September 1951

Sat. Sept. 1. 1951. / 17. eggs today./ Well, it rained toward morning then wind went N. East & got so cool we have had a wood fire,   Elbert’s head has ached all day & I found out he didn’t make himself his hot coffee this morning & tonight he thinks he may have a bone out in his neck,    he has cleaned of all the wind fall apples & took them away yesterday    & it tried to rain tonight    wind was fresh all day but died down again to-night    it’s been doing that for some time now.    I haven’t done anything I didn’t have to do    my feet are not swollen quite so bad today    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for everything & Pray if Thou would that I should go to Vermilion when thou will Help me. Amen

Sun. Sept. 2. 1951./ page. 2798./ 16 eggs today./ Well we didn’t get out this morning    my feet were so badly swollen,    but tonight I made it    We went the main highway & came back the back road where there was scarsly any traffic,    Mertle came looked me over & said, I see you have a new hat,    I wore the old one (17. yrs. Jesus Oh Jesus).  is it wrong to wear a new one?    somehow, things are not going as they should, or at least it seems that way,   there’s no Power you can’t feel it    at least I can’t    I pray God will in Jesus Name clean the hearts & cleans every soul & help us to live His Ways, Amen.  It’s been partly cloudy,    cool wind hot sun    we have had a few tomatoes,   maybe 6 from the garden & corn twice a little more than blisters & here it’s Sept    I do hope the frost stays off untill late so we can have a few things from the garden carrot not good, no water & they are stringy.  (57 degrees tonight).    Well, we are thankful for what we do have,    I thank Thee Jesus & pray for Knowledge Wisdom & under-standing & to be able to go & do more for Thee in Jesus Name. 

Mon. Sept. 3. 1951./ 14. eggs today./  Labour day, but they use it for pleasure instead.    We did labour    I didn’t do much, Elbert mowed a 6 ft swath around the brush pile& a few rows up the hill    then we cut most all the old fashion lilaces off & the pussy willow & trimed the evergreens a little at the bottom & trimed a young apple tree & a rose bush & cut the elderberry tree down    made a big pile of brush    & then I got supper & we went out & brushed some, on the east side of the house    only have a little more to do & then the North & South ends.    hope we get it done before cold weather & I still have the inside to clean & neither of us feel fit    I pray God’s will be done not mine & I thank Thee Jesus.    Frank & Armond Bonney came out & told us Ruby had gone to the Clinic in Cleveland for a Dr’s. test,    to see what’s wrong with her.    I pray God will be with her & Frank & there families.    Well it’s been partly cloudy cool in shade & hot in sun.    The  boys brought us some sweet corn & three big onions    I thanked them & Jesus    & they gave Elbert a woodchuck.    & he was to tired to dress it,     but, he got it done,    I got supper & did dishes & the odds & ends & now I’ll read & go to bed.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus. 

Tue. Sept. 4. 1951./ 13. eggs today/ Elbert’s check came today,    he went to Huron for fish but no fish & he didn’t get any meat either & I gave him another dollar    that’s five one’s I’ve given him.    I baked two big tins of bread biscuits & small loaf.   been real cool in shade, hot in the sun partly cloudy & every night it gets so cold & toward morning I put on an-other blanket   3 pigs came here twice today   Elbert put them in the park & they got out & went away over the hill    he went to wards & found out who the belonged to & went & told him & they never came for them    nice little snouts. about 80 lbs. each   they were eating green apples, peaches, pears & soforth,    Elbert gave them a good big pint of grain each,    I hope they don’t get sick or killed,    Rue is home & they like pork.    I thank the Jesus for all things & Praise Thee Truly Honor & Glory belongest to Thee Amen.

Wed. Sept. 5. 1951./ page 2799./ 10 eggs today./ I did all the washing & got it all dry.   it was partly cloudy, N. East breeze & Elbert dug potatoes this morning & used the wire brush on the east side of the house for a couple of hrs. & then he put the potatoes a side of the house for a couple of hrs.    & then he put the potatoes a way & helped me,   he carried water, took down some clothes & hung up some,    I get so tired I can hardly do out the whole wash in one day.    Elbert is terribly tired     he’s done such a lot of small jobs today & brushing is so hard on the hands, arms and body.    Well, he went up to Shurs store “by the park” & got some saucage & I ask him to go see if the man got the pigs home,    so he did,    they slept under our apple tree last night & this morning Elbert saw them,    they had decided to go back toward home & the man saw them & got them headed for the barn & one went in & the other two followed & he shut them in, three little black pigs with a white blanket a-round fore shoulders & legs,    such a pig story, they ate green apples & peaches & corn & drank all the hens water & then Uncle, ” after I asked him several times,” gave them each a pint of scratch grain,    he shut them in the hen park but they put there heads together & talked things over, then pushed a hole through the old fence & decided to go back home,  hungry for there usual meals & a good bed of straw & when they got in the barn, the man said they ran to there bed & all stretched out on it & were soon fast asleep, dreaming of the terrible belly ach they had last night & how they expected a good supper tonight because they had all decided to go home & be good pigs from now on.   The mourning dove has a nest in the apple tree in the North corner of the hen park & she looked at those pigs & scolded them,    I wondered if she told them to go home & what bad little pigs they were,     I can just imagine some of the things she said    it was cute how they cocked there ears & listened as she fluffed up her feathers & paced up & down the roof of the little chicken coop roof,  & first one & then another would say uff, ulf.   then through the fence & home they went, ha, ha.    Well, I felt better to when I knew they were safe at home, for I know some big bad boys, that would like to catch a pig & have it to roast,    & I know a black dog that likes to chase pigs to, scare them & see them run.  &K bite them to hear them squeel,    I’m glad they got back home,    they could have got kill on the rail road or on the highway.    Well, I have to wash my feet & go to bed    they ach so bad from being on them so long today.    I thank & praise Thee Jesus for the blessing of today.    We had some big oxheart tomatoes for dinner    they were so good & we had corn for supper & it was good also,    Oh God I pray Thou will take hold of the meetings & help them to grow clean up those of Thine & put some Power & earnestness into each one in Jesus Name. Amen.

Thurs. Sept. 6. / 1951./ page 2800/ 18. eggs today./  Well Elbert’s felt sick all day & I’ve felt as if I weigh a ton & to tired to work    I took care of beds & rooms & cooked to meals with Elberts help,   he went & sold the eggs, 8. doz. 80 cents total 6.40 & he bought a sack of grain & used his check to buy food for us.    I haven’t received my check yet.    I was to have had 41.00 for July. & Aug. & this month of Sept 46.00   hope I get it,    we need it,    we both got to have shoes. & I need a hat, “felt one,” for winter.    It’s been a beautiful day     It rained hard toward morning & then in showers & a light shower after Elbert left.    I tried to rest but got woke up twice & so I got up,  I’ve realy felt punk today, had cramps in feet & lower part of my legs & they are sore now.    Received nice letter from Audrey yesterday & card from Miss Clark today.    Elbert’s feeling so bad he went to bed early.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & pray for strength & to Know What to do.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee.

Fri. Sept.. 7. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Elbert’s done a lot of mowing & he’s sore & lame    can’t hardly get up or down & he’s thinking of going to fish house in the morning.    We had a fire all day,    the wind blew quite hard in heavy puffs, mostly cloudy, damp air, the mist came in shower, twice, this morning then late this after noon sun came through & its stayed for 20 or 30 minutes at a time    was warm, but white,    it’s real cool tonight & we have the fire going, just wood,    but, I think I’ll go get a lump of coal & keep it all night,    Well, I went to basement    got some coal & got back & put some on the wood & it’s burning;    Radio said it’s going down to 41 degrees tonight & I pray we don’t get a frost.    for the corn & tomatoes are just coming along,    they are slow for it’s so cold nights.    Well I got the ironing done    I haven’t felt as if I could work.    I sat down twice while ironing,    I crocheted to get my mind off the tired ach in my body,    then I got up & ironed a little more, then I washed dishes & then made tea & called Elbert in so he would rest 15 or 20 minutes,    he has a lot of things, he wants to get done,     burn all the brush and weeds, finish brushing the house & dig the potatoes,    it all takes time,    I pray we get it all done.    & Now they tell us today we’ll have to pay 4 cents to mail a letter & 2 cents for a card.    It sure is getting down to rock bottom.    I’ve been wondering about Ella Jane poor child, she sure has had rough sledding    wish I could help her some way.    I pray Jesus Thou will keep her & bring her back & teach her to Know Thee & enjoy doing Thy will,    Oh, God of love & mercy, do help her in Jesus Name I ask & I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    Glory to God, Amen.

Sat. Sept. 8. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  I did my daily round & went out with Elbert while he burned 5 brush piles,    I prayed we would get them all burned with out any extra trouble and I Praised Jesus for the blessing,    We still have some more to burn or stack,    but, it’s grass & weeds, and Elbert is terribly tired tonight again.    I know how hard it is to carry it to a stack & burn it.    I do Praise Thee Jesus, help me to be all Thine.

Sun. Sept. 9. 1951./ page. 2801./15. eggs today./ We were here all day    my foot was swollen so bad I couldn’t wear the shoe    so, Elbert took his bath & called me but I hadn’t slept all night,    but, I lay an hour or so & then got up took my bath & dressed & got out in time for dinner,    Elbert had the potatoes, corn & fish all done & he made tea,    he’d been & got the milk & told them we wouldn’t get the milk any longer    even the cream is stringy & tasted bitter, 3 qts.    we couldn’t use 20 cents a qt. so I’ll have to get along on what the milk man calls their cream.    & we get that at the store or off the milk wagon.    Well, Elbert got me out side & we walked around some & then we had rested about half an hour when Inez & Henry came in,    then we talked awhile & then went out again into the yard    Inez picked a few Chinnese lanterns & a nice bunch of glads,    Elbert gave them a big carton full of green apples, for apple sauce & a few red potatoes 7 or 8    she said she caned some grape juice for me & never got back with it,    her aunt died & her mother was sick    then Hilda “her sister” was terribly sick,    then they brought her husband home from work sick & he said he thought for a time he was done for,    but, after a spell, he came through,    he look fine now but you can’t tell how good he feels,    he is very thin & his eyes are bad & he said he wasn’t going to make garden,    it was to much work,    their dirt is hard clay.    Inez has been saving & buying the things she wants  a new ice box for the Kitchen, a deep fryer for basement, a new sink & now they, or she is thinking of a new car,     Henry says he don’t know who will drive it     his eyes are so bad he hates to drive & she can’t drive,     he bought a television set for there wedding anaaversy & she says he don’t want to go anywhere any more.    she’s 59. she says & Henry’s 67. in 8. yrs. more she’ll change her mind about such a lot of things   she drive rather hard now.    Well, I hope I’m not driving Elbert,    I don’t want him to work more than he wants & he complains because I get him in to rest 15 or 20 minutes    he says he’ll never get anything done    but, I tell him there will always be lots to do even after we are through,    if we do a little every day & not tire ourselves all out,  as we did last week, it would be better.    Henry & Inez Hunt left at 6-p-m.    Elbert fed hens,    I got a lunch & then we listened to Rev. Buser preach,    he gave a good sermon    I pray many were saved tonight not only at his church, but in many others,    I’m sorry I didn’t get to go,    but I pray God will hear & answer prayer & bless all of His & call loud to all those who are yet to come into the fold.    I thank Him & Praise Him in Jesus Blessed, Pure & Holy Name. Amen.

Mon. Sept. 10. 1951./15. eggs today./ Well, I haven’t earned my salt today    just did the mostly necessary things     & I did pick up a pail of buckeys out by the road corner of the driveway    Elbert finished cleaning east side of the house & did some on the south end    but I talked to him untill I got him to put away his tools,    his arms were so tired he couldn’t hardly use them & we had only got things put when it began to rain a heavy mist,    it kept coming & poured down rain & I know that 

Mon. Sept. 10. 1951./ page. 2802./ 15. egg this day/ everything was glad & I thanked the Lord for the rain, the beans have big pods & no beans in them,    tomatoes were drying up & everything else.    Well I hope I can clean Elberts room tomorrow or Wed. but I’ve felt to bad to work today.    I wish I knew of some one that is human & could help me like a sister & not charge me seven prices,     but those days are over, I guess.    I thank God in Jesus Name for the strength He gives me from day to day & pray He will help me get the cleaning done before cold weather.    I Praise Thee Jesus.    No mail today, not even the paper. 

Tue. Sept. 11. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Elbert went to fish house a 9-a-m. so I got up & did out the wash    had it all done except 4 or 5 pieces when he come,    I had started the potatoes boiling & he brought pork to fry, so he washed & fried the meat & made coffee      & by that time I had sudes & wrinsed & hung out a line & a half of clothes,    then we ate & Elbert rubed out his work shirt & sock & brought more water & I got them all finished & out on the line     those I had hung out were real dry,    so I just had room for the rest & they all got real dry,    I sat down under the apple tree 20 minutes with Elbert    he had cleaned the fish he got & dug a few potatoes,    I called him untill he came, for the sun was terribly hot.    We watched the mourning dove, on the little coop roof,    she just stood & looked west for 20 or 30 minutes,    she was there when I first went out,    she has babys in the apple tree & she went back just before we came in to listen to the news,    We took down the clothes on the way in & I put them away & made the beds  shut the windows & sat down    Elbert had cleaned some corn for supper & I put it on to cook    & he warmed the potatoes    I had skined them while I sat    I boiled them in there jackets for dinner.    I’m so tired & so is Elbert,    he helped reel nets for the fisher-men & got home 12-15 noon.    It been a beautiful day with S. west breeze, & hot sun.    I thank my God & Praise Thee Jesus & trust with all my heart, soul, mind & strength in Thy Keeping.   Glory to God in the Highest,    I Praise Thee Jesus.    We got Sat. & Mon. papers today, but, no other mail. 

Wed. Sept. 12. 1951./ 10. eggs today./ Well, Elbert worked on the N. end of the house today,    it makes him have cramps over his ribs, mostly in the back & in his legs.    I got him to leave it for it’s hard work standing on the ladder,    he came in for a cup of hot tea & then we had dinner,    he took car of hens & put away his tools   took nips & cut out a few rose stalks, old ones, & then we picked all the apples that we could find that had fallen & the tree is still load-ed,    Elbert has hauled away several bushels.    I washed up dishes after dinner & was out doors twice today    got supper & washed up dishes & did my usual house work,  just what had to be done    I haven’t felt able to do that.    But I thank Thee Jesus for helping me get that much done,    I Praise Thee for all things great or small. Amen.

Wed. Sept. 12. 1951./ page. 2803./ 10. eggs this day. /  It’s been a beautiful day, hot sun S. west breeze & warm 85 degrees in the house & hot in the shade to-day.   They said “over the radio” that it snowed in Wyoming to day & was 96 degrees heat in Arkansas today.    & Jesus said to His deciples,   When ye see all these things coming to pass,    When they ought not to be, to Know the end was near.   

Thurs. Sept. 13. 1951./ 14. eggs to day. / I did my daily round & darned 2. prs. socks & patched 2 of my shirts,    it was a real task for one had been patched before & it’s hard to put new patches the second & third time.    Been a nice day,    Elbert went to Kilbrides for eggs,    he was 2 short of 8. doz. & he gave her 15 cents for 2 eggs.    he sold them for 80 cents per. doz. & brought back $6.40    We have to get some more chickens soon now,    he bought a little food for us,    & he got home 11-30-1-m.   I got up at 10-a-m & got everything ready for dinner, so it didn’t take long when he got here,    he went up here & got a bottle of milk & after he got back & just got back when it began to rain,    it was cloudy all morning & has rained in showers all after noon & evening,    a little cooler out & 50 or so geese went over the house flying in V. formation    they came from N. east & were going S. west & flying low    they had only got out of sight when a flock of sea gulls came from N. east & went S. west screaming like something was right after them.    A few nights ago, the sky & ground was pink & tonight they were a greanish yellow for a couple of hrs.    I long to go to prayer meeting,  & pray God will manage things so I can go& be with His people & worship Him in Jesus Name.    Oh Jesus, Blessed, True, Pure & Holy,    I Praise Thee & love Thee. 

Fri. Sept. 14. 1951./ 13 eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain to buy a pr. of shoes & leave his old ones to be repaired & to Look around a little    I didn’t feel able to go & so I lay down & slept for an hour,    then I must have been dreaming,   for I got on end & looked out but, no one in sight    & then Nelie Knocked on the door,    I yelled, Who’s there & Nelie said it’s Nellie so I went & let her in, she set down in my room    While I dressed my feet & combed my hair & dressed & then we went to the Kitchen & I washed & put the water on to heat & we went out in the back yard, looked around a bit & came back & I started getting potatoes ready & corn & then Elbert drove in,    it was to bad, for it cost her 1.08 cents round trip,    but, we didn’t know she was coming & he didn’t know he was going untill last night     his old shoe tore off across the cap & hurt his toes so bad,    he just made up his mind to get up this a.m. & go, so he did.    Well he brought saucage for dinner & we had tea.    We visited until 5-15-p-m. K& Elbert took her to the buss.    We gave her 8 nice beets    I gave her a couple of hand towels or so & a dish cloth & glass of apricot jam & glass of current jelly,    she took my spider we piece to make a copy.   & she brought me a can of dill pickles & a can of chilly sauce.    I thank Thee Jesus for all Thy tender care & love.    I could never be able to begin to thank & Praise Thee enough,    the Glory & Power all belong to Thee Amen.

Sat. Sept. 15. 1951./ page. 2804./ 12. eggs today./ Elbert got 500 sheets of this Kind of papers for me yesterday & it cost 2.59 & he got some new heels on my slippers 52 cents     & I gave Elbert 10.00 & there will be $10.00 more for food.    Elbert’s going back to Lorain Tue.    he left his old shoes in the repair shope & he wants me to go but the last time I went to Church a number of things came up missing   some grain bags, some handkercheifs & about half of my crochet thread for handkercheifs    I pray God will help me in some way to find out Who it is.    Elbert went to the fish house     & I got up & did two jobs I mixed up the bread & then washed out what few dirty clothes there were & was just done when Elbert got in with enough cleaned fish for dinner,    I had to fix the potatoes & I reheat the corn & cooked some cabbage & while they were cooking     I hung out the clothes “2 lines” and then Elbert came in & washed, said he had them all cleaned, but had to scrape them out & wash them,       so, after we ate he went & finished the fish & buried the dressings & took care of hens while I made bread biscuits & one loaf of bread & I made a double batch of rolled oats cookies,     Elbert dug a few potatoes & then came in      I rested a few minutes      by then I had all the dishes cleaned up & he fried fish & warmed potatoes for supper & listened to the news over the radio.       I feet hurt bad & that one toe on the left foot is terrible       I know Jesus will fix it before much longer & I Praise His Holy Name, Glory to God,  I Praise Thee Jesus.    Well I have every thing for the chilly sauce & now,    I’ll try to get at it Mon. & get that over.    Nellie made hers & put it all through the seive & that is to much work,    I have done it but, now it got to be O.K. the old fashion way.    just chopped tomatoes, peppers & onions & spices & sugar & salt & vinegar & salt.& a little celery.    Well I’d like to go to Church in the morning, but the dress is my worry & soon I’ll need a felt had for winter.     I have a coat.    I haven’t tried it on or looked to see if it will be just right yet.    I need just a little help about things, but like a lot of folks, I’ve know there’s no one to help, any more. or care,    I use to go a couple of miles on foot to help some one here & there    & I helped at home just for my bed & meals.    I did the family sewing  made all the dresses & under shirts, corset covers pants & even suits & coats & hats for ma & us four girls    & I darned socks, made the flags for the boat house & launch & covered the seat cusions in the launch & made little cushins & covered them with canvas & sewed buttons on each side,   sewing clear through from one bottom to other & tying them off    & I made the shaped canvas curtians for the launch & sewed on the hucks & snaps top & bottom    I mended shirts, under wear, pants & over-alls,    I cut my own patterns, I worked away from home 2 or 3 weeks at a time to earn enough to buy clothes for ma & the girls & myself.    I raised chickens & sold eggs & chickens & put Nellie through high school & help her go to normal school & went to Sunday school & taught a class of girls from 9 to 10. yrs. old.

Sat. Sept. 15. 1951./ page. 2805./ 12. eggs this day./ and I searched the bible daily & studied it & went here & there & got the young folks to go the Sun school & oftimes older ones to church.      I did some social work     & I never had time to do the foolish things that most the young girls did & I never cared to do them.     I washed clothes & I ironed any where from 12 to 14- light skirts, beside the work shirts & pants & overalls & jackets & all the light dresses & house dresses & ruffled pants & under skirts with fine tucks & 6 or 8 ruffles on a nice out side skirt,    I made us girls each a black fur cap out of Aunt Nellie’s cape    I made out of old moltie’s fur    it was bluish or maltese & was so pretty   that was sister Nellie’s   I even taned the hide;    I have mine yet.    I chain stitched our names in them,    I did the housecleaning & looked after the bedding & I did a large percent of the baking 10 & 15 dutch loaves of bread, white & brown    & I baked most of the cakes doughnuts cookies & sweets,    ma made the pies.   Ma took over when I was out to work away from home, then Gertie helped her a little. I cut the mens hair, pa, Elbert, Fred, & Frank, & Uncle Wills hair & trimed his mustash & eye brows & ears & shaved there necks.    I cleaned there suits & pressed them    & when I was home I did the sweeping & cleaning & scrubing the floors, which were wood with no coverings.    We had a big steam boat stove “or range”    we burnt wood in summer & some coal in the winter,    in the summer I often took a light steel boat & after supper & paddle up to the steel plant  1 1/2 miles & back some times all by my self,  talking & praying & enjoying my ride with Jesus.    once in a while some of the school girls or girls from church would come & enjoy the ride,    but they didn’t ever talk with my Jesus;    in the winter we all “that stayed home in the evening” gathered around the table with only a coal oil or kerosene lamp & read, study or crochet, of which I did a great deal,    making little hug me-tights of yarn    or making lace for triming on under thing,    or a Kercheifs with pretty edges, baby bonnets & booties & such like.    There never was much spare time,    We went to Epworth League socials & partys & helped with them when it came our turn    & Elbert & I keep house & paid as we went & often paid up bills pa had run,    We took lots of abuse alone with it all as well,     I believe I’ve had a rather full life,    but I’d love to do more for Jesus for each day I realize how little I do for Him & how terribly much He does for me & us,    Oh, I love Thee & Praise Thee.

Sun. Sept. 16. 1951./ page. 2806./ 12. eggs today./ We didn’t get to church all day    I hope to get squared off before long & to be able to go regular.    I’m so sick of the wickedness in this world.    It’s been a beautiful Fall day, partly cloudy.    & it is real cool tonight,    hope we don’t get a frost tonight & Oh God I pray for those who have not yet come to Thee,    I pray Thou will soon answer prayer & I Praise Thee & Know it is Thee Who gives the change of heart, fill me & help me to praise Thee in Spirit    The little old man who sells shoe strings was here yesterday,    he said he nearly froze Fri. night, he sleeps out side.    he said this was his last trip & seemed happy. 

Mon. Sept. 17. 1951./ 12. eggs today/ Well I got the tomatoes, peppers, onions, clelery all washed chopped & into, two Kettles & cooked it a couple of hrs. but, in the morning I have to take it from the crocks & put it back in Kettles to finish cooking it    I have to add vinegar & sugar & a little red pepper & cook some 2 or 3 hrs. more,    I have the mixed spices in it now     I have a pk. of tomatoes maybe I’ll make into Ketsup.    I’m  as tired as if I’d been washing all day, I pray I can go to prayer meeting Thurs. night    I want to go so much, but I do wish I had a different dress.   I thank Thee Jesus for the strength of today & pray I may be of more service to Thee, Amen. 

Tue. Sept. 17. 1951./ 15. eggs today. / I finished the chilly sauce  had 12 big jars they were oveltine & pickle jars.    I’m so tired & so is Elbert, he painted half the North end of the house,   the peek is hard to do,    I’ll be glad for his sake when it’s done.    Maybe I’ll help do the lower part, but he ought to be able to do it, the house is only 18. by 30. feet & 8 windows & 2 doors. but the house, is dry & since he brushed it with the wire brush & scrub brush it, takes in the paint, this will be a prime coat,    we hope to give it two more coats & that ought to last as long as e do.    We have to fix the grainery roof & paint it & the hen house & toilet expence.    I hope to bake bread tomorrow & sew on my dress if my fingers will work.    I feel so discusted over some things, while I was at church in Vermilion the last time, some one came in & took the grain & mash bags, they are made of muselim & can be breached and used & they were through my crochet work,   there are some handkercheifs missing. 

Tue. Sept. 18. 1951./ Page. 2807./ 15. eggs this day./  and about half my thread I crochet on handkies gone & this chair by the table they’d been through & left it all arye,    I can’t help thinking how queer it is not a thing is ever bothered in his room & he has time to come & snoop & get back before church is out & he took my thimble, I’m sure & my pocket book & God only Knows what else     But I don’t prove all of it & I’ll be glad when life is over here.    But I can’t prove all of it & I’ll be glad when life is over here,    Nellie talking around about my watch, said she sent Ella Jane hers to use & she’s using Bonita’s, Such a world, greedy, selfish & all that goes with it,    One even wished they had my brains & some are peeping & watching to see what they can pick up after I’m dead, but I’ll be here, as dad said, When some of them are gone.    I pray God will keep me safe & on gard for tricks   tricks of all kinds, you never Know what kind or sort it will be.    Elbert said he went to Lorain to get his shoes this morning & that they were not done & they told him to come today    He acts as if his mind is on something so strong at times, & the last Sun, I was at church in the evening, he looked so white & sort of exusted & as if he had been right on the jump & he’s so nervous & he went to bed as soon as he could after he got in the house,    Well, he says,  could you tell, this or that if you prayed about it?    I’m glad God does show me a lot of things & I do pray He will  help those who are not His to turn to Him,    so, they wont have to be tormented for ever & ever, if only they could see & understand.    May God help before there is, no more time left.    I Praise Thee Jesus.    We received card from Audrey    said Johny & M. have 8 lb. boy. 

Wed. Sept. 19. 1951./ 10. eggs today. / Fred’s birthday, he’s 66. yrs. old. /  Well I baked 2 big tins of bread biscuits & 1. loaf & Elbert painted the house    he’s putting on a prime coat & has the north end done & half the east side,    sun has been hot & the wind was S.W. this a.m. then went N. West at noon & 3-30 p.m.  went N. East & after supper S. east,   radio said warmer & showers tonight or in the morning.     Well I haven’t done any washing this week & I want to fix my dress if I can tomorrow so I can go to prayer meetings & church some where,     not a soul has been out or wrote me from church    I pray God will in Jesus Name take care jof each one as he sees they need.    & Elbert & I like wise    I Praise God for Keeping me & that He chose me & I’m trusting for the infilling of the Holy Ghost & pray He’ll finish my healing all for His Glory & I’ll testify all I can for Him,   I love Thee Jesus. 

Thurs. Sept 20. 1951./ 14. eggs today./   Elbert painted some on east side    got 2 more siding bords to do.    he went & sold the 7. doz. egs “5.60” & he spent it    he says he’s spent all his check ex-cept 5.00 & a little change,    he paid 4.35 for repear on shoes “his”, 82 cents for pressed ham, 42 cents for chicken. 1.00 for gas   Tue he said he’s spent 51.00 he says beside the chicken money.    I cooked & washed dishes & did the general house work,    I picked over 2. bu. apples & sorted out 1. bu. good ones    I hope to give them to those who need them    If, I could only get about on my feet,    they pain me so bad   We received a card & nice not from Mrs. Otis West today.    It’s been a beautiful Fall day   hot sun & warm breeze.    Radio says rain tomorrow,    they been guessing every since the last shower.    Well I thank God & Jesus for all our many blessing    I wanted to go to prayer meeting but feets bad today,    I pray God will have mercy.

Thurs. Sept. 20. 1951./ Page. 2808./ 14. eggs this day./  Elbert called Ruby & she said she got cleaned out at Clinic,   said she was all stuffed up,    but she had a cold again & couldn’t seem to get free & stay free & she said all the rest were as well as usual,    he called Lillie Wheeler & she was pleased to hear his voice & talk to him,    said they were well & working.    & then he went to see & talk to Martha,    she said her mother had been having dizzy spells & Elbert told her he’d tried several times to get her on the phone & no answer,    she she tried & no results & said she try again & then go & see what was wrong & neither had sence enough to call Gertie,    she might have Known since they live together.    I pray Jesus Thou will take care of her & convert her (I thank Thee)

Fri. Sept. 21. 1951./ 10. eggs today./  Well I pickled 3 big crisco 3. lbs. jars jars & 2 small 1. lb jars of little eglle secld pears & I’m tired & Elbert painted 5 boards he didn’t get finished yesterday & then he corked some cracks & it was a hard job on the ladder.    he didn’t get them all done but hopes to finish them tomorrow,    the sun was so hot & he was working on the west side    his face was so red    I hope he don’t get sick.    I didn’t wash this week    hope to get by, for water is so low in the cystern & in well also.    I hope to wipe up floors yet tomorrow & clean chairs & top of table.    I was in hopes Audrey or Martha would write & let us know how Audrey was but no word yet.    I thank Thee Jesus for the strength of this day & Praise Thee for all things.

Sat. Sept. 22. 1951./ 14. eggs today/ Well I felt so punk I just lay in bed wondering whether to make a jump & dig in or just forget it so I got up in time to get dinner,    then Elbert had been over across the road & picked some pears,    John Snyder said to pick all we wanted, he picked a basket from the tree & a basket from the ground,    I wiped them & got a kettle on to steam & he went to Carl Riebers & got a gal of vinegar,  “it’s so strong I had to use half water”,     he got some butter & mixed spices at Shures store, up here by the park & so I caned several qts of pickel pears & got a pk. of tomatoes ready to cook “in crocks”       & I’ll have a bout 4. or 5. qts. more of pears to pickle.   I hope to go to church in the morning if I can get my shoes on,    my feet are badly swollen.    I’ve tried not to eat so much salt,    but Elbert got frankforters for dinner    they wasn’t quite as bad as usual, but plenty of salt at that,    I didn’t eat any salt on any the rest of my food.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise &I’m trusting & believing in Thee, Amen.   I received to letters in one from Mrs. West Sr.    both nice friendly letters, one she wrote Aug. 12. & the other Sept. 18.    she’s had to take care of her mother 2. weeks,    then her mother went to Penn. for. 2. weeks. & Mrs. West had flu & a bad sore throat & she thinks and prays a lot for Dicky,    he in Korea on the firing line     & like a lot of us she has to keep going.    Eddy’s wife just had a baby girl & her 3 little boys & Lindys 2 children all have the hooping cough & so the new baby’s in the hospital yet & she said Mertle was going to come out, but guessed she hadn’t got around to it & Harry Day has 

Sat. Sept. 22. 1951./ page. 2809./ 14 eggs this day./ gone to camp,   he’s in the air corpe    He left Sun. Sept 18. 1951. & Poor Mrs Day,   all those children & Mr Day’s heart so bad he’s apt to go most any time,    I pray God will help her in His own way & if we can help that He will see to it we do.    No word from Audrey    I pray she is O.K. & that we will hear she is, Amen.    Now, it rained in heavy showers several times from the S. west & then a light sleet from N. West & wind went N.E. tonight & it a little cooler,    Elbert dug some potatoes today.    Carl Reiber wanted to buy or trade potatoes so he could get started on the red skined potatoes,    the flesh is white & mealy, good.    We haven’t got very many of the red ones    & Elbert told him he wouldn’t have enough for seed next year, as it had been so dry there wasn’t many potatoes to the row.    he has 5 rows to dig yet.    I thank God and Jesus for the rain,    we needed it so bad.

Sun. Sept. 23. 1957./ 10. eggs today./ Jesus I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things,    & now I am begining to understand that I am so terribly slow,    but since the Spirit has showed me some things, I pray Thy forgiveness & pray Thou will make me able to comply with Thy Will & wishes from now on     We were home all day, couldn’t wear my shoes all day & I pray Thou will help me to get to prayer meeting even if I can’t wear my shoes,    help me Jesus,    I thank Thee    I know Thou doeth always hear, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day  a little cooler, but not much S. west breeze alday,    dark until moon comes up.  

Mon. Sept. 24. 1951./ 8. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish    he stopped & gave Mr. & Mrs. Duglas 5 pike    they said they were getting the furnace ready for winter,    Elbert said they seemed glad to get the fish.    he got here before noon     I had the washing started & I stopped & fixed the carrots & potatoes & then washed but half the clothes & got them sudsed & wrinsed & hung them out     & then stopped & put the fish on to fry    & we ate at 12-30-noon,    then I went after the rest of the wash,    I got most of it done & had to leave Elberts pillow slip, his sleepers & one shirt,    he had 2 B.V.D’s & 2 shirts & 3. prs. socks, 4. kercheifs, bath towel & wash rag.    Well, I hope to do the rest before weeks over.    Elbert painted on the west side of the house & help me get supper,    I’ve been hav ing cramps in my feet & back of my ankles & calves & thighs,    there’s something I need but I don’t know what it is, but think it’s greens.    I ought to sew tomorrow, but after the cramps & work to -day I don’t know how much I’ll get done.    I ought to write cards & letters also.   but really don’t feel able. & I have to finish my tomatoes for chilli sauce tomorrow all so & I have a few more pears to can yet.    Oh Jesus help me to be abedent to Thee.

Tue. Sept. 25. 1951./ page. 2810./ 12. eggs today./ Well, I got the chillie sauce (4 qts.) done & the dishes & 2 meals & did my usual grind done    I longed to get out side but was only out & right back    it’s been a beautiful day,    it clouded up last evening & rained in light showers during the night & the most of this morning,   then sun came out & it’s been nice, N. E. breeze & to cool to sit in it     nice & warm in sun,    & the sun is so white.    We have had a very little fire for several days & nights.    Elbert has a cold in his neck & so have I, or, a bone out,      makes it hard to work.    now I really hope to sew tomorrow,     but, unless this pain leaves, I won’t be able to sew, for it hurts my head & eye so bad.    This evening a little bird came & lit on the side of the house & hung there for a few mi. then flew into the apple tree.    This pain makes me sick to my stomach    I haven’t heard a word from Audrey or Martha    I hope A. is O.K. I’ve been so anxious about her,    but the rest don’t think.    I’ll write a card tonight    maybe I’ll hear from some of them.    I thank Thee Jesus for taking the swelling out of my ankles & feet last night    the cramps were terrible,    but, I prayed & prayed & toward morning slept a little,     help me to get my dress fixed soon regardless all else.    I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise for ever & ever, Amen.    We had a musk mellow from garden   it was fine. 

Wed. Sept. 26. 1951./ 11. eggs today./ Elbert painted & finished west side now the S. end & the prime coat will be done & then he has to start all over, North end, east side, west side & S. end    I did 5 boards today, but my feet pain me so bad seems as if I can endure it.    I cleaned the table & then the floor & took care of beds & rooms & no sewing today.    Elbert hopes to go with eggs in the morning & I hope to sew    Praise the Lord,    & I also hope to get away to prayer meeting tomorrow night.    God help to get there & back both of us & filled & healed,    I thank Thee Jesus    Glory to God in the Highest Hallelujah.    I Praise Thee Jesus.     & I thank Thee for revealing things to me,    now help me to know what to do,    should I ignor there ignorance?    I do pray Thy guidance & that Thou will keep me in all the ways I need,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee, Amen.   Oh God continue to teach us.   Elbert went to Huron    got oil 1. gal & little food.   he mailed card to Audrey   I give him 6.00,    I have given him 16.00 this month.  

Thurs. Sept. 27. 1951./ 7. eggs today. / Elbert sold 6 doz eggs  4.80./  Been a windy last night & all day, nice sun & a little more cool than last night,    I tried to sew but felt to bum & to bum to go to church,    we have bible study now instead of a good prayer meeting,    I wish the other church wasn’t so far away,    I hope they put one closer   half way at least,    I do pray Jesus will guide in all things & show me what I ought to do.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee,    please reveal what I should do    thank You Jesus.    Elbert dug 2 1/2 or 3 bu. of potatoes today    we been having a little wood fire nights.    I hope I can see to sew tomorrow,   no word from Audrey.

Fri. Sept 28. 1951./ 8. eggs today. /  Well, Elbert picked up some pears this morning & sawed some wood & picked up apples,    I washed his shirt & 2 kercheifs, 1. pr. sock,   I took a bath & changed clothes & cleaned my shoes after I picked up a bu. & a half of good apples & a big bunch of flowers    we put a 1/2 bu. of apples  “baldwins” in 2 big paper bags & a pk. of pears in one & 6 or 8 tomatoes in an other & gave them to Brother & Sister Hance,    for we went there to a healing meeting tonight,    a goodly number were saved healed & some filled    Elbert went into the meeting & he cried, but didn’t go to the alter.    I received my healing & Thank & Praise Thee Jesus.   Glory Hallelujah   Praise the Lord.    I do thank Thee from the depth of my heart & soul. 

Fri. Sept. 28. 1951./ page. 2811./ 8 eggs this day./ We left home 6-20-p-m. & went to Audrey’s & Gertie’s & A. came down & talked to me a little while in the car,    I ask her to go to church but she said she’d got so nervous be3cause of the absess on the back of her head, she couldn’t rest or sleep it pained so bad,    but it broke last night,    so, its sore but don’t pain & now she feels all tired out & she looks thin worn & tired.    Well, it was good to see her & talke to her    Gertie didn’t come down to talk to me & Elbert said she only said hello to him & he didn’t even ask her how she was.    they never did get along very well together.    I saw & talked to Sister Hance & Sister Karmary & talked to the Minister that looks after the healings, “He’s a small man & Schotch.”    Everything here was O.K. 

Sat Sept. 29. 1951./ 6. egg today./ Well, we figured on going to Church,    but, Nellie took so long to get supper & she was determined we stay    so she cooked the fish & her gas don’t cook very fast,    they had eaten a snack & so wasn’t in any hurry.    We stopped to Millers & Miss Clark was there,    she came out to the car & talked a few minutes,    then Elbert came & we were off for Nellie’s     we left her 1/2 bu. potatoes, 1/2 pk. beets, 2. doz. carrots, a big squash, 2 1/2 bu. apples  1. bu. pears for her & 1/2 bu. for Bonney Bell,   then Ethel called & said if it would be O.K. she’d be out on the next buss & to tell us to wait,    but we didn’t wait,    Elbert didn’t want to & it was to late to get to church & he didn’t want to go to church,    he can never find anything good to say about any minister or christian,    I’m terribly sorry,    I hope he will turn to the Lord before it’s to late,   for the vision the Lord gave me of hell is a most terrible place,     Oh Jesus have mercy & turn him quickly to Thee.    I praise Thee Jesus.    I ask Jesus to take & bring us safely & to keep all things safe in the building & on the place & He did    it’s only when we go to Vermilion to Church that things are disturbed & it’s always my things, my room,   & can goods & only his & my shoe tracts.    I don’t know who got my thimble, my handkercheifs & some one was into the crochet thread the last time I was to V. Church    I found balls of thread ono the floor & in the drawer & a few of them missing & some handkercheifs.    If I get a letter he has to know just what’s in it,    I told Nellie we had a letter from Marcie & she ask 3 times, what did she write as if she thought it might have lots more than we told her,    I so sorry, but, the people even our own brothers & sisters, most of them, don’t want to be bothered with the old folks.   & now it falls on me to pay back to Audrey what she let Elbert & I have a while ago.    She’s worrying now she’s out of work how she’s going to pay her bills.    I wish the Lord would help me to,    all of it in a lump for her.    Nellie wishes we lived on her lot, she’d like to have Elbert do her work & use his car to do her earns,    Well, we know both of us, how terribly happy we’d be & why should we be her servents & give up our home that she might high hat us.   I hate myself each time I go there lately,    I don’t or never did like white wash.    She talks as if she clothed Bonita’s

Sat. Sept. 29. 1951./ page. 2812./ 6. eggs this day./  Children’s clothes,   she made little Bonita 3. dresses,   & she tried to get her to make a fuss over them & show them to me, but at last she had to show them to us her-self,    she said she couldn’t afford to pay much for them, but she thought they were pretty,    they were, she made them nice.    she borrowed money from the bank to advance her own schooling & she has to pay 30.00 a month on her home yet.    she said when she was here she made 50 or 60 dollars a mol. teaching & today she said 25.00 per. mo.     they have a new railing around the front stoop or they call it a porch,   it’s about 6. by 8 foot & 4 steps     they have them painted & Elbert says they have a section fitted with slag ready for concrete,    I wonder where all the money is coming from & who is doing the work.    Well I thought I’d have Bonita come & help me clean,    but, I’ve changed my mind.    & I’ll write & tell her we have other plans now & from now on we will have     not that I don’t like Bonita,   but they have all they can do there. 

Sun. Sept. 30. 1951./ 8. eggs today./ Well, we were both so tired out we felt sick and I wasn’t only sick in body but in my soul & heart.    so we didn’t go to church this morning but, we both went tonight.    & I received a blessing    Lindy stayed with the children & Dorthy came & her brother Eddy & his wife & baby were there,    Mrs. Day & her children   Neils & there children, Youngs & there children, Mertle’s mother, sister cousin & Uncle Mr. Whitman, Tom & Roney & Mrs. Albight & some few others.    We went to call on Miss. Clark & gave her some apples, pears, tomatoes & 3 fried fish    she said she would start on the fish soons she got home from Church.    she goes to the Gospel Church now.    Mr. Mrs. West & Mrs. Sprunk was not there tonight,    I’ll have to write, or go call on them.    I’ve got to get to bed now,    I feel all in.    It’s been partly cloudy, S. west breeze.   & it rained a light rain this morning & the sun was shining & a-gain this after noon & its still partly cloudy,    I praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

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