August 1951

Wed. Aug. 1. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Well I got the hem in my dress & got the other one sewed together got to bast the sleeves in & finish hem in sleeves & bottom of skirt & then the button & snap.   it’s been quite cool N. East breeze  & hot sun 

Wed. Aug. 1. 1951./ page. 2782./ 17. eggs this day./sun is so far N. that it does seem queer for this time of year. & to night it’s real chilly Elbert said he chopped some wood,   he thought I might want a little heat,    but it isn’t bad in the house,    we shut the house up & saved the heat before dark.   I did my usual round of duties & then helped Elbert a little he cut the weeds & grass & I put it in piles for him to take away to the grass pile.    We are both tired it’s a change in work & to hard for me.    I did think I’d wash tomorrow but forgot I was out of soap, all Kinds, except hand soap.    Well I can’t help thinking how much better it looks with the grass cut once more,    it sure grew fast after I cut it on the hill along the path last time & I cut it again today    Elbert cut N. of the well pump all around inside the trees & outside of them on the east & has a space to cut yet N. of the trees & a-round the toilet & red cottage.   We need some one just to clean up the weeds,    Elbert ought to try the spray & paint the house, we have the paint & the spray.    He just don’t seem to want to spray, or paint.     I just have to go to church this week, God willing.    It’s a queer world.  Praise God He Knows & understands & takes good care of me, Amen.

Thurs. Aug. 2. 1951./ 14 eggs today./ one broke./ Elbert has 8 1/2 doz. eggs to sell this morning,     yesterday morning I dreamed of sister Nellie, Bonita & Johny Ella Jane & Elbert & Frank Babcock,    F. put his arms around me & said he was sorry for me.    Nellie’s children seemed to be small like they were a few yrs ago & they were staying in a place where one room in the basement had been flooded & it was to deep with water for the small children to wade in    Bonita had a red dress on trimed in white lace & she fell & didn’t try to get up    I see her just in time & pumped the water out of her & we got her fixed up, but she was sick.    Elbert & a boy was moving all the stuff & he had come & was taking the last of the stuff he could take & was taking us nexthing & the moving Van was taking the balance & the house hold good. & furniture & I woke up just as Nellie said here a card from Buffalo from NY.   I wonder if she will write or come to see me,    well, we received card from our sister Nellie said she had a bad cold after she got back from Lake-Side & still has a little, she has been teaching some backward children & wont be done untill Aug. 24. says she’s so tired & had ment to write.    Bonney Bell & her Joe went to see Johny & Marcie & children     was gone about a week leaving two eldest children with her & Bonita & the baby with Joe’s sister, aunt, in Cleveland Ohio.    It’s been very hot to day with hardly any breeze at all & early this morning there was a white dew & it was so chilly    I put on anextra blanket, & Elbert said he did to.    I swept & ironed my dress & baked, 2 tins bread biscuits & did my daily doz. Elbert went & sold 8 1/2 doz. egg 6.75 & he spent it for food or part of it & kept the rest    he will have to buy there mash & grain before long , for they will be molting     he only has 25 hens,    he cleaned out side of frying, the little one & the big one needs it next,   if I can get him at it & I’m going to try to start the painting Job next week,    I don’t feel able but there isn’t any money in it & tonight he’s talking of going to work for Baker, relastate man doing odd jobs & only a few hrs. at a time, in Lorain, or Baker is in Lorain    He went to bed but has had to get up & go out to Jones’s,    he’s got back again    he says it plenty cool & damp & chilly.   Well guess I’ll go to bed,   I’m so tired.   I thank God & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, for all He has given me & done for me & I’m trusting for this healing also in Jesus Name & Giving Him the Glory

Fri. Aug. 3. 1951./ page. 2783./      eggs today./  We got up took abath & went to the meeting & Rev. Zeimer was there but they didn’t pray for the sick just talked untill one run out & then another would start in & talk    Wind began to freshen & get cold & at last every one went out to find an eating place,    I tried tiried to ask Where I could find him, but after 2 or 3. attemps    We came home, I am a stranger in that place & not a soul even said good morning one very small boy look at me a few seconds & then, he smiled at me, not once but several times & I returned the smile.    We received a card from Nellie yesterday & a letter from Audrey today.    Elbert left me at Beulah Beach & he went to Vermilion & he bought some chicken rumps & gizzards of hen    he got home & undone them they stunk,    Oh, they were terrible,    he got in the car & drove 7 miles back to Krogers with them & they are putting a new coating on the road & in some places it’s one way traffic & you have to sit & wait & wait,    & so I dreaded to see him go back & have to wait going & coming once more    he was all in when he got back & rested awhile, then cut weeds & grass  for a while untill I went out & got him to stop     he’s felt so dizzy headed, for a couple of weeks or more,    in fact he’s complained all summer about his head being dizzy.    I was glad Audrey & Nellie wrote to us, but now I’m wondering about Nelye Mc.Carthy,    I hope she, too, will write.   Im going to read & go to bed.    I have learned 10 verses of the 91. Psalm by heart & I hope to master the next six, with Jesus help & I thank Him for his word & for helping me to understand & I pray He will help me in all the ways I need,    I will give Him all the Glory,    He is truly worthy.    Elbert met Miss Clark but I haven’t learned what they had to talk about, only that the meetings are good at Beulah Beach, Glory to God, Amen.    Oh, but it’s cold & wind is strong N. east puffs tonight.

Sat. Aug. 4. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do out the washing today, but, I ask Jesus for strength & He gave it to me,    the wash is all done & dried & put away.    I am tired but Praise God for our blessing    it was sure cold last night & this morning & Elbert built a little wood fire to take off the chill, sun was so hot at noon yesterday,     but not so hot today    & Radio says colder tonight, than last night    I put an extra blanket where I could reach it & it was more comfortable about 2. a-m with it over me.    Frank & Armond was out hunting woodchuck, they gave Elbert a very small one.    Oh God, have mercy & save all our souls I pray,    & I thank Thee, & Praise Thee for ever & ever. Amen.    We have the house all shut up since 6 oclock & now it’s getting shivery at 10-p-m fast time 1 1/2 hrs. ahead of sun time.    I think. 

Sun. Aug. 5. 1951./ page. 2784./ 17. eggs today./ one egg lost. broken/  I used 3 eggs for pie./  Been a partly cloudy day & cool so much so,  Elbert built a little fire to take chill out of the room before he took his bath.    Well by the time I got up he had the hen killed, dressed & cooked & it was very tender & good,   & tonight we had vegetable soup & lemon pie with ice cream on the top,    then we listened to Rev. Buser, & verias one’s sing hyms & they all did a good job for the Lord    I like to hear his wife sing, she’s a fine woman & wonderful little mother,    I was hoping to get to church today,    but I didn’t & God Knows all & I’m so glad He understands.    I hope to get going before much longer & I pray God will take care of me & help me to do & be all He would have me to be in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus. Amen

Mon. Aug. 6. 1951./ 14. eggs today./  Well I helped Elbert a little in the back yard cleaning out the weeds & grass    we got the most of it & it looks 50 per. sent better,    but, we are both so sore & lame,    We can hardly move tonight & I wish I could have gone to some of the meetings today.    I pray God will bless those who are working for Him, & help me to do the things I should be doing for Him,    I thank Thee Jesus,  blessed Jesus, reveal to me Where to go to Church to recceive the Holy Ghost & I’ll do it, Amen.    It’s been extra cool all day,    we shut up the house to keep in the heat, & Elbert leaves the coop windows all open & that cold wind blowing in on the hen all night & they are starting to molt,    they feel the cold to,    but men are as queer as women, in more ways than one.    He’s talking of going to Lorain in the morning.    I’d like to go,    but feel to lame & sore tonight to think of going,    for that tires me so bad.    He got his check the 4th & he argues untill it drives me crazy, all ready, tonight,    he says he wont have the money to buy much & he hasn’t chashed his check yet,    he gets 46 & 20 or 40 cents a mo.  & I get 40.10 & I gave him 20.00 & then in 2 weeks he was out of money,    but I cant give him any more, for I have to pay coal & gas bills he’s supposed to pay.half but he’d like to take all I have & then buy as he felt,    he likes things,    I don’t get any good out of, for myself.    Well it looks as if I’ll have to fight to hold my own & God Knows   I hate fights, that’s all life seems to be made up of & it getting worse, last as God said it would toward the end.   

Tue. Aug. 7. 1951./ 16. eggs today./ Well, I haven’t done only my daily round    Elbert went to Lorain this morning,    I don’t knows all the reasons, he got his shoe mended & went to Social Security office, got my olive oil & the bird seed & then he went & see Audrey & then came back home at 12-noon he said A. had gone back to 

Tue. Aug 7. 1951./ page. 2785./ 16 eggs this day. / work for a few days   I do hope she will be careful not to let them get things fixed up so to make her loose her Social S. & every ones so tricky & treacherass    Elbert went up to get some nights milk & the old woman sells him what mornings milk she has left, for the price of fresh milk, 20 cents per. qt. & we supply the bottles    Well the mornings milk, has all the cream gone & tastes like she had cold potaotes salid & some sort of fruit    I can’t bear it,    wasn’t quite so bad tonight,    but I feel like crying,    I send Elbert & he says, he don’t what to do,    I can’t give him my brain while he’s gone,   seems queer,  he knows what to buy for himself     he was gone an hour, I wondered,    but, he said Mrs. K. was alone & so they talked awhile.    I couldn’t eat tonight,    I didn’t want chicken from Sun- & every day un-till to-night,   that’s tomuch chicken.    Been another cool day & mostly Cloudy & damp & chilly & misty,    we had a little fire to take chill out of the house.    But, I thank & Praise God for His Love, Mercy & care & our many blessings.    But I wish I knew what to do, Amen. 

Wed. Aug. 8. 1951./ 16 eggs today/ Well I did my daily doz. & Baked 2 tins bread biscuits,    Elbert went to Huron “no fish” & he to Kilbrides for milk, he isn’t feeling very well his right side pains him bad    he tried to carry away the grass K& weeks he had cut & his side pained so bad he had to give it up.    Been a hot muggy, partly cloudy day,  new moon is standing on end,    they have had rain all around us,   ” so they said on raidio”    Elbert plans on going to Huron for fish & then to Vermilion to sell 8. doz. eggs & then home.    I hope I can get up a little earlier in the morning,    I don’t enjoy bible study on Thurs. nights,    I’d rather have the regular pray meet.  instead, they have a prayermeet Wed. after noons.    God help me.    I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise for ever & ever, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 9. 1951./ 13. eggs today. 1. broken one/  Elbert sold the eggs 8;. doz. 75 cents per. doz. 6.00  11.95 he owes the hens.   he used last weeks money to,    he will have to make it up.    It’s been a hot muggy day,    Elbert & I cleaned out some of the bushes & he carried away some of the grass & weeds I raked up in piles, we have a more to do yet,    bushes to trim out the grass & weeds to take away so if a fire should get started, it wont burn the building    I mended my dress & hope to get the corset done next.    Elbert picked up Miss Clark & some other woman & took them to Beulah Beach & when the woman got in Miss Clark shut the car door on the womans fingers. & Miss. C. said she didn’t & the woman said she did.   I wonder. 

Thurs. Aug. 9. 1951./ Page. 2786./ 13. eggs this day./ Well, Elbert got his check 46.90 & he has the egg money making $52.90 & he gave 30.00 toward the coal bill & he has spent 12.89 for food, gas for car, watch, shoe repair & drugs.    I paid 50.00 on coal bill & I’ll have to pay gas___   out of my check & I borrowed my church money 15.00 & 5.00 for this mo.   & I only get 40.10 in my check so I -‘ll only have 11.10 left for the mo.    they brought the coal today (5) tons, $15.75 per. ton. Elbert will pay the bill at the office & bring me the receipt.    I’ll have to see to that.    Oh, God   I pray Thou will fill me & heal me & con-vert him that we may work together for Thee,    I thank & give Thee all the Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen. 

Fri. Aug. 10. 1951./ 12. eggs today./  Well, I went to Beulah Beach this morning & they anoited me & pray for me,    I thanked God in Jesus Name, & Praise Him, Glory to God.    & Miss Clark “& the woman that got her hand pinched in the car door” was there, the little woman’s been a nurse & she seems to be a very nice christian person    I prayed her hand would be O.K. & it is Praise God.    Well I went to the Altar tonigth & prayed & they tell me God doesn’t give each one the same gifts,   so all don’t praise God in another tongue.    Well, I’ll trust God to help me with what ever I’m in need of & I’ll go here & there & learn what ever I can & trust God’s word & study my Bible.    MIss Clark & the little woman were there tonight    I took some apples & a can of apricot Jan. 3. bread biscuits & a bunch of beets & told her if she went out before I did to go to the car & get them,    a big bag & a bag in front of front seat where I sit,     Elbert went to Ver-milion & took them to her,    she said she went to the car but he wasn’t there,    so she didn’t take them, Elbert didn’t like it, for its 3. or 4. miles from Beulah Beach, then we came back home.    I thank God for all our blessing & Praise Him for ever & ever, Amen   It’s been a partly cloudy day, hot, & mugy.    I went out & picked up what apples there were under that little apple tree,   they are not as nice as last yr. but will make good sauce.     I’m feeling as nice as last yr. but will make good sauce.    I’m feeling better, but don’t want to go back to 4 Square for some reason,    Only God Knows,    They have some wonderfully good Spirit filled preachers from all over the world & they to believe Jesus is doing soon. 

Sat. Aug. 11. 1951./ 14. egg today./   I started after I got dinner & did the washing & got it dry out side although the air was damp & 92. & a good stiff breeze partly cloudy   Ironed all the pieces that had to be ironed after supper & I’m 

Sat. Aug. 11. 1951./ page. 2787./ 14. eggs this day/ sure tired tonight,    I Praise God for all the sermons I heard this week & that things I learned about the other parts of the world but just as soon as I think of going to Vermilion   I be-gin to fight with myself about it so now I pray God will in Jesus Name help me to go Where I ought to go.    When two middle aged men of the church can’t go to the same church because they have quarled with each other,   so one wont go there if the other one come & when they of this church forget you when you have been there regular & then make up excuses when they do come & don’t pray for you when they come & then promise to come back soon & repeat it over & over as they got into the car & leave & then stay away a mo. & if brother meets them they have been to busy to come out,    it looks as if all they want is your money.    I pray Lord God of Hosts Thou Wilt help me to decide    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, keep me close & help me to know what You would do in my place, I love Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Amen.  

Sun. Aug. 12. 1951./ 16. eggs today/ Well I went back to church to Vermilion    they greeted me with a smile   there were 38. to church & 54 to Sunday school,    well, they are doing very well & I pray they will be able to do better & keep all that come,    help me Jesus to go call on those girls & there parents & see if I can help them to come to church    the girls wish so much for the rest of the family to go to church,    the girls seem to be such nice girls, they have just come or moved from Sandusky to the allotment close to Vermilion,    Well everyone seemed pleased to see me & even the children & young folks came & talked to me,    I thank Thee Jesus. N. wind, dying out toward night hot & mugy in the middle of the day.    then gets to cool at night, but I do thank & praise Thee Jesus for Thy care & love    we do so little for Thee,    I thank Thee for my healing & strength, Amen.    Virginia, Irwin & there daughter & Wyn, “there mother left a note in the door after we had gone to church to night,   said they were sorry they missed us. ”

Mon. Aug. 13. 1951./ 12 eggs today./ Well I felt bum today,    but, I baked 2 big tins of bread biscuits & washed up dishes & did my usual round of chores    S. breeze this morning going to the N. East just about noon,  sun was hot breeze to cool in the shade.    Elbert cleaned out the straw & sand he had piled up from the coop floor & then he finished the big saw horse he had started.    He hasn’t felt very well all day he was to Huron but no fish. 

Tue. Aug. 14. 1951./ Page. 2788./ 17. eggs today./ Well, believe or not I got up & got the dinner & heat the water & washed out the three rugs, I had a lot of sewing to do on the rag rug,    it’s getting old I’ve darned it a lot in a lot of places & there were holes worn clear through & after I washed it a few more holes showed up & I’ll have to darn them, before I can use it, when it’s dry.    Elbert helped me get them wrinsed clear & on the line, now, I have to clean my room & spray it for moths & wipe up the floor & then do the same to Elbert’s room,    then move out the Kitchen & clean up the corners.    I cleaned the little corner at the end of the bench yes-terday.    I’ve got the ambition if I only had the strength.    I did help Elbert put a little water on the garden tonight    it’s so dry it’s like flour & the birds muffle in it,    the tomatoes are the size of a cup, hope they get ripe,    our garden was in so late & now it’s so hot & dry everythings chocking for water & my glads & dahlias wont amount to anything either unless we get some rain;    Oh, Well, we have to take things as they come & thank God for our blessings & I do, & pray all things will work out for his good & Glory.    Sun was terrible hot & N. E. breeze was cool & a little chilly if you stayed in the shade to long. 

Wed. Aug 15. 1951 / 17. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today,    I did my usual round of duties & tried to help Elbert rake up the straw or clover & timithy he had cut in the yard,     it began to spirinkle rain & then big drops    he got the most of it in,    then it sure rained a good shower & I hope we get more for we do need it so much.    He went to Huron this morning & got no fish,    but cashed my check & bought a piece of pork shoulder 2.10 a lb.  of butter .75 cents & 37 cents for rivets & emery cloth.    I have to be very careful with the money,    I’m glad we have the coal paid for & enough to pay for the gas. & hens give us a little to tide us over,    the next check will be or 12th. of Sept.    Elbert dug a few potatoes,  that came up & grew from those he forgot to dig last yr.    the red ones they were as nice as can be, white & fluffy when cooked.   We received a card from Nellie today.    Two of the rugs got dry today, but rag rug still wet a around the out edge.    they look so nice & clean.    It’s been a terrible hot day but a little breeze, S. west today.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessing.    Oh, I’m such along way from perfection but I thank Him, He under stands & helps me.    Elbert isn’t very well   Help him Jesus. 

Thurs. Aug. 16. 1951./ page. 2789./ 18 eggs today./   Wyn Virginia & Joyce came in while Elbert & I cooked dinner,    I had on my wash dress so while they were coming in I got myself into a house,    they were out giving Joyce a little vacation     she she is 7. yrs. old & real stocky built, they have all been having sickness, Georgie & Edd went to Minn. for a vacation & all seemed to be happy,    they were going to Sandusky they said & they ate up here at the restraunt at Mita-wanga & were full.   Well, they visited untill we ate & then went out & looked at the Baldwin apple tree   it’s loaded with apples & it measures 35 feet across the middle from out side, to outside    it’s a beautiful big tree & has such good apples on it;    it was after 3-p-m.    When I started to wash but I got every thing washed except My night gown & Elbert’s sleepers,    I’ll try to get them in the morning    I’d like to have gone to prayer meeting,    but we were both to tired.    Elbert has been mowing & the place looks better     hope we do get front stepps built before winter & house painted & we’ll have to hurry if we do.    Elbert don’t want to paint but I hope he will help     the house is brown, for paint gone off the boards.    I suppose I’ll have to try to help & then he’ll do all the work, but just so we can get it done.    I got a big Kettle of apples to can yet    I caned 3 1/2 qts.  & he didn’t get any well water & seems it’s all used up getting supper each night so,    well, I had to go get that     he went to Vermilion & sold the eggs 8. doz. 70 cents for 4 doz.  & 75 cents for the other 4. doz. 5.80    he bought saucage & ham press ham 72 & ____ & he was up for milk  20 cents    rained this a.m. early,    been partly cloudy S.W. breeze & quite warm in- sun but chilly in shade & tonight tempture dropped & it’s really cool like an early Fall evening a sudden drop from last evening    it was so hot & mugy & warm last night,    birds all disapeared before dark tonight & you can hear the lake beating in on the shore tonight     Elbert’s to tired to rest & he went to bed before dark.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Love & Mercy & Strength  Thou doth give to us,    I Praise Thee Jesus & love Thee    May all the Glory be Thine for-ever & ever Amen.     Received card from Mrs. Sprunk, she & Mrs. West Sr. have been having flu. she said, I have ask Jesus to heal them & help them in all the ways they need.    Virgina took some Yucas & two hardy geraniums home. from here    I hope they grow.    How I’d like to have been to pray meeting some where to night  Mertle [?   }

Fri. Aug. 17. 1951./ Page. 2790./ 12 eggs today./ I got up little before 10.a.m. & washed out Elbert’s sleeper, pillow case & hand-kercheifs & my old dress I had worn for church,   my corset & then I hung out the rags I let stand over night in water    Oh, I did some towels & it was cloudy & damp they dried but not very fast,    I did my daily dozen & went out to back corner of park,    Elbert thought he’d cut some shewmack but he thought it would be faster with the bush syth,    so he cut of a few limbs here & there & come back to the house & we had a cup of tea & ate some peaches,   they are not very good if the trees were only sprayed but some one stole the apricots & now I’m wondering about the apples    the trees are loaded & we like a few & to give a few to those that need them.    Elbert’s tired,    he’s been mowing & taking grass & weeds a down to the pile & there is lots of mowing & work to do the painting & windows have to be puttied in & I wish we could get at it    I know he don’t feel like it & neither do I but,    we have to do for there is no one else to do for us,    & it’s up to me to keep trying.   There isn’t much to write today,   been mostly cloudy & sun to hot when it did come out for a minute or two & sort of a chill in the air.  

Sat. Aug. 18. 1951/ 18. eggs today./ Well I seem to be sort of down,   no strength to much work I can’t seem to endure it,    with the hot weather, Elbert went to Vermilion to get a little food & it cost 7.00 & some odd cents I gave him 10.00 that leaves me with only the church money & gas money & we wont get another check untill 11 or 12th of Sept.    I don’t see how we are to keep going, but, I’ll trust Jesus will help me if I do the best I can,    I feel positive that if I was with Miss Willitts a little while I’d be O.K. Jesus, Blessed Jesus,   keep me close to Thee.    One only has to look & listen & feel they must walk alone with Thee  Things are getting so terribly bad.    Oh; Jesus,    help me to be like Thou even though they kill me.   Be with Harry Miller I know Thou art able to make him perfectly well & I pray through some one of time he may be a good testimony for Thee    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee the praise for all things, Glory to Thy Name, Amen.    One of the little boys that tried to help dig holes for the dahlias, was here to day,    he wanted to get a picture of the flowers but they are not in bloom, but the celendumas are    so, I took his picture beside of them & one by the white lillies by the drive way,  he tried to take a couple pictures,    but, didn’t have the film turned, right    it was & old camra of his mothers he said, & Eastman.    I gave him some coreopsis & guilarads seeds & a red coleus & a few other plants & a big bunch of flowers & he went home happy

Sat. Aug. 18. 1951./ page. 2791./ 18 eggs this day./ I roasted the pork & got supper    there’s enough for dinner tomorrow.   & I fixed the apple juice ready for jellie, then cooked a kettle of elderberries & washed a qt an a half of black berries & sugared them & now,    I’m sweating & so ex-austed & limp all in down & out feeling, I swept & did my usual work & now    I thank God in Jesus Name & pray He’ll give me strength to go to Church in the morning.    It’s been partly cloudy, sun was terrible hot    When it came out I put the rug & my corset & night gown out & they got real dry.    We had an extra heavy White dew last night, Elbert said tops of tomatoes looked, limp & light colored.    it got so cold before morning I got up & put on another blanket.    Elbert saw & talked to Miss Clark    she sent a card back    she was going to mail to me.    she’s staying with Harry Miller a few days    The news paper said the church was taking up a collection for him.   his money is, about gone    poor man.    May God bless them. Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 19. 1951./ 12. eggs today/ We didn’t go to church all day    I felt so bum & so did Elbert,    I pray God will forgive me & I have to fight with my self to go,    I didn’t have a dress I could wear, that wasn’t to badly worn & the dress I wore for church tore around the neck & arm holes & they “the women at church all sew” didn’t want to help me trim & makr a dress    I felt so bad, didn’t feel able to do what had to be done & Elbert hasn’t felt well all summer,    I’ve had to let him do some things for himself or go with out & men are, well, they are spoiled boys in a lot of ways,    they think of themselves first,   but there’s a lot of times I work & ought not,    sometimes it makes us sick just to think of working.    I pray God will Keep us & help us to do what we ought to do,   to the last second.    I pray He will keep satan far away & off this place & reveal to me what to do,    & how to do it in Jesus Name, Amen.    I hope to get at the painting job this week    it hasn’t ought to take very long to get it done & to get inside done for winter.    It was partly cloudy & Oh, but it got cold before morning.   & it’s going to be the same tonight, cool N. E. breeze all day.    I wasn’t out side much today,   just cooked & washed dishes.    But I Praise God & Jesus I’ve been able to do a little & I Praise Him for all things great or small & thank Him.   God help me. 

Mon. Aug. 20. 1951./ 13. eggs today. / 18.55 – egg money/Well, I baked 2 big tins of bread biscuits & a little loaf in a coffee can,  did my daily round.    Received card from Audrey today    I can’t understand it,  she said,  Dear E. & E.  got your card   was sure glad to hear from you    I will be out one day this week but don’t know which day, Maybe Mon or Tue.    I waiting to get a from the U.S.E.S.    Been out of work 3 weeks & no money yet,    got one coming from the shop Tue.   So perhaps I may come Wed.   Will let you know.   How are you feeling about standing for a fitting    I don’t like to do it & don’t think anyone else does.    Haven’t heard from Nellie.  M & M family O.K.   Jean calls me up quite

Mon. Aug. 20. 1951./ Page. 2792./ 13. eggs this day./ often.   Gertie is working today,    She is in the store today, helping the other women, Best wishes & take it easy,   Audrey.    Well I hope she isn’t hurt about anything,   I’ve tried to be careful always,    I love each brother & sister & there children & have tried to do all I could to help them in what ever good ways I could,    they are younger & still have lots to learn,   May God help them, I pray.    It’s been partly cloudy cool breeze N. E. was cold last night again & Elbert says he believes it will be about the same again tonight,    he has felt punk all day,   but tried to work    cut a path to the grass & weed pile & carried some to it & he & I cut a lot of small limbs off the apple tree,    so we could see through under the branches,    it’s loaded with apples & limbs hang almost to the ground,   it needs spraying so bad.    We Killed a queer looking spider on it    a yellowish light brown with black flecks on it & a bright red & yellow spot back of the head    & one here in the house, yesterday, just like it, only not quite so large,    I don’t know how he got in here    Well, I wish we could paint in the morning but my arms are so tired & me legs & body,    I have to force my self to work every day.    But thank God I can work some.    I feel sure He will heal me & fill me soon   Praise Thee Jesus. 

Tue. Aug. 21. 1951./ 15. eggs today./  Cool wind, sun hot when it come through    & it’s been partly cloudy.    Elbert & I brushed west side of house from North west corner top to the bottom, half way, with steel brushes hoping to get other half tomorrow    & I thank Thee Jesus.    We will be a little warmer to when we get the siding renailed.    there’s such a viberation here    it loosens the nails in all the building.    & the siding is allmost free from paint    of course it’s been a long time since Frank painted it in 1928 & all the other buildings.    & it will be good for the siding to get a coat or two of paint on it,    I don’t think we’ll ever be able to paint it again for we can hardly manage to pay for coal, taxes & gas and have anything left to live on at all.    Well I received a card from Mrs. Goll saying the book I sent her was good & ask if I wanted it back,    she said she hoped we were well & ask if I’d been to church of late.    she seems real friendly,    I also received a card from Bonita saying she’d come Thurs if Uncle would pick her up in Lorain at Buss station.    & Audrey said she’d be out she thought on Wed.& that she would let me know but no card today.    maybe we’ll get at it in the morning,    everything’s coming in a bunch    Well, I’m rather tired tonight & so is Elbert,    he’s washed his two pr. wool work pants & I mended 4 or 5 pockets & put a big patch on front of one leg & fixed hem in bottom    and that was hard for I can’t see very well today.    I do Praise

Tue Aug. 21. 1951./ Page. 2793./ 15. eggs this day./  God for all my blessing & thank Him for all things & pray all things work out for His Glory, in Jesus Name.    & I do love Him because He first loved me & each day I realize more & more how terrible it must have been for Jesus here,    bible history is Gods truth. 

Wed. Aug. 22. 1951./ 16. eggs today./ Well, Audrey came & had a good visit & helped me fit my dresses & trim them, so     now it’s up to me to get them finished & now I read her card to her & she said, with a big smile,    I hate to stand to get fitted & I don’t know who doesn’t so she didn’t mean it in a wrong way & I’m glad.    We didn’t have a very big dinner & I don’t believe she had enough to eat,    for she’s use to having a great veriaty of foods, & so if ever they get down to brass tacks, I sure don’t know how they’ll ever be able to endure it    she & Gertie love to eat.    Well we hear strange stories & to-day Audrey said she had paid 20.00 for the steaks they had at there picknic out here the last time & each one was to have paid a dollar & only eight had paid the dollar    I’m glad I paid mine & wished I had paid Elbert’s,    we are so short this month we can’t aford to eat much from here on untill the 4th of Sept    then Elbert gets his check    I’ll get mine about the 12th     aat least that’s when I generally get it, & this time it should be 46.00 , so the Mr. Plato “who looks after the pensions for the aged told me, he said I’d get 41.00 for July & Aug.   but I didn’t get it ” Now I wonder.   Well, Merlin & Martha came out to get there mother & take her home,    she don’t look very well, but says she feels better this last week,     she’s taking vitimine & mineral tab-lets & so is Jean Ann, “Martha’s daughter” & she’s feeling better now & she’s been taking them 2. or 3. months now,    Merlin & Martha said they would come out & paint the out side of the house with the spray gun,    he uses it for painting enamel on the bicycles he repears & they thought it would be fun to paint the house.    I didn’t want it done that way but Elbert don’t feel as if he can do it,    but, we still have to use the steel brushes to clean off old paint.    We have west side half done & it only took a couple of hrs. but I’ll have to make the start each time, & do my half,    it’s sure a great world.    I ask Bonita what she would charge to come & help me clean inside of the house & Nellie went to Audrey’s & told her & then ask her to have me let Audrey Know while she was here, “if Elbert would go to Lorain to get Bonita tomorrow morning,    we got her card yesterday but that would give me time to let her know Thurs. morning & they didn’t say how much she would charge,    I can’t do business that (a-way) it could put a person in debt for a long time.    So I told Audrey to tell her , “we are to short on money right now ,  I wrote a card to tell her also & that I let her know son’s she states

Wed. Aug. 22. 1951./ Page. 2794./ 16. eggs this day./ her price,    I guess I’ll try to clean the bedrooms & let her clean the cup boards if she comes, but I don’t be-lieve I’ll have her come    it will cost to much to go & get her & take her back or pay extra car fare,    I’d like to do it,    if we had the money.   I’ll see how things work out,  right off the bat, I’ll have to pay for another oil for the paint    the oil we got “or bought” is to heavy for the spray pump & I don’t know what more expence it might be,    but, I’m taking the chance because Elbert don’t want to do it,     I do hope it will look better than the chimney.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things & thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will keep me close to Thee & reveal unto me what to do & how to do it.    Audrey told me she had sent Ella Jane 50.00 twice & Ella Jane hasn’t said a word whether she had got it or not.    & she said her man is 70 miles from no where & don’t want her to come to Washington,    she couldn’t see him for he couldn’t get away to see her, anyway.    Nellie told Audrey Ella Jane’s not very well.    She’s got a place by herself away from Stoughton’s,    they had to know all her business & at last she’s tired of them    Oh God.   help her to come home & to fine away to be more happy.    I like to help her, but she doesn’t write to me either,    she’s no hand to write much & especially when unhappy.   Oh, God I pray in Jesus Name you will direct her steps & mind & bring her back & teach her Thy ways,    I thank Thee Jesus. 

Thurs. Aug. 23. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ one broken one little one./   We both felt to bum to work today,    we went out & cut a few limbs off the buckeye out by the road, & the English walnut & the butternut by the drive.    Elbert carried them to the brush pile & then his neck was paining so bad in back & his head    he sat down,     I pray God will help him, for I know how bad it hurts.    I’ve felt as if I weigh a ton or so, can hardly get up from my chair,    bowels didn’t move yesterday, not untill this a.-m. & I felt sick,    I prayed Jesus would move them & I’d be O.K. & He did.    Praise Thee Jesus now I’m asking an-other big favor, that you will help me to Praise Thee in spirit & then make me whole in Thee & show me & tell me what to do,    I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise forev er & ever. Amen   It’s been a cool N. east breeze & hot sun.. Elbert went & sold 8 doz. eggs & bought 1 bag of mash 4.50.  Yesterday some one gave Martha 1/2 bag of cucumbers & she gave Elbert 4.  I at a little piece & threw it all up.    I gave Audrey the ice box pickle receipt that Ineze. Hunt gave me.    I gave them bogh some jellie & Jam    several jars.    Im‘t was sure cold before morning & its going to be cold again tonight     we have the house all shut up & it’s plenty cool & before morning we reach for another blanket.    Elbert had a fire Sun morning & again yesterday morning.    I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus, coming 

Fri. Aug. 24. 1951./ page. 2795./ 12. eggs today./  Well, I did the washing & just had to force myself    seemed as if I couldn’t    now strength in my arms.    Well it’s all done & dried & put away  I have to try to iron tomorrow    only have my dress & 3 or 4 work shirts to iron,    but my feet hurt so bad to stand on them    I ought to wipe up the floors,    but, I don’t know    It’s been another cool N. E. breeze & a terrific hot sun.    Elbert has worked hard today    he cut a lot more grass & then cleaned it up & carried it to the grass & weed pile & carried water for me to wash & took care of hens & went a mile or so to Kilbrides for milk    & I don’t know what else,    he’s been picking up drop apples under the tree where we sit once in a while,    its real cool tonight & so cold this morning that Elbert had a fire to take out the chill form the house & they said it was 60 degrees in California & over where the boys are fighting, it’s as bad as here & crops are not doing any better. Bible is so true, but people don’t have time to read it they say.    Oh God help them to wake up before it’s forever to late,    I pray Thou will help me to do & understand what I should be doing    help me to Know & to do Thy Will   Jesus Blessed Jesus,. Pure, True and Wonderful, I thank Thee. 

Sat. Aug. 25. 1951./ 15. eggs today. /Well, I got dinner & washed dishes & swept the 3. rooms & wiped up the floors & ironed my dress & 3. work shirts for Elbert & I darned 3 prs. socks & got 1. pr. more to darn.    I did my daily round & I’m sure tired tonight    it was so cold these pasted few nights, that the tomatoes have a white spot on them,    the due is heavy & white & next thing to frost,    it’s so cold,   animals are after the corn & it hasn’t only got eared out,    ground is so dry deep down,    Elbert dug a few potatoes & they didn’t have very many potatoes to the vine,    he has to dig the first 3 rows He planted first, now.    he cut a lot of grass & he carried a lot to pile & took care of hens,    he don’t feel very well, either,    such cool N. E. breeze you can’t stay in shade very long & the sun is really hot.

Sun. Aug. 26. 1951./ 15. eggs today./ WE have been home all day     I wanted to go to Church this morning but waited for Elbert to call me,    so, he didn’t call me,    I’ll admit I do hate to go down here to church,   they knew I needed a little help to make me a dress so after 3. months trying to get one done I got a house dress done & wore it to church & Mertle & the bunch all gathered around me to look me over & remark, your dress is pretty & fits you good,    I hate to be made a show of & to have them all looking me over & making fun of me,    I feel sure God would have given them an extra blessing, if one of them could have found it love enough in there heart enough to have just marked my dress so I could have turned the hem,    but, Elbert got it done.    he marked it.    I pray God in Jesus Name that He will clean up  the church, there is such a lot of such things going on there,    May God help us & I pray He will keep me humble & true    I thank Thee, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 27. 1951./ page. 2796./ 15. eggs today./ Been a fine day cool & not much sun,    but, a nice day,    they been having hurricanes & floods in Mexico & other places.   Radio says, Fall has come two weeks earlier than usual &     it tried to rain;    Elbert went to Huron, got no fish but a promise of some in the morning if they get some,     I hope they do & we do.    Received note from Mrs. Hunt saying they would see us soon Tue. or Wed. perhaps.    Elbert finished brushing west side of the house & has done part of the east side & tonight we cut of some of the flower stalks & sucker branches from the ramblers on the south end of the house and a wasp jabed me.    WE have to take them down to do the brushing & painting.    I hate to have them taken down for the rest of the family have always wanted me to cut them off or move them,    the girls said the other day Oh Why not cut them off,    some one said, “oh it’ll be easy to get rid of them & why do they hate the things I like & want to destroy them & hurt me    I’ll be glad when Jesus takes me out of this world & puts me in a peacefull place where, there will always be joy & peace in Jesus.    Well I baked two tins of bread biscuits today & did my daily round,    felt to punk to wash.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all my & our daily blessings.    I love Jesus.   Amen.

Tue. Aug. 28. 1951./ 13. eggs today./ Well, I slept late    Elbert went for milk & to Huron for fish & he got some,    they were good for dinner & supper    I fried them all & theres en-ough for 3 or 4 meals left, from supper.    I should have washed,    but didn’t feel as if I could,    Inez. didn’t come today.    I received a card from Miss Clark, said she’d had extra work to do,    she’s been helping at Millers & Mrs. Fredrick fell & hurt her leg & she said she had to go out of town,    but she had hoped to come at the end of the week, but couldn’t.    Well maybe she’ll be out this week.    I have to get up & wash out what few things we have dirty, in the morning if I can.    or maybe we’ll trim the ramblers on south end of the house.    The Rawleigh salesman was here today & one of the gas tanks is leaking    we have been smelling it but couldn’t locate it untill today.   & it’s the tank it’s self.    so it’s me that must report it.    I thank THee Jesus for all things in all ways & pray Thou will help me to do they will & Thy ways,    I Praise Thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure, True & Holy. Amen.

Wed. Aug. 29 1951./ 14. eggs today/  Well no Inez yet.    I got up at 9-a-m & did all the washing & one light wool single blanket & they all got dry    I had my night dress & a dress & then Elbert’s pajamas & pillow slip, b.v.d’s “work shirt & socks he washed but I sudsed & wrinsed    he hung out a few & took down a few,    his head feels bad from hot sun yesterday.    Well, I’m so Happy the Lord has healed me    the balls of my feet didn’t pain me today,   I’m so happy in Jesus,    I Praise Thee Jesus & 

Wed. Aug. 29. 1951./ page. 2797./ 14. eggs this day./ all the Honor & Glory be Thine for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been partly cloudy & the sun’s white & hot 80 degrees with chilly cool N. east breeze,    and a heavy fog last night & a little fog all day.    Received card from Miss. Clark yesterday & don’t know what part of it is,    she has wrote it in a hurry.    Well, I hope to go to church God willing tomorrow night,    & Pray God will help me to be a blessing & I pray He will clean up the church, Amen.

Thurs. Aug. 30. 1951./ 16. eggs today./  I wrote card to Inez, Bonita, Mrs. Gall, Miss Clark. & Audrey last night, so Elbert could mail them this a-m. and he did,    he found out Miss Clark was gone for 2. weeks    he sold 8. doz. eggs “he bought 2 of Mrs. Kilbride for 10 cents, to make the full 8. doz.    he got 75 cents per. doz. 6.00 total     he paid light bill 1.00 & paid 1.00 for gas for car & bought a few cans of food & a boiling peice of meat & some pork to fry & had 1.00 &  a few cents left & beside the egg money I gave him 2.00,    that makes 3.00 I have given him out of the gas money.    Well, that’s that.    We didn’t do much today    I wanted to go to Church,    feet been swollen so bad couldn’t wear my shoes,    so, I pray God will bless the meeting & if they pray for me, I pray He will give each one 7 fold what they ask for me, Amen.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, all things work out for Thy good & Glory, so what ever befalls me I know Thou doest all things well    It’s been not much breeze & it was cool, suns hot.  

Fri. Aug. 31. 1951./ 15. eggs today./ gas tank/ Well the last tank of gas is paid for to-day.    I had paid for the one he took a way today,   it was leaking,    We had been using it 5 week    now I didn’t look at the bill today, but see he charged me for this one he left & I had paid for it so they’ll owe me.    I hate these kind of muddles,    but I wont, & can’t pay twice.   Been a  terrible hot day,    it clouded up & thundered & lightened hard    but, we didn’t get any rain here.    We neither of us did much today,   to hot & the lightening was both heat & chain lighting for 2 or 3. hrs.    received DeHaans book today “Called” The Church the Rapture and the tribulation,    I have not started to read it yet, but know it will be good.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & hope to go to Church Sun.    Help me that I will go. 

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