October 1947

Wed. Oct. 1. 1947./ 2 eggs today./  Well I washed & my whole body is pulsing.   I’m to tired.   It’s been a fine day   N.E. wind & cool, hot sun,    Elbert went to look for work & got back tired & blue.  no work   so he did odds & end around here   I had the washing most done when he got here.   I carried water & took care of hens & chicks & got a letter for Elbert from Cleveland Trust & some one had opened it.  I thank God for

Thurs. Oct. 2. 1947/ page 2054./ 3. eggs today./  our many blessing.  Well I feel terrible bum today   I haven’t been eating only one meal & a snack & today I only had some pear to eat untill 5.-30.-p-m.    been a beautiful day & Elbert fed to much mash & we run out of feed & now I looked through everything to dig up a few cents & I found $2.51,    I don’t know how I overlooked them before, but now I have got all cleaned up & don’t know what we’ll do in the next pinch,   I have 3.26 now toward the mash & hope to sell 2. doz. eggs for not less than 1.50 & then I have two little banks   we, us to save nickles & dimes in & they give our dollar back when we take them back, so, that ought to give me $6.76, and Elbert had a 25 cent piece & I gave him 25 more for gas & we may have enough for a bite of food.  now for a bath & to bed & get up & off at 8-a-m.   for Elbert says he’s got a job in a pencil factory in the yellow brick house 1/4 mile this side of Huron bridge.   Warmer tonight.  I thank God in Jesus Deara Name for our many blessing & pray He will bless our preachers & there efforts, & that He will fill those of us with the Holy Ghost that haven’t been Amen.

Fri. Oct. 3. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  Been quite a day for me,    we got up early & put everything in the car, we were taking with us, 2. doz. eggs for mrs. Cranage, 1. can apricots & a doz. big russet pears & the 2 little banks from the Cleveland Trust Company,   I was taking them back to get a dollar a piece on them, but Elbert took them there & they wouldn’t give the money back, said they’d changed there method now,    the people are getting so bad in this world.    I ask Mrs. Cranage if she would lend me 2.00 & she did, so, we got a bag of mash a can of milk a1. lb of spry & he took in 6. lbs. of old greese & got 60 cents for it & bought a little piece of plate beef 2. inches square & 8 in long for 46 cents so he got 2 cans of pork & beans for 23 cents & we came home to find my check in the mail box,    We came home & I opened a can of pork canned in lard that Frank Bonney gave us last Sat. & it stunk so I sealed it up, I’ll give it back to him. when he comes out again   I cut off a piece of the boiling meat & ground it & put a can of the beans in it & we had that for dinner & then Elbert gave the hens some mash & the pullets , & we locked up again & we went to Vermilion & got another bag of mash a 3. lb. of crisco a 24 lb sack of flour 3. lemons  can of milk 1. yeast cak 3 frankforters & 2 slices of pressed ham.   I found the 2.51 cents & I gave Elbert 1. for gas & we got 1.70 for eggs.  We paid 

Fri. Oct. 3. 1947./ page. 2055./ 4. eggs this day./   7.65 cents, the balance of feed bill we owed. & I only got 2.00 left for Church.   we went to the church & I took a nice bunch of bitter sweet a little bunch of Indian tobaco & 4 potted plants  3. little  2. in pots with rubber plant & 2. little plant that look like cactuts,    they wasn’t home so I left them in the hall way & I couldn’t leave the money.   I didn’t know where to leave it, or put it.  We came back.  I had set the bread & it was just ready to make biscuits so I did that & made soup for our supper.    Elbert went to the new job & they told him to go home & come back in the Morning at 6-a-m.    so he’s in bed & a sleep & I am soon going    I did the dishes took care of my bread & my teeth & this & I read my bible and pray a while then get in bed.  It’s been quite warm today, beautiful day S. breeze.   I thank God for our blessings, He took us & fed us & Mrs. Cranage was so kind to loan us the 2.00 & I hope to be able to send it back or take it soon.  Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah   I Praise God from whom all blessing flow,   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sat. Oct. 4. 1947. / 1. egg today./  Well, Elbert went to work & I swept all 3 room & wiped up the floors & picked & cleaned & potted a few plants & Elbert set the water by the cook door & I cleaned & filled 3. pails & one half sized pail & then I carried a big pail of mash to all of them & let them out side    sun was nice & warm & not much breeze.   what there was came from S.west.   Elbert came a little after 3-p-m.   he had been to Huron & got a piece of pressed ham,    boss advanced him $5.00,   Well Frank & Armond came about 15 minutes before & had gone hunting,   so we had a lunch & then Elbert looked after hens & fixed his garden cultivator & tried it out.   then we had supper, what soup w had left,    then the boys came back with 4 woodchucks & gave Elbert 2. so he dressed them,   they brought some cabbages that had split open & strted to grow for the hens    Elbert got some nice letuce leave for hens. yesterday    & he has a good job, can sit down if he wants to & work a machine & it is easy, he said    he didn’t feel so tired   it’s only 90. cents & hr. but, it’s a good job for winter.  Oh, 

Sat. Oct. 4. 1947./page. / 2056./ 1. egg this day. /   how I Praise God in Dear Jesus name for ans. to prayer   He hears the cry of a sparrow and says we are more worthy & I am so weak & I Know I am a sinner in His sight, but still He hears and ans. prayer  I praise Thee & love Thee. 

Sun. Oct. 5. 1947./2. eggs. today/  Well, we didn’t even get to go to Church this morning,   but I did go this evening. & Miss Brown preached the sermon    there were only a very few there.    We have such good plain sermons     there were more children then older people & that’s a shame on the older people.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all things great or small & I pray I may be per-mitted to mingle with the church folk, more often.    Oh I love the Lord & I Praise Him in all things for ever & ever Amen.  Beautiful day   S.W. wind.    We had a thunder & lightening storm last eveing & it showered untill most morning. 

Mon. Oct. 6. 1947./ 3. eggs today/  I took Sister Gurney a few Japanese lanterns to dry for winter bouquets.    Elbert went to work at 2-p-m.   he’ll be back at 15 to 11-p-m.  I did out the washing after he left, & got most of it dried.    it been a beautiful day with a good south breeze.  I fed all the hens & chicks & locked them in & locked the grainery.  I’m tired.  Elbert came    had a hot dish of speggetti & now he’s going to bed after he gets washed.   & I ‘m going to read & then I’m going to my bed & I thank God for all our many blessing in jesus Dear Name.

Tue. Oct. 7. 1947./ 2. eggs today./   Elbert went to work at 2-p-m. & I took care of hen & chicks & carried 3. pails of water for the house & one for pullets.     I mended Elberts work shirt & got a night gown most done.    & got supper & had everything ready when Elbert got here at 11-15-p-m.    it’s been a beautiful day.   I thank God for Our blessing. in Jesus Name.

Wed. Oct. 8. 1947./page. 2057./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert went to work at 2-p-m.    he Killed 2 pullets & dressed them & put them on to cook,   I slept untill 11-a-m. & I have felt to bum, to do much today,   & I haven’t got any more threat to sew with & so I used up the last of the darn-ing cotton on his socks,  4. prs. & did my daily doz.    & now I have made 2. tins of biscuits & got everything ready for supper when he gets here,    I’m so tired, & he looked tired when he left this afternoon,    it’s been a fine day  much cooler & cloudy all day.  N.E. breeze.  But I thank God for our blessings which are many.  To-night the Church folks are having a birthday party on Rev Gurney over to Mrs. Wests home,    they invited me, but of course I couldn’t go & any way I had no way to make sandwitches & meat costs such a lot we can’t buy for ourselves.   Elbert got here at 11-p-m.   He’s getting dissattisfied, Oh God of Love & Mercy, I pray Thou will guide & direct hime, soul & body, & help him to be able to make his payments    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & pray Thou will teach us Thy Ways.  Oh, Glory to God  I Praise Thee.

Thurs. Oct. 9. 1947./ No. eggs today/  Well, Elbert went to work & I dressed & fried another rooster for supper.  We’ll be flapping our wings & crowing, or flying, or some-thing if we don’t get a change in food before long.  I’m sure glad we have them, or we’d be fasting long hrs.  but it would be nice to have some fish & some meat at least twice a week,    I’ve done my daily round & took care of hens & pullets,    only 1. rooster left.  We were trying to save 3. for the Hollidays,   but thats over & if we get to save this one we’ll be lucky.  It takes a bag of mash a week, for we can’t buy grain.   The wind’s N.E. & cool, plenty fresh to.   sun set White last night & tonight.   Been a beautiful Fall day with sunshine.    elbert got home 5 to 11-p-m. tonight,    he’s getting terrible uneasy & he is beginning to hate it to.   Well we had supper & got dishes done, & I thank God we are both O.K. & got enough for his lunch tomorrow & our dinner,    I love Jesus & He loves & cares for me.  Tonight is prayer meeting & I can’t go    But I have read & I have prayed & they prayed for me & God touched me & I thank Him for I sure needed the touch.   Praise God in Jesus Holy Name  Glory   Glory  Hallulejah  Glory to God  I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. Amen.

Fri. Oct. 10. 1949. [she means 1947]/ page. 2058/ 3. eggs today/    Well Elbert went to work, he leaves about a quarter to three & gets here around 11-p-m.  We had dinner I made Chicken baqll & gravey for dinner    We were hungry so they tasted good & we had spinage & biscuits & he had coffee.  I set bread & made to tins of bread biscuits    it had just got started to raise the cover when Nellie came with johny & Marcia, Bonita & her 3. Children & they had brought there dinner,    I had gone out & was putting the hens & pullets in the cook when they drove in.  I finished taking care of them,    had to put a pail of water in for pullets & Johny got that & I fastened back door & traps     I had put the mush in When they I see them drive in,    it was getting quite chilly, so I finished before going to the house,     they brought hadock fish to fry & Bonita & Marcie set the table & got the potatoes on to cook & made salid of cabbage cellery & lettuce    & I fried the fish,    they got the chairs around & at last we set down to eat    they all had a taste of chicken balls    there were only 4  & they ate 2. so we have 2 left. one for his lunch tomorrow or the fish they left for him.  We had a little visit,    the children are so noisy we can’t visit much,    Well, Johny took the sink pipe apart & said we’d have to have a new piece   Elbert had spoilt this on,    so he said he’d be back in a few nights or days & put the new one on,    “he had & extra one at home “he said.    so after that they packed up & started for home,    I got the bread on the tins to raise before they left.  They brought a pk of winter pears, but they are so small, I don’t know what to do with them.    I gave them a few of ours, the dutches big rusty coats.  We had them ost eat up.   I gave little Bonita some clam shells I had picked up on the beach & had them in the basement.  Well after they left I swept & put things back wehre they belonged & took bread out the oven & greesed it & then washed up dishes, then got everything out & ready to warm for supper.    now I’m having a cup of hot tea & it’s, 10-30-p-m.   Elbert’s through work & will be coming home now.  It’s been a fine day but cold N. E. breeze & the 

Fri. Oct. 10. 1947./page. 2059./ 3. eggs. this day./    are so ragged they feel the cold, but they were out a couple of hours    I like to shut the coop before it gets to cold & there are two windows with only half sach & I cover them with bags    they let a lot of cold air in & we have to do something about it soon.   I Praise God in Jesus Name for our many blessings.  Jesus is so truly wonderful to me, I love Him more than all else.

Sat. Oct. 11. 1947./ 2. eggs today/  Elbert went to work,   but this morning the Old man “that bought Duglas farm” came over to see if Elbert would come over & help him build his new house, then he said he wanted to either buy my place or a driveway from his hill across the N. side of my place,    he rents his ground to Bert Ward & I reckon Berts in the deal in some way.  They wouldn’t want to pay anything worth while    Well, I washed my two bed room windows, it’s a hard job.    & I’m to tired, body seems to heavy & tired out,    but I got chores done & supper about ready & it’s 10-30-p-m & he will get here 11. or 11.-15.-p.-m.  & I’ll be happy when all is done,    I’ll thank God in Jesus name,   it’s been a beautiful day, N.E. breeze cool,     but sun was really hot.   I’m hoping & Trusting to go to sunday school & church in the morning.

Sun. Oct. 12. 1947./2. eggs today./  They call the 12.th. Columbus Day.   I wanted so much to get to the meetings this morning, but, instead Elbert had his mind set on going to see Irwin Wasen, about carpenter work,    so we went & they were cleaning house & putting up storm windows,    he talked to Elbert & I to Wyn & Virginia & the little girl, a few minutes maybe 15 minutes   then we went & called on Nellie, Bonita & the children,    Nellie & Bonita had been working all morning & had just got cleaned up    they had bakes pies & were going to church where they were having a big supper for Mrs. Frankie Beesie in honor of her playing the organ & piano for 50 yrs. in the Church.   They ask us to go, but , “the bible says” if we are hungry, we have houses where we can eat but the church is where we partake of the Lord’s supper” They gave me a cup of green tea  dry tea & a cup to

Sun. Oct. 12. 1947./ page. 2060./ 2. eggs this day./  each of us, of hot tea, it tasted very good for I was hungry, only had 2 handful of crackers in a cup & a half of broth    & Elbert got us each an ice cream cone in Amherst.  That was all I’d had all day untill 6-30-p-m.    when we got home we warmed some potatoes & had hot sweet corn Elbert had picked Sat.    then we took care of birds & hens & went to Church    We had such a good prayer meeting,     God laid his hand on the Minister, he’s been sick,    I don’t know what’s wrong with him but to much work,   he runs off to Ackron to the broad cast & don’t get back untill the early hrs of morning    it’s quite a drive seems it would be better if they could have there own broadcasting system    Well, Nellie told us Adam Hunter died 2 weeks ago & was buried there where he preached.  and John Mower is dead,   he went to Sandusky to die,his home town.  Oh God, fill me before I go & help me to be of more service to Thee, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen. We got saftly back home.   I felt better, but tired, so terribly tired.    It’s been a beautiful warm sunshiny day and I thank God for our many many blessing.  Glory to His Name. 

Mon. Oct. 13. 1947./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert got up & went to Vermilion    he wants to get back to carpenter work    they pay 2.00 pr. hr. & he only gets 80 cents per hr. where he is,   he’s got his car to pay off & this will take so long    but I hope he makes that & his insurance,   It’s a beautiful day warm & hot sun, very light breeze.  Elbert’s gone to work    I washed my bedroom curtians & his & cleaned top of cook stove & I’m to tired.   And just as I thought Elbert has got out of that shop he should have went this a.m. & instead, he went at 1-30-p. m., he talked with the old man back of us & he wants him to come help him,    I don’t know how he can make the payment on his car.   Well, he’s gone to bed, his head’s bad again, he can’t stand the night, it strains his eyes.  Oh God,   I’m trusting you will give me Frank’s pension, that would clear up every-thing, for us & we could live & pay what we owe,    Please help me Jesus,   Please, I do all I can if you will help me in health of soul & body & the little we need to live on.  I thank Jesus & Praise Thee, I love Thee & want to do they will.

Tue. Oct. 14. 1947./page 2061./ 1. egg today/   Elbert went to Elyria & Lorain   he didn’t get a job or the money he wanted to borrow   said he had to go back again.   he looked for that man at Vermilion on the Lake but didn’t find him    then he did see a man out Vermilion river that wants him but can’t get his lumber & so on & on     & my feet have tortured me most to death all day    sweat drips off my chin all day   I cleaned 2 little pullets & fried, all but the breasts & thighs & that I fried I put in the roaster to simmer & the other I ground for balls    & I did the dishes  & 3/4 the washing & had to stop to feed & bring in the clothes & set down,    my feet torture me so bad    I startched my curtians & Elbert’s today & dried them to & I got to iron a dress & wipe up the floor & put a clean table cloth on     & tote my books & mending into my room,   for Nellie said she thought they would all be here again tomorrow    Johny is going to fix the sink. pipe, Elbert spoilt.  I owe Johny 5.00.  It’s been a beautiful day, N.E. breeze, but roses are blooming yet, & Honey suckle.  & the wild violets are full of violets, the dandelines to.   heavy dues & fogs at night & warm sun days.   I Praise God for our blessings   I love Him more than all else in this world & pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost,  I’ll thank Him for ever & ever & I’d like to have the gift for healing. 

Wed. Oct. 15. 1947./ 2. eggs today./  This morning Elbert got up & washed out his 2. B.V.D. suits & one shirt I left to soak over night, because I was to tired to finish,     then he went to Huron & didn’t get back untill 5-p-m.   he hlped at the fish house for 1/2 bu. fish,     he was out cleaning them when Johny, Marcie, Nellie, Bonita & the children came.    I had give up there coming,  Bonney Bell came with them to, this time & showed me her engagement ring, from Joe ______[Dudiak] another weding gift to be dug up from some where.  Well, they had brought there supper, so, they set down & ate it, but, Elbert stayed out & cleaned the rest of the fish before he came in & Johny put a new piece, what they call a drain trape that’s 5.00 I’ll have to pay Johny.  They all talk at once & it’s hard on me for I’m alone so much.  Elbert gave them half the fish all

Wed. Oct. 15. 1947./page. 2062./ 2 eggs this day./ cleaned & ready to salt & fry    I gave them a big tin of biscuits 8 on the tin, as much as one big loaf of bread & a loaf of graham bread, that I had baked today,    I swept & cleaned out under the sink so Johny could get under & fix the drain & not get dirty.   I gave them a 2. qt. can of cucumber pickles, cheery tomatoes.  I gave Marcie the willow basket, that Frank Babcock bought for me so long ago,   it’s nice for a sewing basket,   she was real pleased with it.    I gave Bonita some mash bags that I wouldn’t use only one of each kind & they use them for aprons.   I was going to iron my dress & Bonney Bell did it for me    I had to put it on,   I had my old ragged one on & it was so dirty.    I got it spattered cleaning under the sink.    Well, I felt yesterday, that the Cleveland Trust would be after Elbert, for he is behind a mo’s payment on his car and sure as fate, a man came today, said he would have to get in, one payment before Mon.  I told him Elbert had sent in the dollar as they had said & so now if he can send the one payment, he’ll be O.K. untill the 15 of next mo.    I hope he can get it all of some one he Knows & pay them in full & then pay the indivigal off,    he sure is a problem some times, he does really need his car.    I haven’t anything I can sell to raise the money for him.  We have to pay the light bill yet this mo, & no money in sight.  Oh God Please help us, I will give thee all the praise.  Now he wants to go to Lorain & see if he can get the money from some where.    I thank God for our many blessing.  It’s been another beautiful day,     I took care of chicken also today.

Thurs. Oct. 16. 1947./ 1. pullet egg 1. hen egg/   Well the Lord answered my prayers & John Werner loaned Elbert the money to pay off the bank, so his car is free,    John wouldn’t even take a note on it,    I pray God will bless him & that Elbert will work & pay it all back with interest.    I’m still trusting God will see I get my pension & the back pension since 1933. & the money that belongs to us from Uncle Harvy Bonney.   God is able, Oh I Know He can help me & I’m believing & trusting He will.  I standing on His promises & leaning on His Arms.  Glory Glory Hallelujah,   I Praise Thee Jesus, Glory, Glory, Glory.    We went to Lorain & I visited with mrs. Cranage, while Elbert went to see John Werner, then I called on Madeline Hunter Todd to express my sympathy.    she says David looks terrible bad also. 

Thurs. Oct. 16. 1947./page. 2063./ 1. pullet  1. hen egg./   I didn’t stay long    Elbert was waiting for me in the car.    then he tried to see Deitz, but, missed him & then we came straight home  ate supper & took care of hen & pullets & rested a little & went back to church    We had a good prayer service & God is working in our midst,    there are 4. Smith Children & they had 2. other girls with them 6. of them in the back seat, we called for Miss. Clark    she’s had a heart attack & is very weak yet    we took her 2. fish,   she seemed pleased to get them & Hamblys are in bad condition,    he is sick & can’t work & her step father, as I understand it, isn’t working either.    If they’d only come back to Church, God of Love & Mercy, do help them to come back.   Sun was burning hot  S. breeze & fresh.    wind went N.E. late this after noon & evening heat 87. degrees.   I thank God in Jesus Name, for all our many blessing Amen

Fri. Oct. 17. 1947./1. egg today./  We went to the beach & got sand enough to fill a barrel & several big cans & pails & I dipped half the sand & Elbert had to carry it to car & then from car to south end of hen cook to the barrel.  I picked up a few pretty stones & I’m tired, so tired, & we are both tired.    We have had a beautiful day, little cooler & partly cloudy & it sprinkled quite steady for a few minutes while we were getting the sand.    I got supper & am still to tired.   I thank God for our many blessing & my healings & All the Praise & Glory belong to Him.  I owe my life to Him

Sat. Oct. 18. 1947./ 1. pullet  1. hen egg./    Elbert went up & got what money he had coming, he said it was 19.00 & some odd cents.   he ask if he could come back to work, but they said they had plenty of men & was laying off some this week.   so he went to Huron    got a big mess of fish & come home & cleaned them    we had 4 for dinner & he cleaned the rest after dinner.    I baked 4. tins of bread biscuits  2. large, 2. smaller ones.    he was going to Vermilion but decided to wait untill Mon.  I hope to go to church, but I terribly tired out.    I thank God for taking care of us & I want to do my part for Him.   I’d like to do lots more than I do, he knows.    Frank & Armond came & went out hunting & said they had no luck, but they got tired    they brought us a basket of tomatoes,    I hope to make chillie sauce this coming week.   I thank God for our many blessing.  Its been a nice showery day with sun coming through now & again   S.W. wind.

Sun. Oct. 19. 1947. /page. 2064./ 2. eggs. today./  We went to Church this morning & I took a bag with beets carrots & tomatoes a tomatoe pepper & 2. biscuits for Miss Clark    she isn’t very well.    We took fish & a tin of biscuits to the preachers.    Mrs. Gurney is in bed tuckered out taking care of Rev. Buesers, two babys & her own & they thought she might have the flu.    they are neither very strong & so the Preacher that was working “or preaching for Bueser,” is now preaching for the Rev. Gurneys.    I understood they were going back toAmherst for dinner    We went over the river to Hamblys & talked to them a few minutes & tried to get them to com back to Church,    he has a chip he’s toating.    We gave them a tin of biscuits & then came home & fried fish & had a hot dinner.    I had to wrinse out some towels I had soaked out & looked after the chickens.  The weather has been fine today,    it rained so hard before daylight    Now we hope to go back to evening services & I pray God will bless me with the filling I crave so much to receive, the Holy Ghost.   I feel sure we must receive the Holy Ghost to be stamped with God’s seal.   We went to evening service,   Sister Brown did the preaching.    We had several songs by different ones & Miss Brown preached on the subject “The sweetest day”   is when we lay our all at Jesus feet & ask Him to forgive our sins & when He forgives us,  I can testify it is the sweetest minute in all our life,     it’s truly more wonderful than we can explain.    I went up & talked with Sister Gurney, she’s better & was down to the young peoples meeting but had to go back & lay down before church started,     I talked just a very few minutes.    she said her fever was bad, she could see little devils with clocks dancing around all over the walls & the hands pointed to ten minutes to twelve & she thought she was going to die,    but they prayed & she got O.K.    she said the devil was just trying to vex her.    I thank God for my (our) many blessings and ans to my prayers.

Mon. Oct. 20. 1947./ 2. pullet eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & got the mash & grain 539 & 509- 10.48 for the two.    he got a piece of boiling meat & a sack of flour & 6 cans of milk. & then came home & dressed them at 2.p.m.    I did most the washing    had to carry 2 pails of water & that just a-bout done me up, so I didn’t finish.    Elbert did chores & helped get supper,    we fried the fish for supper,    he killed dressed & cooked to pullets this a.m. & we had some for our

Mon. Oct. 20. 1947./page. 2065./ 2 pullet eggs this day./today is ma & pa’s wedding annavarsery 68. yrs./         dinner,    they were small & would-n’t pay to keep them,    I made some baking Powder biscuits for our supper.    Elbert got a few tomatoe peppers today for me,    a week ago tonight I found one hot one,    it is like real pepper.    I am cooking it & will can it to use for soup.    Well, I thank God for our many blessing.    It’s been a beautiful wind     went clear around today. 

Tue. Oct 21. 1947./ 1. pullet & 1. hen egg./  Elbert cleaned half the hen house & was so tired tonight,     and I know how tired he is for I have cleaned the whole coop a lot of times & he didn’t do that Job as we use to do it.    he scraped the pole, but didn’t scrub them    he scraped the roost & put sand on it & he had to scrape the floor, for he didn’t put sand on it the last time he cleaned it    but he has this time & now we haven’t got the straw for it & I don’t know how we are going to get the straw.    he has the first half of coop to clean next.     after he went to bed he happened to think one pullet flew on the top of the hen house from a tree,    K& so I went out with him & got her out of the tree & put her in the hen house.  I made one batch of Chilly sauce to-day & that tired me all out,     I washed a big peck of tomatoes, peeled & chopped them with 6. big onions & 6. big peppers & put them on to cook with 1. quart of cider vinegar 3/4(small cup) of salt, 2 coffee cups packed with brown sugar & a small cup of mixed spices tied in a clean white cloth & boiled & satirred it for 5. hours, then caned it in 1/2 pint containers.    I put in a bunch of cellery when I can get some that’s meaty & tender,    I pull the strings off after I have washed it & chop it fine    made sauce taste better I think.    Well it’s been another beautiful warm day.    We were both coughing & sneezing last night & I ask the Lord in Jesus Dear Name to remove the cause & all Praises to Him, we were both O.K. this morning.    We truly owe our all to him, our very life.

tue. Oct 22. 1947./ 1. pullet egg. that makes 6. pullet eggs so far /   Elbert cleaned middle pen in hen house.    He kill 4. pullets & dressed them or he did the most    I picked off a few feathers,    he cut them up & I fried 2 & put them in the roaster & we ate our evening lunch out of them.    He also peeled a big pk. 

WEd. Oct. 22. 1947./ page 2066./ 1. pullet egg that makes 6 in all/   of tomatoes & I peeled the onions & chopped them & the peppers & tomatoes and got another batch of chilli sauce all most done     will have to finish cooking it “God Willing” tomorrow.    It’s been a beautiful day & I’ve been in the house most of the day & I sure feel as if I’d like to be out side.    I thank God for our many many blessings, in Jesus Name.

Thurs. Oct. 23. 1947./ 1. egg (hen’s) today./   Well I cooked the Chilli sauce a while    Elbert got ready to go to Vermilion on the Lake & ask me to go with him,    he was to see a Mr. Clark, seems there are two brothers working together, & younger one sent him to see the older one & Elbert got the wrong house,     so I got him to go back to the first one & ask him again & then we went back & found the other one & he told Elbert to come to him Tue. morning Oct. 28.     that he was all ready to start the 8. new houses.    I thanked God for him & I pray Elbert’s knee will be a lot better so he can work while the weather is good.    I gave Brother & Sister Gurney the 2. pullets we had prepared for them    & then, I baked 2 tins of baking Powder biscuits & we really had our dinner a 3-p-m.     I ironed & finished cook-ing the chilli & Elbert fed pullets & hens    & then I caned the chilli  in pt cans ___ pts.  then we got ready & went to prayer meeting & we had a good prayer meeting & God filled me with joy my Jesus & I want the Holy Ghost fulfillment & I will Praise Thee & Give thee all the Glory. It’s been a beautiful day   N.E. wind.    & a Place called Bar Harbor on the Coast of Maine They said over the radio that they were the places where the rich people lived.    If they would only love God as much as they do this worlds goods    Oh God keep me ever humble & true & help me to be a greater blessing to Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.

Fri. Oct. 24. 1947./ page. 2067./ 1. pullet egg./   Well, Elbert cleaned the first pen & put sand on the floor & I finished my night gown & fixed another double blanket for Elbert’s bed & put it on his bed    the other one is worn out     now I’ll have to fix the other one like it & I’ll have a change for his bed    these blankets are so short and narrow but, looks as if I’ll have to make them do.    I want to get my wool blankets washed again soon & I have to fix the ends on one,    I want to cut it in two & put a piece across the ends & I want to wash the curtians & windows before it gets any colder & trim & tie up the roses on the end of the house.    I’ve been so tired today.    Sister Gurney & Sister Brown came to call on us this evening & I had to dig up the crochet work & show it to them….& we talked about one thing and another & about Miss Brown going away.    she’s going to preach in Iowa & is leaving Mon. morning early “that will be Oct. 27. 1947.”     but I do hope she comes back to us again    God Bless her & give to her spiritually  phyicly & finacuallly, she’s Thine & I love her.    Our Preachers are good to and I love them & pray the same for them,    I pray Thou will help me to be a blessing in our church and help them all I can.    Bless thy people every where & strengthen there faith,     be with those who have gone astray & some how help them to wake up & come back in Jesus Name we ask, Amen.   I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessing today.  It’s been a beautiful day with a strong N.E. wind    been having such beautiful moon light nights to.    Sister Gurney said Mrs Day called her & said to tell Elbert to come to her house in the morning to see about a carpenter job.

Sat. Oct. 25. 1947./ 1. p. 1. hen. eggs today/   Elbert went to Vermilion but the man said he wasn’t ready,    so that was a worthless job, or trip.    Well he came back, ate a lunch & went to Huron to get some fish & he got back with 12 fish     I fried some for supper & he ate & went back, for Sep   hadn’t got in yet so he helped them carry in the fish & got about a pk more fish for us.    Frank & his two boys came out to hunt & gave Elbert a wood chuck, so he has meat for tomorrow & Mon.    & I baked 2. loaves of graham & a little loaf & 2 tins of biscuits & 1. white

Sat. Oct. 25. 1947./page. 2068./ 1. pullet 1. hen egg./    loaf,   so I’m tired tonight also.    partly cloudy, but a beautiful day.   I thank God in Jesus name for the beautiful day & our many many blessing.    Harvey & Olive & their baby [Harvey Bonney and wife Olive, and baby, Elinor’s nephew, niece by marriage and grand niece or nephew]   & Armond & Clara [Armond Bonney and wife Clara (note may be second wife after Ethel???] & baby, Elinor’s other nephew, niece by marriage and grandniece or nephew) & their baby were having supper with Frank & Ruby [Frank Bonney & Ruby Gillmore Bonney, Elinor’s brother & sister in law]  parents the boys    Well Elbert dressed the chuck & put it in salt water,     but the fish must wait till morniong    I hope to go to Church at least once tomorrow & to see Miss Brown again befor she goes. 

Sun. Oct. 26. 1947./ 2. pullets eggs./  New tank of gas Oct 26./  Well Elbert got up & dressed 2 pans of fish & scaped & wshed them & I salted them & packed them in the pans    I  rapped up 4 for Miss. Clark & a biscuit & couple slices brown bread & a little jar of chilli sauce & we went to Church     & I gave Rev. & Mrs. Gurney a pan of fish    Sister Brown did the preaching tonight,    she leaves early in the morning for some place in Iowa.   We will sure miss her    We have learned to love her much,    I pray God will bless her & that if he is willing we may meet again before very long.   I cooked the woodchuck this after noon.    I ‘m so tired.   I thank God for our many blessing and Praise Him, and wish I could be as sweet and good as He.    It’s been a beautiful day warm enough yet to go out a round the yard with out a jacket on,     cool though, at night.    The Church folks gave Miss Brown 3. silk handkercheifs  a birthday card & some money.

Mon. Oct. 27. 1947./ 2. pullet & 1. hen egg./   Well, It’s been a beautiful day    south wind & fresh  hot sun & warm drying air     & I washed all the clothes, a bouble blanket & 3. mash bags & the gas  is gone     it’s only 2. mo. & 8. days since we got this tank, it should have lasted at least untill Nov 19.    such is life & we owe for 2. tanks now.    Well, all the clothes are dry & put away & I made the bed & washed up the dishes,    We got a qt. of milk next door & had to eat bread & milk.

Tue. Oct. 28. 1947./ 1. pullet egg./   Gas tank came today    now we owe $27.57,    We went to Lorain    sold Mrs. Cranaage, 2. doz eggs 87 cents per doz. & one hen for 42 cents per lb. 4. lbs. all come to 3.42 cents   I owed her $2.00 but she gave me $2.50 & said she was giving me that & to forget about it, but I’ll try to give her the money back in another hen.  I owe her ($1.08)    I have a letter ready to go to Elbert’s insurance Co. & I have to write to Sister Willitts & send the stamps back she sent in her last letter.     Well, we got some hamberg & it’s so discusting & dissatisfing   no meat flavor & tuff & hard.    We had some cooked in a little boiling water & seasoned, cooked it quick but there just isn’t any juice in it.    I hate it.    We got a piece of boiling meat & it’s

Tue. Oct. 28. 1947/ page. 2069./ 2. pullet egg today/   the same way, no, flavor.    We haven’t worked today, not enough to eat to keep us going.   Mrs Cranage fell & hurt her hip out on her back porch the day after I was there.    that was Oct. 3.    I Praise and thank God she’s human enough to help us, even that little bit,    We neither had, had a thing to eat since Mon. & it was 2-15-p-m. before we could eat     & the gas came in time to have hot coffee for supper.    Well, it rained in showers & drizzled be-tween showers last night,    was a beautiful morning & after noon    clouded up & raining again tonight a slow rain.    I thank God & praise Him in Jesus Name for our blessing.    Elbert killed, picked and cleaned out the hen this morning,    yesterday he fixed up the places where it leaked on the roof around the chimeny & he’s so lame today,    he fixed corners on grainery also & carried my wash water. 

Wed. Oct. 29. 1947./ 3. pullet eggs. 1. hens egg./   Well I haven’t done much today,      ride to Lorain was to much     I feel to weak & we sure do need more food than we been getting of late,     Elbert got up and went to Huron & got a few fish & I fried them     they were sure good    & I made soup with rice & onions & car-rots in it,     but it makes me sweat just to eat, I’m so tired.     We received a card from Bonita today,     She said,

Dear Aunt Eleanor, Oct. 27.    Johny & Marcie were married 3. months today.    I washed & got half the ironing done.  We all enjoyed the  fish.   They were delicious.    Johny & Marcie came on Fri. night for supper    They went to New London & stayed here all night when they got back.    & all day Sat. Johny worked on the blower of furnace & Marcie ironed all day for me.    Ella Jane was sick but O.K. now    I’m going to Laurabelle to help her a little.   How are both of you?   Try to write, or come when you can.    Love from all  Bonita.

   She wrote it all on a penny post card & has plenty of room for more.    We were glad they wrote, for we are in a sorry fix.    I do pray god will give us enough to get paid up, clothed & fed up, so we’ll have strength enough to keep working as long as we live.    I know now What ma went  when she ask pa if he was going to punish us again.    But I know to, that pa would be glad to give all he ever had if he could only right the wrongs he has done.   I understand both visions now, and I hope & pray God will help the others to come clean before they to, have to regret so much.      It’s been a nice warm rainy day, getting

Fri. Oct. 31. 1947 [she skipped Oct 30]./ page 2070./ 2. pullets  1. hens.eggs/   Well, it’s been a rainy day N.E. wind.    I fried another chicken, or most of one     ground the breast & thighs & got them ready to make meat balls for tomorrow,     it was a very small pullet.     We ate the back wings & one drum stick fried,    I made gravey for our bread & chopped onion cabbage & sweet tomatoe pickles together with red pepper salt sugar & vinegar for a relish.    I washed what dirty clothes there was & did part the sweeping,    so, God Willing, I finish sweeping & wipe up the floors & do rest of my ironing tomorrow.    I hope to get the windows & curtians washed this coming week, they are so terrible dirty    also that old quilt on the couch.    I wrote a letter to Elberts insurance co. & a card to Bonita & a letter to Miss Willetts.    & I can’t find the stamps she sent so now I’ll have to send her a dollar. for them.   I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessing this day, Amen.

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