[Her little sister Nellie is 18 years old now.   Her brother Frank’s mother in law was born a Gillmore, and has quite a reputation in the diary of being addicted to morphine and judged insane. She came from the Wetzel family and her husband was William Grant Gillmore.

There is more travel in this period with Audrey and Martha going to Elyria and then Audrey and Martha going to Oberlin for several days, perhaps to visit Aunt Edith Wheeler. ] 
[Mon. Feb. 1. 1915]  Feb.Mon.1.Done house work, have had headach

[Tue. Feb. 2. 1915]  Tue.2.  Groundhog saw his shadow  sewing & house work

[Wed. Feb. 3. 1915]  Wed.3.  Oh Im sort of all. in to day.  sewed. 

[Thrs. Feb. 4. 1915]  Thurs.4.  We washed and I had so much of it to do  I so tired  I don’t know what to do today. oh. dee. 

[Fri. Feb. 5. 1915]  Fri.5.  I haven’t done any more than I had to today. 

[Sat. Feb. 6. 1915]  Sat.6.  Well Nellie is eighteen (underlined) to day  18 yrs old.  my it doesn’t seem so long & yet it does when I think of all that has happened in the last 16 yrs.  I have sweep & cleaned allday and am tired. Mrs. Gilmore was judged insane today, she has taken so much -morphine. 

[Sun. Feb. 7. 1915]  Sun.7. Well I have been busy about the house most alday

[Mon. Feb. 8. 1915]  Mon.8. Washed today and am so stiff tonight I can hardly move.Tessie came over & stayed untill 10 p.m. I took my bath & rolled in 11-30 & Nellie finninshed studying & came half hr. later. Oh it’s great. No. mail from the folks. 

[Tue. Feb. 9. 1915]  Tue.9. I got up & cooked breakfast. I got a letter from Mr. O’Neil

[Wed. Feb. 10.-Sun. Feb. 14.  1915]  Page 175. Wed.10.  Thurs. 11. Fri 12. Sat.13.  Little Harvey’s 3 mo. old. Sun.14.[This would be Frank Earl Bonney’s son Harvey born Nov. 13, 1914 (not Nellie Bonney’s child Harvey who is not born till 1920]

[Mon. Feb. 15-Sun. Feb. 15. 1915]  Mon.15 [listing continues to Sun.28.]  My but I still feel bad. 

[Fri. Feb. 19. 1915]  Fri.19. I had a bad sick spell, wasn’t able to get up untill Mon.22. at noon wasn’t able to work much then. Audrey & M. & Elbert went to Elyria  Thurs.18. A & M. went to Oberlin & came back Tue 23.  Nellie did -nt have any school 

[Mon. Feb. 22. 1915]  Mon.22.  Washington’s birthday.  Uncle Will, Lillie & Elsie & Lucia Fletcher  came to se me, Uncle Will’s girls sent me a hyacynth.  Fri.26.  I backed 11 loaves of bread  Sat.27. I mended & Sun.28 I swept & washed the dishes while the girls went to Sun. school. Hyacinth Empire State Mix | DutchGrown | Unique Hyacinth Bulb Mix 1000


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