December 1951

Sat. Dec. 1. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ Well I sewed on my dress  got it back together, but the sleeves are wrong   seems there must have been some taken off from them   guess I’ll have to cut new ones.   I’ve got so thin the skirts to big around so I had to take it up an inch on the side seems & it’s still got something wrong at bottom of the waist,   so, I’ll try again, “God willing, ”   Elbert went for the milk & we had dinner at noon & then I sewed untill 4-30-p-m.  then put everything away & Elbert made the soup cooked the minute rice & put in two cans Chicken noodle soup,   I fried apples, he picked up a big bucket of apples in the park, that are as fresh & firm & not froze   maybe we’ll pick up some more, they are big nice apples   seems to bad for them to go to waist.    We went to Huron to the Assembly of God Church,  they had two Evangelist Rev. & Mrs. Harry E. Call, he’s a very bright lookiing young man & preaches with the power of God,  he sure belongs to God & he said, he beleived we ought to, be so filled we could preach with power   he said, one night he was preaching & got so filled with the Spirit and all of a sudden he couldn’t feel the floor under his feet so he jumped up & down & when he still didn’t feel the floor he stopped preaching & looked at the floor & those about him, for they were staring at him & then he hit the floor,   said he felt like he was still walkiing on air & he didn’t get over it for several hours.    I believe him  Glory to God, Praise the Lord, Glory, they anoited me & prayed for me & the power went from head to toe & I’m still hot & feel the power crossing through me Hallelujah God is wonderful & I know He never fails, when we live for Him Who died for us.

Sun. Dec. 2. 1951./ page. 2845./ 1. eggs today./ Well I didn’t get down to Vermilion this morning   the car battery is acting up, got to be charged.  & maybe he will have to buy a new one   We went to Huron tonight to Church,   they sure have good meeting full of power, Glory, they prayed for me last night & today the pain is all gone & Sister Willitts says when He heals us He heals the whole body, Praise the Lord, Glory to God, I don’t  I don’t know how to praise Him enough.   Jesus Blessed pure & Holy   I thank thee for all things & give Thee all the Glory. Amen.   We received a nice letter from Nellie yesterday & one Inez Hunt & we were glad to hear from them & that they were all O.K.   Inez wants apples & Nellie apples & potatoes & perhaps a squash.   No word from Martha or from Audrey.   WE have a new moon clear & bright & temture 59 degrees today   it’s been extra warm today, flies & bugs outside, partly cloudy, We let hen out to run, flap there wings & enjoy themselves for 1. hour & he killed one little hen she laid every 2 or 3 days, & we had it for supper,  she was fat, we had biscuits & gravey,   I made biscuits.  There were 8 or 10 went to the altar tonight; Praise Thee Jesus & Keep us.

Mon. Dec. 3. 1951./ 0. eggs today/Merlin’s birthday/ Merlin Monagon’s birthday Dec 3./ Elbert went Huron,   but, no fish,   he was not gone very long,   I got up when he left & toook care of beds & rooms & wiped up the Kitchen floor then we had dinner & then I washed dishes  then sprinkled clothes & ironed 8. grain bags & my dress & some small pieces,  Elberts shirt, he has only wore it twice & it has to be patched, it’s terrible the price we pay for good things & when they are washed, the filling washes out & they are no good.   I pressed his work pants   they are all wool  the one’s the laundry charged for washing & didn’t wash.   It’s truly been a beautiful day not cold   buts & flies flying around out side.  clouded up at 4-30-p-m. radio says wind & rain   Elbert spaded under some tops of dahlias  ground is-n’t froze, he dug up some dahlias he forgot to dig, they were O.K. & he said there were lots of angle-worms in the dirt.  Wind’s backed up to S. east tonight at 9-p-m. I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things.

Tue. Dec. 4. 1951./ No. eggs today/  Lenord Bonney’s birthday, he would be 69. yrs. old.   Elbert’s check came today, I had the food order wrote out, then I coppied it over, he thought he could read it better & so he got most everything I had on it   he hardly ever gets all of it.   I washed & scoured & cleaned untill all most just about a minute before Elbert came in,   he didn’t get any candy or ace cream & the food & drugs cost 22.63,  now I will have to give him $11.32 my half & 3.00 for milk  he thinks I don’t give him all I got & I ought to & he holds out his hand

Tue. Dec. 4. 1951./ page. 2846./ No. eggs today./ & says if you don’t give some money I can’t buy any thing more & he even gets very nice about it sometimes, he’s a good brother,  he does the shopping & helps cook, I was terribly sick at supper time, my bowels refused to move all day, then I took a drink of lemon juice & they sure did move & have moved 3 times today so I’ll have to look after them in morning.    was cloudy & rained in showers all early morning & un-till after 9-a-m. then sun came out nice & bright after dinner,   I had a notion I’d like to go with Elbert & said so,   but, he got ready to go before dinner & didn’t ask me to go,   he likes to go by himself.   So, I did the scouring & dishes.  We received a card from Audrey & Elbert a birthday card from Easel and she wrote a letter,   I’m wondering if he’ll really ans it.   It’s been a beautiful day out side, flies fliting about & the little bugs that fly in big bunches above trees & shrubs, also.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our many blessings, Amen. 

Wed. Dec. 5. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ Well I did the washing  aired Elbert’s bedding & I cooked & washed dishes,   Elbert went for milk & then he painted the storm door one at back & the in side house door & dabed the grainery & cook doors & helped get supper – helped me make his bed up fresh & then I made up my bed & have dried up the clothes in side   I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will reveal to me what I ought to Amen. 

Thurs. Dec. 6. 1951./ 0. eggs today./ Elbert’s birthday  he is 69. yrs. old today and he don’t feel very well   got a bad pain in his left side and over the hip to back, his back & the back of his neck have been so sore & lame,   I made rice custard & baked 2 pies, “apple”, & two tins of biscuits & then we went to Huron to prayer meeting   had a wonderfull old time prayer meeting & I felt the Power of God   that’s what I crave for   I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for hearing and answering prayer   I have been greeted & teated as one of there’s   it’s nice to feel at home with them  there  Glory to God the Father Jesus our Saviour & the Holy Ghost for ever & ever, Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day flies & spiders & bugs on out side & in, moonlight & stars clear & bright    I feel as if I’d like to get out & walk about.    Audrey sent Elbert a birthday card   she didn’t write on it.   she’s going back & forth to Cleveland to work & is to tired.    Elbert cleaned top of cook stove for me this morning. & he’s done several odd jobs. he’s beginning to walk, stooped, his back hurt so much.

Fri. Dec. 7. 1951./ 1 eggs today./ Been a fine day after the storm last night for it sure thundered & lightened & poured rain & was cloudy untill after dinner & it tried to rain at noon but at last sun really came out   wind was quite strong & shifted about & tonight it’s S. West. not cold.  Flies & bugs out yet & we have killed several flies in the house today.    Mrs. Day & Ebert came right after dinner & had a piece of apple pie & cup of tea & she so upset over her family,  Ebert’s been sick but he’s better again.

Fri. Dec. 7. 1951./ page. 2847./ 1. egg this day./ & back with her Grace is still in a home or hospital for treatment   something wrong with her   she has lapes of mind & Harry Jr. is coming home for Christmas,   he was sick in bed with pneumonia   Dr. told him it would take at least 10 day to clear his lungs & we all prayed & God answered prayer & he was up in 5 days    Oh; if each one was only stronger in there faith & those who have the Holy Ghost for they are or should be [she has written this in pencil between the lines] filled & are God’s & if they live for Him they can ask what they want, if they ask for the right things, The bible “God’s words” says ask & it shall be given, strengthen our faith & use us in Thy work, Jesus Blessed & Holy, Amen.   Well Mr. Day vexes his whole family most to death,  he tell Mrs. Day she’d be better off dead & says terrible things to the children, he told Ebert he’d Kick him right in the stomach  poor boy  he’s 17. yrs. old & only knows his mother is O.K. & takes care of him, but her nerves are about ready to snap,   she’s so tired out & so weary & she’s trusting Jesus will right all things, I pray He will will Keep her & talk to her & help us to do What ever we can for her,   every one seem to be having a lot of trouble    Tom’s mother is sick & Mrs. Wikel is slipping & Mr. McNeil has escape 5 times “car accidents” & his wife low blood presure & baby has been having ulsers in mouth & a young man. I don’t know has a cansar & some have been wonderfully healed   surely these are the last days.   Mrs. Day had only been gone a few minutes when Sister Eppler came in & told me of many things both good & bad that was going on.    We had prayer before Day’s left & before Myrtle left & I praise God it’s wonderful to be close to Jesus.   We had supper & I’m so tired & pray, Jesus to free me of any cold I may have & keep me covered with the blood & close to Him & that He will use me for His work, Amen.

Sat. Dec. 8. 1951./ No. eggs today./ I washed out the night cloths & what else was dirty & had more than I thought & so I’m tired to-night & I hope to get to get to church in the morning.   I’d like to have another dress, Jesus, please do help me find one that will fit & with sleeves & long enough,   We hope to go to Lorain this week, one day, if God’s Willing;    It was partly cloudy & rained tonight,  it’s is just like early Fall or Spring, out side flies & bugs enjoying Spring weather, got cloths all dried & put away.   I received a very pretty handkercheif, linen, with pink & white crocheted edge & butter fly corner   it’s very pretty & unexpected from Sister G[?]  I pray God will bless her & help me to return the pleasure & I got to send Anabell her crochet pieces she sent me $5.00 so I’d love to send her a gift that I know she would like   I pray God helps me to do the necessary things;   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small.   Glory to God, Hallelujah, Amen.

Sun. Dec. 9. 1951./ page. 2848./ 1. eggs today./ Well I went to church in Vermilion this morning & to Huron, tonight & I do like Huron best although Vermilion is doing very well.    Praise the Lord.  I called on Harry Miller & he’s wishing to get out of bed,  Praise thee, Jesus, roust him & help him & teach him things he has never known in trusting Thee  fully Glory to God, Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Glory, Amen.   The services were so good in both places & I was so happy to be priveledged to be in them some being saved & some being filled & healed & there faith strengthened,  Oh it’s truly wonderful, I Praise God for ever & ever, Amen.   It’s been a rainy misty day   it rained hard early this morning & they got lots of water at Vermilion & just this side

Mon. Dec. 10. 1951./ No. eggs today./ Been a beautiful day partly cloudy, but the most of it sunshine & so I tried to sew, only got a very little done, but hope to try again, God Willing.   I did my usual work  beside & I got up earlier this morning than I’ve been doing.   Elbert’s rupture has gone into the navel, he put his old rupture belt on to sleep in tonight   I pray, Oh God, Thou Wilt cause him to come to Thee & Thou will convert & heal him,  I know Thou art able;   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, Amen.    It’s a beautiful moon light night.    Oh Jesus, Only Thou doth know I pray Thou will show me What to do & give us each the words.   I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.   Nellie sent Elbert a Greeting card for his birthday  a big boquet of violets. 

Tue. Dec. 11. 1951./ No. eggs today./  It’s been mostly cloudy today   I couldn’t see to sew or read, so I looked at some of the films I had taken pictures on, When I was 27 yrs. old & the yrs. following  years 40 years since I took some of those pictures & they are clear films yet. & I’d like & album with a picture of each one in it,   it’s nice to look at them,  some I can’t just remember & Nellie has the picture of the old Mc.Guire house & I don’t have the film   Gertie spoiled it & Nellie stole it   she has it in her al-bums   I can’t see how her conscience lets her do such things for God sees & Knows & He says if we lie we’re not His and I wish she’d confess a lot of things she said & done before it’s to late,  not for my sake but her ownself.   Elbert went to Huron & got 8.86 sents worth of food, the price of food is sure terrible,   I had him mail out 6 U.S. post cards today,   didn’t get Miss Clark’s out with them,   so, it’s ready & I will see it goes soon.   He took Audrey’s, Bonita’s, Mrs. Goll’s , Mrs. Day’s Mrs. Hunt’s & Governor Lausche’s,   He & the Welfare worker sent a Christmas Greeting on a slip of paper with my old age check.   I Praise God I can have the check, other wise I don’t know what I’d have to do.   I’d be so glad if only I could work, I’m glad I can still get around & do a little & have Elbert with me.   I am still trusting God will convert & heal him.   Praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. Dec. 12. 1951./ Page. 2849./ 1. eggs today./ Didn’t do anything today only cook & wash dishes.   I gave Elbert 21.00 out of my check 5.00 for church & 5.00 for Audrey & 7.00 left after taking out 9.00 for a tank of gas.  & I have to give some for the collection for soldiers boxes & a box for Grace Day & Harry Miller. & D.V.A. & then, boys home & Miss Willitts & Health Department Sandusky.  Well I don’t know how I’ll ever make it & live but, God Willing, I try.   Elbert’s got to do something about that rupture & he should do it soon & we haven’t any money for that,  God  I pray in Jesus Name you will help me,   I will need help in several ways & I am trusting you will see to it that they will all get done Thy way, I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee the Glory be Thine forever, Amen.   I’ve been trying to get him to go talk to Huron Minister Rev. F.W. Swarthout,  he is a good man of God & if Elbert would be very humble & answer his questions & do as he tells him, I feel sure God would convert & heal him,  that’s one thing I can’t do for him,   but, Jesus could if Elbert would be humble & try,  Oh Jesus help him to give in & do Thy will I pray, I thank Thee, Amen.   been colder  snowed yesterday & today & is still at it.   S.West breeze, rather fresh.   I haven’t corked the windows yet, but guess I’ll have to,   gets cooled off here so fast after we shut the stove up,  seems like a still cold.   Only did daily round.   Now I’ve been hoping Elbert would go & be converted & praying & right now he’s talking to me about it, Oh, Jesus, Thou art able.  & I am trusting & depending on Thee only.   It was to dark to sew today   Elbert ask about what he was to do about his navel & I’ve told him again.

Thurs Dec. 13. 1951./ No. eggs today./ I washed & got it all done excep Elberts union suit & got them all dry.   It’s real cold all days & last night it was beautiful out side,  we had a heavy white fog   it froze & cleared off & the moon made every-thing glisen   I would have liked to went out & took a picture a two & it’s almost as clear again tonight,   I wanted to go to prayer-meeting so bad tonight   Elbert don’t feel good & he wouldn’t go into the church,   so, hear Lord am I, & pray Thou will keep me in Jesus Name. Amen.   I didn’t sew today & it was such a nice day.  We received Christmas card from Mrs. Goll, Mrs. Day, Mr & Mrs. Howard Page & family & Mrs. Nellye Mc.Carthy.   So I have to answer them before they pile up. 

Fri. Dec. 14. 1951./ No. eggs today./ It’s been mostly cloudy & snowing in heavy showers,   we have about 7. or 8. inches of snow    We have only done what had to be done,  we received a card from Nellye Mc. Carthy  Elbert was out back for pail of water & it’s snowing yet at 9-p-m. & now Elbert’s going to bed now & I’ll be going soon & then in the morning I must send the box to Anabell & papers to Carl Betz & a few cards to write.  Elbert’s navel is real bad,   I do wish he would go & have the Minister pray with him   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all things,   I pray He will help me know the things I ought to know right away, and, I give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever.  Amen Glory to God.

Sat. Dec. 15. 1951./ Page. 2850./ No. eggs today./ Well, it’s been cold all day and it sure clear & cold tonight   the windows are froze solid, Wind’s been all around & it snowed this morning & dark all morning   sun came out at noon & staid untill almost 5-P-M. then clouded up & cleared off again at dark,   I croched a butter fly, like the one that was in the handkercheif Mrs. Goll sent me for a gift for Christmas.  I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & I give Thee all Glory, Honor & Praise for ever & ever Amen.   We both been having such a distress in our stomach & bowels & we haven’t done only the most necessary things,   I’m trusting God will heal Elbert’s rupture in Jesus Name Convert him & make him whole in Thee & me also   I thank more than I can tell.

Sun. Dec. 16. 1951./ No. eggs today./ Cold all day, very cold, 17. people died trying to dig there cars out of the snow or shoveling snow from heart attack & 50 die in plane crash & so many, many more in car crashes or other ways,  it’s 2 above Zero  8. oclock tonight & we have to keep giving the stove a little draft & then closing it off again,   I staided up until 12 midnight last night & then Elbert got up & fixed the fire & again & again at 5-30-a-m. & then he staided up & set in the big & rested an hour or so then he killed a hen & dressed & cooked it,   We ate bacon & eggs for dinner & for supper we had Chicken, biscuits & gravy. & lemon pie.   It’s clear & bright & moon light & cold & we got Buser’s sermon over the radio & I thank God for all things, I thank Thee Jesus for the warm weather we had up untill this last week, when it turned suddenly very cold & we do need the cold, as it is natural for this portion of the world.   Well, Radio just told us tempture is zero & 9-30-p-m. & at that rate it’s going below by 2-a-m.  I Pray Jesus for all those who wont be able to keep warm & haven’t enough to eat & that Thou will take care of them through some of time  I thank Thee, Amen.

Mon. Dec. 17. 1951./ 1 eggs today./ Well, it sure was cold last night & I’ve kept fire for 2 nights & 3 with to-night,  isn’t so cold tonight, no frost on windows   they were froze so hard last night, they were white & on the front storm window in door, there were 2 dogs  one on, one pane of glass & one on the other 1 big & little smaller, even Elbert noticed them.   Elbert’s battery wouldn’t start the car so he went down & ask Rue Sarr to ride with him as far as Lorain, he came clear back home to tell me he was going with Rue,  I gave him Audrey’s money 25.00 & he said he’d give it

Mon. Dec. 17. 1951./ Page 2851./ money. 1. eggs this day./ all back to me & I’m going to see that he does.   He enjoyed the afternoon  bought the battery 21.63 cents tax & paid for it & went & got a little can of song seed for Jacky & then he carried that battery out West Erie to Oberlin Ave. & got a ride with a young man Who said he was a truck driver & he’s been all over the country   has a wife & 3 child-ren in Oaklahoma & he was on his way back to Detroit where he would stay tonight & then hit the trail for home  he said,   he wanted Elbert to go with him, he said it was a long lonesome drive,   Elbert offered to pay him, but he wouldn’t take it,  then he ask Elbert again at end of our road if he wouldn’t go home with him, but Elbert said he told him, I would be able to the chores & carry the coal & water & take care of the hens & he said take her along she’ll be welcome but he told him no & he visited a few minutes & went his way,   they had stopped at Blaha’s & had coffee & Mr. Blaha, had a stroke 3 months ago & isn’t able to work & another man has leased it & he’s going on with the work, it’s a gas, lunch, & sleeping places for men on little sheds or bunk houses. trucks & truck trailers.   Well Exton is dead,  he was 84. yrs. old.  Well I set & wrote cards & have part of letter wrote to Nellye McCarthy.  I have to write to Miss Willitts & sister Nellie next.   I went to bed 2-30-a-m & got up 11-a-m  Elbert went about 1-30-p.m.  Radio said we are in for an-other cold snap then I hope it won’t be bad for awhile   makes me to tired  sounds frosty on the rails but none on windows tonight.   Elbert gave me back 3 dollars of the 25  so there’s only 22 come to me.   he’s feeling bad   neck cords on right side of his neck swollen so hard   & I rubed his back & neck & put hot flanel on neck & he’s sleeping,   I know he is terribly tired   he carried from end of road home & they are heavy things.    I thank God he’s no worse off & that his navel is healing, for he said it felt like it was kniting together & it itches   Oh God, I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever Amen Glory Hallelujah.

Tue. Dec. 18. 1951./ No. eggs today./ Dave Hunter’s birthday,  he’s 66 yrs. old.  Not quite so cold tonight   strong fuffy wind cold & raw snowed last night .  road are very bad  Radio says, wind picked up snow & took in White Clouds over the fields, trees were coated in white this morning as they use to say a study in black & white very pretty. 

Tue. Dec. 18. 1951./ Page. 2852/ No eggs today/ Elbert looked as if he was all most froze when he was out side a few minutes,   he tried to get the new battery in,  he got old one out O.K. but there seems to be a little difference in the posts   maybe he’ll get it tomorrow   he doesn’t feel very good & lifting the batterys don’t do him any good.   We got a Christmas card from Nora. Cali. one from Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Gurney & Lolita from Washington & one from Carl Betz wife & Son California   one from Ivy S. Guy. Arlington Va.  a little one from Epplers Vermilion, one from Bessie Seniff, Lorain, & one from Nellie, Elyria.   & I do hope to send some cards to those far away.   I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Love & care & pray for Elberts soul & health Amen. 

Wed. Dec. 19. 1951/ 1. eggs today./ Just wrote cards & letters all day   Elbert got car running & went & got the milk & did out side chores, he’s begining to worry about hisself,   I do hope & trust for the best,   I’m trusting Jesus will heal him.  he wants it done in a hurry now.   God please help us.  it’s not as cold as has been but wind’s blowing tonight & house cools off  fast.    I thank Thee Jesus for all things.   We got a few more cards today.   I pray I can get all mine mailed out as I want them to go.

Thurs. Dec. 20. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ Been dreary day   rain & rain with ice balls  snow is wet & sloppy.  I’ve tried to get cards all done but have to have 25 more yet.   We received a few more today.   Elbert & I saw a flying squiral run up & around on the walnut tree & take a flying hop over to the evergreens,   he wasn’t very big  redish brown in color & quick as a flash,  we saw him twice   Pa said long ago he hadn’t seen any for yrs. & it’s the first one I’ve seen since I was 10 or 11 yrs old.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for Thy Love & tender mercies & Pray for Elbert,  I’m trusting & believing for his convertion & healing in Jesus Name, I thank Thee & Give Thee all the Praise & Glory. Amen.   Wind’s South east tonight. God help all the Nations. 

Fri. Dec. 21. 1951./ No. eggs today/ Shortest day in the yr.   Well Elbert didn’t get to town but he did manage to get the milk   he couldn’t start car Thurs & it didn’t want to start today  I prayed God would help him start it. 

Fri. Dec. 21. 1951./ Page. 2853./ No eggs today/ after he had tried several times & give up I told him to go try again,  he did & I Praise Jesus & thank Him.   We been home all day   I got all the cards I have wrote & sealed & ready for the stamps & I made out two money orders 2.00 each for Father Flanagans Boys Home, Boys Town, Nebraska & one to Erie County Tuberculosis and Health Association, Court House, Sandusky Ohio.   I received a card from Mrs Mary Vedovich Lorain Co. Home Elyria Ohio.  she sent me a very pretty hand kercheif May God Bless her and Keep her.   We received a few more card,  I have 2. doz. yet to go,  I have to buy yet.   Cora didn’t write a word but I wrote a few lines to her & Nora & Carl & his wife & Son & to REv. Johny & Bonney Bell & Nellie & Bonita & Rev’s. Harwell’s, Hance & Eppler & Swartout   Well I have 29 to go & as many more to do   I thank & Praise God for helping me & hope I’ll get them all done.   I pray & trust for Elbert’s healing.   I thank Thee Jesus,  it’s so hard to wait, but I know You will do it.  convert & heal him & fill him & me, in Jesus Dear, Holy Name.  Amen.   I thank & praise Thee for All things & that they will work out for Thy good & Glory Amen.

Sat. Dec. 22. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ I washed & wiped up floors & darned a pr. of socks & mended Elberts work shirt  put a big patch clear across the shoulders, cooked  washed dishes  took care of bedrooms & crocheted the rest of edge on butterfly corner hankercheif.  yellow & the kercheif is yellow linen  Audrey gave me a bunch of them.   Gas tank came & I paid him 8.76 postman brought an other bunch of cards & Inez Hunt sent 1.00 in her card & I gave Elbert 9.00 & he had 10.00 & he mailed my cards and as usual didn’t keep Rev. Hance card out & find the address & put on it I had Rev. Mr & Mrs Hance & Lorain Ohio but no number or street,  & he put Flanagans letter in with out money order,  he did the rest O.K.  he went all the way back & put money order in & sealed it   he said & he gave me the stubs.   MIss Clark wasn’t home he said & he didn’t pay light bill, so that’s another trip & I don’t have enough to pay it now & I gave him enough, but, that’s the way it is when I can’t go along.   I need a dress & pray I’ll be able to get one before much longer.   It’s been a fairly nice day   was very cold last night again, but sun shone most all day   Elbert had little trouble getting out the drive   he can’t seem to back up & keep on the drive way but he only had to take out a little snow & was O.K. & gas man had to do same thing.   Cloths all dry  so I’m going to bed,  it after midnight.  I praise Thee Jesus for caring for us & saving my soul.

Sun. Dec. 23. 1951./ Page. 2854./ 1. eggs today/ Wasn’t so cold, thawed today, & snow settled a lot.  WE put feed out for the birds,  they ate greetily  poor little things,  we often think life is so hard but the birds “if you watch them,” have a very hard life at times, some birds have compassion on the old ones & even feed them & some five as care free & the world in general.   If only the people would read God’s Word & abide by it for it says, the World will be going on as in the Days of Noah, When Jesus will come & call his own & the rest will be lost.   Oh Jesus help me to be able to do Thy Will    I thank & Praise Thee.  I’m trusting & believing Amen,   Some sunshine, South west wind, Radio says snow tonight.

Mon. Dec. 24./ 1951./ No. eggs today./ Elbert saw 2 flying squirrels & 2 rabbits this morning,  he took 2 oyster crackers & some wal-nuts out & the squirels came & ate & played about for an hr. or so,  he saw 4 boys hunting & saw them shoot & kill one rabbit, the other one was on our place & he fed the birds, Red birds, sparrows, ground sparrows, snow birds, & 4 mourning doves, blue Jays & few sparlings around the grainery.   I finished my cards & got them all ready to mail   hope he can take them tomorrow.  & put ’em in Post box.   Mr. Hill brought box of candy to pay for the trees they got,  they sure acted as if they had stole them, “they were greedy” took so many   acted as if they’d like to take ’em all.   Well I didn’t get ironing done or bread baked,   so, tomorrow is Christmas a Holy Day.  & we will keep it so.  & Wed. God Willing I bake & iron.   I wiped up floor Sat & it begins to need it again.   I want to crochet 2 or 3 more hand-kercheifs corners & edgings yet. & finish Annabels chair back & arm set   one arm piece came up missing, so I have another partly done & hope to send them soon.   I’ll be glad to get to work again, hard to set & write cards.    I do thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & I’m trusting for Elbert’s convertion & healing.   I thank Thee Jesus & give all the Glory to Thee for ever Amen.

Tue. Dec. 25. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hosana to His Name.  We see 5 morning doves & put grain out for them and feed for all the birds   Elbert cooked a hen for dinner, I got up & took a bath & then made biscuits he creamed the potatoes & made the gravy.  & took up the dinner  we listened to the radio but the most we got was a lot of noise, not much of anything  that was of quite & worship. And it seemed alot of the programs  No. sunshine today. snow between midnight & 1-30 & heavy rain in showers from 5-30 untill daylight.  then light showers from a-m

Tue. Dec. 25. 1951./ page. 2855./ 1. egg this day./ untill 4-30-p-m. when the light wind or breeze changed from S. West to N. West and a heavy frozen white fog came in.   so thick we could see Railroad trains only things close home.  We were alone all day & we didn’t even get an invitation out to dinner from any one no a soul & no one even thought to bring us a few bites that would taste so different from what we have over & over again.  Well it’s O.K. I’d like to have to helped some poor, souls in our plight.  We had enough to eat   it’s little nick macks We’d have liked.   I would rather went to church, than to eat meat & other foods.  I thank God for our blessings & for so many healings for saving my soul, for teaching me his word & helping me to do His ways,   I’m so sorry it wasn’t possible for us to get to church, but I don’t like, the Evergreen & gifts for Christmas when we worship Christ   we should bring gifts to be used for Him, for His work, but children are taught to look for there gifts   Santa Clause Evergreen trees & personal gifts & Jesus is forgoten.   almost through greed and selfishness.   Over 700 have been killed in one way or another since Fri. Dec. 21. 1951. God help us.

Wed. Dec. 26. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Was Cloudy all morning untill 10-20-a-m. then began to clear off & was clear at noon.   & staid untill sunset,  sun stays so white.  but looks like a nice Feb. mo.   We watched the little squirrels,  I tried to get the picture of one eating a walnut, his back against walnut tree trunk & sitting on a little limb about as big around as. butt of my thumb, such a pretty little fellow with a big bustling tail. & the birds mourning dove (5) came & filled up on grain, then sparrows, chippys, cardnals, snow birds, & blue jay  little sap suckers were here & two blue birds.   I haven’t seen the robbins for a few days now.   I did my ironing & I have the chair arm piece almost half done again I finished the hand-kercheif.  hope to do several more,  It’s been a beautiful day.   Elbert took my pack of late cards & mailed them in Huron,   I was so angry about it but prayed & prayed God will take care of them & get them delivered safly.   I praise Him & thank him.   We received a two layer box of cholate candy & 2. handkercheifs apiece & Miss Clark sent another scarf  some cheap Christmas cards & some stamps   that’s 3 scarfs she’s dumped off on me & what cards & stamps she had left over, she says she give away what she gets & don’t want & she told me she expected things from them she gave them to but, I don’t feel I’m indebted to her,  I don’t care for the left overs,  I just have to give them to some one else that thinks they can use them.   I hope to try to get at my dress once more & see if I can get it done   I’m much in need of it, just now.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things Amen. 

Thurs. Dec. 27. 1951./ 2. eggs today/ We were going to Church, but last minute

Thurs. Dec. 27. 1951./Page. 2854. [sequence would be 2856] / 2. eggs this day./ we didn’t   Elbert took car up on the highway   had to have fuze put in for lights, then we ate ham for supper & he ate to much fat & it made him sick, he didn’t want to go & even after he said he would & would go in with me, he got to talking about going & said he supposed I had him in a pinch now since he said he’d go into church with me.   he must feel guilty.   Well all the birds were here feeding but we didn’t see squirrels to-day. Cleared off in the night & Stars were very clear & bright   wind “or breeze” went S. west & & sun came up bright & clear & white   it got cloudy, just thin fleecy white clouds at 3-30-p-m.  Sun turned to gold & then blood red as it set.   it’s been a beautiful day & today’s for March 1952.   It’s cleared off again tonight.   I do Praise Thee Jesus for Thy Love & Care & saving my soul,   I pray Thou will help me to praise Thee in Spirit & I’m still trusting & believing for Elbert’s healing & convertion.& I thank Thee Jesus  May all the Glory be Thine forever & ever, Amen.

Fri. Dec. 28. 1951./ 1. egg today./ New moon,   but, to cloudy to see it  wind was puffy last night & colder & partly or mostly cloudy all morning   sun came out at intervals,   but, got thick like a gray blanket at noon & is that way even now at 9-p-m.  wind backed up after dark S. only a little west stronger & still puffy.  colder & raw.   We received letter from Audrey & she ask that we ans. right away so I did & Elbert went to  Huron 4 miles to mail it    I gave him 25 cents to get some tea & he broke the dollar he had to get to yeast cake   we could have got along with out,  he didn’t pay the light bill 2.20 I can’t see how it could have been that much,   but, every things so crooked.   I baked 2 tins bread biscuits, set it at 4-30p-m & baked them before 8-30-p-m.   I am tired & all out of fix just because things are done wrong when I can’t go get them done myself,  I pray God will in Jesus Name fix things right.   I found I hadn’t paid for the tank of gass that leaked, but I did pay for the last one they brought.   So all is well, on that point,  but now they have been charging 8.76 per tank & they notified me now that they have raised the price to 9.79 per. tank, 1.03 raise.   I can’t see how we are going to manage when we first started using the tank gas, it lasted almost 4. months after a time it was only 3 mo’s. a little short of that at times & now its 2 months, some tanks, & nnow they want more money for less gas & soon if it continues it will be 8.79 a mo. & then they’ll be wanting us to just give them a donation once a mo. with no gas for us.   Oh God, what’s to be done.   I thank you Jesus for all things & pray we may do Thy will & ways untill you call us home & May all Praise & Glory be Thine. Amen.

Sat. Dec. 29. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion, he borrowed 1.50 from Mrs. Otis West, she seemed glad to loan it to him, he said he paid the light bill, 2.20, got the greens (turnips) for hens & came back home,   I had washing partly done, he ate a bowl of hot soup & drank cup & tea & carried

Sat. Dec. 30. 1951./ Page. 2855./ 2. eggs this day./    2. pails of cystern water & emptied the slop pail, & then went for the milk.  by that time, I had cleaned potatoes & carrots,   I had cabbage sliced & iin fresh water,  so, I put them on to cook in the left over ham broth & finished my own washing & got his half done,   he decided to wash his union suit, shirt & socks & he sudsed & wrinsed, so I was glad of his help for I was getting to tired  they are all dry except his wool underwear  my wool petticoat & his work shirt & socks.   I cooked, aired beds & rooms & made beds & now I’ll read and fix fire & go to bed.  So I thank God in Jesus Name for His love & care & for all things. 

Sun. Dec. 30. 1951./ 3. eggs today./ It’s been a very fogy day,  sun came out for a few minutes then fog blew in thick from N. East    We were home all day & listened to Rev. Bueser preach tonight.   Thought maybe girls would be out, but they didn’t com.  maybe they will tomorrow.   I thank God for my bible & His Wonder Word to us & Pray He will still lead us all, His way.   I thank Thee Jesus.   Be with Time all over the world & strengthen all our faith in Thee.  We will give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.

Mon. Dec. 31. 1951./ 2. eggs today./ Received answer from Sister Willitts,  but none from Sister Hance or Eppler,  I’m trusting God will see that they received cards & money & that they will let me know.   I thank Thee Jesus & I’m going to believe for same answer from those. two & from boys home & Sandusky.   Elbert went for milk & had a chat with Mrs. Kilbride,  I hope he don’t tell her all our afairs,   but, he does tell her things.   I’m still believing for his salvation & healing & that I may receive the Holy Ghost,  I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.   I pray Jesus Thou will bless all of thine & help us to live for Thee forever & ever Amen.   I would liked more than I can tell to have been all these weeks, in church more than I can tell & not a soul has ever called on us.   Oh God, I feel I walk alone with Thee.

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