March  1949

Tue. Mar. 1. 1949./ 5. hens  19 Pullets eggs./   Wind blew in strong puffs untill most daylight & snowed untill 11-a-m. but it started to thaw at noon & there isn’t only a trace of snow tonight    sun came out after noon & was white but warm,   & there is only a very light N.W. breeze to-night,   it isn’t quite so cold, or it don’t seem as cold tonight.   I received a card from Nellie,  she said they were all O.K.  but that Ethel “our sister in law” stopped there for about 15 minutes Fri. morning,    she had been to Mildred’s funeral (her sister) & was on her way home with one of her Neice’s, the one from Washington.   she was taking Ethel home, so she could see her grandmother & Ethels mother,   Nellie’s like dad a lot,  she said she’d just written to Ella Jane in New Mexico & Mc.Intyers California and a note to Mrs. Noderer (Ethel’s mother.)   Well, we were glad she wrote   I have a letter all ready to seal to mail to Ethel, so I’ll write a little more, & let Elbert mail them on his way to Lorain,   he’s planing on getting the eggs down & getting a bag of mash with part the money. & the Pullets will be helping to pay for feed this time   he has 6 doz. hens eggs & 6 1/2 pullet eggs.   Elbert’s liver is troubling him & I don’t wonder at it,   I hope it will soon be better again.   I do hope I’ll soon be able to do a little more,   I sweat like rain when I do the least little bit,   shaking up the beds & opening the windows sweeping the floor or washing the dishes or sewing the hem on a handkercheif,   I did that today, took a strip of good off a piece left from a light house dress, white with tiny red flowers & green leaves made a narrow hem & set it on the edge of a white square of lawn[?]   it’s real pretty,   but it tired me so bad I sweat doing it.   We are out of most everything again,   & it don’t look as if we’ll be able to meet the bills & live,   but God has taken good care of us & Audrey has been sending us a little along,   I told her she hadn’t ought to but she does it & we are so weak in body, for lack

Tue. Mar. 1. 1949./ page. 2295/  6. hens. 19. Pullets eggs./  of food, we use it, and I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to pay it back to her,   but trust God will help me find that way.   I’ve felt like crying for over a week & now I know it’s was for Mrs. Noderer & Ethel,   I don’t believe Ethel realizes how lonesome she would be & hw much more she would have to endure, if her mother should be taken,   but I pray she will live untill Loura Ann is much older & by then more set against the evil in this world & able to keep herself unspotted from the evils of the world.   I thank & praise God for saving my soul & revealing, the truth to me in Jesus Name.

Wed. Mar. 2. 1949./ 5. hens. 25. Pullets eggs./ I received my lesson quarterly by mail from Miss Clark yesterday & a Watch Tower from little Japanesse Woman.   and today a nice letter from Audrey with 10.00 more in it and she said she wouldn’t be able to send us any more for 3 or 4 weeks for the company where she works will be moving into old Richmond’s building downtown just south of Nickle Plate rail road & she said she might be out to see us while she’s out of work.   Well I do hope we will be able to exist, for it sure is hard without help    it would be a little easier if Elbert would get his old age pension    We have to pay out a little this time, for hens powder & meat   Elbert got coal bill & church dues & mash, grain & some food & it sure is plenty high priced yet.   Elbert went to Lorain sold 6. doz. hens eggs 65 cents per doz. 3.90 & 4. doz pullet eggs, 2. doz for 65 cents so the 4 doz brought 1.30 making a total of 5.20 & he paid 81 cents for a triffel over 2 lbs of red herring fish, 2 slices of liver 41 cents,  4.15 for mash 30 cents for car gas & I gave him 50 cents when he left this morning,   so he had  5.70 & spent it all but 3 cents,    but I’m glad he had enough to get all those things & I hope our checks come tomorrow.   I hope I can go to the store & check up on the food, for we’ll have to pinch the money & make it go as far as we can.   he mailed the letter & card to Ethel & Sandusky in Vermilion & I did out the wash & got it all dried in the house.   I got dinner when he got here 12-15-p-m.   he brought green for hens, to,   we got the supper together,   I’m to tired, to,    But I Praise God for His Love & Mercy, saving my soul & teaching me His ways,   I thank Him Love Him Praise Him Glory to God in the Highest Glory forever more Amen. 

Thurs. Mar. 3. 1949./ 5 hens & 32 Pullet eggs./   My check came today.  & if Elbert’s comes to-morrow we are planing on going to town & spend most all of it & the 10.00 Audrey sent & then I just don’t know,   I only pray God will give me strength to go & get it all done.  & hope we can sell a few eggs. & that no one bothers things while we are gone.   Well, I made a cake, lemon filling for a pie & it was good,    that was our supper tonight. 

Thurs. Mar. 3. 1949/ page. 2296./ 5 hens & 32 Pullets eggs./  I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for His blesing & I Praise Him for all things great or small,   I know He sees & understands   I pray He will make me humble in spirit & teach me His ways    Glory to God in the Highest I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.  I pray Lord God of Hosts Thou will save Audreys soul & give her the blessings she needs through Thee,   help her to find a good location & even a better place than she now has   I thank thee Jesus.   It’s been a nice day, cold wind not very strong, partly cloudy, N. W breeze all day    tonight it has gone round to the S. east.  It’s prayermeeting night & here am I   God of Love & Mercy, bless & comfort all who have gone & worshiped Thee tonight.

Fri. Mar. 4. 1949./ 5. hens 31 Pullets eggs./  Well, I went to Vermilion with Elbert   we spent the money from both Elbert’s & my checks   he had 25.00 & I had 35.00 & we paid 10.00 on the coal & 8.67 for meat bill 8.30 for grain  7.36 for mash 1.10 for straw & 3.50 for church & 2.50 for powder  1.00 for gas  15.03 for food & we made soup for supper & had hot postum, then in came the Minister & Mr. Smith with canned corn, beans, milk, apples, oranges, coffee, salad dressing tomatoes, a can of kraut loaf of bread  lettuce cheese & cabbage  coffee, cheese  fresh liver & a fresh steak, Glory to God I thank Thee & praise Thee & Thy power is going through me now over & over  Glory, Glory, Glory, I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus,  All the Praise Power & Glory truly belongest to Thee, Oh; Glory Hallelujah.   We had prayer before they left,   I’m glad they love me to,  Jesus, blessed Jesus;   I received a letter from Mrs. Clyde Green,   she’s been having a hard time & lots of troubles.   Lots of people are out of work & Minister expects to be   he’s been working in a plant in Elyria & his wife works also.  Smith is working yet.   He ask about Frank Bonney & said it was unusal for Burget to be out of work not for long, but we don’t know if F’s, working again or not.   Well, it’s been a wonderful day not cold but windy & partly cloudy,  I Love the Lord God of Hosts, I love Jesus & the Holy Ghost & thank them for all my blessings for saving my soul, healing me many many times, sending food to us a good number of times, revealing the love of His Children & hearing & answering our prayers,   we visited some tonight & I pray I may be able to do for those who have done so much for us in Jesus Name and I thank Thee & Praise Thee, Jesus, Blessed & Holy, Amen.   Elbert went to beach & got 8 or 9 big buckets of sand,   after we got home it was 9-p-m when we ate dinner  my first meal   I drank a cup of tea & had a boiled pullet egg & handfull crackers before we went to the store.

Sat. Mar. 5. 1949./ page. 2297/ 9. hens 33. Pullet eggs/ Well, it’s been a fine day,   but my trip yesterday sort of put me on the bum,   so terribly tired   seems as if I can’t use my arms & I swept with the sweat dripping off my chin   so horribly weak in bodily strength,   I got dinner & then wiped up the floors, washed dishes & got supper & I haven’t done much since   made beds   took care of birds    it was so nice with warm breeze nice sun, then it clouded up late this afternoon & tonight it’s raining.   Elbert has been drying sand for coop floor on a big wood tray he made of light boards & I’ve had to rest a little & work some untill I got done   I mended my corset tonight   wore one patch out & it split open,   now it’s ten oclock & I’m going to bed,   I been reading one of DeHaan’s books that came today,   he explains the bible so well.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name   He is and always will be Glory to His Name for ever & ever. 

Sun. Mar. 6. 1949./ 6. hens 34 Pulletts egg/  We were home all day & no one came    it blowed all night & stormed at intervals & did the same to day   sun came out for a while   then, it clouded up & snowed & blowed & got colder & snow began to stay on the ground   cold raw N.E. wind.   I thank God for saving my soul & giving me all I have   I Praise Him   He is and alway will be & pray He will forgive us all our many sins & heal the nations in Jesus Holy Name Amen.

Mon. Mar.7. 1949./ 7. hen 34 Pullets eggs./  Well sir, it was such a cold stormy day yesterday & so cold last night   the water froze in bird bath, out by the well, so hard it cracked it all in pieces,   that’s hard on tree bark & every thing else out side    evergreens looks as if they had been scorched they are so brown,   but today has been a beautiful day   bright sun & warm, but cold breeze,   Elbert’s been drying sand & looking after hens & pullets & out side chores & I baked bread & I made two pie schells out of the pie dough I had left from last week   & I made an orange cream filling for one & frosted top & an elderberry sample pie,   I baked sweet potatoes for supper & a Johnycake for dinner & we at some for supper & had Sanka coffee & salmon & I washed up all the dishes except supper plates,   I’m so tired, that, ‘as Johny use to say ”  I don’t guess I’ll do ’em tonight.   I thank God for all He does for me,   It’s wonderful   He saved my soul & then heals me & hears my call for help & ans. prayers.

Mon. Mar. 7. 1949./ page. 2298./ 7. hens. 34 pullets eggs./  He is truly a wonder Saviour & Friend  I love Him,  He’s all the World to me.   I wrote to Ethel,   but I have to write to Audrey & to the folks at Church.   Well, I’m so greatful for there help.   even though it came after we had received our checks it will help us toward the end of the month again.   So all the praise & Glory is to Him Who loved us so much He gave His only begotten Son, to be more abuised than ever we have been, just to save our souls   Oh, if we could only have understood,  What He so plainly showed us When we were young & still we to, were as slow of heart as those Who hung Him to the Cross,   Oh God, I’m so terribly sorry,   please help me to help other to understand,   I know it is Thee Who opens up the spiritual mind,        but, I long to do my part for Thee.   I pray Thou will rebuck Satan & take Him intirly from this place & mad us both to work to-gether for Thy good and Glory.   I thank Thee Jesus. Amen.

Tue. Mar. 8. 1949./ 8. hens. 42. Pullets eggs./  Well, it’s been a fine day   nice sunshine   Spring breeze   the Robbins & Blue birds have been here for 2 weeks or more.   They didn’t seem to know where to go when it began to snow yesterday,   I saw an Eagle yesterday morning,   the crows were fighting him & awhile later I saw a crane going toward the lake,   today the cardnals & blue birds  ground sparrows & snow bird were singing & flying about & the cock pheasent was crowing down in the hollow.   While Elbert went for a load of sand & he dried quite a lot of it today,   he wants to clean the roost & floor soon as he gets sand enough dried & he also did some spading today   got enough ready for a patch of potatoes, ground froze a little yesterday.   Well, I took care of the rooms & birds & did all the ironing, 5. bags for a dress K& 1. white bag  2 shirts for Elbert 2 under skirts K& 2 dresses for me & a table cloth,    wasn’t much but it tires me so bad.    I started the supper & Elbert finished it,   I so sorry he has to help in the house.   I thank God for his help & answering prayer for this arm   Elbert said the pain all left his knee & it seemed so good to be free & I said you should thank the Lord for that & he said, I did I really did,   & So do I thank Him & Praise Him in Jesus Holy Name Glory to God in the Highest,  He is truth and Power & the Glory truly beongeth to Him.   I’d like to go with Elbert to sell eggs tomorrow but I want most of all to go back to prayer meeting & church.   I received a card from Nellie this morning   they’re O.K. 

Wed. Mar. 9. 1949./ 8. hens 45. P. eggs./   Well, today I washed out all my dirty clothes    next is Elberts sheets sleepers heavy union suit & heavy work shirt Pillow slip towel wash rag & I washed his socks to but I’m sore   it takes a lot of Elbow

Wed. Mar. 9. 1949./ page. 2299./ 8. hens 45. Pullets eggs. today/   Power.   Elbert went to Vermilion on his way he sold P. eggs to Mrs. Goll   Mrs. Smith wasn’t home,   neither was Mrs West or Dorthy West,   so he went to Day’s,   she took 3. doz.  Mrs. Goll 2. & the rest he sold in 3. or 4. other homes,   he sold them for 35 cents per. doz. & he had 12 doz. for 4.20 cents & he spent 1.19 for a can of salmon & 2 lbs. red herring. 78 cents. & brought me back 286- 15 cent short.  Well, he cleaned the further pen in hen house & roost.   & toated a section of nest boxes from Cottage to farther pen, some job for they are so heavy,  he put sand on floor & roost & straw on the floor & straw in nest boxes.   so he’s tired tonight    besides he carried the waater for me to wash & water for the chickens & mash & grain.   I managed to get the supper & do the dishes.   I was only half dressed when Hauffman came to back door with the bird cage & cloth that was over Jerry when he took him away & he knocked & then set them down & ran back to his car & drove away   he was looking toward the coop as if he thought Elbert might come out before he could get away.   I was glad he went   I don’t like to have him come in when I’m alone,   so, I didn’t say anything but let him go.   I’m wondering what he’ll do about the birds.   I received another $10.00 bill from Audrey & not a word of any Kind,   guess she didn’t have time to do more than mail it.   I thank God in Jesus Dear Name for His love for us & care;   it’s a very strange experience to have people giving to us,   I have always found away to help others, but I hardly Know how to except gifts   I’ve never been given much & Mrs. Sprunk & Miss Clark must have been at the bottom of the gift of food from the Church folks, & Audrey has been sending us a little along for some time now,   she lives good & don’t know how little we have,   but, she’s just wonderful to send us that little for it’s a big boost to us;   I thank Thee Jesus & Pray You Will help me to do Thy Will for ever & ever Amen. Glory to God, Amen.   I received another little book from DeHaan  “Beholding Jesus.”

Thurs. Mar. 10. 1949./ 8. hens. 42. P. eggs today./   Oh, it snowed & blowed last night from the N. east & rained with sleet in it    look like Christmas,   it’s not cold out and yet it isn’t thawing.   It’s hard on the trees & shrubs,   it’s been so warm the big Elem tree had started to leave out & the fruit trees looked as if the flowr buds were all most ready to bloom,   now we get a real winter & the poor birds don’t seem to know what to make of it,   we put feed out but the snow soon covered it up.   We’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Thurs. Mar. 10. 1949/ page. 2300./ 8. hens.  42. P. eggs this day/ Well, I pray God will have mercy on the poor & homeless & hungry   those who haven’t enough food or clothes or a warm place to sleep.   Jesus Blessed Jesus we have much to be thankful for & I give Thee all the praise & Glory, for I have learned you can give or take & all we have you have given to us,   I am truly greatfull,   I have so much to be greatfull for to Thee, all the many healings  saving my soul & being so patient in teaching me,   I am so slow of heart but I love Thee most of all  I love Thee better than anyone or anything Glory, Glory to God,  I love Thee Jesus, Blessed, Holy, so true & Devine,  I love Thee Jesus dearly & pray Thou will keep me close to Thee, all the way  I thank Thee Jesus.   It’s been good to be warm & comfortable & have food to eat.  Wind is blowing in puffs tonight & rather strong

Fri. Mar. 11. 1949./ 7. hens 38 P. eggs./  Well, I wrote a letter to Audrey, one to Jack Birch on radio for a leaflet on how to eat to gain or loose weight, one to Rev. & Mrs Scharien, Vermilion & got my tax blank ready to go. & a card to Nellie.  & now I have to fix  fire & go to bed.   It’s been a nice day with sunshine     snow melted a lot today,     poor evergreens must be glad to get rid of the heavy weight that sagged the limbs to the ground & the baby one’s bent over untill tops lay on the ground.   poor little birds were hunting for feed & we put out crumbs again to day & after noon they found the mash Elbert put out for them yesterday.   I thank & Praise the Good Lord for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.   I redceived my All Ocasion cards, but haven’t been able to deliver any of them.   I haven’t done much onlyl the letters & cards I wrote today & cooking, dishes & beds & birds.   They said over the radio the Catholic Cardnal said as long as the Churches were joining together, we might as well all be Catholic.   So now I wonder how they will settle that.   I pray God will reveal to us what we are to do for He said we must all be one, before the end comes.   I have wrote a card to Card Co.

Sat. Mar. 12. 1949./ 8 hens 39. P. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain & sold 4. doz. hens eggs & 12. doz. Pullets eggs for 65. & 35 cents per. doz & he bought 1. bag of mash 4.15 & 75 cents for potatoes & lemons fish & bird seed & 50 cents for car gas & he brought home 4 cents.   we had just finished dinner when Mr Smith came in & the 2. girls & bought 3. doz. P. eggs & I gave the girls about 2. doz. very small ones.

Sat. Mar. 12. 1949./ page. 2201./ 8. hens. 39. P. eggs./  I gave Smith my tenth for Church for last mo. & 2. dollars on this mo.  6. dollars & I owe 1. dollar yet.   I used one dollar today to pay my taxes,   I could have given it all,    but, thought I’d wait & give it a little later.   I hoped to be able to go to Church tomorrow, but it’s cold out & I don’t know about it   I feel sure God will take care of me, but I don’t know    I’ve been praying about it but don’t know yet.   Elbert run in debt for ham & a piece of pork today,   he said the streets are slippery in Lorain.   I slept a while after he left &

[dream] dreamed a queer dream & Elbert & Audrey were with me,  clear water a baby packed in crushed ice & a balcony crowed with people & the timbers began to splinter under it,   I sure was busy trying to save people.   

And by all we hear there’s many who need to be saved by the Lord.  I thank God saved my soul & He takes wonderful care of me   I want to be worthy   I feel I ought to be back soon in Church. I Praise Him & I love Him & hope I may be all His forever & ever.   Wind has been light to day suny all morning & partly cloudy all after noon snow’s been melting    but Elbert says the wind was cold.   Mr. Smith said he was going to Huron. 

Sun. Mar. 13. 1949./ 7. hen 46. P. eggs today./ It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine & a cold breeze  white sun that set red tonight.   I was not feeling strong enough to go to Church still hoping I’ll be able to attend next meeting.   I thank God for our blessings in Jesus Name & pray for all his people.   I received a news tract from California & the story of the Captain that told about the sea roaring & it was what he called a dead see, no wind to cause waves, yet they were at least 40 ft. high with no spray & lashing at the ship from all sides   he said in all his 35 yrs. on the oceans he’d never heard of such a sea as that or the roaring,    he said he was mystified ” that was a Captian Maning.” & one of the men that helps put out the tracts,  talked with a woman who picked up a man that suddenly appeared beside the road & ask for a ride,   she had her daughter & a friend with her in the front seat,   the man got in & after a few seconds he said   Jesus is coming soon,   they didn’t answer him & in a few more seconds he said it again & then again & the woman was angry & turning to look at him said   where do you want to get out & for I want to get rid of you & to her amasement there wasn’t anyone in the back seat,   she addmitted she was terribly frightened.   Well we are sooon to see

Sun Mar. 13. 1949./ page. 2302./ 7. hens & 46. P. eggs this day/  Jesus    I do pray people will wake up & come to Jesus & do His will that they will want to live for Jesus.   Oh. God, I pray Thou will help them before it is forever to late,    I wish I could help people to understand.   I love Thee Jesus. 

Mon. Mar. 14. 1949./ 7. hens 48. P. eggs today/ Remember that song?   One more days work for Jesus,  One less of life for me.  How True.

[lyric, song hym by Anna B Warner, 1869] 

  1. One more day’s work for Jesus,
    One less of life for me!
    But heav’n is nearer,
    And Christ is dearer,
    Than yesterday to me;
    His love and light
    Fill all my soul tonight.

    • Refrain:
      One more day’s work for Jesus,
      One more day’s work for Jesus,
      One more day’s work for Jesus,
      One less of life for me!
  2. One more day’s work for Jesus:
    How glorious is my King!
    ’Tis joy, not duty,
    To speak His beauty;
    My soul mounts on the wing
    At the mere thought
    How Christ my life has bought.
  3. One more day’s work for Jesus!
    How sweet the work has been
    To tell the story,
    To show the glory,
    When Christ’s flock enter in!
    How it did shine
    In this poor heart of mine!
  4. One more day’s work for Jesus!
    Oh, yes, a weary day;
    But heav’n shines clearer
    And rest comes nearer
    At each step of the way;
    And Christ in all—
    Before His face I fall.
  5. Oh, blessed work for Jesus!
    Oh, rest, at Jesus’ feet!
    There toil seems pleasure,
    My wants are treasure,
    And pain for Him is sweet;
    Lord, if I may,
    I’ll serve another day.


Soon He will come like a theif in the night “He said” & Oh my heart aches when I think of all those of us that may be left behind to suffer the tribulations and He said it would be worse than eanything we ever have had on earth,   Oh God of Love and Mercy I pray Thou will forgive us & save us, more and more I realize how terrible sinful we really are,   I hate this life I’ve lived   I’d like to do all Thy ways   Keep me ever closer to The & reveal to me the right things to in Jesus Holy Name I ask and I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus for ever and ever, Amen.   I haven’t done much for a few days but I’ll have to do the wash tomorrow or Wed.   It’s been a nice day, wind’s cold & S. W. a little colder tonight    radio says colder tomorrow with snow    we had a little snow, but melted as it fell.   sun most of the day & we been having beautiful moon light nights,    I watched the rabbits running, several of them, last night,    some snow left on the ground yet     jack Birch lettr came back    I forgot to put Newark on it.   I have written card to Nellie & one to tract Messenger.   & one to Los Angeles Cali.   & I owe several letters I must gt off soon.   I thank Thee Jesus for my blessings & pray You Will get me away to Church soon.

Tue. mar. 15. 1949./ 9. hens 49. P. eggs today./   Fishermen’s day to set nets but the old lake is sure booming & wind quite strong and puffy.   it froze last night, and night before.   & it’s freezing tonight,   it’s been a sunshiny day,   I washed Elbert’s double cotton blanket & the heavy cotton one I use over the mattress, & dried them out side,    they were all dry except hem & soon finished over the line in the house,   I washed his sleepers both rags & towel & partly washed out his union suit   he finished it & his work shirt.   & he wrong out the blankets & under wear & shirt each time for me,   he carried the water for me to wash & did the outside chores & got the coal.   We both got our tax blanks receipts back today;   Clothes all dried except unionsuit & work shirt & I have patched his sleeper pants once more,   will have to make new ones soon.   Elbert painted, “fresh eggs” on both sides of a board & put it up on this  “or inside end of mail box board & we hope to sell more eggs here & save wear & tear on car. 

Tue. Mar. 15. 1949./ page. 2303./ 9. H. 49. P. eggs this day./  save him hunt for some one to buy them.   I made Elbert’s bed up & my own & wiped up the dust.   I tremble from head to foot & I sweat like rain patching his sleepers,   I’m so tired,   glad that much is over,   I have a few pieces & the towels & dish towels yet to do,   & the kitchen floor to wipe up & I’ve got to get at the sewing soon.   We got the supper together,   I roasted the pork & he scraped the carrots & pared the ptatoes & put the cabbage in fresh water to freshen up & I put it in when it was time & made some dumpling & gravy & we had a swell supper.   Oh God, of Love & Mercy I do thank & praise Thee for all things, all the Glory truly belongeth to Thee, Glory, Glory hallelujah   I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

Wed. Mar. 16. 1949./ 7. H. 45. P. eggs today/   Well another day & I haven’t done much outside the general housework   Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 10 doz egg 35 cents per doz. 3.50,   he brought back 2.00,  he’s got to have enough to pay for his car licensed   & we got to fiinish paying for the hens powder. Ha, Ha, condition powder, 6.00,  I don’t know how much his license will cost.  $8.00 or more I reckon.   it got colder this afternoon & snowed a steady shower of fine flakes untill roofs were white.   Elbert got some sea fish  a yeast cake & box of Olive tablets & small piece of blogna,   so we have $2.00 & still must get 12.00 more.   I got a nice letter from Audrey today, and  [she inserts code language last seen in 1915-35 entries: 2 “square equals V II LL square Y.] _____ she says she is coming out to see me before long,  the firm she’s working for has got to get all moved out by the 15th this mo.   She says after she broke her hip she took out an insurance so she’d be sure to have enough to bury her, & I have wished I had done the same thing, but I used all I had taking care of this one, or that one, & went without myself,  and Frank didn’t work with me but against me in every thing,   so it was even nip & tuck to keep even.   Well, if I could make a little honest money some way I’d be so glad.   I thank God in Jesus Name for saving my soul & taking care of me,   I could never begin to pay Him all I owe to Him,   I wish though I could do much more.   I love Thee Jesus    10-p-m & snowing & Spring is just around the corner. 

Thurs. Mar. 17. 1949./ 10. Hens. 43. P. today./  Top 6, the morning to ye;  St. Patrick’s Day in the morning, this morning.   I went to prayr meeting tonight after doing out a good washing today.   There were only a very few there the Minister, his wife & Mrs Sprunk & myself & Mrs West & 3 smith children Mr. Bockman Mr Whitman & Lindy West

Thurs. Mar. 17. 1949./ page. 2304./ 10. Hen. & 43 P. eggs this day./  We had a real prayer meeting.  Mr & Mrs. Smith & children have gone to Mississippi when hr folks live,   I didn’t understand they were going so soon or that they wre going Mon.   Well he called back from St Loie kentucky to told the Minister they’d got that far O.K.   Home sick I guess,   they are just young folks, said he would be gone 2 or 3 weeks, and Miss Clark has gone to take care of her Sister in Cleveland again & Dorthy is expecting hr baby soon.   It’s been a beautiful day in Ohio, blue sky, white clouds like big dumplings & a white sun   I thank God for saving my soul & pray He will in Jesus Name for-give me my sins & all the Nations and give us wisdom & under -standing & help us to live His way & do His will in all things & I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory in Jesus Holy Name, Amen |Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.   I Praise Thee for ever & ever.   I gave Elbert $10.00 to get his car license & he’s going to Lorain in the morning with the eggs & get grain & a little food. 

Fri. Mar. 18. 1949./ 7. hens  48 P. eggs./   I wrote a card to Audrey & Elbert will mail it this a-m.   He went & sold the eggs   6. doz. hens eggs 70 cents per. doz  7. doz P. eggs, he got 40 cents for P. eggs. & he bought 1 bag grain 4.78 & 3 lbs. fish 1.03 & Postum 49 cents & crackers, 30 cents gas 50 cents & 25 cents out to pay for writing his licence   & I gave him 10.00 for the license & he brought back 22 cents   it should have been 34 cents.   Well I sure slept right up to 12 noon,   he woke me up backing up to the grainery & unlocked back door     then dressed said my prayers & shook up the bed & combed my hair, washed myself     & put the potatoes on to cook & water to heat & shook up his bed & opened up both windows & shut the doors & washed my hands     & put the greese on for the fish to fry,   he scraped them & wrinsed them & I floured & fried them then while they cooked we drank a cup of postum & tended the fish & then ate,    I set bread & guess I hadn’t ought to for I just didn’t have strength to mix it or nead it,   it rise & I baked it,   but it don’t look as good as when I can nead right.    I made to brown & two white & hope it wont be bad,   it looks good any way.    It’s been a fine day.   We received a card from Nellie today,   she said Bonita’s cold was btter & the 2 children (the twins) go to Bible school Thurs. afternoons.   Nellie said she baked Wed. some bread biscuits & sinnamon rolls,   she said the children (meaning her Children) often come on Thurs.   she said she thought she’d be comeing ovr and she’d get cards when she come.   Audrey said in her letter they had planed to come several of them together & she’d try to let me know if she could.   Elbert’s long in bed,   wish I were.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name, for all our many blessing  glory to His Blessed Name     Tonight it is snowing & ground has a light blanket of white & over the radio they said they were getting a blizard in Cleveland,   air is cold, not much breeze here though.

Sat. Mar. 19. 1949./ page. 2305./ 7. Hens  43 Pullets eggs today/  It’s been a fine day, it snowed quite a blanket of snow last night & it looked like Christmas, evergreens were so pretty,    but when the sun came up most of it melted.   Where it run off the roofs on North side it made long ice cicles,   Elbert spaded up a little patch of dirt today,   he said only the grass bags were frozen & the dirt’s just right to spade.   I only did what had to be done today,   I’m so tired.   I hope to go to Church tomorrow morning it’s I can manage it & I thank God for all the many blessings He gives me & us.   Glory to His Name.   All things are coming now that He told His Deciples about & us, in the bible in Matthew    Chapter, & Loke 21 chapter & there are many places He has told us about it.   When the end of the world would come to pass and those things are coming   now he said look up for our re-demption draweth nigh, and people are gading about in a headless way & soon He will come & many will be lost, and lots of people laugh & make fun & say you’re crazy.   I pray God will have mercy & help many to call on His.

Sun. Mar. 20. 1949./ 10. Hens. 54. Pullets eggs today./  It’s been a beautiful day.   We been home all day   Elbert’s back & hip has pained him so bad & I have felt so bum today  so weak & miserable.   I had planed on going this morning but such is life    I hope to go Thurs. evening to prayer meeting and will try, with Jesus help, to make it.   I rested what I could today.   A young man came here with his wife for eggs, he got 2. doz. P. egg for 90cents    We have raised the price from 35 cents to 40 cents to 45 cents.  eggs are getting largr   more the size of hens eggs now & we have to get back some of what we been putting into them.   I hope we can get our baby chicks earlier this yr. so, we can make the hens pay for them & there selves,   it’s much easier that way, on us.

Mon. Mar. 21. 1949./ 7. Hens  50 Pullets eggs/  First day of Spring.   The whole place has been full of blue birds & the cranes are here again since last week  ground sparrows cardinals & blue jays & robbins    air has was quite warm Surty    & damp tonight, as if it might rain.   ANd we didn’t get rain,snow or frost.   I have only done what I had to do & I sawed off a few limbs from the quince bush & pear tree, it was so warm I wanted to be out doors, lots of flies & bugs out today,   South breeze & the sun felt quite warm.   Elbert sawed some wood & spaded some dirt for garden.   I swept & did my daily dozen.   We got some puzzles by mail today & so we tried to work one out,   it’s good for our brains for achange.   It’s been a beautiful day sort of weather breeder.[?]   I do Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many many blessings,   I thank Thee Jesus Truly all the praise and glory belongeth to Thee.   Help me go to prayer meeting Thurs. night & Please fill us with the 

Mon. Mar. 21. 1949./ page. 2306./ 7. Hens. 50. P. egg this day. /  Thy Holy Spirit   give us the wisdom & understanding we need to help us to do Thy will in all things, Amen.

Tue. Mar. 22. 1949./ 7. Hens  48. Pullets egg today/   Elbert’s worked spading & claning roost  feeding & carrying water & I have been working on a puzzle all day,   I’ve made some progreess, got 2 good ones 307 & one 306 points   I have another one started   I done 4 or 5 but some not so good    did my daily round   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings,   I pray God will help us to be able to take car of ourselves & if it isn’t wrong I hope we may win some of the money on this puzzle   it would be wonderful   the good things I could do with it,   but I don’t want it if it’s wrong to have it.   It’s been a Spring day  strong wind quite warm rain & sunshine.

Wed. Mar. 23. 1949./ 10. hens  53. P. eggs today/   A beautiful day.   Elbert went out to Vermilion on the lake & sold 16 doz. pullet eggs for 45 cents per. doz. 7.20 & he bought a bag of mash. 4.15 & a bag of potatoes 79 butter 60  1. cabbage 32  3 grape fruit 21 & 35 cartons for eggs 35 cent, 50 cents for gas for car & he brought back 22 cents & couldn’t account for the rest   he said    well I figured it over again & there was only 22 cents left so it came out O.K.   I sold 1. doz P. eggs to Miss Georgia Snyder 45 cents making total on eggs $7.65,   While Elbert was gone I washed out most of the clothes & finished after we had dinner.   Received gas bill today & [code: 2 square equals V 11 .. VY2]  & well I guess I’ll have to hurry if I get a letter and card wrote tomorrow & do the ironing for it tirees me so bad to stand on my feet.   I want to go to prayer meeting tomorrow evening God Willing.    Elbert planted 2, 50 ft rows of potatoes this afternoon.   Some thing woke me early yesterday morning & the wind was blowing hard in strong puffs, it thundered & lightened & shook the house,   I told Elbert but he said he didn’t hear it & tonight they told us over the radio that a queer tornado had dipped down in Sandusky & destroyed a man’s barn completely & didn’t do any other damage there or near by,   the frogs were croaking yesterday & today.   & birds singing, pheasent crowing.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Devine Name for our many blessing and pray we may be found worthy.   Glory, Glory. Hallelujah. 

Thurs. Mar. 24. 1949./ 8 hens & 50 P eggs./  Elbert has done  a lot of spading today   It’s been a nice day but a cold N.E. wind so cold his face looked a red as in severe cold weather.   but the sun was nice   he, did all the out side chores   I ironed & did the house work & then got ready & went to church to prayermeeting.   We had a good meeting,  We all prayed & I know God heard our prayers

Thurs. Mar. 24. 1949 / page. 2307./ 8 hens & 50 Pullet eggs today./   I’m sorry for Virgina & Paul Smith (her brother) & little Cliford has to be operated on & he has to have a blood transfusion    another family that needs the Lord so much & people are saying that Mrs. Hambly’s father would be alive today if it wasn’t for her,   she went to the clinic & they told her there wasn’t anything wrong with her,   only she worked her brain to hard.   Oh God, We can see the terrible things coming to pass You told us about,  God help us & forgive us & keep us close to Thee.   I Praise Thee & pray Thou will forgive us our sins in Jesus Name   I thank & Praise Thee for all things   only help to have wisdom & understanding that we may help others.

Fri. Mar. 25. 1949./ 7. hens. & 51. P. eggs today/ Elbert went to Lorain & sold the eggs. 5. doz. hens eggs 70 cents per. doz. & 7 doz pullet eggs 45 cents per doz. $665 for both    then he bought 3. lbs. fish (salt water) then he bought 1 can salmoon & bag of potatoes 1.58  bag oyster schell 1.10,  beef 97 cents, 50 car gas 10 cents for postal cards, & strange as it may seem he brought back 1.45 & one man owes 5 cents,   I’m wondering how that could be.   O, |Well,    Elbert spaded some    wind was to cool & sun hot,   I trimed the rose in front of the coop “Frank’s rambler” & the black caps south of coop & the two grape vines west of well pump     then I was almost to tired to get back to the house but I did    & Elbert had come in be-fore me & had water on heating so we drank & rested,   I then got supper & made up the beds, & dishes still set,   I’ll try to get them tomorrow & wipe up the kitchen floor.    I want to do a little triming if I can, to.   It’s been a beautiful day,   I thank God in Jesus Name & pray He will help me to do His will in all things for ever & ever Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 26. 1949./ 9 hens  55. P. eggs today/  Well, it was so thick and fogy & rained every little while that I didn’t go outside   I tried to work on the puzzle but only got a little done   Elbert went to Huron for straw & fish   & he really got six nice one & they were so sweet & good, we ate salt water dish for dinner & fresh ones for supper    & I cooked & washed dishes & took care of beds rooms & birds,   I haven’t felt very spify today   Elbert’s hip has pained him alday,   but he’s done his chores, grass & leaves are coming fast now.   frogs are croaking long and loud.   I thank God for our many blessing for saving my soul & healing my body & heart many many times,   I Praise Him for all the lessons He has taught me & I’ve been a hard one to teach.   but Praise His Holy Name, He is teaching me His Will   Glory to His Name, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, I thank Thee Jesus, Amen.

Sun. mar. 27. 1949 /page. 2308./ 7. hens  56 Pullets/  We been home all day,   I felt to ill to go to Church   & Elbert has not felt very well & the wind has been strong puffy since yesterday all last night & all day  to  it rained some & sunshone & the sun was white as ice.   Dorthy’s & Lindy West’s baby boys 1. week old today   they said she most broke up Sun Morning serv[?]    He took care of outside chors & I did only the things I really had to do.   Frank & Ruby, Armond & Clara & there son Bruce & daughter Cora, ” the children are 3 yrs. and 1. yr old both walk” came in for an hour or so this after noon,   Ruby wants more plants & shrubs.   Well I Praise & thank God for all He reveals to me each day & for all our blessing Glory to His Holy Name.

Mon. Mar. 28. 1949./ 9. hens 53 Pullet eggs/  Elbert’s been spading & taking care of hens & outside chores & I tried on the puzzle some & aired the bedding & made up beds & cooked & did dishes & went out & with Elberts help trimed Westera vine.   It’s been a beautiful day & strong south wind untill middle of after noon,  then it eased up & hardly any tonigh every thing is leaving out fast   Apricot looks as it it would bloom soon & some of the shrubs & flowers.  I thank God for all our many blssing in Jesus Dear Holy Name.

Tue. Mar. 29. 1949./ 10. hens & 58. Pullet eggs today/  Well, Elbert went to Huron and got 15 fish 3. pike & the rest were perch   we had 5 for lunch & the rest I cooked for supper & there were 3 left for Elbert’s breakfast.   I did my wash & the towels & such like today & dried them out side,   the wind was quite strong & puffy & sun warm & oh everythings coming fast out side   I would like to get out & do some raking before things get to big & it’s a good time to do it right now,   the grass is coming so fast.   The clothes dried so fast   We haven’t much fire   just a little to keep house comfortable during the night.   Some queer things happen,   I saw Elbert’s shadow as he passed the evergreen on the drive,    he was headed west & I ask if there was any mail & “he said” he wasn’t out to the mail box,  queer.   I wonder,   I saw him cut gras to the pump where he’d left the hens water buckets,   he filled them & I ask him about the mail when he come back in front of the grainery.   His Knee has been paining him bad all day & he spaded some,   he got 2. bales of straw for 1.00 & 50 cents worth of gas for the car & now he has 18 doz. pullet eggs to sell in the morn-ing & that will be $8.10 & he has to get mash  pay light bill get a bottle of anicins & 5. lb. salts for hens,   so there wont be much left for us, for we want to get more potatoes for seed & some lime & fertilizer,   I don’t know how we can manage.   I truly thank God in Jesus Name, for all our many blessing

Wed. Mar. 30. 1949./ page. 2309./ 8. hens 53. Pullets eggs today/  Well I wasn’t feeling fit today so only did what had to be done and we figured on the puzzle for a while.   Elbert went to Vermilllion on the lake & sold 18. doz. eggs & bought a bag of mash 4.15, 1. lb. butter 66 cents and 5 lbs salts for hens 45 cents and he paid 1.00 on the 3 bags of potatoes & A.P. Store man put them aside for us untill we can pay the bal on them.   he forgot to pay light bill or get anicins,    he brought $2.10 so, he will have to get them done tomorrow.   Audrey sent a note & 10.00 said she has a bad cold & would write a little later   Nellie sent a card said she got my note & that she is teaching 10. hrs. per week & goes to night school on Fri. nights, she said E.J. is so home sick she called home “just to hear there voices,   she’s getting on good with her work in school & works a few hrs. after school for 60 cents per hr.   evey one else is O.K.   E.J. doesn’t have room mate at present so room cost more.   Johny is working at air port;   He finished his school Mar. 25. 1949, except, one hr. of examination, that he’ll take in April;   So she’s tired after going & teaching 2, hrs. aday & I know she would be in her condition.   Winds N.E. & cold & we got a cold rain late tonight & they got snow & tornadoes in other places & New York had 70 degrees of heat today.   God has told us to look up to Him, when these things happen in places unusual, or where they ought not.  Oh God, if only we could do more for Thee,   I heart aches for those who Know Thee not.   I pray Thou will teach us before it’s forever to late.   All Praise & Glory belongest to Thee Glory to God I praise & thank Thee for all things, great or small, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name Amen.

Thurs. Mar. 31. 1949./ 8. hens  51. Pullets eggs today./   Been windy day  N.E. wind & some rain so, we neither have done very much today   my feet & ankles been bad & Elberts hip back & Knee have been so bad & he looks miserable    I had hoped so much to go to prayer meeting,   but he wont go into Church where it’s warm & so I stayed home,   he has felt cold all day & had a splitting head ache all day,    he went to Huron   paid gas bill & got 1.00 bottle & 3 cents tax.   he came right back home & I noticed he Kept the fire quite warm,   he must have cought a cold,    I only did my daily rounds.   I have got a money order 5.00 ready for Miss Willits & 2.00 money for puzzle(ian)[?]  (crippled soldiers) & 12.06 for  gas bill & 2.00 for olive oil & 50 for writing paper & I’ll 

Thurs. Mar. 31. 1949./ page. 2310./ 8. hens eggs 51 Pullet eggs/   have to give Elbert 24.00 to pay those bills, I pray God will heal Audrey’s cold by Sunday as a part blessing for the help she gives to us & help her to trust Him for her healings in the future & help her to understand.   Oh God of Love & Mercy, forgive us our sins & I thank Thee for my healings & trust all is well with my soul in Jesus Name Amen.   Well, it’s raining a heavy misty rain tonight.    Audrey sent 10.00 yesterday & Nellie sent us a card & today a book from Rev. DeHaan. came.  Bible study  They are alway good.

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