March 1948

Mon. Mar. 1. 1948./ Page. 2098./ 1. hen. 20 Pullets eggs./   Well.    it’s been a dark cloudy day, sun peeped out just once but not very clear.    I laided in bed untill 10-a-m.   then got up & washed & dressed & combed my hair,    shook up the beds & opened the windows & shut the doors & then we had a lunch,    then I stirred up a batch of rolled oat cookies & Elbert put them in the oven & took them out & off the cookie sheet & got it ready for the next tin full untill they were all baked,    I washed up the baking dishes & the other dishes from Sun.    & I wiped them & put ’em away,    the old man gave Elbert a lb. of butter    no salt in it,    I put it in the wooden bowl with some well water & worked it over & drained off water & worked in some salt & rolled it in wax paper & put it away, & tonight Elbert went over & got some milk & gave the old man some cookie,    I looked after getting the supper & I’m to tired,    but I’m glad I can get around.    I intended to write letters & card today    but didn’t get at it, so hope to do it tomorrow.    I thank God for all my many blessings & that He takes care of us & loves us,    I do crave to talk to some one of His children,    some one that’s not afraid to be sociable to the poor and humble    some one that would injoy praying & talking about Thy Word,    Who would be interested enough to try to help me to  to understand what ever it is that I don’t know    so I could be filled with the Holy Ghost for that is God’s promise when we have been saved,    it’s His seal of promise,    I want it to,    I thank Thee Jesus & believe He will give it to me.    

Tue. Mar. 2. 1948./ 1. hen  25. P. eggs today./    Well all I did today was take care of the beds & air out the rooms & write a letter to Audrey & I have to get some more done & some cards    allso been a fogy wet & rainy day     snowed early then rained & froze     wind has been N. east yesterday & today,   so dark it was hard to write & any way I haven’t felt as if I had the strength to write    & I will have to wash out the rags & maybe my shirts & skirty & nightgown stockings & towels & wash rags if I can    we are short for food that I can eat & so I’m weak,    I pray God will help us to a little more & give me more strength.   I thank Him that He does take care of us & I’m so sorry for those in worse condition than we are in.    I Praise His Holy Name

Wed. Mar. 3. 1948./ 1. hen. 22. P. eggs today./  Well, I did my washing today & got it all dry except the rags & they are drying    Elbert cleaned out the other end of the hen house     sand & straw was so wet & roost     he put the hens in the middle pen in a bale of straw & they were happy,    but he is so tired & his back & legs & knees ach after cleaning half the the coop,    We are not as young as we use to be & not as strong.

Wed. Mar. 3. 1948./ [this should be page 2099] 1. hen.  22. P. egg this day./   I hope to write letters tomorrow,  seems I’m so slow of late, don’t get much done,     got my check but not my releif card.    & I’m wondering why?    I haven’t received my tax blank yet I wonder why?   Sure keeps me figuring & 30.00 just don’t begin to foot the most necessary bills    can’t pay the Dentist his last five this time  either.   6.00 for taxes  10.00 on coal  5.00 at church is 21.00  2. bles of straw 1.20 & light bill 1– & gas for stove 5.00   there wont be anything left to eat on for a mo.    Well I Praise God He know & will help me some how    I Love Jesus & praise His Holy Name & Being all the Glory & Power belong to Him forever & ever Amen. 

Thurs. Mar. 4. 1948./ 1. hen. 20 P. eggs today/  I washed my old dress & chair seat cover & 11. grain & mash bags & tonight  I have written 6 post cards one to Martha  one to Bonita  one to Mrs Beesie  one to Miss Clark  one to Rev & Rs Gurney & one to relief board, they sent my check yesterday & have not sent the renewal card.    The wind is cold raw & goes right through one    windows had heavy frost on them this a.m.    nice sunshine today.    Elbert went to Sandusky with the old man back of us & took his 2 daughters & 2 Children so they could do a little business as he calls it.    & he did some shopping in Huron    he gave Elbert 2.25 for taking them    Elbert got a few grociers & when he got here his check was here, so , we ate & he went to Vermilion & got some more food & greens for hens.    he got some liver & it was like chewing on rubber,    I couldn’t eat it    he got some fininhady for our dinner tomorrow & he mailed a letter to Audrey & one to Mrs Harry Day.    I’m  tired tonight & Elberts tired to,    the fire went clear out & he had to rebuild it.    I thank God for the strength He gives me & am trusting for my healing & thankiing Him & Praising Him Glory to God in the highest.

Fri. March. 5. 1948./ 1. hen. 26. P. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain with 12. doz. $8.40 & he paid 5.15 for mash & he went to see Audrey & she gave him 5.00 so we owe her $70.00 now.   he paid 10.25 for his car liesence    he spent 9.00 for food yesterday & 5.00 or, so, today.    he brought home $2.53 from egg money & and we haven’t got much to eat yet,    he got some caned peas , corn 56 & mixed vegetables 51 cents& 9 cans in all $3. cans of milk a sack of flour 1.99, rice 37., beans 23, Oleo 42 cents, crisco 1.29, noodles 2 pk 58 cents, speggetti 35 for 2, sugar 5 lbs 46 cents, pears 29 ”   ” baking powder 52 cents, celery 15 cents cauliflower 25 lemons 13 (3) sweetpotatoes & 6 soap & cabage 18. 2 green peppers 36. lard 29 ham 382. cornstarch & another 2 lb. bag of beans & soap $5.07    its terrible he got 2 kinds of fish.    I had him pay 10.00 on the coal bill,    I still have to pay my taxes & 5.00 to church & some on gas tank & 5.00 to Dentist.   Audrey said Martha was better but gets up and walks around to much.

Fri. Mar. 5. 1948./ page. 2100./ 1. hen. 26. P. this day. /  Well, I know how that goes,    but she has the 2. girls to help & so she sould be more patiente & let them help what they can untill she gets her strength back.    They are well, over that way.    We haven’t heard from Franks folks for sometime, well, not since he was here & brought the food from all there familys & Uncle Wills girls, just before Christmas.    I thank God for our many blessing & pray He will strengthen all His people & take care of the starving, cold & most naked & homeless every where.   I thank God & Praise Him for all things & pray He will continue my healing in Jesus Name.  Amen. Glory to God. 

Sat. Mar. 6. 1948./ 1. hen. 25. P. eggs today/  Well, I ironed big chair seat & back  3. dresses 2. peticoats & 11 grain & mash bags & today I’ve only looked after the beds & I did help get the fish on to cook fin an hady & it was so good,    nice white sweet meat.    Yes, I mended big chair seat & back covers & round cushion cover, my stocking & wool skirts, my arms ach they are so tired.    I received the Lane Byrant’s style book,    Elbert got Country Gentlemen.    Praise God in Jesus Name for strength & all He give us.    I pray He will soon help me to be strong as Peter & Paul.    Hamblys told Elbert Gurney’s are not coming back,    they have another place,    I pray God’s will be done, Amen. 

Sun. Mar. 7. 1948. 22. P. eggs today./  Well, it snowed & rained & froze a glary ice & then the wind blew & shook it all off & after dinner the sun came out & sun set as red as blood, .   & radio says it’s to be colder tonight & tomorrow.    I’m terrible tired all over & Elbert isn’t very well & don’t feel able to do much    I was hoping the preachers would come today,    but, I know they will pray for me.    & I thank God for He allways hears & ans. prayer.    I do wish there was just one I could companionship with,    but, no, not one.    Hamblys told Elbert Mrs. West Sr. has gone to California, so, Mrs. Sprunk will be feeling rather a lonesome.    I pray God will give her strength & health & keep her in His care,     I pray for the Church folks that the Lord will fill that church yet, with good God fearing people.    I thank Thee Dear Father in Heaven in Jesus Holy Name for my healing & strength & the many many blessings He gives to me,   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,   Praise God from Whom all Blessing flow. 

Mon. Mar. 8. 1948./ page. 2101./ 1. hen. 25. P. eggs today./  Well, I haven’t earned my salt today    took care of beds & rooms & tried to get a letter wrote to Carl Betz & did at last    & I wrote a card to Bessy Snyder, she has taken her name of Seniff back so I hear, that Shoop left her.    I wrote some add for the Life Buoy soap for Elbert & a couple for myself & hope to get them off in the mail soon before Sat., at least.    And I received a letter from Mrs. Day,    she seemed pleased to hear from me    she sent me Mrs Harnings address so I can write to her now & thank her for the big glass dish of Christmas candy she sent us.    Well it’s been a nice day with S.W. wind untill tonight it backed up to the South & cloudy.

Tue. mar. 9. 1948./ 1. hen. 26. P. eggs today./  Well I took care  the beds & rooms & felt like a limpsy dish rag all day.    but I feel better tonight   head don’t ach,    I just feel weak.    I received a letter from Audrey with a 5.00 bill in it & she said every one was getting along fine    Martha is better & Audrey is hoping she wont go back to work to soon.    Gertie gets rather tired & goes to bed early & Gertie & Audrey were fix up things for Bonita’s twins birthdays little Georgie & Bonita Eddy, one was 5. yrs. Mon. Mar. 8th 1948 & the other Tue. Mar. 9. 1948.    they were going to give Nelson a gift also,    he is a little younger and wouldn’t understand.    Well I received a card from Nellie & she wants Elbert to pick her up in Lorain Fri.    she’s coming out here to spend the after noon,    I think she seemed a little anxious about coming & I can’t help but wonder,    Audrey said Ella Jane is sick in bed & out of money all alone in Albuquerque. New Mexico.    I’ve been hearing her weeping for 2 weeks & told Elbert I could hear a women crying & I’ve been seeing Miss Clarks face looking very serious & today a card came from the Deaconess Hospital Pearl Rd Cleveland, Ohio. saying her sister Elinor is there in serious condition, so I wrote a card to her, to Audrey, to Nellie to Mrs. Day & one to Bessy Snyder Seniff. & I sent for the scissors that Robin Hood flour is giving for the picture on the recipe coupon and 25 cents in stamps.    & I sent a money order 5.89. for my taxes & I sent a letter to Mr. & Mrs, Carl Betz and I still owe quite a number of cards & letters.    It’s been a beautiful day.    Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed out the letters & cards & got some apples & pears a pepper yeast cakes & a piece of boiling meat    he felt sick when he got back & we had a lunch & hot drink    but he still feels bad tonight & his stomach soured.    Well I did out part of my washing & got it dried while he was gone    & I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing. & Pray that He will be with each

Tue. Mar. 9. 1948./ page. 2102./ 1. hen. 26. P. eggs this day./  of His people where ever they are & strengthen all our faith and according to there faith give untio them     I’m sorry for all who are sick, homeless, cold, hungry, half clothed & miserable,   Oh, God of Love and mercy I pray Thou will comfort them and help me to do what ever I can to help in Thy work.  I thank Thee & Praise Thee for All thing in Jesus Name. 

Wed. Mar. 10. 1948./24.P. eggs today. / Well I wrote a little more to E.J. & did the rooms & washe a few dishes    can’t seem to write letters & cards,    it tires my eyes so bad.    It’s been cloudy    sun peeked out a couple of times, but not to stay,    cold, raw N. east wind & it’s tried to snow & still at it at 9-30p-m. & they are “so the radio says”  having the worst snow storms in verious places than they have had in yrs.    Bible history working out.    I pray God will have mercy on our souls all the Nation’s have surely sined & come far short as He has said. 

Thurs. Mar. 11. 1948./ 1. hen 26. P. eggs today/Killed hen today/   Well I finished letter to Ella Jane & packed the bedspread & chair pieces & 1. India lilly bulb in a box with todays Plain Dealer & Sandusky Register & addressed box & wrapped it & tied it & addressed it on wrapper & Elbert will Mail it out in the morning, God Willing.  Elbert had to shovel a path out to building this a.m.    it’s been quite cold,    he Killed the old hen & dressed her & put her on to cook    she was full of eggs    I hated to kill her.   We have the red rooster left & the pulletts,    I took care of beds & done a very little today.    except finish the letter & get box ready.   I’m putting dollar in E.J.’s letter    wish I had enough to get her home.    I thank God for my many blessing & Praise His Name for ever & ever & Pray He helped a large group to get out to Church for prayer meeting    & that some gave there souls into His Keeping in Jesus Name.    Bless the Preachers & help to strengthen their faith  & all the others who belong to Him Glory, Glory to God,    I Praise thee Jesus & thank Thee for touching me & pray you have touched all the others & all the sick and afflicted  & God of Love & Mercy We thank Thee,  Glory, Glory Hallelujah. 

Fri. Mar. 12. 1948./page.2103./ 21. P. eggs today./ Thurs Killed hen./ to day is Joans birthday.  she’s 13 yrs./   Well, Sun came out warm & clear    Elbert took 13. doz. eggs my package & letters & cards & started to Lorain a quarter to 9.a.m.    he was to mail box to Carl Betz. 4. contest letters to Lever Brothers Company  letter to Ella Jane & one to Miss Willetts & card to Ministers, one to Mrs. Gall. of which he said he did.   Then he went to Lorain & sold the the eggs in 3 places there, then he picked up Nellie & started back    he went to Hambly’s & sold 1. doz.    Elbert talked to Mrs. H.   & Mr. H. went out & talked to Nellie.    then they got the grain & some fish haddie & came on home.   Now, I dressed & swept both bedrooms & aired them & swept kitchen & put the news papers down a-gain then put clean table cloth on & washed the dishes & set the tables, took care of birds, then pealed potatoes & got the biscuits ready to put in the oven, when they came in & ready to eat,     I’m slow, so they had to wait for biscuits    I was sweating like rain, so set down,     Elbert washed & made gravey,   I creamed the potatoes & he dished up the dinner,    Nellie thank the Lord for our dinner & they took over.    said the old hen was good & they enjoyed it.    I was glad to see Nellie & so sorry for her,    her leggs are so bad & it must be hard for her to get around    &  she went back on the buss from here    Elbert took her up to get it.    Well, Nellie brought the rubber half stockings she use to wear for me to try,    to see if they would strengthen my ankles,   but they are loose on me.    don’t think they’ll do.    I thank God for our many blessings.    I Praise God in Jesus Name & thank Him for all things, great & small Glory to God, Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 13. 1948./ 26. P. eggs today./   Only looked after rooms & few odds & ends today,    Received letter from Audrey today    We owe her 80 dollars now.    We’ll just save what ever she sends & give it back by & by.   When she was sick last time she didn’t have enough money to pay her Dr. bill.    So maybe we can help by saving it for her.    It’s wonderful she’s willing to help us so much for she is helping Martha’s family all so.    Well, it’s been a beautiful day but cold & I’ve been to tired to work much today.    & tomorrows Sun. & I wish I were going to Church    I pray God wil bless all His people & put a craving into there hearts once more to come to Church & hear His word preached & then except Him for their Saviour.    I thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & pray Thou will send the Holy Ghost & help me to praise Thee in spirit,  I thank Thee. 

Sun. Mar. 14. 1948./ 27. P. eggs today./   Well, th ministers came & we had a nice talk about the bible & better understanding    they prayed for me & I felt the power of God. 

Sun. Mar. 14. 1948/page 2104./ 27 egg this day./  go through me,    I thank Him & Praise Him Glory Glor Hallelujah    I thank Thee & praise aJesus   I thank Thee for Thy Children   Oh God, take away all our doubts & fears & Keep us close to Thee in Jesus Holy Name, I thank Thee for my healing & give Thee all the Praise & Glory forever & ever.    We were surprised when Bonney Bell & her Joe came in with Nellie    Bonita & the 3. children, they seem so happy to be here to & I thank God for it.    We gave them some walnuts & I forgot to give them there fruit cans & to have them mail Audreys letter but hope to get it mailed tomorrow.    It’s been a beautiful day    fresh breeze  nice sunshine all day.  S. breeze. 

Mon. Mar. 15. 1948./ 26. P. eggs today./  Well, Elbert see an add. in the paper for men at a plant in Sandusky & they didn’t want any one     he went to several othr places & they told him to come back in 2 or 3 weeks & he came home tired & so empty     I put the water on to boil when I see him coming & so he had hot coffee & rested a few minutes    then he fixed potatoes & I fried onions & put them on to cook then he fried 3 small pieces of liver they called a lb. cost 50 cents    Well, anyway we could bite it off & chew it up, thats better than what he got last time, that was just like rubber    We hacked it up & gave it to the hens.    I had set bread & I baked two big tins a little tin & 1 loaf, and I baked a 2 layer cake,    We need something like that once in a while.   I’m terrible tired tonight, but just tired,  thank God.   Oh I wish I could praise the Lord in Spirit.    I thank Him for help me to understand & pray He will help me to learn fast & know more & be able to help others to know & understand through Him in Jesus Name, Amen.      I received such a nice card & letter from Mrs Gall today,    she’s been sick & she says Mrs. Small hopes to come here to Vermilion this summer.    I received a card from the Adamsons    they are coming back in May    & one from Bessy Snyder who’d ever believe it she raising canary’s.    & Elbert carried Audrey’s letter to Sandusky & back    he forgot to mail it,    it would have been terrible if she would have forgot to send us the 25.00 that helped to keep us alive, but he isn’t very well & was out of sorts with me because I wanted him to help do a little carpenter work for the Church.    he put ashes on the farther hen roost & let the hens over there after he put the straw on the floor. 

Mon. Mar. 15. 1948./ page. 2105./ 26 eggs this day./  thank God for our many blessings and that He loves us & cares for us.   Wind has been south strong & puffy & we had a very light shower this forenoon & several heavy ones tonight. 

Tue. Mar. 16. 1948./ 25. eggs today./   Well, I didn’t do much today & after dinner Mrs. Duglas called on me.    She told me all about her church,    she said they had a celebation at the church,    it has been 125 yrs. since that church was started,    she says it’s one of the most modern, in such a small town,    but, of course there have been some well to do people that has passed on, that’s left trust funds to help the church all these yrs.    & they had a fine meal “she said   it wasn’t an elaberate meal, but a good meal, baked ham, scoleped potatoes, a green salid, jelly, pickles & all the trimings, & just loads of beautiful flowers.    & they had lots of food left over and if she’d only thought she might have brought us some. ha, ha, ha.    the wind blew in hard puffs & rained in showers & it was cloudy this morning,   but cleared up this afternoon but lots of clouds yet, & a little colder tonight, Radio said snow in the morning.  Only light N. west breeze tonight.l    I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & many blessings.    All the Praise & Glory truly belongest to Thee,    Its wonderful to feel Thy cleansing power.

Wed. mar. 17. 1948./ 28. eggs today./  Well it’s been a fine day,    it did try to snow last night but didn’t amount to anything & the sunshone all day & wind’s little N. of east,    it hasn’t been cold today.    flies on outside crawling around in sunshine, & yesterday Elbert saw a woodchuck down by Sarrs dump,    Elbert had been down to the Lake to see what he could see,    there plenty of ice yet, and on the beach, not much sand to be had either.    I haven’t done much today,   hope I’ll gain with leaps & bounds    I feel better in some ways & in my soul    received Miss. Willitt’s letter, she said they prayed for me & anoited my handkercheif & she sent it from her body to mine,    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.    I have felt His tender touch several times in the last few days & I thank Him, Praise Him,  Love & adore Him, He’s all the world to me.

Thurs. Mar. 18. 1948./ 28. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do much today    I wrote a card to Ella Jane & one to cora & a card to get a cement book & instructions how to patch cement wall    & It’s been a fine day.   not cold or windy.   but tonight N.E. Wind.    Elbert has felt sick all day  & so have I.   I thank God for all in Jesus Name.

Fri. Mar. 19. 1948./page. 2106/  31. eggs today./  Well, Elbert hit it off for Lorain,  I gave him the 5.00 Audrey sent us & he had 15. doz. eggs, $10.50) that would make 15.50.    but Hamblys didn’t pay for there’s (1.40) so,  Elbert had 9.10 & the mash 5.15 & he got a few things to eat with the balance (3.95)    then he run in debt for meat 1.78 so it will take 38 cents to go with the 1.40 to pay meat bill.   We been having tornado winds, done a lot of damage in Missouri, I’ll, Indiana & Ohio & Killed alot  wounded hundreds     Well, it sure blew & seemed as if it was lifting the house.    a big tin or galvanized addvertising sheet with on post hanging to on side came through the air & landed in the brush beside the rail road track & fluttered there for & hr or more then raised up & went on some one’s old Christmas tree landed in the front yard,    Snyders swill bucket was going far acrossed the Wheat feild hopeing, jumping & rolling & everything loose or the wind could get,   went a-long some roofing paper from some where,   leaves weeds & sticks,    Elbert climb the ladder in that gale & nailed on some shingles that were about ready to come off,    he got coop up & down safe,    it blew one window light out the hen window,   Elbert got that put back in,    I was glad when he got home, just over at Sandusky it blew the roof off a school house & traped on room of children in & a teacher broke the door down & got them out,    one town in Missouri was leveled all but a grocery store & a saloon & they are using one for hospital & saloon for morg.    Mr. Cranage is to ill to work    arm all swelled up,    & they are buying in a heap of canned stuff.    Elbert said front hall looked like a store    Ruth is buying  in food,   but if we have war as they say we will why store up & waist what money you have   for others more than I can tell & I pray all works out for His good & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    I pray He will continue to strengthen each one of us Who belong to Him. Amen.    I did part of my washing & it tuckered me most out.    Elbert is so nervous & excited over all thats going on.    He mailed the letters & card also that I wrote last night to Ella Jane, Cora “Irish” Barr,  Easel Barrick & a card to a cement Co. 

Sat. Mar. 20 1948./ 27. eggs today./  Elberts been doing odd’s & ends out side & I’ve felt rather miserable,    my ankles are swollen bad today.    I swept all three room & wiped up dust & ironed Elberts shirt, my two house dresses & 2 under slips & my ankles are sure paining me tonight but I’m trusting Jesus will take care of me.    & War is right at the doors.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all things and

Sat. Mar. 20. 1948./ Page. 2107/ 27 eggs this day./   Wind changed from N. East to south tonight, been a beautiful day, after all the bad wind yesterday,   been only a light breeze today & changing to S. tonight with lots of wind cloud’s tonight.   I pray God will bless the Church folks of His & take thm to all the meetings & I pray He will help some to give their souls to Him. 

Sun. Mar. 21. 1948./ 23. eggs today./  First day of Spring.    It thundered & lightened last night & most of today    & frogs are crocking    lots of bug & flies out & air so warm,    wind was S. west all day,    but, N.W. tonight.    & it has rained since yesterday in very heavy showers,     water run down the road & ditch like a mill race,    ditches were full to the top.    For 2 nights I’ve had to shed the wool (top ) blanket.    Everything looks like Spring    willows & Elons leaving out in tops.    grass & weeds as well as the bugs, are coming,    Well, I’d like some greens & if it stays warm they will soon be on there way.    I’m trusting for my healing & God has promised, if we ask & believe we should receive & I do believe & pray He will take every doubt & fear from me & I thank Him & Praise Him & give Him all the Praise & Glory

Mon. Mar. 22. 1948./ 32 eggs today./  I haven’t worked much today    I did look after beds & rooms & made a few Jony cakes in cupcake tins & washed supper dishes.    Not much breeze today    rather cloudy,    White sun late this after noon,    Radio says Cleveland was struck hard with rail    even Killed a few animals & birds in the Zoo & washed out some roads & streets & along the main highway    flooded lots of basements because of the small sewers & drain pipes & west of us the main highway is blocked near Sandusky    Little cooler & they said they were afraid of a freeze & the fruit trees are in bloom in a lot of places.    Once more things are not as they should be & the bible tells us when we see such things as are coming to pass when they ought not to be    to Know the end is near even at the doors.    unworthy as we are.  I thank Him & give Him all

Mon Mar. 22. 1948./ page 2108/ 32 eggs this day./  the Praise forever & for ever I love my Jesus.    I pray He will continue to strengthen us all in Spirit, Soul, heart & mind & body    I thank Thee Jesus.   I want to do Thy Will always.

Tue. Mar.23. 1948./ 30 eggs today/ gas tank today 2 1/2 mo this time/   I did my washing today & 2. blankets & table cloth,   I got them done,   but had to sit a number of times.   I thank God for His love & the strength He gives me from day to day,  in Jesus Holy Name.    I Praise Him for all things    He is so Wonderful,   He is so Kind so true, and pure minded, so tender and merciful.  I love Him more than any one I’ve ever Known  Praise His Holy Name.    I hope I can be like HIm and never change forever & ever Amen,  I do thank Thee & Adore Thee, Blessed Jesus.    No mail today.    Elbert went down & girdled some Willows today,   the brush is getting to thick in the low lands & out toward the road.    was showery all morniong N. E. wind and raw.    Gas went out just as Elbert started supper    He went to Snyders & called up & they brought a tank out.    I had potatoes most done over heating stove & we were  just going to roast a slice of ham over the coals, but we finished on cook stove.  Mr. Jellein & His wife came with it    I paid ten dollars (‘$10.00)    I owed for one tank & still we owe for  this mo. now ($9.20) & they raised the price in Feb. again 10.50 per tank. 

Wed. Mar. 24. 1948./ 29 eggs today./  Well I wrot four letters before going to bed last night & I’ve done 3 tonight    I took care of beds & rooms & cleaned the wordwork and around wash dish & slop pail & got supper & did dishes & cleaned all 3 bird cages    & I’m tired so I’m going to read a little & go to bed, thanking God for all the strength He gives to me    I tried to get down the steps & up today    it’s not bad getting down, buty not good getting up,    I’ll Keep trying.  & thanking God that I can get around.

Thurs. Mar. 25. 1948./ 28. eggs today./  Been a beautiful day, cold wind, & a beautiful full moon clear & bright. & all I’ve don’t today is write letters & cards, to Mrs Horning letter & Mrs. Gall & little Rose Marry Hambly & David. Johny & Marcie, Joe & Bonney Bell & Ministers cards to Nellie, Audrey Martha Miss Baumgart & Miss McGovern, so

Thurs. Mar. 25. 1948./ page. 2109./ 28 eggs this day./  I’m still feeling tired & I received a nice letter from Carl Betz his wife & son this morning and one from Mrs. Day & Miss. Gall  & the iron cement book I sent for.    Well I can’t seem to get caught up.    I thank God for the strength He gives me & I pray when I get that book I’m sending for I will be able to have a better understanding,   I do seem dumb.    But Praise God,    He don’t give up & so I can’t either, for I want to learn all I can about Jesus & what I lack.   Glory, Glory, Glory to God, I thank Thee & Praise Thee. 

Fri. Mar. 26. 1948./ 30. eggs today./  I sent a card to Geo Crehore about Sycamore tree/  Well Elbert went to Lorain & sold most the eggs,   he let Hambly’s have 3. doz. they couldn’t pay for them & they owed for 2. doz. that makes 5. doz. they have had & he will want more Fri9.    he said he will pay for them April, first.    I cleaned my room, Elberts room & the Kitchen swept & wiped up floors,   thought I couldn’t finish but the Lord is good & He give me strength & now it’s done    Elbert was all in when he got here but he fried fish & cooked potatoes,    it was good    I made hot Postam & we rested & drank it whil dinner cooked.    he mailed all my letters & cards & got the grain, 5.35, paid light bill 1.40,  got some salt water fish 2 cans soup, 3 cans milk 2. yeast cakes  1. head cabbage & so we’ll have to exist untill another Fri.    I thank God for our many blessing & praise Him for all we have    I thank HIm for healing me & for saving my soul & pray He will help me to praise Him in spirit.    It’s been a fine day with strong wind S. west. & raining thundering & lightening tonight with strong S.W. wind.   Dr. says Mr. Cranage has saltraum, bad, broke out on him all over & he’s scart & going to first one Dr. & then another. Nofaith in God or man,    What a pity, I pray God will turn him to Him & teach him His ways.   

Sat. Mar. 27. 1948./ 29. eggs today./   Well,  It snowed & blowed & once more  We look as if Christ our Saviour is drawing near.    Radio said there were 3. more tornados yesterday & there was one Thurs. the rivers are over flowing there banks & they say there’s milions of dollars of damage.  Wind Went N. east & backed up to N. West.    We have a good fire & it feels good    Elbert did out his washing before I got up & I set bread & got it backed before supper time except some rusk biscuits they baked after supper, one big square tin 9 big biscuits in & one in a round flat coffee can    I had 3 tins white biscuits & I do

Sat. Mar. 27. 1948 / page 2110./ 29 eggs this day./   feel tired out    felt to sick to eat my supper but did eat latr,    I had Elbert go get a qt of milk from Snyders to night,    my ears have been pluging all day & my feet to my Knees have such a buz.    Well, I thought I’d go to Church in the morning, but now I think I’ll wait a little longr.    I thank God for all my many blessings in Jesus Holy Name.    I pray that every soul able will get to Church.    We haven’t had any word from Nellie all week.

Sun. Mar. 28. 1948./ 28. eggs today/  Well, after all the snow & wind it was nice today, cold wind, but the snow most all melted off today only where the sun did-n’t reach it.    A Woodchuck was out playing for an hour or more over by the railroad this side the mound of dirt.    Bob or Bill I don’t Know Which one, went up there & I didn’t see any more of Mr. Chuck.    Note a soul came to us today & they say today is Easter Sun.    I pray many went to church & I also am excepting a finished healing tonight when they pray for the sick & absent ones & I thank God in Jesus Dear Name & Praise Him,    I Know He is able & I Glory in Him.   Bless the meetings & help some to come to Thee    I pray.  Amen    Bless each person who attends & help them to crave to know more of Thee,   bless our Ministers & give them a strongr faith & better Knowledge and more wisdom consearning Spiritual life.

Mon. Mar. 29. 1948./ 30 eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Huron, he’s so fish hungry, & I had part of my washing done when he came back,  he wasn’t gone very long,    they gave him 3. catfish    he ate all but 3 1/2 pieces    I had 1. tail piece & half of another & there are 2 pieces left.    I fixed the potatoes & he put them on to cook,    I went on washing & he fried the fish.   I had all the washing done but his pillow slip sleeper jacket & union suit & 2. grain bags    We ate dinner & he brought water to suds & wrinse.    he said he’d finish the rubbing so I let him for I felt all in,     I sudsed & wrinsed & hung them up,    I had a few hung up before dinner,    so took them down & put up more,    made me late for there was only water enough to wash them,    Well, they are most all done now union suit is so heavy it wont get dry before tomorrow.    Elbert got the supper peas warmed up potatoes, 2. eggs each bread, cold slaw & he had hot coffee.    I thank God for our blessing & pray He Will reveal to me  what I should be doing for Him    I love Jesus I love Jesus, Glory, Glory, Glory to God    I love & Praise Thee.  No mail today.   I’m hoping for tomorrow.

Tue. Mar. 30. 1948/ page. 2111./ 27. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do only what I had to do today,    washing take my strength so bad.    No mail today.    I wanted to finish the chair set for the preachers, but felt to punk to crochet or mend,    I did air the rooms & take care of the beds & helped with the meals & did the dishes,  Elbert wiped them for me.   I thank God in Jesus Dear Holy Name for His Love & care of us.  & all the Honer, Praise & Glory surely does belong to Him.  N. East Wind quite strong & light rain late this afternoon    Wind dies out toward dark & comes up in the morning    We had sun a white cold sun    & the wind was cold & made the house feel cold,    so we had to pep up the fire a little    Elberts been girdling trees under the hill to-day.

Wed. Mar. 31. 1948./26. eggs today./  Last day of Mar. and it hailed untill the ground was White with hail stones, it rained after midnight in showers & all the morning untill 9-a-m.  then sun came out, white sun, untill 3-30-p-m. clouded up & rained & then hailed & then rained a little & now it’s cloudy but not raining. Elbert went to the Huron a 9-a-m  & got some more fish “pike” nice & fresh & cold & still kicking when he got here at noon, he picked up our mail as he came in a box from sister Audrey, with 6 handkercheifs & a lot of crochet thread,  DeHaan’s book & nursery add. from Picketts nursery.  Elbert cleaned the fish & I put the potatoes on to cook & the water for coffee & I had potatoes creamed & coffee waiting when he got in with the fish    & put them right on to cook & by the time he got cleaned up I had a fry pan of fish ready to eat    & I put on a few more to cook slow while we got started to eat,    I was getting empty    hadn’t eat yet today,    but he had a dish of soup & coffee this morning.    I fried the rest of the fish for supper    we had a dish of soup & fried mashed potatoes & coffee,    I had poston.    I did a little more to my corset   & hope to get it all done tomorrow.    I brushed my hat & dress & I have to put a patch on my shirt once more    that will make the sixth time I’ve ripped off the old patch & put on another whole one,    I’m hoping I can have some new ones & stocking & a hat & coat be-fore much longer.    I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for the ans to prayers & that He still loves & takes care of me.    I pray He will bless each one of His children where ever they are & help them & I to listen to His Voice & do His Ways. Amen. 

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