[Mon. Feb. 1. 1915]  Feb.Mon.1.Done house work, have had headach

[Tue. Feb. 2. 1915]  Tue.2.  Groundhog saw his shadow  sewing & house work

[Wed. Feb. 3. 1915]  Wed.3.  Oh Im sort of all. in to day.  sewed. 

[Thrs. Feb. 4. 1915]  Thurs.4.  We washed and I had so much of it to do  I so tired  I don’t know what to do today. oh. dee. 

[Fri. Feb. 5. 1915]  Fri.5.  I haven’t done any more than I had to today. 

[Sat. Feb. 6. 1915]  Sat.6.  Well Nellie is eighteen (underlined) to day  18 yrs old.  my it doesn’t seem so long & yet it does when I think of all that has happened in the last 16 yrs.  I have sweep & cleaned allday and am tired. Mrs. Gilmore was judged insane today, she has taken so much -morphine. 

[Sun. Feb. 7. 1915]  Sun.7. Well I have been busy about the house most alday

[Mon. Feb. 8. 1915]  Mon.8. Washed today and am so stiff tonight I can hardly move.  Tessie came over & stayed untill 10 p.m. I took my bath & rolled in 11-30 & Nellie finninshed studying & came half hr. later. Oh it’s great. No. mail from the folks. 

[Tue. Feb. 9. 1915]  Tue.9. I got up & cooked breakfast. I got a letter from Mr. O’Neil

[Wed. Feb. 10.-Sun. Feb. 14.  1915]  Page 175. Wed.10.  Thurs. 11. Fri 12. Sat.13.  Little Harvey’s 3 mo. old. Sun.14.

[Mon. Feb. 15-Sun. Feb. 15. 1915]  Mon.15 [listing continues to Sun.28.]  My but I still feel bad. 

[Fri. Feb. 19. 1915]  Fri.19. I had a bad sick spell, wasn’t able to get up untill Mon.22. at noon wasn’t able to work much then. Audrey & M. & Elbert went to Elyria  Thurs.18. A & M. went to Oberlin & came back Tue 23.  Nellie did -nt have any school 

[Mon. Feb. 22. 1915]  Mon.22.  Washington’s birthday.  Uncle Will, Lillie & Elsie & Lucia Fletcher  came to se me, Uncle Will’s girls sent me a hyacynth.  Fri.26.  I backed 11 loaves of bread  Sat.27. I mended & Sun.28 I swept & washed the dishes while the girls went to Sun. school. 


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