December  1948

Wed. Dec. 1. 1948/ 1. egg today./  Well, I washed my bath towel I forgot yesterday & my slip & Elbert’s sleepers & pillow slip & he washed 3 prs. of his pants,   it’s been a partly cloudy day with damp air   clothes didn’t dry very good,   but I finished them in the house & they’re all dry except the pants.   We see 2 more flocks of wild geese 7 I hurt my left wrist 2 weeks ago & it’s rather sore & I have a red spot on it now,   hope it gets better   it’s to hard to rub clothes.

Wed. Dec. 1. 1948./ page. 2250./ one egg this day/   and mix bread,  We didn’t have much to eat today, but hope we can have more tomorrow    & we wont have much all this month for it will take 15 or 20 dollars for mash & grain & 8.50 for that con-dition powder & 3.50 for Church & I’ll be about broke.   Elbert has run in debt for meat so he wont have much for all the month out of 25.00 either,   he hasn’t fell very good all day,   he’s cutting a double tooth   it will be one of his 3rd. set,   wish he could get all of the lower set & be able to eat with them.   I thank God for all our many blessing He gives to us and praise Him, for there isn’t any one else that could do so much for us, as he does,   Glory to God .   I wrote a letter to my little Japanesse friend tonight.   hope one check will come tomorrow & bal. of cards.   

Thurs. Dec. 2. 1948./ 2. eggs today./   Elbert went to Huron but no fish & I think he has the flu. once more in his stomach & bowels,   he feels so bad & we have to go & get something to eat tomorrow for us & hens.   Audrey sent us 10.00 today, May God bless her & give her four fold, save her soul & bless her   it’s wonderfull,   she loves us enough to help us now when we need it so bad & she expects to be out of work soon,   the Co. is moving to Lorain,   but , she will have a job when they get going again I expect,   for they like her & took her off another job to get her back with them.   I have wrote a letter to send back to her, in the morning, & a card to nellie, also Ella Jane is talking of going back to New Mexico & I don’t know just when,   but be fore Christmas they say.   I don’t know why, before Christmas.   Well, I cleaned out to see if I’d over lood any caned goods,   I found a can of campbels beef soup & one of coffee   thats all we had to eat today & Elbert had coffee.   I received a DeHaan book today called “Ruth and Boaz)    Elberts gone to bed,   wish I were in mine.   I thank God for my blessings & I’m so sorry I couldn’t go to prayrmeeting but, I know they will pray for us & I thank them & Praise God.   He hears & ans. prayer if we trust, believe and Obey.  Glory Glory to His Name   He touched me to day & several times since   I do Love Jesus,   He my All in All with out Him I couldn’t endure, but, I’m so Glad He’s evr present & hears our cry & knows our needs, Jesus, 

Thurs. Dec. 2. 1948./ page. 2251./ 2. eggs this day./  Blessed Jesus, I do want Him to hear my cry for souls & save them before it’s forever to late   God help them now & help Elbert to crave to be saved,   I pray Thou Wilt.

Fri. Dec. 3. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Well my check came  35.00 & I had the 10.00 Audrey sent,   so, as the cupboard was bear, We put on our coats, hats & over shoes & went to Huron & got 3 bags of mash for the chicks.   We got 5. garlic saucages 59 cents and 4 gal. gas for car 1.00 & came home, left the mash in the grainery & went to Vermilion,   We took a box of cards to Mrs. Smith & I left one other box, she wanted,   but didn’t know if he would let her buy & so there is 3.00 standing out,   that we need so bad.   Mrs. Smith is sick & she looks it to,    if I culd only talk to her more often, she’s in need of christian fellow ship.   We then then went to the mill & paid 10.00 on the coal bill & bought 2. bu. wheat 5.00,   then we went to A.P. store & got 100 lb. sack grain 4.25,   then we mailed my letters to Japanesse friend & letter to Audrey & card to Nellie,   then we went to Krogers & got 4.54 worth of food & then we came home & Elbert fed hens & I got the supper   both our heads to dizzy for any good use,   but we ate after we thanked God for what we had & now my money is all gone except 1.66 cents and the 10. Audrey sent us also & Elbert wont have much for food out of his for he only has 25.00 & he owes 5. & has got to pay 8.50 for condition powder so thre wont be only 11.50 left for food for 5 weeks.   looks as if we’ll have to live like the dutchmans horse & then lay down & die,   well, I pray God will in some way take care of us and the many others that are in the same fix,as we are.   & poor little Mrs. Smith  she needs help if ever a soul did.   Jesus, Blessed Jesus, I know Lord God of Love & Mercy that you heard that prayer of ours today & I pray Thou will help her in all the ways she needs,   help her to trust & believe  Oh Glory to God I know Thou art able.   Keep us Jesus Close to Thee   help us to live Thy way     we thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the praise & Glory    WE are standing on the Promises trusting & believing,   Keep us steadfast & true,   I pray in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   

Sat. Dec. 4. 1948./ 2. eggs today./   Well, I only swept & done up dishes   press two prs. of Elbert’s wool pants,   I didn’t get done the other day & he had the soup partly made, then run off to Huron to get some fresh fish & he got a nice big mess & came back,    We ate hot soup & he went to clean fish while while I pressed the pants    & then, I salted & packed them, & put them down to keep cold,    I made the beds & took care of birds & went out & shut the henhouse windows. & got the mail,    my card’s came & Elbert’s check   the cards are not the ones I ordered,   I am so sorry & I don’t know whether they will except them & they didn’t send the rapping paper at all or the pocket book,   such a world.   Well, I’m not going to be bothered with them any more,   I guess I’m to strick about honesty, at least

Sat. Dec. 4. 1948./ page. 2252./ 2. egg this day./   other folks think I am, but I don’t.   If every one were honest what a differ-ent world this would be.   Oh Dear Heavenly Father make me clean in soul & body & keep me so & close to Thee ever closer to Thee.   I’m so discusted with this life & pray the next one will be more perfect.   We can’t even rely on the Christians, only on Thee.   How terribly glad I am to Know I can depend on Thee.   I thank Thee more than I can express iin words for being Truth its’ self,   I give Thee all the Praise and Glory for all I am & all I have, Glory to God for ever & ever.

Sun. Dec. 5. 1948./ 1. egg today./  We went to Church this morning and it was Cummunion Sun.   We ate our dinner & Mr. & Mrs. Smith and there 3 children came in for a visit,   We had a good visit   they went back at 4-15-p-m.   We had a dish of soup & then we went to Church leaving here at 7-40-p-m.   We had such a good meeting & we felt the power of God with us.   We heard tonight,   Mrs. Hambly’s father is dead & they haven’t told his wife yet and decided not to tell her untill just before the funeral,   how wicked that seems,   her heart is very bad & they said they thought it better   but seems to me they will be subjecting her to a greater shock.   I don’t know just when we will hear about the funeral & the time but Rev. Shr Scharien said he let us know.   Poor old grandma.   May God help her in all the ways she needs.   Well, Dec. 4th   there were lots of flys on the screens out side,   then it began to turn cold & the wind’s blowing hard today & tonight    started when Mr & Mrs Smith & family were leaving for home.   Radio said there had been lots of damage on the roads & in the air with plains & cares & on the big sea waters.   & the world is in a terrible turmoil.   the Catholics are trying to rule the world now & are working fast & hard by any means just so they win.   I pray God will find us worthy. 

Mon. Dec. 6. 1948./ page 2253./ no egg. today./ Elbert’s birthday./  Well, we went to Vermilion & got 13.76 cents worth of can good & noodles & speggetti, coffee  lava soap, honey & head of cabbage & paid Naegele & got a boiling piece 1. lb. & a little pork to fry,   then we went out on the Mason road & got 1/2 bu. Apples   then we came home & I got supper & Elbert fed hens & chicks & did the chores & carried in the things we bought.   & we ate & I washed the dishes & cleaned the cookstove & Elbert put the meat to boil & I put some of the prunes we got on to cook.   Well, I feel weak today,   but I Praise God for all our many blessings & that we still have a place to live & food & warmth.    We don’t know how much longer we will be able for the religius war is making fast towards war. & the Whole World is most ready to get at each others throats,   I pray God will be merciful unto us siners.   Oh Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free Where Jesus is    it’s Heaven to me, Glory to God. Tue. Dec. 7.       Today Elbert is 66. yrs. old.  Winds cold,   but, no rain or snow. 

Tue. Dec. 7. 1948./ 2. eggs today/  I got up & washed & dressed & combed my hair & cleaned my teeth & washed my hands  cleaned my finger nails & then heat the water & set the bread,   I mix it into a hard loaf & let it raise, then I started the washing.   Elbert went to the beach for coarse sand for henhouse floor   he came in & we had a bowl of beef broth & I had 2 handsful of crackers & a cup of tea,   Elbert had coffee.   I finished washing & mixed up bread in 2. big loaves & one big pie tin of biscuits   I got evrything cleared away & Elbert came in & put some potatoes on to cook   & we had a piece of pork left,   so, he cook part of that & the biscuits were done,   so, we had one & a half apiece.   then I washed up all the dishes & changed the clothes on the line   now I have most of them done  will have by the time I read my bibl awhile,   then I’ll clean my teeth & go to bed tired & weary    & Elbert don’t feel very good,   he has cramps on his ribs from carrying sand     coop floor is wet he says & the straw     he don’t take care of the coop like we always did & some how he don’t seem to want to do it that way    now he’s went & put all that wet sand in the coop on the floor in the first pen & I could cry,    but he wont listen & if the chicks get stiff legs & colds, he wont know how they got that way    it’s sure discusting & it tires me so    I paid so much for them    I hate to see the money all lost    but he don’t like to take care of them & he don’t like to sell eggs,    such a world    & he wont aply for old age pension    so there we are, trying to feed & raise these chicks to lay & not give them the care they need to get them there,    I’m not able to take care of them   can hardly do the house work & washing.   I pray God will help us in all the ways we need.   and I’ll give him all the praise & Glory forever and forever, Amen.   Mrs. Hambly’s father died Sat. Dec. 4. & his birthday was Sun. Dec. 5th.    The Preacher said he’d let me know about the funeral, when it would be   & I’m wondering about it.

Wed. Dec. 8. 1948./ page. 2254./ 3. eggs today./  Well, I haven’t done much today   patched Elbert’s union suit,   it’s just about all patches & darned his socks & wrote a Christmas card to Nora, Cora, Carl, Rose & Mrs Kendall 4. California I owe.   & I’ll have a few more to send.   I hope to sell my watch to-morrow, & pay for the hen’s powder & get another bag & send or give E.J. her dollar back,    she’s leaving Fri. morning for New Mexico.    Elbert received a card for his birthday from Nellie & Bonita & she said so, on her card & Bonita’s working half time some where,    so, Nellie has the children to take care of.   Johny goes to school & works after school 3. night’s a week & his wife works 3. days a week.   It’s a great life today with everything getting bad, as the bible says it will.    It’s been partly cloudy today, & cold wind,   but, a fine winter day.    Elbert’s felt so bum but he cut down several willows & trimed them,    he’s cutting them to burn in the Spring, & a few small Elms & some brush.    & after dark the Preacher came,    said the funeral would be, Thurs. Dec. 9. 2-p-m. so we will get up & get going in the morning,    for we have several thing we want to do be-fore going to the funeral.    Well I have to mend a rip in Elbert’s coat sleeve now & then read some.   I let the Minister take DeHaan’s book, on the book of Ruth,    Now I hope he’ll give it back & not keep it,   he has 2. others I let him take & I haven’t got them back yet  I thank God for saving my soul & showing me things passed, present & things to come.   Praise His Holy Name, I love Jesus and know all the praise & Glory truly belong to Him.   Elbert went to Huron    got a bale of straw,   but no fish, said the nets were covered with ice & fish were froze in them.   Wish we could have had another mess    they taste so good, when the water gets cold & there flesh is harder. 

Thurs. 9. 1948/ no eggs today/  Well, for me it’s been a very hard day,   I feel all in & so useless, can’t endure, being hauled around let a lone having to get out the car & go in this place & that,    We went as soon as postman came this morning to Vermilion,    stopped at the A.P. store & ask for greens for hens & they said they’d save them & they did,   We then stopped & mailed out the five Christmas cards I had ready,   then we sped of on to Lorain & stopped to Mrs. Cranage’s,    she had paid for a box of cards & I left them & she took one more 1.00 box & paid it & a doz. eggs,    she gave me 80 cents for them eggs,   then we visited a little,   she’s not very well,   her hearts so bad & she washed & it’s hard to use her arms or to go up & down stairs so today she said she was just laying around,   I thought she’d take my watch,   she talked that way awhile ago, but,   she didn’t want it today,   so, I have to find another party now.   We went over 

Thurs. Dec. 9. 1948./ Page. 2255./ no eggs today./  Lillie’s, and left the box she paid for & sold 1. extra I had, to her for Elsie.   We talked awhile    then went to Ruby’s “to the old home place” & she had one box & Francis Cora had 2, & Evelyn had one     so after we talked a spell, Ruby gave me some pieces of dress good, sort of gay stuff, to line a baby doll  bugy for little Bonita,   I had a roll of imatation leather for the outside body of bugy & enough for a chair set, they wanted to fix up for the children, for Christmas.   I then went to see Gertie at the good will store where she works pressing, mending & sewing & gave her Audreys cards & we visited a little,    she gave me 1.50 to get her a basket of apples like we got the other day,   they had a chair there & Clock I’d like to have so much but I don’t see how I could get them.   Well, I left her & joined Elbert in the car & we went to see Bonita,   she’s working at a Caffitiara,   she fills the bill for that sort of work,   I only talked a few minutes for they wre quite busy,   she was pleased with the leatherette & goods.   So we got into the car again & then came in to Vermilion;   No, we went to Mrs. Hambly’s father’s funeral after leaving Gertie, then to Bonita   then to Vermilion where we bought a little meat & then picked up the greens at A.P. store, then home, where we ate a little soup & drank tea, fed chicks & hens & went up to R.61. part or nearly way to Berlin Hights & turned left & went a-bout 2 miles to get the apples,   We got 1/2 bu. apples  15 big ones for Gertie & 1/2 small ones for up  for 90 cents    they are fair size & good,   then w came back home so tired & weary & Elbert help get supper    & I’m not washing the dishes but, reading & going to bed.   I sure thank God for my blessings & Praise His Holy Name,   He’s Worthy.   I have one more box of cards to sell & hope I can sell them. 

Fri. Dec. 10. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert has done odds & ends all day,   but I have only done just what I had to do,    been bum   felt to dead to get up & move, to tired, arms & legs ach so bad   so all I did was my daily round & clean the bird cages.   hope to wipe up floors & perhaps dust a little tomorrow.   It snowed a very light layer of snow after midnight,   then the sun came out this morning and melted it all away except where the sun didn’t hit it,   and it’s been a nice day & soon the shortest day will be here (Dec.21.) & then the days will start to lengthen again & Spring will be just around the corner.   I pray the Lord God of Hosts will comfort Grandma, poor soul & keep her    And there are lots more in the same fix;   I’m one, only, I still have the prevelige of living in my home yet, and I don’t know how things will be, before much longer.   I’m trusting 

Fri. Dec. 10. 1948./ page. 2256./ 2. eggs this day./  God will take care of His own in His own own way.   I thank Him in Jesus Holy Name for all He has done and still is doing for me & I pray, I may do His Will in all things great & small things Amen. 

Sat. Dec. 11. 1948./ 3. eggs today./  Well, sir, I sure enough felt bad today so weak,   if I don’t gain more strength soon I’ll be drifting homeward before long.   I did look after beds and rooms & sweep & wash dishes take care of birds & help cook,   but, I felt as if I could never do it.   Frank Bonney & his Eldest son “Harvey” were here today, hunting,   they gave us one rabbit & they really brought us a piece of boiling meat, cheapest cut such as we usually buy,   the cheapest cut,   but, we are glad to get even that & the rabbit,   we need it, & it’s just cold enough to keep the meat chilled.    It snowed last night & hit the road a little half way into Vermilion & from there all the way to Cleveland,   Harvey came from Cleveland Ohio this forenoon & Elbert went to Vermilion & got greens for hens & chicks this a-m.   We didn’t get any snow here  just some flurrys yesterday afternoon.   Frank & Harvey were quite sociable today   F. wants to buy Elbert’s lots.   I thank God for His love & care & for revealing things to me.   I give Him all the praise & Glory in Jesus Name for ever & ever Amen.

Sun. Dec. 12. 1948./ 2. eggs today./   Well, I sure felt so bum, that I dreamed I wrote to Audrey & told her not to get me a washer, now, it was to late, I couldn’t use it,   perhaps it’s so;   I wouldn’t be able to toat it in & out & Elbert’s getting so he says yes, let Elbert do it,  I do as long as I can,   when any of them are ask to do for me, it’s really murder,   I pray God will keep me able as long as I live,   then snap me up so quick, there wont be anything left for them to do, except haul me out & bury me.  & beat up on me, before they haul me out if they feel like it,   but God knows & I’ll never be able to express in words, how glad I am,  that He Knows all things,   I’ll never be able to do enough to pay Him all I owe Him,   He’s a wonder Friend to me,  I love Him more than any one or anything else on earth,   I Praise Him, love Him and all the Praise & Glory belong to Him,   I adore Him, He’s the only one I’ve ever knew that was & is Truth & Honesty itself.  Glory Glory to God in the Highest,   Thou art pure & Holy. Amen.   It rained this morning & staid dark untill noon & I just laid around all day   I know they are praying for me and I thank God in Jesus Holy Name & pray & trust for more strength & I know He hears and understands,   I thank Him from the depth of my soul for the strength & healing of what so ever I’m in need of & pray He will give four fold to each one, what they ask for me, in Jesus Name, believing Amen.   Well, the sun came out late this after noon & it was fine all rest of the day & staid light for so long tonight

Sun. Dec. 12. 1948./ page. 2257./ 2. eggs this day./  Well, I forgot to write, that they are taring down the old No. 2. car dump just half a bend from the old homeplace on the west side the river,    looks queer.   with it gone   & it looks queer with the highlevel bridge just a bend above, & they have filled the river flat, with river bottom dirt & over just beyond the old Mc.Guire house, the City had a dump un-till the people began to yell loud & lusty,   & now they ought to yell untill they clean it up so it wont stink.   I can’t understand the filthyness of the up, to, date, aristocrats.    I had a nice picture of the McGuire house but Nelie stole it,   she ask me several times for it, but it was the only one I had & Gertie had spoilt the film,   so, one day they wanted my pack of pictures to look over & several was taken out before I got them back & I stood in my bedroom window & listened as they looked them over & made remarks & passed them from one to another.   I’m sorry they don’t know Jesus for He Knows them. 

Mon. Dec. 13. 1948./ 4. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain, and took the apples, “Gertie” paid for them“, to Audrey & Gertie’s home & Audrey & him had dinner together, she gave him $10.00 & he spent 3.00 before he came home so there wont be much left for Christmas.   The card came from Vermilion hardware store, 5.41 today saying the grates for our stove had come.   I received a nice letter from Cora Irish Barr.   she said it was raining there when she wrote Dec. 7. & that they had, had, two light frosts, but the Fall had really been fine, and that it didn’t seem possible that Christmas was here again.   She also said she has arthritis in her right leg & knee.   I sure feel sorry for her & wish she would turn to Jesus.   I received the raping paper today & don’t know if I can sell it now.   I did out part of the washing & got it dried in the house.   Elbert came 15 minutes to 3-p-m.   I had just finished & set down,   he changed clothes & warmed up potatoes & rabbit & we had hot tea & 7-p-m. I fried what pork there was left,   and we ate bread & meat & drank tea.   I don’t know or understand,   but, the Lord sure gave me a lot of strength from Him,   I couldn’t have got it any other way, yesterday.   I felt so utterly worn out, yesterday,   I really felt as if it was to late to do much of anything any more,   but, today I washed half the clothes out & I ought to wipe up the floor.   & I’m tired, but not as much so as I had feared.   We received a Christmas card from Mrs. Sprunk today,   Elbert received a birthday card from Easel & one from Bonita & Nellie last week.   I thank God in Jesus Dear & Holy Name for all my many blessings & for saving my soul & revealing so many thing to me.   I do love Jesus more than any one in the world.

Tue. Dec. 14. 1948./ page. 2258./ 1. egg today./  Well, I have felt weak alday & not like working,   but set bread & made 4. loaves  2. brown, 2. white loaves, besides having to clean the stove, I got so dizy   I slopped half the water in the top of the cook stove & something had been boiled sometime before & so it took me a long time to get it cleaned up the way it should be again & the oven needs cleaning next,   but, I really hope I don’t have to do it un-till I feel a lot stronger & pray God will send me some one that is honest & would like to help me,   I’d be so greatful Jesus for that honest trustworthy help.   Elbert’s had the back door trot today but he’s done the chores.   & I have done mine also,   & I thank & Praise God from the depth of my soul, in Jesus Name for His Love & Salvation Glory to God, Amen.   I pray He give all those who pray for me fourfold what they ask for me, Jesus, Blessed Jesus.    We received a Christmas Card from Mrs. Sharp & one from Miss. Clark  Mrs. Gall.   & a card from Sister Nellie, U.S. Card.   So I’ll have to get busy. 

Wed. Dec. 15. 1948./ 2. eggs. today./ gas tank today/  Well I haven’t done much today,   I finished writing a letter to Cora & wrote some cards to mail out.   & did my daily round.   I’m to tired & its late so I’m going to bed.   We have had a heavy fog for 3. days & nights now,   must be going to get colder.

Thurs. Dec. 16. 1948./ 4. eggs today./  Well I got a few more cards 14 of them ready to mail.   It’s been a fine day   S.W. strong breeze & to night as pretty a moon as you could ask to see, clear & bright   looks as if we’ll get a good frost tonight,   while in the southern states they are having floods at this time of yr.   Will people ever learn to Know God?   I ask Jesus in prayer a few nights ago what was come next & there appeared a big White billowy cloud before me,   I wondered for a second & then a red horse with a man on it dressed in purple with a red robe all trimed in gold fringed braid & a sord & sheald on him,   he had brown hair, mediam light & wavey & it was blowing back from his face for the horse was going like the wind,   it faded away, leaving rather limp, as I wondered what the red horse ment,    I had read about him in the bible, but now I couldn’t remember    next morn-ing I turned to revelations 6 Chapter & foud that peace would be taken from the world, then the black horse will be next & after him the cream Colored one & the Devil follow-ing him.   So now we know what to look forward to,   no peace & then the weights & measures of grain.

[see below for info from Revelations via Wikipedia]


 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. From left to right are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest; the Lamb is at the top

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (often referred to as the Four Horsemen) are figures in Christian religion, appearing in the New Testament‘s final book, Revelation, an apocalypse written by John of Patmos, as well as in the Old Testament‘s prophetic Book of Zechariah, and in the Book of Ezekiel, where they are named as punishments from God.

Revelation 6 tells of a book/scroll in God‘s right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God/Lion of Judah opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. To Zechariah, they are described as “the ones whom the Lord has sent to patrol the earth” causing it to rest quietly. Ezekiel lists them as “sword, famine, wild beasts, and plague.”

In John’s revelation, the first horseman is on a white horse, carrying a bow, and given a crown, riding forward as a figure of Conquest,[1] perhaps invoking PestilenceChrist, or the Antichrist. The second carries a sword and rides a red horse and is the creator of War.[2] The third is a food merchant riding upon a black horse, symbolizing Famine. He carries The Scales. [3] The fourth and final horse is pale green, and upon it rides Death accompanied by Hades.[4] “They were given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, and plague, and by means of the beasts of the earth.”[5]

The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the Four Horsemen are to set a divine end time upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.[1][6]

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May God ever Keep us close & closer to Him & forgive us all our sins, A few 

Thurs. Dec. 16. 1948./ page. 2259 / 4. eggs. this day./   nights ago I knelt to pray & Dorthys face came before me,   she looked so sick & miserable,   I looked at her untill she looked at me & I still looked & prayed for her untill she looked relieved, & turned her face away & slept,    tonight I went to prayermeeting & we had a wonderful prayer service & after word, they anointed Sister Sprunk & prayed for her & then, me,   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for the healings & Praise Him    there’s no one like Jesus, Glory Hallelujah;   Then we talked a few minutes & I told Drothy I saw her face looking so ill & how I had looked at her & prayed untill she turned her head & slept,   and she looked so excited and said,   yes that is so   I remember it was one night last week she seemed to marvel over it & I went on out,   I had been talking to Gracy Day.   then we took the 4. Smith children home & came on home.    Mrs. Joe Smith is still ill and not out,   I’ll have to go to her.   I‘m trusting God in Jesus Blessed Name to take care of her.  Received a few more cards today in the mail. Glory to God.

Fri. Dec. 17. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  Glory to God  I love Thee Jesus, Glory, Glory.   I have only tried to get rest of cards ready & swept & wiped up the floors, did my daily round.,   I thank & praise God for the wonderful strength He gives me and for my healings in Jesus Holy Name.   It’s been quite cold today,   had heavy frost last night.   Well I sold me self short of Christmas cards.

Sat. Dec. 18. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Dave Hunters birthday   he’s 63. yrs old.   Elbert went to Vermilion to see if he could collect what money I had standing out on the card & to sell the rapping paper,   he sold 1. box to Mrs. West Sr.     visited a while & came home   he used 25 cents of it for gas.   Did my usual round & washed my rags & bath towel & my shirt,   I didn’t iron this week,   I also washed & cleaned up 3 fry pans & covers & the dishes, so as I’m to tired, I let Elbert warm the potatoes & make the gravy in the peas I had put on the stove to heat   I had the water on for tea also & I scoured that stew pan to & I heat the rice,   so he just finished.   He had a visit with Mr. Day & learned Otto the man that runs the store where Mrs. Day works, had a stroke there at Days house & so now he stays there nights.   Day says he gets 50 old age money & 1.19, one hundred & nineteen dollars from the county & she works & pays for the food in Otto’s store,   she owes me 1.00 for cards & the Smith’s owe me 1.10 & I still have one box of cards & paper to sell

Sat. Dec. 18. 1948./ page. 2260./ 4. eggs this day./   It’s been a little warmer today than Fri.   cloudy all morning & then sun came out,   but was partly cloudy clear  S. east wind light tonight

Sun. Dec. 19. 1948./ 4. egg today./   Well, I feel better tonight & Praise God for His care & love for me   I didn’t go to Church today   I felt so weak,    but, hope to get back after Christmas.   Elbert mailed a card to Amherst about the powder & he mailed Christmas cards to Nellie, Bonita, Shirely Glover, Coral Baarr, Miss Baumgart, Mrs. Cranage, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Sprunk, Mrs. Day & Miss Clark Mrs. Lindy West, Japanesse Lady, Page’s, Mrs Hackman, Audrey & Gertie & Monagan’s, Mrs Goll, Harnings Smith’s Joe, Smith’s Charles M, Rev & Mrs Scharien, Ethel & her family, Bessie Snyder Seneth,  Miss Ethel Willitts Grandma Vidivich & I have one ready to mail to Mr. & Mrs. Tom Eppler & Son soon as I get rest of address.  & there are 12 yet, I should mail out.   It snowed last night from the north east not very cold out,    but yet, it didn’t melt off today either.   I only took care of beds & birds & helped cook. 

Mon. Dec. 20. 1948./ 3. eggs today./   Well, the snow has stayed on but it’s not very cold out     I cleaned the east window & top of old radio where I have the plants    & the two north windows & the radio I have between them & it took the strength all out of me.   & I have fixed up 9 or 10 more cards to go out,   I have got out 40 cards now,   I thank & Praise God for His Love & care and pray He will find me worthy in Jesus Holy Name.

Tue. Dec. 21. 1948./ 5. eggs today./  Shortest day of the yr.   Been just a beautiful day snow all gone & not very cold.   wind went from N.W. on around & is most back there again   I had a card from the Rev. Gurney’s today with a new picture of Lolita Jean, there little girl.   We re-ceived 4 cards today.   I finished the pink edge on the handkercheif I am giving as the exchange gift, I have to give & they said it must not cost over 50 cents   it might be O.K. but I don’t care for that sort of thing,   I got a salt & pepper shak in a carrier last yr. & Bonita thought them so nice I gave them to her & Mrs. Sprunk gave me an apron.   I gave that to Bonita also, as I don’t ever wear them.   I can’t aford to give.   & so it seems foolish anyway.   I’ll go back to Church after Christmas & hope they will forget me till then.   So I didn’t do only my daily round today, but I ought to wash in the morning  ought to have done it today. 

Wed. Dec. 22. 1948./ 3. eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & got a bag of grain for all the hens & Pullets   I gave him 5.-50 cents & told him not to spend only enough for the grain that was 4.09 so he put in some more gas in the car & bought a fore leg & belly of mutton 89 cents.   he went to Snyders next door to see if he could sell the rapping paper & one box of Christmas birth-day cards,   Mrs. took the birthday cards 1.00 so Elbert had 6.00

Wed. Dec. 22. 1948./ page 2261./ 3. egg this day./   He brought back a dollar & a few cents,    I’m sorry he’s hungry but we just have to keep even if, if, we do have to starve some & before long the hens will help us again, God Willing.   Well I did all the washing except Elberts two heavy union suits & 2. work shirts & got them most dry,   they all will be by the time I go to bed.   It’s been a beautiful day,   wind is & has been rather penetrating all day,    I haven’t been outside for when I wash I sweat so bad I get froze to the marrow it I got out.  I did my daily round & help get the dinner & the supper,   we fried part of the mutton & put the rest on to stew & for supper we opened a can of vegetables, mixed, & then we cooked 1/2 cup of rice in mutton broth   added can red Kidney beans & a little Ketchup & the can of vegtables & seasoning & it tasted quite well,   now we can add some cooked spegg-etti & have enough for supper tomorrow evening.   We recieved 5 more cards to day,   one from Rev. & Mrs. Schaceis Lorain Minister of the Church where mr. & Mrs Vidivich us to go to church & where they had the funeral for him.   one from Bonney Bell, Joe & baby.   Cousin Georgia sent a card & note.   One from Mrs. Ottis West   one from Shirely Glover.   & Elbert mailed out 10 or more, this morning,   he stopped at J.Smith’s & got Tom’s address & put it on there card & mailed it with the rest & he went to Dorthy’s & gave my exchange gift to Mrs West Sr. to take to Church Sun. for me.   I put in kercheif in a blue Greetings Card & in-to an envelope & sealed it in,   I wonder who‘ll get it.    Mrs. West was moving today into the house that Dorthy’s Mother & Father had been living in & D’s, parents are moving over beside, or, close to Dorthy in there new house they have been building.   I would think West would build a house over they to with room enough for her mother.   It’s so queer, how, the young don’t want the older folks.   I thank God in Jesus Name   God helped me to learn to love the old people & to understand. I’d be old one of these days & I’m getting old “my body is”  and the young ones don’t want to come or to help us either not even our brother or, sisters, or neices or nephews,   if I just give them the place with out us, that would be O.K.   as Martha said, there’s only one thing you got I like to have   I ask what that was & she said, that little glass hen you use to use for a cheese dish,   Well, I thought it over for a minute then got up, got the dish & gave it to her & she said, thank You,   she hasn’t been out but a very few times since.

Thurs. Dec. 23. 1948./ page 2262/ 7. eggs today./  Well, I just haven’t been worth my salt today.   I got dinner & took care of rooms & bed.   Elbert got up & washed 2 union suits & 3 work shirts suds & wrinsed & hung them out side   they froze, work shirts were all dry but cuff & seems but suits were stiff.   We hung them in here & one is all dry   the other very near.   We had soup for supper with the speggetti added & it was good.   I have some beens started to cook “marrow fats” & we still have a ham bone to cook, and believe it or not Audrey sent us 10.00 this morning   I pray from the very depth of my soul, that God will bless her & fill her with His Holy Spirit Soon, in Jesus Holy Name,   I believe He will,.    I have ask Him to do so for yrs.   she has changed her mind in some ways and I pray soon she will turn to Him with her whole heart, soul, mind and strength,   I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus,   and I know you will soon be coming back to collect your own & am hope & trusting I may be one & those I have prayed for so long.   I thank Thee Jesus, and Praise Thee for all things great & small things.   Glory to God in the Highest I love Thee & believe Thee.   We received a card from Monagan’s , one from Harvey Bonney.  One from Bessie Snyder one from Miss Baumgart one from Armond Bonney  one from Nellie Bonita & Family   My head is so bad I’ve staid home   I hit myself in the ear jerk the page jirk the radio plug  got a terrible blank then noisy feeling it terrible.  Well we have recieved 37 cards & sent out 46 so far. 

Fri. Dec. 24. 1948./ 5. eggs today./  Well, I did the ironing, but didn’t get the floors wiped up today.   Elbert’s been cutting down the willows & brush in the hollow and so he cut some more today.   I received a nice letter from Miss Willitts and one from Nellie asking us to dinner tomorrow,   she’s been very busy taking care of the children while Bonita works & then while they sleep Bonita does the neglected work at home in the evenings,   Nelllie’s been sewing making   making 3 dress for Bonney Bell’s baby & 3 for Johnys baby out of pieces Audrey had left over from her dresses & then she made doll dress for little Bonita & a little neighbor girl across the road,   she said Johny & Marcie & baby6 would be there, also, for dinner tomorrow.   Ella Jane loaned us a dollar at thanks giving time so, she wrote a card or rather she sent us a card & never wrote anything but her name.   I’ll manage some how to send her a dollar & then Cranages sent us a picture card of beautiful turkeys,  very kind and thoughtful of them, I’m sure .   & Now dishes done & ham bone parboiled,   I’m going to bed thanking & Praising God for all our many blessings in Jesus Dear Holy Name, Amen.

Sat. Dec. 25. 1948./ page 2263./ 5. eggs today./  Christmas.   Audrey sent us $10.00   We are very thankful & greatful  we needed it to pay a bill,   We didn’t know how we were ever going to have to meet;   & then Nellie ask us over to dinner & then Joy to the world, if Mr. Joe Smith & his two girls came in on the bound and the girls came in with a pretty box & in it was a turkey dinner all ready to serve turkey all sliced dressing in a pretty glass dish  a dish with lettuce celery & sweet pickles, bread 4 slices 1. pieces cream co-conut & one of cream banana pie & 2 pieces whit cake & 2 pieces fruit cake   all was delicious & just wonderfully good,   We Praise God for all our many, many blessing.   I Pray God will give each of those who so generously remem-bered us in our sorry plight, 7 times more for there loving Kindness and true friendship   heal them & if there have not been converted I pray Thou will both convert & heal them   make there faith strong in Thee and give them wisdom & understanding, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for ever & ever, Amen, & Glory to God.   Jesus more dear to me than all else in this world   Thou doeth know, words can’t begin to express the true love in my heart for the love & kindness bestowed on us,   I’ve all been able to give untill of late and I love to give but some how I don’t know how to express my gratude when things are given to me, for I’ve never had much of anything given to me here.   Yu have been the one Who has given me heaps of good things from above & I love Thee and Praise Thee for the Spirit that we are pre-mitted to drink of so freely;   Oh Jesus, Blessed Jesus, Who bled & died for me.   Keep me humble and close to Thee and let me walk all the way with Thee,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, Holy, Pure & True.   It’s been partly cloudy, big white single clouds, deep blue sky & white sun,   cold N. West wind & radio says it’s 38 degrees in lower California & they had quite a snow fall also, in many of the other States & some most buried in snow & 13. men maroned the top of Greenlands icy mountian.   Now, we have such warm weather & now it’s turned so cold it may freeze the trees & schrubs & kill them.   Jesus is coming before long from all the signs we are seeing,  & bad examples being displayed.   Oh, I pray God will teach us His ways & help us to do His ways.

Sun. Dec. 26. 1948./ page 2264./ 7. eggs today./  It has been a fine sunshiny winter day    cold S.West wind changing this evening to S. wind & it’s colder tonight than last night;   roads, or highways, are slippery & there has been over 3, hundred accidents & deaths so far since Christmas & plains wrecked & boats, and the boat that has gone to rescue the boys on Greenlands ice caped mountian, is having a battle with wind & waves.   God rules the World.   I have felt some better today.   Minister came in just after noon,   he brought 7 4 4 handkercheifs to me with his name on the package, so I reckon it was his name I should have drawn, in the gift exchange, they have each yr. at this time,   there were 3. more in another package with out a name on it and a little bag of candy with a Christmas card tied to it from Miss. Clark all very cheap gifts I wouldn’t think of giving to any one, but it’s O.K. by me.   God of Love and God of Mercy I pray Thou Will watch over us and keep us true to Thee in Jesus Holy Name Amen.   Elbert killed a chicken & we had it for dinner today   it was good, very tender,   we fried it then finished it in the roaster.   Well, we had prayer before the minister left & God blessed us.   I didn’t go to church,   I’m weak & had a queer feeling in my head and my ears,   I watch & pray and trust, believe & hope in Jesus.

Mon. Dec. 27. 1948./ 6. eggs today./  Well, I washed today & Elbert went to Vermilion & got a bag of hens mash & some cards & he came back forgeting to pay the light bill, then he did a few odds & ends & he then got dinner   & we ate & then I dried the clothes.   He got the supper and I did the dishes.   It’s been cloudy all morning and up untill about 2. P.M. then partly cloudy untill sun set,   when it cleared up, sun was white as ice, hasn’t been quite so cold today, or this evening,   Winds been S.W. all day, and this evening so far.   I receive card from Johny & Marcie & there pictures from Mrs. Beesie saying she’s ben sick & card from Miss Mc.Govrn, she’s in hospital & a card from Miss Willitts, not any yet from Mrs. Kendall.   I hope they are all right.

Tue. Dec. 28. 1948./ 3. eggs today/  We received a letter from Audrey with 10.00 in it, so, now I hope we can pay for the powder & grates,    I haven’t done much to day made 2. dish towels & mended my corset & looked after daily work.   Elbert got up & cleaned a chicken & I fried it & got dinner,   he went to Vermilion & got green for hens & chicks & got back just intime for dinner,   he carried up some wood & took care of chicken & outside chores   It was a beautiful morning. (todays weather is for April) it was partly cloudy

Tue. Dec. 28. 1948./ page. 2265./ 3. eggs this day./  from noon untill 3-p-m  then it really began to get thick & about 7-p-m- began to rain & still raining at midnight.  S.E. wind.  quite warm.   I thank & praise God for all our Many blessing in Jesus Name,   I pray for all His people all over the World.  

Wed. Dec. 29. 1948./ 9. eggs today./   Elbert was out in the back & found someone had cut the evergreen,   it was about 6. ft. tall & so pretty.   Well, I only did my usual round.   Elbert carried up wood & took care of hens & pullets,   it rained in showers all night   cleared off about noon then got cloudy again & quite thick at 4-p-m.   White sun. & it gave us a shower, light,   looked like rain tonight, but it hasn’t so far “at 9-p-m),   it’s not any colder than last night   there was a sort of mist at 2 O’clock & sun was shining but didn’t last long.   Yesterday, Elbert met a funeral going East when he came home from Vermilion & later in after noon a big funeral went past here.   I, or we, don’t know who’s they were. 

Thurs. Dec. 30. 1948./ 5. eggs today/  Elbert went to Amherst & paid $8.00 for condition powder we owed for & ordered another sack.   then he sold the eggs 80 cents per. doz. $4.40 & bought a new slop can for me with $2.58 & tax  & a bag of grain $4.05   he bought a piece of blogna & piece boiling meat Karkay  can of milk & 1.00 worth of gas for car   I gave him $14.00  he took in $4.40 for eggs & brought home $1.01   Well, it’s O.K.   the roads were bad & walking much worse.   Wind went N. & then N.E. before morning & a fine misty rain had covered ground & evry thing & was so slippery. the maine high ways were free, our road was bad   Elbert got back about 1.30-p-m.   he was tired getting so it tires him to,   he did well for such a stormy day   misty rain till 11-a-m, & cloudy all day   no sun at all & not very cold out,   wind has back up to N. tonight & the wind is still blowing,   I slept a while after Elbert left   then got up & shook up beds & opened windows at 11-a-m. for it was storming, before.   then I set bread & made 2 big W. loaves & 2. doz. bread doughnuts & I’m as tired as if I’d done a day’s work.   I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Holy Name.   I Praise Him for all things Great & small.   I Pray He will strengthen the faith & bodys of His people in these last Days, in Jesus Dear Holy Name, Glory to God.

Fri. Dec. 31. 1948./ 7. eggs today./   Well, I fixed my nightgown & finished an un-der skirt & I swept & dusted & did my daily round & today is for July.   Cool all night heavy windy, frost   sun came out about nine & stayed out & set cold & white.  N.E. wind this morning &

Fri. Dec. 31. 1948./ page 2266/ 7. eggs this day./  went N.W. this afternoon about 1-p-m. & still there at 10-p-m.    I am sorry I’m not at church tonight,   they are all at Amherst Church to preach & pray old yr out & New yr. in.   I pray God will help all them to strengthen there faith & live Closer to Him, to understand we are coming to the end & Jesus will soon be calling out his own & may He help us to be found worthy in His Holy Name, Amen.   I pray He will help us in all the ways We need, to live Closer to Him, to do His ways & to have more time for Him, for He says, if we don’t have time for Him, He won’t have time for us.   All the Praise and Glory truely belongest to Him, Glory to God.  I love Him, He’s Clean, He’s Pure, He’s Truth it’s self, Holy, Holy Jesus.

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