July  1948

Thurs. July 1. 1948./ 17. eggs today./  Today I finished my house dress, all except the buttons & button holes & snaps   then we got washed & dressed & went to prayer meeting.   Mis Clark was there   she called me a sly fish, couple of weeks ago   it’s bad enough to be called a sly fox but a sly fish is slimy,   well she’s over joyed just now but God is able to take care of all his people & He has always

Thur. July. 1. 1948./page. 2179 [she means 2169.]./ 17. eggs this day./  He has always taken care of me & I know He will, so long as I try to do His will.   I don’t know why she made that re-mark,   but, seems, she’s afraid she wont be noticed enough,   well my conscience is clean & I’m happy in Jesus, for the which I give Him the praise & pray He will keep me close to Him & covered with the blood.   and I’ll give him all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.   Turned colder tonight & was chilly before morning.  We had a good sermon & prayer meeting in Jesus Name. 

Fri. July. 2. 1948./ 17 eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain & sold the eggs 10 doz. for $6.40 & collected 1.40 making $7.80 cents,    he spent $8.00 for food seeds & fertelizer & had 51 cents left   he made a slip some where   he always goes to the toilet when we start to figure up what he took in & spent,   but, he triped hisself today.   if he saved 3 per. day & one extra 3 days, he’d have 2. doz. would have the money for or maybe he had more money than he told me about, in his pocket.  but I don’t know what he does,   only that he gets terribly nervous every now & again.   Well I made the button holes & sewed on the buttons & snaps on my dress today & I sorted buttons & cut the new buttons from Elberts work shirts & two old shirts today & replaced them on them he wears.   & cooked dinner & supper & did the dishes & took care of rooms   & I’m tired but Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all he’s done for us today.   Wind was N.E. & now N. West & quite cool. 

Sat. July. 3. 1948./ 17 eggs today./   got my check today/ Well, I set bread & baked 3 tins & one loaf and then I helped get most of the dinner & then I washed out what dirty clothes I had & all of Elbert’s but his work shirts & he did them & helped me get them sudsed & wrinsed & I hung them out   they most all got dry   his shirts, union suits & sock were damp,   I hung them up in here on the line   they might get all dry before morning.   We had a hot sun & a cool N. & N.E. breeze & it was a damp breeze,    so, tonight we have a damp fog & fog horn is blowing,   it freshen up just at dark, but died out again.   I did manage to get the floor wiped up just before supper & have done up all the dishes & am going to take my bath & get in bed after I read & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings.

Sun. July. 4. 1948./ page 2170/ 18. eggs today./  This is The Fourth of July once again.   Well triffic has been heavy all day but I thank God in Jesus Name for taking & bringing us safe.  We invited the ministers to supper but they were so tired    we slept untill it was so late they thought it would be to late to come    We waited untill 6 or 6-30-p-m then ate & went   & she had gone for the people they bring to church.   Well I had come home from Sun-day school & church & fixed up a good dinner with Elberts help.   I cut a few flowers for church & took them tonigh   Wasn’t many to Church & we had a good sermon.   N.E. breeze died out in middle of the after noon & it’s been real hot   I wore my house dress to church & sweat like rain,   But I pray God will bless the Preacher & his wife & those of His in Jesus Holy Name, Amen. Glory to God.  

Mon. July.5. 1948./ 18. eggs. today/  We were home all day & a hot day    it’s been a nice S.W. breeze untill the middle of the afternoon then it all died out & it was sure hot   I didn’t do much today   helped Elbert pick the currents  about 5 qts. or so    took care of birds & bedrooms   couldn’t eat   it’s to hot & my stomach is on the blink.   Wind freshened at evening & got nice & cool   thunder & lightened, but no rain,   Church had a I got picnic lunch at the Tom Eppler place, to Smith’s who live there now.   We had no one today.   I thank God for our blessings in Jesus Name.

Tue. July. 6. 1948./ 15 eggs today./   Elbert cut the Seyamore trees today,   they were so tall & straight & clean bodys,   I hated to kill them, but they had got to big to move,    I like to grow things & hate to kill.   I helped pull some of the limbs over to chopping block.   I cleaned the cur-rents & cooked them,   got to get certo & make them into jelly.   I had to iron a dress, table cloth, my slip & 3 shirts for Elbert & a few smaller pieces.   got them done & supper & dishes,   took care of my daily round & am tired.   Elbert’s tierd to   he cleaned his garden & has a place he’s working up to put in corn, it’s so cold nights   I don’t see how anything grows,   he cleaned up the limbs of the trees & chopped them into stove-wood.   Day before yesterday we picked almost 2 qts black rass-berries & today almost as many more & tonight I made a short cake,   he went up here to the store “Shuirs” & cashed my $25.00 check &

Tue. July. 6. 1948./ page 2171./ 15 eggs this day./  got a qt. of milk 20 cents & 2 little pieces of smoked saucage 35 cents so that only leaves me 24.45.   & I have to pay my taxes $5.83 cents & the money order costs 11 cents making $5.94 & I have to pay $10.00 on coal bill & my tenth for church $3.00 & $1.00 for Missionarys making a total of 20.49 cents & leaving me $4.51 to live on for a mo.   & I should give the Dentist his 5.00 & Mrs Gunenhauser 6.00 & some odd cent’s    & we owe for 2. tanks of gas.   I thank God for all our many blessing & pray he will help us out of the hole & to be able to keep even in all ways   I praise Him & thank Him & Love & Him more than anything on earth.

Wed July. 7. 1948./ 17. eggs today./  Elbert’s been busy out side & I have done the washing & my daily doz. & have got my money orders ready to send for taxes as soon as we go to town.   The wind went N.West yesterday & on to N. East  & it was quite cool last night & it’s been real cool today & more so tonight,     we have the house all closed up & the wool blankets will feel good tonight.   Corn ought to be hip high & it’s about 12 or 15 inches high   we haven’t set tomatoes or cabbages    & Elbert is planing on planting sweet corn the 15. but if it stays this cold it sure can’t grow –  Christmas Days call for a light freeze the middle of Aug.   I believe it was.   I put some of the house plants out side    & now I feel sorry for them, they look sick.   & the glads & dahlias are not coming as fast as they should.   I have my wool jacket on & I’m not any to warm now,   I covered birds  little warmer to.   I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for His love & care & give Him all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.  Glory to God. 

Thurs July. 8. 1948./ 19. eggs. today./  Elbert fell out the apple tree today where he had been cutting some limbs,   he’s kept going & trusting to work out the lameness,    We went to prayermeeting    we had as usual a good prayer meeting.   & God blessed us,  Glory Hallelujah  Praise the Lord.   We see the new moon on our way home.   It’s been a fine day with a hot sun & quite cool breeze from N. East.    A man & woman drove in opsite my bedroom window at 1-a.m & I woke Elbert   he ask who it was & the man said   it’s Bill,    Elbert ask Bill who? & what did they want   & they said they only wanted to park an hour jor so & they didn’t tell who they were    so Elbert told them there were lots of other parking places & after a few minutes they

Thurs. July. 8. 1948./page. 2172./ 19. eggs today./   left & went North    & this a-m we had another cat here,    Elbert killed one only a week or 2. ago & he didn’t get this one yet.   & tomorrow is Lorain & egg day.   he says he’s going    & he’s beginning to feel all the sore spots tonight.   I pray he didn’t crack his ribs   it’s badly swollen   I’ve rubed it twice in alcohol.   I don’t feel able to go with him,   but may.   I’ve felt terribly weak & all in, all day   Elbert got some hamberg at the white in (.4) little cakes already pressed & ready to fry   & so we each had two & home made biscuits sliced with them,   so I feel a little better bodily.   We got a bottle of milk to   The trees are starting to die out in the back, some hardly leaved out. 

Fri. July. 9. 1948./ 17. eggs today./   Elbert went to Lorain & sold the eggs   he got 70 cents per. doz, 4.90 in Lorain & Vermilion on the Lake   Mr. Hambleys mother took 2. doz. at 65 cents 1.30    he took in 6.20 & he spent some for food, 5.35 he gave me.   We ate & then we went to Huron,   his check came & he cashed it at Huron   he mailed my tax money to Erie County Treasurer $5.83 & tax on that was 5 cents & he got me 2. stamped envelops.   he got 10. lbs. sugar & bottle of certo & 2. pork chops & I paid Mrs. Gunsenhauser $6.25 & paid 25 cents for 500 yd. spool of thread & 30 cents for 2 wash rags & run in debt for 6.00 more,    I got a letter from Mrs. Sharpe   she’s such a silly thing.   I got another piece of goods for Elbert a shirt, a piece for anothr dress. & a little piece of nansook for handkercheifs & she said cotton good is going higher in price,   it’s 59 cents per. yd. now.   I got 6. yds. for my dress & 3. for E’s shirt.   I darned a pr. of sock & mended two b.v.d. suits & changed the buttons on one work shirt,   I took the good buttons to put on the two good light shirts I make.   We went over to see Mrs. Rug for a few minutes & then back home,   her son had ask Elbert abut getting a place to live near us   & I thought they might like to live here in the cottage   I could fix it up with the rent,   but Mrs. Rug don’t seem to think they would.   Well, I put 3.00 into church & 1.00 for missionary fund & I had a presentment, if I give Elbert a 20. dollar bill to change I would be short a dollar & I was,    but he said he gave it all to me.   so I’ll have to forget the dollar.   I still have 10.00 for the coal bill.   I thank God for all our many blessing & trust   He will see us safely through, in Jesus Holy Name   Mrs. Brown had gone off to a camp meeting & the daughter, was off to Elyria for 3 weeks untill her mother get’s back.   Well I thank God for making me more settled,   the younger generation are so flighty.

Sat. July. 10. 1948./ page. 2173./ 20 eggs today/  I made a big batch of current jelly 8. big jars  5. held a pint each    I rested & crocheted around a handkercheif once but didn’t gt around the second & last time.   I ironed 2 dresses & thats a bout the extent of my work today,   I feel to weak to work.   Elbert’s so lame & sore,   he tried to mow & it was to much,    then he planted (4) 52 ft. rows of sweet corn.   its been hot sun & cool wind went from S.east last night around to N.W. & N. E. & is still N.E. tonight.    Elbert killed a hen & dressed it tonight for tomorrows dinner.   I thank God for our many many blessings in Jesus name & pray I’ll get to church & back safe tomorrow. 

Sun. July. 11. 1948./ 19. eggs today./  We went to Sunday school & church this morning & then I ask Mrs. Waupen home to dinner & she came   she had wanted to come & visit a little   she took a nape after dinner   Elbert & I went out under the apple tree   it was sultry hot  a very little N.W. breeze,    We had a hen for dinner with biscuits & gravey & had black rasberries for sauce & dry biscuits & butter.   I picked a few flowers & took to church   Tom Eppler & his wife & son were to church & sunday school this morning & to this evenings service    Ronny & his mother played their horns & Dorthy her accordian   & Mrs. West Sr. the piano.   Tom’s brothr came tonight.   Miss clark is sleeping on the floor keeping watch over her stores & a chest the young men didn’t get moved   I don’t under stand but that’s the way she’s doing   & she got in the car to night   & we took her there from church.    That was where she had been living.    I pray God will help her in all the ways she needs in Jesus Name. Amen.   I praise God for his love & kindness & hope & pray He will take care of his own,   We all need Him so much.   Mrs. Vaupell bid us good by & said she would write. 

Mon. July. 12. 1948./ 13. eggs today./   Well I felt so bum I didn’t work to-day & Elbert don’t feel so good either   he’s done odds & ends today   mowed some in front yard   looked after hens, killed the poor kitten    & filled the rain barrel, tub & two big pails with water for it poured rain for a couple of hours late this after noon,   it’s cloudy but moon shines through tonight.   wind went all the way around & back to SE.   I thank Our Father in heaven in Jesus Holy Name for all He’s done for us & we, so unworthy,    Oh God,  I thank & Praise Thee for the Holy

Mon. July 12. 1948./ page 2174./ 13. eggs this day./   Trinity in Jesus Name.   Oh, I pray I may be found worthy in Thy sight & pray thou will help me to be more worthy   I know & feel I am one of the least in Thy sight but I want to do Thy Will in all things great or small,   help me to keep my tongue through Thee, from speaking anything but the truth,   I thank thank thee Jesus & pray Thou will save Elbert’s soul, Amen.

Tue. July. 13. 1948./ 19. eggs today/  Well, I did the washing & got it dry & I thank God for helping me    We had a hot sun but a nice cool N.E. breeze & it’s nice out tonight.   We cought enough rain water to fill the barrel & tub & 2. big buckets & I only used the 2 big buckets.   Elbert set out cabbages & tomatoes   nice big plants we raised   but it’s rather late for tomatoes & peppers but he’s going to set them & hope they will give us a little.    potatoes came good & bloomed & I had six more pieces of potatoe that he put in & they are all up & coming good now   but it’s been so cold the field corn is only hip deep, hardly that.   & we hope it gets enough corn on it & matures so we can eat it.   beets & carrots are coming good & rabbits are eating them bad.   Received card from Nellie,   she said they were over to see Bonney Bell & Joe & the baby doll,    she is very small baby but doing well.   & Johny, Marcie & baby stayed with them & they went to church together.   I’m glad they are O.K.   Red [Red McGinnis, husband of Evelyn Bonney McGinnis, daughter of Frank Bonney,  Red is Elinor’s niece’s husband]stopped here & talked to Elbert the other day,   he’s working for lumber Co & took some stuff up to Coopers & was going to Sandusky for shingles, a big load of them,    he said all his folks & Frank & the other children were well.   Now, I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for all my many blessings & pray He will keep me close to Him ever, Amen.

Wed. July. 14. 1948. /18. eggs today./  Elbert killed & dressed a hen & cooked it & he went to the beach & got sand but I didn’t do much today.   I hope to feel able to do more tomorrow.   I thank My Father in Heaven in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & Praise His Holy Name, Glory to God.   I pray He will keep me under the Blood & protect me, always.   

Thurs. July. 15. 1948./ 16. eggs today./   Well another day I didn’t do muc.   I darned Elbert’s sock,    I mended his under wear 2 suits & my stocking,   I did what ironing there was & pressed a pr. of pants for him.   I washed up Sundays dishes & today’s & took a bath & dressed for Church,    We had such a good prayer

Thurs. July. 16. 1948/ page. 2185./ 15. eggs today./  Well, I swept & did a few odd & ends & Elbert went to Lorain & sold 10. doz. eggs there & at Vermilion on the Lake 3.doz.   7 doz. in Lorain,    he got a bag mash $5.25 & there wasn’t much left to eat on,    he had a little of his own money so he got the 24 lb. sack of flour 1.95 & can of Claber girl baking powder   & he,  ate a lunch over with Ruby & visited with Pearl & Lillie, Tessie was sea sick from her boat ride, she & Pearl had taken up the lake to Cannada to Round-O-Bay,   the lake was rather sloppy,    every one or almost every one was sick,   and Elbert didn’t get here untill 4-30-p-m & I hadn’t anything here    I could eat no bread & nothing to raise the flour with,    but I cook the last onion & some potatoes & so when he came I reheat them & made fried biscuits & we ate at 4-45-p-m.    I did some mending while I waited.   I haven’t felt very good    sort of half blind everythings so haziy or blury,    & it’s been such a hot day but thank God theres been a nice breeze    it’s been alaround & back,    to the N. & at bed time it’s S. and a little West.   I thank Jesus for all the many many blessings of today, & Praise His Holy Blessed Name. 

Sat. July. 17. 1948./ 17. eggs today. /  Elbert set a few more peppers & the corn’s been through the dirt for 2 or 3 days now.   Elbert went to Huron & got the new money order fixed   he tore off to much,    so Mrs. Campbell pasted a paper on the 2 pieces & said it would be O.K. now,    so I’m sending it back to the treasure for my taxes, tonight, by mail.   I hope.    & I thank God it didn’t cost me any more for our mistake.   I baked 3. tins of bread biscuits & its another hot day with a cool breeze breeze that died out just at evening, but came again from the S. at bed time & got nice & cool for sleeping & pretty moonlight.    Elbert got a box of line & got some lemons & a loaf of bread.   I thank God in Jesus Name for our blessing, for with out Him life would be unbearable,    it’s so wonderful to be able to call on Him at all times & for all things,    He’s so pure clean & wholesome & true.

Sun. July. 18. 1948./16. eggs today/  We thank God for the beautiful morning & for our nights rest & for hearing an answering pray.   We had a good Sunday school class & Church sermon & we also have

Sun. July. 18. 1948./ page 2176./ 16. eggs this day/   the Wonderful Power of God with us.   Well. Elbert twisted his hip joint out & it pained him so bad I wouldn’t have gone to Church tonight only we promised Miss Clark we’d pick her up at Beulah Beach, where we left her on our way home from Church this morning   we waited over half hr & were late for church & my heart has been so ladden this last week & this morning   Elbert’s hip again & then they called on me to pray & I didn’t pray much seemed as if my heart would break & I felt to weak in body to pray, they sort of judge one by his prayers, but the Lord Knows & understands and I praise His Holy Name all the Glory belongs to Him   I love Him more than life it’s self. 

Mon. July.19. 1948./ 14. eggs today/  Well, I did all the washing & had to carry the water from the tub by the grainery & I took care of the hens & carried there water to them & feed (mash & grain) & I don’t feel able, but thank & praise God   he helped me to get it done & then I rubbed Elbert’s back & put a flanel on it,   it’s bad he can hardly move it hurts so bad & I know how bad it is for I was in the same fix not so long ago.   I pray God will have His way, & if it be His Will, I pray Elbert will turn to him & be healed in Jesus Name,   Oh God I pray for Thy help & understanding & to be guide by Thee in all I do.   It’s been a beautiful day, clothes all dried good, it’s hot in the sun but the breeze is cool, and with out the breeze it’s terribly hot, as it was for a couple of hrs. toward evening.   I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name for all things & that he hears and answers my prayers

Tue. July. 20. 1948./ 19. eggs today./   Well, I’m tired today,   I washed dishes & went to Huron with Elbert to the Dr. Leidheiser & I visited & testified to several persons for Jesus & I pray I gained a friend or two for Jesus.   I met John Snyder’s wife’s Aunt there in Dr. Waiting room   she talked a lot about life & things that had happened & the changes in this world   & she said it seemed ashame for Joan Snyders(daughter of Bill that lives next door to me) to marry so young.

Tue. July 20. 1948/ page 2177/ 19. eggs this day./  that she wasn’t 18. yet,   she said the fellow she was going to marry had bought a farm & he wanted to get married & get to work on it,   he wants to put in wheat this fall & hope to be wed Aug. 19. 1948.   Georgie   Mrs. Snyder, told me Joan wanted to marry after she finished High school, but I haven’t talked to her of late, that will be two of their four children married.   Billy & Joan   that leaves Boby & Georgia at home yet.   & Bob will get called in this war draft, he’s 19. yrs. old. and the draft starts next month we heard over radio tonight.   Well, I got Elbert’s back bathed & I read my bible a while, now to bed.   And I thank & praise God for all our blessings in Jesus Holy Name. 

Wed. July 21. 1948./ 12. eggs today./  Well, I have only done what I had to do,   been partly cloudy & cooler today, moonlight tonight & lighten in S.   Elbert has felt worse after taking the treatment so I’ve had to look after him take care of hens & birds & what little cooking I had to do,   & I opened a can of campbels soup added a cup of red kidney bean we had left from yesterday & some speggetti & a can of mixed vegetables & we were just about ready to eat when she that use to be Adda Snyder & Georgia May Snyder can to the front door,   they came in & talked awhile.   she’s never called on me since she married & went to tennessee & she came asking for flower roots & house plants   I gave her all of two that I had & a lot of, slips & some seeds   she had a half bu. basket full   they talked about Joan’s getting married next mo. & then she left & ask us to come see them sometime & said she’d drop me a card by & by.   she got a little buckeye tree to,  flox & prenial gerainen & a couple of India lillie plants   I don’t know if they will live for they hadn’t made the new bulb yet.   I gave her 2 begonias   I’ll have that much less to look after.   I have plant now to water & take care of.   after they went we ate soup beets & beetgreens, bread & tea.   It rained for 2. or 3. hrs late this afternoon  I filled tub & big buckets with water    was a fine misty rain when the girls were here.   Tonight’s prayermeeting night & I couldn’t go,    I pray Gods blessings may rest with the rest in Jesus Name. Amen. 

Thurs. July. 22. 1948./ page 2178./ 17. eggs today./  WEll, Elbert’s feeling better   I been giving him anacins & rubing his back with turpo & putting a flannel on his back & he’s sore & lame & grunts when he gets up or down   but he’s quite independent, says he can go by himself to deliver the eggs tomorrow but I think I’ll go along just incase;   I’ve took care of hens & birds & done the most necessary things & finished cutting out the other house dress & stitched the waist together.   It rained this afternoon several hard showers & a few lighter ones.   sun came out several times.   it cleared off last night & moon shone bright, most of the night.   I thank God for our many blessings in Jesus Holy Name.   I have to fill out some papers for Elbert so he can mail it tomorrow,   I do hope he gets some help from them.   I want to read while I’m quite & it’s hard to get the chance. 

Fri. July. 23. 1948./ 16 eggs today./  Well, I got up & washed & dressed & we went to Lorain & sold 7. doz. eggs for 70 cents per. doz.  & I visited a few minutes with Mrs. Cranage while Elbert went to the other 2. places,   then we came back & stopped at Hambley’s,  his mother always takes 2. doz 65 cents per. doz. & Hamblys took one,  but didn’t pay for them.   she came out & talked with us in the car for a little while,   it seems her father & step mother can’t get there naturalize-ation papers because they don’t know the ans. to the question they have to ans.   they don’t know the date of there birth-days or what boat they came over here on,   they say the people from the old folks home in Elyria came to see them and offered to take them & take care of them,   but it seems it’s her father that doesn’t want to go,   he thinks it will be like a prison & he can’t get out & go places or see anything ever out side of there again.   I don’t know much about such places but have an idea it must be O.K.   Rev. Harris & his daughter lived there in a Methodist home for a long time,  untill he died (just learned it is county, home)   then a nice family took the girl & she was happy there the last I heard.   The old people are in sore distress, some who have always apeared to have plenty,   some who have less & some who don’t seem to have much of anything, like ourselves.   We had a letter from Martha today inviting us over to lunch Sun.   they have invited the rest of 

Fri. July. 23. 1948./ 16 eggs this day./ [no page number, it would be 2179]/   the family’s also, a home gathering, I take it, but we haven’t much gas & if we go I don’t know how he will get gas for prayer meeting & to go with the eggs next Fri.   I pray God will help us,   if Elbert goes I’ll go to,    I might as well,   for we haven’t much in the house to eat & it’s 2 weeks before we get another check    & then we can’t have it to eat for we have to pay coal bill   & when this one is done, we have to start on this winters coal, 10 dollars per. mo & light bill & then my tenth for church a dollar per mo for missionarys  40 or 50 cents for Sunday school a mo. & 25 cents for church basked each Sun. if I can & 1.00 for building fund & 1.00 for new windows,   but I don’t have that much & we have to eat a little to keep alive.   Queer world, yes, at least, the folks in it.   I don’t feel able to go to Martha’s, but if I don’t I’ll be rated stubborn for Elbert made me a lier & he never did tell her the truth about his not wanting to go there or eat there,   he said it was me that didn’t want to come or eat,   he told Martha that right in my presents & went out laughing in my face,   I think Martha believed him, they are two,   Well I couldn’t make him tell the truth & I always have to argue with him to get him to take me there, but, I’m so happy that God knows the truth,   but I’m not happy there & hate myself for going & being ignored or treated as if I’d just come to eat,   I hope I don’t have to go,   I love them, but since I’ve learned how they feel about us, I’d rather stay home & not trouble them.   I pray God will in Jesus Name help me.   I thank Him for his love & help each day & for today & for answering prayer & Loving & caring for me. Glory to His True, Pure, Holy Name, Glory to God in the Highest.   Sat. Elbert has to go to Huron to Dr. again    I don’t think I’ll go.   Sat. July. 24. is Audrey’s birthday   the gettogether is for that & for Bonney Bell’s new baby.   Martha said they had a party for Johny & Marcie & baby a while ago & little Georgei said Uncle Johny don’t like me,   We didn’t go,  I don’t think they ask us, at least I don’t remember anything about it.  I’ve always been good to him & his sisters & parents   maybe that’s why. 

Sat. July. 24. 1948/page 2180/ 18. eggs today/  Well, today’s Sister Audrey’s birthday   she is 56 yrs. old I believe    & brother Frank will be 58 yrs. old July. 27.    & Johny Harnish was married on Frank’s birthday & they have been married one yr, July 27. 1948. & had there baby, just 9. mo’s, after they wed.   Well, Elbert don’t feel very good   he went to the Dr’s by himself today,    he lookes bad,   its tiring him out,   the constant pain , and at last he has decided not to go tomorrow to Martha’s,   We wont have the money for the gas anyway   & we have 2 week to exist be-fore we get a check to buy even a little to keep soul & body together on.   I did out what washing there was & wanted to wash my good dress,   but did all the rest & let my dress go,   for I was to tired,   I baked 3. tins of biscuits & did the ironing & cooked & washed up all the dishes.   We received a card from Bonita today    she said they didn’t get a card last week,    I thought I sent one, but perhaps I didn’t.   She said   

     ” How are you & Uncle   we haven’t heard from you last week or this,   Bonney called this morning    Theyre moving over in Riverside homes where Johny & Marcie are    We’re so glad.   Last Wed. Joe’s father dropped dead with a heart attack.    They were very much upset.    Wyn & Virginia & Joyce really stopped,    Wyn said, she wouldn’t have any mourners if she died,   she never sees anyone anymore,    her sister Georgia, & Edd & Aubrey & his wife went to Yellow stone national Park & to Point West.   Write & come when you can”   Bonita, 

So, I still have to write a card to her & to Martha yet tonight   they’ll get them Mon.   I thank God in Jesus Dear Name for all our blessing in Him, Glory to God. 

Sun. July, 25. 1948./ 15. eggs today./   We went to Sunday school & church this morning & to church this evening & th Lord was with us & blessed us    an elderly man & his wife came in to church & they are from 4 square in Cleveland Ohio   he got up & gave his testimony & then she did   they are filled with the holy Ghost & said they could feel the power of God, in our church   & although there’s only a few of us he said, he was glad to be with us & prayed Gods blessing on us,    Oh Glory to God, I praise Thee Jesus.   We killed a little hen & Elbert dressed & cut it up & we cooked it after we got home,   but we had some cocoa & bread be-

Sun. July 25. 1948./ 2281./ 15 eggs this day./  -fore the chicken got done   & I had just got it ready when & elderly man came & ask Elbert for a drink of water    I watched him from inside   he looked down hearted & hungry    & I ask him if he could eat a biscuit & he said he sure could if I could spare it    & the tears welled in his eyes as Elbert gave it to him    mean time I fixed him some hot cocoa & another biscuit & he weep as he thanked us & said the bread biscuits were sure wonderful   he told Elbert he was 72. yrs. old & walking to Sandusky & on to Catawba to pick peaches.   & Tonight the Minister told us in church that Mrs. Sprunk was going back to Califonia with Tom & his wife & son, in the morning   they will be on there way back & they said it’s 2600 miles & takes 5 days & nights & they only stop for breakfast & buy something for lunch & stop for supper to wash & rest a little,   one sleeps & the other drives & change about.   Mrs. Sprunk is 73. yrs. old   I reckon she’ll sure be tired.   I pray they all keep well & have no accidents or trouble on the way or after they get there,   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee.   It’s been a beautiful day & God has bless us in Jesus Name.   I gave Mrs Sprunk some biscuits this morning & a handkercheif I crocheted the blue edge on, tonight,   I gave Sister & Brother Scharein some biscuits & tonight I gave Tom & his wife & son some home made chillie sauce   they seemed pleased with it   & even Rony smiled over it.   I have always loved them.    Elbert mailed his insurance letter & a card to Bonita & one to Martha this morning in Vermilion while I was in church. 

Mon. July. 26. 1948./ 17. eggs today./   It rained a hard shower early this a–m. & then again this after noon   it just poured down,   sun came through at supper time & then the radio said high wind & more rain & cooler.   We had a fog also & fog horn blew most all after noon,    a little school girl came in while I was getting dinner,   she was from Penn. she said & had been getting subscriptions for magazines,   if she could get a certian number she would win a prize of 600 dollars toward her nurse course she wanted to take   she said her mother & her aunt had both been graduate nurses,   she was going to stop for dinner when she came from the south end of the road   but when she came back she said she’d have to go tell 

Mon. July. 26. 1948/ page. 2082./ 17. eggs this day./   her mother at the north end of the road & she’d be back in 5 minutes & she never came back,   I wonder why she should have done such a thing   May God help her to live His way.   We had chicken balls & gravy, potatoes & beets & green & biscuits & hot tea.   I sewed my shirt to-gether & put the tucks in the back & sewed sleeves together  maybe I’ll get the skirt & waist sewed into belt to-morrow   my head has been punk all day & I’ve had to take out part of what I sewed & do it over.   I thank God for all our many blessings,   Elbert’s back is so bad & he don’t take care of hisself if I dont keep right after him.   I received a letter from Mrs. Waupel this morning,   she wrote it Sat.    said she wished she could sit with me in Church Sun. & that it would be just 2 weeks Sun she had eaten such a good dinner here & enjoyed her-self so much   said Mrs Miller’s daughter (Mrs Garthe) had taken her home the final Mon.  after she was here   that is she took her to Elyria & on Tue, she took her to Medina,   she spent a week with a friend, she had    Mrs. Garthe made an appointment with her Dr. in Cleveland, for Mrs. Waupel to take some treatments.   Last Tue. she came to Berea,    said & old friend had offered her a home, but that she would stay only for a few weeks   she put an add in the paper for a baby sitter job      thought it would help to pay for treatments,   she’ll go to Cleveland twice a week, 15 miles by buss.   She said her friend Mrs. Winter’s takes care of several dogs & a 3 mo. old baby.   The mothers baby Louis in Cleveland    I think she ment, that the baby’s mother works in Clevelan.   & I guess she means Mrs. Winter’s daughter & a friend live with Mrs. Winters.   She ended her letter by saying, I should tell my brother hell, & with best wishes Florance Waupel.   She seems like a very nice old lady & I’m glad she enjoyed herself here,    it sure must be hard to have to go about from one place to another at her age & have to work a little to help keep her self going    perhaps she’d like the plac at Berlin hights where Mrs. Sharp was.   Wish I knew.   Well if Mrs. Sharp would tell me but if she thought I really wanted to know for someone else she wouldn’t tell. 

Tue. July 27. 1948./20. eggs today./  Frank Bonney’s birthday   he’s 56. yrs. old today, and not very well.   but he’s still working, carpenter work.   We haven’t done much today   Elbert killed & dressed a hen & put it on to cook, she stunk.

Tue. July. 27.1948./ page. 2183./ 20. eggs this day./ so bad he took it out & dug a hole & planted her deep,   We don’t know what made her stink   she was a very healthy looking hen, but her flesh really stunck when it started to cook.   We haven’t much to eat, potatoes beets & bread & breads most gone.   got a little jelly & a few cans of fruit yet.   Got a duing[?] letter I owe for a peice of dress goods & thread.   & I wont have enough to live on next month after I give 2.50 to church 10.00 for coal & 2.50 on dress goods.   that will leave 10.00 & I’ll owe for 3 or 4 qts. of milk 20 cents per qt. and I need a pr. of shoes so bad.   We wont get our checks for another week yet, & how can we live, if god doesn’t intercede for us in Jesus Name,    I pray He will    it’s so hard to keep going & I pray He will help all the others in like condition.   We are in a bad condition & I’ll just have to trust God to feed & cloth us as he does the birds.   I thank Him for His great Love and care & Praise His Holy Name, Glory, Glory to God in Jesus Precious  Name. Amen. 

Wed. July. 28. 1948./ 13. eggs today./   I haven’t earned my salt today   I’ve really felt bum & we haven’t had the right kind of food either of us.   I basted my skirt on & waist on to the belt & took care of birds & fixed the little we had to eat   & did up all the dishes tonight   hope I have enough pep to sew some tomorrow.   I’d like to finish my dress.   I got another DeHaan book today (“The Millennium One Thousand Years of Peace.)   I like his books on the Bible    they explain things so plain even a child could understand them.   I thank God in Jesus Name for His wonder love for us and pray I may be found worthy at the last day,    I want to be so much.   I give Him all the Praise & Glory,   He is truly Worthy.

Thurs. July. 29. 1948./ 18. eggs today./  Well, I sewed a little more on my dress, had to do several of the tucks in the back of the skirt over 3 time each before I got them right, and now I didn’t get the sleeves just right some ow   so I’ll have to take them out & see what’s wrong,    the skirt & waist look good on the belt & fits good for which I’m very thankful.   We toook our baths & went to our prayer meeting & we had a good service & we prayed for our

Thurs. July 29. 1948./ page. 2184./ 18 eggs this day./  Minister    his feet swell & pain him & we prayed for Brother Smiths daughter & for Mrs. Hambly’s mother   her heart is very bad.   and from all accounts, I don’t wonder,    I’m sorry for her, but, bible history is truly working out as God has said it would.   We prayed for Mr. West,    his wife says she believes he has really been converted this time but he’s having a hard struggle to forget how bad he’s been.   We prayed for many many others & I Know God heard our cry for help both spiritual & phyicial & for all the other things we ask for & He has said come drink freely & I thank Him Praise Him & Glory in Him for He is our life, light, power & all.  Glory, Glory, God in the highest I praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen.   It’s been a nice day & they started cutting the wheat across the road today, but at the slow rate they work it will be some time before they get it done.   Wind went from S.W. to N.East.   I filled in a blank for Elbert from Social security    seems there has been some-thing wrong going on & there’s been other names & numbers turned in & they sent a wuestionar for him to ans. questions & to fill in so we got it ans. correctly & mailed it back tonight,    I wrote for cards to sell & to a cotton good Co.    I haven’t felt very well,   been having sweats   We don’t have enough to eat & things are sure going higher in price   milk has gone up 2 cents & first of Aug it’s going to 3 cents.   Our government is going on the bum & soon Jesus will truly need to come for life is getting tuff for many.

Fri. July.30. 1948. 15. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain to sell the eggs  9 doz. he only sold 7 1/2. doz.   he took part of them 4 1/2 doz. he sold for 70 cents per. doz & 3. doz. for 65 cents per. doz. & Hambley’s still owe for a doz.  he colected 5.10 & the grain was 5.15 so he didn’t get the grain.   he got a little piece of boiling meat a big as a mans fist & lb. saucage cost $1.01   he paid light bill 80 cents  paid 1.00 for gas for car, paid milk man 80 cents & Shure’s store 7 cents & he brought home $1.42 cents toward grain that we will have to get.   While he was gone I did the washing or most of it.   & then he came & I got dinner & then I took my sleeves out of my new house dress & fix

Fri. July. 30. 1948./ page. 2185./ 15. eggs this day./  -ed or trimed them & I finished the neck & stitched the belt and basted one sleeve back in   I hope to finish it tomorrow.   It’s been a fine day strong wind part othe day,    I put Elberts beding out & aired it today, aired my yesterday. & made beds up fresh.   We had a hard shower after dinner   thundered & lightened but wind eased up somewhat & Elbert had gone to Huron to Dr. aabout his in-surance papers & got back after storm was over & sun was shining.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name, for His love & all He does for us. 

Sat. July.31. 1948./ 18. eggs today./   Well, I baked 3. big tins of bread biscuits & 1 1/2 doz muffins.   & I finished my dress except the pocket I forgot to stitch it on the dress, had it all ready to,  I do that another day, God Willing.   Elbert’s been cleaning farther pen in hen house,   he hasn’t got it done yet.   he put the hens (24) in middle pen in clean straw & sand on the floor & roost, so the other one will be cleaned & ready, if we manage to get some pullets.   & i do hope we can   they help us a little.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our blessings great & small & Praise His Holy Name.   Fri. Young Mrs. Clarence Younce & her two children came here about 8-30-a-m.   said she just thought she’d call as she was passing by on her way to Beulah Beach & on to Lorain to do some shopping & while she was in the house the boy went out & into the hen park & climb the peach tree & was shaking the daylights out of it   When Elbert went out there, he got him out & they came in the house & said lets get going, & so they went,   I pray God will Keep them away from here,   I don’t like them at all, & I feel sure Jesus wouldn’t, for He don’t like theives.

Sat. July.31. 1948./page. 2185./ 18. eggs this day./ 519 this mo. /  We received a letter from Nellie also today.   She’s going to try to have a family reunion and on a Sun. if they can, Aug. 15. 1948. & she’s looking for Ella Jane home soon, for a couple weeks vacation 

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