April 1948

April. 1. 1948. Thurs. /page. 2112./ 26. eggs today. /   Elbert helped me fix a new seat in my little rocker & & I put the pad-ding & leather on & it looks just swell,    but is not a bit comfortable, to hard, no give & I don’t like it, so I’m a going to take it off and fix it the way I had it be-fore with canvase bands criscross & the pading on that.    I cleaned the top of the chest & swept & stitched the rest of my corset & helped get supper    Elbert set some fence posts also, today.    I wrote a letter & sent it yesterday to the Misses Clarks & I have written one to Bonita & one to Audrey for Elbert to mail in the morning.    Sun shone all morning “White sun” then clouded up & got dark early with a heavy misty rain.   No mail from Nellie today.    & ELbert goes with the eggs in the morning.    I think I’ll try to sew    I don’t feel like it.   but, have to try.    & got to change chair seat also.    I hope I get some mail tomorrow.    Breeze a little N. of west tonight.

Fri. April 2. 1948./ 30 eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain with 14. doz. eggs & brought back 2. doz. & he only had a quarter for me left.   If he has the money he spends it unless I raise a fuss.    Well, I have to take it out of my check in order to keep even.    he got a piece of ham 3.00 & a lemon 2 yeast cakes can of milk a cabbage a cauliflour can spinage & bag of pota-toes & bag of “mash 5.35”    he took in 8.40 & collected 340 made 11.90,    Oh, yes he got 3 or 4 sweet potatoes & paid 74 cents for gas    & Mrs. Gow owes 35 cents on eggs.    so he had 43 cents left.    he went out to see Merlin to get pa’s one man saw & he said he took it back long ago.    He talked to Martha over the phone.    she’s working again;    I got a card from Audrey     she says Martha has to have an operation    she’d tell me more later on    & that she “Audrey” has had to go to Dr. twice a week,    she all most had a nervous brake down,    I’m so sorry.    I pray God will heal, help, & strengthen her in all the ways she needs,    & that Martha may come through good even better than they expect.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healing & wish so much they that to would trust Him to take care of them.    He talked to Miss. Clark     she brought her sister back to Vermilion with her & as she tells it her sister is rather terrible to take care of.    Elbert siad she acted as if she was walking in a night mare.   Well, I pray God will take care of them & teach them His ways.    I pray He will teach me al-so for I love & adore Him more than anything else.

April. 2. 1948. Fri./ page. 2113./ 30 eggs this day. /   in all the world.    The old man back of us came today, he tried all the doors even the house door,    he got here about 10 minutes to late to go with Elbert,    he wanted to go to Lorain & back through Amherst     so he told Elbert     Elbert went over to see what he wanted & said he told him & acted spiteful about it,     & said he thought we were in bed, so he looked in the car shed & see the car was gone,   but he looked before he came to the door & I wanted to rest awhile & hadn’t got up when Elbert left.    Then the Rawlegh man came & he had to look in the car shed & try all the doors & then he came back late this after noon    Elbert told him we wouldn’t be buying for some time to come    I don’t like him  he’s old [?] puddy ft.    I’ve took care of beds & room & done some mending today.   fix my dress a little & my old hat.    & Praised the Lord.  

April 3. 1948./ Sat./25. eggs today/  Well I got the new corset I remodled all stitched today.   I only hope, it’s O.K. & I fixed the seat of my little rocker & it feels more comfortable.    I received my check today.    I am so thankful I can have it     & I took care of the beds & rooms & helped with the meals & tonight We are both dead tired    Elbert went to Huron twice to see if he couldn’t get some fish & no luck    he gave 2 dozen. eggs to the Scotts they give him lots of fish & even a white fish or 2. at times,     he was down to the beach & got some sand couple pails full   & he spaded 5 or 6 rows or so 30 ft. long & he set a few strawberry plants & took care of the hens.    It’s been a beautiful day in Ohio, quite cool, wind shifted from N.W. to S.E. tonight     Radio says showers tomorrow    I hope to go to Church tomorrow & pray God will help me     I haven’t been only out side the door once, that was today.   my ankle is better but sore yet & I’m not as I should be     but praise God I’m hoping & trusting & praying & Praising Him that I can walk & get around    I do thank Him so much.  

April. 4. 1948./ 28. eggs today./  I got up, took a bath     dressed & went to Sun. School & Church,    I received a wonderful blessing   & I went back to evening service & received another blessing    I Praise the Lord God of Hosts & thank Him for all things great or small in Jesus Blessed Name for ever & ever Amen.    Oh God, we are asking for souls     there are thousands going down the great broad way,    Please reveal unto me what I ought to do & how to go about it.   I want to do thy Will in all ways.    Be with all the sick & those who mourn.  Be with Mrs. Reese & comfort her, they had [no ending to this sentence]

Sun. April 4. 1948./page. 2114./ 28 eggs this day./ It’s been a beautiful day & quite warm.    Bless our Preachers & their efforts   I thank Thee.   Thou will soon be coming and Thou Knowest I want that seal of promise & I’m trusting I may be worthy in Jesus Blessed Name.  Oh, Glory, Glory Hallelujah. Amen.

Mon. April 5, 1948./ 27. eggs today./    I did my washing & got it all done.   Elbert went to Huron at 9 oclock and got back at 3-p-m    he helped carry the fish in & they gave him a good pk. of fish,    he cleaned a few over half & he had the perch    I had all pike     but, even so I had mine cleaned washed & one fry pan done & the potatoes When he came in     & he had to empty the pails & get well water & cystern water & carry out the fish dressing I had in here,    he was to tired to enjoy his supper & so was I,    after supper he fed hens & gave them more water & locked up everything While I divided the fish in 3. lots, a few to Audrey & Gertie  a few to martha & Nellie,    then he changed clothes & I put on a clean house dress & we went & delivered them    We went to Audrey’s & Gertie’s  first     Audrey had  gone to the Dr’s. & Gertie was quite sociable, her hair is turning gray    looks queer to see them getting gray.  G. has a silver streak about an inch wide on one side in front.   We then went to Martha’s,    she’s as thin as a shad & white    she says the girls are good to work & do a lot about the house,    Jean & her girl friend washed dishes     then they wiped the white enamel wood work,  While Martha visited with us.    Merlin is working nights.   Well we went on over to Nellie’s & she is alone with Bonita’s 3 children,    Bonita is helping Marcie & Johny move & get settled into a new & more reasonable priced home,    the Government has 400 homes with a kitchen, dining room   living room & bath & a furnace, lights & water,    & Marcie expects her baby this month.     Nellie says her own condition is bad    sometimes her blood presser is high & some times below normal,    she don’t look well, but was so glad we came in & the children were happy also.    Nellies said she was telling the children as they ate supper,    that she wished they had some fish & Marcie called while we were there & hoped Nellie would save the fish for Wed.    for they thou if Nellie was O.K. Bonita would stay untill they were all done.  Bonney Bell & Joe live a 

Mon. April.4. 1948./page. 2115./ 27. eggs this day./  short distance about 10 minutes from Johny’s new place & they were there when marcie phoned.    The place is close to the school where Johny goes.    I hope they don’t neglect nellie,    I know the young folks like to get together & I think they should,    only Nellie hadn’t ought to be left alone at night with 3 baby’s in her condition.  Nellie got a letter last week from Ella Jane & she gets home sick,    but Dr’s. have con-vinced her she ought not come home to live    & she says if she was to tranfer schools now she’d have to loose a lot of points.    It would be wonderful if she didn’t know anything about being alergick to things     Well we started home a few minutes passed eight & after we got through Amherst it begin to lightening & thunder      & then before we hit Vermilion river road, to rain & after we got into Vermilion it began to come down with fury    & the wind was puffy & storm all the rest of the 7. miles home    it eased up enough for us to get in the house & for Elberty to put the car away & get in the back way    then it poured down again & comes now in showers    S.west wind.    It’s been a beautiful day    strong puffy wind alday.   I thank God for all our many blessing & for taking & bringing us safly.   I thank Him for all things great or small.   Glory to His Name.    I Praise & Adore & Love only Thee.

Tue. April. 5. 1948./ 29 eggs. /   Elbert went to Vermilion & cashed his check & got 6.00 worth of food fresh & caned    I finished making the soup    he got back at noon,    we ate    & I haven’t done anything but took care of the bed’s & room & got supper. & sit around    & I’m so tired I can hardly move all day.    I do thank God in Jesus Holy Name for our blessings & for saving my soul.    Wind went N. east & been quite cool.   but been a nice day    Elbert’s been spading just North of Cottage     ground is mellow but cold.    Golden bells are in bloom out in the back yard but I don’t see my daffodils    & Maartha’s are in bloom.    Frogs are croaking so loud that Elbert can hear them,    he seems quite deaf,    I think if he had a little sweet oil in his ears to loosen the wax, he would be able to hear better.    My ankle sure has pained me bad all day.    Well, I had Elbert pay 10.00 on the coal bill today.   I believe that’s 30.00  I have paid on the coal bill now.  It was 81.57 & I think

Wed. April. 7. 1948./ page. 2116./ 30 eggs today. /   Well I baked bread today   It’s been a beautiful day,    I had 1. big loaf & 2 big tins of biscuits.    I put a new binding around the neck, sleeves & bottom of Elbert’s wool jacket.    I stitched it on    I took care of beds & rooms & swept & wiped up dust & potted “4.” hyacinth, bulbs, took care of birds & helped cook & done all the dishes & wrote a letter to put in with the one that came back,    to Miss Clark & a card to Cousin Georgie & Sister Nellie & I’m tired.    It’s been a beautiful day, it’s thundering to-night & guess it will rain.    Wind is south & it’s getting puffy.    I was down in basement today    & it’s getting puffy.    I was down in basement today & the can-ed fruit has sure walked off & part of the beans I canned.    I was boiling from head to toe went I got up again.    I thank God He Knows & will deal with each one as He sees best.    I got a few little pieces of coal to & drug them,   some cans of fruit & myself back up stairs & sweat like rain.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.    Dehaan’s bible study boook is really interesting. 

Thurs. April 8. 1948./ 20 eggs today. /  Well, Elbert went to Huron & got a good mess of fish,     he cleaned 6 & I fried them     & he took 2, all hot & 2 biscuits over to Bill & Georgie Snyder,    they have sold me milk sometimes when I was badly in need of it.    it was just noon & Bill had been fishing & got a few bullheads & was cleaning them when Elbert gave him the cooked pike    Elbert said he never even said thanks,    but, that’s the Snyder way.    I did my ironing & pressed one pr. of pants for Elbert.  & we went to prayer meeting tonight & I had Elbert take Miss Clark a doz. eggs  2. biscuits & 5. fish.    her sister is in bed sick    We had a good prayer meeting    was only a very few there & 4 or 5 other children Mrs. Hamblys mother & Rev. & Miss Scharein & myself.    Wind has been S.W. all day & a fine day. puffy wind, & tonight it went N.W. & is cold.    I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus & pray I may soon praise Thee in in Spirit.    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. 

Fri. April 9. 1948./page. 2117./ 24 eggs today./  Well, Elbert spaded some    he went to Lorain this morning & sold the eggs $9.80 cents for 14 doz eggs   he colected 35 cents making egg money 10.15    then I gave him 5.00 & he said he had 2.00 of his own, he put in, making a total of 17.15    then he bought bag of grain 5.19, & grociers & grain was 16.14    & he had a dollar & 30 cents left & has to get 2 bales of straw in the morning. “1.20”     then he’ll expect me to hand over the rest of what I have got,    well I haven’t got much left 2 or 3 dollars.    I haven’t done much today    washed up dishes & cooked dinner & Elbert helped with the dinner & he got most of the sup-per.    I’m to heavy today.   It’s been a nice day but cold,     it snowed little snow balls just before daylight & they stayed untill a little after day light      & it snowed snow in Cleveland & Lorain    it was still on the ground at 9-30-p-m.    Wind eased all after dinner & isn’t so strong & puffy as it was.   its cold tonight & stars are clear & bright.   I thank God for my healing & all our many blessing, for saving my soul    & I pray He will help me to praise Him in other tongues.   Glory, Glory to God in the Highest   All the Glory truely belongest to Thee. 

Sat. April 10. 1948./ 25 eggs today./  Well it’s been a beautiful day     & I got up & washed 3. blankets one cotton heavy, that I use over the mattress & the 2. wool I sleep between,   We had a nice South wind just strong enough to blow them out on the line & shake out the nap,    they dried so fluffy & nice,    it’s a hard job on a wash board, but Elbert brought the water & he wrong them out of two waters & I out of wash & first suds,    he hung them out & brought them in     & I’m so glad I got them washed & dried so well & on the bed again tonight.    I swept & wiped up the floors    & then I fried us a piece of ham    & we had a lunch, for all I had eat en all day was 2 handful of crackers in a cup of tea,     I have reread DeHaans book on the last promise in the bible    and I thank God He has revealed it so clear to me,    I thank Him for saving my soul & pray for the great infiling of the Holy Spirit, that I may praise Him in Spirit & receive the Seal of promise     I believe & pray He will take away every doubt & fear.   I Praise God, our Father, the Son, our Saviour & the Holy Ghost the Spirit of the Holy trinity, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen. 

Sun. April. 11. 1948./ page. 2118./ 24 eggs today/   Well it poured rain this morning & Kept me home but I went to-night & God surely blessed us    Mr. West was there tonight & he went to the alter with out being ask    only as the minister ask us all to come to have a little season of prayer.    I took a doz. eggs to the preachers & I gave Mrs. Day some mash bags     & she was so pleased with them    she’s going to make the children some dresses of them.    Well, I’m glad & I think I’ll give her the other 3 I have, all the same patern but 2 have pink back ground & 1. blue.    they really need them.    Mrs. Day says there are quite a few staying away because the Rev. Gurney has left,    I hope they will come back & learn to worship God.   I felt God’s touch tonight & Praise Him & thank Him for all things & for teaching me to understand.    These are truly God’s children & I love them & pray His blessing on them & there efforts.    Wind S. West Strong & puffy all morning, not so bad to-night,     but it rained hard in showers while we were in Church    but not on our way home.   Praise God from Whom all blessing flow    Praise Him all creatures here below before it to late.

Mon. April 12. 1948./ 31. eggs today./   Well, I washed,    Elbert went to Huron & got straw 2. bales. & about 2 1/2 doz. of fish & I got all done before he got here    he ate a snack & drank hot postam & cleaned the fish    & we had hot fresh fish & potatoes for supper & hot coffee.    I didn’t wash the dishes.    I received a card from Miss Lida & letter from Miss Elanor Eleanor Clark,    they were both so grateful for the fresh fish for the doz. eggs & 2 home made bread biscuits,    I have had a notice that they needed food.    Now I know they do & they need some one to look after them    one’s older than Elbert & the other close by.    Eleanor has been ill & Lida is tuckered out caring for her    but they are better & me thinks if they get more to eat they’ll soon feel better,    but like us, they have there bills to pay & not much to pay them with.    It’s been a wonderful day.    forenoon with bright sun & afternoon slowly cloudied up    & rain tonight from N. East & colder.     The fresh fish tasted so good & I think of the girls & even of Cora.   I thank God so much for the wonderful blessings He gives to me & pray He will help me to praise Him in Spirit soon before He comes to gather up His own.    I thank Him & give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen. Glory, Glory, Glory to God in the Highest,    I praise Thee Jesus and thank Thee for all things great & small.   I think Mrs. Day is O.

Mon. April. 12. 1948./ page 2119./ 31. eggs this day./    K.   Sunday evening while we were praying she came & sliped her arm around me & prayed with me.   they have all been so Kind & prayed for me so much    because, I didn’t get to Sun. school & Church in the morn. but it poured rain here & I didn’t get to go untill evening    & I prayed God would hold the rain so I could go & He did Praise His Name    & it rained in showers while we were in Church,    but, eased up     so we got home safe & into the house & then came again.    God is wonderful & Merciful & so patient with us.  I received my releif card today,    it’s for 3. months & they sent me to 25.00 per. mo. again.    It does seem so cruel.

Tue. April.13. 1948./ 25. eggs today./  Well, it’s been a rainy chilly day    N. East Wind & puffy.   I haven’t done much today,    arms & legs, to tired    & Elbert has felt on the bum, took a little cold & settled in his gums.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for my healing & many blessings, all the Power & Glory truly belongest to Him.    Just did my daily doz. & Praise the Lord I could.

Wed. April. 14. 1948./ 30. eggs today./   My bowels are on the stuborn side of life again    & I’ve only done a little today,    I did my usual work & baked some oat, (rolled oat) cookies    It’s been a very cool damp day, foggy & thick with little or no breeze.    I do Praise the Lord of Hosts for taking care of us another day.  Glory, Glory, Glory to God, I love Thee & pray Thy Will be done. 

Thurs. April 15. 1948./ 28. eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron & got a nice bunch & fish & one white fish    & I baked 3 tins bread biscuits & one loaf of bread    & I patched 1. pr. pants & 1. shirt for Elbert & 1. shirt for myself    I got supper & washed up my bread dishes     & took sponge bath dressed & went to prayer meeting.    I partly stitched one under skirt today. & 4 rags for my nose.   It’s been a beautiful day in Ohio    or here where we were & it sure seemed good to have the sunshine again    I praise God for all my many blessing & for Him most of all.    I put one big double blanket on the line & aired it today    S. wind, just fresh not bad.    I heard a cock pheasent today & yesterday & one other day out in the back & a red cardnal female & yellow hammes [? handsome?] red bird looking over the goose berry bushes for a nesting place.    Elbert worked 

Thurs. April. 15. 1948./ 2120.[no page]/ 28. eggs this day./   for the fish today    he did-n’t get enough for all the hard work he done.    & then he dressed all the fish, but one white fish    I dressed it & washed & fried it for supper,    it sure was good.    I liked the prayer service & Praise & Thank God for it and the revivol of my soul & trust for the infilling. 

Fri. April 16. 1948./ 32. eggs today./  Elbert went with 14 doz. eggs & only sold 8,    & didn’t get the money on one doz. he sold    We went to Nellie’s & gave her some fish & tin of bread biscuits & doz. eggs.     & a doz. cookies to Maratha   but, if she was home she didn’t answer Elbert’s call.   but the house was open.    Audrey & Gertie were there, the other evening to Nellies & were coming back tonight to have a baby shower on Marcie,    I would like to get her some things, but can’t seem to get all the things we need & all the rest need.    Well we got a very few things to eat & it was extra warm going & coming,    but, soon after we got here, the wind began to get an icy tang in it & the radio said it’s going to be cold Sat. Sun. Mon. & Tue.    so, I’m hoping it don’t freeze,    they got hail stones in one place as big as a base ball & lots of them & done some damage today,    in Los Angeles they had an earth quake that was felt for over a 100 miles around.  “Lord Will be coming soon”   Oh how I wish we were all ready to go.   Mrs. Cranage ask me to have the minister anoit a handkercheif & pray for her, Mr. Cranaage & the family    I will, God Willing,    she hasn’t had her clothes off for a week,    she looked worn out,    she said Will. seemed lots better this morning  & his face had some clear spots on it,   he’s been broke out from head to foot & his Whole head, arms & body & legs & feet all swollen up,   & he’s been in such misery    I’ve been praying for them for several weeks now.    We offered to do anything we could to help & I told her I’d been praying all this time & then she ask me to have them pray & send her the anoited handkerchief.    It’s been a beautiful day but a strong puffy wind & tonight it’s worse & N. east.    Elbert had to Kill to laying hens to night,   they were full of eggs.    he done the dressing & cutting up    & I washed them, & we put them down to keep cool    he bought boiling meat today, to.    Oh Well, such is life.    I Praise God for our many many blessings in Jesus Name. 

Sat. April. 17. 1948./ 25. eggs today./  Well it’s been a sunshiny day & cool wind & strong wind & to chilly to work out, much.

Sat. April. 17. 1949. [she meant 1948.]/ page 2121./ 25 eggs this day./  I haven’t felt able to work today.   & Elbert hasn’t either,    he’s took some cold,    it’s in his left arm & shoulder now,    it was in the other.   I rubbed it good with alcohol, tonight.    I have the crocheted chair set boxed & ready for Sister Scharien tomorrow.    I hope to take the Clarks some chicken & broth.   I wish I was able to work    I’d ask the ministers home to dinner with us.   I only did what I had to do today    & Elbert’s felt so bad he’d sit most of the day in the big chair,    he’s done the outside chores that had to be done.    I thank God we can do that, & pray He will have mercy on our souls, in Jesus Name., Amen.  I love my Jesus & praise Him for all things, great & small.

Sun. April 18. 1948./ 27. eggs today./   We went to Sun School & Church this a-m & to Church this evening & we had good services    & our young Minister can sure preach God’s Word & he Knows God,    they are truly God’s Children,    I took them a couple of Chicken balls & some gravey & gave them the chair back & arms pieces & they were both so will pleased & thanked me.    & Miss. Clark thanked Elbert, for all the things we took in for them    I packed a box “small box” with a can of mixed vegetables  can of milk & some boxes of jello & ready mixed pudding, a can(1.qt.) dry caned pears. qt. of beef broth I made,   some dry rice & beans  some coffee & tea, 6. potatoes  3 or 4 onions & apples & a can with 4 pieces of chicken & meat balls & qt. chicken broth so they really ought to havew enough for a few days & then Mrs. Goll said     Miss Clarks sister was going home to Cleveland & the Minister said, she hadn’t gone but still thought of going yet tonight,    that, she isn’t able to go & Miss Lida is not able to be left alone    she all tired out & got a cold.    Well,  I’m sorry, and pray God will help in the ways that are needed to help the both of them.     They prayed for them at Church & I believe God will have His Way with them & all the others we prayed for tonight.  They prayed for me & I believe God will take care of my stomach, bowels & recktum.    I thank God in Jesus Name for our healings    & I’m trusting & believeing wrong .     Jesus, Blessed Jesus, I pray for wisdom & knoledge & that Thou will reveal unto me & help me to do a better work for Thee.    Elbert talked with Bill Long & Lena Penson in Vermilion tonight,    they are from Lorain.   Bill’s lost his mother this winter,    he’s a batchlor & so there’s only he & a sister that live together, now.    I wish people loved the Lord.    & would let Him help them,    for He will soon be coming.    & if we Who have turned to Him will scarsly be saved what of all that are waiting to have a little more worldly pleasure.    I pray for all the many souls Who Know Him not & I pray for all souls for we Know not Which one’s are His.

Mon. April. 19. 1948. / page. 2122./ 29. eggs today./  Well it’s been a wonderful day    lots of wind S.W.est.& parly cloudy and quite warm,    but I haven’t done much.    I went to the out side toilet today & pulled the dead grass & vines off the sweet peas in front of the toilet & came back sweating from the expeirance.    I’d love to gt fixed up fast & be strong again soon.    I’d like to earn my own living & not have to take the releif money.    I pray God will help me, so I can have an easy job,    but a good paying job, enough to help others as well as myself.    Well I swept all 3 rooms & dusted & did the dishes,  got the dinner & supper.    I’d like to get some sewing done next    I want to do make the skirts I have started & another dress for good & a coupl of house dresses.    It takes me so long to get anything done,    it seems I’m so terribly slow.    Well, I can’t get Mrs. S____ out of my mind    We all went to the alter to pray & she shouts “& she said,”  Lord I don’t care Who hears me pray & I’m glad & my feet and legs are all right, and after we had all got up to go home, she stood looking at me with such a snear on her face, her face pulled down & I said are you still working & she said (no) only When I feel like it,    if I don’t feel like it I don’t    & the way she said it & stick out her chest like she use to scuff her feet.    I couldn’t help but wonder    & the Minister said, there is something wrong in this church & has been every since I started here & I can’t quite understand.    Well he will before long.    Oh God, help me & keep me safe with in Thy arms I pray    I’ll bive thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Glory to God.  

Tue. April. 20. 1948./ 29. eggs today./   Well I only did what I had to & I went out side to toilet & looked at the trees & blosoms & the violets are so pretty & the flowering current all in bloom & so fresh sweet & spicy & tame currents are in bloom & the baby apricots trees & pear trees    it’s so good to get out doors, but I’d like to scratch.   & I’m not

Tue. April 20. 1948./ page. 2123./ 29. eggs this day. /  able,    I’ll just have to be content to do what ever I can.    Elbert went to fish house & shoveled fish & they gave him a good pk. & a doz. catfish just big enough for good fryers. & 24. pike,    We would like to give the children some,    but, he has to work so hard to get them & clean them & it costs for gas to take them clear over to them    all they have to do, is fry & eat them.    & he’s going to Lorain to try to work for Bill Long, in the morning.   he’s been getting a piece of dirt ready for potatoes, he’s sore & lame & has a cold in his gums & muscels,     I do hope he wont work all day for he isn’t able,   but, I never Know what he’ll do.   I thank God & Praise Him for all things & pray He will give me that seal of promise, the infilling that I may praise Him in spirit,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. April. 21. 1948./ 30 eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Lorain to work for Bill Long & Bill has a cold & said it was to cold to work,    so they talked a while & Elbert came back home.  I did out my washing & wfter we had dinner, he did his unnion suit & 2 heavy work shirts & 3. prs. sock & 4. Kercheifs.    We went to Vermilion after supper,    I, fried all the fish, & we took the last hot one’s & done them in wax paper & put them in a bag & roled them up & gave the preachers 4.   they are working evenings in the living rooms upstairs    & I should have taken bread for tonight    they only ate a snack & ran a way over here to the Church to get it fixed up so they can live there.    they both work in shops all day & so it keeps them rather tired,    they have been bringing their supper & eating it there before starting work    but they shifted it tonight.    We took 4. fish, hot, to Miss. Clark & a small can of sauce, “rubarb.” fresh from the plants this Spring,    I picked some yesterday & cooked it     thought it would be a Spring tonic,    I’d like to get a few greens tomorrow.    & I have to iron a dress to put on.    It’s all most full moon & a nice drive down to, Vermilion & back if we hadn’t been so tired.    Well we got back at 8-30-p-m.  & had another cup of hot drink    & I shifted clothes on the line    most all of them are dry except rags & union suit.    I hit my sore ankle on the chair rocker    hurt so bad I couldn’t stand on it     &  I had had a terrible cramp in my right thigh this a.m.when I first got up & tonight since we got back, one in my foot & big toe.   I am so tired.   Miss Clark said the chicken broth gave her 

Wed. April 21. 1948./ page. 2124./ 30. eggs this day./ a big lift,     it was hot when we took it & she said she just drank a good big glass full & ate a chicken leg.    Elbert says she looks rather punk.   Eleanor went home Sun. late,    we were there just before Church & left the broth & chicken & she had been gone only a few minutes,   Miss. Clark said,  She has a woman staying with her that lives over near the Church.    Well, I will talk to the Lord & let Him talk to me & then go to bed.   I Praise Him for all things.

Thurs. April. 22. 1948./ 26. eggs today/  Well today is Ella Jane’s birthday.   she is 28 yrs . old & still going to school,   me oh my ,    it seems a pity to waist so much time, when she might have been doing so much for the Lord.   It’s a queer World. & Tonight they said over the radio the the Goverment was going to rule the citizens    & John L. Louis & HIs coal miners & the miners are on there high horses, now, things are heading toward a big fight & some one shot at the C.I.O. President & all most got him & they haven’t any clue,   the World is in a bad turmoil or what ever you want to call it.   Soon Jesus will be coming & I hope & pray we Who are on the Lord’s side will be ready.  Well I got the ironing done & mended my old dress & got the supper.    We went to prayer meeting, wasn’t only 8. of us there, the Preacher & Mrs. West went to Lorain to the hospital with Mrs. Sprunk,    they said she had a bad fall so, the preacher & Mrs. West Sr. was taking her,    & so we had our prayer meeting any way & got back home a quarter to 10-p-m.    Mr Smith’s wife is ill with some new Kind of cold & fever,    he fell, & hurt his self quite bad,    but God has Kept him up & going,     he said he had a letter from his mother & she said they have been having wonderfull meetings & that there are any where from four thousand 5. hundred to 5. thousand at the meetings & into the hundreeds were healed & one woman had become a cripple & she came 17. hund-red miles to the meetings & was healed right there   Glory to God I thank Thee & praise Thee & pray for Thy guidance & help me to do Thy work    Use me for healings heal through me that I may do for Thee in Jesus name    I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been a fine sunshiny day    cold N.East wind     We had a frost last night.

Fri. April 23. 1948./page. 2125./ 27. eggs today./  Well, I dug greens & pulled some rubarb & empted the can & slop pail twice    & got to pails well water & one cystern & I made biscuits & pealed the potatoes to set them in cold water    & I cooked some lima beans & Elbert worked until 4.-30 & then sold the eggs or part of them (10. doz.) & he owed a woman 5 cents so he brought  (6.95) & Mrs. Gowen owes each week,    she paid for last week & owes for this     I don’t like that sort.    Well Elbert got here 6-15-p.m.    & we had to wait untill he fed the hens & picked up eggs.    & now it’s 9-p-m & I’m terrible tired & so is he.    Well, it was cloudy “partly” when Elbert left this morning & it rained a light shower, then, clear off     & I dug greens & washed & cooked them for supper    been a beautiful Spring day.    I got the plack from the German Lutherns. 

Sat. April. 24. 1948./ 28 eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few things tp eat    & I wiped up the floors    they were so dirty & dusty    I cleaned the bird cages Fri.   It rained a nice April shower today    been to warm today, been partly cloudy & is same tonight.   Wind’s been S.W. then W. while it rained    I thank God for all things & pray He will help me to be of service to Him,     I pray for all for He says We Know not Which ones are His & I pray for the sick & sorrowing ones,    those sorely tempted & tried & sorely afflicted.    those of us Who need strength & a stronger faith    I pray Thou will take away every doubt & fear in Jesus Name & continue our healing.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Amen. 

Sun. April 25. 1948./ 28. eggs today. /  We went to Sunday school & Chruch & to Church tonight.    I ask the minister to come to dinner for they hadn’t brought any with them     they said they would come,  so Elbert & I hurried home    I had to put a clean table cloth on & wash the dishes & wipe the dust from the chairs, that I had not done Sat. beccause I was to tired       & while I did that Elbert pealed the potatoes & got them on to cook    & put the water on for coffee    then Rev. Schareim & his wife came in & I cooked some peas & fried 4. catfish & set the table with Elbert’s help    & in a few minutes we had dinner & rubbard & oat meal cookies & they liked the creamed potatoes & baking Powder biscuits & coffee    & then we went out in the yard    dug green onions & picked daffodills & voilets

Sun. April 25. 1948./page. 2126./ 28. eggs this day./  & old fashion yellow current & Japanese flowering quince bright red flowers & then they went on there way to call on Miss Clark & Mrs. Sprunk & pray with them.    Oh God, help me not to grumble or boast but keep me humble & true in Jesus Name I ask,    I’ll give Thee all the Glory & Praise for ever & ever, Amen.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for lifting me, & healing me Glory Glory to God in the Highest    I love & Adore Thee  Glory Hallelujah, Amen. 

Mon. April 26. 1948./ 22. eggs today/  Elbert’s back & hip are paining him so bad he couldn’t work,    so he went to Huron & got some fish & there were 2 white fish in the basket making 26. fish    I cleaned them “for they scale so easy”& we had them for dinner,     I put the fry pan on & soon had white fish frying & potatoes warming & coffee water boiling,    we were just about finished when the little old man  that sells shoe strings, came in, so we set him a plate with the balance of the po-tatoes & some fish & biscuits & a cup of coffee,    he ate & rested a bit & went on his way.    I set bread after Elbert left for Huron & so, I made it in to 4 tins of biscuits after dinner,    then went out & scaled all, but eight of the pike    & Elbert gutted & cut of the heads & then he washed them while I washed the dishes & got the bread baking,    then I salted & packed the fish,    I had to sit down awhile    my legs and ankles have been badly swollen today.    It’s been a fine day.    I put the bedding on the line & aired it good today     & took care of beds & roooms & got supper    & then rested a while & soaked my feet,    I don’t know if that will help, but Elbert thought I ought to so he got the water hot & I soaked them,    guess it did take out some of the ach,    it is thundering, lightening & raining in showers tonight,    the trees & shrubs are all in bloom & so sweet & pretty.    I Praise God for all things in Jesus Holy Name. 

Tue. April. 27. 1948./ 30. eggs today. /I have given away several doz. eggs & didn’t keep track of them    I gave Nellie & Bonita 2 doz. & they gave us 10. lbs. of sugar & I gave Miss Clark

Tue. April. 27. 1948./ page. 2128./ 30 eggs this day./  one doz. tonight,    we took Miss Clark home & 3. Smith Children & 1. other child that was with the Smith’s children.    Rev. Mr. Seacer & His wife were here trying to sell bonds for the Churches to buy a summer camp for the young and the old folks. 4 cents on a dollar $10.00 bonds up to as much as you want to invest     it’s a very good plan for helping both the folks that go to camp & Church    I do so Wish I could go,    it would do my soul & spirit a world of good.    I feel it would be wonderful.   Oh, Praise the Lord, I pray God Willing, I may have that blessing sometime.    Well. it rained & hailed before we went over to see Nellie & Bonita & the children     & after we got there it rained hard    they didn’t have much to eat & Bonita felt rather on edge & so did Nellie,    so they were so glad to get the fish, the biscuits & rubarb & 2. doz. eggs    she said all they had was a cup of hamberger & a couple of potatoes     so she put them together chopped up, with seasoning & water, for supper.  I am sorry that things  are, as they are, but,     she just don’t manaage things in the right way.    she never did & now this is what’s coming out of it all.    I don’t know how to help for she feels so left out of things,    if she only took the right attude I feel sure things would be much better,    but she says, John’s gone, & she is left with a family on her hands.    I pray God wont hold me, for her actions.    for I always tried to show her the right way.    Well, I pray that I may help her & the others, yet,    to learn the right way.   Miss Clark to,    she wants to be taken lots of notice of & because we had the Smith children to take home & they have a good mile & it was raining & so she said she could walk,    but I told her it wouldn’t hurt her to get squeezed a little so she got in,     its only a minute around to her door,    so after we left her we got a bottle of milk,   then we let the Smith children out & got home at 10.p.m.    Mr. Day & Elbert went in to Church tonight but both went out before they started to preach.    Elbert’s hip was paining him bad all day & he didn’t feel able to go to Nellie’s,    but, I felt we had to go today.    & it was a good thing we did;   Marcie hasn’t had her baby yet & Bonney Bell expects hers in Aug.  I Praise God for our many blessing.    we are both very tired tonight.    But I’m alot better & I thank God in Jesus Dear Name & Pray for all the others who are not so well.  They took Mrs. Sprunk

Tue. April 27. 1948./page 2128.[she means 2129]/ 30. eggs this day./  clear to Lorain to the hospital & had her [?  ]  exrayed & examined & she was only bruised    & she made such a fuss & to-night she was putting on a big show acting as frisk as a kitten     & she & Miss Clark climbed that long stair way to the rooms above the church,    I don’t know what for, only to see the chair set I gave the Minister & Miss Clark looks like the last row of summer & not fit.    Well I praise the Lord in Jesus Name    they can get out again    I received a nice letter from Eleanor Clark & I got m shirts from Lane Bryants today,    they are lots to big.

Wed. April 28. 1948./ 30. eggs today./ Frank’s birth day he would be 66 yrs. old./  I cut up one shirt & made it over,    it looks O.K    I hope it is .   I made a Kettle of soup & so we ate soup for dinner & for supper & got plenty for tomorrow.    I took care of the birds & house    & Elbert took care of chickens & trimed rose bush in front of hen house, today.

Thurs. April. 29. 1948./ 27. eggs today./  Well I did my washing & the table cloth & towels    & am so tired.    I dried part of them out side,    the air was N.East & damp,     I have  them all done but a few rags & they are almomst dry.   It’s been a fine day partly cloudy, hot sun & a little chilly breeze.   Well to-morrow Elbert goes with the eggs  18. doz. & I pray God in Jesus Name, he sells them all.    for we have to get grain, oyster, salt & pay. the light bill & I would like to have a little left to eat on.    I thank God for what we have & pray He will help me to rent or sell the back half of the place.    I’ve been thinking of Nellie & wondering if they are eating.    I couldn’t do to them as they did by me.    I hope Bonney Bell take something home for Sun.    Well I don’t know how to help them.    I don’t know wheather to go with Elbert in the morning or not    I’m so tired,   but, his hip is terrible bad & I do hate to see him go off alone,    he seems to forget things so bad when he’s like this.    

Tue. April. 27. 1948./ page. 2128./ 30. eggs this day./ 

Fri. April 30. 1948./ 25 eggs today./   Elbert went to Lorain & sold 13 doz.  9. doz. he got 70 cents for & collexcted the 70 cents from Gows 6.30 & 70 cents___7.00 he got in cash    & 4. doz. he sold for 65 cents per. doz. & he has to collect for them $2.60 cents     he bought a bag of grain $5.55 & oyster 80 lbs. 1.00 & 60 cents for salt 1.40 for light bill 1.30 for meat;    He forgot the light bill so I went back with him    & while he did that & got the salt & 1.00’s worth of gas I 

Fri. April. 30. 1948./ page 2129./ 25 eggs this day/ 825 this mo./  went up to see Miss. Clark, & she fell Wed. & was quite sick.    but was up walking around    she hadn’t ought to be alone,    Well I ask her right out if she had any food & she admited she only had the eggs I had given her Tue. night    & the tears came to her eyes as I left,    so we went to Martins & some one let Elbert in “for all the other stores were closed” & I had him get a loaf of bread can of milk 72 cents worth of boiling meat  box of rice & a bout 6 or 8. big potatoes a lb of coffee & lb. of coffee.$ 1.94 cents     she is weak in more ways than one, pride,    she don’t want any one to know she hasn’t enough to eat & they like things nicer than we can afford.    I’m so sorry.   I pray God will take a hand    & I pray that what ever Elbert said, wont do any harm, or cause any trouble.    for he said he didn’t mean any harm & he didn’t think.    Well I pray she can keep up & going & she said she had to move as the place has been sold & she don’t Know where she’s going.   God of Love & Mercy   I pray for the people of this world, in Jesus Dear Name, have Mercy.    I haven’t done much today    to tired & Elbert’s tired tonight.   I thank Thee Dear Jesus for all my many blessings Amen.

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