February 1947

Sat. Feb. 1. 1947./ 4 eggs today/  Well I haven’t felt like workiing, but I got up took a bath, washed out a few clothes got dinner did the dishes, swept & wiped up part the kitchen floor & finished the stiching on my house dress & got the supper & did the dishes & now I forgot to say it’s colder today & has snowed in showers & heavyer tonight   we have about 2. in. of snow & in Wisconsin the radio said “they have 18 in& a another heavy storm right on them & the other side of the world are having the worst storm they have ever had in all history  fogs so black they can’t see with strong lights to get around & could hardly work to put out a fire.  Bible history is surly working out.  Oh God help Thy People & strengthan there faith   take away all our unbelief in Jesus name. 

Sun. Feb. 2. 1947./ 3. eggs today./  Ground hog day. & quite cold & the sun shone most of the day   lots of clouds & it tried snow today.  I have a cold & we didn’t get to church all day  Elbert said he thought it was to slippery but I think we could have gone had I been able.  He said to night he don’t feel able to go hunt a job in the morning, I wish he didn’t have to.  Well, the releif Commission sent a Mr. Brown & his wife to check up on me today & he said I’d get my check.  he checked our ages so I suppose they will put us on old age pension as soon as they can.  I wish so much, I could work & earn for my self.  There are so many soldiers that need money & help right now. But I can’t see any way cleaarn.

Mon. Feb. 3. 1947./3. eggs. today. /  Today, Jim & Jean Monagon will be 13. yrs. old.  they will soon be grown up & Joan will be 12 very soon.  I don’t see them or hear from them unless I go there, & Martha use to come here so much, even after Jim & Jean came & now she says she don’t have time.  May God help her & teach her His ways.  Well I haven’t felt able to sit up, but, did my inside chores & made 8 or 9 button holes in my dress & sewed buttons on & braid around neck & sleeves, only got the snaps to sew on down the skirt front, now.  I cooked & have felt to sick to sit up all day, nose runs water as if I had flu. & I made two tins of baking powder biscuits for supper but, tonight I’m not doing dishes, I looked way back from Sept. 1946 to Jan 22. 1947to check on days Elbert worked. & concidering, he did quite well, he’s got in 22 weeks so far.  It was to warm end of last week started to get colder, snow’s all gone  cold raw wind S.W. tonight it’s getting much colder & rained, sleeted & snowed before morning.

Tue. Feb. 4. 1947./page 1038/4. eggs today./  Well, I Praise God   He has ans my prayers & many more, for I know the Church folks are praying for me to, my cold is much better today, I felt so weak & dumb.  I haven’t done much today. washed dishes & made vegetable soup, have looked after birds & took care of rooms  it turned cold & has been just terrible cold today & worse tonight, radio told us it is terrible cold in a lot of places & to warm in a lot more places & they had thunder & lightening & bitter cold in Chicago &snow & wind & below zero in more places & floods in other places & the other side is having the worst storms they have ever had as far back as they have any records of.  In Palistine the English people are being flown out, for they are expecting the worse trouble yet, & I wonder if they read Gods Word & Know the end isn’t very far away, Jesus tells us in Mathew that when we see the things coming to pass that Daniel the prophet tells us about we should know the end was near, even at the doors, So I believe the time is close at hand, I pray that God will forgive us & help us to be found worthy. Oh Dear Heavenly Father help us to be more like Daniel, more interested in those about us, for today we know not who we can trust & I wish so much I were able to work & earn & help others to learn to really know Thee to want to Know Thee.  Received my check today. 

Wed. Feb. 5. 1947./ 5 eggs today. /  It’s been terrible cold today  cold penetrating S. W. Wind.  Wind has freshened up this evening & it’s hard to keep an even heat.  Radio says today, England is in the worst grippe of cold it’s had in 50 yrs. they have had two long severe cold snaps, one right after the other & Germany is getting it just as bad, they have laid off thousands of men from work because of the cold, severe cold. I wiped up Kitchen & only did what had to be done in side & Elbert took care of out side chores. God has taken care of my cold   No one, but him, Knows how much I thank Him & Worship Him.  It’s been a sunshiny day even if it has been cold enough to freeze the hair off a dog.  I do hope it will be warmer tomorrow, it’s been exceptionally hot in California today the news reporter said over the radio while the tempture dropped to 45 in Florida.  No mail today, but, I do owe everybody a letter.  I thank god for taken my cold away & Keeps me able to do my house work. 

Thurs. Feb. 6. 1947./3. eggs today/  Well, it’s not quite so cold today, I haven’t done much    finished my dress & looked after birds & house work   I wrote 6 pages to Nellie & the girls and Elbert wrote a letter to them & one to Carl Betz.  Tue. night  he mailed them yesterday.  Cold S.W. wind tonight & snowing a little tonight. 

Fri. Feb. 7. 1946 [she means 1947]/ page. 1039./ 4. eggs today/  No mail today.  Radio says that work is tied up all over, because of cold weather, both here on this side the world & on the other side, thousands & thousands & they said 40 thousand acres of small vegetables were killed, “froze.” in Florida & 100’s of acres in other sections were killed, so beans, peas & such like will be terrible high priced, even the strawberries were killed.  It’s colder again tonight   wind backed up to S. tried to snow   it’s real snappy cold tonight, again.  I only done my inside work & mended my shirt and bakes two tins of bread biscuits, they are light & nice I think.  

Sat. Feb. 8. 1947./ 3. eggs today/ It’s been a cold day & it’s cold tonight been down to 2 below zero & there is a shortage of gas & coal & even electric, we are sure glad we have coal & we only got enough for one week more, so, I don’t know how we will fare in another week & I’ve been wondering about Bonita  her friend & there 6 babys, she said she’d write me, but she hasn’t & I haven’t been able to go back yet.  no mail today.  I haven’t done much today & there’s lots to be done,  I’m so tired.  Well, I wont be to Church tomorrow either because of the cold weather & there isn’t going to be much let up for a week they say    my Christmas Days says cold month with white sun & lots of wind so looks as if we’ll have 6 week cold weather.  one weeks gone 5 more to go.   I wonder what the garden will give us this yr. & hope I’ll be able to get some chickens. before Long.  

Sun. Feb. 9. 1947./4. eggs today./ So terrible cold I didn’t go to church & we have just prayed & kept fire, radio said several had keep there fires so hot they burned up there homes & our home burned up for the same reason once, bad flue & to hot fire.  9th of Feb. & snow  ft. deep or so, fire plugs were froze up & by the time they had then    thawed out the house was about half gone.  We all got out alive but didn’t save much, However, it started us on a new life.  It’s bitter cold today & worse tonight, I can’t help thinking of those who are cold & hungry & no place to sleep & not enough clothing, May God have mercy on them & on every living thing out side.  I trully thank God for my many blessing & pray He will see I get some coal this week, before ours is all gone.  I pray Dear Heavenly Father that all who are able to go to church, will go & that some will turn to Thee & will be wholly converted & crave to help others to come to Thee & Bless each one that trys to get to Church & strengthen there faith, help each one to be in earnest, to really want to know the better & to be really concerned about souls & to forget a-bout style & beautiful dresses handbags hats & jewlrey & spending hrs. to manacure finger & do the hair to look beautiful, help us to know we would look more beautiful to Thee, if we were gleaming souls for

Sun. Feb. 9. 1947./ page 1040/ 4. eggs today. /  for the great harvest that is soon to come   help me, Oh God, help me, to do more for Thee, I ask in Jesus name, Thou wilt, Amen.  Wind has gone N. W. this after noon & tonight.  I wrote a letter to Bonita tonight.  Elbert says he’s going to Lorain in the morning, he’ll mail it 

Mon. Feb. 10. 1947./ 4. eggs today.  Well, Elbert got off early to Lorain & got most of the things done  he wanted to do, he took the $20.00 of my check & paid 10.00 on coal  he ordered today, & the bal. he paid for 100 lb. grain 4.39 for hens, 4.20 for a little shank end of ham, “almost enough to pay for a shout.” & 96 cents for a few onions, crackers & yeast. & 93 cents for gas, he used 48 cents of his money.  he took eggs, but  brought them back, as Mrs. West was not at home.  I only have $5.00 left & 1.20 egg money & his insurance is due Feb. 16.  so now I have to send a part of it & the rest later on, such is life.  I washed out part of the clothes today & have them all dried except rags now I still have Elbert’s washing to do   sleeper, pillow slip, union suit, towel, shirt, socks & handkercheifs, & my house dress.  a great plenty to do on the wash board & wring by hand.  I took care of bedroom & birds & cooking & dishes.  Elbert did out side chores, it thawed some today but the N.W. wind, cold & raw.  Elbert fixed eave troughs wires had broke on them on S.E. & S.W. corners of the house.  he did it after he got home a little after 12. noon, today. I received a card from Miss Baumgart today & she & Mrs. Cranage were wondering where I was, as if I might be lost (or). 

Tue. Feb. 11. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  I got up late but after all the dressing combing hair washing & cleaning teeth I shook up beds & opened the windows then started dinner washed dishes & cleaned the kitchen windows, sprinkled dust off plants put clean papers on window sills & replaced plants  cleaned tops of both radio’s & replaced plants & birds, cleaned bird cages & was just sitting down to fix my feet & rest a bit when Elbert came back.  he went to Vermilion to see about work   didn’t find the man & got back in time to feed & do out side chores, Well I got supper with his help & then I mended my skirt, a big job.  & my 2. prs. pants. & now I am going to bed  I seem to be so tired all the time.  Wind went S. & little west & it’s warmer, thawed yesterday a lot & hardly any snow left, sun most alday. Sun set red tonight & radio says more cold & snow on the way. 

Wed. Feb. 12. 1947./ 4. eggs today/ Lincoln’s birthday today, & the Cities & towns all over have ben celebrating, & Tomas Edison’s also.  Elbert been home all day & he has helped me what he could, I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen & then moved everything on the North end & give it a good cleaning & wiping up the floor half way acrossed so I still have half to do.  I bakes 3 tins of biscuits & that takes a lot of strength to. & then after supper, I washed up dishes & Elbert wiped them   I wanted to make a cake, but, just couldn’t get at it.  I’m to tired any way. & no mail today.  Wind went N.W. & on N.E. & on round to S.W. just before dark. not cold out today. I thank God for my blessings

Thurs. Feb. 13. 1947./ page. 1041./ 2 eggs today/  Well, I finished wiping up Kitchen & bed-room floors & some wood work & it sure did tire me so bad, I put the ham on to freshen & par-boiled it& then changed water on it & at 4-p-m. put in 2 sweet potatoes & half a head of cabage & at 4-30 we ate, & I was so empty for I’d only had the top off one bicuit & piece of pineapple then I washed up dishes & rested a bit & then we dressed & went to prayer meeting  Elbert stopped to Wests, she wasn’t there, but came to Church & said she didn’t want the eggs.  Miss Clark took 1. doz. but didn’t pay for them yet.  We took her home after church.  Well, once more I feel rather shocked ata the methods that are used in Church work   I was telling Mrs. Gurney I wished so much they could come & pray & talk with use & she said “not only once” but 2 or 3 times “we can’t just run around after one or two & we can’t humor a person, that wont help, I felt as if she had slapped my face, with out a cause, for she hadn’t given me time to tell her what I wanted her to understand   she says you can’t do this & you can’t do that & she didn’t give me a chance to explain, Why don’t she ask God how to win this soul, or that one  Why don’t she?  Oh God Please do help her to understand, for “Thou hast said, ” Man hath a way that seemeth right that are not my ways.  She is young, but I know if she would ask of Thee, Thou would reveal unto her, and he said Why don’t they talk & explain to me & help me to understand, & pray with me, God help us before it’s to late, they are baptized with the Holy Ghost surely they ought “it seems to me” to be able to help, if they earnestly work, with Thee to help reveal how or what they should do   Please help them Dear Heavenly Father    I know they are Thy Children   teach them Thy Ways in Jesus Name, Amen.  Teach each one of us & forgive us our sins in Jesus Name   I thank thee Jesus & praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.  Wind’s South & mild, not shivery  Cold out, but it rained & sleet early this morning & the grainery was a glare of thin frosty ice, that melted off fast. It’s been a beautiful day   Elbert went to Vermilion to see about getting a job, but didn’t get anything.  Mrs. Day told me Mr. Day told her to tell Elbert about a garage at Bulla Beach that he was to have built, but he’s sick so maybe Elbert could do it. so Elbert is going again to see about it. 

Fri. Feb. 14. 1947./ 5 eggs today/  Well I finished the washing with Elberts help today. & I am so tired  he did all outside chores, I’m sure glad to have it all done & dried, he hung his union suit work shirt & a towel outside & partly dried them.  I dried off the rest in the house & everything dried but his union suit, he washed that

Fri. Feb. 14. 1947./page 1042./ 5. eggs this day/  & his work shirt & done the wringing & carried the water   I thank God for my many blessings  Glory to His Name, All Praise belongs to Him. 

Sat. Feb. 15. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Well I got the ironing done & gave Elbert my last dollar, he went to Vermilion  took the eggs & brought them back again, he received a letter from Nellie today, she’s trying hard to coax up to come to New Mexico to live, that’s a long long way from home & I feel it’s to far for me to go, she wanted me to sell & buy over by them in Elyria & now she’s gone to New Mexico & she wants me to sell & come over there & buy, a rolling stone gathers no moss & I don’t feel able to do any rolling, any more, & Elbert feels the same way.   Well he got a letter from Columbus today saying he only had worked 12 weeks & he has pay envelopes for 20 weeks. What a world this is, or, the people in it.  he spent all the 3 dollars I gave him, 1. for gas & the rest for food & now it looks as if we should fast for a while for I wont get a check for at least, 3 weeks, at least. 3 weeks. It’s been a fine day, was thick & merky all morning & cloudy all afternoon & it rained a fine misty rain once or twice today.  We had sun shine alday yesterday & it’s been quite warm all week, today it’s a little cooler.  Wind’s been N. W. & gone back round to S. West.  Nellie’s always making wise cracks about my little house & now she has bought a wee house, well, I only have 3 rooms, 2 bedrooms & a large room I use for Kitchen dining room & living room it’s 15 X 18 ft. & I like a room big enough to turn around in, for I’m 5 ft 9 in., & weigh 178 or so lbs.  I use to weigh 198 lbs.   I’m guessing at my weight just now at 178 lbs.  I haven’t been weighed in a good while, the ceiling is high, so we have plenty of air space & it’s cool in summer & plenty warm in winter,   Just now it’s hard for me to Keep 3 room cleaned & the only thing I wish very much for is an inside toilet.  But I thank God for what I have & all my blessings.  All the Praise & Glory trully belongs to God in Jesus Name. 

Sun. Feb. 16. 1947./ 6 eggs today/  We didn’t get to Church alday   I don’t Know what hit my bowels, but they run like water & I 

Sun. Feb. 16. 1947./6 eggs this day/   awake most all night & even soiled my night gown, they eased up this afternoon    I sure got a good cleaning.  It rained and then snowed early & kept it up untill afternoon but only a light fall of snow 6 or 8 inches deep.  Well, I found poor Jimy  [parakeet] dead this morning, he’s not felt well for some time & I don’t know what was wrong with him    I loved him so, he was a wonderful singer & gave me many hrs. of rest through his songs.  the hrs. have seemed long & lonesome with out him today.  And Poor old Pete, [rooster]  I do miss him to, so much, he had such a lusty crow every morning.  Well, I’ll soon be all momst left alone, it seems, with the things gone, I’ve loved so long.  I ask God to take them before I had to go, for I didn’t want them abused, I thank thank God for all things & Praise His Holy Name for ever & ever & I thank Him for the strength He has given me tonight after all the runing off of the bowels  last night & today.  Wind has backed up & it looks like more snow tonight.

Mon. Feb. 17. 1947./ 6. eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Lorain to see about the compensation money but now he can’t have it untill April, it’s like my pension, if’s. & ifs & no pension.  It’s a queer world, the people in it, anyway.  I baked to big tins of bread biscuits & a loaf of bread.  Elbert borrowed 5.00 & got a little meat to boil, to fry & a piece of pressed ham.  if he had only tried to sell the eggs, but he didn’t Looked as if it would rain or snow but it did neither here.  I did-n’t get any sewing done today.  Received aletter from Nellie [Nellie Bonney Harnish, 1897-1988, Elinor’s sister] & she sent it air plane pail, she’s bent on our coming out there to live, even ask the salesman to hold the house next to her’s untill she heard from us & we don’t even have enough money to buy what we need to eat.  She says she’s feeling better that it’s quite warm there days  a little cool at night, but air is dry & fresh    I’m glad if she feels better & likes it there, but I’m to tired to jump around like I use to, so as Elbert don’t think he wants to live in a match box, guess we’ll be staying right here in my sock box.  Nellie sent a folder with pictures of houses & rooms, but it doesn’t give the size of the house or rooms   it can be moved as a trailer & without a permit.  they look low & squaty  windows look as if they were up to clling ceiling & tops of doors like wise they’d be O.K. if you live out doors perhaps, she says that

Mon. Feb. 17. 1947/ page 1044./ 6. eggs this day./   Bonita writes most every day & Gannet’s do the next best job at writing & Johny & Marcia next, well she hears from Lourabell & her husband from California & her mother in Elyria & one or two others. So she has enough to do to keep her busy, if they had a car & plenty of money they’d be all set, as, Frank [Frank Babcock, Elinor’s husband] use to say.  I’m glad we have a place to live & hope we will be able to live, when I’m done with what I have, I won’t worry about what I leave behind.  S.W. wind not cold. 

Tue. Feb. 18. 1947./ 1 egg today/  Elbert went to Sandusky to see about some work at a new plant on the Perkins roade & they told him to com back next Monday, Feb. 24. , he says its called the Departure Plant, I don’t know what or how, but he said he’d find out what it was all about Mon.  It is a queer sounding name for a Plant, I hope it’s all O.K.   It’s been a beautiful day, sun shines all day, little cooler, but nice, snow melted a lot today, Elbert got back a little after 12-noon   I fixed dinner & after dinner I made a new top for my night dress & sewed it on, I riddled the old one last night, wind blew hard last night & hardly any today & it has been N.W. all day, was S.W. last night.  Only Lane Bryants year style book in mail box today.

Wed. Feb. 19. 1947./ 6 eggs today./  Frank has been gone a long time 14. yrs. today & it seems such a long time.  Thre are such a lot of us over in that cemetery & sometimes it most seems as if there isn’t much left to stay here for   only to look after those that are left the best we can & do all we can in , Jesus name of good, yes-terday the Penn. passenger train “called the Red Arrow, jumped the track, two engines several coaches & dinner car & they told us of a christian man who was unhurt, that went about among the people praying & that it seemed queer how it quited the people, I thank God for that man.  We recieved another letter from Nellie telling us Frank Bonney had put Gertie out & she was now living with Audrey.  We dressed & went to Lorain forgetting it was Wed. & most every thing closes up in the afternoon.  We went to Lillie’s “cousin Lillie – Wheelers” & she said Gertie came over & told her she was going to live with Audrey, [Audrey Lelia Bonney Carlisle, 1892-1988,Elinor’s sister] that Frank had put her out, we talked a while, then went over to Audreys & Gertie was there so white & sick looking & her nerves a wreck   she started to tell us something Frank had told her    we said but then she stoped & said   No, I wont talk & she got up & went to the Kitchen

Wed. Feb. 19. 1947./page 1045. / 6 eggs today/  & I told her we would go, but if at any time we could help her, to let us know.  She appears to be frightened & afraid to talk, if she talked, I wonder if the money would be revealed in some way, how ever, she got herself so mad or angry, in thinking that she got up & said, if I could only lick Frank or I hope he gets all that should come to him, durty, I can’t re-call what she finished with, and I told her I did to, for Frank [Frank Bonney, 1890-1965)Elinor’s brother] has plenty to live on  a well furnished home & then he’d put a sister out whn there was no call for it because he wanted the boat buisness, it brought her in a living & even if she has the money Uncle Harve  left us, it was a mean thing to do to a sister [Gertrude Bonney, 1888-1964, Elinor’s sister]    she’ll be 59. yrs. old May. 13. 1947. & has lived there since she was 11. yrs. old, after she made the out burst about Frank she said   I should have left right after two yrs ago.  I’ve got money enough to last me as long as I live & can take care of myself.  So I thank God my conscience is clean & I pray He will talk to them untill they do the right thing, I’m not perfect, but I’m honest, I couldn’t keep 8. thousand Dollars that belonged to my brothers & sisters & even if they did everything that they ought not to do, I wouldn’t turn them out of there home. But let it be as it will, I pray God will help it to work out in the right way. I pray God will help Elbert now & keep him & Frank from getting into trouble for he (F.) will want Elberts lots to use & he’ll try, perhaps to use his dirt on Elbert.  F’s rotten to the core & has said all sorts of mean things months a-go about Elbert, because he wouldn’t sell them to him for much less than he paid for them.  Such wickedness  The Bible is so true, that familys will turn against each other & neighbors against neighbors, friends against friends.  We run on over to Martha’s & she was very unconcerned & in-derfent  she did ask for us to come back to the house but, we see them all just a half block from there house  Merlin came along in the car   M. came cross lots from work & Jim, Jean & Joan came from school all about the same time.  They didn’t seem anxious to have us come back, we 

Wed. Feb. 19. 1947./page. 1046./ 6. eggs today.  got a little meat with the egg money, we sold 3 doz. 50 cents per. doz.  We got home intime to feed hens & get supper before dark, & I’m as tired as if I had done a days work.  Well.  I have decided not to bother them, they use to all-ways be asking us to come & now they don’t want to see us.   Looks as if there’s a niger in the fence somewhere, but for my own sake   I’d like to know a few things about the law. & I’m going to try to find them out for myself.  I thank God for taking us & bringing us safely & taking care of us in the many ways we need care  I thank Him & Praise Him  Lillie [Lillie Wheeler, daughter of William Wheeler, Elinor’s maternal neice] invited us to come & spend a whole day   whe said she didn’t go over to Gertie’s very often but she missed her just terriblly, that she & the girls had hoped Elbert & I would come back & live with Gertie, but Gertie said she wanted to live alone   she didn’t want anyone in with hr & she said “so we were told” that she hated us.  Pa & Frank have told her heaps of lies & she is afraid , now, but  I hope she comes clean & lives happy.  it’s been a sunshiny day.  Wind is N.E. & it’s raw.  house was warm when we got here. 

Thurs. Feb.20. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  Well the wind is cold& raw today from the N.E.   I haven’t been outside all day.  I basted my other dress together today & dusted the chairs & fixed dinner & we had broth for supper & it made the two of us sick deathly shuddery sick   felt as if it might go both way, Elbert has been out back twice but I haven’t gone either way yet.  Received a card from Bonita today   I couldn’t make out if the boys were back or if Bob was back, thats the other woman’s man, the woman that’s with  was with her.  & Nellie says Bonita tells her everything & she don’t think she’ll do anything wrong, that lets me out of that so now, I can pray & trust God to take care of them all, to Keep them clean in soul & body & help them do all that is right & good in His sight.  I corked the east window & door tonight to help keep the heat.  I thank God for Keeping me clean & pray He will allways keep me clean & worthy in his sight   Oh God I Praise Thee in Jesus Name & Pray Thou will have blessed the meeting tonight. 

Fri. Feb. 21. 1947./ 5 eggs today/  Well I didn’t do much today    Received a letter from Bonita, that she read in the news paper that Ralph Wards wife is dead in China.  I know how grieved he will be   paper said she had a short illness.  They only went back to China a short time ago.  The wind

Fri. Feb. 21. 1947./ page 1047./ 5 eggs this day. /  is N. & little East cold & raw.  We Killed my last Anconia hen today & I dressed her & cut her up to stew, she was old, but fat & in good condition    I put her on to cook for broth all except the breast & 1. thigh    We are going to grind that & make balls to fry in the morning.  I swept & dusted. & cleaned Jimys cage & covered it & put it away   Poor Jimy, he was such a sweet singer & I loved him so.  But things are crumbling here & there & soon I’ll be left alone just hoping God will forgive me & take me home, to.    The Rawleigh man came today & I gave him the 70 cents I owed him for poultry, condition powder & I got a bottle of vanilla 35 cents, he says things are dead, that he don’t do much buisness now.  But over the radio they say it will be booming again soon, but didn’t say was or will.  

Sat. Feb. 22. 1947./ 7. eggs today/  I only did what had to be done today   It has turned colder tonight & radio said it would be so tomorrow with snow, had sun alday, part of today, it looked like ice,  we have been home all day, no mail today   N.W. wind   it backed up..   I wrote a letter to Bonita last night  one to Flora Glover today & tonight     hope to mail them tomorrow or Mon. Radio said we were due for a shake up on this side the globe soon.  

Sun. Feb. 23. 1947./ 5. eggs today./  We were home all day, it has been cold    sun part of the time & cloudy with plenty of raw winds.  It snowed in heavy squals and part the time sun was shining through the snow storm.  Cold & windy again tonight. 

Mon. Feb. 24. 1947./ 5. eggs today/  Well Elbert went over to that Departure Plant as they said he should today, & then was told the man that done the hiring would be there untill tomorrow.  So he’s going back in the morning, & then perhaps on to Lorain.  I did out half the washing & I’ll have a big wash yet, his sleepers & underwear & work shirt & his blankets & my night gown & dress & we don’t have much to eat for strength.  We have 4. doz. eggs. 50 cents per. & that has to pay the light bill & they soaked up 2.00, I know we don’t use that much, but it’s not us to argue  1. the only way is not to use it at all.  I’ve wished a good many times I had my own power plant so we could us what we need & not have to pay the O.P.A. or help to pay them a fortujne, Everything is getting wicked & more & more crooked, as if they’d like all you got or can get & even if you were dead & they could grab up the little you have,  it terrible, but the bible said it would be that way & how true it is.  Winds backed up to the South a little more & it has snowed more than less all day & snowing light yet tonight.  

Tue. Feb. 25. 1947 /page. 1048. / 7 eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Sandusky & they gave him a blank to fill out & if they decide to take him in to work he’ll have to be examin-ed by a Doctor & then he would be told the real answer that he can or can not work, so I don’t know what he is going to do about it, he went to Vermilion but didn’t sell enough eggs to pay light bill & he bought meat & gas out of what money he did have, so, he’s still 50 cents short & he didn’t take the light card with him, so, he has to go back tomorrow & use up gas to go & come, to pay the light bill & get a yeast cake.  He don’t feel very well & he’s worried about work, he can’t get, any, everything seems to be at a stand still right now.  & meat is going sky high, over the radio they say   pork will be 1.00 per. lb. by Spring  all other meats in proportion. & things are working out fast  I do wish Elbert & all my brothers & sisters & my nephews & neices would live as holy & near to God as possible for jesus is coming soon & I’d like to be one of His number  Oh God forgive us & help us   before it is for-ever to late, in Jesus name   I ask, Amen;   Well I did some more washing today, didn’t get it all done yet & so must wash one more day    Elberts sleepers, pillow slip union suit, work shirt & cotton bouble blanket.  I thing God willing I’ll bake bread tomorrow & perhaps I go to town in the morning first, with Elbert.    A woman (Mrs. Jakobs) of Lorain, was here trying to get subscriptions for a religist book & paper, & I tried to tell her I couldn’t buy or pay for them, but at last she left the book, she said it cost 25 cents so I gave her 5 eggs, I don’t care for the book, but she’s in hard straights, so I gave her the eggs, I can’t buy all the books & papers every one comes along with, I like my bible the best of all books.  She was in Sarrs when Elbert came.  & I wasn’t done wrinsing the clothes but got them done & then cut his other blanket down through the middle & hemed the edges & sewed outer edges together for middle & made two dish towels & stitched a little on the table cloth    I have to darn & where Elbert cut a gash in it with the bread knife    I didn’t get it done, it began to get dark, so, I put machine away & made up his bed & helped him make soup for supper, a can of beans, “yellow string” salt & pepper and 3 carrots & 2 table spoons barley a can of kidney beans a can of corn some parsley & speggetti, in the beef broth, it was good & some left for tomorrow.  no mail today

Wed. Feb. 26. 1947/ page 1049/ 8 eggs today/  Elbert washed out his union suit & work shirt & I did his sleepers pillow slip & the blanket & he suded & wrinsed them & I hung them up & they are all dry except union suit, work shirt & the two old prs. of work pants he washed.  I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen so I’m all done except my old wash dress & I’ll get it later on, I think I’ll try to iron tomorrow, if I can & I’ve got some mending & darning to get done.    It’s been a nice day   sun shining all day & a fresh breeze & quite cold., but it’s cold in England   snow a 100 ft. deep & more coming, they were having a blizzard tonight, can’t gt the coal out that they have ready at the mines & the little towns are cut off from the rest & no heat & not much food.  Well, we are warm, but not much to eat.   I have a little soup left & a biscuit apiece for morning & we have a few cans of beans yet, no potatoes or rice.  there is about enough flour for a tin of bread biscuits   a little canned fruit  some carrots & beets yet, we are on last can of milk & have no tea, a little coffee though.  Wind all died out tonight.  I’m terribley tired. & going to bed. 

Thurs. Feb. 27  1947./ 5. eggs today./   Well, I did the ironing while Elbert went to Vermilion to sell eggs & look for work.  he didn’t sell any eggs, but he did pay the light bill   I’m broke  had to give him seventy cents to go with what he had to pay light bill.  He went to nagles & run a bill for meat 1.76   I do wish he wouldn’t do it.  I can’t pay those bills on 25.00 a month.     & darned my stocking & made up beds & dusted & then for once I sat down & crocheted a little before he got back , on a krcheif I

Thurs. Feb. 27. 1947. / page. 1050./ 5. eggs this day/  had partly done & then I got up & got the water on to heat for coffee, warmed a can of beans & a little spinnage & fried some biscuits & hamberg & we ate & after supper I washed dishes, then I finished the edge on the handkerchief (this is the edge I make 11. doubles over edge of kercheif  made a ch. of 5. st. made single in 6th double chain  5 & turn make 5 doubles mak a picot of 4 chain  then 5 more doubles then 5 doubles in next ch turn  chain  5 catch in st. beside picot  turn 5 doubles   ch. 4 make picot.   5 doubles.  4.ch. make picot  5 doubles in lower ch.   catch in double in Kercheif,  repeat from beginning. if evenly spaced there will be 12 like the first with one half at corner on each side & the top loop on corner. done with fine crochet hook & crochet thread  it makes a pretty border. 

I have 3 or 4 more I have partly done  one is harp edgeing  it is pretty to but take a little more time.  Make 4. dbles. over edge of kercheif turn then make 8. chain, make double close to last one in Kercheif  chain turn 5 catch under top 8. ch. ch. 5   catch under 8 ch. ch. 5 catch in bottom of eight chain, turn make 7 doubles over 5 ch.  8 boubles over next 5 ch. ab b7 doubles over next 5 chain  make double over edge of kerchief 4 times  ch 8 turn calch in last double of kerchief ch 5  catch under top of ch. 8. then ch. 5  catch under ch 8. ch 5 catch in last double on Kercheif turn make 4 doubles catch in 4th double of the harp you just finished before you started this one, then; 3 more doubles under same 5 chain,  In next ch. 5 make 8 doubles  & in next 5. ch. 7 doubles  and then 4 dbles in Kercheif & so on around untill done. And other edge is like this    Fasten thread in Kercheif at corner make a treble  ch. 3 make another treble, & fasten in catching in edge of kerche right close to last treble make another treble & catch length  of a treble from last in Kercheif edge  ch. 3.  make treble close close in edge to last treble & so on around  then make 4 doubles over ch. 3. then chain 3 make picot 4 more doubles under ch. 3. make 4 doubles under next 3. ch. ch. 3 for picot & 4 more doubles under same ch. & so on around the kerceif.  that’s enough for tonight, I’ll try to write more another time.  It’s cold but not as severe as it has ben sunshine part of today again  I have fix the fire K& read & studied my bible & now I’m going to bed again & trust for the best in souls & bodys.  We would like to go to prayer meeting tonight but Elbert wanted to go & look for work & pay light bill & sell egg & buy meat.  I pray God will help us to go to Church as well as live. 

Fri. Feb. 28. 1947./ 5. eggs today./  Last day of Feb.  Warmed up today & snow’s most gone, was a puddle of water near the path to grainery.  I saw Elbert put his foot in it to see if it was water or ice, he hung his old work pants he washed out door today & they got dry all but round the pockets waistband & hems in bottom of the pants legs.  nice day & not so cold today.  I made more stew  a can of kidney beans can of corn & peas, barley, speggetti, & carrots with a lump of butter in it.  for supper.  I baked two big tins of bread biscuits & a little loaf &

Fri. Feb. 28.1947./ page 1051./ 5 eggs this day. /  croched a round on another handkercheif & Elbert done out side chores & odds & ends & mended his carpenter apron.  We had some canned pears to for supper.  wind has gone S. east to night.  & here is this handkercheif edge. Catch thread right in edge of Kercheif at or on corner & make 4. doubles in edge. ch. 2. leave space length of 2. ch. & make 4. dbles.  ch. 2. leaving another space  make 4 more doubles in edge of kercheif. ch. 7. catch back in 3.rd. st. with single st. ch. 7. catch back in 3.rd. st. of ch.  ch. 2.  make 4 more doubles in edge of Kercheif & so on around  join to top of first of 4 doubles slip. st. over next 3 and ch.2. make 3 doubles un-der 2. ch. ch. 3. 4 doubles under 2. ch.  ch 7 make picot ch. 7 make picot ch. 2. single st between 2 picots of last row ch. 7. make picot ch. 7. make picot  ch 2.4 doubles under 2 ch. ch. 2. 4 doubles under 2. ch. ch. 7. & repeat around   join to first of 4 doubles slip st. to 2. ch. ch 2 make 3 doubles under 2 ch. ch.7. make picot ch 7. make picot ch 2 single under & be tween 2 picots ch7 make picot ch7 make picot ch 2 make 4 doubles under 2 ch ch. 7 make picot & repeat around join. slip st up between 2 picots ch. 7. make picot ch. 7. make picot ch 7 make picot ch. 2. single between   2. picots ch7 . make picot. ch. 7. make picot ch 7. make picot  ch 2 single between 2 picots  ch. 7 & repeat around join, done with fine thread  it’s lacy & very pretty. 

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