December  1949

Thurs. Dec. 1. 1949./ page. 2450./ 14.y.p.-H-10-eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain to day with the eggs    he sold 3. doz. Hens eggs for 75 cents & 8 doz. for 65 cents & 3 1/2 doz. Pullet eggs for 50 cents per. doz. a total of 9.20.    he paid for the feed out of his money 7.48 so I gave it back to him & he has quite a few p. eggs to sell & then he will have to get more feed,    he don’t like to keep track, but I don’t want him telling he paid for there feed    he didn’t tell me what he paid for the wheat he got,    I’ll ask & leave this space_____ to set it down     & he has to get straw, to, this week,    he is feeling bad    his liver is slugish,    he is taking Carters liver pills & hopes to feel O.K. again in a day or two .      I got up & washed the dishes & Kettles & then did the washing.    he got saucage & loin Pig pork & it was good.    I went out back & then got 2 Kettles of well water & emptied slop pail.    I dried the clothes in the house.   & did my daily round and thank God for our many many blessing in Jesus Name.   Wish I could have been in prayer meeting tonight.    I crocheted 3. rows acrossed on the “deer” chair set for Audrey.    I received two track messengers from face tracts society,    & Mr. Bowens wife passed away in June 22nd. same date as ma went.    I know how lone-some he will be & the longer she’s gone the more he’ll miss her,    he says she lived to save for Jesus.    May God Bless him.  

Fri. Dec.2. 1949./ 15. y.p.-8-H-eggs today/    I have only done my daily dozen today    It snowed & everything was white & icy & most of it thawed off today,    been partly cloudy.   not very cold.    Elbert took papers to Vermilion    took Mr. Miller some fried chicken & gravey & a dumplin & little can of cranberry jelly.    He went up the east river road to Berk’s farm & got a qt of milk    I sure enjoy the clean fresh cows milk.    Glory to God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name    I thank & Praise & give all the Glory to Him.

Sat. DEC. 3. 1949./ 18.y.p. 7-H eggs today/  Well, I haven’t done only my daily round & a little mending today     Elbert cleaned big pen in the hen house & went with his papers.    Little colder & partly cloudy today.    I ironed my dress & Elbert’s shirt    fix my dress fo I have to have it & mended his union suit & socks    cooked two needs & washed dishes & I haven’t felt able all day to take care of my self,    but Elbert don’t feel good either,     he’s got a cold in his head. I thank God in Jesus Name,  he’s able to get out & do things    for it’s so hard for me of late to just go to the outdoor toilet.    I thank & praise God for all our many many blessing.

Sun. Dec. 4. 1949./ 19.y.p.  12-H eggs today./   Today would be Len Bonney’s birthday    he’d be ’67 just 2. days older than Elbert.   We been home all day    Elbert has back door trot   his liver is bad & he’s taking liver jpills,    I haven’t felt very good either for a few days.    We thank God for food, clothes, coal & a warm house & the many other blessings He gives us.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee.

Mon. Nov. [She means Dec.] 5. 1949./ page. 2451./ 17.y.p.-8-H. eggs today/  I slept late   felt to bum to sleep all night,    so, got in 2 naps this a.m.    then got the dinner,   Elbert went to Huron & got 12 or 15 small fish& (2) big pike, or pickerl  one 18 in. & the other 20 inches long & alive    I fried 2 fry pans of small ones for dinner & then he looked after the chickens & I did the dishes & then done out the wash-ing, that is   part of it,    Elberts heavy union suit & his work shirts & his socks, was rag & kerchief & so I will have night clothes & blankets yet to do.    It’s been a fine day quite cold wind & strong.    Elbert set some traps north the house & got one rat & he was only cought by the toes,    I went out to kill it & hit it     just as I struck at it again he got loose & got a-way    I’ve seen 2. every day out there    hope we get them so they wont go to the coop & try to chew in.    I sent a few pieces of fish to Mr. Miller when Elbert went with the papers & he got a bottle of 4X brandy,    I need more strength & thought a little sling might give me a pick up,    he went up the east river road & got milk & he stopped at mill & got mash $3.99, & at the store he got crisco, grape fruit & yeast cakes.    I didn’t think I could work today but done my daily round & put the wash.    I thank my God, in Jesus Holy Name, Glory Hallelujah    Received a Christmas card from Mrs. Gall today.    Elbert got his check but I didn’t get mine today & I’m wondering.

Tue. Dec. 6. 1949./ 21.y.p.-5-H eggs today/  Elbert’s birthday   he’s 67. yrs. old today.    cold last night heavy frost that looked like we’d had a light snow & some how my body was warm but my head was cold & I couldn’t sleep untill morning,    had to get up so many times, to, alnight,    so I laid & rested this morning after Elbert fix the fire.    then he got the dinner going & I just helped & then I washed dishes & then took care of beds & rooms    then took my waiste I had basted all apart   shifted it some what & got it stitched back together  ready to baste on belt    I forgot to put pletes in back of skirt so that’s next,    I cut the sleeves & got them stitched,    I still hoping to get it done before Spring.    Wind was N.E. & went S. west & snowing hard but not much snow stayed so far at 8-p-m.    I got my check today & Elbert took his papers & bought a few groceries.   he got his check for paper delivery today & the little woman gave him 3 chocolate for his birthday.    A new Walkins man & his wife came     I bought a bottle of vanilla & they bought 5 doz. pullet eggs for 50 cents per doz.    & I gave it to Elbert for he paid for the mash yesterday, 3.99    I put enough to it to make 3.99,    & he gave it back to me.    but chicking payed for there feed.    We still have 6.00 to pay on condition powder. 

Tue. Dec. 6. 1949./ page 2452./ 21. y.p.-5-H-eggs this day./  I praise God in Jesus Name for all our many many blessings.    I so glad Elbert don’t have to go out & peddle the eggs they bought, for he will still have plenty to sell.    Thurs. his stomach & bowels are paining him & he has a cold,    he’s taking liver pill to ,   his liver’s so sluggish

Wed. Dec. 7. 1949./ 20.y.p. -11-H eggs today/ Well, I set bread & made 2 big tins white biscuits & two loaves of brown or graham bread & washed my change of clothes my night gown & wool petticoat & the wool skirt I use on my pillow   rags & dish towels & my old wash dress.    Elbert’s pajamas & pillow slip.    I washed his change of clothes Mon.    now if only I could get the blankets out I’d be so glad.    It’s been a nice day partly cloudy N.W. breeze but cold enough to freeze thin things on the line out side.    I got all the dishes washed up & ready for another day.   I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for my blessings & pray He will help me to be able to praise Him in Spirit.    I love Him more than all else.    Elbert received birthday card from kAudrey & Easel, today. 

Thurs. Dec. 8. 1949./ 21.y.p. -8.H. eggs today/  Well, I felt to bum to work k& so haven’t done only my daily round & crocheted a very little    Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 5 doz. 3.25; 65 cents per & he sold 6 1/2 3.45 doz. pullets eggs & I gave him enough more to pay for grain & mash    that cost 7.48 & he took in 6.70 & brought back 1 1/2 doz. pullet eggs. & he bought nuts & cheese & cellery brocoli & some pork to fry.    he got home at 1-30 p-m.   I had everything ready to put on to cook,    after dinner he looked after chicken  rested a very few minutes & got ready to go with the papers,    he walked a lot & is tired tonight   he’s gone to bed & now I think God Willing, I’ll go to mine    I Praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name. 

Fri. Dec. 9. 1949./ 18. y.p. -7-H-eggs today/  I haven’t done much more than my daily round,   basted my waist onto the belt & one sleeve in,    went out back today,    air cold.    We have a south west breeze tonight,    been rather quite alday. nice day.   Elbert took his papers & went for the milk    he got 2. qts. & got some pork neck meat to boil with cabbage,    he feeds chickens before he goes with papers,    it was 4-p-m, tonight when the little woman got here.    so it was late by the time Elbert went for milk & back.   We do Praise God for taking care of us,    but I crave to Kknow Him even more & to do more for HIm,   I feel He’s done such a lot for me & I’ve done such a little for Him,    Oh God help me to be filled     that I may praise Thee in spirit & be able to do more for Thee. 

Sat. Dec. 10. 1949./ 21.y.p. -7- H eggs today/   Elbert went to Huron, but no fish & he didn’t get back untill 1-30-p-m.    I got the onions & potatoes cooked at 1-15- & kept them hot untill he got here

Sat. Dec. 10. 1949./ page. 2453./ 21. y.p. 7-H- this day./ he brought short steaks & they were tuff, but juicy.    We ate & he looked after hens & I had the dishes to do.    I swept & wiped up the floors today.   & I crocheted 2 or 3 times acrossed on my deers.    And I thank God my Father in Jesus Name for my healing & my & our many blessings    Now I must bathe & get to bed so I can go to church tomorrow God Willing. 

Sun. Dec. 11. 1949./ 20.y.p.-10-H egg today/  Well, I was to ill to go to church this morning,    I seem to have taken extra cold cold and it’s in my nerves, my head and neck,    I usually get up at 10-a-m but felt so punk I just laid there & prayed God would help me,    then Elbert came in & said we had company and here Tom & Mertle Eppler came in We had such a good visit & they prayed for me Glory to God in the highest & it was noon & no dinner but they said they didn’t come to eat,    but Tom said “not that we wouldn’t eat if it had been ready” then he laughed & said they were over to Vermilion to church & so thought they’d call on us while they were that close,    they said they’d be back again & I hope they come & that I can have a good meal for them.    We always liked them.   they said Rony was home with a sore throat & they had to get back to look after him.    Well, I crawled out & dressed & Elbert had dinner ready    I didn’t eat much    he cleared the table & then Martha & Audrey came in,    they brought us some meat & visited a while,    they ask us to come for Christmas dinner over to Audrey’s    there’s only Gertie, Audrey & Martha, Merlin & there 3 children,    I couldn’t go for Thanksgiving,  I had a cold,    & so we said we’d come if we were able,    they said they might come back next week.    I’m feeling weak but Praise God I’m able to get up.    Elbert killed & cooked a pullet for supper    he fried it & then presure cooked it tender & made gravey & we ate bread with the gravy on it.    I ate some, but not much.    Girls went home before dark.    Now Elbert’s going to the garage in Lorain in the morning,    I hope he gets home before noon.    Tonight the wind is blowing quite hard    been showery all last night & today untill after noon  & it’s been like early Spring Showers & it isn’t very cold tonight.     I feel a little better tonight.   Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name Amen.  

Mon. Dec. 12. 1949./ 26. y.p. – 9-H- eggs today./   Elbert went to Lorain to get heater fixed on his car & he got back at 2-p-m.    I did half the washing & washed 2. wool blankets & had to finish drying them over the fire,    they would have got dry if he had got back at noon as he said he would    but they had to take it all apart     I ironed his shirt, my dress, skirt & old wash dress    We had planed to go to Wakeman to Church tonight,    but, at last he said he didn’t like to hunt the roads & Church in the dark & it’s is 

Mon. Dec. 12. 1949./ page. 2454./ 26 y.p. – 9-H. eggs this day./ so dark, for it’s cloudy,    it’s been real warm with a S & little west wind,    & a heavy sort of due tonight,    I thank God for my healing & strength,    He is a wonderful God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit.    Elbert took care of hens & done several jobs  empting ashes & getting cystern water & well water & coal  potatoes & apples up & p[    ]ted the chicken dressings & went with the papers. 

Tue. Dec. 13. 1949./ 23. y.p. -5-H eggs today/  I had Elbert mail Virginia’s Christmas cards.   she paid a dollar on,  cost 4 cents to mail then & she owed me 25 cents on them.    I wonder if she’ll remem-ber.    Well we received several Christmas cards today    one from Miss Clark saying she returned late Sat. night & is in bed    then one from Mrs. Sprunk & one from Ethel,    Miss Clark was only one that wrote a note.    I haven’t done much today,    I fixed Elberts blankets & put them on his bed    I swept & dusted & cleaned a little    Elbert went with the papers,    he bought a piece of shank meat & the gave him a joint    it should make extra good broth.    It rained & then turned to snow & froze as it fell    everything was beautiful this morning when the sun came out,    it melted the snow a lot & there wasn’t much left tonight    Frank, Armond & a Mr Merdith from Wellington,    I wonder if he’s any relation to the Merdith’s Christians of Amherst Church “Foursquare”  Armond gave us a rabbit,    they came in for only a few minutes,    Frank said Francis Cora had been in the hospital & was home again, or that she’s with Frank & Ruby & she & her mother are both better & gaining.    they went home before dark.    It’s colder tonight & it’s parly cloudy also,    I thank & Praise my Maker for all things great & small  Glory to God. 

Wed. Dec.13. [she means 14] 1949./ 23. y.p. -5-H eggs today/  Well I didn’t get up very early,    but, I washed my 2 cotton blankets & Elbert’s 2 & he hung them out side    they got all most dry & I finished them in here.    & I washed all the white clothes that were dirty,    Elbert carried the water & did the out side chores. & Delivered the papers & went to see Miss Clark,    he took her a qt. of our beef broth   some crackers & a Christmas card,   I I received a card Mon.    she said she was writing cards in bed that her heart was bad & she’s so tired but she told Elbert today her sister wrote & said she was feeling better & Lidda said she carried in supplies for her sister & she can’t lift & carry for it hurts her heart so bad,    but Elbert said she came & let him in & said she was just coming down stairs to find something for supper,    the broth was hot & I rapped the jar in paper so it would still be hot when he got there.    I crocheted some tonight.    Elbert cleaned a hen & cooked it & I cooked the rabbit Armond gave us & hope to make a pie tomorrow & send each of them a Miller & Miss Clark a piece.    It’s a little colder out today & tonight but the sun shone all day, & I Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings    He is truly gracious & wonderful Glory to His Name and Oh how I wish I could do more to help people love him & want to do as He did & does,    I wish I was as pure as He.   I pray for His people & I pray for all who work & belong to Him.

Thurs. Dec. 15. 1949./ page. 2455./ 26.y.p. -8-H. eggs today./  I made a chicken rabbit pie for our dinner,    Elbert went to Lorain & sold Eggs & didn’t get home untill a quarter to 2.P.m. & I made an apple pie & a turn over.    then I had the Kettle roaster & the new dutch oven Kettle & all there covers & 2 sauce pans 2 basin & my bread board & rolling pin & the dishes on the dining dishes, now supper is over & I’m dead tired,    Elbert took his papers & I sent a piece of Chicken rabbit pie to Mr. Miller & a piece to Miss Clark & apples to both & to Miss Clark some candy mints & chocolate cherries & a few cookies    so said she didn’t knkow just what she could find to eat & the Millers only had & egg sanwitch & Elbert said the Millers were very much pleased over the food & Miss Clerk all so.    We received no mail today.    It’s been a fine day, partly cloudy & cold & is much colder tonight   5. doz. hens eggs 70 cents & 4 1/2. pullet eggs 2 1/2 doz 50 cents per. & 2. doz. 55 cents per doz.  total 6.05,    Well he couldn’t sell all of them so came home with 6 1/2 doz.    I thank God for all the things He does for us in Jesus Name & I Praise Him & Honour Him,    He’s pure, clean & wholesome in every respect   Glory to God.

Fri. Dec. 16. 1949./ 29.y.p. & 8-H eggs today/  I felt so bum I didn’t get up like I should & so in come the Gospel preachers wife & Miss Clark to sick to be out,    but, she came,    P. wife wanted ever greens so I let Elbert cut off 2.    the rabbits had chewed so bad the tops ere nice & they are putting them into tubs of dirt so they would be O.K.    Miss Clark brought us some candy & a box of writing paper & envelops & said she sure was glad for the broth, chicken & other things I sent & for the eggs.    I should have given her something today but I felt so punk I haven’t been able to think all day    the boy came with the milk tonight 2. qts     Wed. he brought 1.qt.  makes 45 cents we owe him & he wants it iin eggs & he went & forgot the eggs     I had Elbert give him 1/2 pk apples & he had my 2 qt jar & the one he had brought a 1.qt. jar & so forgot the eggs.    I partly adress 38 christmas cards tonight    hope to send part of them tomorrow.    I do thank & praise God for His Blessing in soul & my body & all the Glory truly belongest to Him Glory to God in Jesus Name.

Sat. Dec. 17. 1949./ 22. y.p. – 1 OH- i H eggs today./  Elbert took a good bunch of cards & mailed them today,    it takes such a lot of time to write a note & put the address on them    I have a few more to write notes in & mail tomorrow or Mon.     I’m feeling rather soggy & my stomach has had two bad turns this week   to much washing,   tires my arms also.   been quite warm strong wind. from S. & West.    Elbert took his papers today.   I received a card from Nellie    she expects Johny Marcia & baby from Boston & Joe & Bonney Bell & 2 babys from Berea but Ella Jane’s gone to Cali-fornia    I’m glad she could go,   they sent for her & sent her buss fare    Elbert just came in & says it’s almost raining,   it got dark early tonight.    I thank My Heavenly Father for all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Name

Sun. Dec. 18. 1949/ 2 y.p. -6-H-eggs today/   Dave Hunter’s birthday   he’s 64 yrs. Old. today.    Well, it’s been quite warm & rained last & is raiining tonight    I’ve been home all day    Elbert went to Amherst.   got the 100 bag of 

Sun. Dec. 18. 1949./ page. 2456./ 24.y.p. 6-H-egg this day/  condition powder & he paid 8.00 for it & the balance of 6.00 on the other one we had.   I gave him 5.00 back on it & now owe 9.00  bal. to him.    I sure felt to punk to go any where but am going to try to get out back tomorrow    my heads felt so bad & I seem to get a little cold & Keeps my gums sore.    I’m sorry I haven’t been to Church, but Hope trust & pray all will be well.  with me so I can get out & go to Church somewhere.    I thank & Praise God for all our blessing, in all ways in Jesus Name.  

Mon. Dec. 19. 1949./ 29-y /p -9-eggs today/  Well, I washed all the dirty dishes & put the hems in 8. hand towels & put a hangeor on each side 16 little straps to hang them up,    stitched hem in one rag for use as Kercheif for me nose.    then the boy came with the milk 2. qts.   We now owe 75 cents then he took a doz. eggs 50 cents so we still owe 25 cents.    seems I haven’t done much else only the bed & rooms.    I crocheted a few times across, tonight.    It’s been quite foggy alday,  cleared up some just before dark,    Elbert’s liver & stomach are giving him a lot of trouble tonight    sharp pain under right short rib.   Well I thank God in Jesus Name for our blessings, Amen.

Tue. Dec. 20. 1949./ 26 y.p. -11-hens eggs today/  Well, I baked 2 tins bread biscuits washed dishes & did out all my own wash exept night gown & dress pillow slip & the piece I use on the pillow.    & I washed thy nose/& rags.    Then I washed part of Elberts cloths his union suit handkerchiefs socks & then the dish towels & two old hand towels & 4 new one    Elbert got a piece of toweling last week    I got it cut hemed & hanger on them so washed part of them    I have part of them dried,    got his under wear & rags to hang up yet.    then I’m going to bed and I thank God we can still go to bed with out fear of bombs, but we don’t know how long that will be,    I Praise God in Jesus Name for the strength he gives us from day to day,    I felt as if I couldn’t work today    Elbert felt so bad last night, he never got to lay down until 4-a-m.    had to go out back several times    he seemed to be all stired up in side.    So I went to bed at 2-a-m but knowing how he felt I couldn’t sleep untill he could lay down.   but he didn’t sleep very much.    I received a card from Cora & such a nice letter in it, & it seem like a breath of Spring.    then one from Nora & we both cried, her husband died in Oct.    it was sad    they never let her know how bad he was & she didn’t know when he kissed her goodby, it was the last time she would ever see him alive    she’s had a stroke & is not feeling very strong & can’t get any one to come & stay with her for less than one hundred dollars a month,    so, she’s all alone,  she says,  & so terribly lone-some,    Well she would be,    I know, for they were always together,    when he wasn’t working, but we have to go on as best we can.    Virginia got her cards & sent me 30 cents for bal. & postage & said Joyce had been sick was why she hadn’t been back

Tue. 20. Dec. 1949./ Page. 2457./ 26-y./p. -11-H. eggs this day/ Its been a very warm day mostly cloudy damp air, like an early Spring day.    We got several card   Bess Seneth send one with a nice note in it.   Red & Evelyn sent one with there names signed to it & several others    some do as Evelyn, those we liketo get have a nice note in them.    Well, I do hope I can sew some tomorrow.    Elbert still feels so bad,    but he carried the water, took care of hens & he emptied my can twice & he delivered papers & got some food.    I do hope he gets O.K. again soon.    I Pray he will Jesus Blessed Jesus. 

Wed. Dec. 21. 1949./ 29.y./p. -3-H. eggs today/    Well I only done my daily doz. today.    Elbert’s stomach & blowels are bad & he couldn’t eat much,    I dont feel as good as I wish, but Praise God I’m able to do as much as I do    I have written  & sent out a lot of cards & we have received quite a lot.    I Praise God for our little home & all our many blessings & pray God Will help us to live His Way in all things, in Jesus Name. Glory to God.    I do Hope I can go to Church Thurs & Sunday.    It’s rained a little today & tonight, “as last night” the wind is blowing in strong hard puffs, & I pray God will spare us & house.

Thurs. Dec. 22. 1949./ 34 y/p. -8.H eggs today/  Well, I wrote a few more card, 7 I think & did my usual round & crocheted a few times across on the chair back    swept & dusted & cooked two meals & did dishes.    It’s been quite warm today with strong puffy south & west wind for two nights    seemed as if the house would turn over or lift from the foundation, but were are here God took care of us & the little we have  Praise His Name & I trust He will He will take care of us soul body & spirit.    Sun came through several times white as ice & it’s colder tonight.  Elbert sold      eggs   he took in 9.30    he’s got to buy straw  he paid $8.48 for mash & grain     good strong breeze from the west & it may go N. West & get cold.    The weather has been like early Spring.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all Thou doest for  us & we are so unworthy.    I pray for mercy

Fri. Dec. 23. 1949./ 24. y./p. -8-H-eggs today/   Well we got a few more cards today and Hauffman had the nerve to send me one.    I can’t bear that gink {?}.    I did the washing & got all the left overs today,    I had a running off of the bowels & plastered my night gown but it didn’t get on the bed Praise the Lord.    I couldn’t get it all out when I washed it, so put on my old dress to finish the night    so I had that to wash, the piece over my pillow  a change of under wear & stockings & rags & towels Elberts sleepers & pillow slip, shirt & the big chair cover & my old dress.    I thank the Lord for giving me strength & get them all done.     It’s been freezing today but not real cold,    it tried to snow.    I did my daily doz. & am tired tonight.    He forgot to mail my last cards

Sat. Dec. 24. 1949./ page. 2458./ 35-y./p. -6. H. eggs today/  Well I did my daily round & did the ironing & turned a new hem in the bottom of Elbert’s pants legs & pressed them & finished crocheted chair back   next the two arm pieces & that will be done.    I cleaned up the table once more & Elbert cleaned 3 hens this morning & I got them rapped & the names on them   Audrey & Gertie & Martha & Merliin & Family & Nellie, Bonita & family.    & I cut Elbert’s hair & got my clothes ready to dress to go to church & to Audrey’s for dinner & I now must take my bath & tumble in, for Elbert has took his bath & gone to bed,    he delivered papers today also.    I truly thank God for the blessing he gives us:    Harry Miller & his sister sent a Christmas card & 2.00 in it today.    Oh, Dear Heavenly Father I Praise Thee & Love Thee in Jesus Name not for worldly things, but Thy Holy Spirit & Love. 

Sun. Dec. 25 1949./ 32. y./p. -6-H-eggs today/ Praise the Lord in Jesus Blessed Holy Name We got up & went to Street Gospel Church at South Lorain this morning,    they had there Christmas singing & speaking today instead of regular service & there were about 100 children that sang & spoke pieces,  single & several in a group & it took a good hour,    some played on insterments    It was all in the Name of the Lord as the Minister told them in a serious manner, several times during the program.    they gave a few personal gifts to some who have done cleaning & church work free,  boxes of candy & orange & an apple to each of the children & the grown ups,  young & old,    I gave them a dollar & a small bag of tax stamps,    they save them for Church needs    While I was in Church Elbert took a hen over to Nellies.     He came back in time to pick me up at the church & take us to Audrey’s & Gertie’s,   where they had a wonderful dinner prepared for us    they “or Audrey” ask me to thank the Lord for our dinner & I did    I always like to give thanks for all I have for I know it’s what He gives to me.    Audrey gave us “Elbert & I” each 10.00 apiece & she gave Jim, Jean & Joan each 5.00 & Gertie gave them each a gift & Audrey gave the girls each a nice skirt & Jim a nice jacket & each one & Martha & Merliin a nice blanket for there beds.    I didn’t finish about the dinner,    they had a wonder-ful dinner    a big 24. lb. turkey,    it was so tender & nice & the dress-ing was so good    I ate a little of each    a little dish of sald & a sweet pickle & little cranberry jam about a teaspoonfull & drank 2 cups of tea & ate a pepperminit    Gertie gave me 2 wash clothes she had crocheted around the edges & Audrey gave me a glass dish she didn’t want & a bag & pepperments & a dish of dressing & enough turkey meat for 2 meals    “We had a piece of lemon pie for dinner to.”   Well, Elbert & Merlin went out to deliver some things to some friends of Audrey’s & then we visited some & left about 4-p-m. 

Sun. Dec. 25. 1949./ page. 2459./ 32. y./p. -6-H eggs this day./ for home,    wind has been South East all day  strong & puffy, sun shone un-till about 3-p-m & then begin to get cloudy & was cloud by the time we reached home & the wind is still strong & puffy at -10-p-m.    Some one had been here & tried to unlock the door & jamed the lock so we had a hard time getting in in the back    but, we made it & while Elbert feed the chickens    I got the door off the hiinges & fixed the lock & put the door back just as Elbert came in & he fixed the hinges.    I don’t know who it was but think I’ll report it.    We haven’t got much & we need all we have.    Well, Nellie told Elbert she’s going to South Carolinia to teach or tutor in a couple of private homes “moneyed people”    Well perhaps it will be a nice change,     I hope she wont get to homesick but I sure feel sorry for Bonita and wonder if she’ll have to stare [?starve] again,    I feel we may have to take ahand to help get things straightened up in some ways.    I’m so terribly sorry,    they could be so happy there together;    Well I must go to bed.     & I thank my Father in Heaven that He has taught me so many good lessons,    I pray that Thou Will teach us all & help me to help to be of more service to Thee, in Jesus Name, Amen.   Glory to God. 

Mon. Dec. 26. 1949./ 40. y./p. -10-H-eggs today/ Well, Cloudy all morning & dark, started to rain misty rain about 9-a-m & got heavier & kept at it in showers all day & till 5-p-m,    Wind was S.east strong & puffy all night but changed to S.West early this morning & so,    S. west rain,    wind eased up at about 6 or 7 p-m & 8-35-p-m moon & stars are shining    not real clear getting foggy    We drove over to Birmingham this after noon    Elbert wanted to see Mr. Eppler Sr. & visit with him & I could visit with Mertle & Tom & Mrs. Eppler Sr.    We had a good visit & got back about 5-30-p-m. & once more the lock had been tampered with & Elbert had a Job getting in, once more,    so to we are sure now Who does the trick.    Well, I have to set bread in the morning if I can.    & I’d like so much to try to get my other dress done     I’m needing it so bad.    We had Christmas yesterday & today for some    Tue. I wanted to go to Huron with Elbert but I’m not going to by the looks.    I Praise God more than I’ll ever be able to express in words    He’s more than all the world to me A Pure Secred Holy Saviour.

Tue. Dec. 27. 1949./ 38. y./p.- 4-H. eggs today/  Well, I got the pleets in my skirt & basted the skirt to belt & waist & marked hem in skirt & then buttons, holes & snaps come next    I do hope to get it done this week & get another one cut out     for I only have one whole house dress left.     & I need at least 3. for if I am sick & don’t get 

WEd. Dec. 28. 1949./ 37. y./p. 0-H-eggs today/ Well, I managed to get all the stitching done on my dress     now I have to make the button holes, sew on buttons & snaps & fell the belt down in side & it’s done, presss it & it’s ready to wear.    Then I have to cut another one out & get it started,    but, think I’ll wash if I can, tomorrow,    Elbert’s planing on going to sell eggs in Lorain tomorrow,    so he wont get back untill 1-30- or 2-p-m.    then he goes with the papers at 3-30 or 4-p-m.     so, I’ll try to get that done, While he’s gone,    & the floor has to be wiped up again;     I received a Christmas card from the Rev. Gurney’s, with a family picture & one other young woman with them    Rev. Mr. Gurney had a horn  Rev. Mrs. Gurney had an acardian on a table before her    The Little Miss. Lolita Gurney tamberine & the young lady, a guitar & Sister Gurney had her bible on her arm,    there are several other instruments on the table also,     Sister Gurney usually does the preaching,    he lead the singing & he is a good singer,    but she’s not much on the singing,    they are a good couple, both filled with the Holy Spirit & are working hard for the Lord, their little girl sings for the church    in there letter, she said, the Lord lead them to a little town called Dallas, Oregon,    and that they didn’t want to go, but God kept calling them & they had to obey,    so they went,    been there 2. months now & held revival services 1. of the 2. mo’s.    many have been saved & there are 60 or more that come regularly she says    Garry ‘(Black)’ Gurney now by adoption, is going to bible academy & love his work for the Lord.    She said Miss Brown was coming to stay with them Jan. 9. 1950.   I love Miss Brown to    she’s a fine woman,    been a missionary in Afarica & had heaps of expieirnces    May God bless every one of them in Jesus Name Amen.    I thank & Praise Him more & more for the lessons he has taught me & for saving my soul    for directiing my path & the many healing He has given me,     for feeding & clothing & keeping me warm in winter & all 

Wed. Dec. 28. 1949./ page. 2461./ 37. y./p. -9-H eggs this day/  many blessings he has given me & us.    We have had a beautiful day    sun shone untill 2-30-p-m. nice & bright then clouded up & was partly cloudy rest of after noon & evening sun set clear & icy & the wind freshened up at dark & at 10-30-pm is quite strong    moon is half full, clear & starlight. today is for April 1950.

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1949./ 39 y./p. -9.H eggs this day/ Well sir, it’s been a great day,   sun came up bright & clear & stayed untill noon then wind scuds came all after noon,   sun set red    wind went N. east some time before daylight,    we had a heavy frost last night,    wind’s west tonight.    Elbert went to Lorain & sold 20 doz. eggs there & in Vermilion on the Lake & at Alberta Beach    he took in 10.05 & he paid 8.10 for mash & grain yesterday.    so there was 1.95 left for straw.    Well, I had a time with my rib, that turns over once in a while,    it felt as if it would turn, but didn’t quite make it, but pained me so bad I just couldn’t get myself to work    it hurt me so bad & then when I thought I’d try,  Miss Clark knocked at the door & so, of course I didn’t try,    I put away everything & she came with a can of pumpkin & wanted me to make her a pie,    she’d make the crust, so she made the crust & I fixed the filling & pealed apples for a couple of apple pies & then we baked rolled-oat cookies & I gave all but 6 or 8 away.    a doz to Audrey 1. doz. to Nellie & 6 or 8 to Miss. Clark & she took half of the pumpkin pie,    I gave her a doz. eggs & qt. of chicken broth & some sweet potatoes & we took her home,    & we went on to Nellies    Audrey & Martha & her 3 children Jim, Jean & Joan were there & Johny Marcie & there baby,    the baby was sick so Marcie didn’t get to visit much,    they were eating supper when we got there so we ate a bite & drank tea,    then Bonita washed dishes & I wiped them & then Nellie made frosting for a cake & I helped whipe it & then Bonita make & apple sauce cake & then the rest came & we visited a little while,    Bonita had tucked her 3 children into bed & little Marcie Joe was feeling better but here fever was still 101    she went to bed after drinking a little warm milk.    I gave Nellie a pr. of stockiings & box of writing paper & envelopes, We then got

Thurs. Dec. 29. 1949./ page 2462./ 39. y./p. -9. H. eggs today/  started for home,     Audrey said she would like to be in bed she was so tired     & they got out & left when we did     Bonnita said it would be lonesome when they all leave    Nellie goes early Sat morning & Johny & Marcie Sat evening & she will be left with only her 3 children & they are small yet.    & Bonita is rather scary & hates to be alone    We got back home 15. to 11. -p-m. so tired both of us.   & Elbert’s in bed but I had a few things to take care of & now I will try to get into bed    wish I had some milk, but I thank & Praise God for His Love & care of us.

Fri. Dec. 30. 1949./ 40. y./p.  3-H. eggs today./  Elbert went for milk & I got up & got the dinner & got read to wash,    I got her all done & am sure tired but Praise God in Jesus Name for all He give me,    but I’d be one of the most happest persons in the world if He would only give me the gift to praise Him in spirit,    I’m trusting he will for He said if we ask and believe we would receive,    I believe He will bless me before long, Glory to His Name, Hallelujah    I love & Praise Thee Jesus, Theach me Thy Way. Amen.    We cooked the supper together    Elbert went with the papers,    he got a letter from social society today with sever questions on it to ans.    he had wrote & told them he had a small job so they have to know all about it.    if he could still have to the S. money he could get his clothes he need so bad.    I received a letter from Rev. Ethel Willitts Detroit Mich. & one from Reverents Mr. & Mrs. Iowa Harwell & DeHaan’s little bible study book, and Rev. Harwell sent us a Calender,    they both were greatful for the gift I sent.    Mrs. Harwell said the red rock cabbage was truly wonderful & the other veg-etables & the eggs, but she had never eaten red cabbage slaw before.    I was so shaky & can see to well & spilt half my milk. 

Sat. Dec. 31. 1949./ 40. y./p. -9-H-eggs today/ Well, I feel sort of sick today last day of the year    & I went to Huron with Elbert & bought 2 double all wool blankets for 30.00 & 3. prs. stocking, 4 shirts & 4 wash rags & they cost 7.87 & then I got 2 rayon dresses for 7   good matreral but a little out of date    they will do for a while.    & I owe for them yet,   so now now my shoes & corsets are next & I hate to think what they will cost    & Elbert bought me a little tea pot, hold about 3 maybe 4 cups of tea made of the same stuff the coffee pot’s made of,    it don’t break easly cost 79 cents    & he got 3. spoons thread & 3. of daarning cotton;    I wiped up the floors after I swept & then ironed.    Elbert killed & dressed 2 hens   we gave 1. to Harry Miller & his sister & we cooked one & we ate broth & crackers for supper.    He delivered papers & chicken. 

Sat. Dec. 31. 1949./ page 2463./ 40.y./p.  9-H.eggs this day./  The sun came out & shone untill 9-a–m. then clouded up & sun shone through at times untill about Noon & was cloudy all after noon & got dark early    wind was S. east this morning  went S.west after noon & it started a misty rain at 8 or 8-30-p-m. Elbert said it felt terribly cold & penetrating.    Well, Nellie left for South Carlinia early this a-m & said she ought to get there at 8-p-m to-night & Johny & Marcie leave tomorrow after noon late they go to Cleveland air port & pick up a young couple that came with them from Boston,    they flew to Detroit & are flying back to go with Johny & Marcie & the baby back to Boston,    Such a world,    poor Bonita will have to stay alone there with her 3 small children & she’s so afraid & so was Nellie, & so is Martha & her 2 girls.    I’m sorry for it will be hard for Bonita    I Pray God will take care of them.    Well I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name In His and am not afraid for I trust in Him & His Power,    I hope to ever be His    I’d be afraid to do anything I knew was wrong.

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