Ella  Jane Harnish (one relative in Ancestry suggested Ella was short for Marcella.  Maybe it was an inside nickname)   Ella Jane was born 4/22/1919 and from 1920-1940 lived in Nellie and John McKinley (parents) homes, first on 4th St. in Lorain, then Stoughton St, then (renting) West River Road in Vermilion, Ohio.  Some of the family know now/accept that she was lesbian at a time when that was too stigmatized to be openly shared.   Her niece and nephew George and Bonita/”Pinky” were more openly gay/lesbian and they lived their adult lives in California with their mother Bonita Bonney Boggs.  The newspaper reports many many social events, deaths, marriages, visits, graduations, etc. so we end up knowing a fair amount about the community. Ella Jane  graduated 5/19/36 from Clearview High School  and then attended what was listed as a 4 year teacher program for at least 2 years (according to military application)  at Kent College (9/28/1937-1939).  Her mother had been the first in the family to attend college and went to Kent for a teaching certificate.  She paved the way for her children to become nurses, teachers, ministers, and go to college.  During the 1930’s as a teen Ella Jane was active in the Vincent Methodist Church (Progressive Class Sunday School , secretary Ladies Aid Society, sang at church services), attended weddings, attended all day quilting bees, acted in plays, brought friends home from college, and visited/stayed with Eleanor Babcock frequently.  The church Sunday school group throws her a surprise farewell party when she is preparing to go to Kent College 4/5/1937 and 35 people attend. There are references to her staying with her aunt Elinor for many weekends, especially while she was in high school and college.  At one point in 1934 the newspaper reports that she is staying indefinitely with Eleanor although she shifts back and forth during that year from home to her aunt’s home.  At younger ages through early 20s she somewhat frequently visits Miss Lourabell Stoughton, even for a few days, and also visits Cecil Harnish in Cleveland (John McKinley’s brother).  She ends up toward the end of her life as what family regard as her life partner with Laurabell Stoughton and they live in California.  When she was 21 years old she was admitted to Memorial Hospital in Elyria, Ohio for an operation, and then went home to recuperate.  By age 24 she had taken trips out to California and while there living at 715 North 8th Street Albuquerque New Mexico.   On 5/27/44 she enlists in the army (Private, woman’s army corp, clerk typist) and remains locally until discharge 1 year and 2 months later on 8/18/45.  On 12/20/48 she is reported in the news as staying a few months at her parent’s home before going back to her home in Albuquerque.  On 3/25/50 41 years old she marries Mat Scher/Schwer (?) , age 36, born in New Jersey, who is a Staff Sargent in the Air Force.  It may have been a marriage of convenience because it is not referenced after that point.  Nellie writes to Elinor that Ella Jane called her and has been going for a while with this man she is to marry.   The addresses associated are 1995 Lancaster Street in L.A. and 417 Pine St. in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She registers to vote as republican in L.A. County. It’s clear that she makes trips back to Ohio for some holidays. In December of 1950 Elinor reports that Ella Jane is living with Laurabell Stoughten in Albuquerque and comes to Ohio for Christmas.   In August of 1952 (43 yr.) she is back in Ohio and then returns to Van Nuys, California.  On 7/23/53 a year later she is in a car accident in Ohio but not hurt.  There are less visits to Ohio for the last 20 years of her life at 45-75 years of age and her Sister Bonita also chooses to live in San Bernardino, California during that time though not with Ella Jane.  Ella Jane dies in California and is buried as a WWII private in Riverside National Cemetery in California. 

Elinor seems to regret that Ella Jane didn’t stay in Ohio.  She comments that Ella Jane’s letters say she is so lonely.  In my limited experience with her, I found her somewhat withdrawn and possibly depressed. Her younger pictures suggest much more happiness than her older ones. And when there is actually a visit, to Elinor’s 3 room house, she has to sleep with Elinor and Elinor reports frequent difficulties with open/closed windows, and space in the bed, and meals, and about items that Elinor thinks her sisters want to be bequeathed.

Elinor seems a little more optimistic in January particularly about Ella Jane.   “Ella Jane says she will be through school in June & hopes to work “to teach.”      Well, she’s the eldest of her brother & sisters & the last to finish school but she’s had a lot of hardships & set backs,    but she has a strong determinatton so perhaps she’ll make it at last. “

During this month Elbert sells eggs door to door in the little beach communities, usually in the mornings and he delivers bulk piles of news papers into town.   He is plagued with the upkeep of the car (brakes, universal joints, spark plugs, car not starting). Elinor complains of stomach problems which she treats by drinking doses of olive oil,  but there are no obvious repercussions from stopping insulin.  She keeps up sewing, feeding birds outside, helping capture and kill rats, mending Elbert’s clothes.  Apparently she is still receiving funds from Soldiers and Sailors because she talks about writing “to see what they are going to do about my getting more or transferred to old age.” which I believe refers to Welfare. Although Nellie has taken a teaching home school job in N. Carolina with “the Lowery’s” , it sounds as if the rest of the family is still working on Christmas events and Elinor’s birthday to some extent.  She is attending some church services.  Audrey is sending her money which may be from funding from the father’s request before death.  It does seem that Audrey has agreed to live with Gertie and watch over her and support her though Gertie is working at Goodwill.    Elinor had a very worrying incident where she accidently put 35 dollars in the collection plate and has to rely on the goodness of others to return it.  Elbert frequents the Chiropractor to “get his bones put back” and is told he has low blood pressure which she doubts because he is usually hot at night and doesn’t need covers.  She depends on Jesus for healing and has a dim view of doctors ” Dr’s are Dr’s , so if you go to them you never know wheather they are right or wrong.”  Her writing is sometimes colorful or poetic.  She has a real appreciation for nature. “tonight    the moon is about half full a pretty canary yellow with a pea green mist around it with a burnt orange stripe around that     it’s as pretty as any picture you ever saw so real vivid,     I’ve looked at it several times    the green looks about a yard. wide all the way around & the b. orange stripe about 8 or 10 inches wide & all are so clear. while the wind is so strong ”  


Sun. Jan. 1. 1950/page 2463/ 40 y./p.  -8-H-eggs today/It’s been a dark cloudy day all day & a S and S. west breeze allday & tonight with a misty rain off & on all morning & steady showers tonight    We were home all day but went to Vermilion Gospel Church tonight at 9-45 p.-m & stopped raining,     bugs & flys been flying around yesterday & today out side.   S. & S. West breeze    We had a very quite sermon,     a Missionary from Isreal talked to us,    he told us about the cave in the mountian where David & his 500 men of war hid & that he & several others had a hard time finding the real cave    they entered one on the side of the mountian but it would hold 500 men & so after going over & over the walls they found a hole just large enough to crawl through so they lay down & crawled through on there belly’s & they went through a passage for a goodly number of feet wriggling along on there bellies & at last came into a very large room where David & his 500 men had once been,    they the missionarys rode horse back for 5 hours to get there & had to ride back tired, but, glad to have seen & been in the cave.    He sermon was to lay up our treasures in Heaven for where our treasures are there will our heart be all so.    I thank God for the privilege of giving my testemony & that they ask me to take of communion with them & sing with they to the Glory of God

Sun Jan.1. 1950/ page. 2465./ 40. y.p.-8-H eggs this day./ I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Sweet & Pure for saving my soul & teaching me Thy way.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen.    All the Praise & Glory truly belongest to Thee.    My throat achs as if something is wrong & I am going to cry hard over it.

Mon. Jan. 2. 1950./ 37. y.p.-5H-eggs today/ Well, today’s for Sept.    Was Cloudy all morning S. breeze.    Sun tried to come out several times this after noon & tonight     just after dark it began to rain a steady drizzle & is still at it at 9-3–p-m.,    it’s been a long day for some reason    I pray God will give me grace to the end of my time,    for there are some thing that surely agervate my very soul.    I thank Thee Jesus blessed Jesus & Pray for the seal of aproval    Oh God, of Love & Mercy, help me to be a blessing to Thee.    Elbert’s back & hips are giving him a lot of pain again.    but he still scauffs at the Lord’s Will.    I pray God Will teach him

Tue. Jan. 3. 1950./ 42. y.p.-7-H-eggs today/ Elbert got up & went to Lorain to garage,    it cost 3.00 & some odd, to get exaust pipe fixed    he got back at 11-45-a-m.    I washed out most of the dirty clothes & my new shirts & stocking,    I don’t like to wear them untill I wash them first.    It’s been a very dark day & rained in showers all morning & afternoon, some times heavy showers,   sun tried to come through between showers this afternoon,    it’s still raining at 8-30-p-m.    I don’t feel very phyicialy fit, but thank & praise My Heavenly Father for all our many blessings, in Jesus Holy Name; Glory Hallelujah.

Wed. Jan.4. 1950/ 38. y.p. -5-H-eggs today/ Well, I felt to bum to work to day,    but I made 2. apple pies 1. custard pie, & a small pumpkin pie.    We ate the custard for supper.    Elbert feels bum & he looks it.    & he’s planning on going to sell eggs tomorrow & I hope it don’t rain while he is selling.    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name & pray I can go to prayer meeting some where soon.    I received such a nice letter from Rev. Sister Gurney today,    it sure was nice of her to write 4. pages when she has so much studying to do & so much work for the Lord to do,    God Bless them and strengthen them in all the ways they need in Jesus Name Amen.  

Thurs. Jan. 5. 1950./ 38. y.p.-9-H-eggs today./  Well I didn’t do much today,    got a little extra sleep after Elbert left at 8-30-a-m,    he went to Vermilion on the Lake & Alberta Beach & he sold 27. doz. eggs for 50 cents per. doz. $13.50,   he bought the feed 8.10 & now it’s straw & gritt to buy    & so it’s getting so the goverment wont let you earn enough to catch up any losses when feed is high egg prices dropp & feed goes down eggs must dropp still lower & the Goverment says, they are helping the farmers & they are surely helping them to loose out, even in raising young cattle so we hear.    Well, it’s been a nice day & not very cold, ground is froze a little

Thurs. Jan.5. 1950./ 38. y.p. -9-H-eggs this day./ crust & thin ice, where there was water standing.    Radio says rain & sleet by 10-30-p-m. tonight.   Well, we’ve had a very mild winter here, so far, but they have had sudden freezes in a lot of places & in place where they seldom know what snow is like.    I received a nice letter from Mrs. E.E. Kendal today.    they have been having a mild winter with a touch of winter of late.    They are in Iowa.    Well she said Mr. Kendal had a stroke 5 yrs. ago    he seemed to be feeling better & then he had to go to the hospital last summer & hasn’t felt so well since & she’s not very well either,    Edd’s wife & daughter were over a few days ago & Edd’s stomach is bad again,    she ask a few questions so I’ll write her again,    she writes an interesting letter & I’ve always injoyed hearing from her    We have never met but I learned to like her because of her nice social, friendly letters.    Well, Elbert got back home at noon & I had dinner most ready,    he took care of hens & killed one & dressed it & I put it on to cook    he went with the papers & then went for a qt. of milk    came back & got coal up & empted can, slop pail & ashes & then we had noodles for supper,    he read the paper & rested a while    got a couple pails water    & now is in bed.    so I think I’ll read my bible, I use to say my good book but, I ment God’s word & then I’ll thank Him for saving my soul and my blessing of the day & night & for taking care of all His Children, for hearing there cry for help & His ever tender mercies,    I love His first & most of all, Glory to God.    I have quite a few letters to ans. & must get at it soon,    Nellie’s been gone a week Sat. & not a word from her yet. 

Fri. Jan. 6. 1950./ 33. y.p. -5-H eggs-today./  Well, it’s been quite a day,    it rained in showers all night & then got colder & froze & snowed a little,    it melted off most of it today & has raind in showers today    wind went N.east last night & is still N east tonight    it snow a light blanket of snow just after dark tonight    no sun today or mail.    I’ve felt better in some ways today but not much strength to work,    I ate some raw carrot chopped fine & it did a fine job on me,    it just would digest so I drank olive oil & got rid of it but stomach is tired so didn’t eat much today & neither has Elbert,    his stomach has been burning since Christmas & he feels so miserable    I’m so sorry for Him.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for saving my soul & all the many healings & blessings     He is more wonder-full to me each day,    all the Glory truly belongest to Him

Sat. Jan. 7. 1950./ page. 2466./ 44. y.p. -8-H-eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion at 8-30 a-m to get brake fixed,    it worked O.K. coming back    but, going back tonight with the papers it went bad again,    so now it’s 6.00 more I suppose.    We got quite a shower of snow before day light, 3, or 4 inches.    it melted away about half.    Radio said it was 22 degrees tonight at 6-15-p-m. & this after noon Radio said it was 24 degrees in Chicago & sun was shining & it’s a beautiful day.    Well sun shone here untill 3-30-p-m.  then it clouded up & looked black in the west & last glimps of the sun was like a cake of ice.    Moon shone through tonight but only for a few seconds    it’s colder than it has been,    but, still it don’t seem bad out.    I feed the little birds out side some crubs & they sure waded into them, & there is still a small rat on the North end of house in the ashes.    Well, I got up at 9-30.a.m. & did my usual chores & got dinner started & had it half done when Elbert came in,    he didn’t eat any breakfast & was so hungry,    I fried the ground chicken balls fried some dressing & made gravy & did up dishes & then set down & put the button holes in my dress, 7 of them & sewed on the buttons & snaps & filled the inside belt down so now I can wear it.    I should have pressed it,    but will do that later.    I hope to get another one cut out this coming week maybe    I might get it done before Spring if I can Keep at it,    there’s allways so many thing to get up & do & take my mind off & away from the sewing,    Elbert will soon have to have another suit of sleeper,    these last ones didn’t last very long but I have a few bags that are a little heavyer & hope they will prove to be better.   No mail today,    Elbert mailed card to Bonita & letter to Audrey today.    Now I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all our many blessing & prayt Thou will send Thy Power on us Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 8. 1950./ 41.y.p. -8-H-eggs today/  Today has been a very quite day,    Elbert got one brake fixed & now he doen’t know if it that one or another gone bad,    but, we stayed home,    it was a fine day,   thawed a little but there is snow yet & it’s freezing tonight    nice white sun all day.    I long to go & be with those who love & belong to the Lord, God help me    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name that He is mine & I hope to be all His before much longer Glory to His Dear Presious Name, Amen.    I hope we get some mail tomorrow & good news & my check & I hope I can get all the washing done & not get to tired.    Elbert was just outside & says wind’s South.  & freshened up out

Mon. Jan. 8. 1950./ page. 2465./ 38. y.p. -7.H. eggs today/ Elbert went & got the milk early this morning & then went to Vermilion to get the brake fixed & they did all of the wheels so now it rides fine & brakes work good    but, they told him the universels joints would have to be fixed with new ones,    such is life.    Well, I didn’t sleep all night so was feeling so all in this morning    Elbert got up & said he was going out back,    well, it was 6.a.m. then he set down for maybe an hour, then woke me when he went for milk    then I dropped off & he came back & said he was going to Vermilion to the garage,    so I lay for a few minutes & got up & put the water on to heat & started washing & I got it all done & most of it dried & it 8-45-p-m.    Its been a beautiful day in Ohio, or it was here, at least    sun came up early & stayed until 4.-p.-m.    it’s been very mild outside with S.west wind, sort of puffy winds & it melted all the snow away.    Elbert took papers & came back safe & tired,     he had a cup of coffee & two doughnuts, he said so I made him a cup of postum & dish of cream of wheat & heat milk on it & then got me a pail of coal & the woman was here taking the papers out,    he hadn’t put the car out on the drive so she piled them on the grass & went & he went a minute. or 2. later.    then he bought some stake & it was so dry    no juice at all,    so he ground it & it wasn’t any good at all,    We received a card from Nellie & she said to write & she would send a letter soon (but) she didn’t say where to write, just like her well,    I’ll write when she thinks to send her address.   she’s O.K. & I’m glad but wonder about Bonita & the children,    I hope they are O.K. All so.    I received my check today & I’ve got to write & see what they are going to do about my getting more or transfered to old age.    I thank & praise God for all my blessing which are many    I only hope & pray for His seal of promise    I love Him & ador Him Jesus & the holy Spirit. 

Tue. Jan.9.1950./38. y.p.-5H eggs today/ Well, I got the card back I sent to Wyn    I wrote on the card & many of the others I sent & they went O.K.    I didn’t seal the ones with a 2 cent stamp on them either.    I swept & irned & did my daily round.    Elbert went with papers & got fish “perch” for supper & they were quite good.    I thank for my food & I pray He will help me to help the sick & poor

[On the back side of this page she writes ] “was feeling so bum, I forgot to turn the page over.”

Tue. Jan. 10. 1950 / page. 2468./ 38. y.p. -6.H.eggs today/  & afflicted & needy in Jesus Name & to do all the many things He would have me to do.    I thank Him & praise Him for all things great & small things.    He is worthy,  there’s no one like Him. Amen.

Wed. Jan. 11. 1950./ 39. y.p. -6.H.eggs today/ 

Bonita Mae “Pinky” Eddy sitting with Herman Gannett holding Kathy and Betty Jo Dudiak (daughters of Joe and Bonney Belle Harnish Dudiak) and on floor Nelson and George Eddy, December 1950 Parma, Ohio

Grace Gannett. wife of Herman Gannett.

Herman Gannett sitting on couch Parma Ohio holding babies Betty Jo and Kathy Dudiak (daughters of Joe and  Bonney Belle Harnish Dudiak) December 1950 Parma Ohio

Kathy Dudiak, daughter of Joe and Bonney Dudiak December 1950, Parma Ohio.

Betty Jo Dudiak, daughter of Joe and Bonney Belle Dudiak, Parma Ohio December 1950

We received card from Bonita today,    she said her mother had wrote & all the others, but Bonney Bell & Joe,    they were home on Mon. for Christ-mas. 

older picture showing Nellie Belle Bonney Harnish who has gone to  North Carolina on trip as a nanny

Ella Jane Harnish, living with Laurabelle Stoughton Cox in California

Laurabelle Stoughton Cox, California where Ella Jane has been living before the trip to Albequerque

she hasn’t had any word since they all went to Bonney Bell’s & Joe’s home on Tue. evening.    Marcie Joe’s O.K. “that’s Johnys baby.” & now Johny’s on his trip to Florida.   Ella Jane left Lourabell’s home in California, for Albuquerque Sat. & expected to arrive Sun.    Mon. they are moving school, so my kids are home today, no school at Lake Ave. probably flooded. Love, Write  Bonita, come over when you can.    Well at least she heard from them all.    I hope she has coal,    weather’s so changeable & I hope they have food en-ough also.    They never let out a peep about Johny going to Florida when we were there on Thurs. evening.    Everyone can go places but Bonita must stay & face the bumps    hope she learns how to take them in Jesus Name,    it would be wonderful.    Well Elbert’s cold is better, Praise God,    he’s been so miserable & he looks better to night,    He plans to go sell eggs tomorrow.    I thank God, my Heavenly Father in my Saviour’s Blessed Holy Name for all our many blessing & Pray for that Great infilling, the Holy Ghost Amen.    Wind was S.west last night but went N. East befor morning & got colder,    Sun came out clear & so white it seemed to sparkle, like ice when the sun shines on clear ice.    wind died out be-fore Elbert went with the papers to Vermilion    Wind’s N.East at 8-p.m.

Thurs. Jan. 12. 1950./ 43. y.p. -7-H-eggs tonight./ Well, Elbert went to Lorain, had to buy a battery for the car after he got there, his wend dead or so near so, it wasn’t any good. 19.95  then he went & delivered eggs to 3. customers & came back to Vermilion  on the Lake & sold eggs & to Alberta Beach, 45 cents per dox.   Lorain eggs 6. doz. went for 2.90 & one doz. for 40cents    he didn’t have enough change.    so he took in 15.00 & he bought grain 1. bag & mash 2. bags 12.35 & he spent 2.31 for food & gave me 1.00 spending some out of his money, & he had to buy a hose for the car____ & that’s the way the money goes.    While I did my daily round & baked 2 tins bread biscuits & one loaf of graham.    got supper washed up all the dishes & now I’m tired    I wrote a card to Bonita, “didn’t hear from Audrey yet.” & Elbert mailed it in Vermilion.    Wind was S.East this morning & went back S.East & it’s been raining a misty rain since 3-30-p-m & it’s 10-5-p-m & still a steady misty rain,   not cold out.    it’s like early Spring weather.    I thank & Praise my Maker & Give HIm the Glory for all things,    He’s more to be desired than eanything else & He’s proved to me many times over what a wonderful Jesus He is    We only have to trust & believe have faith, as a child

Fri. Jan. 13. 1950./ 41. y.p. -6-H-eggs today/  Fred’s, daughter’s, birthday    I believe she will be 15. yrs. old.    she large for her age like I was when a girl her age.    her hair’s like Freds & she resembles her father a lot.   I pray God will keep her sweet & clean for Him

Fri. Jan. 13./ p. 24.69./ 41-y.p.-7-Heggs this day./ Well, it been a hard day,    wind blowing strong and puffy all last night all day & so far tonight     all most felt as if it lifted the little house once, today,    I’ve never felt such a draft here    was blowing at least, 55 miles an hour.  & he had hard work getting back from Vermilion after delivering the papers    winds South and a little west.    & buy the looks of the Christmas days we are to have a lot of strong puffy winds all year.    We received air mail letter from Nellie today    she said it’s the first time she was ever sea sick  going aournd the curves up & up around the mountians & the road so very narrow seemed as if they might not stick to it, but I think if was fear that made her sick as much as car sickness,    I know she use to get sick riding on the Street car    Well she likes it there so far,    she’s teaching Kindergarten a little girl no old enough to go to school yet & her father is a professor of music & he cooks. breakfast each morning,    she is a professor of Spanish, French and Drematics,    they have a large house with lots of space around it outside    Nellie helps with cooking & dishes,    the shrubs are in bloom & they have some garden;    They went for a ride Sun. afternoon over into South Carlina & there were lots of flowers in bloom.    The Lowry’s with Whom she is staying, have young chickens & laying hens & fryers & they are eating fryers right along.    she said she croched a doily from the needle book, called the work basket, “that Mrs Lowry take” & she also made 4. little doilys for pot holders but has to have some padding for them    She says they are the coastal plains where it is level & sandy soil.    She said, they live across and half block down from the College & the Methodist Church is across & half block farther on & the town is beyond the Church & they went to Sunday School.      Before she left we went to bid her good by on Thurs. night Audrey, Martha, Jim Jean & Joan, Elbert & I.She said Alberta Harris came to see her the next afternoon “Fri.” she said she was surprised to see her,    she’ll be 33. yrs. old Feb. 5. 1950. she was born 1917    her father was a minister & died 1944 in Aug.  her mother died when she Alberta was 15 yrs old.   her mother was 49 yrs. old when she died in 1932.    Then Nellie said the pine trees are beautiful there & the woods are full of pines & on there drive she saw the Forester in his watch tower, & she would like to bring home some little trees     they grow wild there. Write, Much love Nellie.    that’s quite a lengthy letter for her to write,    she said she had wrote to Bonita & Ella Jane also.    I did my daily round & mended my old dress & corset    it’s been so dark today, no sun.    I thank My Heavenly Father    He is & Always Will be. Glory to God in Jesus Name Amen.    I sent bread to Harry Miller

Sat. Jan. 14. 1950./ page. 2470./ 35.-y.p. -6H-eggs today./  Well it’s sure been a great day.    I wanted to go to Church tomorrow, but, Elbert waited untill today to fix the chimney what he could    that ment lots of moving & then cleaning & putting back    he’s been feeling so punk & it was a miserable job to get at & then he put in a new rafter that’s been broken for some time & he discovered today it was broke into & hanging down,    the wind has been blowing 50 miles an hour & some times they said 55 or more when it come in strong puffs,    Well we’re both dead tired,    I’d like to go to Church & maybe we can tomorrow night.    Elbert Killed & dressed a hen after he went with the papers & got back,    & it’s cooked now except what we saved to grind.    I received a letter from Audrey today    she said she got 3. blankets for Christmas & that I should either turn the ones back that I got for her or use them my-self,    she said she got Gertie a pr. felt slippers & she said she didn’t want them, so Audrey said she took them back.    Audrey says What’s the use buying for anyone then getting it throwed back in your face,    Now she’s been help us & I thought she’d like the blankets for I heard her say she’d like a good wool blanket.     Oh. Well;    and she even put a 10.00 bill in the letter for my birthday “Mon.”   I thank God for all our many blessings great & small.    I’m sorry she feels she ought to do so much for me,     she felt rather all in when she figured up, after Christmas,    she buys a lot for Martha, Merlin, Jim Jean & Joan & for Bonita’s children, then she gave us “lbert & I”  each 10.00 for Christmas.    Audrey wished me a happy birth-day.    But I’ve never been use to any one giving me so much & it makes me feel “Sad” for she ought to save more for a rainy day.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Wind has died down & it seems so quite out side,    It has done a lot of damage in a lot of places with a heavy fall of snow in California with wind & tornadoes scattered about in the states.    Oh God help us to live Thy way, for Thou hast told us When we see or heard of these things to know the end was at the door & still people don’t wake up to the fact & some are even laghing Thee to scorn as Thou hast said.

Sun. Jan. 15. 1950./ page. 2471./ 38.y.p.-4-H-eggs today/ Well, it rained hard all morinng & eased up at noon    then we began talking about going to Church & it rained then came down in heavy showers & then, we started out for church in the dark & rain,    I prayed most the way there & back & I ask Jesus to hold the rain untill we got back home & Praise His Name, He did it.   We prayed in Church tonight & some were saved & some filled    I’m trusting that I’ll get the infilling of the Holy Ghost soon for I know Jesus will be coming soon & I’d feel terrible just worse than terrible if I was all His in Spirit & Truth.   There were about a 100 to church & they had 155 to Sunday school this morning & a few less to Church this morning.     There are about 75 who have been blessed by receiving the Holy Ghost & we sure had a good prayer service tonight.    Praise the Lord Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus Hallelujah Amen.    Wind is blowing & puffy but not as bad as before & it’s not cold out,    trees look as if they are ready to leave & they said California was having to use snow plows & that we are due for a severe cold snap here, May God’s will be done.    Elbert killed & dressed a hen & we had it for dinner with creamed potatoes & hot baking powder biscuits & pickled pears,  the half of it will make in ball for tomorrow.    wrote cards to Audrey & Nellie tonight. 

Mon. Jan. 16. 1950./ 45 y.p.-6-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up early & woke me to go to Elyria, but, I just couldn’t go.    I felt so tired out & my head felt so bad    but after I rested a while I got up & got the dinner    Elbert slept in the big chair awhile  then took care of chicken,    I sit around some myself.    just couldn’t make up my mind to work    head hurt me eyes pained me bad but I heat the tea Kettle & put a jar of pickled pears & one of gravy & a chicken ball & 3 baking Powder biscuits in a bag & wrote a note to Miss Clark & put in the bag for her    Elbert don’t like to go to Mrs Fredricks house where Miss has rooms & they cook & eat together, but each buy there own food.    Miss Clark says Mrs. F.’s almost to stingy to live,    never hear the other side of the story, but reckon it would be amusing,    but, I wonder what Jesus would say.    Elbert said Mrs. F. gave him my pie tin & glass tin back in a few days but it’s lapsed into weeks,    Mrs. F. had & old lady caller, they said Miss Clark had gone to Lindy West’s to see Dorothy,    so Elbert went there hoping to see Lindy about getting him to help fix the (our) chimney,    he gave Miss Clark the bag & came home in a fuss    he don’t like Miss. C.    she wants 1/2 eggs & said Miller’s want 2 doz.    Well, I did out half the wash while he was gone to deliver the papers & I got part of them dried.    & most of them dried at bedtime.    Now I’ll read & pray some more & go to bed & try to get up & go to Elyria tomorrow  God Willing.    I pray God will help me pay for the chimney Amen.

Tue. Jan. 17. 1959./ page. 2472./41. y.p.  7.-H.-eggs today/  Well, I really got up washed & dressed & drank a cup of tea & Elbert & I drove to Lorain,    I did such a careless thing     Sun. night I went to church at 31. Street Gospel Church & it poored rain all the way,    Elbert hates to drive to, at night & the pavement was so full of holes it made us skid,    for it was so wet & so when we got there I began to think about the money for the collection     then I remembered I had taken 3.00 dollars off the roll of 59.00 & folded it up for that purpose, but I had also taken 35.00 & folded it up by itself a 20 a 10 & a 5 & I forgot & put the church money in the same place in my little purse & so I picked it out & put it in collection bag instead of that I had planned on,    Well, I was shocked when I got ready to go this morning & looked my money over & see the 3 one dollar bills instead of the 35.00 I’d saved & saved to buy shoes & corset & slips & pants & darning cotton & elastic & thread    I prayed God would help me,    I have had to go so destitute for the neccessities of life,    so we chased from one ohouse to another & at last they told me they’d settle up Sun.    I thanked God,    He has been so Kind to me,    but if they were to refuse to give it back, I’d know it went for a good cause but that has taught me a lesson    we had to buy extra gas & will have to make and extra trip, if they give it back to me.    I am trusting God it will be O.K.    Well, we went to see Bonita,    she was rather up set for the rain had run in & soaked of the plaster over head in the kitchen & up stairs & Georgie was in bed with a cold & she had done out a washing for Mrs. Gannet & was making starch while she talked,  when that was done she sewed my coat button on my coat,    it fell off when I was trying to button it.     She was going to town & take Geo. to the Dr. for a treatment & had to take Nelso a neighbor was going to take them & get them back home.    we took her 1/2 bu apples & Elbert kill dressed & cleaned a hen for them,    she was real pleased with them    I took a few hickorynuts a good big quart & a little square box covered with gold paper to little Bonita who was at school.    Bonita said she had sent me a card & letter telling me all her troubles poor child    she does have the worst luck all because her parents umered [? humored?] her & let her have her own way  because she liked to do the house work when she was a little child & has kept on doing it & taking all the kicks & cuffs & now her man married a woman, he had a child by &

Tue. Jan. 17. 1959./ page. 2473./41. y.p.-  7-H.-eggs this day/  so he don’t do much for Bonita & there 3. children    Bonita gave him a divorse because of the other girl & baby.    Such a world.    I hope Bonita takes care of what she has & don’t get despondent & go wrong,    she says she has been to Elyria & told them she couldn’t feed the children & cloth them & buy coal & pay for gas & Electric & she didn’t know what to do & so they are going to help her again & she will have a little more.    Joan Monagan stays with her nights part of the time.    I just hope she learns to manage money as well as she does her house work & she’s good at that.    I should has got the letter & card today,    but it wasn’t in the box when we got home,     I got my shoes & bedroom slippers 2 slips & 2 pants.    & Elbert paid for daarning cotton & Elastic.    I thank God for all my blessings most of all because he loves me & saved my soul & is still with me & teaching me.    I Praise Him for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Jan. 18. 1950./ 47. y.p.-9-H eggs today/ Well, I was so tired from the jolting yesterday & believe it or not news flys fast & Miss Clark don’t let any slip passed her    she contacts all she can & so, Mrs. West told her we drove to 31st street in all that down pour of rain & over that pavement full of holes Sun. night.    Well, I hate gossip & they are not my boss, so Why should I care so long as the Spirit prompted me to go there,    but Miss. Clark wrote me a letter to let me know she’d heard & said they were going to have a missionary meeting & show pictures of the work they are doing on the other side & take up a collection for same     but I washed a few more pieces today & then didn’t get all done & I wanted so much to go to the prayer meeting on 30th Street tonight,    but Elbert said we ought to find those places in the day time,    so I’m here while my heart & mind is with the prayer meeting;    I also received a nice letter from Bonita & one from Ella Jane,   & they were both nice letters and they sent Birthday cards.    Georgie was home in bed with a cold    I hope he is a lot better by now    it’s a heap of work to bring up children,    I often think of the little song we use to sing in school, “Nobody knows of the work it takes to keep the home together, nobody knows of the steps it takes  nobody knows but mother, nobody knows of the lessons taught of loving one another, nobody knows of the battles faught no-body knows but mother;    How very true those thoughts are.    The world has changed in a lot of way but, life in general is the same old phrase    If only we all could live like Jesus & be holy as He is Holy, Oh, God be in the prayer meetings & send the fire & send ghy power & teach us to live Thy Ways, Amen.

Thurs. Jan. 20. 1950./ page. 2474./ 35. y.p. -6-H.- eggs today/ Well it was cold last night & this morning, Elbert went to Alberta Beach & to Vermillion on the Lake & sold 24.doz. eggs for 45 cents per. doz. $10.80 he bought mash & straw, food & meat for us, gas & oil for the car.   We received, a card from Johny, a birthday card & letter from Bonita & a birthday card & letter from Ella Jane & now I’ll have to spend some time ans. letters.    I swept & dusted this morning & got dinner, Elbert got home late but I had everything ex-cept the meat about done & brought pork chops so I cook them & we ate, he took care of chicken & then did a few extras, got coal, emptied ashes & got some water & the papers were late tonight.    Carl Betz sent us the Los Angeles Ex-aminer new paper telling all about the Miss. Brown Geen[?] of the flower floats.   We heard part of it over the Radio.     & the ball game & 21. bands that played.    It must have been a great day.    I would like to have seen the flower floats all made of flowers of verious kinds     They called it Tournament of Roses, Rose Bowl, Southern California Review Century of Progress “The rapper on the news paper had red roses all around it on a blue & white back ground.    It was thoughtful of Carl to send it.    We must send him some papers from Ohio, I know he will enjoy them.    Johny Harnish is out on a singing tour & he & his boy friends are traveling & enjoying them selves  they sang in Springfield Mass. Washington D.C. Stanton Va. Kingsport Tenn. Maryville Tenn & Chattenooga Tenn. Live Oak Florida, St. Petersburg Florida & then Sat. & Sun. evenings at Bradenton & Melbourne West Palm Beach then they went to Datona & St. Augustine & Jasper Flordia then Winston Salem N. Carlinia & Greensboro N.C. & Silver Springs Maryland.    Ella Jane says she will be through school in June & hopes to work “to teach.”      Well, she’s the eldest of her brother & sisters & the last to finish school but she’s had a lot of hardships & set backs,    but she has a strong determinatton so perhaps she’ll make it at last.    I pray she’ll be just as strong in Knowing the Lord.    I thank God for all His many many blessing in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest.   I did my daily round & mended some today.

Fri. Jan. 20. 1950/ 44. y.p.-8-H eggs today/ Well, I finished the washing today & am rather tired.     I wrote a letter to Ethel, to,    I received one from her & Loura Ann’s picture, a snapshot today.    Elbert’s in bed & I’m so tired,    but will have to keep at the letters now, untill I get them caught up again.    so now Ethels is done & I’ll have to get one off to Nellie next.    hope I can write it in the morning.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing Amen. 

Fri. Jan. 20. 1950/ page. 2475./ 44.y.p. -8-H eggs this day/ We saw 3 rats hunting for food out by the grainery late this after noon.    I hope we can Kill them.    I don’t like to have them around chewing & maybe get into the hen house.    It’s been quite cold but not so bad tonight as last night.   Glory to God I Praise Thee. 

Sat. Jan. 21. 1950./ 45. y.p. -8-H-eggs today/  Well its cloudy most of the day & a load of sand (1. ton) came that Elbert had ordered;    he went to Dr at Huron & got the bones put back & Dr says he has low blood pressure,    I think that’s a very queer thing,    he’s so hot he only sleep with a thin cotton blanket over him at night,    but Dr’s are Dr’s , so if you go to them you never know wheather they are right or wrong. It’s now 4-p-m Elbert took the papers & will sooon be back again.   & it will soon be night again,    I sent a card to Miss Clark & a letter to Nellie & Ethel.    I have got to start in & ans. letters.    Elbert burnt the branches & weeds he had piled up & said they didn’t burn very good    they were still to wet.    I Praise God for all the many healings He has given me & for helping me to money to get cloths & for food & I thank Him for strength He gives & for the wonderful privelege of being permitted to call on Him any time & any place & that He said to drink of the water of life freely    Oh Glory to His Name    He is a true living God & with out Him, how could we live, how could we  and I thank Him & Praise Him, there’s no one can take His place.    Thou my everlasting portion   More than friend or life to me, All along my pilgrim journey, Savior let me walk with thee (Chorus) Close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee, Close to Thee, All along my pilgrim journey Savior Keep me close to Thee.    Not for ease or worldly pleasure, Nor for fame my prayer shall be;    Gladly will I toil & suffer, Only let me walk with Thee.    Lead me through the Vale of shadows, Bear me o’er life’s fitful sea    Then through the gate of life eternal   May I enter Lord with Thee.   Well I only fasted from Fri to Sat. night,    I felt to weak to go untill to-morrow night,    I fast from 5-p-m untill 12 or 1-p m next day & so didn’t feel as if I couldnt go untill Sun night so I ate supper,    I pray God will forgive me if, I have sined.    I pray for more strength of will power & body in Jesus Name.    I want to be strong enough to fast & pray when I should,    help me Jesus.    I thank Thee & will trust & believe.    I pray it don’t rain going or coming tomorrow night.   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sun. Jan. 22. 1950./ page. 2376 [this should be 2476]/ 35. y.p. 11.-H.- eggs today./  Well I got up  washed & dressed & combed my hair & then Elbert had kill a couple of pullets & he dressed them out & I washed & salted floured & fried them & put them in the roaster & let them simmer & they were good & tender,    I made some dressing to & we sure enjoyed it, for supper    & then we dressed for Church & drove 31st Street to the Gospel Church & we sure had a wonderful meeting,  songs of Praise testimonies & a sermon that was well delivered & explained Glory to God I praise Thee Jesus.  That Minister Help one to feel that Jesus is Holy & Sacred. Glory.    It’s been cloudy all day & tried to rain on our way home but it was only a mist & didn’t last,    We brought two woman from Church down to Lorain    one got out at Lake View Park & the other near the Colliam in front of the apartment house.    then we came the Lake road all the way home Praise the Lord.

Mon. Jan. 23. 1950./ 45. y.p. 3. H. eggs today./ Well I didn’t do anything more than I had to,    the ride to Church makes me sore & lame,    No, mail today & the fog so thick it’s hard to see to drive, but Elbert took the papers & got back O.K.     & the boy came with the milk.   He wont sit down,  says he sits in school all day & gets tired setting    he likes to talk a little about the farm & work & then go,    he says he gets half on all he grows & sells.    I’d like to meet his mother    Elbert says she’s neat & clean & keeps the house looking good.    Fog was so thick we could barely see the trains passing, but lifted before dark quite a lot    Radio says it’s going to be a little colder tomorrow & the air is damp & chilly tonight.    Well I didn’t do any writing of letters today & think I will try to get one letter done tonight if I can.    Well, I wrote a letter to see about my renewal card & got it ready to mail.    Well I just can’t seem to get at the writing job,    but got that one letter done & ready to go & now the grocery orders wrote down.    I thank God for what I have    I know it’s all His & that he has let me take it to use.    I ownly wish I could work again but there’s hardly strength enough to do what just has to be done around the house & I don’t get that all done     I thank God for the strength he gives me each day & night & & pray He will forgive me all my sins & fill me with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name Amen.    I Praise Thee Jesus and Love Thee most of all. 

Tue. Jan. 24. 1950./ __y.p. -12-H. eggs today/  WEll, I swept & dusted washed up dishes & did the ironing & got most the supper    Elbert fried the short steaks he bought after he delivered the papers,    he had a time getting the car started    spark plugs were damp,    he has felt sick all day    took cold down in the basement yesterday    he opened both North & south windows    then stood there bent over & sorted apples & potatoes & cabbages & I hate to ding at him & I told him he’d be catching a cold,    but today he didn’t know what makes his head feel so terribly bad. 

Tue. Jan 24. 1950./ page. 2477./ 44 y.p. -12-H- eggs this day./ I feel as it I can’t stand up any length of time & my feet tire me so bad but I did fairly well    I climbed up & shifted some of the cans & part the presure cook & big Kettle up in the Locker that’s hard for me to do,    but I got it done safely.    I received a card from Bonita & a letter from Miss Willits    she sent me 25 stickerstamps for a dollar,    shes ask we use them on our letters    they ask all men and every one to pray & pray hard.    Elbert got me a cake pan aluminum    it’s like the scollapid tin one that was grandma Bonney’s “that’s pa’s mother” only it don’t have the funel in the center,    but it’s same size & there was 6 packages of Jello , a receipt leaflet & a cover of clear pliofilm cover with elastic to hold it over top of tin to use over Jello or in ice box.  69 cents.    hope I get to make the Jello    I like it but we don’t have an ice box but if the weather turns cold, I could chill it out doors.    Well I’m so glad I got the ironing done.    Elbert got some rat biscuits & he put some out for them tonight,    he killed one black spider & another came from some where a few minutes later so he killed that one also.    Rue Sarr has had a man rebuilding his furnace & I wish that Elbert had found out, if he would fix our chimney,    but Elbert’s queer about a lot of things.    I’m trusting the Lord will keep it untill we can get it done.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.    Elbert mailed my letter to the Releif board & got me some more envelopes.    I hope to write a few lines to Inice yet tonight & to Bonita. 

Wed. Jan. 25. 1950./ 44. y.p. -4 H. eggs today/  The wind has blown so feirce today & was bad all last night, but lots worse tonight    the moon is about half full a pretty canary yellow with a pea green mist around it with a burnt orange stripe around that     it’s as pretty as any picture you ever saw so real vivid,     I’ve looked at it several times    the green looks about a yard. wide all the way around & the b. orange stripe about 8 or 10 inches wide & all are so clear. while the wind is so strong     and Elbert is planing on going with eggs to Lorain in the morning, 27, dozen.    Well, I straightened up the house & made 2. pies a lemon cream with bananas in & a blackberry & baked a pan of apples, washed up dishes & fried fresh pike for supper    now will read my bible & pray God will teach me new lessons.    Now I have finished rubing Elbert’s back    he’s felt terible punk for the last few days,   bones between shoulders & below waistline & in his neck,    this wind wont be any good for him to walk around in,    the tempture is 76 degrees as hot as in summer while it is 40 below in some of the States    Jesus will sure be coming before very much longer & I want so much to be filled with the holy Ghost before He comes.    I Praise Thee Jesus    wind’s South west & been there for sometime now.    Well, I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name    He’s such a wonder Jesus. Amen-

Thurs. Jan. 26. 1950./ page. 2478./ 40. y.p. -8-H-eggs today./ It’s been a very dark & cloudy day & Rained in heavy down pours after midnight but eased up & came in showers after about 2-a-m;    the wind was terrible    came in such heavy puffs    seemed as if it would lift us off the foundation,    I prayed God Would Keep us safe & the Chimney in place & to take care of Bonita & the Children    I suppose it rained in her place to truly & the house will be damp for children & all.    It was still raining when Elbert started out,    he had 27. doz.El of eggs,    he sold 23 1/2 for 45 cents & 3. doz. for 40 cents total 10.88    he paid 8.10 for mash & grain & 1.00 for 2 bals straw 75 cents for meat & 34 cents for food leaving bal. 52 cents.,    Well, it stopped raining about 10-30-     I got the washing all done at 2-p-m. except Elbert’s heavy underwear & work shirt & he came at 2-p.m     so, I fixed dinner for he’d have to go at 3-30 or 3-45 with papers,    he went to Dr. Bell & he thinks he can fix him up    says it’s his vertebras that keep his stomach up set & it will take several treatments to get them back & keep them there 3.00 a treat-ment    Well, Elbert seemed incouraged, so I hope he does get O.K.    Audrey said to keep the blankets we bought or turn them back,    so I will keep them,    Elbert paid 10.00 on them, the 10.00 she had given him for Christmas,    so I offered to give it back, but he said forget it,    the 2 blankets cost 30.00 & the one I bought for him cost 18.00,    Well, I buy & pay for the bedding, usually or have untill this time,    so, I’m going to get him some handkercheifs & socks & a couple of good shirts. soon as I can.    Well, it is a more quite evening    wind’s quited down & no rain but looks like it will either rain or snow.    Elbert’s so tired it’s hard to walk from house to house & sell,    I know for I have done it many times,    & then he did all the chores fed & watered hens & carried wather & coal & emptied ashes & delivered papers & listened to news over radio & read his newspaper & gone to bed    & the wind went N.West & is colder to-night,    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blesing.

Fri. Jan. 27. 1950. /46. y.p.-6-H-eggs today./  Well I was to tired to go to Elyria this morning so I just laid & rested while Elbert got up and cleaned farther pen & roost    I got dinner & he did a few more odds & ends & went over & got a qt. of milk last night & the boy brought 2 qt’s tonight.    something ate up most of the posin biscuits & I hope it was the rats.    Well I did up the dishes & darned my good dress under the arm with white thread    it tore right in the white pattern,    then I washed it & will need to iron it tomorrow.    I darned a pr. of socks for Elbert after supper.    my eyes haven’t been very good all day.    but I thank and Praise God for all my many blessing in Jesus Name

Sat. Jan. 28. 1950. / page. 2479./ 45. y.p. 6.-H- eggs today./  Pa’s birthday    he would be 89 yrs. old.    Ma was 93. yrs. old last Nov. 29. 1949, pa’s 4 yrs younger than ma and ma was 26 yrs. old when Elbert was born on Dec. 6. 1882.    Wind’s S.West & got strong since dark    not very cold today but froze so hard night before last that the water rise up in a big hump in the tray or bird bath, out by the well.    I brought in some pussy willows & they are coming out nice & some golden bells & spice bush or flowering current     they are coming but not so fast.    I swept & dusted & wiped up the floors, then ironed Elbert’s shirt & pressed my dress    then Elbert got or helped get the supper    I baked 2. tins of bread biscuits also.    I fasted since yesterday untill 7-30-tonight & then ate alittle, for my bowels run me 5 times today.    I received a letter from Nellie today    she says,

So glad to get your letter & the news of those I never hear from.    I hope you folks are getting along al right.    We are having nice weather    It’s bright & suny with blue Sky.    These long leaf pines make a beautiful picture against the blue sky,    The chickens are always out here.    It’s warm enough to go without a coat.    I see the folks go -ing to school.    Some have on jackets & some are without.    Well I guess Johny is in Winston-Salem N.C. today & tomorrow he will be in Greesboro N.C.    He will probably phone me.    I had a nice letter yesterday from Bonney Bell    her baby weighs over 17 lbs.    she is 6. months. old,    she plays with Kathy    they laugh a lot together    Kathy is very quiet,    But she rocks her dolly & puts it to bed,    that is in first letter I had from her “Bonney Bell”    I know how busy she is    She keeps house well too.    I had been anxious about Marcie Joe when she was sick .   She got well though & is alright.    I saw a picture of Johny in a news paper and could pick him out alright ,   better than in a picture he sent me of the singers.    He had dinner with Soughtons in St. Pertersburg Florida.    I’m almost half way on the Chair back set,   “Deer design”   It will be real pretty I think and quite large,    for I am using a large hook & N. 30 crochet thread    I just can’t seem to use the small hooks & small thread any more.    I teach this little girl her kindergarten.    Her mother wants her to be smart when she gets to school, but she’s still treating her like a baby,    she will be five in April.    Our Nelson will be 5 yrs old Jan 27th & is far ahead of her in many things (she has forgot Nelso has 2. older a brother & sister than he & they learn faster that way)    I didn’t tell them, but I did tell her,    he dresses himself and washes & goes to the bathroom by himself.    When she gets up from her nap we go out side a while.    I have just written Ella Jane & sent a letter to Johny this morning & must get one off to Bonita & children,    I hope she gets over being so nervous, and I thank you for going to see them & for your taking the chicken and apples,    I could eat one myself,    She has had perhaps 6 that we have used in salads,    they don’t use meat like we do & I miss it.    Well I have lived this Month so the rest should be easy.    It is pleasent here though.    Ella Jane phoned me    she is getting married in the near future .    She has been going with this fellow quite awhile.  Write again. Love to both your sisters Nellie

Sat. Jan. 28. 1950./ page. 2480./ 45. y.p. -6-H. eggs this day./ Well, I’m glad she likes it there and hope she manages well.    Oh God I pray Thou will help her in all the ways she needs & Bonita also    We all need Thee so much,    I pray for Wisdom & understanding through Jesus. Amen.    I thank Thee for the strength Thou doeth me & us from day to day & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 29. 1950./ 50. y.p.-7.H.eggs. today/ Well it’s been partly cloudy & tonight it be-gin a misty rain but we got ready & went over to see Bonita & I took her a bargain from Krogers a scoloped pan like a round cake pan 12 inches acrossed aluminum & scollops from bottom up & one of those pliofilm bowl covers, with 6 boxes of Jello & a receipt book for 69 cents & an other coupon for more Jello mold a pint size & 6 individ  ual molds for coupon & 50 cents & two box tops. & a little box of candy for the children & 2 doz. eggs for Bonita to use    she seemed well pleased & she said Joan Monagon, Martha’s youngest daughter was staying with her & that she like to have her only she wets the bed so bad    I’d think Martha would do something about it,    but she don’t    it’s to bad,    I had that trouble untill I was 14. yrs. old, then I wore an abdominal support & later took treatments that took care of it,    but the support did the trick & the other cured me    I had to have pelvic bone straightened,    I wish I could help her,    they say Martha don’t see that the bed is kept clean or that Joan Keeps bathed & her bed clothes    she dries & wears them over & over,    that, would be bad for them all.    I pray God will help me to help her in Jesus Name.    We had a wonderful meeting tonight & Rev. Dault did the preaching    He’s a wonderfully serious & spiritually minded person     I thank God for all he helped us to understand tonight    He truly loves the Lord Glory to God     He anointed me & prayed for me to-night & the Power is still going through me Praise God from Whom all blessing flow,    I thank Him for all things    He took us & brought us & gave me a refill & I wish I could go often, lots more often, & be with those that belong to the Lord.    We called on Wyn & Virginia & Joyce is 5. yrs. old    a very pretty little girl  dark eyes & hair & rosy cheeks & Irwin was off looking after a house he’s building today    Su. God’s day.    Oh God, help us.

Mon. Jan. 30. 1950./ 42.y.p.- 8.H.eggs today.   Well I got most the washing done,    got 4 more pieces to do & got those most all dry    Elbert went to Lorain & took the car in & had a little work done on it, cost him 14.00 & some odd cents    I do wish he could get a new one but they don’t alow much on yr. old one & the new ones cost 2,000 dollars & a little more so it’s impossible to think about in our money condition.    He went to

Mon. Jan. 30. 1950./ page. 2481./ 42. y.p. -8.H. this day/ Dr. Bell    he gave him a treatment & some powder to take & he threw his dinner powder & all up, after he ate    he was empty when he came home & I think he ate to hearty,    he went with the papers & came right back & fed hens & got done out side & sat down & rested awhile    he ate some broth & crackers for supper & says it’s all burning up, powder & all.    I pray he will turn to the Lord & be saved & healed.    Wind went from N.West around to S. east & it’s tried to snow twice    once today & again tonight.    Feb calls for a lot of rain,     so, we may get snow & lots of it.    I saw a woodchuck last Thurs. going from the back of the little colliney house & I am wondering, if he will be able to come out to see his shadow, this coming Thurs. for it turned cold Sun. night & has been quite cold today,    it’s been so warm that the Change is very noticable.    I thank Thee Jesus for the stren gth Thou doeth give me from day to day.    I Praise Thee    I’m more greatful & thankful than I can ever tell Thee in words. 

Tue. Jan. 31. 1950./ 37. y.p.  11-H-eggs today./  Wyn’s birthday    she is 75 yrs old today & we called on her Sun.    she’s looking good & says she’s feeling good,    she’s a little stoughter than she use to be.    Well, I haven’t done much today,    and it’s hasn’t been so very cold    it snowed a little last night & froze    was worse west & east of us,    pavement was bare.    Elbert’s had a bad head ach    I don’t know whats wrong with him    & after supper tonight I darned his socks & he got up & was poking around the table,    he burned up a few nut shucks & then I missed my thimble     I hadn’t moved from my chair, so we hunted all over the table & floor & no thimble,    it just vanished now.     the other one went in like manner,    so Who’s getting this one    we did have the fire for an excuse last time & he gave me one he said he found in the parking lot,    but when I picked his jumper up & tossed it in the big chair another 10 cent thimble fell out the pocket a new one a size smaller than the one he found in the parking lot,    now he says where are they maybe  I could use one of them, but I won’t.    I pray God will take the Devil out of this house & make it a clean house in his Name, Amen.    God help us to do Thy will I pray/  wind’s S.east.

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