[It’s not clear yet who Aunt Hat Mastin is but It sounds like she might be the mother of Cousin Lucy Scott.  Lucy is the name of one of Charity Pomeroy’s siblings.  It is also unclear who Gilbert Pomeroy or his wife are. She dies October 31, 1913 at St. Joseph Hospital,  but we don’t know her name]  

[Mon. Sept. 1. 1913] Sept.Mon.1 Nellie is back to school again

[Sept. 2-15. 1913]Tues.2. Wed 3. Thurs 4. Fri.5. Sat.6. Sun.7 Mon.8 Tue.9. Wed.10. Thurs.11. Fri.12.  Sat.13 Sun 14 Mon.15. 

[Tue. Sept. 16. 1913] Tue.16. Cousin Lucy Scott & Aunt Hat 

[Tue. Sept. 16. 1913]Page 89.  Mastin were here  Lucy spent part of the day, one day & a five days before Aunt Hat visited and afternoon & evening & stayed over night.

[Sept 17-29] Wed.17  Thurs.18. Fri. 19. Sat.20 Sun  Mon.22. Tue.23.Wed. 24. Thurs.25. Fri.26. Sat.27. Sun.28. Mon.29.

[Tue. Sept. 30. 1913] Tue.30.  Aunt Hat spent another day with us.  Frank & Ruby & baby were here one Sun.  Aunt Jen was here a couple of days & one night.  then Pa & the folk took her to Lake Breeze on the Boat & the next day Pa & Ma & Fred & Krantz & some of his folk went to the bay. Aunt Jen came came back here to dinner a few days later & then went home.  Gilbert Pomeroy’s wife is sick & in the hospital.  she has been ill for a long time.  I helped Fred pull out the Wynah out one day & one day Frank & I went up the river & gathered 8 bu. of walnuts & 1/2 pk. butternuts

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