January 1951

Tue. Jan. 1. 1951./ [sequence is 1952] / 3. eggs today/ I cut out a sleeper jacket for Elbert yester-day & today I got it all done, but, hem in the bottom & sewing in the sleeves & bottoms & button holes & then I got supper  washed dishes & crocheted the edge on the little handkercheif, that I made into a baby bonet.  I’m so tired can’t see very good & it worries me,   but maybe I can finish jacket tomorrow,   he’ll have to have the pant to for he has hole in seat.  May God help us & me  I need a stronger faith & more strength, Praise the Lord for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Jan. 2. 1951 [sequence is 1952]/ 2. eggs today./  I finished stitching on Elberts sleeper Jacket, mended old jacket & put patch on pants, they may wear a little while yet.  then I cut off 3 inches or 4, from bottom of my nightgown & rehemed it & made a strainer bag for sistern pump  swept & took care of beds & rooms & cooked & washed dishes & I’m so tired my whole body is trembling,  may God help us. & I do pray for all the souls all over the world that don’t know Him that He will help them through some of His to really know Him Glory to God in the highest I Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever.

Thurs Jan. 3. 1952./ Page. 2856./ 3. eggs today./ Well I got up before noon & helped get the dinner & then mixed enough bread batter into a loaf for 2 big tins of biscuits & the  I fixed a tin. of apples & baked them for supper & Elbert put a small slice of ham on & cooked it tender & warmed the peas & potatoes & we had a hot bread biscuit & tea for supper & then I did up dishes,  I’m as tired as if I’d been working & now the weather has been beautiful not very cold although it did get real frosty before daylight & I added one more blanket,   it snowed a good blanket about an inch thick, sun came out early & thawed a very little from 10-a-m until 2.p.m. & at 6-p-m or so,  began to cloud up, thin white wind clouds   moon & big star near it have lacy vale over them.  todays weather is for month of Oct. 1952./ Started getting colder at 4-p.m.  I do Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray for the souls who know Thee not & who live for the things of this world, instead of the Spirit.   God help us I pray,  before it’s forever to late,  Praise God forever & ever in Jesus Name Amen.

Fri. Jan. 4. 1952./ 1. eggs today./ Well I mended Elbert’s union suit & cooked two meals & didn’t feel able to do that, but I thank God for the strength he gives me each day.   Elbert got his check this morning in the mail,   so, he had wrote down the groceries we needed & he went to Huron & got a few things & I had dinner most ready when he got here,  he got saucage for dinner & a short steak for supper (70 cents) & no juice in it,   Well, after dinner he went to Vermilion, he paid Mrs. West Sr. what he borrowed & never put in a quarter for the use of it.   I’ll try to give her a chrocheted handkercheif, if I can.   I want to do one for Mrs. Donovitch & a piece for Mrs. Goll.   I received a letter from Mrs. Bracket this morning, a nice letter, to us Elbert & I both.   I finished the edge on a kercheif I started long ago & did my daily dozen.   It’s been a nice day sun came out about 10 a m  it rained before morning & everything was a glare of ice but he hadn’t any trouble getting out he owed for a ham 3.22 & 1.00 for gas & after he got the groceries he had 3.78 or a few cents left,   but, he thought that was terrible   I alway give  give him half of the amount he spends, so I owe him $19.09  I’ll give him 20 thats off I can give him for I have to save out 5.00 for church 5.00 for Audrey & he gave my 1.00 he borrowed of her

Sat. Jan. 5. 1952./ Page. 2857./ 2. eggs this day./ money, he has 20.00 yet to pay & five for gas & 5.00 for coal, so I don’t have much either, Miss Willits wrote & thanked me for sending her 5.00 at Christmas but Mrs Tom Eppler never sent a card to say she got my 10th for Church & it’s been 2. weeks, so, I had Elbert find out today   he ask if she got my card & she said yes & when she didn’t offer to say she received the 52.00 he ask if she got it O.K. & she mearly said yes,   but, she hadn’t had time to write & thank me.   I haven’t heard from Sister Hance either, she’s in Lorain. I thank God they received it safe as I had just tucked it in with there Christmas rememberence cards.   Mrs. West says her mother went to California with her son & his wife & that they ought to be there by now.   It’s still a queer world.   I had him call Audrey to see what was wrong. for she said she was coming out & she didn’t come & didn’t write, but everythings O.K. she said & everyones well & Nellie was there & she waited for Elbert to do the talking,   so, maybe that wasn’t convienant either    she had thought Martha might come,   but, maybe she couldn’t   I’m glad there’re all well.   Mrs. Bracket said Nellie was talking to her & she guessed we had to take care of ourselves When we got to be our ages, Nellie’s mouth is to big sometimes.   I’m sorry.  I pray God will forgive us our sins & help us to learn His ways;  I Praise Thee Jesus for allthings. 

Sun. Jan. 6. 1951./ 3. eggs today./ Elbert got up & took his bath & I slept late, I’ve been so exausted & I don’t sleep a sound sleep at any time after he had his breakfast,  I unlocked my door & opened it,  let it warm up so I could shut it & take my bath    we ate a late dinner creamed potatoes ground beef with gravey in with it brocolie & rest of the shank meat & bones & I made a little rice soup for supper & we will have enough broth for dinner tomorrow.  I hope, Sun came through a few times before 2-p-m then it clouded up & got quite dark.   looked as if it would be snowing   it tried to,   but didn’t .   I thank Thee Jesus for all who pray earnestly for us & I believe God will soon turn all things His ways.   I Praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever & pray They blessing on all Thy peoples everywhere

Mon. Jan. 7. 1952./ 2. eggs today./ Well all I accomplished today was the buttons & button holes in Elbert’s sleeping jacket. the rest of the day was the usual routine, it’s been quite a dark day, but, I hope for a brighter day tomorrow & to get a little more done if possible.  I Praise Thee Jesus & I’m still trusting & believing, Jesus never Fails & I know if we are obeying   He won’t fail us,  Praise Thee Jesus for ever & ever.

Tue. Jan. 8. 1952./ Page. 2858./ 3 eggs today./ It’s been a dark gloomy day, was a little lighter at noon & untill a bout 3-p-m, but, from then on it begin to get so dark    I tried to sew on my dress, it’s dark blue & hard to sew on,    so, I didn’t make much headway   Elbert feels so bad his stomach doesn’t work off the food & he’s looked sick fro several days now,   he’s worried about his rupture & I’m still trusting in Jesus He will convert & heal him in His own way,   I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the praise forever & ever Amen.  Oh, God, in Jesus Name  I trust help Elbert to trust Thee also. Amen.

WEd Jan. 9. 1952./ 3. eggs today/ WEll, another dark day   we’ll be glad to just see the sun & if it gets so hot it almost scorches us we’ll be glad to see the clouds, my feet’s been cold for two or three days now & it isn’t because there tirty.   I couldn’t sew   I tried to crochet a little & just did my daily grind I ought to have wiped up the floor but didn’t Elbert went & got the tire & iner tube fixed up & then went to Huron & back, for the milk & home    I ought to wash out what few dirty clothes there are for we’ll have blankets to wash,   I will be glad when winter is over again.   I pray Elbert will be converted & healed in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, then we can worship the Lord together, I thank Thee Jesus for all the promises & for all things, there are many things we can’t seem to understand,   but we pray all things work out for 
Thy good & Glory, Amen.   We thank Thee for all we have I believe Thy word & know when things don’t come   It’s my fault in some way, How glad I’d be to have a friend Who has had more experience than I to talk to, I feel I walk alone, here with only Jesus to talk to inprayer.

Thurs. Jan. 10. 1952./ 1. eggs today./ Well, with Elbert’s help I got to washing all done,   he carried the water & he washed his union suit & 2 work shirts & 2. prs. socks & I did the rest the we both got the supper & after I rested    I ironed 3. work shirts my under skirt chair back cover & 2. handkercheifs then washed it dishes,  I’m to tired tonight lots to tired,   but, I thank God in Jesus Dear Holy Name for the strength He give me & every day I wish I had my work done here so I could be with Him   I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Glory, Glory, Amen.   Received letter from Audrey today, she’s out of work again   she’s uneasy when out of work says she feels better when she’s working.  Elbert’s tired & his stomach is troubling him tonight.   Jesus Blessed Jesus help & show him the way.

Fri. Jan. 11. 1952./ Page. 2859./ 3. eggs today./ Well, Audrey didn’t come today, & it was a nice day, cold wind but the sun came out early today, got thicker this after noon with sun part time it looked as if it were wading through snow.   & it’s colder tonight,  radio said rain tonight & snow tomorrow.   I mended two of my shirts & two prs. of my stocking last night be fore I went to bed & darned two prs. socks for Elbert today.   I did the sweeping before dinner,   Elbert went to Kilbrides & got the milk   she gave him some rib ends of beef with meat on them  they were about 3 inches long & perhaps 1 1/2 inches of meat on them,  he washed them & put things on to cook & got potatoes & onions ready & when I started to get up   he put onions & potatoes in with beef & I washed & then I made dumplins & we had a nice dinner   I’m tired from washing & ironing & then sweeping today, but, I feel a little tonight & thank & Praise God for all my & our many blessings.   We received only news paper today & it told of Frank Faragars death & his fineral is tomorrow at 2-p-m.   the minister from Delaware  Meth-odist church will preach funeral sermon, Elbert thinks he will try to go, but if it rains & freezes, he wont go,  I pray all will be well.   I thank & trust Thee Jesus for all things Amen.  good S. west wind.

Sat. Jan. 12. 1952./2. eggs today./ Well Elbert got up early & got himself ready to go to Lorain if my check came,   he, has his check all spent,    so, I got up & dressed & made out a money order for 10.00 for Audrey   a first payment on the money she let us have so long ago,   I wrote a short letter to put in also.   she’s out of work & says it cost a lot to live,    Well, maybe we do know a little along those lines, even if we are getting old, as the middle aged say, ha, ha,   Well we all hit that mark some time.   Only my body feels old.    I’d like to go to church in the morning but only have a house dress to wear & it don’t feel so warm this kind of weather,   I pressed the one I’ve been trying to get made for Sundays,   I have to put the sleeves in finish the neck & bottom of skirt & fell the belt down inside & sew the snaps & buttons on   well, once upon a time that would-n’t have taken me very long, but today, I just cann’t do very much at a time on it,   I hope to have it done before Thurs. of this coming week.   Elbert mailed Audreys letter & a card to Inez. Hunt & card to Mrs. Goll,   she sent me some papers  they came this morning,   I sent Elbert to Huron for a yeast cake & the money order, so I had letter & cards ready when he got back, he ate some pork he bought & wormed up potatoes & a dish of soup & then I gave him 10.00 for olive oil, birdseed & little food for us & he went to Lorain to Frank Faragars funeral,   I had been talking about them since Christmas & about Frank   he’s 82. yrs. old.   We ask I had Elbert ask Fay to be pall bearer for pa & today they ask ELbert to be pall-bearer for Fay’s father & Geo. Grehore & Bill Todd & 5 others Elbert didn’t know, mostly relatives in in one way or another.  Nellie was there.   Elbert talked a little with her,  he didn’t go to the cemetery but called & talked to Audrey, did his shopping

Sat. Jan. 12. 1952./ Page. 2860./ 2. eggs this day./  and came back to Vermilion & did a little more shopping & on for home,   he did a lot of walkiing & he’s so tired tonight & looks sick, he’s gone to bed.   I sprinkled my two house dresses & then, mixed up my bread & then I wiped up the floors & dusted chairs & then I ironed & then mixed bread into biscuits, then Elbert fix to potatoes and put them in oven   then I put bread in & we opened a small can of tomatoes & made tea & the bread & po-tatoes were done & we had saucage & supper,  he brought boiling meat & I put it on to cook   I haven’t washed dishes yet & it’s 11-p-m. & moonlight and clear & heavy frost at 9-p-m.   Harry Miller sent me and us a nice letter  

Sun. Jan. 13. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ Loura Ann’ Bonney’s birthday 16. yrs. old. /  Dark & clo I pray God will get him up out of that bed & make him strong spiritually & phyically   Oh God I pray in my Jesus Holy Name, Thou will raise him up   I thank Thee Jesus & may all Praise & Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day.   I Praise Thee Jesus.udy all day,  I laid in bed late,  I was so tired.   Rue Sarr came before I had quite finished bathing, had to wash my feet   I was dressed though,  he talked with Elbert about feeding his chickens this coming Fri.  he’s going to Canada he says   he ask where I was & Elbert said, I was in my room,  then he ask how I was & Elbert told him I wasn’t very well,  I didn’t hear what he answered, he spoke about how nice my cook stove was,   they are still using the old oil stove.   Rue’s father used  stinks, & is so slow & he said he picked it off the dump.   I took some cold yesterday & so did Elbert & he’s felt bum all day   had a bad head ach & his stomach is bad,   he did the cooking what little was done,    he can’t keep still, wants to be doing something.  I had meat & broth ready to make soup & so he fixed the onions & carrots &diced them & washed the rice & put it in & it was all done when I came out so I fixed broccoli & we ate,   Rue had gone & left the room full of tobacco smell & We had to air out the whole place.   Tonight before dark it begin to get fogy & we had a shower at 10-p-m. only lasted couple of minutes, not very cold, got warm in the night last night & it’s not cold tonight,   We been home all day, listened to sermons on the radio.   I want to go to church & I’m going to try to got to prayor meeting, if possible,   Audrey told Elbert Bonita got an inspectors job in a plant in Elyria, Perrie Fay plant.   I feel sorry for her   she’ll have to do there house work when she gets home, for 5 of them washing, ironing, sewing, mending & help cook & wash dishes,   she’s had a hard row & looks as if it will be so for a good while.  Oh God; help us before it’s forever to late.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee & pray Thou will direct my path & keep me.-

Mon. Jan. 14. 1952./ Page. 2861./ 2. eggs today/ I haven’t done much today, crochet a very little, to dark to see to sew or crochet.   I might have tried to write but I can’t seem to do a very good job even at that,  when there’s any one talking to me,  wind is blowing in strong puffs tonight,   It’s quite warm,  tried to rain once this afternoon toward evening radido says California is having lots of rain & a big red wood tree fell down, in the high winds & broke down two Poles bearing light & phone cables snow in some places & Nevada is cut off intirely, and God’s words are coming true   they have been having storms  earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes  cold where it should be warm & warm where it should be cold  airplanes falling & killing & injouring many & all sorts of things, wars & roomers of wars & both side getting ready for a big war,   I do hope & pray we will all be interest in our souls & then we love & all who wish to go to heaven, enough, that we will try harder to live for Him Who died for us.   We received a news paper from Carl Betz to day   there was a big red rose on the wrapper & green rose leaves all around it & on each leave a picture of some kind of sport, skeeing, playing ball in the edge of the watter, wading in the water knee deep casting for fish, hunting & boating , it’s a big paper  lots of sections cost 14 cents to send it    Elbert couldn’t get his car started,  he’s tried several times today.   We had a terrible thick heavy fog all night last night & today. 

Tue. Jan. 15. 1952./ 2. eggs today./ Well, Elbert walked up to garage & no one there & he stayed so long, I had the washing rubed out when he got back & the dinner on cooking, he did think far enough to bring me a little bottle of milk, so water was hot & I made the tea & then we put dinner on table, he was just a-bout sick walking 2 1/2 miles   we just got started to eat when AUdrey Knocked on the door   he got up & said it’s Audrey,  he got some dishes & she set down & eat with us,  she had walked from end of road & was tired,  she brought us 7.00 worth of meat, not so much meat but cost was heavy & she brought candy & some nuts & gum, she doesn’t want us to pay back the money she sent us & was real stirred up about it, because we had sent her $10.00, she said if I did it again she’d never come out to see me again,   but, I explained that we had appreciated it & felt we should pay it back   she said we could save it if we wanted to but not send it to her “Gertie might open & find it” so we’ll save it.   she said we needed it to live on & we do, but I think a

Tue. Jan. 14. [should be 15]1952./ page. 2862./ 2. eggs this day./ person has so much.  she says she don’t know how much we had & she’s give away lots more than that & since we were so badly in need she was glad to give it,  I thanked her, & hope I can return her favors & love  she made my heart skip a beat today “she said she did wish whe was closer to 31st. Church she’d like to go.   I do thank Thee Jesus & pray You will stir them & get them back in Church & All the Glory be Thine forever & ever Amen. Glory Hallelujah, The little squirrels were out & run-ing about today.   Was a beautiful day, warm at noon.  Elbert walked up to highway with Audrey,  he gave her a good pk. of apples & few walnuts, she got buss at 4-30-p-m. & Elbert went on up to garage & the man came back with him but didn’t know whats wrong with the car.   Elberts tired out tonight,  I got the clothes sudsed & wrinsed & all dry except union suit & my dress,  we had a nice visit but one can’t think of all they’d like when they take you unawares.  She “Audrey” begins to look old & feels that way of late & says Gertie is terribly tired to when she gets home at night.   Well she will soon be 64 yrs. old.

Wed. Jan. 15. 1954 [should be 16th 1952]/ 3. eggs today./ I was 67. yrs. old today./ Elbert was going to Vermilion & he wake me up to say he was & I was so tired I hated to get up & as I lay thinking, I dosed off & Miss. Clark busted the window screen with something & woke me up with a junk & I got out of bed, looked out & there she was, so I told her to waite a few minutes   I dressed & combed my hair & told her to come to front door & I let her in, then I washed my face & & made a cup of tea & we had tea & crackers & talked untill 4-p-m & I gave her egg & po-tatoes to take home,  Elbert came just before she went but he was all in so he didn’t take her to the end of road to get the buss   She met Elbert as he was starting up the highway & talked with him he said I wasn’t up when he left & that I was sick & so she’d have to yell & I’d answer her   she wanted him to give her the door key, but he didn’t, he doesn’t like her, she is as pecular as they say I am.   I don’t have to do much talking,   she likes to do all that   she looked angry as she went out & never looked back,  Elbert does feel so miserable, he’s talking of going to Amherst hospital by & by, & he wants to go to Lorain in the morning to see about the car & to make & apointment with Dr. DeNardy.   I wish I could help him believe,   he to, could be healed same as I was, but he needs some one to deal with him & help him understand better.   It’s been a beautiful day, clouded up toward 4-30-p-m. not cold   Well. I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all things Amen.

Jan. 17. 1952./ ___ eggs today./ A beautiful day   sun came out & it was so warm  flys were out.   Elbert got up & went to Lorain, found it was the charger that was

Thurs. Jan. 17. 1952./ page. 2863./ 2. eggs. today./causing his car trouble, he didn’t listen to me so, has to pay Baker for towe truck 4.20 & Moore & Myers in Lorain 1.50 total 6.75 we can’t have to use, I don’t know if he will ever learn, he’s all tired out,  he did the shopping & then visited with Audrey & had a snack there, he went to Dr. DeNardys office & has to go back at 1-p-m. Mon. he got home after 12. -noon had a little dinner & then rested awhile   took care of hens & got the mail,  I got a card of from Wyn & Virginia & a letter from Sister Sprunk, &. she ask me to be sure to pray for her, that she was going to need it,   I wouldn’t be surprized than she will.   She wrote me such a nice letter telling about the winding curves & flowers as they went along the trail, she & Mertle’s mother’s sister, Mertle’s aunt went to California on the buss.   I sewed on my dress today & got it about half done now   have to sew sleeves in & fell belt down  put collor on & hem sleeves & the bottom & I don’t know how I’ll fasten it with snaps I think.   I hope to finish it before to much longer.  The wind got quite strong today this after noon & tonight, it sure rained hard in showers last night & tonight just about 7.-30-p-m.  it thundered & lightened & poured rain, blue lightening.  It may get colder after this  they’re getting to much rain in California.   They got the people off that train that was snow bound.   I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Jan. 18. 1952./ 2. eggs today./ I slept untill 10-a-m., Rue came for Elbert to go see how he feeds & waters his chickens;  Rue & Helen & Dolly “young Helens daughter” & Earnie, there boy” he’s 5 yrs. old” & Dolly is 6. or 7 yrs. old,  are all going to Canada, starting 8-a-m. & hope to be back Sun night.   they said a black cat yoweled around the house & on the up-per porch all night & they couldn’t find it, hope it isn’t a fore-runner.  Elbert’s been home with that exception, he looks sick & half admids it, he can’t stand to walk & go like he use to   his liver is bad & his rupture.   I sure was a great storm last night poured rain then hailed then lightened “it was blue” & strong. strong puffy wind south west   been a fine day.   I sewed the sleeves in my dress & bound them & basted collor on, after I cut & sewed it together & hope I can finish it tomorrow.   Elbert bought crochet thread, 2 balls No. 10. some figs in one box, prunes in an-other & a bag with prune’s pears & apricots dried. & a package of frank-forters & he bought broccoli & cabbage,   we ate the last of the fresh meat for supper.   Well it’s a beautiful evening out   After the rain last night, it cleared of at 1-30-a.m. & moon & stars were clear & bright.   Audrey wrote a note & sent with the things Elbert brought.  & today a short note from Nellie.   They all think I’m going to die, but I’m not for some time yet. 

Fri. Jan. 18. 1952./ page. 2864./ 2. eggs this day./ I thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & I know Thou can & will give me the lift I need,  I Praise & Thank Thee Amen.

Sat. Jan. 19. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ Well, it’s been nice all morning,   but, it turned to rain sleet & even tried to snow,  wind got strong & puffy & a little colder.   Elbert went for the milk  got little over half qt.  she ask 15 cents for it   such a wicked world of people we have today,   I need good rich milk & Broads have it but it’s to much trouble he says   Well, Jesus Knows & He will deal with Him in His own way.   I cooked two meals & 3. big beets, they are tender & good.   I couldn’t see to sew on my dark dress so I tried to crochet, but didn’t make much head way.   I had a vision the other night   I’ve been praying God would fill me with the Holy Ghost, so I could praise Him with a new tongue, & in the Vision I did & God filled me so full of power  I raised up from the floor & went almost to the ceiling & every one in 31st Church thought I was going to heaven,   I was saying to Jesus I love to come now but if He wanted me to stay & do a little more here I’d do it, but Please reveal to me What He wanted me to do,   Oh, God of Love & Mercy, I pray Thy Will be done & not mine,   I thank Thee, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.  May God be Blessed Forever & ever, Amen.

Sun. Jan. 20. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ We were home all day.  We had a hard thunder & lightening storm with rain coming down in torents & today has been dark, all day,   We listened to the sermons over the radio & at ham & potatoes & cabbage & we had bacon for supper last night  salt Salt salt, I do wish the meat packers couldn’t have only half there usual amount of salt.   Now Elbert is very generously going to hunt some one to come in & take over While he’s in the hospital, but rather than just have any one, I’d rather stay alone,   I haven’t been out side since I went to church last,   but, I’d have to do the best I could,   he hasn’t tried to find any one & you can’t wait untill the last minute & take any one honest or dishonest.  I’d rather stay alone, come what may.   I’ll trust God & Jesus will help me some how to get through.  Well, it’s colder tonight & wind is quite strong & cold.  I do thank & Praise God for all my blessings, Glory to God in the Highest   I thank & Praise & Love Thee, Amen. Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 21. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ Well, I got up at 10-a-m, washed, dressed & combed my hair & put water on to heat & then started washing   I got it all done & washed Elbert’s double blanket & got them all dried & his blankets back on his bed & beds made   he warmed up the supper & I did the dishes & am so tired.  Mertle came in & visited a little & prayed for me,   I didn’t feel the power as I do usually but believe & trust for the healing.   Well Elbert went to see DeNardy the Dr. & he said he can’t get him in the Hospital

Mon. Jan. 21. 1952./ page. 2865./ 3. eggs this day./ for 2, or 3. months   the hospitals are booked up for that length of time.   I hope, trust and pray God will be with us all the way & have His Way.  Oh God, have mercy on us both. & save us We Pray.   It. was a fine after noon, but strong puffy winds, I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessings & pray for Thy guidance, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 22. 1952/ 2. eggs today./ Been raining in showers from midnigh on & it rained in hard showers this after noon & then soft slushy snow but it melted as it fell.   The wind has been all way round & is now S. west, strong & puffy & cold.    I Praise God & Thank Thee Jesus for all our many blessing & I’m trusting for our salvation & healing & pray we may praise Thee in spirit God of Love & Mercy help us. I thank & Praise Thee may all the Honor be Thine forever Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 23. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ I have felt real bad today but trusting Jesus will deliver me,  had to hit can many times to often but I feel sure God will take care of me in His own way,  I thank Him & Give all the Honor & Glory to Him & Praise  Thee for ever & ever Amen.  I took care of beds & helped with meals & Pray God will help ELbert & Keep him & convert & heal him   It’s rained snowed & blowed & it’s colder tonight.   We have been trying to figure out a puzzle tonight & my head is lots to thick. 

Thurs. Jan. 24. 1952./ 3 eggs today./ Well, I did sew collor on my dress & the facing on sleeves & out side of that I have suffered untold misery, but I feel better tonight, praise God   I know He will take care of me.   I listened to Rev. Buser tonight over radio. & tried to help Elbert solve a D.A.V. puzzle.   I really don’t understand it.  I snowed late yesterday & every thing was white then sun took most of it away, it’s been fine day, colder tonight  I do miss going to prayer meetings more than I can tell

Fri. Jan. 25. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ Well I have felt some better  I’m trust-ing & believing Jesus will take full charge of me, soul, body & Spirit for ever & ever, Amen.  I love Thee more than all else  Oh God help me to under-stand what to do & how to do it  Thou & only Thou alone are able to supply all our needs & I’m so glad we can call on Thee in Jesus Holy Name.  Glory & Honor to Thee Jesus forever & ever.  I have only done daily round & tried to help Elbert solve the D.A.V. puzzle.   It’s raining tonight & wind is blowing & cold. 

Sat. Jan. 26. 1952./ ___eggs today./ Fog was thick & heavy all night & at times it rained in heavy showers during the night several times & all morning & all day & it is still raining & fogy   sleet came 2 or 3 times this evening  Wind’s N. east   I washed what dirty clothes there were today & feel rather tired & weak tonight but better in

Sat. Jan. 26./ page. 2866./ 2. eggs today./ some way, Praise God the iritation is not so bad as Fri. & I don’t have to hit the can so many times today & I did the washing to & I know God hears & answers prayers.   I Know all Glory belongs to Him, There’s no one can do the thing he does & I hope He will get us both back into Church  Thank Thee Jesus for Thy love & tender mercys, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.

Sun. Jan. 27. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Nelson Eddy 7 yrs. old./ We been home all day  rained last night & part the morning,  no sun today.   there was lots of fog last night & early this morning   little colder at night.   Elbert got up & took his bath & took care of hen & he was shocked to find 4 or 5 eggs & later 1 more, he cooked “or” warmed up dinner while I took my bath,   I get to much salt ofnn & I just can’t hardly endure it & if I don’t eat I get so terribly weak    I pray & thank God   He is & ever will be & I thank Him for those who try to teach his word to others & I hope He will help me to be of more service where ever I can be used.   Praise God for all things & Oh Jesus get me back into Church & among those of Thine for worship,  I thank Thee for my healing & pray for strength faith & power over Satan.  May all the Glory be Thine for ever & ever & Power & Honor Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 28. 1951 [should be 1952]/ 2. eggs today./ tank gas started on left tank./ Pa’s birthday, he would be 91. yrs. old 1952. Ma was 95 Nov. 29. 1951.  Uncle Will would be 98 yrs. old & Aunt Edith would be 102 yrs. & I can’t remember just how old Uncle Porter would be,  I thank he was 4 yrs. older than Aunt Edith, “Ma’s brothers & Sister/) Sun. “yesterday” there wasn’t any snow or ice,   but, today, rain & glare of ice & then snow & the radio warns over and over, drivers should be careful, for the pavements are glary ice & lots of accidents already.   I ironed a house dress & shirt for Elbert then I darned his socks & my stocking & sewed buttons on Elbert’s shirt & mended my dress & then set bread and made two tins of bread biscuits & help get the supper & all most passed out & thought this wouldn’t get finished,   I don’t feel top yet,  I pray God’s will be done, not mine.   Elbert don’t feel well either, he’s been for milk with the car & he took care of hens & did chores, carring water for hens & us & coal up from basement & & ashes out & slop pail out & hens feed, grain & mash to the coop & out to Joneses 3 or 4 times & put nuts & cracker out for the squirrel.  he tried to work on D.A.V puzzle & I washed the dishes & scoured pots & pans & am to tired. I do feel I work beyond my strength most every day.   I do Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for answering prayer,  I did have to wet every 10 or 15 minutes & the affliction made me feel as if I had to go all the time,   it was almost unbearable  but God hears & answers prayer, Praise his Holy Name forever & ever Amen.   Cold & windy strong puffy winds   trees were a glare of ice as was everything else & sun only came out a very few times & then it was snowing & blowing a gale from N. east & sort of singing through trees & wires   Little squirrels came down & got the nuts Elbert put out for them & the bread or cracker,  they are so small but as sleek & pretty as can be; a walnut’s most as big as there head. 

Tue. Jan. 29. 1952./ page. 2867./ 5 egg today./ Well, I hemed sleeves belt & bottom of skirt   I could see very good & may have to take part of hem out   I’ll look at it tomorrow.   We tried to do a little on puzzle but I didn’t feel able   Elbert went to Vermilion & got a little meat, cabbage, celery, noodles coffe & tea & he owes for meat,  he has help get meals while I tried to sew & I did the dishes, couldn’t sleep last night,  been so tired alday. Sun. we had no snow   Mon & today we have some & it stayed on the ground, sun shone some today, quite bright.  Elbert said pavements were good.  He don’t feel very good & I’m so hungry & weak    I’m to sharp with the tongue   I pray God will help me endure all the slaps kicks & digs to the end, & I Praise Him & love Him more than all else in this world, I pray for strength in Jesus Name.   Mrs. Oldham died a few weeks ago, then Frank Farager, Now Will Oldham,   was buried last week.   I haven’t been able to go to funerals & I owe every one a letter,   guess Audrey will be looking for a card also.    I ought to have sent one to her today,   but, seems so hard to get at it.   I Praise God for all our blessings,   I Praise Him forever & ever Amen.   freezing hard outside tonight   cold wind North East

Wed. Jan. 30. 1952/ 2. eggs today./ Well I tried to sew today & it sure tires me most to death for I can’t see to sew on the dark blue with dark thread   I have to feel to know where the thread came through last before taking the next stitch another day   I should have it then buttons & holes & how can I ever work the button holes with dark thread, if there was only a little love in the world today,  every one’s so busy doing the things they want to do & they,   say, I just don’t have time to do all I want to do, giving you a warning not to ask for help,   Well, I haven’t any intension asking any of them & I’m sorry for all of them.   I do get so tired & my cross seems heavy at times but Jesus knows   I trusting & beleiving, I Praise Him and I’m trusting Him all the way,  the devil thinks he’s smart,   but I know God rules the devil & all his angels  & Oh how glad & happy I am to believe in Jesus   He has promised to to lead us all the way “if” we trust Obey & pray  I do love Thee Jesus.  It was so cold last night I couldn’t sleep & the glass froze in windows & doors.  Little squirrels were out for nuts today.

Thurs. Jan. 31. 1952./ 6. eggs today./ Wyn’s birth day   she’s 77. yrs. old today.   Some of the relatives remind me of the bulldog, Bill    I gave him his meals in a basen    he had a long leash fastened to a wire line,  the young fryer chickens would come & stick there necks out & look in his dish,   Bill would jump & smack there heads off,   sounded as if they were saying queer queer but he queered them,   I quickly chopped there necks, so as not to waste them & I had a hard time to break him, but I did, & now I’m having a hard time holding my tongue at times,   I do have bad sick spells for lack of food I need;  Elbert’s a good boy, but he knows I can’t eat salt meat, so he does & I go with out fresh meat that I need so much & milk,    so, Audrey sent out some fresh

Thurs. Jan. 31. 1952./ page. 2868/ 6. eggs this day./ meat but it was so warm & we had no way to keep it.   I haven’t got the ice box yet.   bet he wont try to get from what what he said yesterday.   I ask him about the man he was going to have bring it & he said   Where will I get 1 1/2 dollars?   that’s what he ask for hauling it & I said  we can use part of the five dollors you will pay me on the 25.00 you borrowed of me,  he got red in the face & I suppose he thinks he won’t pay it back since Audrey said she wouldn’t take it back,   I sent her ten dollars & she gave it to Elbert & he spent it in 2. days.   Well, I washed today   it’s been beautiful suny day, birds & squirrels were out   winds cold & South west & it thawed quite a lot most of the ice & snow are gone again.    Oh how I would liked to have gone to church tonight,   I want to get out of this rut & I pray for Jesus to help me   I thank Him & Praise Him for ever & ever Amen. 

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