Fri.Nov.1.1912.  Well I’ve been helping with the house work.  Gertie feels so bad today she hasn’t done anything.  I ironed the last of the cloth to day.

[Sat. Nov. 2. 1912] Sat.2. swepted cooked & Helped do the work & scrubed the dining room & kitchen & Mrs UH phoned & said the work

[Sat. Nov. 2. 1912] Page 42  was to heavy for me so she thought I had better come get my things. Ha, ha, ha,ha.

[Sun. Nov. 3. 1912] Sun.3.  I went over & pack my box. & Young Mr UH. & Mr D.C. took my box & I to the old boat house dock & Elbert was there, where I left him, waiting to take me home in the launch. ha,ha,ha.

[Mon. Nov. 4. 1912] Mon.4.  I done the washing today, Ma & Elbert helped me finish & I dried most all the white clothes out doors. 

[Tue. Nov. 5. 1912] Tue.5.  Hung out the rest of cloth & ironed all the plain ones swept & helped with the house work  

[Wed. Nov. 6. 1912] Wed.6. Ma & I both have dread-ful colds & sore throats  I finished the ironing to day & helped with house work  it has been raining most all day

[Thurs. Nov. 7. 1912] Thurs.7. Tried to sew I have four corset covers cut out ready

[Thurs. Nov. 7. 1912] Page 43   to sew but it seems as though I would never get them done, it has been raining most all day and Gertie has felt real bad she has to cough so hard & I have had most every thing to do ma feel so bad to. 

[Fri. Nov. 8. 1912] Fri.8. Well I have finished one cover, done some mending & house work & I have felt so bad my self to day, it seemed as though I couldn’t work  ma & Gertie feel better

[Sat. Nov. 9. 1912] Sat.9.  Well I don’t know, but I feel so achy all over, I have not done much more than was necessary  Ma wanted me to lay done but I guess I must be getting lazy. I have worked just as hard as I could all after noon but can’t see as I feel any better to-night.  I’m going to take a hot bath & go to bed

[Sun. Nov. 10. 1912] Page 44 Sun.10.  Frank & Ruby & Audrey & Geo. were here today, so we didn’t get our day of rest today & I didn’t go to church. 

[Mon. Nov. 11. 1912] Mon.11.  Frank & Ruby were here all night last night & have been here all day so we couldn’t wash today

[Tue. Nov. 12. 1912] Tue.12. I washed today &-Frank turned out part of the clothes so I finished before dark & dry the white clothes out doors & the colored ones in the house. Oh.dee.

[Wed. Nov. 13. 1912] Wed.13. I ironed plain clothes & sewed some & helped do house work. 

[Fri. Nov. 15. 1912] Fri.15.  Well today is the first day of rabbit season & the hunters are rovine about the field with guns, Frank & Fred each shot a duck & Frank 2 rabbit & Fred one.  Ever so many different persons [??] have tried to fire the march but it seems to be to green to burn. I finished the ironing & did some sewing today.  Audrey comes home everyday & brings the baby. 

[Sat. Nov. 16. 1912] Sat.16.  I scrubed & helped with house work & finished all the stitching on my corset covers  fix my blue skirt & my two gingham skirts & its 10-30 I am going to bed, to dead for words. 

[Sun. Nov. 17. 1912] Sun.17.  Helped do up the work  took my bath & have been trying to do some writing.

[Mon. Nov. 18. 1912 Half Page ] Mon. Nov.18.  I washed today & dried part of the clothes & am tired. 

[Tue. Nov. 19. 1912] Tue.19. I ironed the plain clothes & helped with other house work

[Wed. Nov. 20. 1912] Wed.20.  I went to town to call on Mis Baumgart & arange to work. & then to the Dr. office. Oh dee.

[Thurs. Nov. 21. 1912] Thurs.21.  Well I finished the ironing today & did some sewing

[Fri. Nov. 22. 1912] Fri.22. Oh its the same old story today  house work in general

[Sat. Nov. 23. 1912] Sat.22. I’m allmost stiff & I don’t  [page is cut in half and sentence not finished]

[Mon. Nov. 25. 1912] Mon.25 Well I was agoing to work for a Miss Boumgart today but have been ill & Dr. S. & Mother & father thought best I should not go so I had to phone & tell her so I’ve done house work that is light work all day. Mother would like to have me stay at home to help her anyway she said. 

[Tue. Nov. 26. 1912] Tue.26. Oh it cold & ma baked bread

[Tue. Nov. 26. 1912] Page 46 I have swep & cleaned & cook & sewed & tomorrow is wash day

[Wed. Nov. 27. 1912] Wed. 27.  Well pa turned the tub for me & I washed, We had a big wash & my back was stiff all night

[Thurs. Nov. 28. 1912] Thurs.28.  the men all went hunting this morning & ma & I cook chicken for dinner it didn’t get cooked for dinner so we ate it for supper.

[Fri. Nov. 29. 1912] Fri.29. I ironed & scrubed four floors & the men have been get-ting ready to pull out the Not-So-bad & we are all some tired.

1912, “Mr Krantz’s back and Not so Bad taken with my camera. E.A.Bonney, Fred Bonney took this from the top of the little Hill, Lorain, O”

[Sat. Nov. 30. 1912] Sat.30.  Yesterday was ma’s birthday  She was 55 years old pa gaave her five dollars & some of the children gave her little gifts. I washed the windows & sweep & dusted & dressed 9 lbs. of perch & helped cook dinner & serve Frank & Audrey & Geo & Aunt Nine & Uncle Jack & Lillie Faragar were here to dinner & spent the after noon here. 

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