November  1949

Tue. Nov. 1. 1949./ 1-0-H. 14-H-1. P. eggs today/  Today I’m so & lame & I was sick all n ight & never slept untill day break & then got up & got dinner & was getting ready to do some writing when Inice & her man came in.    Elbert was clean-ing the big hen roost,    he had been digging sweet potatoes,    so, Mr Hunt pitched in & dug the the few there were left,    Elbert said there were about 2. bu. fair sized ones.    Then they dug a few more evergreens, 5 more, I believe    they were going to take a coupl more    I don’t know if they did or not,    they took a good bu. walnuts in the shuck & they brought us a lb. of butter.    We visited some & then Elbert went with the papers,    the little girl brought us a 1/2 pk hickry-nuts tonight,    so I’ll give her a few walnuts.    I thank God so much for all our many blessings,    I received a card from Mrs. Sprunk    she said she’s working 3 day a week & the Smith family had returned from Mississippi, that Rev Coon had been to the Vermilion Church & that it was going on as had been but several were going to Lorain to 31. st. Gospel Church & they have wonderful meeting there     I’m hoping to go this week maybe.    I thank & Praise my God in Jesus Name for helping me to un-stand & all our many many blessings in Jesus Blessed Name.    It’s been a nice day with south wind, it has made ice several times last week & this & it froze ice last night    air is chilly. 

Wed. Nov. 2. 1949./ H’s 1 yr. old’s  11 eggs today/  Well I didn’t get anything done today    I opened the chest & got Franks papers out & am going to send them to Cleveland,    they have offered to try for the pension once more.    I did my daily doz. but felt to heavy to do any thing extra,    I received a card from Francis Cora today saying her mother had a touch of pneumonia but was up & around a-gain    she ask us to come over when we come done again.   Francis seems different than the rest of them. somehow.    Well I’m glad Ruby is better again,    hope they will be born again before Jesus comes.    I wrot a card to Martha & one to Bonita & Elbert mailed them today when he went with the papers.    I’ll ans. her card & Elbert can mail it tomorrow after noon.    Elbert has 11. doz. eggs & sell tomorrow.   It’s been a fine day partly cloudy breeze S.west all day.    I do thank & Praise the Lord God of Host for all our many blessings. 

Thurs, Nov, 3. 1949./ 1.0-H-12-H-19. P. egg today/  Well, Elbert went to Lorain & sold 6. doz. for 75 cents & 5. doz. in Vermilion on the Lake a total of 8.00 & the grain was 3.69 & mash 4.25- 7.94 & he used the bal. with some of his own to get his gas for the car. 

Thurs. Nov. 3. 1949./ page. 2435./ 1.0-H012.H.1.7.P. eggs this day./  & he run in debt for some meat for dinner,    I had everything ready to cook when he got here & it was 1-p-m.   I had only had a cup of tea & a handful of crackers,    so I fried sweet potatoes & the meat & I made a few fried biscuits & we had dinner    he did a few of his chores,    took care of the mash & grain & chickens & I wrote 2 post cards    one to Francis Cora & one to Mrs. Goll. & Elbert mailed them when he went with the papers,    the little woman was late again tonight ,    last night the boss “so the woman calls him” was with her & he got in with Elbert & went to Vermilion,    she had Elbert’s check Tue.  & didn’t give it to him untill tonight.    While he was gone I washed out my change of clothes & the rags towels & dish towels & had them done when he got back,    he said he didn’t feed before he went & it was so dark they couldn’t see to eat when he got back,     I could have fed but I though he had for he was in the coop & I saw him when he came out,    he siad the hens scolded him when he got back,    well, they had to go to bed with out their supper.    he did his chores & we ate & listened to the news,    I mended 3 of my shirts & now I’ll read & go to bed.    I thank my Heavenly Father for our blessing & my healings in Jesus Name Amen.    It’s been a very dark day, with a misty rain chily but not bad.    

Fri. Nov. 4. 1949./ 2.Y.P.14-H eggs today./  We both received our checks today & I got DeHaans book & it’s on the subject Ye must be born from above,    and it does explain very clearly, that we must receive the spiritual baptism of the Holy Spirit & I know that’s true,    Glory to God,   I thank Thee Jesus.    Elbert went to Huron & he got a nice mess of fish,    he dressed out afew for dinner,    I had everything ready to get the dinner,    he got here about 12-30 noon.   It snowed snowed last night,    or, early this Morning & after day-light it rained in light some times misty shower & this after noon it nowed big wet feathery flakes & tonight the winds blowing hard from the N. east.    Nellie said on her card she hoped we could keep warm.    I wonder if they haven’t any coal.    Well I don’t know what to do about it.    I got mine put in in the summer.    I don’t know why they don’t.    I have to pay the whole year, by the month but we’d have the coal, then when we need it.    I’m so sorry

Sat. Nov. 5. 1949./ page 2436./ 0-H 9.H-2 Y.P. eggs today/  Well Elbert put the ventelation bags on the holes above the windows, that cold N.east wind blew in on the hens heads all night but they were active today,    hope they don’t get a cold.    I can talk my head off to get it done before it turns cold & then after it’s been real bad one night, we get the job done,    I have been talking about the dope to put in the radi-ator also,    but, he didn’t get it untill yesterday & I got him to drain the Radiator,    so today he put the dope in,    he put the tub & wash back in the basement & been taking care of beets & cabbages.    K& he put the back storm door on,    I wish it was a combination & he did his daily chores & went with the papers to Vermilion & he got my check cashed & bought 3.44 worth of food & paid 10.00 on the coal bill & he paid for the food out of mine, but he gave it back when I reminded him he was going to pay some on the food,    he has had a repair job to pay for & he’s got to pay for his underwear & work shirt,    he’s all out of clothes,    he needs paints & a jumper, socks & his new shoes tapped,    he hasnt had them very long & they need soles now & he hasn’t any over shoes or rain coat & his dress hat is terrible.    Well I’m in the same fix,    been trying to get enough together to buy my shoes, a corset, some under slips, a hat.    I’ve had this one for at least 12. yrs. & my coat for Spring & Fall for 10. yrs & my winter coat since 1930.    my stocking for 4. yrs. & so,    I to must get a few things soon.    I’ve waited a loong time.    I did the balance of the washing yesterday while Elbert was gone with the papers & got the mending all done except my dress & his socks.    I haven’t felt very good today so only did my usual duties & made 3 pies, 1. custard for supper & 2. apple.    I didn’t feel able but had to have a little change of food.    It’s been partly cloudy & rather cool today,    moon came through tonight but clouded up again    don’t seem so cold tonight.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name,    I want to go to church,    but, it’s a loong ways to go even in the car,    the way I feel & Elbert don’t feel so good either,    but, that’s no reason for not going to Church    we do our daily duties and have no reason for not doing the Lord’s Will,    We get in the habbit of resting Sun. mornings.    Oh God, forgive us & help us to go to church.

Sun. Nov. 6. 1949./ 1-0-H-12-H-3. Y.P. eggs today/  WEll, it’s been a nice day partly cloud & once it tried to rain enough so road was wet,    but this after-noon it’s been better & clear tonight & moon light.    We been home all day,    Elberts back has felt so bad & pained him so, he dressed & cook part of a hen & creamed potatoes for dinner & made gravy & then ground the breast meat & the legs.   & I mixed bread crums, eggs & seasoning in & fried it iin balls for supper, it was good,    We had apple pie with our dinner & beets with our supper.   Last night I wrote a letter to the D.A.V. about a pension & am sending Frank’s papers with my letter to Mr. Garrett J. Bowman Dav. Office, R’m. 409 Williamson.

Sun. Nov. 6. 1949/ page. 2437./ 1.0-H.12.-H-3.Y.P. eggs this day/  Bldg. National Service Officer; Cleveland Ohio.   but have felt to bum to hardly move today.    I miss going to church, Elbert said he would go if I wanted to,    I did,   but don’t feel able to go to Elyria & back,    I would get back untill after 1-.p-.m.    & I can’t eat much of anything & ride,    We have to go before long & get my shoes.    get my stocking & under slips & a hat perhaps.    I have studdied the bible & sang, or Whistled hyms today & Praised God in Prayer & give Him all the Glory for all thing. 

Mon. Nov.7. 1949./ 1.O-H-3-H-12.H eggs today/    Well, I got the skirt cut out of the green check bags for a dress & must try hard to get the waiste tomorrow.    I cook & washed dishes & I haven’t felt as if I could work today    Elbert & I sit on some boxes & shucked out a pk & a half of walnuts,    we have as many more to do, yet.    Mr. & Mrs. West & Mrs. Sprunk came in this evening & we visited untill 12-15-p-m then they left for home    & it’s a beaut-iful moon light night,    it’s been a fine day also.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name, for all our many blessing.    Which are  many.    Glory to God  I thank & praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus,    There is a little breeze tonight, but it’s not cold out.  

Tue. Nov. 8. 1949./ 13-H-eggs today./  Elbert’s back has been terrible bad today & mine also,    he has done the odds & ends that had to be done & helped me some,    I moved the table, chairs, couch & stand & cleared up the egg boxes & papers & cleaned the box under the stand with the records on it & put clean papers on it & record albums & stand & cleaned the wall & pictures & wiped up the floor & washed one north window & the wood work & washed the dishes & glasses on the stand    put a clean paper on window sill & put the plants back     cleaned couch top bottom & sides & put it back & my bible & books,    then swept & put the table & chairs back in order    I’m so tuckered, I sweat like rain,    Elbert went with papers & came back & helped me get finished up, so we could get supper,    he would let me get supper, but, I did a few things to help & I did my other daily round beside & my feet hurt me so bad I took my shoes off & put on my bed room slippers to work in,    I didn’t get anything done to my dress.   but hope to finish cleaning 3 more windows tomorrow,    I have the wood work cleaned on one so will only have wood to do on two, but the glass on all 3.    & the wall to wipe & the ceiling & floor to wipe up & the cupboards to clean it a big job now    & I use to fly about & get all 3 rooms cleaned in one day & cook & wash dishes beside.    I don’t feel old but my body does,    with Elbert’s help maybe I’ll get it done .    It’s been a beautiful day    south west breeze & pretty moonlight nights.    I thank & praise My Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for what I got done.    I thank Him for ans. Prayers & pray I may do His will.

Tue. Nov. 8. 1949./ page. 2438./ 13-H.-eggs this day./   Oct. 30. I said well they are praying for me,    I got the touch, Praise the Lord.    & Mrs West said, she had ask prayer for me in the Gospel church in Lorain Glory Glory & God heard    & I’m going to Elyria & Lorain & testify & Give Him the Glory.

Wed. Nov. 9. 1949./ 3. yp. 12. – eggs today./  Well, I wash Elbert’s east window & wood work cleaned front door screen & put it away & washed the east window in Kitchen & wood work & wiped wall & cleaned pictures of cabinet I have the plants on & the ceckord cabnet & mop boards & wiped up the floor & then I did the other north window by the sink    I have the storm door glass & front door glass & the west window to do yet & Elberts south window & my south & west windows to do yet,    it such a hard job some how but maybe I’ll get it done before long, & I hope the sun Keeps shining,    it tires me worse than I like to admit,    I sweat as though it were the hotest day of supper,    I made a pot of soup for dinner & supper & so I’m tired & my body throbs & achs,    my feet torture me most to death,    but I thank the Lord I can do a little each day & that He give me the strength,    I’ve got to wash the cupboards to    they look just terrible,     & I ought to wash out a few pieces of clothing in the morning    Elbert is planing on going to sell eggs    he has 7 doz. (4.20)that should be    and he will get 2 bals of straw 1.20 & the next day he will get 2. more    & then he wants to clean the coop.   Fri he has to go to Lorain to pay a bill.    I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Blessed Name for all Our many blessings,    He is so good to me & I know I do so little that I’m not deserving, of so much,    Oh, Jesus.    I received a letter from Mrs. Goll today.    Inice sent me a card & note wrote on the back of it today.    It’s been a wonderfully fine Fall day.   & I haven’t been out side yesterday or today    I crave to go out.  

Thurs. Nov. 10. 1949./ 4. y.p. – 1. OH.-9-H eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Alberta Beach & sold the 7. doz. eggs 70 cents, for 4.90 & he bought 2 bals. straw & some tomatoes in the cans, can milk & two real nice short steaks for supper    he gave me 3.62 & I gave him 1.07 to get 2 more bals. straw tomorrow,    he got the cans & meat when he went back with the papers & he for got the milk,     so he went up to Ceylon & got a can.    I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink all morning & my head had begun to ach    I had all the washing done exctpt  3. pieces Elberts sleeper’s & pillow slip    I had quite a good sized washing    I did the big chair cover & 6. prs. short curtians & the towels I used to wipe the windows & the walls,    Elbert cooked the supper & wouldn’t let me,    so I looked after the many little things that had to be done.    & wrote a letter to Frank, for Elbert about his lots,    Frank said he would pay eight hundered & fifty dollars for them & said he could do it any time,    Elbert has some bills he wants to pay & he told them he expected the money & would come in & pay, but Frank has been standing

Thurs. Nov. 10. 1949./ page. 2439./ [no egg count]/  Elbert off for 2. months now, so he went & talked to a lawyer about the matter & he told him it would be better to write to Frank about it before he took any further stepps    So I wrote the notice to him for Elbert    he has been using the lots every since he moved into the old home place & even before & has never ask if he could or offered to pay any rent and now he has graded them & made a cinder drive three fourth of the length of the lots,    Elbert phoned to F. & Ruby ans. phone & said F. wasn’t home each time & then ask what he wanted,    he ask her to tell Frank he would like to have him pay for the lots,    he had some bills he had to pay,    she told him once Frank said he’d do it soon & the last time he said he’d have to do something about it if he didn’t come across, for he had lost to sales because of the cinders & she said, well, what you going to do?    So now the pots boiling,    I hope & pray God will help it to all be done peaceably,    In Jesus Name, I ask. Amen.   It’s been a warm day with quite a stong wind & the wind is getting stronger.    Well, I truly Praise God for the wonderful strength He has given me today & I really am going to try to get to Elyria to Church Sunday morning & then to Lorain Church next & I hope & pray God helps me to do it, for it seem a big undertaking.   I’ve been to home for such a long time (but I know I’d get up & go in case of life & death. 

Fri. Nov. 11. 1949./ 1. p. egg-1. OH.12. H. eggs today./   Well, I’m so tired,    I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits. & 2 of rusk biscuits,  they are made of the bread dough.    I swept & wiped up floors & took care of the & washed up all the dishes & still have 3. windows to wash,    I guess it’s 4 windows & the storm doors & the ironing to do yet.    & I want to go to Church Sun. Morning,  Sure , in Elyria, so I have to clean my dress, coat & shoes, if I can tomorrow,    I pray God will help me get it done, and keep the devil far from me, Amen.    Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish mostly perch & small ones,    the pike were nice frying size.   well on top of all my other work I scraped half of the fish salted & packed them in 3. pans.    Elbert’s going to Lorain in the morning,    he wants to take some to Audrey & some for Nellie & some chinese lanterns for Mrs. Cranage. & get my Olive Oil & bird seed, his under wear, work shirt & maybe a wash rag for me.    I thank God for all our many blessings in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.   I gave Elbert 10.00 for his underwear & 3.00 for ooive oil & seeds.   It’s been a beautiful day & quite warm out.

Sat. Nov. 12. 1949./ page. 2440./ 3.yp. 1Oh- 12. P eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain    got his underwear & two wash rags 70 cents for me & the bird seed & song food was 98 cents    he met Audrey when she got out from work & gave her some fish & a few to take home & give to Nellie.    He got my qt. of Olive oil & said he paid $1.95 cents for it but it was marked 85 cents on the can.    He got pork for dinner & he helped get dinner    I ironed 7 prs. short curtians, his shirt, & my dress & was about done when he got there at 1-15-p-m.    WE ate & he changed the chicken around    I had let out the pullet this morning.    I cleaned my coat & dress & shoes so I can go to church in morning,     I put the clean curtians up after supper some have big slits in them,    but they are clean & makes the room look some better    Its been a very warm day 83 degrees in the Kitchen & windows wide open.    Radio said showers tonight & in the morning,    but it most 12-p-m & no rain yet.    I thank God in Jesus Dear Holy Blessed Name for all our blessing & pray He will get me to Church & back safe & give me a refill of the Holy Spirit to overflowing Amen.     Elbert says Audrey’s ear is still paining her,    I am so sorry. & Pray God will teach her through some of His to trust Him fully. 

Sun. Nov. 13. 1949./ 3.yp.- 9-H eggs today/  Well, I didn’t get away to Church this morning    Elbert’s been on the jump all week & his back is bad    it rained & the sleet was thick,    but it cleared up & I think we could have gone    We been home all day & not a soul came in & I’ve just got to get out to church some where, soon.    It’s a little cooler tonight & been showery all day, like early Spring weather.     Well, I crave to go to church,    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,  for His Love & care,     but I pray He will get me out to Church, Amen.

Mon. Nov. 14. 1949./3-yp.-1.OH.& 9-H. eggs today./  Well it was a dark  cloudy morning with rain showers  S. wind today. S & mostly W. wind yesterday     Elbert cleaned up the beets & crated them & looked the apples over & I did out most of the washing,    still have 2 work shirts & 1. suit uniion & heavy & 3 or 5 blankets to wash     & I ironed my old house dress tonight   my under skirt & 1. pillow slip,    I thank God in Jesus Name for the strength He give me & us from day to day,    but I want enough to endure the ride to Church & back.    & pray I’ll get it for Thurs night & next Sun. morning.    Its been a nice early Spring day, partly cleared off at 10-30-1.m. & now     Now I must read God’s word & go away to bed once again,  to tired.

Tue. Nov. 15. 1949./ page. 2441./ 3.yp. 1.OH eggs this day/  Well, I got Elbert’s south window waswhed & curtian up & I have to admit, I fell into the tin can box & hurt my finger  the end of the big one had been sore & then I hurt it again & it is so swollen & hurts so bad I couldn’t rest last night & looks as if I won’t tonight.    I darned 3. prs. of socks & it wasn’t easy & they were really holy socks.    I have took care of bird & done my usual daily round.    Elbert has not felt very well all day    he kill a pullet for dinner & cook it & has dinner all ready when I got up,    but I didn’t feel

Tue. Nov. 15. 1949./ page. 2441./ 3.p. 1.H. 13. H eggs this day/  like eating,    but I ate some,    Received a card from Miss Clark yesterday.    She said she help out, at Millers for a few days,     then her sister had the flu. & she went & took care of her for a few weeks    & now she’s back again & said come to Chappel to Sunday Service at 10-a-m & to church 7-30-p-m. Love Lidda Clark     glad she’s able to do so much & wish I were,    but I thank & praise the good Lord I can do a little & pray He will help me to know What I am to do, Glory to God,    I want to do His Will, in Jesus Name.    It’s been a fine day    not many hunters out    tried to snow & it is colder out, but not bad.    Elbert took his papers & got a few groceries a 1.78 cents worth & some boiling meat for soup.    he got his 12.00 check today.

Wed. Nov. 16. 1949./ 3.y.p. & 9.H. eggs today/  Elbert took papers today.    Well I haven’t done much today just to punk,    I cleaned the cupboard shelf & put on clean papers & then we ate soup & sat listening to radio    & then turned it off & Elbert was reading news paper,   When Martha  her mother & Nellie honked the horn at the back door,    Martha brought us som blona & a few frankforters & they each took 1/2 bu. apples & a good pk. of beets    they talked a while & then went again,    I’d just been wondering about them & then felt so sick to my stomach & then they didn’t tell what happened but they were rather shook up & Audrey took a pill to calm her nerves,    she looks terribly bad, cheekes sunken in & so thin & pale,    I’m so sorry for her,    but, Praise God, He fix her ear & it don’t ach any more,    now I pray He give her back an aboundante of strength, in Jesus Name & help her to know Thee,    I thank Thee Jesus.    They told about some men who have been sneaking around at night at Martha’s & at Nellie’s;    Well I think Martha did the right thing to call the police ,    but Nellie hasn’t done anything & she’s seen a man 3 different time & he had a flash light,    she, Bonita & the children are there a-lone & since they have a phone, they ought to use it on such accassions.    It’s been a fine day fresh & crispy air like early Spring    I picked 3 voilets out side today.    Elbert’s felt bum all day,    he was sick all night  had liver gas,    he took some olive oil 1. table aspoonfull & he took 1. more before dinner & before supper & he feels better tonight,    & God willing we are going to Lorain in the morning & sell eggs    do a little shipping & get back before noon & I am going to trust & believe He will take care of us, help us to get everything done satisfactorly & keep the car safe & us,    & we will give Him all the Praise & Glory & I pray Frank will pay up & not be mean    & I’m trusting God in Jesus Name for that also.    I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus    I gave Nellie her flower pot, & Martha her cake dish,   Oh God I pray you will save there souls, Jesus, Jesus, Amen!

Thurs. Nov. 17. 1949./ page. 2442./ 6.yp.-10-H-eggs today./  It’s some colder here & it tried to snow some but melted as it landed & only a heavy shower, & in Buffolo N.Y. they got 10 inches yesterday & in Cleveland they said the flakes were as large as a fifty cent piece.    There has been a number of airplaine accidents just of late & they just learned about a storm in India that killed ten thousand & they don’t know how many more & they have had several typhoon on Guam Islands, & snow & floods in other places, truly looks like the last days, as the bible teaches,    & it says we should be in holy places at that time & here I am, no trusting, believiing persons to pray with or for me, Oh, Jesus for give us our sins & have mercy on our souls, in Jesus Name, Amen.    Elbert went to Lorain & sold 4 doz. eggs for 70 cents per. doz $2.80 & to Bertha Alberta Beach & sold 2. doz. for 65 chents per doz $1.30 making a total of 4.10 , he bought 1. bag of mash 3.99 cents & a bag of grain for 3.49- total 7.48, last time it was 7.92 & so he spent $3.38 out of his money & he has paid for 1/2 bu. wheat 3. times out of his money 1.10 each time & he has 73.00 dollars a mo. & I only have 35.00 & have paid for food  & the extras for a long time, with mine & what Audrey sends to me.    & now he’d use all of mine to if he could only get it.    There were two big flocks of geese went over just before dark tonight.    Elbert called Frank’s place & Ruby said thhey square up Tue.    I hope they will and I’m trusting God will see it done in peace.    I sent Mrs. Cranage a winter bouquet Lanterns, bitter Sweets Indian tobaco & Juniper branches with there blue berries on them,    she sent me an Italian tomatoe    they are not the shape of our tomatoes,    they are long & sort of old rose red.    & she showed Elbert a stalk of Italian Cellery, fiine fringy too & smells like jaw braker candies.    & I had him give the young woman that brings the papers, same kind of Winter bouquet.    I didn’t sleep all night & so decided not to go to Lorain today,    I wanted to go to prayer meeting, but he has have something to Keep him busy & tired out on Thurs.    I wasn’t fit to go tonight either & he walked his leggs off to sell the last two doz. eggs,    he was tired & looked it,    he use to go on Tue & then we could go on Thurs. night.    I haven’t done only what I had to do alday.    Elbert’s hip pains him to & I’m sorry for him.    I thank God for all our blessings in Jesus Name Amen.

Fri. Nov. 18. 1949./ page. 2443./ 4.y.p.-1.OH. 10-H- egg today/  WEll, I’ve been feeling miserable today & then tonight in comes Miss. Clark & the Gospel preacher, his wife & two children,    he ask Elbert to come & paint the putty on the windows of the church,    I don’t think Elbert will be able to stand on a saw horse in the cold & paint,    he is feeling rather bad as it is & he seems to feel the cold so bad,    I’d hate to have him get severally chilled,  & I not able to get out & do things,    I haven’t been able to do anything today hardly & had a nose hemarage last night,    I feel so weak & run down.    Well, while I think of it,    I sent the papers back to Mrs Beesie by Nellie when she & Audrey & Martha were here the other evening.    so that’s off my mind,    Nellie brought them & so I sent them back by her.    Miss Clark begged 5.00 of me for the Gospel Church tonight    I’ll send Miss Tooley & Miss Willetts the rest so she can’t beg the rest    she’s trying hard to get me to go the Gospel Church,    I’ll use my own judgement through the Lord What to do in Jesus Name.    It snowed last night, but melted off today,    very light cover of snow, tried to snow several times today,  quite chilly today.    Not so many hunters as usual.    I made biscuits for supper,    Elbert helped by warming up potatoes & beans & he feels bad today,    he went to Huron for fish, but they didn’t go out this morning so he wasn’t gone long,    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name & pray I’ll be able to go to Church soon, Amen. 

Sat. Nov. 19. 1949./ 4. y.p. & 10-H-eggs today./  WEll, I wrote a card to Inice & a note to Miss Tooley & a note to Miss Willetts & I have one started to Cora, then one to Nora & Carl Betz & 1/2 doz more.   I haven’t done much today    hunted for several hrs. for Cora’s last letters & haven’t found them yet so will just have to write & not ans. any questions.    I’m sorry. & I can’t understand what could have become of them for the others are there.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good today,    I gave him 2.00 to get Ovaltine, butter & cranberries & yeast cakes, when he took his papers tonight.    It’s been chilly & windy today, most cloudy, South & little West, puffy wind & it’s quite strong & we have seen several flocks of wild geese flying South, today.    Well I didn’t get my corset mended & I I hate the other one.    I thank & praise God for all one many blessings this days in Jesus Name & pray I’ll feel able & fit to soon go to church again.    Oh God, help me.

Sun. Nov. 20. 1949./ 5.y.p.-13-H-eggs today./  Well, it been a nice cloudy crisp day.   We have been home all day & Thurs. Will be thanks giving day.    The girls ask us over to dinner, I’m not going    I’ll be thankful to stay home, I don’t know about Elbert,    he talked as if he didn’t care to go.  I do thank.

Sun. Nov. 20. 1949./ page. 2444./ 5.y.p.- 13.-H. eggs this day. /  Praise God for my blessings in Jesus Name & hope I can soon get out to go to Church.    I love & Praise Him & am trusting & believing

Mon. Nov. 21. 1949./ 7.y.p. -12-H. eggs today./  It’s been real wintery    We had a good blanket of snow, it has been cloudy & windy     sun did come out once or twice but for only a couple of seconds.    I haven’t done much to day,    I did my usual round & wrote a letter to Cora “Irish” Barr.    I had Elbert mail a card to Martha   one to “Berch” Radio Station. & Inice “Robinson” Hunt & 3. letters   one to boys Farm 1.00 in it   one to Ethel Willetts with 10.00 in it & one to Miss Tooley with 5.00 in it  all Ministers.    Martha ask us to Thanksgiving dinner & they are having dinner to Nellie’s all taking there dinners so to be together,   Audrey & Gertie to,    but I have a little cold & the weather has turned cold so I wrote & told them & that we wasn’t coming.    Elbert don’t feel very good, he’s got his stomach all up set again,    he likes to eat.    Well, Elbert’s thinking of going to Lorain tomorrow to get his money on his lots & I am trusting & praying God will help him to get every cent of it & get back home safe & sound, in Jesus Name & I will give Thee all the praise   Glory to God in the Highest.   I felt terrible bum all day, but some better tonight Praise the Lord.    I hope to was God willing & if He give me the strength.

Tue. Nov. 22. 1949./ 5.y.p. 8-H-eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain this morning & over to Frank’s & Ruby gave him the 8,500 on his lots with out any fight, Praise God in Jesus Name, eight hundred & fifty dollars & he put 6 hundred in the bank in Vermilion & paid up all his bills in Lorain & iin Vermilion, now I hope he don’t just use up that money a little at a time, he’s glad it all turned out so well,    but, I ask Jesus & have trusted it would be so & I thank & praise God for all our many blessings.    He even got me the fry pan & cover at Krogers. & the Kettles & cover, but the Kettle is to big & I think I’ll send it back.    He got home at 2-p-m & left this morning at 8-30-1-m.    he helped me get the dinner,    then he brought some water for me & got some coal up & got the car out by the drive to pick up the papers & he didn’t waite long,    he went & I had the clothes washed but had to suds & wrinse, so I got half of them dry while he was gone & finished them after he got back, he had to feed hens & carry more water    he puts car in shed as soon as he gets back    he brought boiling meat & steak for supper    I got things going & he finished,    I had to wash dishes this morning    the roaster, fry pan & cover & 2 other covers & the big & little iron fry pans & other stew pans & covers & then the dishes we use on the table & wash the stove    thought I’d never get wash started & my head so dizzy I could hardly work    I ate some crackers & drank a cup of tea at noon,    but, I don’t have enough nurshshment   one meal & a lunch.   Oh, how I thank God for our blessings, Elbert paid for a tank of gas

Tue. Nov. 22. 1949./ page. 2445./ 5.-y.p.  8-H-eggs this day./   today & ordered another tank.    I received a card from Miss Clark today   her sister Eleanor in Cleveland is in the hospital & has pneumonia,    she had just got up after having the flu. & Miss Clark hadn’t been home again in Vermilion only a few days & she was not feeling very well,    but, went back to Grace Hospital to help take care of her sister,   such is life   I hope & pray they both will gain strength & soon be well again,  in Jesus Name, Amen.   Cold Wind today   froze a 3. lb can of water in just 10 or 15 minutes out side, sun shone all day, White sun, like ice, didn’t thaw snows here yet.   Wind backed up from N.W. to the S. tonight & it’s strong tonight.   Elbert mailed Cora’s letter in Vermilion this morning so it on it way.   A train going passed & the rails sound frosty    reckon they are 

Wed. Nov. 23. 1949./8.y.p.  14.H. eggs today 1934/  Poor Fred, he’s been gone 14. yrs.,   I believe it is, today,   Uncle Will, Pa, aunt Edith & Aubrey, all went one after the other.   Ruby’s father died day before Fred & now her mother is gone to.    Well it’s been a little warmer so most all the snow is gone, wind was S.W.   wind went N.W. this afternoon,     but, tonight looks as if it may go back to W. again.   Elbert felt bum & didn’t do much,    Wind was strong & cold all day. cleared off last night & looks as if it would tonight.    We see another big flock of geese going S. just before dark tonight.   I set bread & made 2 big tins of biscuits & a pan of rusk in a loaf but wish I had made it in biscuits   it takes it so long to raise in loaf    guess it’s the hard way but I felt so tire I thought maybe it would be quicker.    So, now it’s 9-p-m & I’m still waiting for it,   Oh well, it’s coming up but slow    I think it will soon be ready now.    We got a tank of gas today & Elbert paid for the  other one & this one.   Elbert took the papers,    he changed the Kettle & got a size smaller & I like it better    the one pa bought & a large one Elbert got were all the Kettles I had & the one pa got is worn so thin & has a pin point hole in the bottom so now I have a good one & can use it as a dutch oven also.    I do feel rather weary tonight but I am thankful for all our many blessing & Pray God will in some way take care of His children,    He is a wonderful Jesus and each day I can see how terribly unworthy I am,    but, He still keeps me by the hand & leads me,    hear me calling for strength & to strengthen my faith & give me the most necessary things of life & Praise His Holy Blessed Name,    He does.    I’m feeling better in some ways & I know He will give me all I need, Glory to God in the Highest, Hallelujah, amen.

Nov. Thurs. 24. 1949./ 8.y.p.-12-H- eggs today./   Well, we were home all day,    had pork roast & bread & cranberry sauce for dinner & we had pork sanwitches for supper & rusk biscuits & baked apples & hot postom    I felt to bum to do any work so only did what had to be done.    Elbert got me the fry pan & cover “deep fryer” a little larger than the one I have & he exchanged

Thurs. Nov. 24.1949./ page. 2446./ 8. y.p. -12-H. eggs this day./  the 10.qt, Kettle for a 6. qt.   thats better for us.    I loaned him 10.00 & so now we are even    they didn’t cost 10.00 but he bought steak because I wanted it & he has bought it several times of late & he has bought saucage & pork.   We get terrible poor meat & I can’t see why Martha get such good meat so tender & juicy,    but this we got don’t have juice.    Well, there was a big fire up the main highway tonight about 7 or 8-p-m tonight,    it looked as if it was the gas station & beer joing, Where Holidays us to have a gasstation & lunch room, a mile from end of our road & almost strait west from us.   there’s open fields between us & highway, Wind is South strong & puffy & that was a big fire    There’s a real chill in the air but the snow is that was on the ground & buildings has gone,    it rained & froze several times today    Elbert went to Huron to see if he could get some fish, but they didn’t go out today.    So he sat down in the big chair & rested for a while,    I slept late & we ate at 1-p.m.

Fri. Nov. 25. 1949./ 9.y.p. – 1. O.H. 12.H. eggs today/   Cold raw wind from south west last night & it burned that building or, maybe more, to the ground the paper said it was Bert’s Colonial villa, the place where the Jews use to bring children for a summer vacation, in group’s of 40 & 50 children,    well, it got cought fire & burned up once, long ago, & they rebuilt    then a few yrs. ago, this man bought it & so if it was his place it’s burned up,    it looked to us like it was the gas station.    Elbert hasn’t been up passed there yet but will find out when he does go up to Huron    we see more geese today & Radio says we are to get colder weather,    I can’t seem to stick my head out with out getting a little more cold.   I ironed today & should have done the bal of the washing, but, just couldn’t seem to get at it,    and I don’t know what to do about it tomorrow.    I wanted to go to Church Sun morning so bad, & hope I can.   God is able to help me I pray he will in Jesus Name give me lots of strength so I can go Amen

Dsy/ zmpb/ 26/ 1949./ 9y.p.-9-H. eggs today./  Snowed some today fine dry snow & rained & froze this morning,    Elbert went to Huron, the fisher-men didn’t get hardly any fish & nets been out a week    weather been to bad to get out but they pulled several today,    were going out this after nooon & get more nets     Elbert said boats were all iced over & there were discusted there were so few fish & most of them not what we care to eat.    Well, the weather has been cold   sun shone clear untill noon then at intervals untill 4-p-m when it was thick & snowing & blowing from the S.W. Elbert hung a few pieces on the line & they froze, but got dry all except where clothes pins were on them, but finish fast indoors,    I washed my night gown & dress, pillow slip & two wool petticoats dish towels & rags & stockings Elbert’s sleepers & shirt & he washed his heavy union suits     then I swept & wiped up the floors & got my clothes all ready to dress fast in the morning to go to church,    he got the supper

Sat. Nov. 26. 1949./ page 2448/ 9.y.p.-9-H. eggs this day/ & I washed the dishes & mended the neck of his night jacket    had to put a double facing around the neck & the both pieces are getting thin    bags don’t wear as good as they use to, not made of as good mattieral.    Received letter from Miss Willetts   she anointed a Kercheif she has worn next to her body & sent it to me to wear next to mine & prayed & will still be praying for my healing,   Oh, Glory, God is truly Wonderful to me & I am more greatful than I’ll ever be able to tell   I give Him all the Praise & Glory in Jesus Name.  

Sun. Nov. 27. 1949./ 10.y.p.-11-H. eggs this day./  WEll, Praise God, He got me up & off to Lorain to Church this morning,   we left here at 9-30-a-m.   We had a good service & some wonderful testimonies,    one woman said the Lord spoke to her & said leave this Church, it’s dead & go to the Gospel Church    she understood & obeyed & one day last week while she was thanking & praising the Lord, He laid His Hand upon her  she began talking in other tongues & the power stayed with her all night & she just Praised & Praised Him & she was filled anew    While telling us & as she laughed & cried & told us she had been suffering with arthritis in her right arm and shoulder & He even healed her   she could praise Him enough, Glory, Hallelujah,   I praise Him to & hope to praise Him in Spirit also.  He’s a wonderful Jesus, Praise His Name.   Well I sure got blessed for being there    there were several good testimonies & the Minister told us of a christian friend of his who stepped off one buss & almost in front of another    but, a strange thing happened,    she was pushed back with such force the buss missed her & she thought a man must have pushed her,    but , there was no one else there as she looked around & she felt those hands for several days Praise God from Whom all blessings flow    Praise Him all creatures here below,   Praise Him all yea Heavenly Hosts Praise Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, Amen, Amen.  We see Mrs. Sprunk & Dorthy West & her baby boy there in church.    We went to Audrey’s & talked with her & Gertie,    Gertie had to have two eye winkers pulled out & her left eye is badly inflamed   she can’t read sew or crochet & said she felt so punk she didn’t work Fri. or Sat.    they gave us a cup of coffee & a pork sanwitch that was hot & so kept us untill we got home & freied a couple slices of pork & we ate that & bread & I made soup & ate a dish of it but Elbert didn’t eat any, said his stomach was burning from the other food & we ate ice cream,    he had chocolate, I vanilla, Well he took care of hens & pullets & now he’s in bed & sleeping    he didnt sleep untill after 1-a-m. this morning because of his stomach burning so bad & I was sick both ways, after I went to bed, so I

Sun. Nov. 27. 1949./ page. 2448.[should be 2449]/ 10.y.p.-11-H. eggs this day./  was awake untill most morning    I had felt better & stronger than usual & couldn’t understand, but I kept praying & Praising God & at last it left me,    I had taken my bath & got every thing ready to go to Church,    it looked bad last night storming & blowing, but I still was determined I’d go if I could get there & Praise God He got me & us there & back safely & no one troubled the house    it was just getting cool here in the house     when we got here Jackie began to sing as I put the Key in the door,    I do hate to go & leave him here all alone & he knows when I put on my good dress, that I’m going out,    Well he was O.K.   The fog horns been blowing every since we got home & still at it at 10-30-p-m.    hasn’t been so cold     most the snow that fell melted.    I praise God for saving my soul & for His Loving Care. 

Mon. Nov. 28. 1949./ 7y.p. & 13 eggs today./ Well Elbert went to Lorain    got heater fixed in car & came back ate     & went to Huron & got a good mess of fish and they were so good for supper,    I had him take a few to Harry Miller,    he took eggs & bread Sun.    & I cut out the waist for my house dress while he was gone with the papers,    he cleaned half the fish before he went with papers & rest after he got back    & I had supper most read when he brought in the last ones, so I salted & packed them,    he put them out to keep cold.   We ate & listened to the news then I wrote a letter to Miss Clark & her sister    & now it’s 1-a-m. & I must go to bed after I read & fix the fire  clean my teet  get my glass of water & wash rags.    I’ll pray & thank God for our many blessing in Jesus Name.    I baked bread today.    I rained hard in heavy showers tonight several times & thundered & lightened.    I Praise God in Jesus Name Amen.

Tue. Nov. 29. 1949./ 15. y.p. & 7 -H-eggs today./   I did my usual round cooked dinner & supper & washed dishes & managed to write 2 card one to Bonita & one to Mrs. Gall,    I wrote a letter to Miss Clark last night & Elbert mailed them in Vermilion tonight.  I received one card from Bonita today so ans. it right away    children have been having whooping cough.   Been a mild wet day or partly wet this a-m & sun shone this after noon.    Elbert took pump up & put new screw & washer in     it don’t hold the water & he says it must leak,    water is low & has been all summer.    Armond gave Elbert a squash    We had some for dinner  Nov. 25 & tonight & have lots left yet,    Elbert says it a fine night.

Tue. Nov. 29. 1949./ page. 2449./ 15. y.p.- 7-H-eggs this day./  Ma’s birthday, she would be 93. yrs. old    Uncle Will is 3. yrs. older than ma & aunt Edith was 7. yrs. older than ma.    I basted the braid on my new waist & it’s ready to stitch now.    I have a hard time trying to sew,    have to get up so many times to do things & I’m not as fast on my feet as I once was & my brain seems to be getting tired,    it don’t think of all the odds & ends & Keep them all in mind,    I ment to send the girls a piece of rusk bread & Elbert never thought of it either    & I felt so bum I went to bed & forgot to do it up to take with him,    I felt as if I was forgetting to do something but just couldn’t remember,     now I know she will wonder about it,    I’m so sorry but somehow I forget.    but I thank God for saving my soul & My blessing in Jesus Name.  

Wed. Nov. 30. 1949./ 14. y.p.-7-H-eggs today./Well, I sewed my skirt together & tried it & my waist on,    I hope to baste them together,    waist don’t look just right some how so I’ll have to keep trying untill I get it just right.    I felt so all in tonight    didn’t seem as if I could get the supper, but I did,    it worries me to try to sew,    I can’t see & if I have to keep getting up & put my mind on other things I can’t remember where I left off on the sewing and what was to be done next,    it would be just wonderful just to have some one that loved you enough to lend a helping hand,    I pray God will in Jesus Name heal me & keep me in Jesus Holy Name.    It’s turned colder tonight    wind was S. West & gone to N.W.    it tried to snow big wet feather flake but didn’t last long.    I Praise God for His Tender Love & Mercy    He takes good care of me & us,    I pray I may do more good works for Him & give Him all the Glory.    Well, they didn’t get a pension for me & so they told me today by mail.    I have to write back & thank them for trying.    There’s somethings I don’t understand,    but what can I do,    I can’t work out, so have to live on releif & be glad I can have it;    Well, God Knows best Praise his Mercy.    Elbert took the papers & then went up the River Rd. & got a qt. of milk & some fresh pork.    milk is real milk & was so good in my tea.    I thank the Lord for Elbert, it’s good of him to go for me     I received a letter from Miss Tooley    she said she & Mrs. Harwell enjoyed the eggs, apples & vegetables & then she went back to the church    she came from “Spencer Ohio” to preach again.    May God bless her & those who really try to preach God’s word.    I received a Dehaan book today all so.    Jesus is coming again is the title or subject.

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