[Mon. Sept. 1. 1913] Sept.Mon.1 Nellie is back to school again

[Sept. 2-15. 1913]Tues.2. Wed 3. Thurs 4. Fri.5. Sat.6. Sun.7 Mon.8 Tue.9. Wed.10. Thurs.11. Fri.12.  Sat.13 Sun 14 Mon.15. 

[Tue. Sept. 16. 1913] Tue.16. Cousin Lucy Scott & Aunt Hat 

[Tue. Sept. 16. 1913]Page 89.  Mastin were here  Lucy spent part of the day, one day & a five days before Aunt Hat visited and afternoon & evening & stayed over night.

[Sept 17-29] Wed.17  Thurs.18. Fri. 19. Sat.20 Sun  Mon.22. Tue.23.Wed. 24. Thurs.25. Fri.26. Sat.27. Sun.28. Mon.29.

[Tue. Sept. 30. 1913] Tue.30.  Aunt Hat spent another day with us.  Frank & Ruby & baby were here one Sun.  Aunt Jen was here a couple of days & one night.  then Pa & the folk took her to Lake Breeze on the Boat & the next day Pa & Ma & Fred & Krantz & some of his folk went to the bay. Aunt Jen came came back here to dinner a few days later & then went home.  Gilbert Pomeroy’s wife is sick & in the hospital.  she has been ill for a long time.  I helped Fred pull out the Wynah out one day & one day Frank & I went up the river & gathered 8 bu. of walnuts & 1/2 pk. butternuts

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