May  1949

Sun. May. 1. 1949. / 9. H. 45. Pullet eggs./  Well, I went to church & got in part of Sunday school, & I went to church tonight    the Minister and his wife are going to Chicago & then to Wisconsin to visit for a few days, a friend & her Uncle.   & Rev. Bueser is preaching Thurs. night & the Woman Preacher from Elyria will preach Sun. May 8.   it’s been a beautiful day    tried to rain once or twice,    but, tonight the new moon is shining,   it thundered & lightening flashed on our way home from church, but no rain    We had a snack & Elbert’s gone to bed & now I’m thinking of going also.    I thank and Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all our many blessing Amen.

Mon. May. 2. 1949./ 8. H.  48. Pullets eggs today/  Elbert worked out doors    he spaded a lot to much today & he’s so tired but he felt satisfied that he had finished all the spading he was going to do for garden,   he went to the beach & got sand today    & this morning I got my bedroom almost cleaned   just got a corner to finish,   I got the walls & ceiling  wiped & floor wiped up,    have to wash windows yet,    We are both tired tonight.    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name,   I love Jesus   He’s all the world to me,   He’s Pure Clean & more to be desired than Gold or Silver or anything else.

Tue. May. 3. 1949./ page. 2327./ 10. H.  46. Pullets eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 5. doz. hens eggs  65 cents per doz. $3.25 & 14. doz. Pullet eggs 55 cents per. doz. $7.70 cents & he bought mash 100. lbs. 4.35 & gas. 75. crisco 94  Parkay 27, grapefruit 59, yeast 5 cents, cabbage 20 cents, cookies 23 cents, shank meat 88 cents & pork chops 44 cents, pickles 39 cents, crackers 30 cents, carrots 10 cents & he got some bolts 12 cents K& brought back $1.24 cents & the little old man came in for dinner & I gave him 20 cents for 3. prs. shoe strings.   I did the washing & got it all dry out side    we had a good soulth breeaze & a hot sun & they dried fast, even Elbert’s heavy union suit    he has put on B.V.D’s, theyll be lighter to wash,  he washed out his under wear & shirt & socks & carried the water for me.    I’m tired.   I received my check today.    I cooked the meals & did the dishes.   took care of birds & beds.   Radio said it was 85 degrees today,    I know it was here in the kitchen with any fire of any kind.    Elbert looked as if he had got over heat working the dirt.   I thank My Dear Heavenly Father for all our many blessings in Jesus Name,  Glory to God in the Highest  I Praise Thee Jesus.   Thou art a Wonder Saviour & Healer.

WEd. May. 3. 1949./ 8. H.  43. Pullets eggs today./  Well, it’s been terribly hot today  86 degrees & as high as 92 in some places    Elbert has worked to hard today & in the sun, if it wasn’t for the cool breeze he wouldn’t have been able to worked & I can’t see any use in over doing when he don’t feel able,    I should have finished my room today but feet hurt so bad & I felt all day as if I weigh a ton, so I haven’t done only the usual rjound   &K I been out door twice, for an hour or so,   tree toads been yelling all day for rain,   looks like it might rain,    but, I don’t Know.    I’d like to get out & plant a few seeds, for flowers, but my feet hurt me so bad I can’t seem to even get my house work done,    & I really ought to sew. & no word from the girls so far this week.   Wind goes down with the sun each night & it’s quite cool.    I cooked 2 meals & did dishes    & seems as if I can’t stand on my feet.   Well, it tired me so to wash yesterday,    but, still I have lots to be thankful & truly greatful for & I thank my Dear Heavenly Father that He loves & care for me,   I thank Him & Praise Him in Jesus Dear Holy Name.

Thurs. May. 5. 1949./ 9. H.  43. P. eggs today./  You should see the trees, apple trees so full of blossoms & so sweet & the li-laces so sweet & the lillies of the valley  the flowering quince is so red, “the blossoms” & the voilets are beautiful.  the murtle is in bloom & is so pretty almost

Thurs. May. 5. 1949./ page. 2328./ 9. H. Pullets eggs today./  the same color as the voilets  little more blue,  flowering almond is in bloom also,   rabbits eat it so bad I hardly have any,   wild cucumbers are ready to run up the fence.   And we went to prayer meeting   Bueser was there & his wife & no one to play the piano,   she lead the songs & he preached the most scociable[?soulful] sermon I ever heard him breach    he said he had changed these last few years, and it seems he has, Praise the Lord,  she has been a very faithful little wife to Jesus, her husband & her children.   They use to say & do a lot of things.  I did understand how a christian could do,    but, we are make mistakes,   I have made lots of them,   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name that He could & did forgive me and I pray He will help me to be as forgiving as He is.   It was a beautiful drive to church, all along the highway the fruit trees are in full bloom   the air is sweet   the lilaces to are so beautiful,    I do Praise the Lord, for the beauty of the Spring & wish we might do a good work & bear much fruit for the Lord, in Jesus Name.    Elbert went to the fish house & worked hard & got a good pk. of fish,  he cleaned a few for dinner & I cooked them,   I had potatoes, cabbage, fried bread & fish   there was one nice white fish with them, it was so sweet and good,   he dressed them all, & took some to Mrs. Sprunk, Miss Clark & Mrs. Lindy West, Mr & Mrs. West Sr. & we took Lindy’s to them & then while I was in the meeting Elbert took Sr. West’s & Mrs. Sprunk & MIss Clark’s all over to Mrs West’s & left them so Mrs. Sprunk got in the car & we took her there,   she wanted hers tonight & said she’d take Miss. Clark’s back to her.    Elbert said Mr. West was home sick tonight.   he could hardly breath.   Mrs. Bueser took the lilaces home that I took tonight,  Mrs. Horning brought voilets & she Mrs. Bueser took them to.    I wish God would help us Keep a good Minister, Most of them don’t like this one, and I suppose they will make another change.   I did my usual round & ironed & fixed my corset,   it’s a little more comfortable.   It’s been a very hot day 86 degrees in the shade, but a cool breeze that make it more endurable.   Mrs. Horning & her eldest girl was in the meeting & Grandma Horning  Mrs. Sprunk, Miss. Clark  Mr. Whitman  Mr Backman, the Preach-

Thurs. May. 5. 1949./ page. 2329./ 9. H. 43. Pullets eggs this day./  -er & his wife & I, the Smith Children wasn’t there tonight.   Mrs. Sprunk says, Well she’s going to the Dr.   she isn’t going to get sick for her kids to take care of her.   I wonder what Jesus thinks of us When we go to the earthly Dr. & forsake Him,   I had a terrible notion several time   then decided to stick to Jesus   He’s the only true friend I’ve ever had,  God of Love & Mercy I pray in Jesus Holy Name Thou will keep us close to Thee and take care of our weak wills & bodys,   I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise.   Elbert got his check yesterday & cashed it today.   I haven’t cashed mine yet.

Fri. May. 6. 1949./ 6. H.  46. P. eggs today/  I slept or rather, I lay & rested un-till 10-a-m., then got dinner ready & after dinner went to Vermilion on the lake with Elbert to sell eggs, he sold 6. doz. 55 cents per. doz. $3.30,   We went back to Vermilion and then to Krogers & I got 21.70 worth of canned food and fresh food., then we went to Mill & he paid $10.00 on the coal bill,   he did a lot of squirming & talking,     but, he paid it,   he’s got to have shirts & socks & something done to the car & I haven’t got my shoes yet, or corset or slips & I do need them so bad,  shoes clear through & slip & corset hardly holding together.   Well, maybe  I’ll make it before long.   I paid the dentist the last $5.00 on my teeth today,  he’s waited a long time for it, but just seemed as if I couldn’t get a cent a head & he sold my cards & used the money for gas & food.   It was terrible to think I was going to pay it,    but I said I’m going to do it today, so I paid it to Dentists son, at gas station & he give me a receipt, paid in full.   Praise God,   I’m so glad it’s done & I wish I had enugh to get my blankets now, & my clothing.   I pray Jesus will help me to be able to get them.   I was out in the yard a little while aftr supper,   I bought a short steak for supper & it was so tender, I couldn’t imagine it’s being so tender, most of it’s so tuff you can;’t hardly chew it,  Praise the Lord  He blessed me today, in Jesus Name,    I got some Kraut & a few frankforters for tomorrow.   We didn’t spend the egg money.   We’ll have to save it to get feed for hens.   I didn’t see anyone to talk to, Days or Hambly’s, or anyone in Vermilion.   it was terribly hot,   but there was a good breeze.    I was so glad when we got home,   Elbert looked all in,   he bought a pint of cream,   I didn’t know about untill we got here, we had hot postum & cream   I then peled potatoes aftr cutting out the eyes to plant. The

Fri. May. 6. 1949./ page. 2340 [this would be 2330 but she continues with this sequence that skipped 10 pages]  6.H. 46. P. eggs this day/ (little Marcie Joe’s birthday 1. yr. old  Johnys baby.)   Apple trees are so full of blossoms that when the wind blows, it looks like big flakes of snow falling & the ground is White.   Radio said while we were to warm, the warm sections were plowing snow again.   Jesus said  When these thing begin to happen to know the end was at hand.  Glory to God I love Thee Jesus.   It thundered & lightened & looked as if it would rain,    wind has got real cool, but no rain.   I must read & pray & go to bed,    it’s been a long day.   Elbert’s gone to bed.   he worked in the garden after supper, 2 or 2 1.2 hrs. also.    Some one was here While we were gone & left screen open. 

Sat. May. 7. 1949./ 9.H. 45 Pullets eggs today./  Well, it turned so cool last night I got up & put another blanket on,   I was sick in the early morning & had to dress & go empty the can,    Elbert felt so cold this a-m. he built a fire & we have kept a little all day & tonight, it feels real comfortable.    I swept but got to punk to wipe up the floors,    I cleaned birds cages & did my daily round    ben out in the yard once or twice & picked a few voilets for church tomorrow,    I hope to get a few lilaces in the morning also & some rhubarb for Mrs West.    I feel so tired tonight    We received a card from Nellie    she calls us dear folks, said she’s up & doing but don’t feel able,   she said Johny’s little girl “Marcie Joe” is a yr. old today,  the card was mailed the 5th of May,   I don’t remmb-er the date of her birth, she said she’s very cute & so is Kathy, “thats” Bonney Bell’s & Joe’s girl.”, she will soon be a yr old.   then she said love & write when you can,  Nellie & all.   Elbert’s cut a lot of brush out from among the fruit trees in back    posion ivy’s so thick out there it’s terrible.   I hope we can get rid of it again.    Elberts so terribly tired,   he’s getting to old to work that hard,   his beets are up, but not a carrot yet,    he wants to set some cabbage soon,    he planted corn & the first potatoes he planted are up.   Well, he Killed & dressed & put a hen on to cook tonight,    my job will be to make biscuits for tomorrow’s dinner.   & change table cloth.    I thank & praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name, for ever, Amen. 

Sun. May.7. 1949./ 7. H. 48. Pullet eggs today./  Well, I felt to sick to go to Sun-day school or church this a-m. but they prayed for me & I felt better & went to church tonight    I took a big bunch of Lilaces & voilets & a few Lilleis of the Valley,  the Minister from Elyria [?] the 

Sun. May. 8. 1949./ page. 2341./ 7. H. K& 48. Pullets eggs this day./  The Elyria Minister took the Lilaces & some rhubarb & Mrs. West Sr. took the voilets & lillies of the valley & she gave each of us a red rose bud for mothers day,     Miss Clark insisted on my taking hers tonight & that I pin it on me,   Well,  I didn’t want to be disagreable, so I took it.   Mrs West told me she had one for me    Well I told Miss. Clark What she said,    but, she said she couldn’t understand  why she did it.     There were only mrs. Sprunk, Mrs. West Sr. & Jr. Mr Bockman, Mr. Whitman  the Smith Children “Donie & Glades” & the Minister & I, to church tonight.   Rev. Bueser will be there Thurs night.    It’s been a beautiful day but cool enough to keep the fire going again tonight.     I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing healings saving my soul and answering prayers Amen.  Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. May. 9. 1949./ 7. H. 44. P. eggs today/  Well it’s been so cool today.   N.E. breeze after being to hot, such sudden changes,    I cut a little grass and weed along the path toward the well & long side the well    looks as if some one had scooped out all but two or three of my buttr cups & the chinesse prime roses are in bad shape    evrything nees to be changed a-round once more,   peonies are full of sod & the iris & everything     don’t see how Ij’ll ever get it out with out some help & Elbert’s tired most to death & I can’t get down on my knees & get up by my self, if I could only find some one to help out side & inside for a while.   Well, I cooked washed dishes & did what I had to do & that’s all,    got Elbert to come in & rest once for a few minutes,    then he gathered the eggs & went back to the garden,    he got at the ground    cultivated around the cottage & then started out east of hen house    weed are getting so big all ready.    I put in some sweet peas & morning Glorys but they haven’t showed up yet.    I like to put in what Zenias I have & a few other plants seeds.    I ought to finish cleaning my room & get Elbert’s room cleaned.    & I have to make him some new sleepers soon.    I thank & praise God for all He has done for me,   I only pray He will help me do more for him in Jesus Name Amen. Glory, Glory to God   I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. May. 10. 1949./ 8.H. 45. P. eggs today./   Wiind blew strong from N.E. all day.    I got up late.   Trucks were spreading lime dust on Bessie’s place & wind was blowing it over on Rue Sarr’s & us.    Elbert went out after dinner & cut brush between trucks, & I 

Tue. May. 10. 1949./ page. 2342./ 8.H. 45. P. eggs this day/   did out most of the washing & dried it in the house.    have a fire just a little to keep chill out the house.    Well, I sure am tired & so is the big boy.  I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for doing so much for one like me.    He’s a Wonder Saviour, Friend & Healer & He does hear and answer prayers, only a month or so a-go I ask Him to send me some steak & believe it or not He sent me several & some liver & a box packed with fresh & caned good.    & Sunday night our Minister told us how his wife prayed for food for Christmas dinner & she set the table for that dinner,    she ask for 2. sweet potatoes ata place where they give students food when they havent any,  they gave her “2” and some black tea & just as they were going to sit down, a knock came on the door,   he opened it & a young man said hold out your arms,    he did & the fellow put a tray on them, he thanked him & he & his wife thanked & praised the Lord;    He, the Minister had only just been converted, and said he was really shocked, but has learned since that God really takes care of His own, Praise the Lord    The wind went down with the sun again tonight & came up with the moon, so its blowing strong & puffy again     Radio said there would be a frost inland from the lake, tonight. 

Wed. May. 11. 1949./ 8. H. 43.Pullet eggs today./   Cool, very cool, N.E. breeze, but a beautiful day.    Elbert’s been working up more ground today; in front of henhouse & he’s terribly tired,    I had a bad strangling spell today,    I prayed fast & hard & Elbert got some water on to heat,    but by the time it was hot   spell was gone    I pray God will in Jesus Holy Name removve the cause of those spells & I’ll give Him all the Praise and Glory for ever & ever. Amen;     I mended my dress & corset today & have 3. shirts & 2. pr. sock to do yet & bake if I can, tomorrow.   Mrs. Jay Ward age 33. & her little daughter were here for eggs today    she got 4. doz. $2.75,    she’s a nice looking young woman & has a pretty little girl 3. yrs. old with light brown hair that’s curly, her curls are about 6 inches long,   quit thick hair.    Mrs. Ward seemed anxious to visit & ask me to call on her,    she want some of my plant slips, so I gave her quite a few & a hand-ful of lillies of the valley    the little girl held the flowers & she was all excited over them,    I gave her four small eggs in a bag & her mother laid the plant slips on top of the eggs & as she picked up the little bag the little one said, be very careful with my eggs mama,    shes very cute, her mother says, when her mother is sick she has the church folks pray for her & then she seems to get alright again, so I’ll call & see if she will go to church with me,   I hope she does.

Thurs. May. 12 1949./ page. 2343. / 9 H 45 P/  Gerties birthday tomorrow    she’s 61. yrs old today    I hope she has given her heart & soul to the Lord by this time.    I love & Praise Thee Jesus.    We had a full day.   Elbert went to Lorain & sold some eggs & then sold the balance at Vermilion on the Lake.    He had 19. doz. pullets eggs, 10.45 & 6. doz. hens eggs 4.10,    he bought 1. bag of mash 4.35 & 1. bag grain 3.95 & he brought back 4.52 & he spent 1.00 for gas & 2.00 for car repair & 2.13 for meat  10 cents for pkt. of seeds.   that’s the way the money goes,    he left the car at the garage about 3 miles up the highway    the fellow fixed it & brought it back intime for us to go to prayer meeting.    We took the fish Elbert had got up to Huron to church & after service was over we divided them between the Minister, Rev. Bueser & Mrs. Horning & I gave Miss Clark 4.    they will have to dress them, but seemed glad to get them.    Mrs. Bueser said she would have to dress them & she wanted to know how,    she had never dressed any.   Elbert ate his dinner at 1-30 & then went to Huron for the fish.    We had a steak for dinner & it sure was good,    but I was most to tired to enjoy it.   I swept & set bread & then cleaned up the table once more & the cupboard shelf & then went to the well for a pail of water & then mixed bread in loaves    then washed dishes & bread dishes & took care of beds & rooms & birds & fried fish for supper,    picked a bunch of lillies of the valley for church & Mrs. Bueser took them home,    there’s such a big patch & Oh how sweet they make the air smell.    Well, I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for all our many blessings, Glory, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. 13. of May. 1949./ 9. H. 36. Pullets eggs today/  Today is Gerties Birthday & she’s 61. yrs old.    Wish I could have taken the girls a chicken and some flowrs,    but, I haven’t felt as if I could go.    I know they were hunting rooms to live in & had to move so they will be busy,    I’ve written 3. cards & no word yet.    Elbert’s been spading & he’s so tired & stiff & sore, but he says he’s about done with the spading     Now we have to get the next potatoes in Mon,     the first ones are coming & look good & have to be limed    now goose brries ought to have been sprayed but haven’t been & worms are eaating them up already.    he’s going to Vermilion tomorrow, he says for green for hens.    & he’s been out for several day & talking about the drop in eggs & never thought of green when he got the grain & mash,    I have to remember to tell him & then write it on our food order.    I haven’t felt able to do much today,    did my daily round,    cooked 2. meals & washed dishes, mended or put a piece of tennis around top of corset,    steels seem to hurt my flesh.    I didn’t get his shirts mended or socks darned today,    I was

Fri. May. 13. 1949./ page 2344./ 9.H. 36. Pullets eggs this day. /  out in the yard twice today,    the wind’s strong & S.    Radio said rain tonight,    it is cloudy,    we need a good shower to    I thank My Father in Heaven in Jesus Holy & Blessed Name,  He is & ever will be & I pray He will continue to teach me His ways & His will.    There’s so many things I still can’t seem to understand and even the Elyria Minister said he couldn’t understand, how Holy Ghost christians could talk about each other & do by each other the way they do.    Well, I try to stay free,    I don’t talk much, the rest do enough, I like to sit by my-self,    I don’t believe we ought to talk, about every thing in church & during the meeting   I like to sit down by myself & pray & be ready to listen to Gods Word & soak it all in & learn what ever I can & feel the power of God flow through me again & again.   The Preach & his wife will be back Sun morning if all goes well & I pray it will & that God will have blessed them & given them a new interest in there work & help them to live for the Spirit & not the flesh, as they all seem to live as much, if not more for the flesh than the Spirit, and if you say anything about it, they want it their way.   It would be good to have Ministrs who live what the bible preaches & to have teachers who live for the Spirit & close to God,   Now our time will soon be up & I wish so much I had learned more of what I know now when I was young,    I tried to learn,   but those who taught us, didn’t know & it does seem queer that the things I learn-ed now are those I tried to learn then,    Well, Praise the Lord I’m learning, trusting & believing now.   Glory, Glory to God in the highest,    I love & Praise Thee, Amen.

Sat. May. 14. 1949./ 9. H. 40. Pullets eggs today/  Well, Elbert’s worked all day & almost got cramps in his legs tonight.   I have only done my daily round, picked a few more flowers for Church & cooked 2 meals & washed dishes,    hope I feel better Mon.    Audrey sent a letter & 2. dollars  said she’s living on compensation & that she’s been doing up some sewing for her self & has fixed over 4 wedding dress & doing some  crochet for some sheets & pillow slips for another girl who is soon to marry & Jean’s been sick a couple of days & staying with her days    & they all went to Martha’s last Sun. for a weiner roast    Nellie & Bonita were there & the children   Bonita ask Audrey to go to town with her, she

Sat. May. 145. 1949./ page. 2345./ 9. H. 40 Pullets eggs this day./  had to get the twins new shoes & the 2 boys a hair cut    then they bought a few groceries & all went to Nellies, she said the children had to act up & be naughty & she wished she hadn’t gone,    I’ve been thinking of Ella Jane & wondering when the passenger trains go by, how soon she’d be coming home & Audrey says they are looking for her on the 15th of June, & Bonita has to take the twins to get them on the register now for school this Fall.    Nelson will be home alone all day & he’ll sure miss the other two,    he will soon be old enough to go also.      Audrey didn’t say anything about Gertie Nellie Martha or Merlin Jim or Joan, so they may be alright.    Audrey said she didn’t get a card this week & thought maybe if she sent a few I’d write a few back to her.    so I will try,   God Willing.    It’s been a nice day, cool N.E. wind all day.   I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing Amen. 

Sun. May. 15. 1949./ 7. H 38 Pullets eggs today/  Well, I felt so bum I didn’t go to church this morning but I felt better after prayer this a-m & so I went tonight & there were only the Minister & his wife  Mrs. Sprunk Mrs. Dorthy west,  Mr Bock-man  the Smith children & my self.    We had a good  service & prayer meeting Glory to God, in Jesus Holy Jesus & pray & trust & give Thee the Praise for ever & ever.    It’s been a beautiful day partly cloudy with a cool N.E. breeze,   I love Thee Jesus.

Mon. May. 16. 1949./ 9. H. 40 Pullets eggs today./  Elbert mailed a card to Nellie and a letter to Audrey last night.    Well, I slept until 10-30 a-m & got up, talk to the Lord awhile dressed &K combed my hair  cleaned my teeth washed me self & started dinner then opened windows & shook up beds washed & finished get6ting the dinner,    Elbert came just as it was ready & unlocked the back door,    It was getting terrible warm & I was going to get my key but he came & was pleased I had dinner ready   he’d been working the dirt & he’s so sore & lame he can hardly move.    he mowed grass around back yard to.    after dinner I washed dishes then cut out a suit of pajamas for Elbert & got the Jacket all done except buttons & holes & got pants all done except the waistband & buttons & Botton holes. & he got supper or warm up 

Mon. May. 16. 1949./ page. 2346/ 9. H. 40 Pullets eggs this day. /   potatoes & dumplins & gravy & I fixed to-matoes & opened a can of meat & had hot water for postum.    then I had to put away sewing machine do dishes make beds  do this writing & read, think & pray & go to bed, & call it a day.   It’s been a fine day N.E. wind hot sun when it did shine through, cloudy part time    tried to rain once & looks like it again tonight.    I surely thank & Praise God for my healing & all my blessings, All the Glory & Praise does belong to Him.

Tue. May. 17, 1949./ 9. H. 38. P. eggs today/  Well, it’s 29. yrs today Frank & I were married & he’s been gone 16 yrs this last Feb. 19th.    time is surely flying & Flora has been gone so long two now     at least it seems such a long time to me,    I loved her so, & we wrote to each other & I can’t tell you how much I miss her letters & Shirley don’t write.   she’s no hand to write & I haven’t had a card in evr so long from her.    she’s young & I don’t know her very well.    I had hooped she would write at least a card.   Well it’s been a fine day    Elbert went to fish house & got a nice mess of fish,    he warmed up the potatoes & I salted & floured the fish & got them on to fry    the I got a few more pieces ready for the cloth line   I was all done but his shirt & Bird’s & socks so we ate K& I got the clothes all dry,    theyre putting lime stone dust on John Snyders place & the wind change to N.E., from S. & so I had to take down & bring in a few & then put them out aftr the dust settled,    it’s terrible so thick you can’t see & can hardly breath, at all,    I had to wrince them over to gt the dust off, of them.    Seems to me that dust woud-n’t be very got in a bodys lungs & it coats your throat over in just a few seconds,    seems like I can smell it yet,    it has a terrible offencive oder.    Wish I had the blankets washed once again & the rugs,    sun was so hot today  89 in the shade, or in the Kitchen, here.    Well I have to sweep & wipe up the floors, God Willing, in the morning.   & then try to finish Elbert’s sleepers.   I have 3. shirts to mend & 2. prs. socks, so I wont have time to go out side for long & I crave so to be out of doors.    I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for the strength He gives me & all the many blessings    I Praise Thee Jesus & Love Thee Holy, Pure & Devine Thou art.   Glory to Ty Name, Thou art Wonderful, the best Friend I ever had. 

Wed. May. 18. 1949./ page. 2347./ 7. H. 38. Pullets eggs today./    I finished Elbert’s sleepers today.   & to-night I have been so upset for the little paring knife “Alluminum handle” has completely disapeared   it was worth 35 cents,   so, since Elbert don’t know a thing about it, it would seem as if it took lets & walk-ed out all by it’s self, like the thimble did,    it was a good silver thimble that had been Frank’s mother’s,    I wish I knew Who gets them, but God Knows where they go & how .    Well, a neice once said there was one thing she’d like that I had & Dad said   what’s that?   can’t we get it?  she laughed & said,    no, gramp, it’s her brains & he said   Well,   no, I guess that one thing we can’t get & they wont do anyone any good when she’s dead,    they were talking about me & that was all I heard of there conversation    I didn’t hear the first part,    but, it must have been a-bout something they wanted & they sure took plenty.   one Jack for lifting buildings worth $27.00,    I know where it went to & all sorts of tools.     God will surely punish them,    I sorry but,   they laugh in your face & call you crazy & then try another trick to get what you have left.   Well, I’ll soon have to turn it over for old age pension, what’s left.    Elbert planted one row of potatoes this after noon.    K& he’s done a lot of work in both gardens,    he just got up & foune the knife under the fruitdishes, after we had both hunted the big chair over & I must have slid it when I moved the fruit dish.    Well, I didn’t blame it on him for I intended to find out first,    but, I never found the thimble.   &.   It’s been partly cloudy & cool   S.W. breeze & to-night we got a shower    we need a little more.    I had a queer lameness in my left leg from ankle up to calf,   so sore I could hardly keep from crying & then it left & now it’s in the right leg & I can’t tell you how sore it really is & how it pains me,    all night & all day,    &K it’s so bad tonight,    I wont be able to sleep.   Elbert’s going with Eggs tomorrow,    I have to sweep & wipe up floor.   I wish I could work & sometimes I wish some one else would do some of it for me,    I have to finish clean-ing my room, then get after Elberts room   then this & then scrub the rugs & I have to wash blankets soon,    Well I Praise God in Jesus Blessed Name, for all the many things He does for me & us.

Thurs. May. 19. 1949./ page. 2348./ 6. H. 40 Pullets eggs. /   Well today I swept & mended & my right leg has pained me as bad as the left one did,    but the left ones O.K. now    I told the Lord I’d except the healing when the church folks prayed for the sick & it left my leg as quick as it came,    I felt so good after they prayed for me Sun. night & then the left leg got so stiff in the flesh & is so sore I could hardly step on it with out a groan & then it left & I felt so much better then it took a crack at my right leg.   & it’s been as bad as the other one, but we went to prayer meeting & I felt Gods hand & power & it’s better now    doesn’t hurt as bad to step on it.    Oh how I thank God in Jesus Dear Holy Name    He the Best & Dearest Friend we ever could have,    I love him.   I darned 2. prs. socks & it does tire me so.    It’s been a nice day.    Elbert went to Vermilion on the lake & sold the eggs  17. doz. P. eggs 11.95  4. doz hens eggs. 2.60,    he got a bag of mash 4.35 & some meat & a few grociers & brought back 4.57.    I been trying to get back enough to get 100 more pullets & my shoes will have to buy chick,   or, growing mash & chick grain    I do wish I could get anconias once more.    I received a card from Nellie    she seems rather desperate.   I know it’s harder now than when John was doing the earning, but she will have to keep on trying    she & Bonita & the children should be happy there together but some how they don’t seem to be    its been partly cloudy all day & it rained hard before we left for church & all the while after & is still at it at 11-p-m.    Elbert planted one more row of potatoes this after noon & has one more to plant,    he wished he could have got the other row in,    but, he didn’t feel able,    but the ground was so dry, maybe he can do it tomorrow.    it’s cooler tonight

Thurs. May. 19. 1949./ page. 2349./ 6.H. 40. P. eggs this day/ I Praise Thee Jesus for my healing and all my many blessings, Amen.    We built a fire, it was so cold & chilly tonight,    Oh, Glory, Glory to God in the Highest    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Fri. May. 20. 1949./ 5. H. 38. P. eggs today/    Did my usual round & baked 4. doz. large size rolled oat cookies & I’m as tired as if I’d cleaned hous.    I really got to try & clean bal. of my room K& kitchen & I have to wash blankets soon.    Wish I know some one clean who would put them through the washing ma-chine for me,   I could do the rest,    but, I’ll have to do it all.    Elbert mowed grass most of the day,    it was wet & it cuts good when wet,    it sure enough rained & I thank My God for that rain & so did many a farmer in Jesus Name.    Now it’s turned cool N. E. wind all day & so cold    Radio said wind would go N.W. before tomorrow    been mostly cloudy today but cleared off late & sun set white & cold.    We still have a fire & its comfortable.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healings & for saving my soul & I Praise Him & give him all the Glory,    He’s Worthy.

Sat. May. 21. 1949./ 10. H. 39. P. eggs today/  I’ve felt bum all day    leg is lots better,    but I stumbled & wrenched myself & caused my bowels to run off & I lost a little blood    I feel all shook up    shoulder & back & my head    &tonight my bowels going again    I pray God will in Jesus Holy Name Keep me free & well,    I’ll give Him the Praise & Glory, forever & ever Amen.    Glory to God, Hallelujah,  I Praise Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus.    I washed out the few dirty clothes there were & swept & wiped up the floors & Elbert has planted the last row of potatoes this morning    that’s three rows,    they are about 75 . ft. long & he had in 4 besides these making 7. long rows & 2 short rows about 35 or 40 ft. long    & all up & coming except the last ones he’s just put in.    he cut a lot of grass yesterday & tonight he raked it up & put it in the corner of the park.    & he’s took care of hens & went to Huron    got a big mess of fish & he cleaned all except 5,    he gave to Mr. & Mrs. Myers,    he went clear to Vermilion to give fish to Mrs. Sprunk, Miss Clark, REv. & Mrs. Scharien & Dorthy   the last to wasn’t home or Mrs West, Sr.    & instead of leaving the fish with Miss. Clark he brought them home.    Such is life, he didn’t know what else to do,    & I wasn’t there to tell him.    Well he is to tired any way & I had to get him up after he’d gone to bed to take the can out again,    he didn’t want me to go for it’s dar4k & a misty rain falling,    clothes dried out side quite well today.   Georgia Snyder had a big wash out & got them in before supper time.    I thank God for my blessings.

Sun. May. 22. 1949./ page 2350./ 11. H. 38. P. eggs today./  Well, it’s rained in heavy down pours since last night & I didn’t get to sleep untill daylight,    I was to tired & so was Elbert.    I saw a car drive in as though going into the barn, next door,    Elbert said it was 1-a-m.    at 3-30-a-m. Bill drove his car from the barn, up before the door & left at 4 or 4-30 & it was thundering & lightening hard & pouring down rain.    it eased up at daylight & I doesed off & dreamed Nellie was screaming & crying,    I was just going into there front door & Bonita was coming down stairs on the run & she ask me to help get her mother back in bed, so I took her by the arm & lead her back to her bed, got her in & she woke up.    Bonita had told me her mother had been having terrible dreams that frightened them both & that she didn’t know what to do for her,    Well, she looked up & took my hands & said,    Oh, I’m glad you’re here,    Well, I said you are O.K. now  lets us talk over this dream that frightened you so, she began to tremble & to cry, but after a little she told me & we both began to pray & then I woke up.    just in time to hear Elbert yell, take that, & then he woke up all undone,    he dreamed he was down home in the house & pa, got up out of bed, took the wide razer strap & struck him across the mouth & face & the buckle hit his cheek bone & in the fury of the sting he hit dad across his right arm & broke it & that woke him up.   Well, I hope & pray that Elbert wont have any trouble with Frank & that Nellie is & will be O.K.    I pray in Jesus Holy Name He will help us to be all His, soul spirit & body  Glory to God,  I Praise Thee Jesus.    I fried fish for din-ner & Elbert cooked a chicken & so we’ll have some in the morning.    Sorry I didn’t feel I could get to Church & back so sit around here reading God’s word, & praying.    I Pray God will help us quickly before it’s for ever to late.  Oh, Jesus, Blessed Jesus help me to be more worthy of Thy love & mercy    I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Its still raining.    I Prayed for rain but hope & pray we don’t get to much now.

Mon. May. 23. 1949./ page 2351./ 9. H. 37. Pullets eggs/  I didn’t get up very early & then I got dinner & put water to heat & washed out 1. pr. wool blankets  1. pr. heavy cotton blankets & 1. pr. light cotton blank-ets.    I washed my night dress, under slip & petti-coat, shirt & bath rag & towel & stocking & 1. pr. sock for Elbert,    he washed his work shirt & he wrong out the cotton blankets for me & I got them dry out side   Praise the Lord,   I do thank & Praise Him for all the strength He give me I’ve felt punk, but got my work done,   my bowels run off in the night before I could get up & I had to get up & clean up & they have been loose all day.   Sat. shake up maybe.    I baked biscuits for supper & we had chicken & gravey.    I have the dishes done & birds covered & wish I was in bed.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name,    I love Jesus   He’s the best Friend you can have.   It has been cloudy all day with sun at intervals.   To night it’s thundering & lightening & we got a shower   it’s cooler tonight

Tue. May, 24. 1949./ 7. &. 35. P. eggs today./  Well, we went to Norwalk & got 100 English White leghorns, they were hatched May 16. 1949.    they seem quite lively although there were some that seemed to small.,  they are 1. week & 1. day old today.    it’s after 11-p-m & we were out to see how they were & they were all streched out sleeping & quite.   I pray the Lord will help each one to be strong & grow good bodys & be the best of layers,  I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.  I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small & pray I may do Thy Will, not mine, for all I have is Thine,    I thank Thee for Thy love & care and tender mrcys, Jesus, Blessed Jesus.    I recieved a letter from Nellie today & the news paper clipping Ethel had sent her of Laura Ann recieving one of five rewards for the best essay out of 65,    it shows her picture & two of the others,   2, were not able to be there.   Loura Ann is an honer student in her class at school.

Tue. May. 24. 1949./ page. 2352./ 7.H. 35. Pullets eggs today. /   It’s been windy & cool all day.   Nellie says she has sore throat & is real miserabl but only has 4 day this week to teach & school will be over for a while,    said she was glad,    yet, she’d miss it,    the money for teaching most, I reckon,    she isn’t able to work.    Johny will be going to Boston to school & has an apartment there & Ella Jane is flying home from New Mexico,    she leaves the 8th & expects to get to Cleveland air port sometime after midnight of the 9th. of June 1949.   My, oh My, Well in all to short a time    they’ll be wishing they’d have saved there money.    George Carlisle use to say he was going to be a sport as long as the money lasted & he’s been dead a good number of years.    now, Sister Audrey’s husband, he’d be about 59. yrs old now if he were here.

Wed. May. 25. 1949./ 5. H.  32. P. eggs today/  Well it been a nice day,   little cool & trying to rain tonight,    Elbert cleaned first pen & then this afternoon dug trenches & put in my glads & a few dahlias & my tube roses.    My ride tired me plenty & I’m still tired;    I covered one row of bulbs. & cut a few weeds.    I have to put my big bulb out & some small ones & a few plants.    I feel as if I weigh 2 ton on my feet today & tonight & I have to hunt my Zennias seeds tomorrow.    Elbret’s going in to Lorain with eggs & to Vermilion on the Lake & then get the grain, mash, straw & hens greens.    I thank God & give Him all the Glory,    He’s truly worthy,    I love Him &K I’d like to be more worthy of the love & Mersy He gives me.    I love Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus. 

Thurs. May. 26. 1949./ 8. H. 36. P. eggs today/  WEll I got a little more of my room cleaned today, only got the spots the comode stand in & close press to finish    hope to get that soon.    I ironed a few pieces today & hunted for Zenia seeds,    Elbert forgot to get some, he went to Lorain    sold the eggs    got mash 4.35 & gran 3.95 & olive oil- 1.95  toilet paper 16 cents & bird seed 70 cents & he paid light bill 1.20,    he did owe 20 cents to one woman for change on eggs     he paid it today & one owed him 15 cents & she paid that.    he took in $13.80 on eggs & spent 12.26 & he brought back 1.64 & spent the dollar tonight for gas & pt of ice cream while we were in Vermilion     they didn’t have prayer meeting & no one let me know, so while we were there Elbert went & had the welding done he had to have on the bar for the cultivater teeth & I went in & talked to the mans wife, a young woman with a baby 1 1/2 yrs. old.    I gave here a few of the roses I’d taken for church.

Thurs. May. 26. 1949./ page. 2353./ 8. H. 36. P. this day/  Mrs. Ceal, she was ironing & when she was done, we had had a nice visit    she urged me to come again    she seemed a very loveable person & she’d let her ironing go, to go take her sister out to buy for an expected baby.    We stopped to Mrs. Wests Sr. & had a nice visit & left the rest of the yellow roses.    We got home few minutes passed 10-p-m.    I went down & got a bucket of coal    we still keep a little fire & it’s comfortable that way.    Its been a very nice day, but quite cool N. W. wind.   I thank God in Jesus Name for His Great Love & care. 

Fri. May. 27. 1949./ 7.H. 37 Pullet eggs/  Well, this morning Elbert went to Huron & got a good mess of fish.    he cleaned enough for dinner,    I had the washing half done, but stopped    washed dishes    pared potatoes & got them on to cook &K stirred biscuits & got them frying & got the fish on frying & & coffee water heating,    wrised the few pieces I had ready & hung them up     then after the whirl of getting the dinner we set down & after thank Oor Heaven-ly Father we ate     fish were so fresh & good.    We rested a bit K& then he went out to look after the baby chicks & other odds & ends & I finished my wash & got it most all dry in the house     we still have a fire,     it rained a cold N.E. rain then cleared up & sun came out    air was to damp to dry clothes so I hung them inside & they are most all dry now.    I got supper & now that over Elbert has gone out to take care of chicks again & get them ready for sleep.    I have to take a run outside & then wash up dishes again.    I received a letter from the L. contest & Elbert is so afraid he wont get half of it & I did all the puzzle with out his help that I sent in.    but he wants half the 

Fri. May. 27. 1949./ page 2354/ 7. H. 37. Pullets this day./ money.   so I told him O.K.    I haven’t any Idea of ever getting any of it but if I do, I can’t see why he would have half of it, but he look very determined about having half of it,    I couldn’t be like that, but I told him I’d give him half & so if I only got a dime I’d give him half.    Each one of the family have alway wanted what ever I have had,    I’ll be so glad if Jesus takes me home before long.    It’s been a nice day to work & I thank God in Jesus Name for all my many many blessing & pray all will be well Amen. 

Sat. May. 28. 1949./ 7. H.  37. Pullets eggs today./  Well I haven’t done much outside my daily rjound    fixed my stockings & mend or sewed up the seams that were riped in my coat & picked a few flowers for church    Frank & Ruby came    they have made up there mind to pay for Elbert’s lots 850.00,    but, I don’t trust him for I heard him tell one of his boys,    that he’d pay 500 down & just never pay the rest,    I hope Elbert get’s the thing fixed so he gets all the money.    I know he can if he does it right.   I pray God will help him to get it all & that it will be with out hard feelings.    It’s been an other cool day.    F& R. left 11-11 p.m. & while Elbert went to coop to look after the chicken I washed up the dishes & put water on to heat for scalding the hen & now he has got that done & hen cut up ready to cook for tomorrow, it 12-p-m & he’s now going to bed.    I gave Ruby some of D’Haans sermons to read,    Frank does got to Church once in a while    I pray he will really give his heart & sould to the Lord, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.    So cold out, feel like Fall and a heavy due. 

Sun. May. 29. 1949./ 8. H.  35. P. eggs today/  Well, I went to Church this morning & again to-night,    only the few that’s always there came & Mrs. Horning  her daughter & 2 wee boys.    we had a prayer service after the sermon & then they divided the flowers I had taken & we all left for home    it’s been a fine day   to cool N.E. wind that’s so penetrating    I thank & praise God for all our many blessing. in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    I love Thee Jesus.

Mon. May. 30. 1949./ 6. H. 44. P. eggs today./ Decoration Day./   Well, Radio says 287 are dead on highways & other accidents,    We been home alday.

Mon. May. 30. 1949./ page 2355./ 6. H.  44. P. eggs this day./  Elbert Knee is paining him bad for over a week now & he seems to Katch catch a little cold everyday     He has worked in the garden most of the day,    I cut my dahlia bulbs today & got them ready for planting & it tired me terribly.    It’s been a fine day cool but, good day to work    Elbert’s terrible tired    Knee tires him & worries him.    I pray he will turn to God,be converted & healed.    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessings & healings,    I love & Praise My Jesus. 

Tue. May. 31. 1949./ 8. H. 39. P. eggs today./Last day of May./   Elbert was in such pain, most of the morning but the pain eased up after dinner & he’s felt a lot better this after.    Praise the Good, Wonderful, Merciful Lord.  It’s been a beautiful day, N. E. breeze,  nice warm sun & all I’ve got done is my usual round.    We let the hens out for a little while before supper,    they had a nice time, then, I drove them in again.    I wish I could work but just seems work & I don’t agree.    Well, dishes are done now    I’m ready for a fresh start and I Praise God & thank Him for the strength he give me every day in Jesus Name, A Wonder Friend, Physician & Saviour is Jesus Blessed Jesus. 

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