February 1948

Sun. Feb. 1. 1948./ 14. eggs today/   Well, we been home all day, ankle & legs are bad yet;   Elbert killed & dressed & cooked a hen so we had part of it for dinner & soup for supper    I got a clean

Sun. Feb.1. 1948./page. 2086./ 14. eggs today/   table cloth on    swept & put clean papers on the floor & aired out the bedroom & took care of the bed & cooked a pan of beans for tomorrow.    & groan-ed  rest of the day with my foot,    it’s aching today, “inword groans”    I was hoping the Ministers would come & pray with me,    but they didn’t come,    but I know they have been praying at Church    & I feel God’s wonder power I  Know He Will take care of me.    I thank Him and His Children Who love me & pray for me,   & Praise His Holy Name Glory to God, Hallelujah,  amen.    sun part the day.    Wind’s been south west all day & is, tonight, & warmer today & tonight. 

Mon. Feb. 2. 1948. / 17. eggs today./  Groundhog day/    & the sun was nice & bright    radio says 6 weeks more cold weather, it’s been quite a little warmer today,     but it’s colder tonight     & I haven’t done much today    took care of beds & crocheted a little.    Elbert’s car wouldn’t run today    he don’t know what’s wrong with it,    been starting right off each time,    he cleaned the hen roost & took out the dirty straw. & the hens were happy with the new straw,    he only got one small bale last time    & I had forgot about it,     so he was going to Huron to get 2 more    & found the car wouldn’t run.    Well, the wind’s west tonight and damp.    I thank  & Praise God for all things. 

Tue. Feb. 3. 1948./ 1. hen. 12. eggs. /   Jim & Jean are 14. yrs. old today.    It’s been a fine day & not to cold    Elbert went to Huron & cashed my check “that came this a-m”  & bought 2. bales straw & a cake of chocolate to eat & piece of boiling meat.    he fixed the bags over, that he put over the holes, for ventalating in the coop    & I fixed the chicken rice soup for supper    & washed dinner dishes,  & at 9-p-m.  it’s snowing    Wind is N. east chilly cold out.    I received a card from Miss Clark today, said, they miss me a lot at Church    & the Gurney’s expect to be back middle of Feb.    I thank God for our many blessing & Praise Him for all things. 

Wed. Feb. 4. 1948. / 18. Pullets eggs today/  Well, I baked 3. tins bread biscuits today & took care of beds  rooms & finished the chair arm piece I was crocheting for Carl Betz’s wife, now I hope to put th tassels on them & mail them & bedspread, to them, Carl sent a Christmas card to Elbert, from himself & family he didn’t do any writing, but Elbert owed him a letter & un-less I do the writing it don’t get done & I haven’t been able.    Elbert’s talking of going to Nellie’s tomorrow,  I’d like to go but can’t wear my shoes. yet. & it’s cold out side,    I’ll have to try to wash out a change of clothes tomorrow for myself    Elbert got his check from Social S. this a-m. 25.00    I got mine (30.00) yesterday, paid tenth to Church     10.00 on coal bill   6.00 for taxes,   5.00 to Dentist & with the egg money & what I had 

Wed. Feb. 4. 1948. /page. 2087./ 18 eggs today./   made 36.00    I paid 8.95 for eggs powder  1.20 for straw & 89 cents for mash    Elbert has got to save 7.50 for insurance this month & 7.50 next, out of his check.    I’ll have to give Dentist 5.00 more & that bill will be done.   but the coal bill will take that 5.00 from there on & so there just isnt much to lunch on.    71.00 something coal bill, bal.    tried to snow today    did a little last night & it’s dry snow.    I thank God for our many blessing & praise Him, He Knows best, I pray, His will be done.  

Thurs. Feb. 5. 1948./ 11.hen 12 pullets./  Well, Elbert went to Nellie’s & took a doz rolled oat cookies & called on Martha & gave her a tin of bread biscuits & he fixed the open basement window & fixed the fruit cupboard, Nellie’s cold is better, they all had colds,     the whole window out & wind sailing right through & made the floor ice cold up on first floor but now it’s better, they got one other one Elbert says that needs fixing quite bad,    well he got a few groceries & got back at 4-p-m.    While he was gone the old man that bought Duglas faarm came & brought me butter & I gave him part of a tin of biscuits,     he wanted Elbert to take him to Amherst again,    but, the young woman that brought him here took him & brought him back to tell me,    so Elbert wouldn’t stop for him in the morning.    I did a big washing my change of clothes towels, rags, dish towels & chair back & table cloth,    then I washed Elbert’s sleepers bath towel & wash rag.    I had to sit a goodly number of times.    I helped get the supper started & Elbert finished it,   but no one washed the dishes.    Wind light & N. east.    I picked up all the papers & swept & put down more clean ones.    & they look almost as bad since Elbert done the chores & walked in & out over them     well it saves the floor some any way.    I thank God in Jesus Dear Name for taking care of Elbert & myself & for the strength he gives us,    he is going to Lorain “God Williing” in the morning.    Jesus is surely good to me,    I wish so much I could do more for him,     but here I am, and, I don’t understand why.    Oh Glory to God, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallululejah Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 6. 1948./ 1. hen. 17. eggs today./  Nellie is 51 yrs. old today & poor John gone 2. yrs.    my but time is sure flying.    Well, Elbert took 9. doz. eggs to Lorain & sold them for 6.00 & got a 100 lb. bag of mash for 5.75,    he bought a light bulb 15 cents & got me 2. peppers & I gave him the five dollars for Dentist     so now I only owe 5.00 more & that bill will be done,    he wasn’t gone very long     he left around 11-a-m & got back 10 after 1-p-m.    I just couldn’t do any work,    It’s been a wonderful day, cold, but nice sunshine all day.    Wind S. untill tonight,    it’s now S.W.,     I wrote a card to Audrey Miss Clark & Rev Mr. & Mrs. Scharein,     Elbert mailed them in Vermilion.  I sure

Fri. Feb. 6. 1948./ page 2088./ 1. hen. 17. P. egg today./   do Praise God for our many blessing & that He love us when we are so unworthy. 

Sat. Feb. 7. 1948./ 15. eggs today./   Elbert washed his 2. work shirts & union suit  4. hand kercheifs & 3. prs sock & 3. prs. pants today     & killed & dressed a hen & put it on to cook    & I only looked after beds & rooms cooked a pan of beans & did a few little odds & ends    I bumped my ankle again yesterday & it’s badly swollen,    I hurt it the other day & it hadn’t got over that     & now it”s really on the war path,    but, I feel sure it will recover to it’s natural size before long.    God Will take care of me.    Praise His Holy Name.    S.West breeze, thawed some today,     sun only peeped out once this morning & its so cloudy & tried to snow,    little to cold & snow good.    I thank God for all our many blessing & pray for all His where ever they may be or what ever condition    I pray our prayers will be one with theirs in faith, that Jesus will hear and answer prayer, Glory to God, Hallulajah, Glory, Glory, Glory, I Praise His Holy Name.  The Watkins man came & I paid him 8.00 for condition powder.

Sun. Feb. 8. 1948./ 1 hen.  14. P eggs./  Well it’s been a fine day    the preacher, & Mrs. Sprunk came out after dinner & stayed a couple of hrs.    We visited & had prayer    The preacher has sinus trouble & his eye was all most swollen shut last week he said    So Dear Father in Heaven I pray in Jesus Name Thou wilt Kill the cause of it & help him through Thee to be ride of it for all time    bless there efforts for Thee & help some souls to come to Thee tonight & We thank Thee Jesus & Give Thee all the Praise & Glory    It’s been a beautiful day.    N. breeze hardly noticeable,    sunshine all day and it set yellow tonight.

Mon Feb. 9. 1948./ 1. hen 16. P. eggs today./   Well, I finished my dress,     that is the stitching is done,    now the buttons, button holes, & snaps    then wash & iron it, for it has been hanging since last summer.    Then I lengthened a pr. of blankets for Elberts bed today    & Im so tired tonight.    Elbert isn’t very well either,    he give out, after he’s been working a little while,    he doesn’t look well either.   it’s been a fine day    cold but sun shone all day,    it was beautiful early    everything covered with frost,    I didn’t get any mail.    Praise God for our blessing & for Jesus Who suffered so much

Tue. Feb. 10. 1948./ 1. hen. 17. P. eggs today./   Elbert went to Huron    got a nice lot of lettuce leaves for hens,    and piece of shank meat for broth   can cocoa han postam & some yeast cakes.    I got up when he left & took care of rooms & beds & opened windows, took care of birds & got washed     & warmed up the chicken rice soup & then he was back & we had lunch    I set the bread before we ate & finished mixing it in-to a hard loaf after lunch & made 3. tins of biscuits,    I put rasins in on tin. & got them baked before supper.    Wind is east little N. not quite so cold.    I truly thank God for all we have & Praise Him & Love Him more than anything in this world    I thank Him for saving my soul & Pray He will give me the Holy Ghost also,   I thank Thee Jesus.

Wed. Feb. 11. 1948./ 10. P. eggs today./  Well, I haven’t earned my salt today.    It’s been a cloudy day & some how, it’s been a rather dreary day to me,    I took care of the rooms & made the button holes in my dress & sewed the buttons on    haven’t quite enough braid for the sleeves but maybe I dig a little more up from some where tomorrow,    The Lord has been working on my foot & leg today,   Praise His Dear Name,    I’ll be glad to testify what a wonder doctor He really is when I get back to Church again.    All the Glory truely belongeth to Him.  All the Way my Savior leads me,    Now on one foot I must hobble and call on Him to set me free     I Praise His Name all through the hurt    And even though I often sigh,    I’ll cling to me untill I die Sometimes it seem my temple may topple    Then His power begins to work,.    Oh, how I love Him, Oh, how I love Him, my best, my Dearest, Friend,    Jesus Blessed Jesus.    I’m trusting & believing for Rev Sharein’s healing to,   & I thank Thee & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever & take care of his wife    she’s such a loving soul,    be with Rv. & Mrs. Gurney & theirs & each one in our Church in Vermilion & in all Thy churches    be with each soul that belongest to Thee & strengthen there faith & help them to love one another & to live closer to Thee.  I want to live ever closer to Thee & be more worthy, in Thy sight & be able to do more to help other for Thy Name’s safe.  Amen.  Not very cold today    thawed some today.    West breeze tonight.

Thurs. Feb. 12. 1948./ page 2090. / 1. hen. 21. P. eggs today/  I finished my house dress today & crocheted 2 or 3 times across the piece for chair back,    now I must read & clean my teeth & get ready for bed.    No mail all week.    & I haven’t wrote any cards or letters.    It’s been quite a lot warmer out side & the snow has melted so much the bare ground is showing a-gain.    The cystern is dry, hope it rains so we can wash every things getting dirty & now wash water.     I thank God for my healing & for Rev. Scharein’s healing & pray He will continue the healing untill all is as it should be with the both of us     and I thank Jesus & Give Him all the praise & Glory,     and I’m praying & trusting for the Holy Ghost, Amen.    Looked like it might rain,    Wind has been & is S. west. 

Fri. Feb. 13. 1948./ 1. hen. 16. P. eggs. today/  Haven’t done much today    took care of beds & rooms & aired them    washed us a stack of dishes & scoured them & got dinner started.    Elbert went to Lorain & sold 10. doz. eggs. for 7.25 & bought 1. bag (100 lb.) grain 6.15 & he got 4 garlics & piece of boiling meat & it cost 1.19. & 4. yeast cakes & owes 34 cents on the food.    he sent his in-surance  money 15.00 today,    Well it’s been a thick fogy morn-ing & a rainy afternoon.   Elbert got back at noon    he went to Hambly’s, they are both feeling better but go to Dr. twice a week.    Rosemarry & little Dave each sent me a valintine, Rosemarrys said we’re Slated you & me, a penny folder little boy & girl with hearts around them.. on the front above there heads  it said Were slated for You & me inside for each other Lets be Valentines. from Rosemarry Hambley.  on the back a big heart with a bunch of roses & in heart it says, be mine.    David is a thoughtful child so he sent his valentine to Mrs. Babcock & Mr. Bonney. a penny folder with hearts all around the edge  28 in all  with a little boy with a big red heart & a spy glass & it says.  You’re the treasure I’m looking for & inside, will you be my Valentine? David Hambley.    & on the back a trunk of candy with a big red heart with a white border & thin line around the scalop’s of red with arow through the heart, little trunk is blue & white streps with yellow or brass corner & yellow key hole plate & a few little red hearts around the trunk on the floor.  Little Dave has big black eyes, dark hair, round rosy face,    he’s very bright and alert.   Mrs. Hambley ask Elbert how he would like to take them home with him for a while, Elbert said he would but they would have to be good.    I often wonder about them    they, Mr. & Mrs. Hambley both been in the hospitle & been all out up inside & perhaps they feel they wont be here to take care of them much longer.    raining & in heavy showers part of the time & it’s 10-30-p-m,    Mrs. Cranage is worrying about high costs of everything.

Sat. Feb. 14. 1948./ page. 2091./ 1. hen 19. P. eggs today/   Valentine day.    We received a card from Nellie saying, her cold is bad in her head    they are warm & quite well except her    & Audrey & Gertie were over to call on her & the Children & Martha came for them & took them home.    that was on Feb. 11. & Bonita’s Children made a snow man & then Knocked it to pieces.    & she hoped we were well.    We also received a card from Electric Company saying if we bought a carton of bulbs we’d get one 100. wat free.    We had ought to get them for we had to do with a 25 wate. for a night or two because, we didn’t get another, when we could have,    I spoke 3 or 4 times about it then gave it up,    The winds been N.W. & N.E., S.W. this morning,    it thawed today & it snowed some time after midnight last night.    & the radio said, glary ice in a lot of places & floods in others.    I thank God for my blessing & that He has taught me to Know Him, but, I want to Know Him better & praise Him in spirit.    He is a wonderful Saviour    He more than all the world to me,    Glory to God  Hallalujah  Glory Glory Glory Blessed Jesus. 

Sun. Feb. 15. 1948. 20. Pullets eggs today./  I pray that every one that can will get out to Church & give Praise to God   Our Father, Jesus His Son & our Saviour & the Holy Ghost  “The Holy Trinity,” Amen.    I pray He will give both Spirit & body strength to His people & fill those of us Who have not as yet received His fullness,    We thank Thee Jesus, Dear Jesus.   Well, I got up     took my bath & dressed & combed my hair    Elbert warmed up the dinner & we ate,    I’ve felt so weak & miserable all day.    It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine    We have fed the birds out doors all winter.   It’s both moon light & star light    moon’s all most west a little north.    I thank God that He hears and ans. prayer    I’ve felt His Power go through me several times today and each time I’ve thanked Him    I except His healing & felt Him working on my Knee & foot & I do thank Him & Praise Him & Love Him more than anything    I own all I have   He gave to me,   it’s all His    I’m just using it    I thank Him so much & Pray He will fill me & give me a better understanding of what I ought to do to help others in Jesus Name & I’ll thank & Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.    I want to go back to church & be of more use to Him.    He has showed me how small a thing we are in His sight & yet how much He loves us, how He made us & is able to take care of us,  how weak we are & how great He is.    I always feel He’s beside me,    I long to be filled with the Holy Ghost.    and be able to do a better work for Jesus.    God help me.

Mon. Feb. 16. 1948./page. 2092./ 1. hen. 20. P. eggs./  Well, I did my washing today & it took about all the strength I had in me,    but Praise the Lord He helped me get it all done & it’s all dry but th rags    & I think they will be before I go to bed    I can’t wear my shoes yet but am trusting all will be well with me soon    Elbert has sinus trouble & his head has been so bad this week & he don’t look well,    but he has to keep going since I can’t get out to do anything.    We have had a strong puffy wind one of those kind that just about takes your breath away, when you step out into it,    the sun shone nice today,    white sun & set in a hallow of gold tonight,    lots of wind clouds today.    I received card from Mrs Beesie today,     she’s getting old & fell & hurt her ribs,    she said she didn’t break any bones, but her side is terrible sore    she thanked the Lord she’s only sore.    She’s about pa’s age.    I to thank the good Lord that I can walk & do as much as I do,    I thank Him & praise Him for all things great or small    I thank Him & Praise Him for the care & love He gives me.

Tue. Feb. 17. 1948./ 1. hen. 19. P. eggs. today./    Well, been sitting today    ankle smarts & burns after being on it so much,     but, I crocheted quite a little & I’ll soon have the chair back done    and I’m anxious to get it & bedspread on it’s way,    have to write a letter to send     also I received letter from Nellie to-day,   her head is better, but still stuffed up & they are all quite well,    she said they were so glad to see Elbert & they enjoyed the cookies I sent.    She said Bonney Bell & Joe were home,    they were celebrating Joe’s birthday that was the 15th of Feb.    & Johny & Marcie are well    Marcie is working in Berea hospital,    she expects her baby in April.    Nellie still wishes I’d come over & live near her    she’s for-got I’m 12 yrs. older than she is & worked hard since I was a child    & she never had to work untill she taught school.    Guess they are finding it hard to make a go of it to,    she has 35.00, her pension & Bonita gets or did get a little over a 100. that would give them 195.00 per. mo.    Since Dec. I get 30.00 & Elbert 25.00  that’s 55.00 & we can hardly exist & pay bills.    & I’m badly in need of clothes & so is Elbert.    Well it’s been just a beautiful day in Ohio    nice sun, but white, south west breeze & not cold,    I kill 2 flys & Elbert killed one today.   they are getting tired of the long winter also.    Well I thank God & Praise Him for all things & trust for my healing    All the Glory belongest to Him     the more I read & study His word the more clear He makes it to me    & I sure crave to be filled with the Holy Ghost.    Elbert walked up to the highway & to the lake today,    he talked to Rue Sarr & he said he ask Rue for a stone that on Rue’s place & he said Elbert could have it.    Rue has a baby coon & it’s tame.   Well, I’am glad he ask for stone.

Wed. Feb. 18. 1948./ page. 2093./ 17. Eggs. P. today./   Well, no workie to day either     took care of beds & rooms & swept the kitchen & wrote part of a letter to Nellie,    got to get it finnished tomorrow & try to do another one or two    I’m getting away behind    it’s been another beautiful day.    Elbert went up to the beach & back    He said the ice & snow is pilled 15 ft or more, up against the high bank & on the beach.    he talked to Rue Sarr & ask to get a stone on the hill near us & Rue told him he could have the stone so Elbert took the wheelbarrow & went & got it    & he had another about the same size that he put in the basement under the post that help to hold up the house floor, & stairway,    he got it all done, he needs one more stone to put under the bottom of the stairway,    then he’s going to put a 2 by 4 in the attic to splice on thats broke that in the roof     & then the windows all need putty.    I hope he keeps at it & gets it done.    then the front door steps need to be made all new.    & so it is one thing after another all the time & we need nowe wire for the in side of coop & a new park fence & gates.    Well I hope we make, but can’t see how we can    & we have to rebuild the house Chimney.     I baked 2. doz. cup cakes today & I’m tired.    I read my bible & prayed & I thank God He has helped me to understand, and I pray He will help me to be more worthy in HIs sight.    I thank Him & Praise Him for all things. 

Thurs. Feb. 19. 1948./ 1. hen. 20. P. eggs today./  Well, I baked 2 big tins of bread biscuits & crocheted some & washed dishes & helped get the supper    & my ankles have ached like all get out today    the wind has been strong & S.W. this morning & mostly west tonight & it’s been 50. degrees for the passed four days    & now it’s getting cold tonight     & radio says Minisota expects 3. below zero before morning    Well Elbert’s planing on going with the eggs in the morning     I hope the weather wont be to bad,    he don’t feel very well since his work yesterday,    he’s tired lame & sore,    I feel sort of indignent for if he Knows I have a cent he talks around to get it,    he said the eggs will only bring 6.85 & it will take most of that for the bag of mash & he ought to snitch a 25 for gas    & there wont be anything to get the fish olio lemons or starch with,    he Knows I have, the dollar left I saved for my taxes,    I gave him 5.00 on his insurance, that I saved for my taxes so now he wants the dollar & a dollar I saved to put into Church for the birthday fund & he wants that    & I ask him how much he had & he said 75 cents.  he owes 34 cents from last week, on feed & food.    I like to do my own buying & paying & keep even,    if I have to go hungry to do it.    & that’s what we do have to do part time,    but it’s not my fault    Well, I thank God for our many blessings, a warm house, fuel, bedding and we have enough to wear such as it is.   Glory to God.

Fri. Feb. 20. 1948./ page. 2094./ 1. hen. 18. P. eggs today./   Well, Elbert went to Lorain with the eggs, 10. doz.    he got 6.85 for them & he paid 5.75 for the 100 lb. bag of mash,    I gave him 2.00 & he brought one back,    he got red ocean perch & 2. pieces of fininhady & the lemons starch & oleo & even a small piece of boiling meat.    I slept untill he got back, 12. noon    then I got up & got going & helped fry fish,    we had some chicken left over, that we had for supper,    I didn’t do much    only sit & crochet     my foot has hurt so bad.    I got the chair back done & now we can pack the bed spread & chair back & arm pieces & get them off to Carl & his wife, next week, I’m hoping.   It’s been real nippy out side today, but sun came out before Elbert went about 7-a-m & shone allday    the wind blew hard all night    I couldnt sleep so I slept after Elbert left.    I sent a letter to Nellie & card to Lane Bryant for style book    & sent for one for Marcie.   I sure thank God in Jesus Holy Name for ans. prayer & I thank Him for all our many blessing, Glory to God. 

Sat. Feb. 21. 1948./ 20 eggs today./  Just a mo. till Spring & some blue birds have been here all winter    we have seen them in the evergreens.    & I see a robbin in the oak today.    It’s been snapy cold today, partly cloudy & tried to snow while the sun was shining.    Well, I swept & wiped up floors & took care of beds & been rather limpsy     ank is still sore & hurts me bad.    Elbert don’t feel, or look well, & today he said he guessed his hard working days were over,    I know he isn’t     Well,  for he ask me if I was going to wash up the dirty dishes    well I didn’t, so he did.    he’s took care of hens & done all the chores  I usually do carry the water to hen & feed them & pick up the eggs, carry water for the house & empty ashes & bring up coal & keep the fire & he cooked the dinner & I the supper & he’s so tired he goes to bed at 8-30 or 9-p-m.     I thank kGod he can do those things & pray he will give his soul to Jesus before it’s to late.    I thank Him for our blessing & give Him all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever & I pray     He has ans. my prayer & healed the minister of his sinus trouble & that He will take a goodly number out to church tomorrow    I’ll be so happy when I can go back to church & Praise God for my our many blessing Glory to God.

Sun. Feb. 22. 1948. / page. 2095./ hen 1. 17. Pullet eggs today/  No one came today to us & I’m not fit to go to church yet,    I believe my foot is better,    but, I’m trusting & waiting on the Lord God of Hosts believing, if there’s anything wrong that He will reveal the same to me, that I may, do His Will in all things & for His sake & I’ll be happy to give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    It’s been a nice day strong cold wind    nice sunshine & tonight it’s moonlight clear & frosty    N.E. wind.    I pray God visited all the Churches & I thank Him for all who had courage to hold up there hand & say pray for me,    there were quite a number who did at Rev. Fuller’s meeting of nearly 5000, he told us today over the radio,    I pray for every soul Knowing not which ones are His,    asking all to be filled with His Spirit that we may be more worthy in Jesus Holy Name & I thank Him & Praise Him Amen. 

Mon. Grn/ 23/ 1948. / 1. hen. 15. eggs today./  Elbert did his washing today & he washed his double blanket & hung it out side     wind was cold & N.E. but they dried all most dry & I finished them over the stove & sewed cords together & made up his bed fresh & clean,    he dried his heavy work shirt & union suit out side & I finished them over the store.    & I helped with the supper just a little I can’t seem to stand up & work    foots still swollen.    I crocheted on another chair arm piece have it about half done.   I thank God for the sunshine & light of day & for all we have & I am trusting for my healing in Jesus Dear Holy Name.   I love Him because   I know I can trust in Him for all things great or small,    I thank Him & praise Him & Love Him most of all

Tue. Feb. 24. 1948./ 21. P. eggs today./  Well I thought when I got up this a.m. that I’d never be able to wash,    but I didi all my washing & ELberts pillow case wash rag & towel.    I didn’t feel as if I could do his union suit so I didn’t ,     I handed Elbert my blankets & he hung them on the line out side & aired them good, we turned the springs & mattress & I made up the bed & wiped up the floors     I looked after his bed all so.     I washed his girdle & my corset & then starched my two old dress I washed last week,    we dried part the clothes out side,    Elbert hung them out & carried the water.    I’m tired tonight     ankle smarts & burns to.    I crocheted

Tue. Feb. 24. 1948./ page. 2096./ 21. P. eggs this day./   a little.    I have the chair set done to send with the bed spread to Carl & his wife & Son.   hop to pack them this coming week & get them on there way as soon as I get my check.    It’s been a beautiful sunshiny day,    but a strongr S. wind & we been having moonlight nights clear & frosty, it’s not so cold & a fly crawled out from somewhere on the window,  into the sunshine today.    I cleaned the birds cages all 3. today    I have to neglect them some of late.    But Praise God I can still get around & do as much as I do,    and I’m trusting God in Jesus Name for my healing,   Glory to God    I Praise Thee Jesus.


Wed. Feb. 25. 1948./ 1. hen  13. Pullets eggs. /   Well, I felt so bad I couldn’t rest all night so I didn’t get up untill 10-15-a-m. & then the Postman had brought a letter from Audrey, a good long one,     but as I expected Martha was in hospital     infection in a gland,    she was so ill they took her at 11-30-p-m. & had to give her a blood transfusion,    she’s better again    she went Feb. 17. she’s been there a week Feb. 24. & has to stay another week or so.  Audrey is well, but tired,    I know how she feels, I sorry for them all and pray God will help them, each one, & to live for God in Jesus Holy Name.    God of Love & Marcy,    be with Martha,  comfort her,    convert her, & save her soul & each one in her family & her mother & Gertie,     I thank Thee Jesus, Amen    I got a card from Bonita telling me of Martha & said she had been to see her & that Johny & Marcie were home for Sun dinner that Merlin’s working at Thew Shovel works again & that they recived my letter, that they had been enjoying the sunny weather.    Well today has been a dreary day,    thick fog so thick we couldn’t see the track half the time & its vry dark tonight.    I looked after birds beds & plants & helped Elbert make a Kettle of soup,    we took can of tomatoe soup & added rice, barley, green beans, peas, carrots & spaggetti,    then seasoned it with red pepper black pepper & salt,    it is very good.    I’m so weak,    I ate soup today,    I should fast,    I pray God will forgive me & help me.    I thank Him for all things in Jesus Name.    I Love my Jesus.    I got a card from Lane Bryant also today

Thurs. Feb. 26. 1948./ 1. hen. 21. P. eggs today./   Well, I laid in bed untill after 9-a-m    then got up & eat a bite & set a little     then Elbert decided to go to Huron to look around    & While he was gone I swept all 3. rooms & dusted & took care of the beds today    then I crocheted a little,    feel to bum to write or mend or sew.    been sort of shaky all over for 2. or 3. days    But thank God for our many blessing.

Fri. Feb. 27. 1948./ page. 2097./ 1. hen.  21. Pullet eggs./  Well, Elbert went to Lorain & sold 10. doz. egg 6.85 & paid 4.99 for bag of grain & he got 1. head cabbag  1. lb. lard & 4 yeast cakes,  1. lb. bird seed & had 8 cents left & he spent 30 cents of his for gas for car.    & I baked 3. tins bread biscuits & a coffee cake.    & washed up my bread crock, board, & dishes.    Then Elbert came.    & we had a lunch & he put grain in grainery & brought in our few things    he got some ocean fish “red Perch they are called”   and smoked haddy & the 1. lbs. cost 1.27.    We cooked the red hearing for supper,    had enough left for Elbert’s breakfast.     I’m terrible tired tonight.     it’s been a fine day with sunshine untill 3-30-p-m.    Wind backed up from S. east to N. E. & the wind at 9.15.p.m. is blowing hard & singing through the wires & around the house.    & turmoil all around the world.    I thank God for saving my soul & pray He will send the Holy Ghost to me & help me to be strong that I may help others for His Name’s sake.    I thank Him and Praise Him for all things great & small things.

Sat. Feb. 28. 1948. / 20. P. eggs today./    Well, I only took care of beds & rooms & the birds today    & I’ve felt rather week & shaky    sun didn’t shine through once today, strong wind & puffy & rained last night hard & through the night a few showers & rained light rain this morning & been quite cloud all day & clouds just flying through the sky,    colder today, a real raw S. west wind & real snappy tonight.    I feel sorry for the birds tonight    we had some blue birds here all winter & we see a blue Jay a robbin & a cardnal & we thought we see some wild yellow birds yesterday    lots of starlings & crows.    We haven’t seen hardly a rabbit all winter.    I’ll be so glad when I can put my shoes on & walk again,    I’ll Praise God & Jesus & Holy Ghost    I pray God will fill the church & strengthen His children & make us a blessing to Him, in Jesus Holy Name.  Glory to God, Amen.

Sun. Feb. 29. 1948./  1. hen. 20. P. eggs today./19 hens eggs this mo. / 479 eggs this mo./  Well no one came in today    I reckon the preacher from Elyria are through & the others are back.    Well I pray they are O.K. all around & had a full church & that some were filed & that God will bless in HIs own way.   I put my shoes on,    but wasn’t able to keep them on;    Sun shone through at 4-30-p-m for only 20 minutes    it had been thick & cloudy,    it’s colder & tried to snow.    Elbert went over to the old man’s place behind us, to get some milk    I sent him some bread biscuits 6 big ones & he sent back some fresh butter & 1. qt. of milk,    he wouldn’t take any money for it so I’ll still owe him some bread,    he wants Elbert to take him to Cleveland & said, he’d pay him 3.00    We just can’t do it for that    it would take oil & a tank of gas & he don’t Know where the Street is, on the east or west side & I’m not fit to be here for so long alone,    Elbert don’t want to go & he isn’t fit to drive in Cleveland traffic anyway, so he wont go.

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