April 1947

April. Tue. 1. 1947/ page. 1061./ 10 eggs today./ sent Nellie’s letter today/  Elberts gone to Vermilion to sell eggs & get a bite to eat, his heads so bad   I hated to see him go & I been praying God will take care of him all the way & back again.  I sent a letter to Nellie & the girls & I feel terrible weak myself  but I made a rubbarb pie I been wanting all winter.  hope it’ll be good  I sure sweat like rain & it’s raining a slow drip out side, trees, vines & bushes getting a good cleaning, it’s dark & gray out side.  Elbert ought to be coming in prety soon now.  I sure, ought to write, some letters but I’m Been showery all day.  Elbert picked up Mrs. Tom Eppler. & took her to the post office & gave her nellie’s letter to be mailed & then he called Hambly’s & they took all the eggs 4. doz. $1.20 then he went to West, she wasn’t home, then he went to see Miss Clark, her sister is with her now, she just got back from California, where she helped take care her brother untill he was laid to rest.  she’s all tired out  I don’t know how old she is but to the place where she can’t endure to much any more.  Elbert got 2 cans milk  some apples & small piece of pressed ham & a small piece of meat to boil, He didn’t seem to learn much today.  Hambly’s were glad to see him, he said, & so were the Miss. Clarks.  I got the supper & did dishes before supper & now supper dishes are standing. 

Wed. April 2. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain this morning & he can’t get anything on his compensation un-till April 15th.  The world is full of wickedness & getting no better fast.  So terribly wicked.  He picked up Harry Day who said he is 71. yrs. old & took him to Lorain & brought him back as far as his home, he was so tired & I was just getting dressed at 10-30-a-m. & I didn’t feel like getting up then, but knew he would be coming pretty soon.  It’s been a Dark Gloomy Day  so fogy we could only see the rail road track  all else cut off with fog.  wind freshened, from N.W. & it cleared some tinight and it quite a bit colder.  so much so the windows were all steamed up.  ground is full of ice yet. & air was warmer than the earth, see few flies out today.  I hope to get out

Tue. April. 1. 1947. page 1062/ 10. eggs this day. /  [date error]  /  doors this week for I want to go to Church Easter mornig.  We each received an Easter card from the Ministers. 

Wed. April 2. 1947./ 12.  eggs today/  A gray &  cloudy all day    Elbert went to Lorain & back before noon  & it was so fogy all day, but wind freshened at night just before dark & the sky got full of wind scuds. & moon came through, it got real cold & Elbert said it made an inch of ice last night, and thinks it will tonight.  Elbert says perch are 45 cents per lb.  boiling meat 33. per. lb. I only did what I had to do today & was glad Elbert got home out the fog is so thick. 

Thurs. April 3. 1947. / 12. eggs today./  Well I’m tired tonight did out half the washing & my kidneys are bad yet K& I’ve had to sit down a number of times but got all them dry but rags, & they’re most done now   Elbert’s felt bum all day, his stomach & bowels & his liver.  he carried the water & done all out side chores & hung out most the clothes, out side, & they didn’t dry very good   I finished them inside   We had a nice sunshine today, but N. E. wind & quite strong, cold & raw, was moon light but at 10-p-m clouded up again & eamp wind still N. E. well it got real cold before morning & did freeze ice.  We 

Fri. April 4. 1947./ 10 eggs today/  only get the news on the radio some times it works & some times it don’t  I thought of sending it to you [not sure who she is referring to, it’s as if she thinks she is writing a letter??]  long ago, but we don’t have the money to do anything with.  I owe a lot of letters since Christmas & just can’t seem to get at them & Elbert had to pay 17 cents for 5 stamped envelopes  we use to get 6 for 20 cents   I can’t understand yet, but she told Elbert she couldn’t give him 6 for 20 cents thats only a fraction over 3 cents a piece.  Well everythings bad these days, even you & I.  [again, not sure who she is referring to] Well, Elbert was bent on having some fish today so he went to huron, helped Scott’s with some fish nets & got a good big mess of fish, some catfish & some perch & pike & I had the potatoes ready & coffee & he had a cup of coffee, then dressed the fish & I got a few on to cook while he got washed for supper & then I got such a pain in me side I had to sit.  I took care of beds & roooms & birds & bakes 3 big tins of biscuits & I’m still so weak my legs sort of get mixed up, now & again.  Radio told of a queer train wreck today, the fast passenger was passing a frieght train, & a big tractor hopped off & the passenger threw on her brakes  hit the tractor & derailed its self, then told of 3 big fires, a plane wreck over near

Fri. April 4. 1947./ page 1063/ 10 eggs this day/  Norwalk & about a gang of crooks that consisted of 18 to 20 yr. old boys, stick guys. One of the fires was in a boarding home for Children & 2 died & several were badly burned.  Wind went S.E. & it rained tonight  sounds as if it had backed up to N.E. but I hope not, not cold out just damp & chilly.  

Sat. April 5. 1947./ 14. eggs today. /   It’s been quite warm today & last night it thundered & lightened & poured rain.  This morning sun came out & was nice, untill late this afternoon it clouded up again & it’s showery again tonight & the wind is quite strong from the S. & little West.  I swept Elberts room & took care of bed & then the kitchen but I felt so bum I let my room go, only air & made the bed, washed dishes & fried fish   Well Elbert fried the fish & warmed the potatoes   I made the coffee, the fish were surely good  Thank to God.  Elbert went to Vermilion cashed my check & got some food, flour, potatoes, & things we had to have & sold 3. doz. eggs.  I sent the preachers a can of Apricots  she is still in bed, been having flu. & gets up & over does, Mrs. Eppler help her for a while  today Mrs. Day is helping her now, so she told Elbert, when he was there today, he didn’t go up stairs.  Misses Clarks were up but not able to get out side yet.  Received a letter with a book mark in it from Mrs. Mc.Govern today, her ankle is very bad & Marry’s still in bed. 

Sun. April 6. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  Easter Sunday, I’d like to go to Church. but here I am, haven’t been out doors yet.  I pray for each one at church, that He will heal them souls & bodys & acording to there faith He will give unto them, I pray He will put strength into Sister Gurney’s body & reveal unto her the thing thats keeping her ill.  she & Brother Gurney are God’s children & we pray in Jesus Name Thou will help her as Thou seest she needs.  We will give Thee all the praise and Glory for ever and ever Amen.  We Pray Thy Blessing on the efforts of each one tonight & that Thou will speak through Rev. Gurney & save some souls tonight, be with each one who is sorely afflicted, those who are being tempted or sorely tried be with Thy people & Thy lands & mountain, Oh God help us to love as Thou doeth love   help us to Know & understand Thy ways & live as Thou would have us to live in Jesus name; We thank Thee & Give The all the Praise & Glory, Hallujah, Glory to God, Glory, Glory, Glory.  It’s been a beautiful sunshiny day, strong S.W. wind, getting cloudy & colder tonight.. 

Mon. April. 7. 1947. / 1064/ 12. eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron to see if by chance he might get a fish but no luck.  sun shone alday & wind was strong from N. W. cold & penatrating & -I went to mail box & toiletta & picked a few branches of pussy willows & was about chilled through, fire sure felt good when I got back in, but it tired me oall out & I haven’t done much of anything to day.  I had to go below & get a scoop of coal & I cleaned out the water ways & the water run like a river gurgling as it went.  I picked up the India lilly bulb off the floor & cut off the lilly, it was all molded from the wet floor, I brought it up to the Kitchen, it was so big )the bulb) last Fall & the flower shrunk it up half.  I have several small bulbs in pots, they grow up about 12 inches & put out an umbrella top, they are pretty.  Wind went around to S. tonight & it’s moon light stars are clear & bright & it’s cold outside   today is the first time I’ve been out side for a long time.  

Tue. April .8. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Elbert went to Vermilion this a-m for grain 4.37 & mash 4.75 & he got some trimings for the hens.  he sold 2. doz. eggs for 1.10, he came back & had a cup of coffee & went to Huron to see if he could get some free fish, he helps them some, for the fish, he went at 10 a-m & got back at 4-15-p.m. he had another cup of coffee & said he had to buy himself a cup of coffee & a sandwich at noon, he went out & started dressing the fish & was just done at 6-p-m.  he got 2 white fish-small ones & a small 10 qt pail full of perch, pike & catfish, we had fish for supper, he scraped them out after supper after he feed hens & then he put car in shed & locked up the building, & then I salted the fish & packed them in a crock & covered them & set them down in stairway to keep cool.  I did the washing and am to tired, dried them in the house.  I went out back & to mail box today, no mail.  Wind went S. last night & on to N. E. today, sun was hot & nice all morning   but clouded up after noon & looks look hazy & thick tonight.  colder tonight  we still keep a fire. 

Wed. April. 9. 1947./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert’s been home feeling so miserable, he strained his self lifting fish baskets at the fish house, so he’s lame & sore all over, he cleaned & put sand on hen roost this after noon & I swept & dusted the 3. rooms, fried fish for dinner & washed dishes & looked after the birds & I to am sore & lame to much washing & then, I did the cooking & made up the beds, so tired I couldn’t sleep all night  went to sleep 8 a-m & slept untill 10.a.m, then

Wed. April. 9. 1947./page. 1065./ 12. eggs. this day./  then did my usual round of duties & got the dinner ready.  It’s been a beautiful day all day  N. E. to cold breeze.  Sun set red tonight & every things starting to grow.  I didn’t hear the frogs, though, today.  It was so nice I felt as if I’d like to get out & work in the yard or clean house, but after I swept & dusted I sweat like rain. 

Thurs. April. 10. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & took 2 fish apiece to the Minister’s family & 4 to the 2 Miss. Clarks & he sold 1. doz. egg for 50 cents & paid it on gas & owes 53 cents more, the boy misunderstood & put in 5. ga.  Oh. Well; I ironed while he was gone & went out back & to hen house & fastened the carshed door that was loose, it was nice out side  wind a little to strong, but warm sun & lots of flies & the honey bees are out to     every thing is growing   the grass is nice & green & soon the weeds will be coming to     the ground is mellow & ready to be turned over & I wish we Knew there wouldn’t be any more frost so we could get the garden started.  We have to clean hen house pretty soon & me not so strong this Spring as usual.  But I pray God will give me strength again & help me to each pray meeting & service that I may be a testimony for Him who loves & keeps us.  I wanted to go tonight, but, I’ll get there soon, I’m sure  God will help me to go again soon & do His will He has heard there prayers tonight & laid His hand on us & I felt His power & trust for strength.  Amen  not only for myself but for the many others of the church Who need it.  Elbert said both Miss Claarks were up to preachers she’s still sick,  he had gone to Amherst.  Elbert mailed letter to nellie & cards & 3 in Vermilion & one to chick hatchery in Elyria.  Wind was S. & W. & we had a light shower just before dark, most of it went down the lake.  it cleared up & sun set yellow  it was blood red last night.  We have a high wind tonight so strong E. could hardly get into the back door & while he was in Vermilion he said the Kroger store door banged shut & the glass went clear out on the street & payvement & barly missed a girl that was passing & even went into a car that stood there with the door glass down.  

Fri. April.11. 1949. [she means 1947, and does not include egg count]/  Well I went out back k& Elbert was putting a paper house around the pie plants, he had the hoe, so I sued the back of it for a rake & cleaned off the old tomatoe vines & he took them & a lot of broken pieces of old tar paper over on the brush pile to burn & I took a good sized roll of sweet pea vines out where he can take them  I’d like to cut the wisteria vine & get it fastened up  theres such a lot to do in the spring.  & while we were out there it gave us another Spring shower.

April Fri. 11. 1947./ page 1066./ 12. eggs today./  the wind is strong & N. W. tonight & it is quite cloudy & dark but out not cold but chilly. 

Sat. April 12. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Well, I swept & dusted  took care of beds & rooms & baked 2 big pans of biscuits, 1. loaf & 1. bread pan of rolls.  & cooked a very little to eat & washed the dishes & tonight we had one raisin roll be-tween us & a piece of cheese  a piece & cup of cocoa.  & that’s lots more than a lot of people have to day & I’m sorry for them.  Elbert’s head has felt so bad all day, he’s just kept quite, only did what had to be done, he took care of hens & carried what little water from cystern & well, that we had to have, & it’s been mostly cloudy all day, & a strong wind all day & is blowing some, but not so strong tonight.  I’m terrible tired, but hope to go to Church in the morning.  I’ll have to wear all my old things  dress, coat & hat, but I know to God they wont count Praise God from Whom all blessing flow & I Pray for Jerusalem, Palestine & Israel, God’s Land & people.  I pray for our Rulers & all of God’s people.  I pray He will strengthen our faith & give us wisdom & understanding & help us to do our part in His Great Plan, God help us. 

Sunday. April 13. 1947. / 12. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain to see about compensation & now they tell him it will be 3 weeks yet he will have to wait; He see Mr. Dietz & told him he’d like to work if he could work a half day at ta time for a while & he said sure, come along  I be glad to have you even for half a day so he’s going in the morning “God willing” to work untill noon.  then he’ll be back here for dinner, do odds & end here & relax some, for the next morning.  I thought I coulsn’t work I felt so weak, but, I started & did out all but Elberts heavy union suit & work shirt & got them all dry, but the rags.  Elbert got here at noon (12) noon & I made him some hot cofee & he brought 2 short steaks ($1.10)  I boiled few slices  potatoe & fried the meat & made gravy & we had bread & a hot dinner & it was good, then he flew off to Huron & helped load fish baskets on carts & got a good mess of fish & he got several nice white fish, catfish, bullheads & perch.  & it was late when he got them dressed, we had white fish for supper & a good big table spoon a piece of warmed up potatoe & bread & hot coffee, I made hot cocoa & gave him, when he got here with the fish  I knew he’d be empty & was & said it just hit the spot;  he cleaned & scrapped the fish & then Mrs. DeForest Ward came in & we had a nice visit We had sorted out some fish for the preachers family & some for Misss. Clarks.  & had them done up

Mon. April.14. 1947/ page. 1067. 11. eggs this day./  & we were going to Churc.  Mrs. West & Miss Clark both told him this morning, that they were going to have some big doing at Church tonight & for me, to be sure to come, I sure didn’t feel able   I was so tired after washing, but I decided I would for Elbert didn’t feel like going either so I washed & dressed & we went & I was glad I went.  All Amherst folks were there & Miss Brown & from Elyria & some Elyria folks & then part of the Vermilion folks. & 6 or more ministers   We took the two Miss. Clarks home & 4. Smith children & Miss . E. Clark took a doz. eggs. he sold 6. doz. eggs today.  Mrs. West 2.  Mrs Cranage 2. doz, 2 doz to each  Clark sisters.  One sister is going to Cleveland in the morning where whe lives  I don’t know if she works or not.  Well they & the preachers said they enjoyed the fish, I thank God for that.  Sister Gurney is rather white & thin, she had a bad dose of flu.  also, now we hear all N. York State is under corintine for small-pox. (wars & roomers of wars in more ways than one)  We got home before 11-p-m & Elbert’s in bed & asleep.  I thank God for his love & care & I Praise Him for all things.  Glory, Glory Halelujah, Praise God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost for ever & ever & May they have mercy on God People & Land.   I received a letter from Nellie saying she’d be home at Midnight April 22. E.J’s. birthday & they will leave her broke & lonesome once again to get along the best she can,  I dont know if Bonney Bell will go back or not.  Nellie said when she got back in the altitude she was supposed to feel better & be able to get up again, don’t sound as if she thought so herself. God help her.  

Tue. April 15. 1947./13 eggs today/ Elbert went to work. /  I’ve only done what I had to do all day & I got up at 9-30-a-m. shook up beds & opened windows after dressing combing my hair getting myself washed & cleaning my teeth, then since I had put the water on to heat I drank a cup of hot water, put some meat broth in by stew pan & washed & scraped 2 carrots & peeled 3 onions & cut them fine and put them in broth, with some celery leaves, (I had dried last Fall & canned) & three fourths cut of rice washed & wrinsed 3 times, then I seasoned it & left it stew slow then I washed up dishes & set down & ate only a few spoons of soup when Elbert came  he worked untill noon, so I made the coffee dished up a plate of soup for him & put some fish on to fry, got some bread & string beans, I had fixed & we set

Tue. April 15, 1947./ page 1068/ 13. eggs this day./   down & ate our soup after thanking God for it.  Elbert was terrible tired (they) he & the other men had hamered right through 4. hrs. of work on the roof of the apartment house where he worked one day so many days ago mar. 11. 1947. over a mo. Rawleigh man came today & we got nut meg & condition powder 4.00) 1.00 for nut meg. 8 oz. can.  Well he spaded 2 or 3 rows today for potatoes we should have put them in today but it was such a cold raw N.E. wind.  Wind was S.W. early. this morning, but went on to N. E. before 9-a-m  I coaxed him to give up & he’s got a cold in his throat to-night, I’m praying God will, in Jesus Name take it away tonight & turn his heart to Him, I thank Thee & praise Thee, Amen.  I have everything ready for morning. We, at least I Praise God that He is & ever will be, even though I am a sinner, I love & adore Him first & most of all.  No mail today. sun shone most all day & wasn’t quite so windy this moring, but it started to get bad or strong at noon & is strong N. E. tonight. 

Wed. April 16. 1947./ 13 eggs today/ Elbert was to tired to work & it rained in showers all night & part the morning & was cold, penetrating, raw wind N. E. & it snowed & then to break away but staid cold we had a good fire & it felt comfortable  I didn’t do only my usual house work & look after the birds. 

Thurs. April. 17. 1947./ 14. eggs today/  Elbert went to work   sun was shining & it’s been a fine day   sun was what, but warm   lots of broken clouds in the sky.  I only did my usual house work & was out side for about 20 minutes, not any longer, if I were that,   wind backed up to N.W. & back to S.W. & to the S. tonight & it’s quite chilly    we have a good fire   I had supper all ready but frying the meat when Elbert came at 5-30-p-m.  he was so tired & looked it to.  He fed hens & then locked up all the building & got washed & we had supper, then he got a bucket of coal & rested a while & went to bed.  We listened to the news at supper time, it’s terrible, they have had terrible explosions on & around the bay at Texas City   600 dead & over 3000 injured.   4. ships, the big ______ plant & oil taks & blew & air plane out the sky & killed both people in it & the gas fumes are terrible   thousands are homeless. & the fight gets more & more ferocious among the rulers.  I thank God for taking care of both of us & Elbert’s car & all our blessing & Pray God will send His Power into the meeting & bless each one there & strengthen all who are sick & afflicted  where ever they are & I do pray He will help Nellie and all her children in all the ways they need.  I thank Him & give Him all the praise forever & ever Amen.

article from internet 7.29/2021:  explosion of 1947, industrial disaster sparked by the fire and explosion of the SS Grandcamp on April 16–17, 1947, in Texas City, Texas. The blast set off a chain of fires as well as a 15-foot (4.5-metre) tidal wave. Between 400 and 600 people were killed, with as many as 4,000 injured.On the morning of April 16, the French-owned Grandcamp was preparing to finish loading a consignment of ammonium nitrate fertilizer at the port of Texas City, near Galveston. About 8:00 AM crew members noticed smoke in the cargo area, where 2,300 tons of the fertilizer had already been stowed. In order to keep the cargo intact, the crew decided not to use water to extinguish the fire; they instead tried, unsuccessfully, to snuff out the flames. Shortly after 9:00 AM the temperature inside the cargo area had risen enough to spark a massive explosion that was heard as far as 150 miles (240 km) away. The resulting fire destroyed the dock area and engulfed the nearby Monsanto Chemical Company plant. A mushroom cloud rose 2,000 feet (600 metres) into the air, and two small planes passing above were destroyed. Burning shrapnel was sent flying, with much of it landing in industrial areas, setting fires or causing other damage. A nearby ship, the SS High Flyer, which was carrying huge amounts of sulfur, also caught fire and exploded, and crude oil tankers near the site burned for days, consuming massive amounts of petroleum. The enormous wave triggered by the blast flattened numerous buildings, leaving as many as 2,000 people homeless. The fact that the initial explosion had killed many of the town’s fire crew and ruined its firefighting equipment exacerbated the devastation.   Between 400 and 600 people were killed, with as many as 4,000 injured.  “The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica” 


Fri. April 18. 1947. page 1069. / 6. eggs. today, /  Elbert didn’t work today  he couldn’t hardly get out of bed  took him some time to get dressed, he tried to walk around & get limbered up, but at noon he still was to stiff to do much    but he went out & bent over pulling the old sweet corn stalks & cabbage & broccoli roots   tomatoe & melon vines & he put them on the brush pile to burn & he pulled docks that are just starting to come up.  he’s still, so sore & lame  it hurts to move   after dinner he brought in his overalls & I put to big patches on each hip pocket & stitched a patch under, on the over-alls, he carries a hammer in one & a square in the other.  it tired me out   it was a dirty job as he had been working on the roof in them.  I finished darning the table cloth on the machine while I was at it,  now I can get that washed   it’s laid a long time   I done a little on it several times, all 3 are so old they will be done for prety soon.  The hens run out of mash & hence only 6. eggs today, hope it don’t check them for tomorrow.  I can’t help thinking of Nellie & the way she wrote her letter.  

Sat. April 19. 1947./ 12. eggs today. /  Elbert don’t have to work at his job on Saturday’s.  He went to Vermilion & sold 3. doz. eggs & enough old greese at 19cents per. lb. to come to 1.90   Miss. Clark didn’t pay for her’s so he was short on our eats, but we’ll make out some how, it rained before he got back, he got here before it got at it in earnest, & he got a lot of lettuce leaves for the hens.  We had just finished our dinner when the little old man with his suit case of notions came in, so he took off his hat & coat & had hot coffee, bread, beans & potatoes & pickled beets, same as we had & then he set here for 2 hrs. or so & he’s such a talker    he slept out all night in his clothes in a leaky old shed some where near Vermilion   he was tired & looked it, he said Mrs. Good who lived in the 3rd house on the right side of the road S. of track at Ceylon & her husband use to give him a back room of the house to sleep in & a good bed, but she died last summer & he had gone to stay with his sister now, so he had to find another place to stay if he could, he had taken a cold in his head & eyes & looked, as if he felt miserable, said he felt froze through & when he left he hit the track & went west   said Berdue bought a lot of stuff from him usually.  Well I expect nellie will be home Tue. night round midnight.  I’m praying 

Sat. April. 19. 1947./ page 1070./ 12. eggs this day. /  the ride wont tire her to bad.  Well, I haven’t done much today, only my usual round & then I didn’t get birds cages cleaned up.  I had to make biscuits for supper. & I’m still so weak. in body.  Rained in showers since noon & it’s 11-30-p-m. & Elbert was just out back and it’s still raining  wind N. E. was so cold all day Elbert put his gloves on to do a little work out side this morning & only taid out & hr or so said it was to cold   chilled him clear through.  Oh, Dear Father in Heaven, We thank Thee for all our blessing  which are many, for we have a little to eat & a fire & good beds in which to sleep & rest  We pray for Thy people & land & for the rulers & every one of Thy people & that Thou will strengthen our faith & help remove each inderance from our lives, that would Keep us from Thee, in Jesus Name, We thank Thee and give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever;  Amen.  I ask for strength of body & Thy help to go to Church that I may be a testimony for Thee, I love Thee Jesus.  

Sun. April.20. 1947./ 9. eggs today./ Oh, but it’s sure been a great day, N. E. strong wind, sound like winter howling a-round the corners and the heat from the fire feels good.  it rained in showers all last night & all day today & is at it yet ,  water’s high in the creeks & in puddles on the land.  We didn’t get out to Church all day.  Miss. Clark told Elbert she was going over to Cleveland to stay, with her sister over Sun.  I pray God will Bless Our Ministers & their [first time to use their]  family’s & All Who go to Church & all that are not able to get there & strengthen all & help more to get there even me.  I ask God in Jesus name, Amen.  I love the Lord more than all else.  

Mon. April.21. 1947./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert went to his job but it was so cold & he worked 1 1/2 days   wind was blowing so hard to that they didn’t work, he went into Lorain & looked around some got what money he had coming    got a few things we were badly in need of to eat & came home, he couldn’t call Bonita, So looks as if we’ll have to go all the way over to see if we can be of any help.  Didn’t rain any to day just blew a gale from N.E.   I had the washing all done but his shirt & union suit so he did them.  I was so allin that he helped me get the dinner & I had to suds & wrinse & hang up over half the wash, I did, & got it dry; Elbert mailed a letter to Rev.

Mon. April. 21. 1947./ page. 1071./ 14. eggs this day./   De Haan & a letter to Senator Wheeler & one of DeHaan’s Bible study books called (Palistine in history & prophecy, I do hope it will help in a good way as God ment it should.  I know Rev. DeHaan knows God & belongs to him   he sure studys his bible & the parts I hadn’t got figured out, he has & I’m so glad for it’s all more clear to me   I wish I had put my mind on it more than I did when I was young & had done more work for Jesus   the Word tells us He’s more to be desired than gold & silver or anything on earth   I believe it with all my heart & soul, I love Jesus, I adore Him, He’s honest , clean in every way   He’s my Sunshine, My only Sunshine Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.  Well, the wind died down tonight, Radio said it was to be cold tonight & warm with sunshine tomorrow.  Nellie should be home tomorrow night   I do hope & pray God will give her strength & teach her to do His ways.  Elbert hopes to go to work & come home at nooon tomorrow & then we hope to go to Nellie’s home after we feed the hens to see if they will need us to help in any way.  Oh Jesus blessed Jesus, things are working out fast & soon  Thou will be coming.  Thou doest know I have all ways loved my parents & my brothers & sisters, their children & their childrens, children, have Merch, Jesus I pray, but may They will be done, not mine, but, I do love them and pray for them & for strength & courage, Amen.

Letter Elinor wrote to Congressman: Huron Ohio April. 20. 1947. Dear Senator Wheeler:-  Am sending you a little book called “Palistine in history and in prophecy”  Which I hope you will read.  I wish the president, all the senators and congressmen   would read it, carefully, thoughtfully and prayerfully.  And I do believe it would be wonderful if England, as well as all the other Rulers, could and would read it also.  Will YOu please give me your opinion after you have read it?  I thank you.  Mrs. Elinor Babcock, R.2. Hahn Rd., Huron Ohio    P.S. The Bible is God’s word.  It holds the passed, present and future history of (and ) for the world.  May God help us to understand, and, bless our Rulers.   Read Psalm 100.

Tue. April 22. 1947./ 9 eggs today/  EeB. worked till noon/  Ella Jane is 27. yrs. old today, she was in Lorain before noon    I was there with John, the Doctor & nurses.  It was a beautiful Spring morning, & we didn’t get to the hospital any to soon.  Now Nellie & Bonney Bell (so Nellie said) are coming home & leave E.J. there alone for her birthday. (It’s a queer World)  I know if I were E.J. I’d come home, but, she is so different, than I.  Elbert came at noon ate & hurried off to Huron to see if he could get some fish, he did & got back in time to get them dressed for supper.  I fried 2 small white fish & salted 5. pike & put them in a basin for Wed’s dinner or supper, if he desides to work all day.  I baked to big tins of 

Tue. April. 22. 1974./ page 1072./ 9. eggs this day/   bread biscuits a a doz big rolls.  & after supper I did up one tin of biscuits the rolls (9. of them) & 2 pieces of white fish cooked & Elbert put them in the car & a bunch of DeHaan’s books I promised to take to Mrs. Beesie    Elbert took them in there    she wasn’t home   he left them with her daughter, who lives in same house.  I forgot my pocket book and left it on the ppiano at Bonita’s, so we had to go back & get it, after we had got some distance on highway.  I was to tired to go & so was Elbert.  We gave them a doz. of eggs all so.  Bonita said Uncle Herman had given her a doz. also. but that she didn’t have much of anything in the house to eat, but, that, Johny was going to bring something when he came  bread & ham-bergers & she didnknow what else, & Martha came in while we were there, Joan has been staying with Bonita since Sat. April 19.  the other family Bob.Jean.  left at that time to go to Arizona (where Geo. is working) and going to school)  he sent Bonita 10.00 by Bob. & Bonita said Geo. wrote her such a mean letter that she hadn’t ans. it, and it that had been a month ago.  We stopped & talked to Mrs. Baldwin a few minutes, she isn’t very well, but gets around, she said she had a few lines from Nellie, that said by the time she got it Nellie would be on her way home.  Bonita said Nellie had been real sick & was coming travelers aid & would be taken home in the amblance   We ask if we could do anything to help & she said no & we wouldn’t need to stay, her mother would be to tired to see us, but the young folk will all be there   Johny & his intended & I don’t Know how many more, but they were planing a lunch, she said  she didn’t know if Bonney Bell would be able to stay home long or not & that Johny had rented & apartment & was soon to marry but that they would both continue to work.  Martha said Gertie & her mother were getting fat she thought it had done them good to be together, Gertie had done a lot of ironing for Bonita & Martha had brought ovr part of it, 

Tue. April 22. 1947./page. 1073./ [no egg count] / Bonita has worked like a horse  she has painted the walls & the ceilings of 3. or 4. rooms & stairway wall since last week & washed all the bathroom walls & ceiling  washed the wood work & windows & curtains & chair & deveins covers  & put the covers on & curtians up & fix-ed a bedroom down stairs for her mother, she has it looking just fine to, bed all made up & everything clean & spick & span  she cleaned & waxed the living room rug & had just give the kids a bath & put them to bed before we left.  &KK said she had to wipe up Kitchen floor & then take a bath & clean up before they, Nellie & Bonney Bell got home, & the young folks.  Bonita said, the Dr\s. told Bonney to get nellie home fast, so they are coming on all fast trains  they were leaving New Mexico Sun. morning early. & expected to be in Elyria 12.p.m tonight.  B. didn’t know if E.J. was coming or not, she said. so, it’s late & the train will soon be flying passed here & will be in Elyria 10 or 15 minutes later.  I pray God will in Jesus Name Give her strength in all the ways she needs.  I thank Him. Winds N.E. but not strong cloudy all day untill 5-30-p-m sun came through & it set red tonight.  I’m so tired & I know Elbert must be also for he’s restless tonight.  

Wed. April 23. 1947. / 10. eggs  today/ Well, I was to all in to work today but Elbert worked all day & is so lame he can’t hardly move tonight.  I gave him a good rub in acohole. I darned socks & cought up some runs in my new stocking only had worn them once & last night they put 3. runs in one & 2 in tother.  Wind has blowed hard all day.  I was out to post box & hen house & scratched a little here & there, plants are trying to get up through all the grass & sod.  I picked a few golden bells & have written a card to Nellie & one to Mrs. Beesie  We left 19 of De Haan’s Bible study booklets there at Mrs. Beesie’s last night. 

Thurs. april. 24. 1947./ 12. egg today/  I have just done my daily round today.  Elbert came home about 2-p-m & he spaded a little & done the chores out side   I had supper at 5-30-p-m & we dressed & went to prayer meeting.  Miss Brown

Thurs. April. 24. 1947./ page 1074./ 12. eggs this day.  was there in ans. not only to my prayer, but Sister Gurney’s also.  And God has ans. a number of prayers for me lately .  I have prayed for a long, long time that Sister Small would come into the meetings & Praise God she has. & was there tonight.  Miss Clark was there tonight also.  We were wonderfully blessed tonight & I thank God and Praise Him in Jesus Name, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.  I gave Sister Gurney & Sister Brown handkercheifs with a crocheted edge.  It rained early this a-m before daylight & untill most noon then, sun came out & shone untill late & then through the clouds untill sun set    N. Wind a little shivery.  I kept a little fire & fixed it up a little for night. 

Fri. April. 25. 1947./ 12. eggs today. /  Elbert worked all day, I washed his sleepers & under wear & 2 cotton blankets my night gown & nose rags & they’re all dry but union suit & the blanket.  I got supper & did a few odds & ends out side such as going to mail box, hen, house, & opening car shed doors for Elbert, getting a pail of well water & taking care of can, took care of bedrooms & we are both to tired tonight.  It was raining this a.m. when E. left & up untill noon   warmed up & fog got about 3 ft. high & then began to get cold, fog left  N. E. Wind & rain, colder tonight   We have a good fire & it feels good.  Elbert was working inside all day.  Praise God. 

Sat. April.26. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Elbert spaded some & went to Vermilion & got a few groceries but he didn’t sell the eggs, no one home.  I swept & wiped up the floors l& dusted & cooked  washed dishes & took care of bedrooms & ironed & I’m tired to. I have to (come over when we could) take a bath in the morning & go to church.  & we did think we’d go to see nellie after church.  Wind shifted in the night & went S. W. & quite strong, not cold.  received letter from Bonita  today, short, said every one was O.K. mother better she liked fish & they all liked biscuit & rolls Come. We had real nice sun shine all day Praise the Lord. 

Sun. April. 27. 1947./11. eggs today./  Well I got to Sunday school & church & then we went on. over to Nellie’s, it rained Most all morning & eased just before we got to church & cleared up in middle of afternoon.  Johny & Marcia was there   Bonney Bell had flew off to Gannet’s, they were just having dinner    some one gave them 2 chickens & Bonita had roasted them & had riced potatoes & she had made some little biscuits & gravey & cabbaage salid. & coffee, Well, I didn’t like to eat up there food, so, I didn’t eat much, I took Nellie a can of peaches   she likes them so much, she’s in bed & in a bad condition   her blood pressure that had been lots to high, was down below normal. she had

Sun. April. 27. 1949. [she means 1947] / page. 1075./ 11. eggs this day./  a nervous spell before we got there, she got terribly shook up coming home & nervous for that train had been wrecxked or one fast train, the day before, she left New mexico on Sunday morning of April 20th & got into Elyria at 12-30-p-m. April, 22.  she ssid hr stomach & bowels just went up & down constantly as they flew over the miles of rails, so it will take time to get her settled again    her legs & the end of her back bone is bad & it hurts her so to sit up, she goes to the bath room & back, to her bed, being only a doz. & a half steps or so.  she looks bad & her eyes are very bad, she can’t see even with her glasses on, so she can’t read to pass the time & it’s so hard for a heavy person to lay in bed so long & it’s been since the 7th of march since she’s been in bed steady, fear has a lot to do with her condition, I be-lieve, wish I could be where I could go in every day. & talk her into better health.  Well, we left at 4-30-p-m & got here little before 5-30. & it had cleared off & was nich out   wind was S.W.   I Pray God will help us somehow.

Mon. April. 28. 1947./ 10 eggs today/ Elbert worked all day/  Frank Babcock’s birthday, he would be 65. yrs. old today, it’s been a warm beautiful sunshiny day.  I was out side some today, hung the bedding out & aired it, took care of hens & gave the birds a good bath & cleaned there cages good.  did dishes, made up beds & wiped up dust & got the supper ready just as Elbert got here, he worked all day & is to tired tonight, he’s been on the roof all day.  Wind went N.E. about 2.30.p.m K& tonight it’s back to S.W.

Tue. april. 29. 1947./ 8. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & worked all day.  Was nice this morning but terrible strong  wind   could hardly get out & in the back door I slept untill 11-a-m, or I laid there all night & just got to sleep when Elbert got up & got ready to go to work, then I get up when he leaves, or when he’s ready to leave & hook the door & this morn. I over slept after I went back & laid down, I even heard the postman’s car stop at the box & I turned over to get up & fell into a heavy sleep.  When a heavy knock sounded on the door, I thought it was Elbert, for he hadn’t felt like going to work, but as I loooked out I see it was a man with a light coat & hot  I got into part of my clothes & as he was leaving I hit the window & he came back, I got dressed & let him in.

Tue. April.29. 1947./ page. 1076./ only 8. eggs this day/  it was mr. Glass the man that sends my check from the Soldiers & Sailors Releif commission, he said he had been sent to check up on me, I said   what have I done, wrong? & he said, some one thought I ought to have lots to live on since the court awarded me $8.500 in 1936. for the damages of that wreck I had in 1934.  Well, he said what could I tell him about where all that money went to, I did the best I could, I told him, I was told that they settled for 5.000 & that the lawyer got half of that & my neice got 5.hundred of the 2,500.  that was left & 14 hundred was paid for my morgage & the interest on it & a few small bills & the wittnesses one 200 hundered & one 100 hundred & the others not so much & the Dr.s bills & bill for bone pictures & a bankruptcy $50.00 but he could go to the court house & to keep the lawyer & find out the whole thing, that I don’t have any money only what they give me, except what little we have left from the eggs we sell, after we pay for there feed & that we couldn’t live if we did have that little we gain from the eggs, so, then he wanted to know all Elbert’s affairs to, how much he had earned since Nov. up untill now, so I told him he had tried to get compensation, & they said he only had in 19 weeks not enough to get it, they have to have 21 or 22 weeks in. so, then, I showed him Elberts pay en-velops & told him Why Elbert can’t work steady any more was because of the 2 severe sunstrokes he had had & several slight ones in between  the bad one’s & he can’t work in the real hot weather & he had tried, then he ask how old he was & I said he’ll be 65. the 6th of Dec., then he ask how old I was & I said 62. Jan.16. this yr., then he ask did Elbert have any money or property  I told him he had no money, but he did have 2 lots in Lorain, then he ask how much they were worth, I don’t know, I said, but he paid 8 hundred & fifty dollars or 9 hundred  I didn’t remember which, for them.  he wanted know how big they were & I said 66 ft. front & 150 back, I thought. then he ask how much do you own & I said 5 and 63/100ths acres & 2 sides are hill & a little flats below. & then what was the taxes & I said 5.72, per half yr.  he said he was sorry to have to ask me all those things, but that, was his job.

Tue. April. 29. 1947./ page 1077./ 8. eggs this day/  & he was working for the commission & that he felt I should have the check for Mr.  but another fellow had got things in an uproar about that money that the court awarded me, so now, they are going to delve in to that & see that I haven’t got any money or didn’t squander any that I did get.  Such a world, No wonder Jesus will soon be coming, for if he didn’t we might soon get killed for telling the truth.  Oh God have mercy on our souls & I thank Thee for ans. my prayer & now, I pray Thou will help me to have enough to live on for I have kept nothing back.  I’d like enough to pay my bills & buy what little I need to eat & wear untill Jesus comes & I al-so pray for their souls that, they will know Thee & all my brothers  sisters, their children & their childrens children   my friends who are few & neighbors, Amen.  It started to rain at 1-p-m.& we had several good showers, but Elbert said it only started in Lorain at 4-p-m.  he’s terrible tired & so am I for I did half the wash-ing. & carried 3 pails water & did out side chores & inside. & got supper, got everything dry but wool skirt.  Elbert’s in bed & I sure wish I was in mine also.

Wed. April 30. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Elbert felt so bad, his joints has such pains in them & so we rested this morning untill, he took a notion to go to Huron & get some fish, but they didn’t go out to lift today. so he got some boiling meat & came back, he fix the step that was broke at the front door & did a few light jobs & took care of hens, I set bread, took care of bedrooms & Kitchen & meals, I made soup; I baked 2 loaves and one tin of bread & one little loaf in a flat coffee can. & 2. cakes & I put some frosting on them, just one layers, I took a can of soup, the tiin of biscuits & one cake to nellie Bonita & the child-ren.  Bonney Bell had gone to see about a job in Brecksvill but would be home later tonight.  I took some daffidills to Nellie to.  She said she had been out in the Kitchen to eat twice, but, that it made her sweat terribly  she’s terribly weak, she was glaad to see us, & sorry to se us go.  We stopped at Miss Clark’s in Vermilion & gave her the little loaf of bread & ask her to go with us, & whe did & she said she enjoyed the trip, but it tires me, it was about 8-p-m or little past when we got home after we

Wed. April.30. 1949. [she means 1947] /page. 1078./ 9. eggs this day./  left Miss Clark at her door.  We had soup & a cup of green tea when we got here.  Bonita gave me a box of green tea & it sure tasted good. It rained hard several times today & while we were there, then it cleared a little on our way home  Elbert brought us down 21.st. street part way & then toward the lake on Levit st. to lake & toward the West on main highway  passed Elyria water works to the new building  where he has been working & drove in to show us where he had been working on the roof & side toward the highway.  Then we came on home.  The wind has been strong from S.W. 

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