Elinor A.  Bonney

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1907, “Elinor Bonney, est 1907, Lorain, O”, [back shows it is a postcard]

Harvey D. Bonney (Elinor’s Father)


1907, “H.D. Bonney, 1907” [back shows it is a postcard from Rensler’s Cincinnatti or Cleveland]

Elbert C. Bonney (Elinor’s Brother)


1910 Grandmother Bonney Martha Bonney Elbert Bonney”

Gertrude R. Bonney (Elinor’s Sister)


1914 Gertie Bonney with the parrots”

Fred Bonney (Elinor’s Brother)


Audrey L. Bonney (Elinor’s Sister)


1911 Audrey Carlisle


Nellie  Belle Bonney (Elinor’s Sister)


1911 ~ “Nellie Bonney Est 1911” standing in front of a brick pile in front of wooden walkway

John McKinley Harnish 1907 as a child(Elinor’s brother in law, married to Nellie)