

June 16, 1942: Saturday   Mary and I met up at the library. Then we went to the A & P and got stranded there because it rained so hard.  George Patchey, Russel Cooke, Norman Pheifer & Georges brother came in to keep us company (The fools) I guess maybe George is alrite though.  Lois is staying alnite.  She is sick on those marshmellow cookies

June 17, 1942:  I didn’t go to church   I don’t know if Lois got there in time or not.  Chuck called up and asked for a date so we went to the show.  “My Gal Sal” & some cowboy “Roy Roger thing.  Marcella and Audrey came.  They are still here  I don’t know if they have a way back or not. Dad took them – Marcella gave me a little talking to — Oh Sugar

June 18, 1942:  Monday  Lois came down & we played records & ate a strawberry pie boy did I like it  then she asked me to come down.  When I came down, Mary and Chuck were there, Mary put on some tights, I jkput on some slacks and we went down in the wood.  Then we came back  They enjoyed themselves I wish I hadn’t been there   I’m not being sarcastic   I really wish I hadn’t come, I just didn’t  fit in  So I went up & changed my clothes and stayed as long as I dared  Mary’s Dad came after her  Gee was he mad that Mary left   Then Chuck & I left  he rode me home    P.S.  Dawson & I are going to do something  it’s going to be fun. 

June 19, 1942:  I went to the library but I didn’t report on that book “The Virginian”  It was so len{?]  and melodramatic  who all   I went down to night to see Norma

June 20, 1942:  Mary came down and we went to mail a letter then I wanted to get some gingerbread but the darn bakery was closed   Boy! I havent practised at all  I guess Chuck was doen to see me (so I hear)  I would like to go to the show “Rio Rita”  I think it will be good but then I want to see the one Sunday – Ye Gad! whatll I get dad a present with. 

June 21, 1942:  The lesson was pretty stinky  I ironed my clothes, made cookies and washed my ribbons   That Elliot guy asked me what I was doing tonight   they Dig changed the subject  Then he asked Mary and me to have a coke, Oh Killer.  Dig really wants to trade bikes  I wonder if he really is going to Lakeside?  I had a dream Russel, Mary and I went in some hotel and I guy came in & shot up the mirror (nuts)   P.S. We went up to see Wilbur Boothe  Darn I had a good swell surprising, nice cool!

June 22, 1942:  Friday   I put on those slacks and then my plaid skirt over them  Darn –  I tore it again   Boy I fixed that old chair.  I killed a garter snake  It made me feel so bad to see it writhe on the ground  I bawled and bowled.  By George the next time I see one I just won’t say anything about it.  Boy my lessons really hard.  I took care of Jessie Quade’s kid  I certainly like her and Kathleen  they are both just swell. (green skirt.)

June 23, 1942:  Sat.  Lois wants me to go to Ashland  I don’t know if I can yet.  Darn this work  if I hadn’t wasted my time on that trashy book  I could have had the upstairs done.  My Jergens face powder came.  I had a dream that Mr Rosenthal postponed my lesson  Gee I hope he does!

June 24, 1942:  Sat   We went to the midnite show  Chuck took Lois and I. It was a terrible fizzle!  I earned 55 cents at Whites (nice people)  Lois got mad at Chuck and walked by herself and then she cried all nite.  That was swell of Chuck to take us.  Oh it stormed a while then it stopped.  I thought it would storm more but it didn’t.  We got home at 3’o clock  

[She scratched out June 25 and wrote in June 21], 1942  (Fathers Day)  Sunday  This is supposed to be the 21 longest day in the year but somehow Ive gotten my dates mixed.  Lois and I got up about 1.30  I stayed there for dinner  Gee I certainly liked that salad, then Rosy came, she had a new slacks suit ($6) and a feather hat  boy did she look nice –um.  Norma’s kids certainly are darling. Rosy took me up and treated me then we came home and they went   I went over and played ball. Chuck came for awhile then he went too   I got Dad a tie clasp & suit kerchief  I think they are nice. 

June 26, 1942:  Mon.  Darn Hells Bells & everything else.  I practised hardly any today.  Darn me, Boy did I get bitten up last night. Rus Chuck & Pat were down at Dawsons, Boy did I ever take a whopping of a flop, playing baseball.  Aunt Chubby got a permanent and a couple of dresses & stockings today. Maxine’s hair is pretty, Well, I’m getting fed up. Darn  I didn’t get a bath  

June 27, 1942:  I took care of Jimmy White (he certainly minds nicely) -$.50   I didn’t tell them I charge 15 cents or I would have gotten about $.60  Mary was heading down to Dawsons and then she stopped at Whites & then Lois came down  they stayed until about 10:00

June 28, 1942:  Wednesday  I did my ironing & the darn buttons on my new dress are rusting already!  Mary came and borrowed my bike  She & Chuck & Keneth & Mary Linsay went riding  I found some fossils & a whole bunch of good [jirls] in the pantry  I found my tiddleywinks  so we went over to looking? & played  I beat all the time !!. We were playing ball & Chuck & Kenneth came  Then they left & came to tell me to meet Mary and Lois at the Library then Chuck stayed & we played work up sorts only there were two sides.

June 29, 1942:  We went riding, gee  It was nice.  Wen we came back the fireflies were lighting up the wheat  it was beautiful.  Then Chuck came & we rode out again then Mary got mad & Lois wouldn’t go so, Chuck & I went.  Gee!  those Oney kids threw gasoline on the Davis kid and about burnt him up.  The Oneys are back in town now.   My lesson was not so good.  

June 30, 1942:  Friday   we finished the cellar & I started my work.  Wecks come for a ball[?00n] he left.  Betty Neal came down & told me about that job at Cooks.  Boy I had some swell music on and the work was fun. 

Sat.  I brought a whole bunch of junk  & I got Loretta a nice set of pillow cases & some tea towels  then I left them

Sun.  Mary and I went to the wedding. She had on my dress  and I, hers.  We went for a ride then a picnic supper – it was just swell  Then Mary stayed at my house & we made some stinkin chocolate snells  then Lois & Chuck came & everyone went home.

July 2, 1942:  Monday  I got up at about ten and I practiced good.  Gee Bill Rools is cu-ute  Mary & I went to the show “The Fleets ??” It was really the best show I’ve seen in about a year.  It was swell.  Oh Gosh some guy came up & talked to us then he walked Mary home (poor kid)  I should have kept my mouth shut.  P.S. I saw Norma  at the show. 

July 3, 1942:  While I was at Cookes, Mary came.  Jessie wanted me to take care of the kids tonight but when I got home Ms. White had called and so I called up Jessie and went down to Whites. Jimmy & I went for a walk so I supposed I missed Mary, I had quite a time getting Jimmy to bed. Oh it’s a tired girl I am this nite life is wearing me down. 

July 4, 1942:  Oh Killer Diller ! Today before lunch well, I’ve been starting another different song if Aunt Chubby is singing & today she told me to stop it. I didn’t know if she had noticed it or not but I guess she did. Oh sugar, I had the darndest time keeping a grin off my face at the dinner table.  I stayed at Jessie’s then when I quit we met Chuck George & Dicks & we stood around & talked.  Boy that guy—

July 5, 1942:  This is really July 2nd. I took care of the kids boy I really stepped Dawn around.  Jean wrote a card and I wrote her a 10 page letter. Chuck took Mary & I to the show it was swell better than the one I just saw.  It was the Male Animal” Old  I laughed so hard, The other one was Mr Bug Goes To Town (a glorified comedy). 

July 6, 1942: [she has crossed this out and written in 3 and wrote Wed. but crossed it out]  Friday   I went down to get Mary.  She just washed her hair.  Chuck came & said Dawson was home & wanted to meet up, uptown  I like her hair alot!  She had a nice time   I bought the birthday pin & radium flag. The other kids got one too  Then Chuck rode me home

July 7, 1942: [she has crossed this out and written in 4]  I took care of Dawn & Mike   Then George & Dick came & we went to the dairy  then we got Lois (She was at Beadicks?  Dick, George and Bud took us to the show, Dick & I  Mary & George & Bud & Lois  We had fun.  The show was “Born To Sing”  it was stinky.  I got home at 2:30—fun    The show was jammed

July 8, 1942:  [she has crossed this out and written in 5]   I got up at 9:30 & it didn’t even faze me.  My hair looks nice,  The kids are here. Boy I ate a good dinner. Lois & I had more fun in the hammock then we took a nap. Chuck came and asked us to go to the show but, neither of us wanted to go.  I don’t think I could stand to sit through another stinky one & Gene Autrey is one.  Mary came down & we messed around  & then we went & got some popsicles & went home  Aunt Chubby said the show was good.  sorta wish I’d gone   That was really terible, but, [written in inner margin] Corny–

July 9, 1942 [changed to 6]  I slept till about 10.30  Then I cleaned my room up.  Aunt Chubby made me a coconut pie- good but runny.  Lois called up  then she came down  then Chuck came.  Normas sweater isn’t bad at all.  I hope something’s  nothing’s wrong with Weck.  

July 10, 1942:  My Crip artis [written in top margin]  Mary Dorthy and Bea were down today. Afterwards Mary and I went to the library then came home and messed around.  Weck was home.  My hair looked rather nice  I had on Mary’s clothes & she, mine.  Oh boy I wonder if Aunt Chubby has seen that yet.  Boy would I like to go to Lakeside.  Mary & I hashed over our clothes & trouble – more fun.  Well it’s really disgusting   [in outer margin:  ” P.S. I’m certainly scared of my lesson ~~~~~ OO’.>”]

July 11, 1942:  I did my ironing.  Then I went to Norma’s & we made cookies & ate them all but 4  gee was I stuffed   couldn’t eat supper & I wrote a letter for her to that guy  Then I went to Brickers.  Marys hair (gee!)!   Bill, Pat, Chuck, Dick and George came down.  I liked that little popgun  Rookies fun.  I went home  well rather early, about 10 & Pat Chuck & Rookie rode me home & I don’t know if Lois stayed or not I thought I heard someone yell.  [then in the outer margin: Well I came home practiced  I think Ive got that thing now.  

July 12, 1942 [changed to 9]  My lesson was pretty bad but I think Ill pull through.  I got a letter from Jean  gosh how I miss her.  Oh yay I guess she’s coming down  oh boy.  Mary came down & said Chuck was taking us to the show  R. had the car & we had some fun then we went to the show Blah  [2 inches of page scratched out, words partly visible but not transcribable.  boy I’m going to get away from New London for a vacation. Phooey

July 13, 1942:  [changed to 12]I got up at 11:30 & got my room done  Mary came down & I fixed her dress  I made satchets & washed my blue sweater & jacket

[entry added in] July 11, 1942:  Sat  cut of the top of my hair.  Uncle Lou came  I went down to see Lois   Mary Lois & I met [carried over to the upper margin of next page] at the Library  I stayed all nite at Lois’s  

[hand written date] Sunday 13.  We were going to church then we didn’t.  Grace came.  I went out in the yard & tried to get a tan  then Chuck called & we went to the Show “Torello Flat”  O.K. 

[hand written date] Monday 14.  I went to Mrs Burdens & now maybe I can play both pieces.  I helped Norma with her route.  I saw Norma Luxon.  Mary & Lois & Jimmy were down Oh that terible bannana split ugh. 

July 15, 1942: [changed to 14]  Tuesday.  The rehersal wasn’t so bad.  I laughed till I cried, tho.  Maxine (the nut!.  I had on my white shorts  Gee   they were nice & cool.  I’m going to Ashland tomorrow.  We told everyone what we thought tonight  more fun  I like Mrs Bricker alot.  Ah boyll boy I must go to Cleveland soon. 

July 16 [changed to 15]  I went to Ashland  everything was fun, and Oh! my blouses um–plain cotton broadcloth & a tailored silk one with cuff links & the niftiest white cotton long sleeved one & the cuff links are just swell.  I think Mrs Burseleys’ mad at me but I couldnt help it.  We went to a civilan defense thing – It was good.  mary got a dress  dress pattern & material and boy she’s got a cool laid awy   it’s a very nice one [in inner margin] P.S.  oh!  those crazy peanuts

July 17, 1942 [changed to 16]  Thursday   I got a letter from Jean & wrote back rite away.  I found my film.  I washed my hair & Mary put it up for me.  I played my pieces perfectly  tonight hope I do on Friday  We went to Lois’s & fixed Mary’s hair

[hand written date] July 11   Friday   Mary came down for dinner  it was good.  We went out & got a [?? buser]  I guess Mary is going to Ill. with us.  Well I think I did alrite.  Mary first piece was O.K but then her second.  My hair was nice.  There weren’t very many people at the recital  Oh god that poor white kitten.

July 18, 1942:  Saturday   I got the work done early. There is a circus in town.  Mary Lois & I were going too the show too and we could have gone to the circus  We locked the house up & went.  We got a whistle out of some guy in Mansfiedl

July 19, 1942:  Sunday  We saw Gramaa[not sure who this would be] I think she looks good but then she cant walk & she just barely sees.  We took a cabin tonite  Gee. We met the nices people   Serises  someone Dad knew.  The cellar was the kitchen and it was so nice and cool

July 20, 1942: Monday  We stopped at Galion and we saw Norma     Faines weren’t home but I saw their house  boy!! its really nice.  Maureen has gone crazy.  I’ve got an asthoma spell I got it that nite in the tourist camp.  Lois came down.  We are going swimming Tuesday  Audrey called.

July 21, 1942:  Tues.  I went to the doctor & now I have to take some terible nosedrops & pills so I couldn’t go swimming.  I got a letter from Jean.  I wrote rite away and I wrote a letter to Audrey and Marcella.  Im making some X Ma’s cards -cute.  Lois came down – she has quite a burn.  oh killer  Norma B.  Chicken

July 22, 1942:  Weds.  Well I got my ironing finished all this morning.  I did a messy job.  My astama was goine this morning.  I went down to Lois’s and we made the ice-cream.  When I came about 8:45  Mathers were there.  Linda is just a darling.  The ice- cream was good and the cookies were fresh.  Well I guess I won’t get to go swiming this week.  That Junior is rather screwy

July 23, 1942:  Thurs  I cleaned Weck’s room.  and Aunt Chubby washed my spread and the curtains   I put my hair in bangs and pigtails  I looked cute.  Lois came and we went to the dance.  The songs were terrible  you couldn’t dance them.  I danced with Pete. and I messed it up.  Lois and I were  O.K. on the slow ones. 

July 24, 1942:  Friday  I got my work all done But I got a letter from Jean and she isn’t coming this week.   Mary came down awhile.  I got a whole bunch of stones from the garden and I found an old indian head penny  I can’t make out the date.  We had sweet corn for supper  it wasn’t so good.  I got cleaned up and went down after my films but they weren’t done yet.  I talked with Mary and Lois awhile, then I came home to practice

July 25, 1942:  I missed the 8:13 Galion train so I was going to take the one at 1:40. but Mrs. White called so I stayed home.  For 40 cents I spoiled a whole afternoon.  Oh I didn’t really though   I can go to Galion this week.  I didn’t go up town, I practiced   I’m fixing that blue shirt   oh boy~~~

July 26, 1942:  Well horrors of War!  Weck’s going to get married next week.  I still can’t believe it.  Whoppee my low tones are coming out.  I wrote to Jean.  I went down to L.D.  That Monti W Catologue is really something  Gee I want so many clothes.  We went to the show.  “Kings Row”.  It was swell  Darn I forgot Jeans letter.

July 27, 1942:  I got up about 10:00 this morning.  Norma called.  About 2:00 Norma called & asked me to go to Norwalk.  We had fun. We saw a fire – and at the fire a guy   boy We got the once-over but so did he.  Gee the nicest tan-  He reminds me of some one.  Norma got a wink out of one blond guy   Norma got a -S. M-O-O-t-h white two piece bathing suit.  I saw Bea Vaun & Pauline Bells

July 28, 1942:  I got up rather late.  I practised about an hour 1/2 today.  Norma came over but we didn’t go out in the sun.  I went to the library and the dictionary wont be here until next week.  Gee wiz   I couldn’t sleep at all and the mosquitoes drove me ga-ga.  I went in Wecks room & slept a little but then when I woke up fiting the mosquitos  I was in my own room again.  I probably sleep walked.  Gee  I dreamed I was a red bug [?] & a dinousar was after me.  

[day written in] Weds.  Gee I wish I could find some of those mosquitos, I washed my hair and Norma put it up.  I had my ironing finished this morning.  Lois came down awhile and we listened to a record of Caruso.  I cleaned up my room.  I guess Chuck thinks Im angry with him.  Mrs Rathburn rode Berties bike   thot I’d die

July 30, 1942:  Thursday  I found out today about Mr Rosenthal party -swell idea.  I went with Norma on her route today  I sent for those that pattern for socks and some other crap.  It certainly was a lovely day and now a swell breeze blowing.  I’m having quite a time in my finger exercises, cause I’m double jointed. 

July 31, 1942:  Friday  Dick, called and we went riding  – fun – S[?  ] almost started    with Lois & I both  Lois had a doozy.  I stayed at Lois for supper.  Then I stayed all nite at Norma’s  she was working at Whites  Lois and I had more darn fun & so did Norma & I.


I read “Gone With The Wind” and it was magnificent only the ending was an awful let down.  I’ve lost a Library book “Jane’s Island” and so far I haven’t been able to find it.  

[she drew a line and then wrote “1942” before this entry]

1942.  I guess Weck’s married.  We went to the social  the food was delicious.  Then we went to Mr. Rosenthals.  I guess he was really surprised.  Aud & Marcy came. It was swell – all the kids and Mr. Rosenthal directing and he kept looking at everyone.  Gad when we sang Beautiful Saviour & Lo A Voice  I ’bout started.  then when he talked to us you could hear Norma sobbing.  Gee they’re swell.  Norma says I may go to the lake with them tomorrow.  

August 3, 1942:  We got up about 11.30   When we got to Ashland   we got Nola  Tom  Scott and, Hugh.  At first I didn’t think I’d have fun with all them but I did.  Boy, Tom is so darn nice looking- so clean and childlike  with those frecles & curly hair.  and Hughs laugh  I never heard any thing like it.  I left my bathing suit at Ashland

August 4, 1942:  I got up about 10:00  this morning.  Aunt Chubby was grouchyier than heck  I went down to Marys.  I  wrote a piece about Mr. Rosenthals party. boy  it better get in.  I took care of the White kids -grr.  Norma, Mary, and I are, going to Ashland, swimming   Norma’s staying all nite    [written in outer margin] Hope I see Tom & Browne 

August 5, 1942:  Norma & I got up at 8:00 & rushed around then to Brickers and Mary had just gotten up.  Norma got “Moonlight Cocktail” and I got a pin for Lois and me- cute  We went to the park and saw Tom and Hugh and played a game of croquet.  Dave Cass is nice looking but dumb and a sissy.  I went down the slide gee! was it fun.    Oh Im so dead.  Hells  Mary wouldn’t float or come down the slide or anything.  I like Nola alot.  I got a letter from Hooly  Norma & I both got cute rings

August 6, 1942:  I got up at 9:00 and did the ironing.  At 12:30, I went to Whites – the kids were swell.  I wrote a letter to Hooly and Nola.  I didnt work at nite.  Those people at the corner put in thier new bushes. 

August 7, 1942:  It was cool today for a change  Good Gosh still no letter from Aunt Lena or Jean Norma came over and Mary did too.  Norma’s chain is really nice.  I’m going to go over to Ashland tomorrow to try out for that orchestra.  Boy I can imagine what Dick said – the despisable ~~~ whoops hold on to your temper now.  Mary’s sweater looks good and tho skirt would be nice if it flared.  I messed my pieces around at the Granges– for I cared not   [written in outer margin] I sent Rosy a card.  Boy that paper was good

August 8, 1942:  I cleaned my room today.  Rosemaries letter came  I made that “last of the Mohicans’ report  whew! !  I had a nice time over at Ashland  Molly would be very cute if she’d leave her eyebrows alone

August 9, 1942:  I went to Galion at 1.00  When I got there I’d walked about 3 hrs.,   The baby looks exactly like Maureen – so I think  Darn that conductor   I would have missed Galion if I hadn’t just happened to walk.  Gad -all the boys in Galion about 3 to 1 girls  it’s terribly overcrowded  We went to the Shores Of Tripole  – good

August 10, 1942:  Oh we had a good dinner and  [part of line crossed out] my  es- favorite pie  It ranks about 3rd but I love it  eldeberey.  Pat Patterson came over  then she took us more skating.  I saw that same guy. Pat skates rather well. I saw Arbedella Robinson

August 11, 1942:  I called up the stationmaster but he couldn’t understand me.  Rosemarie and I took Lucinda up town and I got a suitcase  I got very mad at Rosemarie  I don’t know that I’ll go back or not.  I met Weck & we came home together.  Then I took Lois’s present down   I got a swell letter from Nola.  Gee – I’m sleepy  oh I got the devil when I came home. 

August 12, 1942:  I packed my junk.  Norma came over.  I met Lois going uptown and we saw Norma L.  Then I took my bike down to Bob Carpenters and then Mary came down. Norma, & Lois came down to the station.  When I got there I had to wait outside  I wrote Nola & Lois a letter

August 13, 1942:  I washed my hair and oo- did I lose my temper  the shampoo spilled all over the bathroom and the darn stuff wouldn’t lather so all in all I got about one good wash and rinse  Rosy went to the show but I didn’t, Rosy came home then we both went “Whispering Ghost” it was O.K. no/one got the money

August 14, 1942:  We went down to Norma’s  Linda is a very beautiful baby – and so long.  Norma waited up to go to the show with her  so we did.  Flight Luitenant & My Gal Sal”  O.K.  We had a big supper for Ms Bocer  veal chops  suecotash pie etc  got a letter from Hooly & Lois

August 15, 1942:  We went over to Marions to the “Junk Roll”  it was a mess.  We had a soda & a sundae  Daggone  Ive got a heck of a cold.  Aunt Lena’s canning peaches. 

August 16, 1942:  Sunday  I missed the 8:20 train and the next one was at 4:30   I thought Id take that one But A. Lena asked Bill to take us over so Carl drove and John & Bill sat in front. & A Lena, Rosy & me in back.  After they left  I went to Lois’s  Well I guess were not going to Columbus -darn  Carl is rather cute it’s amazing that he is so old compared to John.  

August 17, 1942:  I took my blue shoes to the cobblers.  Dad’s dictionary will be $3.50 and yeeee-Gods  Ive got about $1.80.  Were going to the show tomorrow.  Mary came down after supper  She has a new blouse something like mine and a new broomstick skirt.  Goodness her face is breaking out.  After awhile Lois came & we went through that old music  one of those duets wasn’t so bad.  We found the prettiest solo “Venitian Waters”

August 18, 1942:  I got in a fight with Aunt Chubby and she told me not to plan to go any where  I practiced voice some.  Mrs Slipman came and I & Lois stayed all nite taking care of the little girls  Keneth Charles & Junior came;  I guess Lois & Jr. had a fight.

August 19, 1942:  I got 75cents -this morning & after I pay Chubby that 35 cents and go to the show I’ll have about 5 cents left.  Lois couldn’t find her glasses-case.  A. Chubby canned eldeberries  gad.  We went to the show it was O.K.  Lois got sorted nuts after.  We just messed around on the streets.  Dad brought us home.  

August 20, 1942:  I went down to see Mary -we’re going to Cleveland  Charles’ bike is stolen.  Norma came home with a bunch of kids from Ashland  boy is she burnt up about my not writing – I would be to.  Suzy has some new pieces  boy are they S-M-OOth especially “a string of Pearls”. & she has “Elowise” “Jusey Barnie”  these are the best ones.  I certainly like their piano.  Lois came & asked me to come down.  Hannun and Joyce didn’t come.  We went riding.  Mary, Lois, me, Chuck & Bill

Augsut 21, 1942:  I got up and had my work done at 7:00  then I was ready by 9:00.  I helped some old lady get around  she’d never been to Cleveland before.  took her to lunch and got her on the right train.  Mary got a darling skirt at Taylors.  I got some cute shoes at Higbees, a brown dress in some “Peggy Ann” shop- some cute blue sox some nice green pajamas – and the cutest material  it is bright red with grey bows on it -um.  We had supper at           -nice people  he gave us some cute blue pencils  I’m writing with one now.  

August 22, 1942:  I went down to Lois’s about 7:35   she was ready.  We got some darling identification bracelets -lots cuter than Mary’s and the -price.  We both got some cute gray skirts & Lois got a red sweater.  That I.O.U building is huge.  We fussed around on the dictiphone.  Then just when we were leaving it snowed !!!– in August   I saw an orange car.  I got a record disk & “Moonlite Cocttail”

August 23, 1942:  It was a cold day when we got up.  We didn’t do any thing all day except go out to some friends of theirs.  It rained but then it cleared up in the noon.  We had a swell dinner    It told in the paper about a plane crash and that Farnsworth boy from New London is the only survivor.  

August 24, 1942:  I came to Galion on the 12:00 train.  I guessed they were suprised to see me   We went out for supper then we went to Bakers & Norma’s.  Rosemarie and I went over and played monopoly.  We had fun  Carl’s taking R. to the show Sat & John asked me but I’ll be home.  Ill probably go next week.  “Mrs. Minerva” is showing here now.  

August 25, 1945:  Hells Bells! Darn! it & everything else,  I forgot to mail Norma’s letter so the thing will get there tomorrow & I’ll be home by then. Gad! She ought to be mad.  I bought for myself some brushes today.  Carl & John came over to nite.  I suppose Ill come Saturday for that date then.  Rosy got a good bike $18

August 26, 1942:  Gee  am I glad to get home.  Rosy & I took care of Billy & Linda today  50cents profit for Rosemarie  I met Birdie Evans at the station.  She walks in Galion.  She is very nice.  The train was very late and Mary didn’t meet me  but then maybe she isn’t going.  Norma’s got a new guy and   some new songs.  Norma & Rosy both want me to get them a bracelet like mine. [written in inner margin] Weck has to go to the army. 

August 27, 1942:I wrote a card to Lois.  While I was down at Dawsons, Kay was there and when I said something about Lois’s getting a red sweater she said “red?!!!  Mr Bailey is very sick  Nola is at Normas.  I have my dress practically all finished   Mary & I worked on it at 3:45 till about 9:00.  I  had a swell supper there. Norma has a pair of black suede shoes  cute  [she drew in a shoe, like a loafer.]  Aunt Jo is here & A. Chubby is going back to Cleveland with her.  

August 28, 1942:  I got up at 7:00   made my bed & Dad’s cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast then  when I got down to Brickers they weren’t even ready.  Mary got some new shoes & we both got some cute navy sweters.  Mary had a funny letter and one from Lois.  I worked at Wheeler’s tonite & I will have 35cents left from my money when I get Dad’s present tomorrow.  Mary thinks $2.00 is too much for my shirt, [written in outer margin] I bought a round collar. 

August 29, 1942:  Carl took R. to the show  I suppose  I got the work all done except the kitchen floor. I worked at Whites in the afternoon and then again at nite.  I got dad’s present, it is nice.  Mary called and she was working at Brown’s for the afternoon. So my dress will wait until tomorrow.  I saw George and Dick uptown.  they were going swimming.  Mary didn’t call or anything so maybe she had work tonite, too. 

August 30, 1942:  I washed my hair.  Beth cut off the top of hers like a featherbow.  We have a good ironing board now -Thanks Heavens!  I went down to mary’s to fix my dress but all I could do was sew the side again.  Lois came, she’s got some crush on a guy from Groveport.  Mary had the craziest letter from George! Billi & Wecks have a swell portable.

August 31, 1942: [ top margin of page}  I couldn’t sleep so I’m reading & killing bugs for my collection. I’m pickling them in my “Old Spice”. Ive got 5 moths that came in my broken windows.

[entry separated by a line] I got up rather late.  I picked about a bushel of beans and Aunt Chubby is canning them.  I went to Brickers and I fixed my gray skirt.  Norma fixed my brown dress.  My jumper is almost done.  Lois came down and wanted to go skating but I wanted to fix my dress.  Norma has a darling new black dress. -nice  Dad cut his finger very deep. 

September 1, 1942:  I finished my jumper today.  We washed it.  I went down to Mary’s and got my skirt, the waist is still too big but the rest looks nice, Norma came over after supper & I took the rest of my material over  we’re going to make a halter~~~~  I guess. I hope   We saw Daddy Ann & Hope.  We rode awhile then came home. Jimmy Grissinger rode home with me and asked me to go to the show tomorrow. 

September 2, 1942:  Mrs Smith and Gail were here for dinner.  After dinner I went to Norma’s, then  Mary came and we went for a ride.  The show was rather crazy. Jimmy siad that Nelson Eddy is blind.  I hardly think, so though. Oh! a Luarel & Hardy picture is coming Sunday.  It looks swell  I want to see it.  Boy!  I kept up a running conversation!  We’re going riding tomorrow.

September 3, 1942:  It was all misty and rainy but we went anyway. It was nice riding going out.  Boy did we have fun   I think that’s the most fun, I’ve had all summer.  Charlie  that’s the horse is just swell   I like it loads better than DA’s horse, and Jean is just a devil and he’s more fun.  Mary rode once with Jean.  The horse “started with Lois on it.  Then we were messing around with a dead limb and Mary did the craziest flip flop.  I laughed so hard.  We were just soaked to the skin.  I hope we go next Sunday.

September 4, 1942:  Good God, Am I stiff.  I don’t know if it was riding the bike or the horse.  I’ll ask Mary if she is, if she isn”t stiff “it must have been the horse. “D.A.” called me about Sat. nite and the choir supper on Thursday, Mrs. White called again  I don’t know whether I’ll stay Labor Day nite.  I think she wants me tomorrow too.  I was going to ask mary and Lois about working, but they didn’t come down.  So I might as well go.  Jimmy G. called up and wanted me to go to the show with him but I didn’t want to so I didn’t. Norma has -ahem – memorized “Jersey Boula”

September 5, 1942:  I finished my work at 2:30 and Mrs. White didn’t even call. I  registered.  Choir was stinky. We sat uptown, Norma, Lois and I then Mary Lou. came.  Oh! we saw Jean uptown and I introduced Norma to him.   When we were coming home Kenneth Pat & Chuck picked us up and we rode around awhile  Gee. I’m depressed.  Norma asked me to stay all nite & Lois said she asked me & I said no  I don’t remember it at all  [written in outer margin] darn. I have an old cold sore

September 6, 1942:  We had a raather full-house in church, for summer anyway.  Mr. Parnell’s daughter sang a solo she has a very beautiful voice but she was so scared.  We went riding — Kenneth rode the horse so hard we couldn’t really ride him anymore.  The show was good especially “Juke Girl” and the “Huanting we will go” was good.  We are staying at Marys tonite. 

[scrap of loose paper] Sept 6.   Well  Well, —  oh just nothing forget it.  I’m afraid & dam it I just don’t need to     selfish    dumb

September 7, 1042:  We slept till 9:00  we’re all wearing shorts.  Helen Audrey, Marcella and Beny?  came.  I had $2.00.  It was fun.  I got a little bird Dig took me in the airplane and we slid around so, it wasn’t bad with 3 in.  Mrs. White didn’t feel well so I didn’t go.  Norma B got sick & through up- boy I bet she felt terrible  George pretened he was B-Wallow and he called up & messed around   I didn’t go up at nite  It rained too hard. 

September 8, 1942:  Gee school was so hot & the studies were so long with nothing to do.  I like Miss Long (our home room teacher alot – dress cute and she has a southern accent.  Geometry has me shaking in my shoes.  We have a MIss Funks for Biol.   I don’t know if I like her or not.  

September 9, 1942:  We had chapel. Mr Sobard l eads rather jerky but I think he may be good.  Acappela tomorrow.  I got a 90 in Latin.  Geometry is so hard  maybe Im just too dense.  I have my piano lesson at 6th period  We are in some chorus thing or something  I went to Marys & she fixed my skirt for tomorrow.  

September 10, 1942:  I got so scared in Geometry- boy! It’s terrible. Gosh!  Mr. Salvo gives me the creeps, well that mouth and those eyes.  I hit high B & so did Lois my throat was so tight I could hardly squeeze any sound out.  The choir supper was good.  Dorthy Ann really got something  Gloria was swell.  Ellen was good but she hasn’t got what Gloria has. 

September 11, 1942:  Norma and I got some cute pictures {she drew in a line separating the next entry]  I stayed just a little while for practice that military thing is cute  I took the show bill with Norma.  We didn’t have half enough.  

September 12, 1942:  I had my work done about 1:25  Mrs White wanted me in the noon.  Then I went to the second show with Mary & Lois and then went down to Whites again.  The show “Sargeant York” was good   I wore my rubbers & took Aunt Chubby’s umbrella  it was raining.  I got my ticket at the News Center.  Aunt Lena was here. 

September 13, 1942:  I went to Whites at 7:45 this morning and stayed with the kids until 2:30 – $1.10   not bad I think I have enough money for half of a station wagon.  I washed my hair  it doesn’t feel very clean & it doesn’t look clean either  Aunt Lena and Uncle Chuck left about 4:00  Cindy looks some different. 

September 14, 1942:  Mary and Lois had a fight with Kenneth & Charles so Mary stayed with Lois. Mary wore her jumper without a blouse, it looks nice.  I wore mine with my new blouse  it looked swell.  I think Im going to take drum.  We have our costumes for “Swing Out”  they’re not bad.  John and Bill came over and took me to Fitchville then we just rode around  Now theyre coming over Saturday nite and I’ll have a date with John and Rosemarie with Carl

September 15, 1942:  I hope I got a good grade in Geometry.  In English Mary got 125   Lois got 112 and I got 124.  In Girls Glee we sang a terrible version of “Green Cathedral Acappla -groan.  Mrs Smith was at practice  She is rather fun  Lois tried on Dorthy’s formel  it looked nice but I guess she isnt going to be in it.

September 16, 1942:  Wednesday.  Oh it was so hot I felt terrible and Lois didn’t feel well and Mary was so sleepy. Gad.  that old latin  We had terrible grades.  We had dress rehearsal and our military chorus did very well.  Wesley has gone to the army now.  

September 17, 1942:  Thursday  Geom seems fun so far.  I sold all my adult tickets and 3 of my students   We didn’t make a mistake but the swing out chorus was stinky  I thought the whole play was swell.  I met Dave and Joe – not bad.  Norma and I walked Mary to the corner then those kids took us home

September 18, 1942:  I didn’t get my Geom. done.  We had our book list in English.  I practiced cheerleading  7th period.  It sounded sorta good. I missed one in that Biol. test -darn.  Mary has lost her glasses I guess. Mary is going to the game with Patcher  I think.  I don’t know what Lois is going to do.  Marcella called and said she couldn’t get the passage on time  so I guess Ill stay home  [note -there are practice cheers on paper in with the other documents]

September 19, 1942:  I did my work and started cleaning the bicycle.  I worked at Jessie Quades tonite.  John and Bill came.  We’re going to the Cleveland Stadium tomorrow to see that war show  I went to the midnight show with Jimmy – Marybelle   Mary got 1st   I. Luxon 2nd   Lars Watts 3rd.  Marcella is here  Wesley came home. 

September 20, 1942:  Marcella brought me some sweaters  they are cute!  i have on my gray skirt, a light blue V neck sweater and my new shoes -it looked nice.  It was raining so we didn’t go to the stadium, but went to the show in Elyria instead.  Mrs. White did want me but when I called back there was no answer  boy it is really cold.  It seems swell for a change.  

September 21, 1942:  I wore the same things I did yesterday but when I got to school I traded Norma Luxon her red sweater and sox so I at least would have red on but we didn’t even have chapel   they’ll elect cheer leaders next week.  Our oficers are Pres-Wilbur Booth  Vice Pres Harold K  Sect -Norma Luxor.  I took care of White’s kids tonight  I’m having Ms. Bailey fix my tan skirt- I lost a 25 cent bet with Norma.  

September 22, 1942:  When Norma and I started to school this morning the fire whistle blew and Mrs Johnson at Ward’s shop said it was my house.  We ran back and it wasn’t  there  it was at Dad’s shack.  We went to Ashland to see “Fantasia”  It was wonderful.  Gad the other show was crazy and a rather crazy guy sat by Lois an kept sniffing & clapping his hands etc. We had fun. Mrs. K. White wanted me.  

September 23, 1942:  We didnt hand in our Geom. “Tattler” came out today.  Gad, that Warton Puder is nuttier then the devil and he’s so cute  he really looks like Connie –so I think.  We mowed the lawn.  Chuck came down and -watched us mow.  I knocked the roller off my mower.  I think Mary and Lois were mad at something – Oh Well.  It was so brisk and cool and nice   um.  Mrs. White called while I was at Dawsons. 

September 24, 1942:  Boy it’s swell out.  I was awfully late this morning Yippee  I found my roller skates.  I was looking for the storm window and I found them.[she drew a line dividing the next entry] Well I’m not going with Pheifer to the game. [another line dividing the page]  

September 25, 1942:  I got an A- in Geom. today heck  We didn’t have a test in Biology “Mrs Minivar” will be here next Sat. Sun and Monday.  I think we’re going Sunday.  Maxine, Norma and I practiced   I think were O.K.   I went to the game with George, Lois with B. Wallace and Norma with D. Law.  We lost 16-4  – I think   We had fun.  Coming back we followed Lehmans and “Stinky” Davies was in the trunk.  We’d come up close and he’d blink etc the nut.  We got home at 2:30

September 26, 1942:  Saturday  I took care of Delbert Barne’s child.  So I missed choir.  I’m going to buy that red sweater.  It rained tonite  It was afully messy out while I was at Barnes  I was reading “Kings Row” but I didn’t get to finish it. 

September 27, 1942:  Sunday.  I didn’t go to church.  I wore my hair in pigtails  I saw “Mrs Minivar”  it was really swell.  Jimmy walked Lois and I home so I said I was staying all nite at Lois’s then after he went I came home.  Norma got me some red tights in Ashland  I like them 60 cents  good gosh.  after paying for that sweater, tights show, defense stamps.  I have 1 cent left

September 28, 1942:  Monday  We cheered in the noon.  I thought we got the best yells  especially that “Yea Team”, but then I didn’t see what the others looked like.  I have 100 in Geom.  There was supposed to have been a snake show but it didn’t come.  I didn’t work at Whites because Mrs. White wasn’t feeling well enough to see the show.  I got a letter from John for a date Sunday. 

September 29, 1942:  Tuesday  Oh how I hate that horrid dry Biol  class Miss Funk tires me   Lois says she thinks something is going to happen tomorrow nite   I got an A in my English essay.  Darn  I can’t find my small brown book    My tan skirt is just beautiful and it fits so nicely and Mrs. Bailey only charged me 75cents for it

September 30, 1942:  Weds.  Jimmy asked me to go to the show gut I told him I didn’t want to.  George said that what was going to happen, wouldn’t   We went to first Aid tonite  boy it’s really going to be hard.  Lois and I started home and we just kept talking so I came and stayed all nite.  Aunt Chubby is over to see old Mr. and Mrs. Bailey.  It was a lovely night.  I wrote to that John and told him I wouldn’t go. 

October 1, 1942:  Today it was warm and nice out and you didn’t have to wear a coat.  I think my brown dress is too tight.  Miss Long sorta bawled Mary out.  Lois and Mary both got letters from “Johnny”,  My lesson didn’t seem so bad  I have the piece that Barne Thomas played at commencement now. 

October 2, 1942: 1942 Friday  I got my excuse Mary got her seat changed [??]  with mine today.  Phiefer asked Mary to the show but she didn’t go, we went to Ashland  I couldn’t buy a cute ring  I hope Marcy and Audrey come.  I went to the dance.  Paul Sockett and Harlan Jennnings are really good or could be good.  

October 3, 1941 [she has written in 1941 for this entry]  By George I was insulted by Landis & he is coming to hear of it too [note this sentence was crossed out but still legible]  He just as much said that D.A. was too good to run around with us & he bawled me out & then but by gosh!  He said the rottenest things, the darn hipocrite  Won the game Vermillion 7-0

[she has indicated back to 1942]  October 3, 1942:  I had m;y work done at 3:00, I went over at Smiths and one of the trees had some apple blossoms.  Marcy & I went on the [?train]. Grama seems well   I sent Lois Mary & Norma cards

October 4, 1942:  Last night we had fun down at Dawson’s  Rosie came, they are going home today. Oh this Saturday is work   washed my hair  [here she draws a head with hair flying out all over]  but it turned out sorta nice  going to choir tonight  Gee I want some tall rubber boots so bad they would be just the thing for this weather.

October 5, 1942:  Last night D.A. had a party down at her house and she asked the kids in the choir but not us  We weren’t invited ——Dawson’s mad  ditto     We had communion Sunday today  I guess I’ll go the Elpworth League tonite   Took care of the Rosenthal kids last night – $37   

written in date 1942:  I got a handsome turquoise ring in Galion and a new babushka I could have gotten a Pell Mell but they were all too big or little.

October 6, 1942: [she brackets off everything except School is dry… and The band is stinky, suggesting that most of this entry is from last year 1941]Mon.  Nothing much happened  -snubbed Dorthy – and how  I don’t care though. it makes me mad   School is dry.  I was late for girls Glee Club.  Landis can’t blame me for anything besides his own grudge so there The band is “stinky”  I didn’t get my excersize for gym.  

October 7, 1942:  Tues.  Boy Landis gave me another bawling out again he said something about notifying my parents  boys if he does  I’ll just tell dad what happened & about Landis giving Hope Heck for nothing .  Dad wont give me heck besides

October 8, 1942: Weds.  Nothing Happened  [this is bracketed and is probably for 1941, then she puts a line across and starts the entry with 1942]  1942  I didn’t take my lesson.  I got an A in Geom.  I like it  Latin  -ugh!  How nice George is, he got me a ticket for the game.  I put up Hookey’s hair and it looked nice.  We played “pickle” down at Dawson first with my left shoe then Mary’s too.  My room’s been looking like a cyclone hit it.  

October 9 [first bracketed off] Thurs had a pretty good piano lesson.  [another bracket]  1942  Friday  The periods were awfully long today everyone was so restless.  We lost the game with Amherst 20-0.  It was stinky  Afterwards Paul N., George P. Lois D came down then Dig came and Lois went to work, then Mary came Gad! more fun!  We had grape juice & wine  Everyone was nuttier than the devil   that’s about the most fun I’ve had this year.  I got a darn 92 in Biol test.

[loose orange cardboard ticket]  New London High School Athletic Association 20 Cents Student  Admission 18c, Fed Tax 2c,  Total 20c;  Admit One Friday October 9, 1942 New London vs Amherst  -over-No. 371;  After The Game Look for this number at The News Centre  It may win 25 cents in Trade.

October 10 [entry apparently for 1941:]  Friday nite went to the dance-had a rottan time  The big kids were supposed to teach the little kids how to dance & they didn’t even begin to  They just danced with themselves.  The poor kids that didn’t know how to dance just sat there  [entry marked 1942] Sat took care of Whites kids Sat

October 11, 1942:  Sunday 1942  Mary and I had more fun on our picnic  The food tasted so good !!!  While I was painting we got surrounded by a herd of cows  when we finally just got up and left.  I didn’t finish my picture.  The anthem in church this morning was rotten!  Epworth League was also stinky” They all Kissed the Bride” was the Cutest show.

October 12, 1942:  Monday  We went on a hay ride -more fun   Gee I like to drive a tractor.  That snake man was here for chapel  he was rather good  May went with Bob Wallace, Mary F with Geo Bilton, Betty Jarret with Bill Phillips  Mary Ellen Tuser with Dick Huckle, Patricia Leach with Dick Loux, Lois G with Pachen.  Patricia Leach seems so nice and she has nice manners.

October 13, 1942:  [this entry includes something re algebra which I think makes it a 1941 entry]Monday  Got a- in my Latin  pretty good for the short amount of time.  Got an invitation to party at Shirley L. this thurs & one at Hookeys house the 24  and our class party the 28   Algebra’s pretty tough (2 problems  boy I’m going to beat d. Luxon in General Sc. tomorrow. 

[line across the page]  Tues.  Girls Glee Club was good today

October 14, 1942: Weds  1942   I got out of gym by that excuse and I am not going to take the rest of the year.  7th period  I had more fun  I was trying to get a sketch of Lois  her hair looks like something the dogs had a fight over  Gee! did I have fun though. 

October 15, [entry labled 1941] Note 1941  Thurs The Auroura borialis will shine [then a line across the page]  Thurs 1942  I had a pretty good lesson, I had fun again in 7th period  The Latin Test wasnt so bad   I had a date with Pheifer tomorrow but there’s going to be a surprise party for D. Laux so Im going to that    I’ve got a bet with George about the game–

October 16, Friday 1942   I got a letter from John Bercan. He wants me to write.  George got me a ticket again.  We lost the game with Medina 26-0  Patchen was in practically the whole game.  Norma L. and I pooled our money and got Dick the snazziest tie. Wow!  After the game Lois and I were walking home then George came & talked awhile  Jimmy G. came down with the car and asked me to go to the dance.  Those kids came but dad said it was too late and he said I couldn’t go  -darn.  George had a new coat, I liked it -green reversible.

October 17, 1942:  I worked at Quada tonite so Mary came down then when we were coming home we saw those guys with Norma, Dave Riggs, Joe Sapino and Daryll Hart.  We rode out to Greenwitch  Canto & the Seven bills.  Daryll seems the funniest one, I like them all.   Daryll reminds me somewhat of Bill Marett.  I hope we see them next Sat.  I saw the cutest shirt in Berries. 26. 

October 18, 1942: Sunday  Marcella and “Red” are here.  Marcella’s taking my casuals.  I took my skirt over to Baileys.  I went down to Mary’s then Lois came and we went to her house.  She has a new brown tweed coat and a brown jeep hat.  the coat is beautiful.  Hookey left for Elyria tonite.  Mary and Lois came down & we just fooled around Norise stayed all nite with Marcella.  they are both going to Elyria in the morning. 

October 19, 1942:  Ah! good old school !!! We had a meeting and Mr. Rossemissen asked Pat if he wanted to play postman” he got it mixed with postoffice  Rossy turned all shades of the rainbow  I just roared!  I got a |B in Geom   a- in Biol. Boy Geom getting sorta hard.  We had fun 7th period again with Dick L. & P. Sockett.  Paul did my Geom & I read his Literature   It was one of P.Henry’s speeches & it was magnificent.  Latin was just horrible   I think George & Dick are coming down Wed. 

October 20, 1942:  Tues.  Glee Club & Acappela were stinky. Mary came down awhile. George called from the school house.  Then Lois called.  Mary tried to get me to come up but I wouldnt.  I got an A+ in Eng.  Im reading a very good book “Jess”. 

October 21, 1942:  Weds.  It rained.  I’m in the “Tattler” about the hayride  then again with Pheifer and I didn’t even have a date with him.  I got the best paper in Latin A-  N. Luxon & B. Reder got a- too though.  Mary and Lois got B-. Boy! you could have knocked me over with a feather.  First Aid was easy tonight. George & Dick were uptown.  We had the most terrible test in Eng.  P.S.  I cut off the back of my hair (the permanent part).

[the next 2 entries are in red pencil instead of usual]  

October 22, 1942:  I thought I had a terrible lesson.  I practised once.  Pheifer somehow had that lead  I had in the back of my little brown book and I can’t find my book any place  He knows who took that last but he wont tell. I have a swell new piece “Surfice Symphany” by Hayden

October 23, 1942:   We lost the game 33-7  We played a good game  And that was the first Clearview had been scored on this year.  I had a pretty good grade card.  The hayride was fun! more so than any party we’ve had. And now f[??} after it   whew!  I guess Pheifer and Patcher had to walk home -more fun- George played the whole game too.  I wonder if Landis knew who it was. 

October 24, 1942:  I poked around with my work.  I stayed at Al. Whites tonite, they went to a Halloween party  Kate was all dressed up . She said she might get me a pair of shoes!!  How, and when, is a mystery to me. Lois was there most of the time.  She said that they were having a beautiful anthem -too bad.  I guess I’m going to Detroit tomorrow and how I’m going to get Geom – I know not

October 25, 1942:  Aunt Jo looked O.K.  Something’s still wrong with her hip though.  She has a swell apartment.  These spiritatism people come and we watched them then we talked awhile  its amazing this man said “do you know anyone named ‘George”   he said that he could feel his presnce then he asked Dad if he had had some trouble with a light or lamp and dad said yes that he had.  Then this woman said that there was some woman standing in back of me and that she was just slightly taller  but she looked somewhat like me !!!  They seem very likeable people not the g..[?} you would think  Boy its really deep stuff. No wonder ElZora  [grandpa gremore’s sister]believes it  they told her at the hospital that she’d never live but these people are curing her.

October 26, 1942:  Mon. Pheifer didn’t show up -can’t take it.  Gad I’m just not getting Geom.  Aud came Monday nite  Boy she is a mess!!  Mary was down for supper.  We had pork chops creamed peas, choclate pudding bread & butter pickles, milk  etc.  

[postcard from 307 clark st  Elyria, Ohio to Miss Lois Gremore 149 New Kirk St. New London, Ohio postdate Oct 26 630 AM  Elyria Ohio written in pencil] Dear Lois:  What have you been doing? I started to school Monday Boy I hate it.  They don’t have history or bells or audation boy it’s just drippy.  The name of the school is Garfield School.  I don’t have much room to write.  But tell Norma Gladdie had a baby named Georgie David Boy is it cute  Bye , Bye, Write soon  [signed] Hookie. 

October 27, 1942:  Tues.  I was up with Aud last nite  those [??Cute] about drove her nuts.  I was terribly late for Girls Glee Club. We have different seats in Acappela. The new piece  “My Lori and I” is truly great  it is in the category of Beautiful Saviour”  Mayferben   sits between Lois and me.  

October 28, 1942:  Oh its just swell out today. Audrey seems better. I Paid off have my bet with Patcher!  So did Dawson!  I guess he’s taking Delores to the game.  We had artificial respiration in first aid tonite- its rather hard to get it just right.  George, Dick, Bob, Dick were up. We rode around then came home. George asked me to go to the show with him tomorrow nite.  I got Aunt Lena some stationary  I’m getting back on the beam again in Geom.  thank Heavens

[small envelope typed ] to Miss Lois Gremore Newkirk, Street New London, Ohio ; from Lois Dawson  Carmel, Ind.   [there is a small note typed on a page that looks like the same typewriter]  from 212 High Street, New London Ohio, Ocotber 28, 1942  Dear Lois, Mary,  I have nothing to do so I am pecking out on the typewriter in Don’s den.  OH, what a trip.  My lower extremities are completely (woops a mistake) worn out.  It took us about nine hours.  We left at six and arrived at three-thirty our time two-theres. [two-theres is underlined multiple times and something written in pencil above it]  This house is really swell.  Areal [underlined] fireplace and all.  I hear we are going to a party to-night, and the show tomorrow night.  I guess I wont get bored.  Are you going to the show to-night?  I hope the show at school Monday isn’t any good so I won’t miss anything.  Janet insisted that I write her name for her. She has been trying to help me.  Well my paper is allmost gone, so I will close.  Here’s hoping i get to go shopping to-morrow. As ever your friend,  {signed in pencil} Lois

October 29, 1942:  I wrote a letter to Hookey. Marjorie is going to see her tomorrow. I didn’t take my piano lesson  I suppose I shall have it Sat. I went to the game with Phiefer  that Glen Bowers is more fun! The New London team played a rotten game  they were never in the right places and they fumbled like the devil. Even Paul Neston fumbled a good one.  I guess Patchen couldn’t make it tonite  Lois called, she was taking care of kids.

October 30, 1942:  Friday  I got up at about 7:15  boy its so brisk and windy out I couldn’t find a nice station wagon in the whole of Ashland.  I tried on a [d??] that fitted perfectly but it was too expensive, I got some brown and red sox  some gray material, a swell comb and some bobby pins  Mary got blue red and brown sox and bobby pins  We were going to the show but when I went down after Mary she wasn’t there. Boy Norma sure got some cute stuff  A red curederay fingertip coat, gray flannel slacks, a red and dark geen sweater, a cute blue plaid skirt and a bunch of sox.  I like the coat and the skirt the best.

October 31, 1942:  Saturday:  I went to choir. We’re going to sing “the Recessional” tomorrow I guess.  Then Mary and I went down to Al White’s  I had to take care of Jimmy.  Mary left about 11:30  I stayed until 230  I got $1.25  That finishes paying for my coat.

November 1, 1942:  Mary was picked up by Chase Wellington guys and they got in a ditch and had alot of fun. Mary has a date with Darryl next Sat. The anthem was loud & thats about all you could say  Marcy is here.  I went to Mansfield with Brickers then I came back and went to work at Whites at 7:00  I made 75cents that nite

November 2, 1942:  The magigian show was the best I have seen.  Aunt Chubby made me some strawberry tarts  um they were good.  Gee! I miss Lois, Oh heck . Audrey used my brush on her greasy old hair and I didn’t know it so I used it and now my hair is greasy  I went down to Mary’s  she was staying with the Brown children  I sent a letter ordering another record.  Mary’s coat just fits me so its probably long on her.

November 3, 1942:  Lois has the swellest pencil case and pencils. The penciles are the softest Ive ever used.  She is going to ask her Aunt where they got them.  She has some other new stuff  We had picture shows all morning  I had my seat changed 3rd and 7th.  Acapella was rotten. I flunked all my classes today.  Lois came down but then I had to go to Whites and then she worked at Feet’s  We elected officers in Acapela  Pres. -Don Haas  V.Pres Jack Richards  Secretary Sally Bacon

November 4, 1942:  We had our scholarship tests this noon  I guess I got an a+ Boy it was hard!  George had his hair cut right and a cute plaid shirt and whistle.  I was late to first aid class. Lois and I just fooled around and I do mean fooled.  We are crazy! In the Tattler it said “guess G. Patchens found the ‘right’ girl”(meaning me) someones off on the wrong tracks.  Lois and Mary were in for Halloweening  We saw a beautirul falling start.

November 5, 1942:  I didnt have hardly any of Geom. done. 

November 6, 1942:  We played Wellington today & lost -13-7 not bad but not good either Boy! So far I’ve beaten Dawsons stuff  Oh it snowed today first time boy I about froze. We sat on chairs and had an umbrella for the snow WoW [she drew a little picture of this scene]  P.S. -sat on one side Mary sat on the other side of the seat   I’d not practiced only twice and Mrs Bursely praised me so.  I’m going to take lessons the thing comes [??]

November 7, 1942:  Saturday – it is still snowing. Oh this  Saturdays work aagain Ah me – I hope Faines come tonite  I wore my red rocket yesterday- not so bad  groan but I don’t get any, winter coat & my old one is so short  Can’t keep my mind off of school.  P.S.  my casuals seem tall [?]  must write to Jean.  

November 8, 1942:  Fri.  We won the Wellington game, 19 to nothing   I went with Brickers.  I wasn’t intending to go anyplace tonite  but I went to the show with George “Miss Amie Rooney” and some western thing -Stinky.  I wonder if Lois came. Also wonder if Brickers got seats with Pfeifer. 

November 9, 1942:  I finished my work and went down and I stayed with Whites kids.  Mary Loois and I were al at choir.  Then we just fooled around  we went down to Lois then we came and stayed at my house.  Mary wouldn’t bring her diary.  

November 10, 1942: Sunday, the anthem was pretty darn good  I’d say.  Mary stayed for dinner but Lois went home. Then I had to take care of Dawn and Mike  After I got out of work we saw Darryl and Dave and they and Mary went down to Clemmens.  I skated down to Lois’s. They’d had a fight and the stove was tipped over  Then Lois and I skated It was swell. Then George  Dick called and came down.

November 11, 1942:  Monday.  We had shows almost all morning. Audrey had her tonsils out  she acts pretty sick she keeps throwing up and everything.  I skated all over town trying to find Mary. I fell down by the show and Pheifer had to pick me up.  Dig took me down to the depot and there Mary was calling to Bud G. So we talked with him until his train came and then we left for home [entry in side and top margin] Thank Heaven Miss Funks hair looked different!!!

November 12, 1942: Weds. Theres some new girl  we went to the game with. Caroline Herr – smart  Dick told me what pretty eyes I have.  George got me a ticket  We won 32-14, after 1st aid George Dick Paul and Lois came down. We had fun. The Acappla song-Wow!

November 13, 1942: Friday Fresh & soph party -not bad-not good either  they had a snake dance, it was alright – got home about 11 o’clock  bad cocoa (if you wanted to call it that) cake with a scoop of ice cream. Hope had a nice sweater and skirt on again sigh Gee was it ever cute green skirt  sweater like Bete Westons mmmm! alright not so good on her though

November 14, 1942:  Thurs – I was here before Salvo at Acappella I forgot my piano book so I’m taking it tomorroweor.  George straightened my ring out for me. Mary Farber was fun today. I’ve got a date with Pheifer. Gad that girl is smart. I went down to Lois and together we muddled up that Geom  so that I doubt if even Rassy could have known it.  Then after, we sang & sang  it was beautiful and the wind was blowing so hard and the sky was so queer.  I feel so good   My coat came in  buttons & its to short.  Good nite you.

November 15, 1942:  We’re having construction in Geom.  I don’t like it very well.  Dig was asking me if I was going to the dance. I had a date with Pheifer but Glenn came & said that P. was sick, and could he (Glenn) take me anywhere.  I said no. Then George called and asked me for a date and A. Chubby said it was too late.  The nut, he said he just didn’t want to come to school so he didn’t.  Then I went uptown to get Dad, he had to work, and I talked with Chuck and Bill Marret  they had swiped tickets and everything, the dance was stinky.  Aunt Jo called up. I sent my coat back  I guess Mary is going to Indiana to see Teddy.

November 16, 1942:  I got m work finished about 3:30. Audrey is no better.  I went to choir and boy we really raised Hell Gad the cracks that went a round. Then Pfeifer walked Lois and me home.  Thought we’d never get rid of him. I’m staying at Lois’  all nite. 

November 17, 1942:  Sunday  Lois & I didn’t sing this morning  we were too late so we just sat out and listened -ugh  they just murdered “My God & I ”  A Dr. Shawspoke, he was very very interesting  he held your attentions.  I washed my hair & 3 sweaters. Lois came & we went to the Prince of Peace Choir.  Chuckie Thomas got the award & he deserved it.  The choir fogot completely one stanza in that Thanksgiving song & they were many of the kids messey  Poor Mr Salvo. 

[there is another version of this entry written on  Lorain Glass note page]  Lois and I didnt sing in the choir (we were too late) so we just went into church and listend to them.  A Dr Shaw spoke, he was very interesting  so different he held your attention so.  The anthem was weak  I washed my hair and 3 sweaters.  Lois came down and we went to the “Prince of Peace” Contest. Chuckie Thomas got the award and he deserved it.  The choir forgot one stanza in that Thanksgiving song and there were alot of kids missing.  Poor Mr Salvo.

November 18, 1942:  Monday There was no chapel.  That Johny of Mary’s sure is getting warmed up in his letters -Good Gosh!! Audrey is still no better. Boy I really practiced tonite.  

November 19, 1942:  Tues. George asked me to go to the Fresh initiation with him.  Glee Club was terrible & so was Acappalla.  I rather like Mr. Stafonrile[?]  Norma came over & we sang.  The Freshmen are having some of their six weeks tests already. I guess Miss Upton said something about my getting 1st in that test & Ralph Knowel got 90.  Norma is getting smarter in her studies I think she has pretty good grades. [added to the inner margin] Dick called.  [added to the outer margin] I cut off the side of my hair

November 20, 1942:  Wednesday.  Norma was over but I went to First Aid.  I had 2 questions and I got 1/3 of one wrong. Lois and Mary act rather peved that I wont join that Junior Red Cross. Lois, Mary Maxine were roller skating I went home & practised.  That Maxine is real nuts about Glen Baur.

Thursday.  My lesson was not very good.  We had a test in Biol but we didn’t get to grade them because Mary came in late.  I don’t dislike Miss Funk quite so much as I did. I saw Lois’ clothes  The coat is darling & the pocket book[??] and I like that jersey blouse awfully, well. Gee! “Dig” Richards swears so!  I took care of Dorthy Nelson’s kids on 3rd street.  Marjorie Murr usually does but she went to the show. Gad the house was rotten & the kids were so dirty

November 22, 1942:  Fri. Norma got an A+ in her 6 weeks test  thats good.  I’m scared about the darn Latin & Geom.  Bing came  he looks nice he’s growing a mustache. George called a couple of times & then he, Dick L and Dick Testor came down. But Lois wasn’t home or Mary. I thought Lois was comming down but I guess she changed her plans.  We went to the show “Holiday Inn”  it was better than usual. George paid off his bets (with interest)! Mr. Bricker came down and said that he couldn’t find Mary  I can’t imagine where she could be. Boy ! was he mad.

November 23, 1942:  I worked at Whites this afternoon & tonite. Kate White wanted me but I was staying at Glorine Whites.  Mrs Bricker called to see if I knew where Mary was again, She was mad, Mary had gone riding and here it was dark and she wasn’t even home yet.  I had heel plates put on my shoes and  I sure was a heel of a job.  As I was walking to Work Dick T. & Goerge P. came and so I rode uptown with them, then George walked me to work  Audrey went to Elyria.  Gosh Mrs White started talking about Rochells music lessons!  Beverley has some new clothes  she was over showing them to me.

November 24, 1942:  Sunday, I washed my hair and took care of some kids.  Marcella brought some defense stamps for me 50 cents.  [written in the outer margin] Elmer asked me if some guys came over ?!!

[day written in] Monday.  My hair looked nice.  Mary and Lois were just steeped in their rightous indignation!! Haw Haw Gad! did I feel silly, I couldn’t keep a smile off my face.  Lois was very nice about it.  I messed up that Latin test something horrible!! George called up a couple times   he asked me to go pest hunting but Dad wouldn’t let me.  Audrey didn’t come home tonight from Cleveland.  I practised. Dad’s helper is staying here – Tom somebody  I got my name “Normon Hinton

November 25, 1942:  Tues.  Friting[?] Cooper broke through a chair in choir today  everyone roared!  Then in 7th period Vince Holland got all mixed up with a cone.  Lois & I got started & couldn’t stop then Bacon puts in his 2 cents.  Audrey’s shoes are nice.  I bet I get about E or D+ in that Latin.  I had a date with George    Norma was with Dick  we saw “Wings for the Eagle”  second time for me.  I think I’m catching cold  Lois was down for dinner.  I’m scared of [l??]  It’s now 12:00 PM  goodnight, 

November 26, 1942: Weds.  I got C+ in my Latin  Im pretty sure I flunked Geom.  We had some crazy Twit for Chapel  Gad was he funny!  George is taking Mary to the show tonite.  Lois & I both got 20% in first Aid.  We went down to Dawson’s & boy I almost walked out too the way Lois acted !!  Max and I laughed so hard.  I talked with George for about 15 minutes  I missed my piano lesson so I was at first Aid real early.  Marcella is here,

November 27 [changed to 26]  I wore Marys shoes  their darling  they are like Caroline Herrs but they’re much smaller & look cuter. [she drew in a picture of a shoe with a tie and low heel”  Boy I got mad at Marcella .  The dinner was swell. 

[day written in] 27 Friday  Kathleen & her family are here.  Bonnie can really twirl.  I traded my zipper bag to Rosy & bought some long blue wool stockings from her.  I messed my hair so Ill have to go at ten tomorrow.

November 28, 1942:  Sat.  The docter said Audrey had a touch of pneumonia.  Aunt Lena called, they are leaving tomorrow.  My lesson was stinking!  The French fleet was scuttled today.  Hookey was home  I can hardly sing ‘Beautiful Savior” in choir.  Bud was there.  I took care of Whites kids.  It’s snowing outside & the snow is all over   Gee!  Its nice for a change.  I put on my long blue stockings  I think they’re cute.  I read The Pink Camelia  last nite.

November 29, 1942:  Sunday.  choir—  The snow is deep.  Marcy let me wear her shoes again.  She paid me 40 cents to let her wear my boots.  She has some good looking     One is just horrible.  Mary was down.  Those guys didn’t come.  I have a on a [?]  sweater green- nice.

November 30, 1942:  Monday.  I flunked Geom. There were 6 passing grades. Don Haas got a+  we’re having another one tomorrow.  Miss Peck said I could go ahead on my book reports.  Miss Funk acted so exceedingly nice to me this morning.  George has paid my party money.  I told Landis about [?] bus darn bell & I got an excuse.  My boots leak.  I practised, an hour. I liked having Mary’s jumper  Charles[??] was in my clothes he looked so funny  There was a fire in the house  burnt to the ground.  It was some colored peoples house down by the tower. 

December 1, 1942:  The other test wasn’t so bad.  I took care of Whites kids.  Gad, I don’t    if George is coming tomorrow or not.  Boy that Jack Degman is cute  Edna Cleary is more fun.  Mrs. White said she got me a X-mas present.  I fixed on sleeve in my coat.  

December 2, 1942:  I got a C in my Geom. darn.  Lois got D+.  In Biol I got an A  Lois got B- and Mary got C+.  The party was rather fun.  I met George on the way.  Wow! in the blackout Jack Digman got me for a partner.  The initiations were nuts  I laughed so hard, That Pat Porter- fun. About at 9:00 there was a big fire.  We broke up the party & flew it was terrible.  Harry barber shop  Sue’s Beauty shop, printing office and the house in the middle are goners   I stayed until 12:00.  I don’t think they’ll stop it. 

December 3 [ripped out]

December 4, 1942:  I got 100 in Geom yesterday. On my grade card I got 2 C+’s and 2 A’s  Dad didn’t like it very well.  We had those tuberculin tests.  My lesson was terrible.  They blasted harrisons 3 times.  I didnt go to the game  I wanted to but I had to practice & do my work.  My lesson ended about 6:15.

[The December 6 entry is partly ripped out but 1941 is written at the top.  The words visible include]  …………wasnt  I went to ……..ught show.  Saw ….eckle & Mr Hyde.  She …… all night  Chuck ….Keneth sat beside us .  [The rest is scribbled out, illegible]

1942 written in]  I stayed at Whites about all day  its swell out

1941 December 7 Japan struck Pearl Harbor & United States declared war!

December 7, 1942:  It was awfully cold in the rooms.  My hairs’ a bush.  We had assembly and Miss Upton talked  she is a very good speaker but I rather feel she too late or something.  I didn’t hand my paper in in Biol.  I spent my 3rd period reading some of Vinces poems.  Landis gave me the devil this morning.  Betty Morris gave me $1.75  I had 29 cents left when I came home after school.  Mrs White wanted me after school and then I stayed tonite

[Day written in]  Tuesday.  I’m not going to sign in Girls Glee Club if we don’t get those songs any better before Friday.  Norma told me she got my Xmas present.  I can’t get the Geom.  I took care of those kids down on 3rd street tonite.  I didn’t get any time to practice tonite or do my Geom.

December 9, 1942:  I about puked in Biology  I got one good whiff of a preserved crayfish- uugh.  We’re going to bisect them tomorrow.  I wrote to that guy in Canada.  I wrote Rosemarie a postcard.  The “Tattler” has alot of new managers.  I wore my brown skirt backward.  I sold $8.50 of magazines.  There ws no first aid so I worked at Whites till about 11:30.  Geom is hard.  Audrey put my hair up- gosh.  I’m reading “My Sister Eileene” it’s the funniest book I’ve read

December 10, 1942:  My lesson was horrible.  Marjorie has quit taking.  Lois and Mary were down  we were trying to do some school work.  I drew some costumes & Mrs. Winthrop. Lois has about 3/4 of her scarf done.  I know what Norma got me for Christmas a scrapbook.  My boots are a mess.  My hair looks swell, I finally sent that letter to that guy.

December 11, 1942:  Norma came over and got my blue sweater.  Audrey left this morning.  I think I got a good grade in todays geometry.  I got all my assignments.  There isnt a word that can describe how bad the ACappela choir, and, girls glee club are- oooh   Lot of kids arent coming or if they do they wont sing.  I got all mixed up in Latin  I volunteered to do a sentence and it was the wrong one but the bell saved me.  Scott is huge in stature & mind  

December 12, 1942:  Saturday.  choir was rather large  I sang alto. Lois did very nicely.  I acted rather nuts telling Lois & Mary about Scott.  Ill have to break that.  We saw Dick.  When I come home George called and we talked about 15 mi.  Dad was fined $8.90  I guess.  I washed six sweaters & my woolen stockings   Mr. Burgess is swell   he has a beautiful voice

December 13, 1942:  I overslept, so I missed choir  I didn’t have a clean robe anyway.  We elected officers in choir.  Chapp is pres.  Mr Burgess V.pres  E Giss. sect   Jack R Libarian  We practised then had cocoa.  I worked at nelsons.  Lois & Mary think I’ll like my present alot.  Lois was over and we were acting foolish.  Then Nelsons came and I went over to Lois.  When I got to Galion 11:35 Rosemarie was staying all nite at Millers  She wrote me a letter but she didn’t mail it. 

December 14, 1942:  I got up at 10:00.  At 12:40 I took the buss to Mansfie4ld.  Phooey I didn’t, have any fun at all.  Going over this traveling salesman offered me a cigarette -gosh.  I got Lois pearls  boy are they nice  wish I had them  Mary lipstick, and Norma a darling ring.  I got a neat Pell Mell too.  The train was about 2 hours late.  I called Mrs. White but it was too late.  I messed around with Mary Lois and Norma at the New Center then came home.  My legs are just filthy.  I spent $4.40 today on bus fare & those presents boy I’m tired. 

December 15, 1942:  Lois is home sick with rheumatiz in her leg and a cold.  Mary sounds as though she might be getting larangitis   I got up and walked out of girls glee club today.  Salvo said his farewell speech this noon!  Bill Marett was so crazy in Biol we were disecting crayfish.  Bruce Harrison isn’t bad looking.  I washed my hair, took a bath tonite.  I can’t seem to find that Silas marner  I’m sure its at Lois’s [line across the page]  My book was down at Nelsons. First Aid was interesting  Dr. Smith really told them, about appendicitis and their prejudices  Those patterns I sent for Marcella came.  I got Marjorie an autograph book. [line across the page]

December 16, 1942: Thurs.  I didn’t take my lesson.  Im in a muddle about Geom & Latin  I think George is giving mary a locket for X-mas.  Betty was down tonite.  I tried to do Geom. but I’m all messed up.

December 17, 1942:  Mary amazed me to nite more than I can say and somehow it didn’t strike me right ah well  Gee I haven’t got any x-mas presents   the party was a mess  ugh  boy   I’m getting sick of myself ugh  I wish I’d stop acting like a d___ fool–  I hope it gets cold, I want to go skating again

[a scrap of paper is dated Dec 17 -1942] Dec 17 – 1942  Friday   Mary came down & we messed around  then we went uptown and met Maxine and Lois.  There were two sleighs in town   they were so much fun-looking [followed by a line across the page] Saturday.  I washed woodwork in addition to my usual Sat work.  George called, Choir was good.  We practiced 2 hours.  Goody!  Lois & I get to lead.  I bought some Xmas junk then we went to the Dairy then home,  I’m going to cut out that piece about Rosy   he directes the male [??] Choir.  We’re going to hear from him yet.  The red robes look swell and those slides Miss Peck has are nice only I don’t, like the changing of them, Norma’s picture are rather nice, 

December 18, 1942:  D___  I’m just getting a little fed up with mary.  Saying it’s my fault she has to stay in all next week  well darn her  she needn’t have stayed then she was going to ask Stafancks to have her seat changed 7 period as if I’m the cause of getting her moved   Well I’m not   She just snorts & laughs around there on her own account   [next sentence scribbled over]  I thought she considered me one of her best friends but …..[.illegible.]  Well I’ve found out before I made myself too much of a fool  Wesley gave me the $3.00 he owed me and $2.00 extra for me so now I have $5.00  wasn’t that nice?  P.S and I don’t think Mary is treating Dorthy Hannson very nice either my gosh.  if I were Dorthy I wouldnt stand for it.  

Sat.  Weseley brought home 16 records that came off the nicolodean  they are not brand new ones  just good ones.  I like “The Jhonson Ragg”  and “Dawn on the Desert” and “Boogie Woogie with St Louis Blues” , all those three  I like best.  We are singing “Lo a Voice”  tomorrow for the antem  Dorthy Giffin  Max Richards came home from college and all the Orny boys are coming home I guess

[backside of scrap of paper dated Dec 17] Dec. 19  The anthem was Jesu Bambino”  & it was good,  Marcella is down at Dot Griffins   All the kids are home.  Phyliss W. G Tubbs   Dot Griffin   Max Richards   We practiced this afternoon. I guess Marcy is going to join the W.A.A.C.   The songs were good and I guess “White Christmas” really struck home  Someone said we sounded like Fred Waring!!!  Boy thats something; and, I guess it really brought tears to their eyes.  Then we went caroling, it was rather fun but cold   Dad just had a hot bath and now he has to go out and work in this cold. 

[line drawn across the page]  Glorias! hair is alot darker and she has a feather cut.  I like the darkeness of it  but I liked it longer.  Dot G  hair is very long.   Monday.  I’m practicing every 3rd period now  boy that piano has the best tone but it’s so cold my fingers get stiff.  D.A. really looked smooth she has a wonderful figure, She had on that darling plaid skirt and a red wool blouse.  I knew my Latin for a change.  I practised a little after school then I was supposed to go to  Whites but she decided not to go.  I tried to draw Eppi  it was good at first but then I kept messing it up,

[line across the page] Tuesday  We had our play it was O.K. Biology was rather hard.  We had two movies  It was all ice with water over it.  boy was it slippery  it just keeps misting  I wore my pell mell.  Mary’s crazy about it.  Lois didn’t come to school this morn  I think she went to Ashland.  The Latin translation was terrible.  I finished my Geom.  I got the nicest card from N. Luxon!

[backside of the paper] Wednesday, George called up this noon and asked me to go to the game.  Mary got Lois “My Sister Eileen”  I must get one too.  Mary didn’t come to the game.  I sat with Lois & Maxine practically   all the games,  Mr. Burgess refereed.  George gave me my present.  I feel horribile. 

Thursday;  Vic Malinosky and Dick Farnsworth talked.  It wasnt very interesting  Chucky Thomas spoke his Prince of Peace Declamation, and it was as good as ever:  DA gave some impersonations and they were good.  Norma is crazy over her pearls especially.  I opened my presents  Mary came.  I got a jar of Herno pastels  gray slacks

December 22, 1942:  Monday  I’m writing all of last weeks news now.  Shoot.  I don’t have that picture but what the heck   Gee were going to have a x-mas movie instead of the customary [??] cand ( this big buildin st good I hope{??}  

December 23, 1942:  Same old grind  Gee Im I ever scared about that Algebra ooh [this must have been for 1941]  

December 24, 1942.  The show was “Melody For Three” and it was swell and they had fun comedy  I laughed so hard boy  everyone just had themselves a time, I got incense from Mary  candy from Dorthy babuska & bobby pins from Lois. Gee is the babuska cute (white)  I went down to Marys but she wasn’t there, and Lois’s away. I 

December 25, 1942:  I’ve got pajamas  7 dollar purse pencils brunch coat slip toothbrush so far  Boy what I wont get with that $7.00  Wow  stationary  lapel pin [c..??] ” Its no laughing matter”  

[1941 entry] Sat.  Sassy is sick  Helen and I went over there. 

December 26, 1941:  Slept practilly all day & when I woke up I was dizzier then heck   the house is a big mess & then tomorrow work.  Oh that silly little old C called up & said he thought I was the purteest girl in town & what was I doing tonight etc.  

[1942 entry]   I found Hookey.  We saw White Cargo”  

December 27, 1941  Sat  the Faines came and I had my lesson  not bad but not so good either  I really ought to get down to business & start practicing   choir was stinky  went to the show & should have been kicked out but we weren’t

[1942 entry, outer margin] I stayed at Sammys

December 28 194?  Went to church then went down & saw Dawson Then in the afternoon went down to the creek and had a lot of fun  then went to the Dairy  came home and listened to the “Hermit”  he was pretty good . [line drawn across the page] Thurs.  I stayed with Sassy and I called George & told him I wouldn’t be home.

December 29 1941:  Didn’t get up until dinnertime, got cleaned up then went uptown  At nite Dawson came down and we went to see if the pond was frozen and came home —-hmm! plenty happened [line drawn across the page]  1942  I got a whole bunch of new stuff~~~!!! I came home too  

December 30, ? year:  My new sweater is beautiful its a clean heavenly blue, slipover it looks hand knit.  I got a short sleeved cotton blouse, just the thing I’ve been wanting.  And some brown dress gloves and a slip but its too small. mary got the cutest purse.  Helen was mad when we left

December 31, 1942: Thursday.  I went to Lois’s then Mary’s  Mary came down and she hemed my green skirt, that skirt I like so much  its so clean and fresh looking.  Mary stayed for supper then after that I [??] her nails and she mine.  My nice fingernail polish was all messy so I took it off Then we went down to Lois.  We had fun.  I laughed so hard when Lois was swinging Mary around.  We did exercises and everything.  I made some resolutions.

[scraps of paper with entries]

Dec 17    um—Those Retards

They knew I wouldn’t go to the dance, still they drag in that attitude.  There was a point, that I would have have more fun at the dance then with Pheifer but then I positively would not go to the dance and a show would be more pleasant than sitting home–so.  

Well, today was the first I had been really kissed.  Wow! Gad! it sure unerved me  I don’t know if I like it or not.  I don’t think I do  Im not sure.  Then tonite he just kept trying to kiss me and I wouldn’t.  [line across the page]  Its just amazing Lois doesn’t beleive me, I don’t see why she thinks I would lie   I suppose she thinks I was kidding because I couldn’t wipe that darn grin off my face   [and on the back of the paper]  I don’t think I really like him, he’s, just someone whose attentions I would miss if he stopped liking me.  [line across the page] “Aincha comin out”? -Sure am!

[small entry on Hill’s Refinishing Service page] I saw Tom -he’s only a Freshman  gad, that darling smile  You can see the devil in his eyes. 

Dirty trick – couldnt be helped though  

Jersey Banes  -Gad 

[loose page with list] Lois – 2 purple blue; Mary -red; Mary -slip [drawing of skirt shape]; Lois -shoes;  mary socks – Cup; plates Moons Mary  [back side of another page] 2 of Hookeys presents  slacks. [another scrap]  Hookey–Knife & stationary ; sugar & cream: sweater: saddle shoes  [on back] Thirteen   13   Thirteen   thirty  [another scrap]  clean- that’s it 

[scrap of paper] incorrigible; unprepossessing; contemporary; swave; coveted; phobia   Gad I feel terrible that package was done up so clumsily and that nice card.  I could cry  I don’t like him but he likes me and he’s so dumb and nice.

[front side of above page is a note to Lois from Marcella written with red pencil, cursive]  Dear Lois, Audrey will be at Helens. Melvin will probably let you out uptown, If you are still going.    216 Summer.   That’s all I guess.  Audrey has all afternoon off.  & she’ll go with you probably.  I took your short sleeved white blouse, Marcella

[loose page from Lorain Glass Co]  W.R.R.J. ;  take that book back; fix your shoes ; fix your coat ; get  [??] Wash those sweaters ; Practice Voice/Piano [this is a hand written small 9 day calendar with days of the weeks and + or – regarding practicing voice (6 of 9 days) and Piano(5 pf 9 days)] [loose page from Lorain Glass Co written in pencil]  I rather like Mr. Bricker.  he’s likable like Kenneth but then maybe he is like Kenneth.  If mary would tell him where she was going, so he wouldn’t worry and then get mad. 

[scrap with list, some of the words underlined in red pencil]  red coat; tan jacket; tan skirt; blue skirt; letter J.W.R.R.; barret; wash your hair

[scrap of paper] 15 after twelve – could be   Gad!   roll, roll, roll and I’m not kidding   Well Well its amazing but I could get it (snap#) just like that though,

[scrap of paper] 60 minutes in an hour  come on old girl.  How terrible! but it just bounces of my skin

[scrap of paper] Oh I got so mad at Marcella !!  the snot! [line across page]  I don’t like the change in Rosemarie  She’s just self centered & terribly mean and you can’t trust her.  I asked her not to read any of this   She read some though.  And the Millers  I suppose they’r O.K. but I don’t think she should run around with them, That Carl sounds like a puke -18, plays a guater  ugh!  And his pictures ! ugh

[note on Lorain Glass Co page]  I will just have to get out  I can’t stand her nor she, me.  Part mof me says I can get along if I want to.  but then if I just got out   it would be O.K.  So Im looking and waiting for summer to come [line across page]  If you could get it through your head    and you will  [back of page]  I wore my red jumper today.  Mary has a new red wool babuska.  Some of those picture of Norma and I are darn cute  I’m getting some.  I got an A. in my Eng Comp.  Lois got A.  I got B+ in Biol, Lois got C+  Mary got B.  I practised tonight.

[81/2X11 3 hole lined page front]  Lois Gremore   General Science Test   1.  [back] Lois Gremore General Science ; [drawn on a quarter of the page a large animal labeled RAT and a girl boxing from atop a box labeled ME] [8!/2X11 3 hole lined page front]  Recent serial writers are always careful to put their selection in places where the hero can conveniently pop in and ask what the hell is going on.  

[back of 2 loose pages from Hill’s REfinishing Service paper]Hello Nola  Hows every little thing?  I’m writing this on Weds.  I forgot to put it up at the top.  Gee   I wish I could come over more often, I like you kids alot, but I probably wont see you until next summer,  if your going to Cleveland  when school starts, because I think I’m starting my vacation next week -maybe   What subjects are you going to take?  I’m taking   Latin II, English II, Plane Geometry, Biology   Geometry will probably be one mell of a hess(!!   But I’m going to try to struggle through it.  Is Tom a soph?  What’s Hugh -a 7th or 8th grader??    Maybe I’ll look you up at Cleveland because I go there quite often, I’ve got a lot of relatives there.  Please tell Tom & Hugh “hello” for me   Love   Lois   P.S.   Gad!! everytime you see Galen Lehman he starts talking about that Nola Lenard girl–ha ha

[folded scrap of paper with a list, and one or two recipes]  Beef liver with Onions [line across the page]  5 slices bacon, 3 C. boiling water; 1″ beef liver sliced thin; 2 1/2 sliced onions; 1 1/2 tsp. salt; 1/8 tsp. pepper; 1/2 C. hot water  [line across page]  Fry bacon until crisp; then drain on paper towels – leave bacon fat in the skillet.  Pour boiling water over liver, drain and dry.  Dredge with seasoned flower and saute’ in hot bacon fat until lightly browned.  Put in greased -1 1/2 qt casserole:  cover with onions.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper:  add hot water  Put bacon on top.  bake covered in oven 350 0 – 40 mi. Serves 4

[on back 1/2 of scrap of paper, a recipe]  1/4 butter; 3 C p. sugar; 3 sq. unsweet choc.; 3/4 tsp vanilla; 1/4 tsp. salt; 5 tsp hot milk; [vertical line ]butter & sugar, melted choc, vanile set, add s & m [line across page] 2 C sugar; 1 1/2 c h water; 2/3 c cinaman “ots” ; 4 large apples [divided page with vertical line] 2 bunch beets (10-12), 2 C diced celery, 2 tsp. salt, 3 tsp minced onion, 3 tsp butter, 1 1/2 tbs vinegar [line across the page] Cook in 1″ boiling salted water. Chop up.  Cook celery in 1″ boiling water  one tsp salt  Cook butter in onion until [turn page over] tender, add beets celery, remaining 1 tsp salt & vinegar  heat well & serve 6[line across page]  

Caramel Custard:  1/4 C sugar, 3 C milk or 1 1/2 C evaporated milk & 1 1/2 water, 4 eggs, 1/3 c sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla [line across page]  Melt the 1/4 c sugar in skillet until it’s like syrup – stirring constantly  Pour at once into 6 Buttered custa cups.  Scald milk & pour slowly over eggs which have been beaten with the 1/3 c sugar & vanilla.  Put in custard cups, sprinkle with coconut.  Set in shallow pan of warm water & bake in oven 350  degrees-45 min until a silver knife in the center comes clean, chill   serve  6

[last 1/2 of paper] Wash your hair, take a sun bath, practise, go to church, fix your clothes, write to Jean, look up your list, rite down dictionary words.

[3 loose narrow pieces of paper; she has written 100 times] “Think before you speak”  [on the last page back she writes] Did you keep your mouth shut?    —Did you?

[three page legal sized mimiographed typed test] English II 134- A  [includes all answers and teacher check marks etc. ]  

May 1938 Ohio Pupils Reading Circle Certificate for Lois Gremore Huron County 5th year of the course as chosen by the Board of Control, and authorized by the Ohio State Teachers’ Association:  3 titles written in:  Sun Bird, Hans Brinker, Pilgrim and Pluck

[legal size heavy weight paper]  Collateral Reading Report  African History; Book Title  Anthony Wayne  December 20, 1944 Author Roberta Holland.  Entire back of page has written answers. Grade B

[hand written notes/outline for Speech  2 pages cursive.]

Lois Dawson  212 High St.  

Hope Guttie  East Main

Mary Bricker  West Main

Jean Oland  145 Liberty Street 



My cousin’s birthday is June 10

My birthday is May the 10  



–Algebra vice person [??]

home of Weck Gremore and “Aunt Chubby” Paulina Dubert who raised the three girls sitting on porch Marci, Lois, and Audrey Gremore. and father Weck Gremore, House in New London Ohio

Marcella Gremore, probably New London, Ohio 1939

back of photo label Marcella Gremore

Marcella Harnish 1935 11-12 years old New London Ohio

Marcella Gremore

Audrey Gremore class in 1938, New London, Ohio

back of photo label The Gremore Family1939

Gremore family, Lois, Audrey, father Weck, son Weck, and Marcella Gremore

Audrey Gremore posing on porch of home 139 Newkirk St. New London, Ohio

Marcella Gremore 1937 New London Ohio




Mary Kulos, Helen Kulas, cousin of Marcella Gremore, Grafton Ohio

Helen Kulas, cousin of Marcella Gremore, posing in front of Frank and Helen Sassmanhousen home Elyria Harwood Street.

Sassmanhousen Harwood Ave home Elyria. Weck Gremore Jr., Pop Sassmanhousen, Weck Gremore Sr. with arm around Lois Gremore, Rosa Lucille Dubert “Aunt Chubby”, possibly Marcella and Audrey Gremore and behind them possibly Sassy (younger and older Sassmanhousen 1930s

Helen Kulas Sassmanhausen, Elyria Ohio, 1930s, cousin of Marcella Gremore

Jo Dix (possibly only picture)



Aunt “Chubby” Rosa Lucille Dubert, New London, Ohio, raised Gremore children with brother in law, Weck Gremore 1930s

Martha Carlisle and the chickens in her lap

1930s “Aunt Chubby” Rosa Lucille Dubert who raised Gremore children with her brother in law Weck Gremore

“Gremore’s” Audrey Gremore, Aunt Chubby (Rosa LucilleDubert), Lois Gremore, Helen Kulas, Marcella Gremore,  1930s

Wesley “Weck” Gremore 1930s, posing in Kansas City Mo.

1939 Dorthy Rook (sp?) posing in swim suit near creek, friend of Marcella Gremore

back of picture

1937 camping trip Callifornia Chris and Nora

Ruth Rathbone and steele guitar, posing in New London at home of Weck and Chubby and Gremore children on Newkirk St New London, Ohio

Weck Gremore, Audrey, Marcella Gremore, Bette

back of picture of 3 girls at Lakeside 1939 listing Dot Brown (center),Bessy Peach and Virginia Mitchell

July 1939, Johnny Harnish and Dot Brown at Lakeside Ohio back of photo label

1939, Johnny Harnish and Dot Brown but another label of people barely visible Ruth Bainbridge and Bill Peake all at Lakeside Ohio

Bessy Peake sitting, Dot Brown laying down on Pier at Lakeside Ohio July 1939 label on back of photo

back of photo label Bill Mitchell, Bill Peak, Rolly Detweilerider (sp?) Lakeside Ohio July 1939

Bill Mitchell, Bill Peak & Rolly Detweiler, Lakeside Ohio July 1939

probably Johnny Harnish and Dot Brown at Lakeside Ohio 

Luilan Adams July 1939 Lakeside Ohio