[Sat. Au. 1. 1914]  Aug.Sat.1. Audrey, Martha & Nellie, Elsie & Edith went to town, to Seaf Smith’s, had chicken dinner there & all drove over to Beach Park to the farmers picnic  had a good time, I baked bread & scrubed & finnished the ironing & went down to the car with Martha’s bugy & met them. Elbert had to work over time, didn’t come to supper & when he did, it was all hot in the warming oven but he didn’t look for it & wouldn’t eat when I got home he was so angry because I was gone & so went to bed with out his supper, poor boy.  Well I can’t be in to places at once. 

[Sun. Au. 2. 1914]  Sun.2. Well it seems good to have Nellie home a-gain & we five here together for dinner today. 

[Mon. Au. 3. 1914]  Mon.3.  Uncle Will & Francis left for Mich. this Morn.  We have been picking up & cleaning & doing house work  My back is feeling so b ad I don’t know how I’m going to wash this week. We got a letter from pa K& a bunch of films & two pictures, pa & the goats & pa & ma in a boat, ma holding up a big fish  pa wrote a nice letter.  they are well. 

[Tue. Au. 4. 1914]  Tue.4.  We washed  the girls had to do more than useral.  Oh, how my back does ach tonight.  

[Wed. Au. 4. 1914]  Wed.5.  Frank phoned from Vermillion & Nellie Audrey & Martha went to Ver. on the St. car & then Frank & Ruby & Evelyn & the girls went to Huron & spent the day & the girls got home 10-30. p. m. & Frank & Ruby & E. the next day

[Thrs. Au. 6. 1914]  Thurs.6. & they were here all day  I’m always gald when they go home  R. is so fretty.

[Thrs. Au. 6. 1914]  Page 164. & I have felt so bad all week so far & had to work just the same. I scrubed Wed & today you would never know it by the mud that has been tramped in, bath sprung a leak & Elbert & Frank have been digging them out & we have to carry water from Uncle Wills. 

[insert:  Fri.7-Mon.24. 1914]   I can’t remember just the things that happened each day this month. Iva Mastin died. Lillie Fargar phoned. I left here Tue.(18th) morning and went to her funeral & oh how warm I was almost melted. I stayed with Aunt Jen Easel & Clate 10 day, had a quite rest then came home on Fri the 28th . & Audrey went to work the the coal office, in Ediths place, so she could have a month to rest in, Well A. has been getting more & more off the right track every day, so far; and is sorry she can’t keep the job she say. Mercy. 


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