April 1946

Mon. April. 1. 1946./ 877./ 22 eggs today/   I haven’t done much today  finished a hand kerchief & got a couple of lunches . & Elbert spaded & done outside chores & wind shifted  went south gave us a couple of showers & has gone on around to S.W.  wind is still strong at midnight.  Dentist called Snyders for me to come at 1-30-p-m but he said he’d mail a card, I couldn’t go today. 

Tue. April 2, 1946./  23 eggs today /  We Killed a snake today & that reminded me Elbert made a remark something about my being a snake or something to that effect awhile ago & to night he says I’ll soon be as fussy as Miss. Baumgart.  My dad use to say terrible things to me when he got real angry because I would do crooked things & with out a cause he has called me a bitch a nigger wench a hor & said he’d hate to be as big as the broad side of a barn,  I was none of the things he called me, thank God, he only weighed 225. lbs & was 5. ft. 11 in tall. & his termper was that of a spoiled boy.  We had a Godly Mother  else we children might not have grown up respectable, Oh Praise God I’m glad I’ve learned His ways and am learning more each day, how truly kind & patient Jesus was & He to had to take all the Kicks, cuffs & slandering & just for we siners, I use to wish when I was young, I could give back double, but when Jesus came into my heart, I learned to feel sorry  they were so ignorant & wicked & I had to pray lots more day & night that God would rule my heart & mind & stick to my motto (What would Jesus do, or think, or say, if He were in my place) Well, believe it or not, it’s hard sometimes to smile it off, even though it’s the best way in the long run as a rule.  I Praise Thee Jesus.  I got my face slapped & my behind kicked just last Fri. night for no aparent reason, the fire burned firce, but it did me no harm  Praise God, Glory Glory, Halluejah. Elbert spaded & put in 3 rows about 75 ft long of sweet corn & I raked a little  wind is to strong & S.west, he planted my big red rasberry seeds west of Franks rose ramblers.

Tue. April 21. 1946. /878./ 23 eggs./  The Dentist and his wife stopped to see why I didn’t come yesterday, he called Snyders & Gorgie came & told Elbert & visited with him a while out in front where he was spading. my gums have been to sore, so I didn’t go & I forgot to have Elbert call from Hauffs to tell Dentist so, he said come Thurs. 

Wed. April.3. 1946. / 16 eggs today/   Elbert spaded untill 10-a-m. then he went to Huron to see if he could get some fresh fish, they gave him a pk. he helped them carry in there fish into the house in 200 lb. tubs.  I had the washing half done when he got back, I made him some hot tea & he went out & dressed enough fish for dinner & I did all the rest of the rubbing except his work shirt  he coaxed me to leave it & he’d rub it out after we ate, I had only had 2 hand-ful of crackers & a cup of beef broth & cup of tea, so, I ate & then suds & wrinsed the clothes & he hung them out for me, I dried part of them in the house, then I wiped up the floor after I swept & he fed & took care of hens & went for the milk  I ironed what had to be    I washed & dried my corset & after supper I did dishes, I strained the milk when he got back & did a lot of odds & ends he fried more fish, he got quite a lot of them & I salted them & packed them in a crock  think they’ll keep.  I wrote a card to Nellie & Elbert mailed it at Huron. & tonight I’ve written one to Miss. Mc.Govern. to be mailed tomorrow, wind N.E.  Now I got corset mended got to find a steel for one side & take my bath & get to bed.

Thurs. April, 4. 1946./ 879./ 23 eggs today./  I got up took my bath & dressed  drank a cup of tea & we went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 8 doz  eggs for 40c per doz. $.60 went back to Vermilion bought 5 gals gas.$6.03 2 qts. of oil 1.57 & a very few things to eat 92cents making 1.92 cents spent. then I went in & the dentist fited my new teeth & got what he calls the bite, didn’t take long, then we came home & I fried fish & made hot tea & we ate bread, broccoli & fish.  We have had a terrible strong N.West wind & cold all day.  mostly cloudy all day.  We went over in the Volintary Bay section on our way home to see about work  Elbert heard they wanted a man to drive nails, for $2.00 per. hour.  & they only work Sat’s so Elbert’s going back Sat., he isn’t fit to work, but thought if he could work one or two days a week it would give us a lift, and we sure do need some help, he needs shoes & clothes & so do I, my shoes are most worn through on the bottoms & cracking on the sides & my under clothes are going to fall apart before very long & I need stockings. I thank God for helping us sell the eggs & Praise Him in Jesus Name.  

Fri. April 5. 1946./ 25 eggs today/  Well I haven’t done much today, I mended Elbert’s union suite & cleaned the woodwork & did my usual daily chores & dry & cleaned enough dandeline greens & cooked them for sup-per. & I fried fish & had beets bread & hot coffee.  my back is still so bad it hurts me to work.  it was cold last night, but warmer tonight.  Wind was N.W. but went around to S. tonight & its lots warmer tonight  sun shone most of afternoon  Elbert planted orange tomatoes  they are almost orange color & round non acid, and good tasting, he put in some cucumbers & has cabbage & red tomatoes pepers K& peas, swiss chard & lettuce to put in yet & beans   3. kinds. I havent got the strawberries set yet either or any flower seeds put in yet. We got one dollar stamp back on E’s insurance.

Sat. April, 6. 1946./ 21 eggs today/  Well, God still ans. prayers, for He sent my check & Elbert well to Huron & cashed it & got a pk. of fish & 4 nice white fish about 12 ins long. So I surely

Sat. April 6. 1946./ 880/21 eggs / have much to thank & Praise Him for, he takes good care of me Glory to God in Jesus Name  I give thanks & praise for ever & ever, Amen.  Elbert worked in the garden all morning, he put in about 3 . doz. lima beans at south end of hen house. It thundered & a little lightening early this morning & gave us a light shower then got thick & fogy, but it cleared up at noon & the sun came out a little after 1-30-p-m. & was nice all afternoon  Elbert had to get lard instead of crisco, he got tea & coffee & a yeast cake.  He dressed the white fish & I cooked half of it for supper so maybe he’ll dress some of the others for us.  I slept late  I felt so bad all night couldn’t sleep un-till morning & weather was wet so I slept.  Just did the house work & darned one pr. socks  wind has gone from the N.east to S. east tonight & it’s quite cool, fire feels good.  Elbert took fish to Douglas’s & Myre’s & Hauff. tonight & basket is still full. Elbert got 50cents worth of stamps & 50 cents in change for the dollar stamp. 

Sun. April.7. 1946./ 25 eggs today  / The apricot tree is beautiful & the golden bells the white voilets & purple one’s are in bloom & the flowering almon is most ready to bloom & the cherry tree is flowered out the two little apricot trees are in bloom & the peach trees soon will be & the flowering thorn is in bloom the flowers are such a bright red & the rabbits sure do like it  they have chewed one branch this Spring. everything is coming fast  I raked a little Sat after noon & it’s going to take a lot of raking to get the back cleaned up again & we hope to reset some of the plants.  Elbert went clear to Hamblys & took them the pk. of fish  he wants to go to Huron in the morning & gas money is scarce he’s feeling bum with both head & stomach, so we didn’t go to church either, I like to go to church & feel God is there & thank Him & praise Him in Jesus Name  for our blessing & for the fact, that, He is and always will be.  Glory to God.  We had a heavy frost last night  cleared off & was a fine day but rather cool with a N. east breeze its cloudy tonight, & N.E. wind. 

Mon. April. 8. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  Elbert went to Huron & got a pk of fish some lard & tea, I set bread & did my morning house hold duties & got the books DeHahn sent me for 4.00 ready to mail out.  I had 2 large loaves & 1. small loaf of white bread  I got dinner & we ate & I went out & scaled all but 3 or 4 of the 29 fish & Elbert gutted & washed them then I salted & packed them, he took 8 to the milk man, but we have plenty left & I fixed 8. for supper  they sure do taste good, water is cold & weather cool. he planted pepper seeds & broccoli today. & it’s to cold for any garden seeds to grow.  was wet & misty untill afternoon. sun came out several times  felt warm but looked like ice, winds gone west tonight. 

Tue. April. 9. 1946./881./ 23. eggs today. / Bob Snyder was 18. yrs. old (Sat April 6th) so he told Elbert & said he had been up & signed up for service already. Georgia said the other day that Billy had gone to Germany to the place where his grandfather came from (_____)  I can’t remember the name. Well Elbert says he’s going to sell eggs tomorrow.  day.  I’d like to go but don’t know yet.  Elbert felt to bum to go, so I did the washing & had it most all suds & wrinsed  when the Minister & his wife came in & Joe, so I set & visited a little & then they said they had another minister & his wife from tonight untill Sun. & the men were going to Elyria to preach & the 2 women would preach in Vermilion church tonight  They said they were out of money & I had told them how we were to & that I might not be there regular. I gave them 2 doz. eggs 9 nice sized fish all ready to fry & a bunch of green onions. They didn’t stay very long, Elbert was cleaning out thisles & dock round a-bout the yard. & he didn’t come in to visit. N.W. & N. East tonight, it was warmer last night than it is tonight, & it’s cloudy tonight, has been so most of the day. white sun when it did shine through.  I’m so tired. I made vegetable soup for supper. We had fish for dinner & they were good 4 or 5 left now  cold. 

Wed. April, 10. 1946./ 19 eggs today. / Elbert went to Huron but he couldn’t get any fish, only one boat had any & they went out before daylight & it was terrible rough before they got in, the others didn’t go so, as they didn’t offer him any fish he got a small piece of veal neck meat to boil, with the bones in, so we could have broth to eat.  I shook up beds  swept & made 2. rubbarb & 1 apple pie. We had soup for dinner & cold fish for supper & a rubbarb pie & the oven’s a wreck, I got it about 2/3 cleaned up after supper. Wind N. east & Oh, so cold; looked as if we’d get a frost early tonight but now it’s all clouded up at 10-p-m.  Dentist stopped & said I should come to the office at 1-30-p-m. tomorrow  “So” have to take a bath & hop in bed  for Elbert wants to peddle eggs in the morning  he’s cleaned up brush & rose cuttings today & while he went for milk I emptid ashes & carried a pail of well water & I’m to tired.  Elberts insurance Co. sent him a bill fold of leather he. got it today. 

Thurs. April 11. 1946./ 21 eggs today. /  I slept this morning for I couldn’t rest alnight  Elbert tried to work, but the wind was so cold he came in at 9-a-m & said he wasn’t going to go sell eggs it was such a strong cold N. East wind & it froze ice last night in bird bath out by the well, I got up & took a bath & dressed & we went to the Dentist at 1-30-p-m. he had my teeth ready & they don’t feel right but better in a lot of ways than the old one’s. I paid him $15.00 today, making 35.00 with 

Thurs. April.11. 1946./ 882./  21. eggs./  the 20.00 I had given him, so I now owe him $40.00 & pray God will help me pay it soon.  We came right back home, Elbert went & got some grain for hens & looked around a little while I was in the office.  I do hope it warms up, so we can go & sell the eggs  wind goes right through a person, blew my hat off before I could get in the car to go, today, We gave our fish away & missed them today. but we had a Kettle of broth & some of the soup left from yesterday & tonight we fried spam from out a tin can & had corn starch custard, hot tea & a piece of apple pie from canned apples  my teeth made my head ach & my right arm & shoulder have been at it all day, so I took teeth out, but can’t take the pain from arm. it’s cold tonight  we have a good fire & it feels comfortable. 

Fri. April, 12. 1946./ 21 eggs today.  /I got up quarter to nine & started washing sun was up clean & warm, Elbert went to Vermilion on the lake & sold eggs 16. doz. 40 cents per. doz ($6.40)  he bought grape fruit & peanuts & came back 12-30 or 1-p-m.  ate a lunch & went to Huron & got 1/2 bu. fish  he dressed a few for supper & went for the milk, I got them frying so he could eat when he got back  I washed out my change of clothes  my dress & chair seat cover  Elberts sleeper, pillow slip  & sock & my night gown & the towel & kercheifs.  then I washed table cloth & 5. blankets, one of them cotton & wool.  they all dried out doors except 2 last blankets & they are most dry now  I hung them up in here to finish, now then, I did the dishes & am going to bed.  I got my new teeth yesterday, he made them mostly of black rubber & today my face is sore & my mouth & throat, so I’ll have to take them back  I can’t see why everyone wants to do me dirt, I hate the divelish tricks  every one trys on me now  this is another dirty trick or maybe it some-thing in my system  he said he’d make them out of red rubber & when I go for them, they are black, trimed with pink rubber in front  my mouth burns like fire & I wish it wasn’t mouth & throat burning like anything. Wind was N. today & S tonight & it’s not blowing very much, like a light breeze, warmer tonight.

Sat. April 12.1946./ 21 eggs today.  /Well, Elbert cleaned a big crock of fish for us & another for the Preacher’s family & he had a pk not cleaned & dressed & we went down to Dentist he said he never had used red rubber & that it might be irritation where plates were rubbing the gums, so he ground them off & I said I’d try them again, my mouth & my head ach has made me feel sick since Thurs. Well we went to Miss

Sat. April.13. 1946./883. / 21 eggs./  Clarks & left her 4 fish, she said she’d take 2.  the Preacher & his wife took a crockfull & then we went to Hambly’s & left a pk. & they had to dress them.  We only talked a few minutes & it seems I never get a chance to visit, we started looking for the place where I saw some Mirtle in bloom & at last we found it & I gave 2 lillie bulbs for a couple roots. of Mertle & the woman ask me to come again & visit.  she said her man took care of the flowers & she thought he’d like the bulbs.  We came home fast for it was getting late, Elbert got a bunch of broccoli  I cooked it for our supper & it was so tender & sweet, we had fish also. Elbert fed hens & went for the milk, I got supper & then strained milk. Wind has been S. & S. went today & cold & tonight there is a lull. the birds were feed late (7-30) to-night as if a storm was brewing, fire feels so good. 

Sun April. 14. 1946./ 21 eggs. today /  It’s been a nice day partly cloudy late this after noon & strong S. & a little West, wind  I’ve felt bad all day & didn’t go to church tonight  Hope to be better soon, but unless we have a little more to eat, looks as if we can’t feel better, Elbert’s felt bad also, but it’s his stomach & bowels.  I thank God for His Mercy & Kindness & am sure He will help us in some good way. I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost.  Amen & Pray He  will fill the church with His people & that they will be true Christians, as Jesus Was True

Mon. April 15. 1946/ 23 eggs today  / Elbert went to Vermilion but did not sell & egg  I gave him 3.00 of mine and 3.60 egg money & he paid for one bag of grain 3.60 & brought back 1.60 & says that’s all he has left after paying 89 cents for meat clorox & a yeast cake  meat was marked 41 cents & Clorox 45cents & yeast 3 cents; So that’s how I loose my money. Well, I haven’t done anything today, only mend one shirt  I had ought to have ironed but old arms were so tired I just didn’t  Elbert told dentist I couldn’t come, so he said to come Thurs. afternoon 1-30p-m.  winds been W & N.W. & tonight it’s N.E. & strong, been quite warm today but it’s cooler tonight, it rained hard after midnight last night & untill after noon today then sun came out & was like ice  it was so white set red & windy Moonlight out tonight as day

Tue. April 16. 1946./884./ 23 eggs today / Full moon tonight. Well at last a letter from sister Nellie and this is what she wrote  Palm Sunday April 21, 1946. Dear Elinor & Elbert: Received the card you sent and really meant to write you sooner. I don’t get around much or do anything either. I surely have wanted to come over for a day. but I haven’t been able to lately.  I wonder if you could both come over next Saturday after-noon a little while.  Ella Jane is coming home for a couple of days, that is for Sat & Sun.  She will be pretty tired and will just want to stay home and visit I suppose She will start back Sun night & be there for work Monday morning.  Hope you drop me a card. Love. Nellie.  Johny must have mailed it, for the post mark is Berea. April. 15. Ohio.  So I wrote a card & told her, Elbert was going to try to work Wed; Thurs; & Fri. & Sat. he had eggs to deliver, if he was able after 3 days work, so didn’t know what to tell her, for we couldn’t tell untill Sat.  & we might come for an hour or 2.  Sun. if it was O.K. with them with best wishes to one & all  Elinor & Elbert.  & Elbert mailed it in Huron & said it would go out at 5-p-m this evening & she ought to get it in the morning.  Elbert went up to get meat for his lunch tomorrow, he isn’t able to work & I hate to see him go. but he says he can at least try, once again.  I’m not very strong my self & I’m so glad to have him home , for when I over do just a little & feel so all in, he fixes me a hot drink & looks after things that have to be done, when I can’t do anymore. So I pray God will take care of him each minute he’s gone & bring him safely back to me & convert him  that his soul may rest with Him in peace & like wise that He will take care of Nellie & her families and each of my brothers & sisters  there children & there chilren’s children, my cousins & friends  May God help us to try with all our soul, heart, mind, and strength, to learn to Know Him & strive to gain a home with Him where we can live in that rest & peace  He has told us so much about, time is flying swiftly by & soon Jesus will be coming and calling for His own & I want to be found worthy  Oh, God help us, my heart achs most to the breaking point for the many who believe they will be saved & I tremble with fear least I make to many mis-takes & are left behind. Oh God, have mercy on our souls.  I thank Thee Jesus Thou doth even listen to me, for I’m such a thoughtless wreckless creature. Blessed Jesus who first loved me & died for me, surely all the Glory & Peace belongs to Him for ever & ever, Amen. It’s been a nice day

Tue. April.16.1946./ 885./ 23 eggs./  N. east wind, Elbert got up early & went to Lorain to the buisness agent to see about work & he was back home at noon & said he had a job, if he was able to do it & it’s near the one he had before & for the same outfit only under another name, he said his other boss Mac. had been in the hospital again, this time he had fallen into one of the pitts & hurt his head bad.  Elbert had several falls  &K I was glad when he gave up that job, but now, I’m wondering about this one, & if he works I pray God will give Him health & strength, for I know he isn’t able to work as he is. Wind’s gone S. east tonight & it’s colder tonight  We had sunshine most all day & I managed to sweep & wipe up the floor & wipe the chairs. & I’ve done my daily chores & thats all, Praise God for that, and I pray he will bring in strangers & fill the Church and strengthen his people & fill them & forgive them, Amen

Wed. April.17. 1946./ 21 eggs / Elbert went to work this morning  I went to mail box, got a card from Ella Jane, a letter from Mrs Sharpe & an add for Elbert & one of the magizines Miss. Mc.Govern had sent to me. then I ironed & ironed all the mash bags  I had washed sometime ago. I’m not feeling very good, either, got that pain in my side again & Elbert went to work & he’s sure tired tonight, but, he has one days pay coming.  It’s been a beautiful day  N east wind not strong & nice sunshine  We had a heavy frost last night, thick & white, daffadills were froze and all frosty, but thawed  slow & came out looking swell, it made ice in bird bath out side. I took care of hens & birds & got supper & I’m tired also.  I planted the mertal myrtel  I traded the lillie bulbs for a week ago, it was blooming in the bottle of water here on the floor such a pretty blue, they have 5 petals [??]  Elbert got here 5-30-p-m. sooner than I thought he would & he went for the milk before he come home, he locked the hens, car & then rested a while & went to bed.  Well its so cold not anything can grow. not any of the seeds have come yet. Wind gone South tonight Ella Janes card was typed & come from Waukegan Ill April 15 1946. & this is what it said.  Dear Folks, Am coming home Fri. Apr. 19th. will be home Sat. Sun. & Mon. Hope you can manage to come down, as I wont have time to get around much. but would like to see you all. Hope you are well, now that Spring is here  Am to tired & have to much to do to write letters. Think about it but don’t get it done. Sorry but just can’t get everything in in a day.  Hope to see you this coming week end.  Love to both, Ella Jane.  & we don’t know if we can go or not.

Thurs.April.181946./ 20 eggs today / Elbert went to work & I did the washing dried it out side I dug enough greens for supp0er, they were good, & Elbert brought veal chops & we had peas & gravy 

Thurs. April 18. 1946./886. / 20. eggs. today /  & cold biscuits, so we had a supper.  I took care of hens & birds & put the clothes away and now, I have dishes done & Praise God he has taken care of us an-other day.  It’s been a fine day with sunshine  wind went from the S. west to the N. west & on to N. east tonight  the moon is shining full & yellow, the little green gage plumb is in bloom  it’s like a big white ball, I grew it (with Gods help) from a pit  the body is a little bigger around than a dollar, prune trees are starting to bloom. & the pear trees are about half bloomed out I mean the blossoms are about half opened.  Hope they don’t get froze. No garden up yet. peonies are about 8 inches high & lillies a ft high  things are coming but slow. 

Fri. April. 19. 1946./ 22 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & I didn’t do much today.  The little old man that sells shoe strings & notions came to the door just as it started to rain so I let him in & gave him a dish of water to wash himself & a towel & then gave him 2 fried eggs a bicuit & some tomatoes & hot coffee, his feet were paining him so bad he could hardly walk, but after he had rested and eat his lunch he started on up the track west to Toledo, he’d only been gone about 15 min when it rained hard, well, I still believe his selling is a fake job, but still I can’t prove it,  I’m so dumb.  Elbert came at 5-30-p-m, I had just got the chores done, I shut the coop up so he wouldn’t have4 to & carried the cystern & well water & when he came, he’d wrenched his back just before it was time to start for home, so he could hardly walk & I was glad I’d done the chores  wind was S. west but went to N. east a gain, We had a white frost last night to. Well I thank God he has taken care of us & I love Him, Glory. 

Sat.April20.1946./ 25 eggs today. / Well I got up late  no mail today but yesterday I got a letter from Miss Baumgart  Elbert’s back is still bad, I took my bath & dressed for town-we ate & went to Huron  got a piece of veal shank to boil & some carrots & broccoli. then we fed the hens & went to Nellie’s, she’s in bed half the time, her leggs are so bad & I believe she feels she wont be here long, although she doesn’t say so, I can see her nerves are in very bad condition  I took her & the family a loaf of graham bread & can of apricots  We stayed for supper for they insisted after we left there We went to see Martha she’s been down with intestinal flu. pneumonia but gets up a little while at a time now but didn’t look as if she should be up, they were coloring eggs with a neighbor woman, in the kitchen, for Easter. All of Nellie’s children were home & Johny’s intended wife & I hugged & kissed her as my neice.  When we all did get set down to the table at last they waited for Johny to ask the blessing but he motioned them to ask me, so I did, but Johny’s

Sat. April.20.1946./887./ 25 eggs today/  studying to be a minister & he was hoping theyed get started to eat before he got started to eat, before he got to the table & the blessing would be forgoten, well. We had a nice meal & a good visit, the children make so much noise you can hardly hear yourself think, but at last after Bonita had got them on there way to bed & they had said good night to each one and ask us to come back again & eat with them, they climbed the stairs for bed then Bonita showed us the Easter carts they ha bought for the 3 children  2 wheeled wooden carts with wooden rabbits pulling and pushing them & they are going to fill the carts with green paper grass & put colored eggs in them  Martha’s children colored & egg for Elbert & I & gave to us while we were there. & gave us each a piece of candy. It was 10-p-m when we got home & had a cup of tea & Elbert’s in bed, So now I must go. The wind went back south & I don’t know where it is tonight. it’s cold out. Ella Jane said she would be home again before she goes back to New Mexico, she leaves Mon. night 4-45-p-m. to go back to Waukegan  I’ll. to work. She promised to write, but she always does that. Oh. God of Love & Mercy do help them each & every one to Know Thee before they depart from this world in Jesus Name, Amen.  

Sun. April. 21. 1946./21 eggs today. / Easter Sun. Well, Elbert was rather stiff all morning & he don’t feel any to good to-night, but he took me to Church  We had a very good service  The Minister’s Wife from Elyria (Who is also a Minister) did the preaching.  Mrs. West Sr. played the piano & Mrs Tom Eppler played a horn of some sort, Brynt played piano for choruses & a man & his wife who were invited by Miss Clark came, he sang 2 hyms & she played for him.  they sang a lot & prayed.  there were only a few there its a shame how they all stay away  It’s been a beautiful day  only N. East wind’s cold & we had a frost last night & looks like one tonight. 

Mon. April. 22.1946./ 22 eggs today  / Ella Jane’s birthday she’s 27. yrs. old. today. & she went back to Waukegan this evening to be to work again there, she said she ‘d be home again before she goes to New Mexico, then Nellie said she (Nellie) & Bonney Bell are going with her, I don’t believe Nellie is able to make 

Mon. April, 22.. 1946./888./ 22 eggs today. /  such a long trip, but she’s bent on going & she’s in bed more than half her time now.  Well Elbert went to Huron for fish & got 1/2 bu. & pk. basket full he gave Myers, Snyder & Hauff some & we dressed the rest   I scaled & he took out the innards & cut of the heads  they gave him 3 nice white fish, he called Nellie & E.J. ans. phone & said Johny would come for the fish & we washed & scraped them & salted them  I cleaned the or scrapped the most of them while Elbert went for the milk & I had done the washing & carried the water & was to tired to do the fish, but Elbert’s back & head felt so bad.  I got dinner then helped & it’s 11-p-m & I have dishes done & No Johny yet, so I’m going to bed, Elbert went some time ago. It’s been a terrible hot day & I could hardly work & feel as if I were over heat, so tired, I sweat like rain all day, air’s been hot. I thank God for our blessing & pray He will help us find a place for all those fish, we have enough for Nellies family & there is, 5 grown up ‘& 3 children  1 & 2 yr. old’ Well here is some one, turned out to be Geo. & Bonita, so I went out to grainery & got a box & the fish & Geo carried in the fish & I put wax paper in the box & packed the fish in & did Martha’s up in another wax paper & laid card board on Nellies fish & Martha’s on top, so they could stop d& leave Martha’s as they passed & I hope & pray they will & I hope they all enjoy the fish, it’s such a job for us to clean so many & we were to tired to clean them. Nellie’s been in bed all day & Ella Jane left on the 4-40-p-m. train (New York Central) for her work place, Johny didn’t get home untill 11-p-m. & Geo had to come in John’s car, so it was just 12 midnight when they left here.  I’m glad they came; I’m going to bed. it is lightening hard over the lake. 

Tue. April.23.1946./ 25 eggs today /  Well Elbert’s back’s been so bad to day   he didn’t feel able to drive the car, but we went to Vermilion & left the fish for the preacher & family & another woman & her man came while I was putting the fish from my pan into one of hers & they had brought a long an xtra suit of clothes & carried them up stairs, Brynt went up with me & then went & called his folks (they were at Epplers & we passed them there)  because of the other young folks that had come. We went back to the dentist’s  he ground m plate off some more

Tue. April.23.1946./ 889./ 25 eggs. today./ We came back home after buying a sack of auster shell for hens (95cents) 80 lbs.. & we bought a few potatoes & grape fruits & a little saucage. & then we got home  he fed hens & went for milk & we ate supper when he got back  we are both to tired yet today, to terribly tired  Winds been S. west till morning went N. west & rained a shower or so before & after we got home & tonight wind’s N. east & died out & now a heavy fog.  the fog horn blew all last night & this afternoon & evening.  There’s been a queer lull at verious times the passed 3  days. Received another letter from Miss Mc.Govern today, Oh me.  She thinks she’s going to help me get my pension through a friend of hers.  Oh God, I Praise Thee. 

Wed. April, 24. 1946./ 24 eggs today /  It’s been a fine day, but last night it got so fogy you could only make out the outlines of Snyder’s house, but it settled like a white due & was cool & terribly wet out this morning.  We had dinner, then went to the beach & got a good big load of fine sand for use on the hen roost  I got a sprig from Snyders pink bud tree by above the stone wall, & a sprig from Bessies pear tree, she told me I could have one some time ago  I want to graft it in my pear tree, & the pink bud I’d like to start it to grow, so I could have a tree like it.  It’s beautiful in the spring.  Well, I’m so tired, I washed dishes & cleaned the stove when we got back  I picked up a pk of clam shells & peirwinkles & pretty stones for Bonita’s twins  I thought they might like them to play with  While we were gone some one was here & left lower lock unlocked. & there was mud on the front steps & on the floor. We had a lunch at supper time Elbert’s bowels are paining him again & he says he’s going to peddle eggs tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll go with him or not. Breeze N. East & cool. 

Thurs. April.25. 1946./ 25 eggs today/   Elbert went & sold the eggs today & I went with him, we sold 8 doz at the White Inn & the rest to one customer & Hambly’s & her mother took 5 doz. I had quite a visit at Hambly’s, Seems Mr. Bockman has been stirring up things for Ellen & her boyfriend, they say that Bockman said that the boy hadn’t ought to marry the girl for her folks have-n’t got anything, well the young man gave Ellen an engagement ring & it cost (195) one hundred & ninty five dollars, she, in her simplicity showed

Thurs. April, 25. 1946;/889./ [this should be 890]25. eggs & 2 of them anconia’s/    the Ministers wife the ring & what goes in her ear, comes out her mouth so everyone Knows all about it, she could have done by Ellen like she would have liked to be done by Mr & Mrs. Hambly are angry anyway with the Preacher & his wife & West’s & Tom & his wife, they like the nice things of this world & to travel with the high class & well-dressed. but I told her to hold her peace & let it slide off her back & use good judgement & look to God & to Jesus  go to Church, & ignore there ignorance & her ma told her that to. Oh God, how do they expect to get people in-to Church, how?  I pray Oh God, in Jesus Name Thou will clean the christians and do it fast for they are turning the humble folks minds, to look for another Church, and Thou doesn’t know how they have done by me, since they learned I was very poor, financily, I pray Dear Father in Heaven, that Thou will help Hamblys to look to the Lamb of God & do what is right in Thy sight & not look at the bad ex-ample of others, and help me to & make up strong in Thee & keep us strong in Thee, Oh God, I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.  I have learned we can’t trust even those in the Church.  It rained before we started for home we stopped in Vermilion  got some meat & a little fruit & it rained hard but it stopped after we got home, I fried potatoes & cooked a garlic saucage & we ate supper, Elbert said he felt a little better tonight but his back & bowels are still so bad, he looks sick.  Wind is N. West & quite cool tonight  We have a good fire & it feels comfortable. I have cooked the beef for soup & now I’m going to bed, I ought to write letters, but had to make dish towels. 

Fri. April.26. 1946. / 24 eggs today./  Elbert has felt so bad all day & the wind has been cold & raw from the N. west & is going on around to N. east  We have a good fire & it’s comfortable.  We were out in the back yesterday & picked up a few strawberry plants  some in bloom the fruit trees are all blooming out, early & late apples & pears. My little flowering Almon is full of flowers & it’s so cold & the gooseberries & currants also. I don’t believe it was as cold yesterday as it is today for one didn’t shiver in the breeze, as we do today. They opened up the dance hall at Ruggles Beach tonight & such a noise, I haven’t done so much today, been so tired,  I did the daily round & I have a big square pieced together to be stitched, to use under the table cloth. out of real heavy mash bags & it washed out nice & white.  I pray that God will give me more strength of soul & body & make my faith so strong in Him that I’ll be better able to help others to cling to Him. Oh God of Love & Mercy I ask in Jesus Name & I will give Thee all the Praise K& Glory for ever & ever, Amen.

Sat. April 27. 1946./890/ 21 eggs./  Nice day partly cloudy N.E. cold wind  Elbert went to Vermilion twice, he went out & picked up 7 doz eggs for White in only got 15 cents more for them & he’s so tired. Hauff offered him a setting for what fish he had given him but Elbert told him no, he gave him the fish. I ask him to go to the Ministers & tell them I’m all broke out with poisin and ask them to pray for me but he forgot it, & said his head hurt him so bad & the muffler on the car had give out & it made a terrible noise in the car to   he’s all tired out to night & I’m a terrible looking sight with one eye swollen most shut. but I know when they pray for all the christians that are sick God will forgive me & heal me Praise God Oh, my soul, Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen  A sheppard dog came to us today & is still here   I had Elbert give him some supper  he acts tired  Well Elbert says wind has gone South & its warmer. 

Sun. April 28. 1946./ 22 eggs today / My head’s swelled up like a pumpkin with poisin ivy, so they think, Elbert mailed a card to 4 square church in Elyria & phoned Rev & Mrs. Singlltons, & Sun afternoon Singletons & Miss Clark came out uninvited & prayed for me & I’m a  very little better tonight ich has left my face & So it was Gods Power that I felt. I Praise Him for this healing for ever & ever Amen.  It froze heavy ice in a lump in bird bath last night, was a beautiful day today warm & no wind

Mon.April29.1946./ 21 eggs today/   Can see out of both eyes a little today & its another day like yesterday warm & quite & sunshine. can see a little better since Rev & Mrs Singleton & Rev & Mrs Harlow came & prayed & read me a psalm 1 & 3 & pryed & gave me another anoiting  swelling isnot so bad today.

Tue. April.30.1946./891./ 22 eggs today./ $22.25 for eggs sold. Another beautiful day & Elbert has gone to Lorain to get what money he had coming & a few things we can only get in Lorain  he left 8 or 8-30-a-m,  I can see a little from both eyes but the swelling has gone down  down in my neck so bad I can’t tip my head down. Elbert got home about 1-30-p-m & couldn’t find any olive oil any where & so the face is drying & getting scabby.

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