August 1947

Fri. Aug. 1. 1947./ page. 2025./ 9. eggs today./   Well, it’s been a fine day cool N. E. wind, sun quite warm but not hot.  I swept all 3. rooms & wiped up the S.E. corner of the Kitchen & I made & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits, we are getting out of most every thing.  We cooked 2 more chickens tongight & they are out of mash & no way to get any more.  I fried the chicken & then pressure cooked it.  It gets so tender it falls off the bones.  I thank God for our blessing & pray He will send me good news in the morning about the money.  I’m sure he hears, sees and Knows. 

Sat. Aug. 2. 1947./ 10 eggs today.  Well, I got the ironing & darning done & a Mr. & Mrs. Adama’s came in they were looking for another family, they were selling a boiler & an old rug.  they were christians & we had prayer together, I enjoyed it so much    they gave us a dollar for a chicken & Elbert dressed it & they were so pleased they gave me the old rug   it’s worn bare & dirty, but, she thought if it was washed it would do for runners.  Oh, Well Praise the Lord, they left there addresses  one at Bulha Beach & one at PertersBurg, Florada, where they go each winter & she cooks for a rich family & then she or they come back each summer to Buelha Beach & each of them ask us to come & visit them & go to the meetings they are having there for 2. weeks.   The Adam’s have 2 children.  There real home is in Ashtabula Ohio.  Well, wind has been S. all day & warm & several showers went down the Lake.  Frank Bonney & Frankie Page came, then Armond came a little later & they got 3. woodchucks & they gave Elbert one.  Oh. Praise God.  Frankie said his ma, said, to tell me she might be out tomorrow.  I got a book from Dehaan, called holy Spirit & today one called Water Baptism. 

Sun. Aug. 3. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Communion Sun.  I got to Sun. school & church this morning &  church this evening.   there are so few that come & most of them are children.   I got my tenth cought up for June & half of it for July & now I’ll have Aug. & last half of July   I pray I’ll soon get some money from some where soon.   We are badly in need, I never eat much bread, it doesn’t agree with me so I get weak & sick with only bread, no butter, & only can milk & some of the time that has corn meal & starch in the bottom of the can.  I’ll be glad when I have finished my work here on earth.  things are bad & getting worse fast.  Howard & Francis Page & there 2 children were here after dinner today.  She’s been going to East Side Methodist Church & she 

Sun. Aug. 3. 1947. page. 2026./ 9 eggs this day./  a group of the women got into a hair pulling fight over the Minister & there talk was not becoming to any christian women,  So she hadn’t been to church of late,   she was just where she thought she would like to be   a real christian, then they wondered if all churches were alike, there’s one thing sure, that we must look to Jesus as our example no matter what the other fellow thinks, says, or does,    We have to look to Jesus & keep right, Oh God, help them I pray Thou will convict there souls & turn them to Thee, in Jesus name I ask.  I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & Ever, Amen.   It’s been a nice day, but quite warm N. E. breeze.

Mon. Aug. 4. 1947./ [no egg count]/  Well I just couldn’t work to-day    I sent Elbert out to find the Welfare Woman    He went to Walt Hahn’s & they sent him to Herbert Hahn & he told Elbert it was my falt that I was cut of the relief   he said I failed to let the court know, I hadn’t any money left after the court percedings were over, but they did know & said I’d get my relief as long as I needed it & that was in 1938 & it 1947. and they have just decided to stir up a mess, that I hope, will make them have to come clean. 9. yrs. since.  and I hope the awaking will be such a jolt they wont be so cruel again, well H. Hahn. needs it to  he said he had to pay out of his own pocket, for calls he has had to make to San-dusky on my case, he said they had been working on it for 3. weeks now & he wrote a note to Shoop, at Berlin Hights to give Elbert 10.00 worth of groceries, said Steveson was out of town & he didn’t have an order blank, but he’d get one later.  Hahn told Elbert he heard there was alot of people that wan’t going to vote for him this Fall and he hoped Elbert & I would vote for him & Ota[?] & ____   But God would surely punish us if we did. & they may try to if we don’t, for I’ve heard of a lot of cruel things they have done, & heard from some of them.

Mon. Aug. 4. 1947./page 2027./ 9 eggs today./  my self, they are beasly men.  They don’t like me because I don’t like hore masters,  I belong to God, I know he will look after me, if does make me feel terrible, when I think of what I live among, & can’t help them for His sake.  I’m sorry Oh so sorry.  Elbert got 8 or 11 cans of beans & milk & mustard, some spegetti & noodles & sack of flour, 1 bottle clorox & 2 lb. onion for $5.63 cents & no money to help feed the hens & chicks.  & we have eat up there egg money.  Oh God give us enough money to feed them they are a lot of help to us.  Hahn said they were going to thrash out my case that I ought to have some money from the auto care wreck case.    Elbert told him he hoped they would dig up everything that we would both be glad to have them do so.   I wish I could have Frank’s pension & be rid of Sandusky.   I have tried to be polite even when they have been rotten & I have been thankful for my relief & have told them so repeatedly, many times.   Been a fine day cool breeze N. E.  hot sun.  

Tue. Aug. 5. 1947./ 9 eggs Wed 6.  /  8. eggs today./   Well I did out half the wash & hop0e to do Elbert’s & his blanket in the morning.  Elbert’s car went on the blink, he said the gas line is pluged   he work most the day yesterday & this morning   he bumed a ride to Vermilion & got a fellow from a garage to come & get the car & take it back to fix it    fellow said he was sure he could get it fixed soon after he got it back to the garage,   Elbert told him he’d be down about 8-a-m. to get it, in the morning.  It’s been 98 in the shade today, clothes just baked dry in no time.  Tonight Elbert called me said there were 2 or 3 rats in the coop, so, we let them out the door.   but he siad he thought he heard one chewing afterword in the siding.   Elbert was lucky, he got a ride to Vermilion & back today   he wasn’t gone very long.  I had a big batch of dishes to wash so done them, before starting to wash clothes & I never had a bite to eat untill 1-p-m.  I do wish so much for some good milk to drink.  I did do only what I had to do yesterday to  hot alday. 

Thurs. Aug. 7. 1947. / 9. eggs today/  Elbert got up & went to Vermilion    he helped on His car   they took out a little round piece of leather like the center of a gasget & the car seem to run O.K. to Lorain & back home again    he left the car under the butter nut tree on the drive &

Thurs. Aug. 7. 1947./page. 2028. 9. eggs this day./ & after we had our lunch we backed to the grainery & took out the feed & went back to the drive & back part way in -to the car shed &had to push car rest the way in, he went to see Mr. Deitz about his work   he sold Mrs. Cranage 4. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. ($2.80) & I gave him my mint money ($10.00) & he took part of his mint money & he got the Chickens mash & grain & hens grain $(15.75) for the 300 lbs. & they are putting to much corn in it  hens & chicks don’t eat it & corn is high priced, so they use lots & make us pay.   the pullets are growing nice,  one died yesterday    I don’t know what was the trouble with her    she was so big but didn’t seem to get what she needed some how.    I thought there were 62, but counted 78 today   it’s hard to count them going out the trap door 2 & 3. at a time & so fast.  Elbert was so tired, it’s been a terrible hot day.  & he showed it, he was dizzy & stumbling around & nervous & I could hardly get him to set in the shade & get cooled off, but he did for 30 minutes & then un-loaded the grain  then we set again for a little & the wind shifted & the storm began to make fast & I got supper while Elbert fed & gave them fresh wather & he put them all in the coop & shut the trap doors & took care of the windows   we ate supper & it got at it & gave us some rain, rest of it went other places, wind blew but not to hard, rain came down in white sheets with fine hail in it from S. E. then from S. W. & then night closed in & wind died out & it is quite a lot cooler.  it was truly hot before the rain, air was hot, rain was cool, with ice.  Well, we surely needed the rain & everything must have been glad to get washed, get a drink, and cooled off a little, hope it wont be to cool. some of the little evergreens look as if they’d had something sprayed on them & ccooked them & a little on the big trees just as if some one had sprayed right & left as they come in between them, there are some queer ones in this world (like Mrs Shimons)  she said  Why should I have this place, when a little place would be good enough for me & she & her family could enjoy it so much, she says she is a christian to.  some one put oil on one butter nut tree & we had to cut the lower limbs off that    it was on & 2 big apple tree limbs & they

Thurs. Aug.7. 1947. /page. 2029/ 9 eggs this day. /   rubbed the bark of a big place on the little English walnut tree by the drive.  I’ll be happy when my work here on earth is done, and I pray God will give me a wee corner in heaven & I can help do any thing He wants me to do. Well I only done what was most necessary all day. & there has been some noise out side around the grainery nights, it might be rat’s 4. legged, or 2. legged  I don’t know.  I pray God will take care of us as long as we have to sta here & that He will bless the prayer meeting to night in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.  No word from Nellie or Bonita so far this week.  

Fri. Aug. 8. 1947./ 8 eggs today/  Well, it’s been hot but not as bad as yesterday & I did Elbert’s washing  2 union suits 4 shirts bath towel 2 wash rags his sleeper pants & jacket Kerchief & 3. prs. socks towels & pillow cases & it seemed as if I’d never get done    Elbret washed his sock & Kerchiefs & he carried the water    started to cloud up after dinner for 2. or 3. hrs. then sun came out again but shirts & union suits didn’t get dry, it’s cooler tonight  N. E. breeze  most of the day.  except when there wasn’t any breeze.    I wanted to go to Buelah Beach to a meeting or 2. but can’t use the car.  such is life    can’t walk it.  and no money to ride the bus.    But I thank God in Jesus Dear name for Him & His blessings , love & mercy.

Sat. Aug. 9. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Elbert went back to Vermilion to see the fellow that tried to fix it last week    they thought it was the gas pump now it’s the battery    any way it don’t run tonight.  Elbert road down on the bus & came back with the fellow.  He got a little meat to boil & some yeast cakes.  & he don’t seem like himself, he’s so nervous, his head hurts him so much of the time.  Frank & Armond & little Frankie  they gave Elbert a wood-chuck & he’s dressing it now.  I haven’t done much only the daily round, I have felt so weak all day.   I wasn’t able to wash yesterday;  But I thank God for our many blessings.  I received a letter from Nellie, she said, she caned the appricots, she made 2 1/2 qts. jam & the goose berries she caned 1. qt. & Elbert picked a qt. of dew berries for her while we were there & she caned 1. qt. of them.  they had a terrible storm there, the other night & Mon. she broke her glasses & she’s had the ice bag on her head most of the week & she said to please come as often as we could.  I wonder what she meant.

Sun. Aug. 10. 1947./ 8 eggs today.  We been home all day.  It’s been a fine day, partly cloudy not to hot  N. E. breeze.   I thank God for our many blessing & for jesus & the Holy Ghost & pray I will be found worthy

Mon. Aug. 11. 1947./ page. 2030/  6. eggs today/   Well, it’s been a terrible hot day    Elbert took the car to Lorain    they couldn’t fix it untill Thurs. so he came back at noon,    I had half the washing done, & my bread was just ready to be made into biscuits    he got a piece of meat to fry, but it was so tuff we could hardly eat it.  I had 2 big tins of biscuits & 1. loaf of bread.  I did Elbert’s washing & his blanket, he put his work pants to soak & he’s going to wash them early in the morning    then I hope to do the chair covers & the light wool blanket I use for a robe in the car & the one he uses on the car seat.  I want to wash my rugs (3.) of them  While it’s hot enough to dry them fast.  Well dishes are done & I have a fresh start, for in the morning.  Praise God.

Tue. Aug. 12. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Elbert got up early & washed out 3. prs. work pants.  I felt bad i haven’t done only what I had to do.  Miss. Clark sent a card in this mornings mail for 2. doz. eggs.  Elbert promised them to Mrs. Cranage, Miss. Clark don’t take them regular.  it’s been terrible hot & Elbert got over heat & been sick to his stomach all day,   he went to Berlin Hights & got the bal-ance of our 10.00 order & we will have to have another order for next to weeks, if they don’t send the check, & we need some money to keep going.  I pray that they Will give me Frank’s pension.  I am trusting God will help me to have it from the 1933.  God has been truly good to me in many, many ways. 

Wed. Aug. 13. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Well, Radio said, it was 94 in the shade today, I believe it, I washed everything in the way of clothes that was dirty & the chair backs & seat covers & the wool blanket we use for a robe in the car & 1. pr.  Elbert’s pants, he left, yesterday.    now, the ironing job is next.  I mended his sleeper jacket & the pr. of pants he had on, he took off & I put a patch on the other leg, guess I should have put it on when I put the patch on the other leg.  Well, I darned one pr. of sock & part of another pr & got 3 prs. to do.   Wind was S. & little W. went N.W. & N. E. K& S. & tonight it’s S.W..   No Mail today.  I Praise God in Jesus Name for our many blessing

Thurs. Aug. 14. 1947./ page 2031./ 8. eggs today./   Well, it’s been a nice day & God blessed us with several hours of rain, it thundered & lightened terrible lightening sounded like some one braking up sticks    then it would crack so loud seemed aas if it would split my ear drums & rain came down in thick white sheets    Elbert killed & dressed & washed 2 chickens & I fried them & put them in the roaster for 30 minutes while the potatoes & cabbage cooked & I took a bath while they were cooking & got dressed for Church    we ate & did the few odds & ends & Elbert backed the car up to the door for me, it was pouring rain & it continued   I got into church took my coat off & shook it & threw it over a seat to dry    Miss Clark was there & she got her legs soaked, we took her home after prayer meeeting     I received a card from Mrs. Sharpe   there was a Christian woman there I didn’t know & the Day Family  Dick Hambly & his grandma   the young Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Mrs. West   Miss. Brown, Garry & two or 3 other children  Rev. Mr. & Mrs Gurney & there baby daughter. Loleta, & meself.  We had such a good prayer meeting.  I thank God in Jesus Name.

Fri. Aug. 15. 1947./ 8 eggs today./   Well, Elbert went to Lorain to garage & got the car fixed, the new piece cost 21 cents & it took 2. hrs. to put it in,    they said his car is worth twelve hundred dollars.  We ate dinner & locked up every thing & went over to Nellies, she isn’t very well & Bonita & Nellie seem to quarel over such little things.  Nellie cried while she talked to me, she’s hardly able to get up and around on her feet.  I know it takes patience to take care of 3. children & what she does for her mother & her mother helps out wiht hte food & other bills & gives her & the chilcren a home with her (Nellie.)   Well, it’s a hard fix there in    I wish some good christians would take turns in spending a day (each day of the week ) with them & see if they could turn those souls to Christ.  Well, Nellie wanted us to stay to supper so bad & we stayed & she cried when we left.  I helped Bonita do up yesterdays & todays dishes & then I talked for half an hour & then we got started for home, we ahve to pass Wyn’s & Virginia’s [Wyn Grant [female] , child of Edith Wheeler and husband Aubrey, Elinor’s cousin] home, so we stopped & Wyn & all were there   she said, Edd [Edd ___, husband of Georgia who is sibling of Wyn Grant, Elinor’s cousin] had taken Georgia & Dorthy [possibly daughter of Edd & Georgia]   for a nice trip & that Dorthy had been to California, then, she said  Audrey [Audrey Grant, child of Edith and Wyn Grant, Elinor’s cousin] had been real bad off with dropsy & heart trouble & has been in the

Fri. Aug. 15. 1947./ page. 2032. / 8. eggs this day/  clinic the passed 2. weeks.  Erwin & Virginia  [possibly Virginia is another child of Edith Wheeler & Aubrey Grant] had been off to a funeral & had been invited to a party at Vermilion on the Lake & had eat supper & were flying off in there car to the party, there baby is 3. yrs. old now, a very pretty child rather, chubby brown hair curled all over her head & big brown eyes.  Wyn says she is alone a lot with the baby & often feels she’d like to get away for a while.  we got home just at dark or after dark, rather, we had to use the lights all the way home.  We had a lunch & I boiled the meat a little more, I didn’t cook it much before we went.  It was cloudy all morning & rained hard part of the time & most of the after noon  & part the way home.  It was raining when we went & when we came back.  I thank God for taking & bringing us safely. & keeping us.  I felt to bum to iron, as I should have done this a.m. 

Sat. Aug. 16. 1947./ 9. eggs today/  Georgie’s birthday  she’s 62. yrs. old today.  It’s been a rainy day cleared off a little this after noon, I swept & did the dishes & pressed 4 prs. work pants & done the ironing.  Frank Bonney was here & Armond   they didn’t get any wood chucks today.  Elbert went to Vermilion & got a nice lot of lettuce trimmings for all the chicks & hens.  & they are all most out of feed once more.  & they haven’t restored my check yet.  

Sun. Aug. 17. 1947./ 6 eggs today./  We went to Sun school & church this a.m. & Church tonight.  Tom his wife and son are leaving Tue. Aug. 19. for California    they are going there to study to be preachers.  & expect to be there 2 or 3. yrs.  Mrs. Eppler is the preacher  they have rented there house in Vermilion, She preached the sermon to-night.  Praise God I’m glad some love Him & want to work for Him, I always wanted to but was a poor girl in this world & no one to help me, but God seemed to have lots for me to do anyway.  I love Him more than all else in the world any way.  We brought the Smith children to the end of there road.  Rev. & Mrs Gurney & Miss Brown went to Amherst to Preach tonight on, (the missing Christians.) fogy tonight & hot. 

Mon. Aug. 18. 1947./ [no egg count]/It’s been terrible hot (115) this after noon & I haven’t done much.  I made 2. Black

Mon. Aug. 18. 1947./ page 2033./ 8. eggs today/  berry pies & a cake & the gas is gone already.  I don’t see how it is    I cook the same & haven'[t done any extra, but  every once in a while it’s 2 weeks short.  & now we haven’t any money to pay for the one that’s gone or a new tank & the new one is going to cost more, so the Co. wrote & told us.   Elbert & I hoed the peas beans & corn tonight, just before dark.  I thank God for the strength he gave me & Praise His Name.  We got to ask for another order from County tomorrow.

Tue. Aug. 19. 1947./ 10. eggs today./   No mail.  I mended Elbert’s work pants   It’s been a terrible hot day & we have not done any more than we had to do .  I Praise God. 

Wed. Aug. 20. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Well, Elbert got up early & went to find Hahn, but didn’t, he hasn’t done much, to hot,   I got up at 8.a. m. set bread & done out the washing, big job on a hot day, but, I did get a breeze throught the N. window.  Elbert & I put a new piece of screen on that, last evening,  it had all most fell to pieces.  |Elbert went back to Hahn’s & learned he had to go to Berlin Hights now to see Steveson to get an order for food.  I’m hoping everything will come out O.K.    he’s going in the morning to see him.  I got all the wash done except Elbert’s sleepers.  I was all done but Elbert’s work shirts when Shirley Glover came in with her Aunt Grace. Nickols & they stayed & visited about 2. hrs.  Shirley is well, little thiner than when she was here in 1939 with her mother.  Aunt Grace is in bad condition she has lost control of the muscels in her hips back & throat & Byron & Bert 75 yrs. old (her brothers) are quite feeble, Byron is 87. yrs. old & Grace is 72. yrs. old  getting old & in poor health when they left, I finished the wet clothes & Elbert got supper, beans & corn & hot drink.  I washed dishes & now Praise God I am going to bed.   He surely gives me lots of strength, for the little food I eat.  It thundered, but no rain this after noon & tonight j wind was N.E. went S. then S.W. & back N.E. tonight. 

Thurs. Aug. 21. 1947./ 8. eggs today/  so hot we haven’t done much today   Elbert went to see Steveson & he said (He) only gave 13.50 for releif & he couldn’t have the rest untill

Thurs. Aug. 21. 1947./page 2034/  8 eggs this day/.  next week   I’m so glad God is the Judge in the Judgement Day,   I still believe I’d be to hard.  God revealed to me, the day Mr. & Mrs. Adam’s were here, that I had said something, I would here about later on, I was so greived I began to pray & ask God what it could have been & a few days later when the car wouldn’t run & I didn’t get to Church or prayer meeting, I prayed & prayed & ask God what it was all about    i thought of all I’d said & when I thought of what I’d said about wishing some christians would come in to visit often so Elbert would get better acquainted with real christians, then I remembered what I had said, when they ask why the ministers didn’t come more often, I had said they were so busy with the 25 or 30 children, they had been giving a religious play & I thought they were to tired, for I started to ask Mrs. Gurney & before I could tell her, she had said she didn’t have time to come clear out here, I said I had wanted them to come so much at that time & Mrs. Adam’s said, then, that, that seemed queer, but, I said Oh they work hard & I love them, they are both good Holy Ghost people & try hard to build up the church & she said no more about it & I thought no more about it, but, as I said, later on God revealed it all to me.  He said, you remember the moldy biscuits and the sermon about it later at church, don’t you?  I said I told them how sorry I was & that Elbert hadn’t thought, when he put them in the crock    I hadn’t been able to take care of the crock as usual    Elbert liked them & was so glad they had come in & he made them tea & gave them biscuits & she had seen the mold, it was on the bread crumbs in the crock & had stuck to the biscuits after he had put them in.  then God said you remember how you got both sides & the middle of your face slapped, after that for asking them to come out, don’t you?   I said yes, but, was it wrong to ask when brother was willing to try for anything just at that time, & I craved so much to see his soul saved, was I wrong?   I waited & He said No, but now you will be getting (3.) sermons Sunday school  Morning service & evening service & I said Lord what am I to do?  I am like Peter, I ‘d like to strike but he said. (be still)

Thurs. Aug. 21. 1947./ Page 2035. /8. Eggs this day. (that’s all He said) be still. So I will. I’ll admit I have been righteously angry, but, Praise the Lord He knows best. I have never been any badly treated in the churches as these last few years. But Jesus was treated even worse, So why should I complain I thought
Fri. Aug. 22. 1947. wouldn’t write all this, but, here it is & God knows it’s the truth. 8. Eggs today. Well, the light bill came, but, how I had a mint marked half dollar & so as it was cooler today. We went to see how Nellie was she had been in bed a few days but got. Up & dressed & went to Lorain with us they went to see if the Red Cross could help Bonita to a little more to take care of the children, they are having a terrible time about the place. We sold Mrs. Cranage the eggs, she gave us 77 cents per. doz. (4. Doz. $3.08) We had a little visit & then went back & picked up Bonita & Nellie, “we had the 3 children in the car,” & took them back home John & Marci were home & glad to see us, they will be home for 2. Months Johny said. Nellie was so tired, she is in the same fix John [John McKinley Harnish, Elinor’s brother in law] was in, dropsy & heart trouble I am so sorry. We visited a bit & came back home we got a qt of tomatoes 10cents, 2. Cabbages 35 cents, some peppers 15 cents & 2 cucum-bers 15. Cents & 4 slices cold lunch meat 33 cents, I boiled potatoes & we had supper, he (Elbert) fed chicks & hens & I looked after the birds it was hot here, in the house, but cooled off when I got windows and doors opened, We got a lb. home made butter & it’s swell 70 cents 20 cents 2. Ice cream cones, I thank God for taking care of us all the way, Nellie gave Elbert a dollar for gas so we had a little ($1.60) left for food than we would have had. (31 cents goes for church) Aug. 22. I mailed another letter to the Governor today.
Sat. Aug. 23. 1947./ 5 eggs today/Haven’t done much today to tired, I baked 2. Tins bread biscuits & Irned my dress & skirt & Elbert’s shirt & cooked & done dishes & looked after beds & rooms Elbert went to Vermilion to see if he could get greens for Chicks, they didn’t have any, he got a little piece of boiling meat & I made soup. Frank Bonney & Armond were here to hunt & I think they got elderberries. He gave me a few little yellow bags, I had ask if Ruby had some house dresses she would want to let Bonita have & that’s what he brought.

Sun. Aug. 24. 1947./ Page. 2036/ 5. Eggs today / No church for us all day I would liked so much to go but Elbert doesn’t have only enough gas to go to Lorain & he’ll have to sell a doz eggs to get gas to get home on. It’s been a terrible hot day yet a good breeze from N.E. Wind went to S. tonight. We need a shower so much.

Mon. Aug. 25. 1947./ 5 eggs today/ Partly cloudy little breeze & hot we haven’t been able to do much today, Elbert wanted to go to to Lorain this a-m. so he cleaned to chickens to take to Mrs. Cranage & sold her 1. Doz. Eggs. 77. Cents she gave us a $5.00 bill & was determined we would keep it, so we went up to Cooks office & learned he & the other lawyers had gone to Elyria to the Court House a tiny thing they do each morning & they are only in there office after dinner, so we got the $5.00 bill changed took out the money for the eggs & folded it in a light piece of paper & Elbert laid it on the step & we left her talking she said she’d send it to us express & let us pay the charges, we came right back home & got here at 10-a-m. it was getting so hot in town but seemed cooler here. At home. It was really cool in the house. But got terrible hot this after noon. Radio said it was the hottest day in Aug for over 20. Or 25. Yrs. We didn’t work today, Radio said showers tonight & tomorrow morning it’s cooler this evening & thundering & lightening since supper time. Getting a little stronger tonight. I thank God for our many blessing & Praise his Holy Name. 

Tue. Aug. 26. 1947./ 6. eggs today./  Haven’t done anything to day out side the daily grind    We are so hungry we are dizzy.  Well, it rained last night & the wind blew     it thundered & lightened & this morning it rained a little & has been cloudy most of the day & it has been real cool.   N.E. breeze.

Wed. Aug. 27. 1947./ 9 eggs today/   Elbert’s hip went on the bum again yester-da & he’s feeling bad today.   can hardly move,     I’m so sorry    I know how bad it hurts, for my hip was that way before God healed mine    I suffered the same thing, but he’s determined, he wont ask God’s help & I can’t help him, but 

Wed. Aug. 27. 1947./ page. 2037./ 9. eggs this day./   I know God is able, I thank God for my many healings & blessing that He love me & reveals to me the things I should know.  I fell tonight, thought I was on the bottom step, sort of wrenched me all over, we haven ‘t been having enough to eat and it don’t only make me weak but effects my eyes,    this morning I got dizzy while taking care of the chickens & as I came out the coop I realed & stuck one foot into a pail of water I had left outside the door,    it takes 3. pails of fresh water & I had got safly in with 2.    I’m not able to take care of the chickens    We have 2 parks & have to go in & drive them in at night so as not be out there after dark, for I’m not fit to be carrying water& feed & driving chickens in & looking after trap doors & all the many things it takes to keep hens & chicks.  Winds N.E., died out tonight, it’s cool out tonight,    we ate one ripe tomatoe from our garden. 

Thurs. Aug. 28. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Well it been partly cloudy N.E. breeze.  I had to carry the water 3. pails to the chickens & 2 pails of mash & 4 pails of cystern water to wash with.   I did out my wash  the towels & dish towels.   & carried 3. more pails of well water to hens & chicks & 2 pails for us & 2 more of cystern water for house use.  I cought a chicken dressed & cooked it for dinner & I did out most the wash before I ate a bite   I hope Elbert’s back gets O.K. soon,  I pray God will fix it for my sake, it’s to hard on me to take care of chickens & my work & washing & carrying all that water & mash.  This a.m. I got the order blank from Mr. Steveson for $3.50  worth of food and a card from Sandusky stating I was to have 20.00 in Sept. Nov. & Dec.  They are surely cruel & hard & I don’t widh them any harm, but it would be nice if they had to get along on as little as we have had to & have no other help, for at least the same length of time, but it’s nice to Know God is the judge at the judge-ment day,  I Praise God & thank Him for all things.  How do they think we can make up for the past 3. months on $20.00 per. mo.  I can only pray & trust that God will in some way” help us.   it’s terrible to be starved to death.   But it looks as if big dog would eat little dog before very long.  I can’t go to church & I love to go & get God’s blessing.  

Fri. Aug. 29. 1947./page 2038./ 7. eggs. today/  I have been so tired I didn’t do only what I just had to do & that seemed to much, for I stumbled in with the water & spilt some & soaked my feet.    It sure rained & looked as if it was pouring down & we had heavy showers all night with heavy thunder & lightening that cracked.  

Sat. Aug. 30. 1947./ 7. eggs today. /   I had Bill Snyder call Nellie for Johny to come take Elbert to the Dr., Nellie had gone up town to get her glasses fixed, but let them go to come with Johny, we went to Lorain to Sifflin, he was angry because they had, had a light cloud burst & his drive way was flooded & he couldn’t get to his car, he had to run to catch the bus & when he got to his office  his rooms were drenched, where the water had come in alaround the windows & on the floor & he had to soak that up.  he was rather rough with Elbert & talked mean & saucy,   Well Elbert thought he felt better & the Dr. said he was sure he had got the bones back in place but Elbert was so sore & lame, he’d been that way since Tue. and was determined I shouldn’t call the Dr.    I was so tired out I call to have Johny come    Well we done have much to eat & that’s so bad When anyone is sick & I’m so weak I sweat like rain    Johny took me to Berlin Hights to get that 3.50 order 1. sack of flour  2 lbs. crisco  1. can milk  1. can beans  that is a 2 weeks suply of food. & Mr. Shoop said he couldn’t give it to me unless I signed another order for 10.00 that I couldn’t have?  Well, do you call that crooked?  I pray God’s help us, we are among cut throats & theives & if ever we need help it’s now.  Mr. Hauffman the guy that brought the bird here came to the car & he said, he had heard that they were going to make us sell our homes & live up the money before they gave us more to live on,  God help them at the judgement day.   Hauffman said maybe they would take the bird back at the store where he got it & I told him O.K.  they hate me because I’m not a sport.  I hate the evil minded & devils works,  I trust God will take me before things get, so bad, we have to be miss

Sat. Aug. 30. 1947/ 2039/ 7. eggs this day./  used like they were in China.  Well, we got back home & Nellie had bought some hamberg in Vermilion & she had made meat balls so we had sandwitches & hot coffee, then I gave them the rug the Adam’s had given me, they said they could use it.  Elbert was so tired I gave him an anacin rubed his back & hips & got him to bed, & I sat in the big Chair for a couple of hrs. , for, it thundered, lightened blew & rained in torents, after it eased up, I went to bed.  Nellie told me, Marlin had been to Cleveland to the clinic for a check up, they said he has an enlarged heart & has had to bed heart attacks of late, his mother & step dad & 2 sisters are with martha & Merlin & their 3. children   things are coming thick & fast.   I pray God will help us, & care for us.    It was 1.a.m. when I went to bed so terribly tired  Nellie said Ella Jane called her last Sun.  she is so home sick. 

Sun. Aug. 31. 1947. / 6. eggs today./   Well, I wasn’t in bed long before Elbert called me, he thought his bowels were going to move, he thought he couldn’t get off the bed onto the can, he want me to lift him.   Well, I can’t, I’m not a jack ack any more, so he got on & off the can & was in such pain he cried & he wouldn’t try to tell me so I could help him, he sort of felt iritable, I rubbed his bowels & it seemed to be gas,  I gave him 2 anacins 1. hr. apart, he droped off to sleep & so I went back to bed, it was 5-30-a-m. & I hadn’t had any sleep yet, but I dozed off & he got up & took another anacin at 6-30 & said he tried to wake me, but I was sleeping, so he had to do it himself.  I got up at 10-30 & he was having a terrible time, he thought he couldn’t get up, well, I got him washed & gave him his break-fast & I went out & carried water & mash & took care of chicks & hens & then, looked after him & then set down to tired to eat or drink, at last he took on so, I treied to call to Snyders & have them call the Dr.  I couldn’t get any ans. but at last Young Bill went in over there & I stopped him as he

Sun. Aug. 31. 1947./page 2040./ 6. eggs this day./   was going pasted, he said the Dr. at Huron was on a ve-cation, but, he would go back & try to call, he might be back home again, he came to the door & said, he called but he couldn’t gt any ans.  I got dinner & while I was out side looking after things, Elbert came out & sit in the big chair, I had helped him get dressed be-fore he ate his breakfast   he seemed to be feeling much better & has felt better so that he went to the out side toilet 3. times before bed time.  Praise God I’m so glad, for I’m sure not able to take care of him.  seems as long as I can get up & go every one things I’m O.K.     I’m glad I can do what ever is necessary, but, I’m feeling tired out.  today is God’s day of rest & I Praise Him & thank Him for all things & all pray all works out for His good & Glory.  Well, it’s a fine day & beautiful moonlight night    N. E. wind.  

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