APRIL 1950

Sat. April. 1. 1950./ 42.y.p. 12-H- eggs today./ WEll, I slept late this morning.    It rained Early this a-m, before day light & stuck at it untill most noon,  even tried to snow.    I haven’t done much    felt to bum to work    did my usual round & then the two big balls of string we wound up yesterday we re-wound today & tied the ends of each piece to the other as we wound it back into two ball & fastened the crochet to them.    I am crocheting a dish rag of double string    have 5. rows done.   Elbert took the paper & came right back,   there’s been quite a breeze strong & cool, south west wind.    No more rain since noon sun came through several time & the big black clouds made it dark early.    I thank & praise God for all our many blessings today in Jesus Name, Amen.   Oh Jesus, I pray for each of Thine & for the poor & the hungry & half clothed  the poor in Spirit, the humble & needy,   Have mercy on all the souls for we know not which ones are Thine Amen. 

Sun. April. 2. 1950./ 45. y.p. 14-H eggs today/ Well it’s been a fine day,    Elbert got up early & dressed to of the old hens & cut the meat off the bones, excext the rump & wings & he cooked the bones & ground the meat & I have it mixed & ready for meat balls tomorrow.   Frank & Ruby & Nellie & Evelyn’s two children”Ruby Jean & Iria” & Francis Cora’s boy Frankie came in to call just about 3-30-p-m.    Nellie bought 5. doz. eggs 2.00

Sun. April.2. 1950./ page. 2511./ 45. y.;. 14. H. eggs this day./ and a man came in just before & bought 6. doz. 2.40    thats 11 doz. this week for 4.40, last Thurs. he sold 26 1/2 for H    Well the folks only stayed a little while, an hour or so & left,    it started to rain & been drizzling every since & wind is blowing again tonight.    not very cold out but quite cool,    the wind sounds about like it does in the Fall blowing through the Hollows & the tree tops,   it reminds of the song we use to sing in school when I was only 12. yrs. old, “The Merry Winds are out by night in all the Hollows blowing.    Well, I’m sick to think I can’t get off to Church but maybe I can Sun.    I’m hoping & praying I’ll be able.    Oh God I love thee & Praise Thee, I pray for Thy guidance & that I maybe forever Thine in Jesus Name, Amen. Glory to God.    

Mon. April. 3. 1950./ 41. y.p. 9.H. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Huron & he got some pike  6 of them & two musckling   fair size & they taste so good.    We had the six for dinner,    I didn’t get up very early & so he was back here at 10-a-m,    I took a bath & dressed & then shook up beds & opened windows & washed up yesterdays dishes & set table & he brought the six fish ready to fry, so I salted & fried them, warmed the creamed potatoes & left over peas & made the tea, then scalded & brushed my teeth & he came in with the other fish,    I salted them & done up 6. pieces for Nellie, half the chicken balls & 1. bag pop corn, 1. box tea, 1. bag apples & 1. fair sized box black walnuts & then I dressed & we went to end of our road & waited for little woman with papers    she was real late tonight    We delivered the papers & went to Nellie’s    she seemed glad we had come,    we talded a little & then I helped Bonita    they wanted the chicken balls for supper & me to fry them,    I was so tired & feeling rather shaky, but, I fried the balls & made the gravy,    Bonita had creamed the potatoes & made lettuce salid & tea & coffee    We ate & talked until 7-15,    then left for home.    it rained most the way home.   Mrs. Frankie Beesie gave Nellie her piano    We got home little after 8-p-m. & some one had jamed the Lock   I don’t think they got in at least nothing was disturbed for which I thank & praise the Lord in Jesus Name & a lot thank him for taking & bringing us safely, although it tired me    I hope to be able to go to Church Sun. & to enjoy His Love & Presents.    It’s been raining hard from the time we got home in heavy showers.   It’s been quite warm & it thundered & lightened last night & frogs are sure croaking to day & so I guess Spring is here at last.

Tue. April.4. 1950./ 50. y.p. 12-H- eggs today./ Well, it rained in Showers all night & all day so far, stopped at 9-p-m. but the winds been south west & is now a little more west than south.   there was a small group of orchard oriloes come    they lite in the walnut tree by the house & it was raining hard   they shook & oiled there feathers & rested for 1/2 hr. or more then went to the elm. 

Tue. April 4. 1950./ page. 2512./ 50. y.p. 12. H. eggs this day./ I like to watch the Elm in the Spring when it buds out,    the top looks so lacy & pretty    thats the way it looks right now.     I haven’t done only the most necessary things today,   was to tired alnight to sleep it seem-ed such a loong way to go,     so I sure must be getting old.    I felt all tired out all day,   I tried to crochet & it made me sweat so bad.    I washed dishes & sweat dripped off my chin.    I must try to wash a few pieces tomorrow rags most gone & I had hoped to wash blankets this week, but it needs a suny day.    I thank & praise God for all our many blessings & pray He Will help us to be quite peaceable at all time & d His will in Jesus Names. Amen. Glory to God, Hallelujah, Amen.

Wed. April 5. 1950./ 44. y.p. 13. H. eggs today/ Well, I did the half of the washing & got most of them dry.    I did my usual round & I’m sure tired.    Elbert hasn’t felt very well for the last 3. eays & we both feel tired from our ride to Nellie’s, Mon.     I thought I never could work but the Lord sure gave me enough strength to get that much done    wish I had it all done,    I did want to go to Lorain with Elbert tomorrow, but, I’m afraind to spend a cent for myself untill we get the chimney repaired.    but, I pray God Will in some way double my money.    It snowed hard this morning & laid a white blanket & the trees looked like Christmas, then before noon it all melted    then at noon it rained hard & sun came out between times & this afternoon late it snowed again & and tonight it is white again.    Wind stays south & west, not very cold but feels chilly after being so warm.    Today we received a nice letter from Johny & Marcie Harnish & little Marcie Joe’s picture,   a nice big one, that looks as natural as life    So I’ll have to ans.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for His Love & care.    I received the 7. pks of flower seeds & 2 coupon from David Harlens add. & the little book Audrey sent to me from the Work Basket. & a card from Miss. Clark written for Mr. Harry Miller for fresh eggs.    Elbert hopes to go to Lorain to sell eggs tomorrow for Easter.   winds gone N.E. & still snowing. at 10-30-p-m. 

Thurs. April 6. 1950./ 43. y.p. 14-H. eggs today/ Elbert went & sold 29 doz. eggs   ___ per doz   Ground looked like Christmas & the trees all covered with snow & ice & there were several wrecks    the pavement was so icy  a truck & 5 cars in one place & 2 trucks & 2 or 3 cars an-other place, so he was told by different ones.    Sun came out & the snow has gone again,    It’s partly cloudy & the wind’s still N. east clouds are white like white dumplins.    Elbert sold 6. doz in 5.50 & he sold 23 doz. Vermilion on the lake for 45 cents per. doz. 10.55 & collected 45 cents making 10.80  a total of $16.30,  he spent 1. for gas & 4.72 for mash [ ?] 4.25 & food the (food was 47 cents) & 60 cents for bird seeds 1.39 for olive oil he brought back 8.13 & he don’t know where the 46 cents went, he forgot to get the straw or the oyster schell.    It’s been a nice day cold N. east wind warm sun, it snowed & blowed a living gale yesterday a-m. & everything was white    sun came out round noon & melted it all & then it pitched in at 3-30-p-m. & did it all over only it raiined then froze & then snowed untill everything was white &

Thurs. April. 6. 1950./ page 2573 [she meant 2513]./ 43. y.p. 14. H. eggs this day/ again & even though the sun came out nice & warm, snow stayed un-till 3-30-p-m before it left    Winds still N.E. & quite cold tonight,   trees, “evergreens” were froze stiff this morning, poor things, birds acted cold also.    Elbert’s been & still is complaining of pains in back & on hip bones, he lookes bad, but talking of going to fish house tomorrow,    if he goes I hope he gets fish.    I wrote Johny & Marcie a letter & got it ready to go tomorrow.    I thought I’d go to the store either tomorrow or Sat.    I want to finish washing if it’s nice out side.    I thank & God for all the strength & blessings He gives us each day in Jesus Name. 

Fri. April 7. 1950./ 44. y.p. 8.H. eggs today./ Well, I baked 2 tins bread biscuits and one loaf of graham bread & Elbert went to Huron helped carry in fish & got a pk & they sure were good    I cooked dinner   had to fry biscuits for dinner.    did my usual round & wrote a letter to Nellye McCarthy.    I sent a few fish to Harry Miller, Mrs. Sprunk & Miss. Clark, when Elbert took the papers   I got supper, Elbert help me & now I must fix fire & go to bed.    It’s wasn’t quite so cold, frogs were croakiing today, the dirt dried some & we had a nice warm sun, but we’ve had 2. hard freezes & last night a hard frost,    the trees were just ready to bloom,    so, tonight raido said peaches & other fruit buds were frozen in Georgia & some of the other states.    Bible history is surely working out.    Wind was S.west today    Radio says more bad weather for the next 5 days.    I do thank God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for loving such as I.

Sat. April.8. 1950./ 43. y.p. 13. H. eggs today/ Well I haven’t felt able to work to-day,    I did scrub the oil cloth in the corner by the slop pail & the wood work & I sweaat so bad & felt as if I’d drop in a heap.    Elbert has felt just as bad all day,    he took the papers got a little food & came back home, looking all tired out & sick,    he helped me get supper & listen to the radio,  read the paper & went to bed.    Elbert mailed Nellye’s letter also today & I received a card from Bonita today    she wrote it yesterday Fri. said her mom. had gone to teach & that they were all O.K.    she said Geo had bad case of mumps    they had the Dr. he had fever 104.   She said the fish were good & so was the chicken & the next night when she & her mother were wondering what to have for supper    Nelson said more fish so she guessed they enjoyed them to.   She said Bonney Bell called up last night & they are O.K.    They also had letter from Johny & Marcie

Sat. April. 8. 1950./ page 2574 [she mean 2514?] 42. y.p. 13-H-eggs this day./ & they are come back in May & expect another baby in June.    She said Martha was there a few minutes & said her mother & Aunt Gertie were moving to broadway in Lorain up over Deli’s furniture store.    It will be closer to there work & save car fair if house rent don’t take it.    I hope it will be O.K.    Audrey looks tired out & she isn’t as strong as she might be either    I thank God for my blessings, for Father, Son & Holy Ghost & give them all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.

Sun. April. 9. 1950./ 48. y.p. 14 H eggs today/ Easter Sunday,  Jesus rose from the dead & showed Himself very much alive to His deciples and to 500 at one time.    I love Jesus more than all else.   But I wasn’t able to go to church,  It was a beautirful morning nice sun cool N. east breeze, clouded up at 10-a-m & stayed that way rest of the day & still cloudy at 10-30-p-m.    Elbert still feels tired, but talking of going to fish house in morning.    I feel tired & don’t feel like moving about, but hope to go to Elyria one morning this coming week.    I want to get chimney block & flashing & get my corsets.    May God help me to do His Will in Jesus Name. Amen.    I pray for All things to work out His way.

Mon. April. 10. 1950./ 38.y.p. 9-H- eggs today./ Well I did the most of the washing & I did my usual daily round & I’m so tired    Elbert don’t feel very well either,    he went to Huron & got a few more fish this morning, they’re rather good so hard & cold & meat is sweet.    It’s been a fine day  sun came up nice this morning & stayed untill about 5-30 or 6-p-m, clouded up & tonight it’s partly cloudy & the winds been S. east all day    I put to towels out to dry, but air was damp so they wasn’t real dry.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name. 

Tue. April 11. 1950./ 38. y.p.-14-H-eggs today./ Been a fine day partly, or mostly cloudy with strong wind all last night & all day today & puffy, with a misty rain at 4-p-m. Elbert said it was a a misty frozen mist, before he got back but we didn’t it here,    it’s cloudy tonight & the wind went S.West in the early morning & stayed there all day   quite raw & chilly out.    Oh, God, of Love & Mercy    I do thank Thee for answering prayer & that Thou hast sent one of Thine to heal the sick & bless in the 31st. Street Church Glory to God in the Highest  I Praise Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.    Let me go now & receive a gift of the Holy Ghost & of healing power that I to may, be a blessing in Thy Name, I will give Thee all the Glory forever & ever Amen. Glory Hallelujah    I thank Thee Jesus, all Plaise & Glorybelongest to Thee Amen, Amen

Wed. April. 12. 1950./ page. 2575./ 52.y.p. 10-H. eggs today/  Oh, it’s been a beautiful day it snowed in big feathery flake untill we couldn’t see the nearest houses & blowed a gale just a chilly raw N. West wind  Elbert cleaned the hen roost & most of the floor & wheeled it & spread it on the garden.    he delivered his papers between showers, got back just before a hard thick shower.   They are having healing meating, at 31st Church & I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to go    I am feeling better in some ways & hope to be able to go tomorrow or Fri. night at least, in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee Amen,    I thank Thee for all our many blessing & pray Thou will give me an aboundant strength & health & power & faith & help me to be a blessing to Thee, help Elbert & each of our families like wise,   Glory to God I love Thee & give thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.   I haven’t done any more work than was really necessary all day.    I tried to catch a few pictures of the snow today.  It froze the steam on the windows at 3.-40-p-m.    tonight the ground is covered with snow & puffy wind.    was real cold at 10-30-p-m.    We received a card from Audrey    she’s been moving to Lorain on broadway,    been packiing & moveing, for a week & hasn’t worked    she said she went to Marthas for a ham dinner Sun.    that she didn’t work Mon at shop but at home getting settled & had it most done.    I hope they will be O.K.    seems to bad, two girls alone. 

Thurs. April 13. 1950./ 39.y.p. 11-H-eggs today./    tempture went down to 20 degrees last night & then it rained round midnight & froze     the icicles were still on the N.West corner of the carshed tonight,    winds been N.West all last night, today & tonight & cold strong & puffy,    it’s snowed & covered the ground after it rained last night & has snowed in gales so thick at times we couldn’t see the poles along the railroad track or the houses either side of us    Elbert was just out back & he says the wind’s gone N. East wew thought by the way the smoke acted,   when a train went past the wind hit part of it from the N. east & the other part from the N. west & made a [drawing of mark similar to base cleff next to an oblong with two stars in it] scroll in the air.    Rue’s game rooster are caged up & sitting out side with no pertection from all this cold wind & snow,    his father left his games out the same way & a lot of them froze to death   such cruelity.    Elbert went & sold 20. doz. eggs today at 45 cents per. doz & bought grain 3.95. & mash 4.25 & he sold 2. doz. to Harry Miller for 40 cents per. doz. 80 cents & had 80 he broung home & then he got a lb. of butter & some meat.    Now he has to get a new pump on his car & he has waited so long before asking what was wrong with it & it seems it can let go & spoil the radiator so I pray God will help him get it to Lorain with out any such trouble,    he’s so careless about looking after the car.    I wanted so much to go to Church while that Rev. _____ was there but it looks as if things are trying to hinder me but I’m still trusting & asking God to help me get there & Elbert also    we are both greatly in need of God’s help, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, in Jesus Name Amen.

Fri. April 14. 1950./ page. 2576./ __y.p.  __-H_ eggs today/ I took a few pictures of the snow Tue. Wed & Thurs. & one of Elbert spading this “Fri.” morning    snow all gone & a bright sun.    this after noon a-bout 3-p-m. some wind clouds & some heavy black ones just above the wind clouds came up from N.West & a big long streak came out of them & went as far as we could see across the sky toward S.east.    Elbert has quite a patch spaded & he sanded the roost & lifted the straw on the floor & loosened it up.    He delivered his papers, stopped at West’s & talked a few minutes about church at 31st street church.    I haven’t been able to go all week, in fact I didn’t know untill Mon. Night about it,    & I’ve been prayiing for a month or more God would send some one with healing power into that Church.    Well, I pray all have been blessed in all the ways they have need.    I Praise God our Father, Jesus our Savior & the Holy Ghost, for all our blessing in Jesus Holy Name, Amen,   Glory to God.

Sat. April. 15. 1950./53.y.p. 8-H. eggs today./ Well, I sure felt bum all day.   Elbert got up & went to Huron after he washed out 3. pr.s. pants suds & wrinsed them & hung them up to dry.    I got up at 10-a-m. took care of beds aired rooms & swept them & Kitchen,  wiped up dust but couldn’t seem to get up power enough to wipe up floors,    I took care of bird cleaned his cage & gave him fresh water    he flew over & set on a flower pot & look-ed at Elbert & yelled several times , but he didn’t hear him.      he came about noon with fish   nice big mess    We had the hen he dressed for Nellie, for dinner,    I ground the breast & 2. thighs for meat balls,    Elbert spaded some after dinner & he has a sand pile he covers at night & drys in day time when sun shines & he gathers the dry & takes it in the coop    the sun was nice all day & all the birds outside seemed happy today.   Winds N this a-m & little N. east tonight & its starlight & clear & cool.    I do thank & praise God for all our many blessing, but I still crave the Holy Ghost.

Sun. April 16. 1950./ 40. y.p. 10-H-eggs today/   Well, I felt so punk I thought I could never get up & bath & go to Lorain to Church but I did & God gave me more strength & we went back & heard the Rev. G. L. Johnson preach & he has the gift of healing, Glory to God   he’s from Texas & can he preach,   he prayed for me & I thank & praise God for my healing,    We got home 15 to 11-pm. It’s been a wonderful day  warm & sunshiny all day.   An old mother rabbit has her next by the front door step under the rose bushes.  Winds gone from N.E. to S.East last night & this morning is [?] & still is South & it’s been quite warm all day,  lots of bugs & some butterflys out grass & every things trying to grow.   I’m feeling better  Glory to God in the Highest   I thank Thee Jesus. & Praise Thee.

Mon. April. 17. 1950./ page. 2577./ 47.y.p. 11-H-eggs today./ I or We took Rev. Hance wife 2. doz. eggs last night & The minister Rev. Johnson ask how young we were converted    I said 18 yrs of age & he ask, how many yrs. is that?    I said I’m 65,    Well, I felt rather abashed when he said come up here where every one can see you & we we sing a song together    but it was one I didn’t know, so he sang with all the others & Sister Hance ask one to set with her on the front seat,    well, Elbert was left by him -self in the back but Dorthy rest & one or two more went & talked to him, then Sister Hance took the bible of the Minister & ask every one to file past it & put as much as they felt they could on it, for he & his wife were leaving Mon.    He thanked every one & said it really looked as if we loved them, for it was the most any one church had given them,    again I felt bad I hadn’t any extra money & So Siister Hance put a dollar in my hand & said    lets get in the line so we did,    but, I’lll give her the dollar back & a hen to cook “for interest”    it was 11-p-m when we got home.    It’s been a beautiful day.  S.west bbreeze & is S. west tonight.    I did half the washing today.   I have several blankets to wash also.   & I’m to tired tonight    Georgie Snyder dried her wash out side & for once had it all down except work pant & over alls,    I feel much better today, than Sun.    They prayed for me Sun. & I’m trusting for a full healing in Jesus Name.    I do love Him & thank & Praise Him    He’s a wonderful Saviour to me.    Well, I washed part of Elbert’s clothes & the big Chair seat cover.    Well, I got most of them dry & I’ll have to iron a dress at least tomorrow if I can with the Lord’s help.    Elbert’s to tired to    he spaded from 8-30 untill 11-a.m.   to long for one stretch    then after dinner he went down in the hollow & barked a willow all way round & the chopped off lots of the young sprouts, that were about 3. ft. long & pilled the brush    then he picked up the basket of walnuts that got upset some how & he took the papers & they were late & took care of the hens & I’ve rubed his back in alcohol as I’ve done for over a week & he’s in bed.    

Tue. April. 18. 1950./ 52 y.p. 13.H-eggs today/  Well, it was a beautiful day & I finished the washing & washed 3 wool blankets & they sure dried good & then Elbert went with the papers 3.-45-p-m.   he got oysters for supper,   he got a coconut & cracker he’s to tired & has cramps in his ribs & legs    he cooked the oysters    I was most finished with my bath    I made the beds & I ironed after he left 2. dresses 2 work shirts & my under skirt & some handkercheifs    I prayed as I worked for both of us & the preachers & all there helpers & all the christians, we sure need strength & courage in these last days,    I thank & praise Him Who is our all in all & give us strength & heals our bodys    I pray God will help us as we need & that we will keep our faiath in Him even if it slay us.   I Praise & thank Thee. 

Wed. April 19. 1950./ page. 2578./ 43.y.p. 8. H. eggs today/ Well, we went to Elyria & I ordered a corset,    they are terribly high priced but I’ve been in such misery of late,    so, as I had put it off for so long I indulged at last    I hope it will be a perfect fit,    it would be wonderful to feel comfortable.    I paid down on it a little & will have come to pay when I go again.     she will send me a card.    We stopped at Nellie’s & left the fish, chicken all dressed & cleaned ready to cook & a doz. or so nice sized beets,    then we went on to Elyria & after we were done at Corset shop we went over to see Mrs Earnie Bracket   she’s weathered & some wrinkled,    but, she loves to talk about the good times she use to have when they had there launch    she liked to fish & liked to eat them to.   We visited a few minutes,   her first name is Florance & she gave me a pink voilet & said I could name it Florance,    she’s still jolly and shes not as strong as she use to be    her house has nice things in it,    but, she’s like me  not able to do a lot     she can get out & walk & she goes over to her cousins home a few blocks away & cooks a supper for them,    the cousins wife is ill & she says it’s good to go & cook & eat with them & enjoy being together for she’s left aloone & they are all the relatives she has left,    she urged us to come back & said we were all getting old & ought to look after each other,    so, I hope we can go & see her now & again.    She lives on Water St. No. 7. house number Elyria Ohio.   We went to Nellie’s, she wanted us to eat lunch with her & when we got there she was “so she said” just having a fit & telling Bonita she just bet her a nickle to a doughnut, we wouldn’t be back, when in we came,    so we had a sliver of ham & a spoonful of beans, bread & a cup of tea,    then we took Nellie over to a little home where she teaches a little boy,    she had one at her home this morning,     Nellie has a bad cold & I don’t wonder, the house is so cold I felt chilly all the time I was there,    they said Marcie was off her feet & they took her to the hospital & thought she would loose the baby, but they are still hoping she will get O.K.   she’s such a nice little woman & I love her & hope & pray God will take care of her & help her to get well & to have a good healthy baby boy & that both will be well & strong    May God help her in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,   I thank Jesus   I thank Thee, Amen.   And I thank Thee for all Thy Love & care this day,    we started out this a-m about 8-30 it was nice & the sun was nice,    but, after we had gone out the river road at Vermilion, it clouded up & they had a heavy

Wed. April 19. 1950./ page. 2579./ 43. y.p.  8-H-eggs this day/ shower, but it wasn’t raining as we passed, stayed cloudy was like an early Spring Morning.   but it started to rain as we left Mrs. Bracket & it got at it good before we left Nellie’s but almost stopped after we got to Vermilion,    I had to stop at the V. toilet & I stopped & called on Mrs. West,    she said the devil gets after both she & her mother, of late & she isn’t a bit well & neither is her mother,    We are all in that getting old stage & have our ups & downs,    Well I’ll try to go call on Mrs. Sprunk tomorrow if I can.    I want to wipe up the floors & bake a little bread & thats about all I’ll be able to get done & I wanted to sew this week & it’s over half gone tomorrow,   I must write Marcie a letter to, poor child.   We tried to get Inezs by Phone no luck.

Thurs. April. 20. 1950./ 41. y.p. 11-H. eggs today./  Well I got up & set the bread & washed up dishes & swept & got the potatoes & the brocoli ready to cook.   Elbert came little after 12. noon    I was putting the bread biscuits on the tins when he came so I put the potatoes & broci. on to cook & water for tea   finished biscuits & set them to raise while dinner was cooking & Elbert was giving hens mash & water & when he got back I had ham ready & all the rest & so we ate.    I did dishes & put biscuits in oven & went out back & by the time I got in they had scorced a bit around the edges.    I went to Vermilion with Elbert & got 12.00 worth of canned & fresh food & fruit & we went to see about chimney block & couldn’t get them in Vermilion so we have to look else where.   We stopped & called on Mrs. Sprunk on our way back home & gave her a tin of bread biscuits,   she’s had the flu. & she don’t feel very good yet    she seems rather dis-couraged, getting old & can’t hop about as fast as she use to & she feels like I often do with out any one to help her,    We met the eldest Smith girl in the store & the 2 Horning girls passed us, but I didn’t happen to see them,    Elbert said they waved at me.   I’m sorry I missed them.    I don’t know what was wrong with Elbert but he seemed to feel so cross, with me.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & pray He will continue to strengthen me & us all, Amen. 

Fri. April. 21. 1950./ page 2580/ 43.y.p. 10. H. eggs today./ Well, it been a fine day,    Elbert’s back has pained him bad all day & I have felt a little on the bum,   I washed out what dirty clothes I had so there wont be so many for Mon  I should have wiped up Kitchen floor, but, for verious reasons, I didn’t.   I finished Ella Jane’s letter & Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish& cleaned most of them    we had dinner out of them & supper & had 6. left, cooked, & he took 3 to Miss Clark & the woman she lives with,    he gave 3. & 6 to Mr. Miller  4. to Mrs. Sprunk & 7 or 8 to Mrs. West.    & he gave 15 or more to the woman where we get the milk, uncleaned & she gave him 2. qts of milk,     I did the rapping & he the tieing & he delivered them    they were all salted that were cleaned    I only did my daily dozen, I was out side to Jonese’s & right back.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name,   He’s a wonderful Jesus   I love & Praise only Him. 

Sat. April 22. 1950./ 47. y.p. 12. H. eggs today./ Well, today Ella Jane is 31. yrs. old don’t seem possible hardly,     but, she looked it when she was here last summer.    I hear she was married last Month, but she hasn’t wrote to me since Jan.    I don’t feel she loves me much, after I took as good care of her as I could for 16. yrs. but now she will begin to learn perhaps a little more about real life    or maybe she wont realize,  I love her still & would help her if I could, & her mother & Bonita also.    Well, I washed out what dirty clothes there were & I didn’t get floor wiped up    Elbert’s back hurt him so  bad,  he was willing to get the Alcohol & wintergreen & have it rubbed,  he can hardly get around today, but did the chores & took the papers.    He says a hen is turned inside out & all blood that’s the forth or 5th. one he has told me about.  good healthy hens,   there is surely something queer about it    We never had any thing like it in all the yrs. we kept hens.    Its such a wicked lot of things in this world cope with, but God Knows & I’m glad it’s He Who does Know & Judge    I pray Thou will keep me ever & ever closer to Thee,    I thank & praise Thee Amen.

Sun. April 23. 1950./ 52.y.p. 11. -H-eggs today/ WEll, I thought I wouldn’t get away to church today.   Elbert has a bad back    he got up & dressed out a hen so as to have something to eat.   So we been home all day   it’s been a nice day,    I thank & the Lord in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & pray for each & every one, that we may be all His,    I want to be & it would be so nice if we could all be.    I’m sorry for all Who just wont trust Him & pray for more strength faith & courage.

Mon. April. 24. 1950./ page. 2581./ 46.y.p. 9.H. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a wet dreary day   rained hard in heavy showers all night, thundered & lightened so hard, untill morning then just light showers,    it tried to clear up round noon & didn’t rain any more & still is cloudy    winds been N. east as it was yesterday & yesterday morning early    fog was so thick we couldn’t see Snyders house even when the trains went passed   was quite so bad this morning.  & there’s not many cars on highway tonight, can only see 3 lights  one at old Saunders Place,    Ellis & the old farm house.    Not many trains either,    they’re having another strike & telephones having a strike & wars & storms floods & tornadoes & rumblings    Elbert says his back is a little better tonight,    he looks sick & I know how bad he has felt.   I pray he will turn to God & be made every whit whole in Jesus Name;   I thank Thee & Praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory Amen.    I haven’t done much myself today, but, pray. 

Tue. April. 25. 1950./ 43 y.p. 10-H-eggs today./ Well, it’s been rainy & cool & sun’s as white as ice & I haven’t felt able to work all day    so, just did my daily round & no extras.    The golden bells are all in bloom & some one has borrowed my single daffidiles    I had a dozen or so & they were so pretty,    Well, God knows who took them & I pray He will punish who ever took them,    I like a few blooms to look at since I can’t get out to do much & I don’t have many left any more.    Well I thank God they can’t take Him from me and I pray He will put me in a land of peace by and by  where there will be no theives & robbers. Amen.    We didn’t get down to prayermeeting in Vermilion tonight    it’s been hard for Elbert to get around, but he put a patch on the roof of the cottage today & can hardly undress for bed tonight.    He mailed a letter to Ella Jane & a card to Nellie & one to Audrey yesterday, for me.   & no mail for us of late. 

Wed. April. 26. 1950./ 46. y.p. 10-H-eggs today./ Well I did the washing & 1. pr. cotton blankets    it’s been a fine day, south west wind & quite strong and warm, but ground is so full of water    it’s terrible Elbert had to put another patch on cottage roof & ladder sunk into the dirt up to first rung,    he got a big mess of fish today, dressed them  & e said he took up a shovel of dirt  & the hole was full of water & water is runing through the basement like a river.    Elbert’s back has pained him bad allday & he is so tired tonight & I think I am,    I carried up a bucket of coal along with all else & did my daily dozen beside the wash.   God surely give me lots of strength & I Praise him & give Him all the Glory in Jesus Name,    He’s a wonderful Jesus, Wonderful, Miraclious, He is truly more to be desired than silver, Gold or anything else on earth Glory to His Name. 

Thurs. April. 27. 1950./ page 2582/ 47.y.p.-11-hens eggs today/  Sun shone all morning clouded up at noon & got quite cloudy befoe supper time.    Elbert sold 30 doz & a half of eggs this morning & bought grain, 8.20 for both, mash & gas 1.00 for gas & so we have 6.05 left toward the chimney & I do hope we get it fixed before much longer    Elbert’s back hurts so bad & I’m to tired, but I did the sweeping & wiped up the floors & cooked & washed dishes & did my daily doz.     I had to go to the basement for potatoes & coal & I opened the windows, water runing like a river & floor is soft & muddy,    then I went down later & shut window,    I went out & opened hen coop windows this morning, got the mail “and odd” & looked for greens & went out to look at the white tame voilets & blue wild ones & got in the mud over my slipper tops & really thought I was going to sink before I could manage to get out, mercy, it’s terrible.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Name,   Well , I feel like a ton of lead today, but glad I got floors done.    Elbert was just out side & says its Moon & starlight & cool.

Fri. April, 28. 1950./ 45yp-9-H-eggs today./  Well, I slept late & it was such a nice morning.   sun shining, birds were singing & fliting about so happy,    I got up about 10-a-m    Elbert had been out & got the mail, (a card from Bonita, I sat down & read her card, she said, they received my card & had received letters from Ella Jane & Johny yesterday (& she wrote her card April 27″)  she said, all are well, Matt’s been shipped out this week & she “Ella Jane” didn’t say where too, but had said Washington State before;    Pinky (little Bonita has mumps started yesterday, 2 weeks since Georgie had them.    Beautiful day & I dried all my cloths I had washed over to Gannetts.    I must get my ironing done., been writing letters all morning. Geo. didn’t have to go to school Monday or Tue, school basement was flood & ours was too, 10 in’s of water, Love, Bonita.”    Frank Babcock  wood be 68. yrs. old today.    Well, I shook up the beds opened the windows washed my face & hands & heat up the beef broth & made tea & opened cheese & we ate broth & crackers & cheese & pickles.    then, I washed up dishes then cleaned my hands & finger nails & set the bread, mixed it into hard loaf & put it to raise then took care of the bird.  looked after the fire & got the tins ready for the bread,    took a little walk out back & over to hen house    emptied slop pail came back & washed hands & mixed bread into biscuits  2 tins, & 1. round loaf. & then fixed remainder of broth for soup & washed rice in 3 waters & put it in & seasoned it & put in some speggetti & chopped up the meat & put it back in,    Elbert went with the papers & his back all most killing him    wind’s N. east & damp & chill & once a fine mist of rain cloudied up at noon & is still cloudy at 10-30-p-m.    Well, I sent a box top from past brand flakes, for flower seeds today & card to Bonita.   We had soup & prunes & tea for supper    I got the bread all baked & dishes washed & now I’ll read & pray & go to bed.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His Love & tender mercys.

Sat. April 29. 1950./ page. 2583./ 49.y.p. 8-H-eggs today./ Oh, the Golden bells are so pretty  the little tame white voilets & the wild blue ones in the back yard    I miss the single daffidils    I pray God will punish who ever it was that took them.    I had a bad spell again last night,    so, felt so bum I haven’t done much today    & Elbert hasn’t done only what he had to do,    his back & hip is so bad,  took cold in them, I think.   N. east breeze damp & penatrating & it rained in showers most of the night & is doing the same tonight.  I would like so much to go to Church but feel so bad don’t seem as if I can,    I wish Elbert would go into Church with me but he stears clear if possible,    God would wonderfully bless us, if he would only do His will.    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me & us & pray to be filled with The Holy Ghost, help me to except & be filled in Jesus Name.  

Sun. April. 30. 1950./ 44. y.p. 7-H-eggs today/ WEll it rained in showers all night & all day    N. east breeze & damp & chilly.    Oh God, forgive us & help us live Thy ways & do Thy Will against our own will & judgement in Jesus Name, Amen.   We have been home all day & I’ve craved so much to be in church & I’m sure God would help me if I were to go to there & be with Him.

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