February  1949

Feb. 1. 1949. Tue. / 2. eggs today./   Still am not quite myself, but feeling much better & been up all day,    helped put away the bedding & make up Elberts bed & helped a little with the supper tonight.    & washed up dishes once today & took care of my own bed & room & hope to wipe up floor tomorrow,    I wrinsed up all that bunch of rags, I had washed yesterday & didn’t get them all dry,    & then I washed up all I had dirty since yesterday & dried them & I haven’t been so bad today,    so wont have so many tomorrow,    I still have to cough rather hard,    but Praise God for the wonderful strength He gives me.    I pray He will reveal more to me & give me more Wisdom.   It’s still quite cold & snow on the ground yet.    I thank & praise the Lord in Jesus Name for His Love & tender Mercies. 

Wed. Feb. 2. 1949./ 4. eggs today/  Well, today I swept & wiped up the floor & I feel like it, weary & tired, & a little low,    it’s sure just terrible the way some people can cook up a storry from Ohio to New Mexico.    I some time wish I were in the Carolines or some where,    but, I pray God will take care of things in His own way & I can’t see how this thing will end but hope God will help it to end in the right way.    I got a note from Audrey last week & she hoped I be O.K. come summer, & I said to Elbert well, I’ll be O.K. by & by & he said in a way I could hardly endure it, “Oh, sure you’re going to out live some of the rest & the look he had on his face & a week ago I felt as if I’d had a heavy drug, it took a day & a half to wear it off,   & I’m sure. of two things & maybe 3. now.   I pray God will give each one there just deserts & perhaps I can lend a hand before very long, now.    I did out a few wash pieces this morning also.    Oh how I detest the divel & all his dirty works,    it’s so bad.    I feel I’d like to be with Jesus instead of still taking the whippings here, with not a soul to talk with or to help me.    I received a letter from Audrey today,    she said Gertie went back to work & was so tired she went to bed at 8-30p-m,    that she made her. hot tea so she could drink it as soon as she got her coat off.    Well she’ll be 61. in May & the yrs. do tell on us, no matter.    Who we are, she said she bought Jean Monagon a skirt for her birthday Feb. 3. 1949. & had to get Jim some thing yet.   they will be 15 yrs old. & that Martha’s family & Nellie (sunshine & nice all day   ground hog day.)

Wed. Feb. 2. 1949./ page. 2283./ 4. eggs this day./  were coming to eat dinner with her this coming Sun. & that she’d made a pair of pajama’s & that she had ordered a piece of good from Sears & it wasn’t what she had ordered that they sent.    Well Nellie sent a card today.   A. said Bonita was able to go back to work again & Nellie said she was going to Cleveland for another check up & then she said don’t worry I’m O.K. just try to take care of your selves, just as if we didn’t try,    but even at that we need a little human help  some one to just lend a hand to do things to ease off the load, for just a little While.    but, no one seems to ever think I need any help,    all I need is work,    Well, I do hope, pray & trust God will help me do, as long as I live,    I have always enjoyed doing things for others but now I’m in a rut & praying God will lift me out, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    I don’t like to take Audrey’s money & not be able to repay it, for one of these days she’s going to need it,  I know.    I thank God for the wonderful strength He gives me from day to day for my healings & salvation. Amen.

Thurs. Feb. 3. 1949./ 4. eggs today./   Today’s Jim’s & Jean’s birthdays    they are 14 yrs. old & soon Joan will be 13. yrs. old.    Martha’s kept them away from here, so they hardly know us.    Been mostly cloudy all day,    Very pretty sun rise   clouds fan shape over the sun & beautiful colors in the clouds, but only for hr. or so    then clouded up & got quite dark at 3-30-p-m.    I been in bed until 3-30     I got up to rest from laying so long not use to that     usually set up in the little rocker, but my heads so bad,    I haven’t felt like holding it up.    Cold makes ears feel as if they were stopped up and I can’t hear,    left one’s the worst.    My Check & Dehaan’s book & a card from the card Co.    Elbert kill a hen & cooked it for broth & tomorrow he hopes his check will come so he can get mash & grain & pay for on the bill out of mine $10.00 a dollar for car gas & 3.50 for church & then get the groceries & out of his he has to pay 7.65 for meat & 2.41 for bal. on stove grates then get the mash & grain so we wont have anything left.    I’ll be so glad when I’m ride of this cold.    I know the Lord will take it away,   it’s truly wonderful the great amount of strength He gives me.    I thank Him in Jesus Holy Name & praise Him for all things great or small for ever & ever Amen. 

|Fri. Feb. 4. 1949./ 3. hens eggs & 1. pullet egg./   I got up at 10-a-m & brushed my hair & then dressed at 10-30-a-m,   Elbert got the mail, his check & a bill from Bakers garage for 3.50 & he has a receipt to show he paid all but $1.50    such skin flints.    He went to Ver-milion & paid 10.00 on the coal bill & bought $11.13 worth of food at Krogers & 1.11 at A & P & Rathborns & one dollar for gas for car out of my check, then out of his check he got 1. bag of grain 1. bag of mash $8.44 & paid bal. on grates $2.41 & paid meat bill to Neagles $7.65 & then we

Fri. Feb. 4. 1949. /page. 2284. 3. hens this day & 1. pullet egg/   had dinner when he got back then we had a time figuring to see where the money went & how much we had coming back to each of us    he vowed he had kept it seperate & he had lots to much & I not near enough     but after we figured up we got all squared up, he only got 1 bag each of mash & grain    He should have got 2 of each    so, we took that out to save it for that & then 3.50 for church & 2.00 we borrowed of card money & I gave him the change, leaving me with out any.    I still owe 42.02 on coal bill & they made the receipt out to Elbert.    I don’t mind it only I pay it out of my check & if any thing should come up & I’d have to prove where my money was spent & for what it was spent, I’d like to have my receipts in my own name.    Elbert gets angry & flies all off & says he just wont buy the food or pay the bills, if I’m not able to  go next time,    Well, I’m so sorry,    but, I feel, I have to keep all things straight.    but, there are a lot of things, that I’d like to keep more straight, but looks as if I need a real Dick to do it soon.    I did my wash of rags for both ends & got them a dry before Elbert got back & I took care of beds & rooms today,    I thank & praise the Lord for His tender care & love for such as I and pray that He will turn Elbert’s soul & the rest of the family His way soon & that His coming wont be in the winter or on the Sabath Day & Oh God, I pray Thou will find me worthy, in Jesus Dear & Holy Name fror all the Praise, Glory & Powr belongeth to Thee; Amen.

Sat. Feb. 5. 1949./ 2. eggs today./    I stayed in bed untill most 10-30-a-m – then got up washed & dressed, comb my hair & shook up the beds opened the windows as usual & then my rags, so they’d be clean over Sunday.    I cough untill I throw up    it takes my strength bad ,    I sprinkled a few pieces to iron & my dress & I got them done while Elbert went to the beach for sand for the roosts,    I washed some wood work & swept & I washed the top of the cook stove, & , it needs a real good cleaning.    I helped get the supper & washed dishes once today.    I’m tired, but I thank God my heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for saving my soul and teaching me to trust Him for all things and that He does reveal the truth to me about many things    I thank Him, Praise Him for all things and my and our many blessings forever, Amen.    I killed a house fly n the window today & yesterday a spider. 

Sun. Feb. 6. 1949./ 4. hens 1. pullet’s eggs./   Another beautiful day, bright sun & not much breeze and not cold & snow most gone,    we had a heavy frost last night.   Elbert’s still feeling bum,     but, my cold, I believe, is better,    I washed out my nose rags & two towels I had soaking alnight.    I took my bath this a-m & took care of bed rooms & swept & wiped up dust.    None of the folks from church been out    perhaps they are all dead,    they don’t even drop me a U.S. Post card.    Ha, ha, ha.    Oh, Well, I’m more than Greatful the Lord takes care of His own    I do wish I knew some one who would like to come & help me, but looks as if I’ll have to get out & hunt

Sun. Feb. 6. 1949./ page. 2285./ 4. hens 1. pullets eggs. / around for myself.   Well it did be-gin to cloud up at 3-p-m & at 9-p-m   it’s raining    Elbert says it isn’t a cold rain.    It has looked like a Spring day & over the radio they tell us each day, that, there is only so many more days untill Spring.    today he said there’s 42 more days.    Well, Nellie is 52. yrs. old today & Audrey said in her letter she was having Nellie & the Monagans there for dinner, to bad Bonita & her children couldn’t have been there to,    I know it’s a lot of work,    but, nice for them all to be together.    I thank my Lord in Jesus Name for His love & tender mercys.   I Praise His Holy Name forever & ever Amen.

Mon. Feb. 7. 1949./ 1. P. 4. H. eggs today./   Johny would have  been 52. yrs. old today. & he has been resting 4. yrs. last mo. time flys.  Well Elbert went to Lorain & sold 4. doz. eggs 65 cents for 2 doz. 2.70 for only 65 cents per. doz. 70 cents for 2. doz.  & I gave him enough to pay for 1. sack of mash 100 lb.  & 1. sack grain 100 lb. & he got jar turpo save, 1. head cabbag, 1. big onion & a box of crackers & 2. lbs. red hering and that fish sure tasted good    It was passed 2-p-m when we ate, Elbert didn’t get here untill most 2. p-m  He didn’t see anyone to talk to except Mrs. Cranage & Miss. Baumgart. & the other woman wasn’t home but a young lady took the eggs.    I washed out the rags & dried them & feel rather weak & limpsy, still have to cough so hard takes a lot of strength, but still, I thank God that He takes care of me & gives me a lot more strength than I would have if He didn’t supply it.    I love Him & praise Him all the Glory & Power belongeth to him.   Its been a nice day.   

Tue. Feb. 8. 1949./ 4. eggs today/  Well it’s been a fine day, but my cold seems to stay & it hurts so bad to cough,    I’m trusting God will in Jesus Name free me soon again,    I do thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus for all things for what ere befalls me   Jesus doeth all things well,  I thank Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy.    I washed out the nose rags but felt more dead than alive, sort of dumb,    I laid in bed half the day,    just had to drive myself to get up & do what I had to do,    hope I’ll be lots better tomorrow.   Well, I just don’t believe I’ll try keeping only what we want for our own ujse, from now on.   Well, we started on the new tank of gas about the 30th of Jan. & we owe $3.01 cents on it & we’ll have to pay for another one soon.    It’s clouded up tonight & radio said colder tomorrow & the other states are buried over the house tops, in snow,    they have lost a lot of people & stock & only get the roads cleared when they get another terrible down fall of snow & California with the others & meat has taken a drop so they say,    but, we haven’t noticed any drops in food or meat yet.   God’s words are coming true every day & still people don’t believe but try to fight on in there own power.   God help us.

Wed. Feb. 9. 1949./ 3. hens eggs 1. P. egg. /   Elbert went to Amherst & got the condition powder & paid 2.00, on it,    if it hasn’t come down in price I will have 6.00 more to pay.   I washed a change of clothes & my rags, &

Wed. Feb. 9. 1949./ page 2286/ 1. P. 3 hens eggs today/  got most of them dry before Elbert got back then I made up beds, then I made biscuits, 2 tins of them for supper & made |Chicken balls & gravey & hot tea,    I’m shivering from head to foot    can’t seem to endure just a little work    have to cough so hard & when I blow my nose seems as if air bubbles come out my ears    my head feel bad, but I’m hoping to feel better soon, because I haven’t written to the church,    I haven’t heard a word from them & no one has bothered to come    Well, they say, they all have there troubles & why bother with the other fellow,    it’s O.K. by me    Jesus Knows & He knows each heart & mind     & sometimes, I do feel terrible when He reveals them to me, but still,    I’m thankful to for it helps me to understand better,   I ask Him to reveal things to me & give me wisdom & under-standing & help me to know what to do & how to do & what to say,    I’m so glad Jesus really & trully loves me and I can trust Him that He sees, Knows & helps me,    Glory to His Name,    He don’t send another to fish around & snoop to find out something & then run off & tell it & talk about you, no sir,    He open & above board in all things,    He truth it’s self & more to be desired than any jone or any thing in this world., Hallelujah Praise His Holy Name for ever & ever, Glory, Glory, Glory, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful Spring like, day, not freezing, but those other states are sure having life hard with one blizzard after another untill they are burried even the house tops.

Thurs. Feb. 10. 1949./ 7. hens egg & 1. Pullet/  Well it was a fine day    snowed in showers this after noon, pleasent all morning.    I didn’t do much today    coughed so much I couldn’t rest, but didn’t spit so much last night,    it tired me    I didn’t get up untill 9-30-a-m  or it was almost.    Elbert went to  Vermilion & got a little meat & some greens for the hens & pullets    I did my wash of nose rags & made some hot drink    He wasn’t gone very long    received letter from Audrey with $10.00 in it & a nice letter & she says her hands are so sore from the dye in the goods she’s sewing on it hurts to use them,    she had the birthday dinner for Jim Jean & Nellie for Feb. 3rd & 6th.    Martha Merlin & Joan were there to,    she said they had a good visit in the after noon    Gertie was there to.   I received card from Nellie & she’s been to Clinic for 3. days & stayed with Johny from Fri. untill Sun. & ate her birthday dinner with Audrey, Gertie & the Monagon’s, at Audreys.   she never 

Thurs. Feb. 10. 1949./ page. 2287./ 7. hens. 1. P. eggs this day./ never said a word about the family, so I suppose they are all alive.    she wrote as if she was all light up, sort of sound as if she felt she stood head & shoulders above me in all ways,    Well, I hope she’s well & O.K. and I’m glad if she’s happy, but feel a little anxious about what she may have told about me, to Audrey    I don’t want Audrey to feel worried about me & I sort of feel it might be that way. from the letters & cards.   I pray God will Keep things right so I wont have that to be thinking of.    I have enough hear to figure out.    I have written a letter to Audrey & don’t know just when I can mail it.    I’m going to read some & go to bed.   I thank God my Heavenly Father, in Jesus Holy Name for all my blessing. Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 11. 1949./ 3. hens. & 2. pullet eggs./    Well, I felt to bum to do much so I just looked after beds & washed up dishes,    Elbert’s knee has been bad but he’s been doing chores & taking care of hens & pullets,    he made a platform with sides to put sand on to dry, out of old box boards & sawed some limbs “willow” & he went to Vermilion & was goine only 20. min & mailed the letter to Audrey that I had written,    hope she doesn’t misjudge it, but takes it as I ment it.    I got a card from Mrs. Gall yesterday, but didn’t get it ans. yet.   She said She, Miss Clark & Mrs Sprunk have been sick & Miss Clark said it had been 7. Sundays I hadn’t been there.    Well Praise the Lord in Jesus Name,   He’s still with me & He visits me in my humble home,    if the rest don’t act as if they are afraid they might get dirty when they set down    but they all are to busy or sick to help any one else,   but, I am just as well pleased, for Jesus knows & He help me through the fire & water.    Glory to His Holy Name,    I love Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus. 

Sat. Feb. 12, 1949./ 7. hens & 1. pullet egg./   Lincon’s birthday.   A beautiful day partly cloudy this afternoon.   I felt so weak I didn’t wash this morning & aftr dinner Frank Bonney came in & he’d been here an hour or so when Mr Hauffman (the one that brought the bird here) came in,    he brought me 2. qts. milk & wanted to borrow Jerry, the canary he brought me & thought it was a female,    it sings & acts like a male bird,    so he wanted to let an old woman take it that has 2. females,    he said he’d bring it back & a male baby bird. & maybe she might let me take one female.    I wonder if she will be as generous with me as I’ve been with her & all on Hauffman’s say    so for I don’t know the other woman.    Well New tank of gas came today.   We owe 11.04 cents now for gas 

Sat. Feb. 12. 1949./ page. 2288./ 7. hens 1. pullet egg./   Miss Clark sent the Sunday school lesson book by mail, got it today.   Well I sure will be glad when I can gt back to Church.    I haven’t coughed so bad today & hope to get re-ajusted again soon, but I really don’t know how soon it will be    my heads bad & I’m so terribly weak.   Frank says he’ll have the money in a few days for Elbert’s lots,    I do hope they can make the deal peaceable.    Radio says rain & it looks & seems that it may.    I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessings, Amen.

Sun. Feb. 13. 1949./ 3. hens 1. Pulletts. /   I pary God will help some one to go to Church in my place today & perhaps more than one & that He will bless the meeting & all Who go & all Who are unable like myself & that He will stir up the indifferent ones & get them back a-gain,    and help the ministr & his wife to do thre part and bless there efforts in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   I been home all day & Not a soul came in.    Hauffman didn’t keep his word either,    he promised to bring back the bird cage & cover.    How I detest lies,    & I wish he’d stay away    I hope & pray God will show me a way out of the rut I’m in,    I’d be so happy, and I’d give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever.    Well it rained this morning misty rain & heavy showers half the night,    been mostly dark & cloudy,    Well, I feel I’m better    cough is almost gone & head & ears clearing up;    I must wash in the morning, God willing    & pray He will give me strength & keep me from catching any more cold,    I’m thanking & praising Him for my healing in Jesus Blessed Name, Amen.

Mon. Feb. 14. 1949./ 4. P. 4. hens eggs today./   St. Valintine’s Day. & Nellie said she came in person,    she bought short steaks & paid over a dollar for them & a pint of fresh frozen peas,    Well with Elbert’s help I got dinner & I’ve felt like a dish rag every since.    Elbert’s knee has pained him bad today & he feel real miserable,      He killed & dressed a hen for Nellie to take back home & we gave her some carrots & apples & 1/2 doz. little pullet eggs & I gave her the handkercheifs for Bonita & children & & gave her the apron Miss. Clark gave me some time ago,    it cost 1.04 for round trip & 40 cents to Lorain & back to Elyria    I marked off the butterfly I crocheted from an add. (in cross stitches    she thought she’d like to crochet it, for a handkercheif    it’s is real pretty.    Well, she came at noon & went at 4-30. p-m.    Elbert took her up to end of road & she got the buss there.   She’s trying to get us to move over by her in a 2. room house & 2 lots   a good well & 2500 dollars for it,    Why should we,   our taxes here is only $11.00 & some odd cents    We don’t have water to pay for    I don’t know if that well water is hard or soft.    but Why all the bother?    If we were over there she’d want Elbert to come & work 

Mon. Feb. 14. 1949./ page 2289./ 4. H.  4. P. eggs today./  at odds & ends & she is planing on teaching again at school,    she’s been teaching a little boy twice a week,    she’s taking pills, 2 or 3 different kinds  5-6 & 10 each, they cost,    she said they told her at Cleveland Clinic she was getting a-long O. K. & her legs & ankles are so swollen she wears rubber stockings all the time, in order to get around.   Bonita would like to work & so maybe the children might come & stay with me, if I was that close,    but I need some one to take care of me some what,    I’m as tired tonight from getting dinner & doing dishes & taking care of birds & beds & so forth as when I wash,    & I was going to wash out my rags & 3 or 4 pieces & I didn’t get it done so have them soaking & will try to get them done tomorrow.    It has been rainy & heavy fog alday & raining tonight & wind has gone S. & rather strong & puffy.   I thank God for all my many blessing in Jesus Blessed Name, Glory Hallulejah.

Tue. Feb. 15. 1949./ 5. hen eggs today./  WEll I got a small part of the washing done but I still have my 2 dresses 1. table cloth 1. pr. stockings dish towels & hand towels & Elberts pillow slip  sleepers  his heavy union suit & heavy work shirt & his bath towels & his blankets & mine.   so, there is plenty to do, & there are plenty of dirty dishes to.    I’m dead tired tonight,    my arms ach so bad to night.   but , I thank God in Jesus Name, for saving my soul & keeping me day by day with His strength.    I got a card from Church,    they are going to have several churches in one maeting at the 4. square church in Vermilion Feb. 21-7-45-p.m. It’s been a very dark and cloudy all day & is tonight.

Wed. Feb. 16. 1949./ 6. hens.  4. pullets./  It was moonlight last night & when morning came, the sun came out,    my arms ached all night so I was still so tired I didn’t feel able to get up.    but, I got up & washed out 2 cotton blankets “one light weight & one quite heavy & 2. wool blankets I sleep between, “thats” 3. times I wring each blanket before they go on the line,    Elbert washed the wire cloth line & he hung the blankets up for me,    they got al-most dry & I finished them in here over the stove & got them real dry & my bed made up fresh    I took care of Elbert’s bed & room & I made brand muffins for supper & also 2 tins of baking Powder biscuits, while the oven was hot     so now I wont have to bake bread for a couple of day,    wind’s been south west. & strong enough to blow blankets almost straight out on the line,    tonight it’s West & a little north & it snowed a wet snow after dark & stuck on & it’s colder now. & wind is puffy.    I thank God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    He does take care of His own,    I’m praying he will reveal to me the lesson He would have me learn, or what it was for.    Well, anyway I’m slowing getting better again,    I realize more & more how Jesus must have felt many many times for it seems the more Godly a person is the more persecutions they have to endure.    Audrey send a letter with 10.00 in it today.    she has sent us a lot of money    I hope I’ll be able to give it all back by & by.    I pray Lord thou will help me, to get out of this rut.

Thurs. Feb. 17. 1949./ page. 2290 / 5 hens  4 Pullets today.   I wrote a card to Mrs. Goll. & one to A. B. C. for Elbert to mail this morning & a card to Miss. Clark.    she sent me a class book to study & card about the different churches joining together at Vermilion Feb. 21.   Elbert went to Lorain & sold 4. doz. egg 65. cents pr. doz. & bought a few nessecary grocierys & brought back 8 cents out of 2.60,    he got greens for the hens allso.    I’ve swept & dusted & took care of beds & birds & did part the cooking & did the dishes.   I haven’t done quite so much today,    but I thank God for my healing & pray I’ll soon be going to church again in Jesus Name.   Oh Praise God in Jesus the power goes from my head to toes.    they must be truly praying for me in earnest prayer at Church. Glory Glory. I thank God for my healing & pray I’ll soon be going to Church again in Jesus name   I’m trusting & believing Amen.

Fri. Feb. 18. 1949./ 4. hens. 4. pullet eggs today./   Well, I sure am tired,   I washed my 2 dresses & table cloth  dish towels & 2 hand towels & my rags & stocking & wash rags,   then I washed Elbert’s sleepers bath towel & heavy union suit   a pretty mash bag  very fine green & white check & his work shirt & Kercheifs,    he got the supper, fried the rest of the fish & we ate biscuits with them.   after supper I patched the seat of his sleeper pants & then I made the beds.    It’s been a beautiful day high wind S.W. & nice sun.   not very cold out.   I thank God for His Wonderful Salvation & healing    Some one really prayed for me last night,   the power went through me from head to toe again & again,    Oh Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free,    Glory to God,    Jesus I love Thee.

Sat. Feb. 19. 1949. / 8. hens  12. Pullet eggs./   It’s been a beautiful day, partly cloudy this afternoon.    I swept & wiped up floors took care of beds & rooms & part the meals & washed dishes & mended E’s union suit & sewed the buttons & fixed button holes & now I have to iron my house dress & his shirt,    then I’ll read & think awhile & go to bed.   I thank & praise God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed & Holy Name for my healing    Thurs. night the power went from my head to my toes a-gain & again & I thanked & Praised the Lord    He surely heard all the prayers & laid His Holy hand on me   Glory to God,   I praise Thee Jesus,   Glory , Glory, Glory Hallelujah Amen.   

Sat. Feb. 19. 1949.  Frank’s been gone 16. yrs. today.   I wish he’d been for Jesus.   I gave Elbert 10.00,  he went to Vermilion & got bag of mash 4.15 & he got a money order for his taxes 1.98   then he got some milk, bird seed 17 cents, Oyster schell 1.10,    she over charged for the money order     it should have been 6 cents & she charged 10 cents & the milk was 57 cents so that’s the way the money goes & 1.80 for light bill.   

Sun. Feb. 20. 1949./ 3. hens   6. Pullets eggs./   I rested all morning & we ate our dinner at 4-p-m. & had a lunch at 8-30-p-m    Elbert ate this morning,    he has been having to go to the toilet often,    he said it must be the liver pills,   he takes so many    I don’t try to keep tab, ibut it’s anacins, Olive tablets & Liver pills & N.R. tablets.

Sun. Feb. 20. 1949./ page. 2291./  4. hens  6. pullets eggs./  now, he say he don’t know what phyics him so.   Well, it’s been a dark sort of dreary day.   I ironed my dress & Elbert’s shirts last night & was to tired to do it    so, I couldn’t go to church either this a-m because it was so damp & I hadn’t been out to get use to the weather    so we were both home all day.    I know they will still be praying for me & Jesus will hear & ans. prayer & I’ll get out & get use to the air again so I can go to worship a-gain.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for the earnest prayers for me & thank Him for each one Who prays & pray He will give unto them four fold what they ask for me, in Jesus Name & take care of each one as He seeth we need,   I thank Him & praise Him  All the Glory belongeth to Him for ever & ever Amen.

Mon. Feb. 21`. 1949./ 5  hens & 12 pullets eggs,/  Well, today I baked 3 loaves of bread one of which was a graham loaf.   I made a cucone & 5 bis-cuits & made chicken rice soup for supper & did my usual daily round.   it’s been another cloudy dark day.   Elbert’s been doing the outside chores & he’s been doing some spading  all, then he shoveled some straw from the south end of hen house over on to the other pile;   he killed & dressed a hen this morning & put it on to the cook   & we had noodles in some of the broth for dinner. & tonight is the night all the churches were to gather at 4 Square in Vermilion,   I hope & pray that they have a good turn out, in Jesus Name.   & I also pray it will be filled with power from on high.   I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there but, I’m trusting & praying for them.   I thank My Father in Heaven for His Love & tender mercies,   I will never be able to do for Him all I’m indebted to Him for Glory to His Name.  

Tue. Feb. 22. 1949./ 8. hens & 11. pullets eggs/   George Washington’s birthday,   he would be ___ yrs. old today.   I been home all day & so has Elbert &    it’s been a very dark cloudy day with rain early & misty rain this after noon & heavy fog for a while colder tonight & damp air,   N.E.   I thank God for all our blessing & pray he will see us safely through.   I pray for all of His peopl & that He will let me walk close to Him, all through life’s journey;   I love Thee Jesus.

Wed. Feb. 23. 1949./ 7. hens 12 pullets eggs./   Well I did the washing today   my back & arms hurt tonight.   & I have to fix my order for cards   & then I didn’t get Ethel & Loura Ann’s letter done yet.   but I did get my daily doz. done.   & most everything in clothes dried.   & we received a letter from Audrey with ____ in it & no letter,   it hurts me so,    but, I don’t know how I can ever pay her   I pray God will help me to really pay her well,   Oh God I trust & hope you will make it come true before very long & before I depart.   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Holy Jesus   I thank & Praise Thee.

Thurs. Feb. 24. 1949./ 5. hens  7. Pullets eggs. /   Haven’t done much today   I’m still tired out.    legs, arms ach so bad & I bodily tired,    can hardly get up & walk around    I took care of beds & the & birds & helped with the meals & did dishes & now I’ll read.

Thurs. Feb. 24. 1949./ page 2292/  & pray & go to bed again,   I wanted so much to go to prayer meeting,    but I’ll hope & pray I’ll soon be strong enough to go soon.   I sent a letter for the card order, 7.10 & I wrote a card to Audrey & one to Nellie & Bonita & Elbert went to Vermilion, got a money order & put it in my letter  sealed it & put it & the card in mail box,    then he went to Krogers    got some greens for hen & a jar of Sanka,  1. lb Karkay, 1. can cocoa & the boiling meat (1.14 for groceries 83 cents for meat 50 for blogna  50 for gas & he gave me 75 cents back,   I had given him $10.90.   he went to Huron & traded 4 grain bags for 3 checked (green & white) bags (dress good) & it’s real good,   it don’t fade & is evenly woven and firm,   so now I have 6 bags, 1 1/4 yds in each.   enough to make me a good house dress & with white cuffs, color & belt   it, ought to look real good,   I thank My Dear Heavenly Father for all my many blessings, most of all for saving my soul & helping me to do His Will    I thank Him & Praise Him in Jesus Blessed Name,  Glory to God in the Highest, Glory, Glory, I love Thee Jesus, Amen.   It’s been dark & cloudy all day,   sun did peep through but not for long,    began a misty rain this after noon & to rain at evening and has Kept at it in showers all evening,   it’s 9-30-p.m. & still at it,  strong puffy rain.   I made an elderberry pie & a squash custard pie today.

Fri. Feb. 26. 1949./ 5. hens 14 pullets eggs./   Only done the daily round today   an haven’t felt able to do that,    I laid & rested un-till noon,    Elbert brought me a cup of sanka,   it tasted a little like it & partly like postum,   Well, I drank it & am still alive.   It’s been cloudy all day & dark   birds didn’t seem to know what to think about it.   I heard the Cock Pheasent crowing out in the back   I still am to tired yet,  my arms ach & feel to heavy to even hold the pen and write.   But, I thank thank my Lord in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for my salvation & all He gives me, Amen.

Sat. Feb. 27. 1949./ 6. hen 23. pullets eggs./  Well, I haven’t been any good again today   I swept the 3. rooms & aired them & made the beds & dusted & washed my stocking & nose rags & help get the supper & did the dishes & I’m shaking all over,   still feel so tired all over.    But I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for His love, salvation, & care in all the many He reveals things to me.   I love & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus    I pray for each soul of His where ever they may be & I thank Thee Jesus & I pray for Vermilion Church & the Minister, his Wife & each member each child    God bless them and send in some others to fill my place   help me to soon be back with Him again.

Sat. Feb. 26. 1949./ page. 2293./ 6 hens & 23. Pullets eggs./ I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for I know soon Thou will be coming,   I pray we will be found worthy & that Thy coming wont be in the winter or on the Sabath Day,   forgive us our sins which are so many & forgive the Nations Missionarys, Ministers, Preachers & Priests, Saints, Peoples & followers & I thank Thee & give Thee all the Glory, for ever & for ever   Jesus Blessed Jesus.   It was cloudy, like a dark blanket all morning, but Praise God the blanket broke up into big clouds & the sun came through & set a golden red tonight,   & I thank God for the Sun, Moon, stars, wind & rain & often reflect on what life would be like with out any light & the dark so thick,   it seemed we could feel it,   as the bible says it will be,   Oh, God of Love & Mercy,   We Know the time is growing closer & a Peace in Jerselam & the Christians again being put to the test,  I pray, Oh Lord, for more strength & a stronger faith in Thee.  For if ever we need Thee my Jesus it is from now on. 

Sun. Feb. 27. 1949./ 6. hens 16. pullets eggs./   Lord God of Hosts I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things,   I haven’t been out side since Jan. 20th untill yesterday    I was out on the front step to shake the dust mop,   I had begin to ask God where all the sisterly love was & Elbert & I were talking about it when he went to the door & said here comes Miss Clark & Mrs. Sprunk    we had partly cleared up the table & was setting around talking wondering if they had forgotten me or if they hadn’t a way to come out    Elbert, don’t like to go to them,   so, I just wait untill I can go back & then Praise God for His Love & Mercy & that He Guides me safely through.   I don’t know why I’ve had to stay home,   but He knows,   I pray He will reveal to me the lesson I should learn & help me to understand & do His Blessed Will.   We had prayer before they left & I gave them 1. doz. & 9. eggs.   Mrs. Sprunk gave me 50 cents as a gift, but she might have felt as if she couldn’t take the eggs with out paying for them,   but they are small pullet eggs.  so, I sent Barbara 1/2 doz. from Bonney,  that’s what she calls Elbert.   One night she stood in the seat beside her mother “Dorthy West” & Elbert came into the church & Barbara clapped her hands & laughed & said, Bonney, & Every one had to laugh, to see how happy she was to see Elbert come into Church;   I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee   All the Glory, & power belongeth to Thee forever & ever Amen.

Mon. Feb. 28. 1949./ page. 2294./ 6, hens  24. Pullets eggs./  Well it snowed & blowed last night,  started before midnight & it has snowed in heavy showers all day   sun come out after dinner, at intervals & shone while it snowed a gale   it’s been real cold, raw.   W. & little N. wind,     sun went down be-hind the clouds white as ice,   it’s blowing & snowing yet 11-30-P.m. & storm door glass froze & icy.   The old hens 12 of them laid 133 eggs this mo. & the pullets 167.   I hope Elbert will sell enough to buy one bag of feed.   I thank & Praise God for His help & for saving my soul,   I love Elbert,   but , he says & does queer things.   I pray he will learn to Know the Lord soon, before it’s for ever to late, I ask in Jesus Name & I thank Thee.  

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