June  1952

Sun. June. 1. 1952./ 13. eggs today./ A Beautiful day & not a soul come near all day.   I slept late   my feet & ankles were so badly swollen they pained me most all night.    Elbert goes to bed early & so he gets up early   he cooked dinner & ate & I ate at 2-p-m.   We had maccronie & what ham was left from dinner, for supper.    I was out doors several times   N. West & then N. east breeze felt as if it came off the ice,   We still keep a little fire to keep chill out the house.    I hope to get off to prayer meeting before long  longer  I don’t just know What Ill do tomorrow,   We want to mark out places rows for potatoes & stake them & I thought I’d put in some tomatoes & cabbage seeds & maybe my bulbs.   no ground worked up for them though & I’ll have to do a little place & then work around it later.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray I may be all Thine forever & ever Amen.

Mon. June. 2. 1952./ 12. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron at 9-a-m.   paid Mrs. Gunzenhauser $5.32 for the 4. shirts she sent me, for myself.   & he got a big mess of fish.   he was tired when he got back at 12 noon.   I got dinner, cooked 6 fish, boiled potatoes & made milk gravey & we had beets pickled.   I gave him cup hot tea when he got here & I cleaned 13 pike he had scaled,   I can’t see very well, so was to slow to suit him,   I wrinsed them off & brought them in & finished scraping them & salted them,   I done up 1/2 doz for Harry Miller & a few bread biscuits a 1/2 doz. for Miss. Clark & he gave all the rest of the fish to Dorthy & Lindy,   she was so glad to get them,   Lindy came in before.   Elbert got away & wanted to pay for them,  Elbert siad no.   Elbert gave Douglas 1/2 doz. & I must go over & see if they are O.K. for Elbert said he didn’t see Mrs. D. & she always

Mon. June. 2. 1952./ page. 2921./ 12. eggs this day./ comes to the door, but she didn’t today, & he said Mr. D. said maybe he could get them ready for dinner, so tomorrow I must put forth & effort to go see them,   they may need help & they wouldn’t ask for it, (to much pride.)    & While Elbert went to Vermilion I swept & wiped up the floors.   I thank God for all our many many blessings    I gave Elbert $3.00 & he got 1. lb. butter & 1.00 worth gas for the car & a birth day card for Martha & he wrote something in it & signed his name only,   Oh, Well, it’s O.K.   I’m so tired tonight.   It’s real chilly every night.   radio says rain  but, it doesn’t.   I thank Thee Jesus for Keeping me & healing me    I give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.   he received note from Mrs. Otis West saying he had been quite sick & that they wouldn’t be able to come plant potatoes,   I thought he was joking,   but, he says he really ment to    I hope he ment it, but really have my doubts.   I hope I can get the trenches dug before it’s to late to put them in this time.    maybe we’ll get a few potatoes for winter, its so terribly cold nights to.   Well, Elbert told Dorthy we hadn’t expected West to plant the potatoes   I hope to call on Mrs. Hodgson & mr & Mrs Touglas tommorrow & then plant 1/2 doz. or so bulbs & maybe stick in few cabbage & tomatoe seeds.

Tue. June. 3. 1952/ 6 eggs today./  Martha is 40 yrs. old today,   she ought to get the card Elbert mailed yesterday.   After dinner we went to call of Mrs. Hodgeson & she’d gone to Elyria,   so we went to call on Mr. & Mrs. Douglass   I believe they are starving,   they are to proud to ask for help,   she said they cooked the fish & ate all of them, they tasted so good,   they looked half starved   I said we’d bring them potatoes for she had said will could hardly get along with out them,   but she liked bread & then they said how they use to sell butter for 8 & 10 cents a pound & now they wished they could have pound,   so, I’m convinced they really need help,   she said  Why didn’t we sell the potatoes   they were so high priced,   we said we believed in being human as near as we can   I’ll send them the bread & potatoes in the morning    I wish I knew what they really do need most,  they are weak & look sick.   God help me to understand.   We received nice letter from Audrey & after we got back home we cut some grass around the path & well pump & in amoungst my flowers,    Elbert is trying to spade,   I pray he wont hurt himself   he’s so bull headed, he isn’t healed up yet & don’t use commone sence, but, God knows it wont be my fault what ever happens to him,   I’ve tried my best to keep him from working,   he’s carrying water & he hadn’t ought to do that.   Well it rained a good shower tonight, just at dark.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things. Amen.

Wed. June. 4. 1952./ Page. 2922./ 10. eggs today/  Well, it’s been a great day,   We mowed grass & I’m sore & lame    I don’t know wheather to mow some more or wash tomorrow     I’d like to go to prayer meeting tomorrow night.   Elbert went over & took 2 pk. of potatoes to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & a small loaf of bread, cup of coffee  few tea balls, piece of butter & can of apple sauce,   I hope I can find out just how bad off they are, so I can help them more.   We received a nice letter from Martha this morning.   We mowed more grass today & I’m so lame & sore & tomorrow Elbert goes with eggs & I ought to wash but I want to work out side,   I haven’t got much to wash, but my feet torture me so bad, it’s terrible.   Mrs. Douglas told Elbert about Ackerman’s and elderly couple a little farther west toward Huron who are in very poor condition feeble & alone   she was worried about them & telling Elbert how weak & miserable they were, & no one to look after them.   So I thank I’ll go & see about it soon.   Oh God, help us to live for Thee, I pray   Thou will help us to do Thy Will in Jesus Name, I want to do all THy Will & ways.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee and the Holy Trinity for ever & ever, Amen.

Thurs. June. 5. 1952 / 10 eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up & mowed the most of the front yard   then went to Vermilion & sold 5 doz. eggs & got the grain & groceries “he got his check this morning”   he went to Douglas to see if they wanted to go to Vermilion but she said they were going to Sandusky with a friend,   We did our part by asking to help them, but style & vanity go hand in hand.    Elbert’s to tired to rest & so am I.   for I had a biger wash than I had thought I’d have.   they most all dried out side   I had them most all washed be-fore noon,   then it clouded up & began to rain,   I brought them in & hung them out again,   Well they are washed & I do hate to smell dirty clothes, laying around,   now beds & cloths are all clean,   maybe I can be out side a little while tomorrow.   I’ll cut some bulbs maybe & dig a trench part way for potatoes or plant cabbage & tomatoe seeds & breath the fresh air & get a little sunshine, if it shines   radio says showers & cloudy for tomorrow   I hope God will help me & me to help others,   I’m trusting & believing & thanking & Praising Thee Jesus & hope to get out this rut soon,  with Thy help, I pray Thou will reveal to me that  I may do Thy will & ways in all things, great or small. Amen.

Fri. June. 6. 1952./ 10. eggs today/ Been a hot day 85 degrees in house & all the windows open down & up stairs,   I cut bulbs & some one took bulbs out of boxes in the back yard so I wont hardly have enough for myself but I promised West a few so I’ll have to give him a few of mine,   Oh Well.   I planted 2/3 of a row tonight & hope to plant more tomorrow   then Mon. some more & some glads,   I want to be outside in the fresh air & sunshine   Elbert tried to help,   but he’s so lame from mowing selling eggs & shopping yesterday he 

Fri. June. 6. 1952./ page. 2923./ 10 eggs this day./carried the water & took the grass away to park that we both mowed   he mowed a dozen strokes tonight & measured a row or two for the dahlia bulbs & was to tired to eat his supper, but did get away with a dish of soup & some hot drink,   I give his back a good rubing & he’s in bed,  I believe I feel just as bum,   but I don’t have any one to rub my back.   We received a card from Audrey saying she & Martha would be here tonight,  but they didn’t come.    I should have made bread today; but will try tomorrow.  starched my dresses & hung them & Elbert’s shirt out side, sure dried fast.   there was a good breeze from S. west all day,   Will Snyder painted his house last week & this & tonight had two stinking bonfires, air most all dies out every night & gets damp & cool, & so smoke drifted our way some, but soon went east    & we Thank Thee Jesus for answering prayer for that & most all things,   I want to get back to Church & pray I can soon. I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name, Amen.

Sat. June. 7. 1952/ 7. eggs today./  I baked bread today, didn’t do much else.   hope to go to Church tomorrow some where.   It’s been another hot day,   & summer will soon be gone again   flowers are in bloom but they don’t stay very long,   cold nights & hot days & Jesus will be coming before long, longer I  I hope & pray We can be ready,   I want to be so very much & now Elbert is able to go & we must get back in Church,   give me power & strength to get back I pray in Jesus Name,   & I thank & Praise Thee forever & ever Amen.

Sun. June 8. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ It’s been a nice day  S. & S. West breeze, hot sun & it rained a good shower between 4-30 & 5-30. & got a little cooler    I tried to get things ready so I could go to Church this morning, but, I took a couple of tumbles yesterday & my head arms & shoulder were so lame & stiff I just laid in bed untill noon & sit around the rest of the day.   We thought the girls would be out but no girls,   hope we get a card in the morning & that they are all O.K.    I guess they’d let us Know.   We hope they would.   I can’t seem to get rested enough to be able to do anything extra.    Some one came in & took some of my yellow dahlia bulbs & Mr. & Mrs. West haven’t got theres yet.   & looks as if we wont either have very good ones,   they had been all mixed up to.   I hope to try to iron & fix my old dress & maybe help with the potatoes & then do little with flowers, but I don’t seem to have the strength.   I pray I can’t get my things ready for Church & I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus, Dear, Pure & Holy. Amen. 

Mon. June. 9. 1952./ Page. 2924./ 12. eggs today./ I’ve felt all in all day,   Elbert dug the rest of the potatoe row this morning   he drop the potatoes & I covered 2/3 this row & he the rest & then he put on some sheep manure & in the morning I suppose he figures on covering with more dirt    he’s terribly tired tonight & I’m still sore & lame from my falls Sat. & Sun.   I stumbled over the rug today,   I’ve felt so heavy all day,    & I haven’t done much, mended Elbert’s pants he had washed in Vermilion,   I don’t see how they tore them as they were torn.   I hope to wash tomorrow with God’s help.  Elbert wants to go to Huron & see if he can get a few fish for us & maybe enough for a few others.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Love & care & hope to get to Church   he goes & goes other places & now he keeps tired out I believe it the devil’s work & I do beseach with Thee for help. I Praise Thee & thank Thee, 
Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day, hot sun and a cool breeze.

Tue. June. 10. 1952./ 11. eggs to day./  A great day,   Elbert got up & at 9-a-m he went to Huron,   he stayed so long I thought something was wrong,   but he was talking & then he went to see about getting my stockings & said Mrs. G. was going to Cleveland Fri & would get them if I gave her my size she’d get the ribbed toes 70 some cents per. pr. isn’t that terrible?   So I’ll have to let her know,   the shirts she got for me were O.K.;   Well Mrs. Day came & 3 of her children & had a cup of tea with me, then I went out in the yard with them,    I felt so bad   I couldn’t stay loong & then I tried to get the things together she wanted,   I gave her 2 pks little potatoes  a bag of bulbs dahlia & glads & some flowers & some house plants & voilet leaves that had rutted & Elbert came & they went   it was 12-noon & then she went away with out the potatoes. I’m so sorry for they needed them,   she’s so good hearted, but, she didn’t seem to Know then how sick I was.  We had cut eyes from  I gave Mrs. Day a lot of seeds for flowers.    Elbert went to Vermilion & talked to Audrey   they have been busy & Martha’s two girls went with there grandmother Swanson to Tennesse & Martha’s still tired from graduation doing   & then she had arthritis in one leg & her hand & was sick with it for a week or so & so each one has there troubles   I tried to eat dinner, was so sick I didn’t know which way it was going & had to lay down for awhile.   Elbert got some pork to fry   it was so good & so tender   & after supper he mowed a good swath from coop to road   he mowed some yesterday & he dug a little on his potatoe row.    I couldn’t work today   praise God for showing me things & helping Mrs. Day to understand also & I pray He will help me out of this rut, in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee, Glory to God, Amen.

Wed. June. 11. 1952./ Page. 2925./ 9. eggs today./ Well, I did the washing,   I hve felt as if I’d land on my nose, all day,  each time I lean foreward & my arms are to tired to even try to do this writing.   Elbert planted a row of potatoes this a-m. 150 ft. row,   now he has two rows planted & 4 or 5 yet to do,   been nice day, hot sun, Mostly winds with an icy cool in them    got everything dry out side except the old dress I had on,   I washed it last & hung it up here in the house,   I had to sit down so many times but Praise God I got them done.   I fixed the bottom of my corset & I stitched binding on the elastic & I had to take it off.   now that’s done & I have to make button holes & work over the button hole in his light union suit & put them away & darn another pr. of socks & then repair the corset I’m wearing after I wash it,   then make him a pr of pajama pants,   then finish my dress & try to make another.   I’m so slow & so many other things to do,   don’t make any headway.   I thank God in Jesus Name for the strength He has given me to-day & every day   I love Him more than anything else on earth & hope my testimony took effect today,   I Love & Praise Thee Amen.

Thurs. June 12. 1952./ 12. eggs today./ Elbert went & sold the eggs & bought a little food & paid 11.91, balance on coal bill & he ordered 4 ton more of coal   he came back & our checks had come so, I signed mine & he took them both & went to Huron,   he got them cashed & got me 4 more shirts 5.32, “& he bought a hen 3.25 live weight, in Vermilion)    When he got back from Huron it was 25 minutes to 2-p-m,   I swept & had everything ready except frying the meat,   he didn’t get any fish,   he rested a little then cleaned & cut up hen & he ground the breast & thights & crackers for ball to fry & I have it all mixed & packed to fry tomorrow   my head is hurting me so bad I can’t hardly keep on even Keel,   I thought I go to prayer meeting but see I couldn’t,  I have had to lie down twice today but am trusting I’ll feel better tomorrow.   Oh God bless the meeting of Thine tonight & all who call in earnest to Thee   take away all things that would keep us from Thee and I thank and give Thee all the Praise for ever & ever Amen.   I gave Elbert the money out of mine for the coal & for my shirts & he ordered my stockiing, they will cost about 4.50 and the tax.  then 5. for Church & 10.00 for gas & I can remember what else it was.   Been a very cool day mostly cloudy.  N. east breeze.

Fri. June 13. 1952./ 12 eggs today/ Well it’s been a nice day cool N. east wind hot sun   Elbert has his two rows of potatoes all covered & started trench for 3rd. row.   then he dug holes & I planted dahlias bulbs 2. rows & now I have the glads & a few flower seeds,   it’s late to plant   we had a letter from Martha & she’s not feeling very well & girls gone & she has house work & meals to look after & since Uncle said we were O.K. they

Fri. 13. June. 1952./ Page. 2926./ 12. eggs this day./ we were both O.K.  they will not be out right away.   I’m tired to tired to write   I cooked 2 meals & washed dishes    Elbert went to Kilbride’s & they hadn’t any milk for us this a-m  but, he went tonight & got a qt.   theres a lot of difference in cows milk & that cooked stuff in bottles.   every time I use it for a week it gets me all up set, stomach & bowels,   I ought to iron tomorrow.   I pray God will help me get off to Church Sun. morning & evening up here to Huron.   I Love Thee Jesus, Amen.

Sat. June. 14. 1952./ 11. eggs today./ Been a nice day but Oh so hot.   Elbert cut grass a while this morning   he’s so terribly tired   he took a bath & went to bed   it’s so hot we sweat like rain   We sit out under the apple tree a while & I took Jacky “the canary” & a little female gold finch came & looked at him & lit on his cage twice,   he was afraid, but came up & looked at her,   when she flew on a box near him,   she has a nest by the well in the dentzia bush,  she’s a greenish yellow but the mail is britter yellow.   We received card from Audrey   they’re coming out some time.   Martha was expecting Jean & Joan home.   I ironed 3 dresses, 2 shirts & my under skirt & patched one dress & darned 1. pr. stockings & listened to Rev. Buser over radio.   & now I’m reading & going to bed after I take my bath.   I’d love to go to Church, but feet are swollen & ach so bad I couldn’t wear my shoes.   I thank God for our many blessings & am trusting for this healing in Jesus Name.

Sun. June. 15. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Nice hot day & no one even called on us,   I be glad when I can get to church.   feet wasn’t swollen quite so bad today   N. East breeze all day dying out tonight   we have set around & sweat just runs off us in streams & sun was real yellow tonight but set all most in the North West.   I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all our blessings & healings.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost & may all Power & Glory be there’s forever

Mon. June 16. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Been another hot day, 100 degree here in the corner of kitchen & it was 113 in some places, they said over radio & a lot of people dying because of heat.   Elbert spaded about 33 feet tonight   he has about as much more to go & that will be 3 rows of potatoes    he hopes to do 2 or 3 more     that will be more than we need but Nellie & girls may want some.   I only did what I had to do today.   I praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & for my healing.   May all the Power & Glory be His for ever & ever, Amen.   We got a card from Country Gentleman today, saying they received 1.00 for 5. yr. subscription. 

Tue. June. 17. 1952./ Page 2927./ 9. eggs to day./ Another hot day  99 + more in some places.   Elbert got up early & planted 1 row potatoes    he has 3-rows 120 ft. long. & one short shorter row about 100 ft long, & he wants to put in 1, or 2, rows more & only has 2 more days to dig the trenches.    Well it rained a little this morning just a msty shower & while it was cloudy we went out & he dug 2 trenches & I put in the bulbs & I covered them    I have one & maybe 2 more rows.   then I have some squash seeds to plant & some broccolie & if I can manage I have a few more seeds,   I hope I can,   got hot after dinner & we just sit around & sweat,   I’d like to wash in the morning if it’s not to hot,   it’s lots cooler tonight than last night.   Elbert took his bath & gone to bed, so I’ll do the same.   I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings & pray He’ll help me back to church soon, Amen. 

Wed. June. 18. 1952/ 7. eggs today./ Well I prayed & prayed for several months that Ella Jane would come home & She came Sun & I told Elbert & today a letter from Audrey saying Ella Jane came home Sun.   & Johny & Marcie started home the 16th.  that was Mon. & they are coming to stay.   & Audrey’s tired of her long ride every day & wishes so much she could work in Lorain    Elbert dug & planted one 120 ft. row of potatoes today & I did all the washing except his corset & mine so I’ll have them to do,   I’ll have to repair mine,   I took 4 inches out of the one I have on & it’s still to big,   guess I’m shrinking;   I’m terribly tired tonight.    it’s been so hot in the sun it felt as if you’d surely cook.   clothes baked dry.   I had my night gown & one under skirt & 3 shirts  all my nose rags & others & wash rags, towels 5, & stockings & then Elberts night pants & sleeper coat & his change of clothes & bedding & my dress & his work shirt & it was enough to rub out on the wash board suds & wrinse by hand & hang out & bring in & do my daily chores,    It’s cooling off fast tonight   it got quite cool before morning & we had a heavy due last night    I have to try to write a card to all the girls & read & go to bed,   Elbert want to go with eggs in the morning & he can mail the cards.   I thank & praise Thee Jesus for hearing and answering prayer Glory to God, Keep me ever close to Thee & help me to do Thy will in all things. 

Thurs. June. 19. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Been a cooler day,   the breeze has been very cool,   to much so to sit in the breeze which has been N. east, & fresh, to, tonight.   Elbert covered his row completely this morning & he got to hot & had a bad spell late this after noon   head ach, cramps & don’t feel to good,   but ate a good supper & now he’s gone to bed.   I haven’t earned my salt to day.   I worked all the button holes in his union suit

Thurs. June. 19. 1952./ Page. 2928./ 9. eggs this day./ only 18. or 20. button holes & my eyes are dim today   can’t see clear.   I feel so sorry for Elbert to,   he has the am-bishion but can’t work the long hours with strength as he use to,   & I can’t either.   Jesus I thank Thee that Thou art and always will be,   I thank Thee for those Who are to-night praying earnestly for us & that Thou doeth hear & answer prayers, Jesus I pray Thou will bless each one & give them more faith for I hear they need it as much as I do,   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.    Elbert went to Vermilion sold the eggs 2.20 & did the shopping   he got some good steaks for dinner & a piece of ham, butt.   I know he does to much & he’s lots to tired every night    my feet lets & arms were to tired to work today    I couldn’t walk around out side   they were so tired & ached so bad   I thank God for His word & that He helps me to understand. Amen. 

Fri. June. 20. 1952./ 9. eggs today/ Elbert’s been cutting & cleaning up grass & he planted all the bulbs I had one more row & he made the trench & planted them   his back is paining him tonight,  my feet pained me all night & so I only baked 3. tins bread biscuits & did daily round.   It’s been extra cool, so much so Elbert had his light wool sweater on,   he’s been in bed a long time & I must go;   It was so cool I burned up all the rubbish in the heater & it wasn’t to warm here while doing it.    N. east breeze & cool, rained light shower before dark,   I hope it rains some more enough to soak potatoes & get them started.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for our blessings & trust he will get me out the rut    Help me now I pray   I thank Thee & give Thee the Honor & Glory, Thou art worthy.

Sat. June. 21. 1952./ 9. eggs today/  Nellie Bonita  Ella Jane & Bonita’s 3 children were here this after noon,   Johny & Marcie took there 3 children & went to Marcie Aunt in New London with her “Marcie’s” aunt  from Cleveland who stopped & took them, so Johny told the women they could use his car   Ella Jane can drive so they all came out to see us & we had a nice visit, but not for long   Nellie seemed in confusion about something & I let them get off, with out a tin of biscuits   I feel so bad, but they all talk at once & I can’t think straight either;   Well I did manage to give them a big pk. of po-tatoes & Nellie said they are going to Lake side Wed.   so they “She & Johny would stop & perhaps let Ella Jane off to stay with me untill they come back,   Ella Jane she might have to baby sit, if Marcie with Johny.   I told her to bring 3 of them with her if it was necessary for her to look after them.   Elbert is so tired,   it’s been another cool day & he work to long & to hard.   I’m glad tomorrow is Sun; a day of prayer & rest.  I do

Sat. June. 21. 1952/ Page. 2929./ 9. eggs this day./thank & praise God in Jesus Name for taking care of me   my feets been bad for a few days & I have felt rather week.   I planted my lillie bulb  “the india lilllie bulb) & Elbert helped me & we had just got it in when the girls came   they brought me a box of tea & dish of potatoe salid,   it was quite good & I ate it all.   Elbert don’t like it.    he went to Huron & bot bought a cabbage to go with the ham but for tomorrow & he brough pork for supper & he took over getting the supper.    Johny’s birth day,  he was ___yrs. old today & today was Ruby’s birthday, she is 57 yrs. old.   Frank is 62 yrs. July 27.   she’s 5. yrs. younger than Frank.   & Nellie was married June 28th yr. 1918.  Ella Jane was 33 yrs. old April 22. 1952.   Well time is flying,  Bonita’s twins are 10. yrs. old   Martha’s twins are 18 yrs. old & Joan is 17 & Fred’s daughter is 17. yrs. old.   I’d like to have a picture of each family   Frank & Ruby & there 4 children & there children & Audrey & her daughter & son in law & family & Nellie & John & there 4 chldren & there families,   Ella Jane & her husband & Gertie & Elbert & I. some troupe.   Nellie said Armond called on her,   he had his two Children with him   Clara was shopping   We received 2 cards from Audrey & nice letter from Martha today.   N. east. breeze & mostly cloudy allday, rather cool.

Sun. June. 22. 1952./ 8. eggs today./ Mostly cloudy & very cool, with n. east wind.   & no one has come near us all day & I feel so bad I didn’t get to Church.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for Thy word & help for helping me understand,   I heard a good instructive sermon today.   We heard several sermons but the last one was instructive.  Oh, God help me to, to be stronger in Thee.Amen.

Mon. June 22. 1952. [should be 23rd] /8. eggs today./ Been partly cloudy or mostly so & it’s been quite warm but cool N. east breeze & we neither have felt to strong today.   Elbert has mowed some & done odds & ends.   I mended & old dress, & then I faced one of the new house dresses & stitched the belt,   I have the sleeves to stitch in & hem & buttons & hole & snaps to do yet.  then it will have to wash & iron it for it’s laid around so long.   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed, Pure, Holy, Truth it’s self Amen. 

Tue. June 23. 1952. [should be 24]/ 8. eggs today./ Been to hot to work so only did what wa most necessary    Elbert did some mowing in the shade but it was to hot to do even that   97 degrees in Kitchen for awhile,  N. east breeze went S.W. & after dark was so light & house is so hot, how will we endure when it gets scorching hot as the bible says.   I thank our God for the breeze or it would seem unbearable   Johny & Nellie were going to LakeSide in the morning & let Ella Jane off here   I wonder if it will be so.   it’s to hot to cook & eat & if she comes Elbert will have to go for food some where.   No mail today.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things forever & ever Amen.

Wed. June. 24. 1952. [should be 25]/ 8 eggs today. /  Been to hot to work   100 degrees at 2-p-m.  95 at 7-p-m.  Lots of wind skuds from different directions & a breeze from S. west all day.   Received card from Audrey poor girl has to  work & come home in all this heat.   Received card from Miss Clark Mr. Millers house keeper has 

Wed. June. 25. 1952./Page. 2930./ 8. eggs this day./ been sick & Miss Clarks been taking care of Harry, Mrs. Fredrick’s gone some where & Miss Clark’s wantiing to clean While she’s gone.   Well, I thank & Praise God for taking care of us in Jesus Name & I Pray He will take care of Elbert as he goes & comes tomorrow, with egg & doing shopping.    Im sick to my stomach & don’t feel able to sit up,   I Pray Jesus Thou Will take care of me Amen

Thurs. June 26 1952/ 10. eggs to day./ Elbert went with the eggs   he got 58 per. doz. today & 4. doz.   I gave him 2.00   that made him a little more than 4.00 so he paid light bill 1.00 & got small piece & pork shoulder for dinner,   I got up & did out the wash,   he got back 10-30-a-m. & helped me finish,   he washed his 2 b.V.D. suits & 2 work shirts & 2. prs. socks   I hung them all out & sun was so hot they dried so fast & at 5-30 we went out & sit under the apple tree & I took Jackie the canaary,   he loves to go & come with us,    I told Elbert the storm was making one every side of us & he wouldn’t have it so fast,   but, I took down the clothes,   he put the ladder away,  he left ladder out in tree,  he picked enough cherries for 3 pies & I made & baked them just before dark last night then I began shutting windows,  he fed hens, but but it was to late    they had to get in coop for the wind blew from every way  looked as if we’d be picked up in awhile wind for awhile then it went on  it was whirling right around us   & it stormed the same way & hailed but didn’t do any dam-age here,   lights were out, but at 9-p-m they are O.K. again.   I didn’t get to go to church though   I do thank Thee Jesus for all things  Glory to God.  

Fri. June. 27. 1952/ 7. eggs today./ Been a very little cooler here but, terribly hot in some places 125 degrees in Washington & they said that was the weather tempture,   Elbert did some mowing & hoed the potatoes, they are coming through the ground & the heavy rain should have soaked them up good.   they got hail stones as big as base balls in some places & Killed some peopl & did some damage.   Wyn Grant & her daughter ‘Virginia wasing’ & granddaughter & Mrs. Wasin Virginia’s mother-in-law, were here for just a little While this afternoon,   they had taken Mrs. Wasin to see what damage the storm had done to the old home place out near Berlin Hights & it had blowed the big barn down   they had sold it (the farm) & are living in town of Amherst.   They didn’t stay long

Fri. June. 27. 1952./ page. 2931./ 7. eggs this day./ didn’t come in side just walked around & visited out side,   Grandma Wasin cried,  said it was so hard to leave her home on the farm & live in town, she missed all the things she’d had cows & the good milk & butter, hens & the eggs & pigs & there own meat & fresh country air her trees & fruit & flowers.   my heart went out to her, poor old soul,   I pray she will be able to go to church, & Know Jesus.   It’s terrible to see how some people react to the death of loved ones, all because they don’t know the Lord.   I’m so sorry.   Wyn says, Edd is still coming over to her & Virginia & cries his head most off repenting of all the trouble he had caused Georgia   & he was angry with Wyn to, but she don’t know what for & he wouldn’t go to Wyn’s & take Georgia to see Wyn & his children”Aubrey & Dorthy” didn’t ever have any sympathy for him because jof all his wrong doings,   Dorthy trys to come home week ends to comfort him   she don’t want to do anything wrong she will have to re-pent for she says.   seems we have to learn the hard way so many times,   I do pray God will help us all to live ever closer to Him.    I love Thee Jesus & pray for each one as well as myself.   Well I washed my corset, dress & few other pieces & dried them.    Oh God help us I pray & I thank Thee & Praise Thee, Thou art Worthy, Amen.   We received a card from Audrey saying she’s about all in because of the heat & it’s so hot in there rooms,   Such is life    I really meant to write her & to Nellie & her’s, I’m so sorry.   I thank Thee Jesus for hearing & taking care of us,   I know you always hear,   Oh, it’s wonderful to know Thou art near.

Sat. June 28. 1952./ 9. eggs today./ Elbert worked his ground over & made the trenches for sweet corn, he hopes to plant Mon.    & he went to Vermilion & bought a few things for Sun. & Mon. & looked around some    he did get some ice cream a pt.   I sure needed it,   haven’t felt so good today,   I starched my 2 dresses & 2 of Elbert’s shirts & ironed them right off the line 1. of my dresses & 3. of his shirts    I mended one shirt & my old dress & swept & I am just as tired as if I’d worked    Elbert’s done the most of the cookiing   Been cooler today with a very damp N. east breeze,   I thank God & Praise Him for all things in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.   I received receipt from D.A.V. today.   A letter saying they didn’t have an extra copy of the Country Gentleman.   I don’t think they read there mail.   I didn’t want a copy just a reprint of the story Big dog eat little[?]

Sun. June. 29. 1952./ page. 2931./ 7 eggs today./ Cool all day N. east stiff breeze.   We got a little more rain & hail  not so big or many hail stone.   to cool to sit out side,   I saw the little squirel,   he came back for some walnuts & sat up in the tree & chewed awhile then Elbert came out & he saw him & jumped into the evergreen tree & down the body to the ground & away he bounded off to the hollow below,   so he didn’t get shot during squirel seasons,    I had Jackie & he watched him & talked to me about him    maybe he hadn’t forgot the wesel.   I was terrible sick   threw up & it went the other way also,   was feeling bad since Wed. & Thurs.   we were going to prayer meeting & it rained & Sun. I got everything ready for Church, but here was I heaving & the other way & to sick to sit up   didn’t get up untill after 2-p-m.   to sit up & didn’t feel like it then, but Elbert don’t feel like taking care of me.   he does what I ask him to do, but I don’t like to ask him.   for he keeps himself tired out mowing & digging or hoeing.   I do pray God will get after the church & clean it up again.   I’m a long way from being perfect,   but, the Church is slipping back.   We had 3 heavy storms  rain poured down, a big crane headed for the ground   the wind came from S. east right around to N. east West & on to S. west & off to the east & I prayed God would spare us & Praise His Name He did,  Glory to His Name.   We got some rain all night but not hard & every once in a while moon would be shining through while it rained steady & sun shone through a big round hole just before 6-p-m. & Tempture goes to 94 & 100 then suddenly drops to 60 & 64 degrees.  Jesus told His deciples, when you see all these things coming to pass that Daniel the prophet tell us to know the end isn’t far,   but, at the door.   I’ll write the 15 verse of the 24th chap of Mathew as it is in the bible (15. verse) When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy Place;(Who readeth, let him understand:)  I thank Thee Jesus for all things.

Mon. June 30 1952./ 10 eggs today./  I’m still feeling rather weak & all in.    didn’t get up untill 11-a-m. didn’t feel like it then,    but, Elbert had been out mowing & had come in to have dinner,   I only ate 1/2 cup of food,  stomach is still terrible touchy.    he’s all tired out & after we ate I went out back & took care of can & Mrs. Day, her 3 children & Miss Clark came in,    We didn’t get much rest,   they picked the currents about 6 qts. stems & all & the goose berries & Miss. C. sat down & shelled a qt of the ripe berries, making 1. qt 2. & I told Mrs. Day she’d best put her’s in the car.   I didn’t see how many of

June 30. Mon. 1952./ page 2932./10. eggs this day./ The goose berries she took.   but she took some.   Mrs. Day said she had been thining of me all week & praying & she was so sorry I was so miserabl.  & said she & the girls would come & do my house cleaning if I’d only let her know just when to come.    Well, I think thats swell   none of my own folks would do that much,    they don’t any of them have time.   The bible says not to tbe over burdened with the cares of this world but to love one an-other & be filled with the Spirit.   Oh. God, I pray in Jesus Name I may be all Thine,  I thank Thee & Praise Thee.   The Day girls I gave a big bunch of rambler roses, red white & pink & some tea roses,   they went away happy.   I thank Jesus.   Elbert feels sick like I did,   I pray God will in Jesus Name heal him.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee.

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